Young neighbourhood

this is Poonam again my sex appeals me for having the right things in my life so we both my hubby and me have all good moments of it one omit while making love sandy said he is got a gift for me but you’ll only get it tomorrow night I was keen on knowing what it is next morning all day long I was thinking of my gift and it was guessing all things so in the evening when sandy came to home I kissed him and begged for what’s the surprise but he refused and we were having our drinks there the door bell rang I was getting up to Ordan when sandy asked me I’ll see he got up and with the half door open he was talking then he came I asked who was it he said nothing a salesman but at night he coolly said forget and we continued drinking then in sometime he asked me can you do a favor for me I asked what to do he said strip all your clothes.
I did what he said and then I was in my bra and panty he asked even this darling ok I striped that to I was all nude my skin was glowing as I’d just waxed yesterday so I was all clean then what next darling I asked common why are you questioning me just relaxed babe let the time heel your wounds so I by the time I’d gulped the whole bottle me wine I was turning romantic but sandy had no flavors of sex today and I was wet I need a cock every night but today every thing was going wrong then he took me in his arms and took me to our bed I was lying on the bed and sandy left me and went out closing the door in some time the door opened and I was shock to see our neighbor young guy of 18 standing there with nude with a limp long cock of his he was so young I always desired for him in my dreams as he was very handsome with clean chest he slowly walked towards me I was not knowing what to do but he placed his lips on my lips and our lips were engaged for long time then we took our positions with a long breath then Tony asked are you ok I said I an fine but where is sandy he told he is busy watching a porn movie and he asked not to disturb him with that his hands started caressing my breasts pinching my nipples hard I gasped loud did I hurt you darling no I said I love pain please do his lips were on my nipples sucking more with one hand on my love hole spreading my crack and touching my g -spot god what the hell he was pulling my goods lips and pulling it with the pressure of his tongue oh god sandy never did this to me lips of my virgin was swelling but I couldn’t stop him doing this to me then I hold his cock in my hand it was long with a slight curved cut with no foreskin I love cut cock’s he was not that thick but he was to long.
You know how young guys have don’t you I wanted to take him taste him I covered his cock with my mouth oh slowly he said it’s for the first time some one giving me a blowjob oh really then Tony said he was a virgin he never had a girl in his life so I left him are I knew he would come fast then I asked would you like to make love I spread my legs for a sweet boy and guided his manhood in me in one stroke he was all in me he is really long then he started moving I asked him to be slow as he could come any time then he started moving slow and later increased his speed his length was making me mad touching my every corners me my inner walls he couldn’t last long and he busted all in me her map not so thick cumm but was warm and more then he removed I asked him I an not going to leave him till am satisfied yes he agreed to me then I again took him in my mouth and sucked him slow I was getting the mix taste me our juices together it tasted so good I was going crazy with that taste by now he too started enjoying my art me my mouth he said you take guys nice take me more then I took his hanging balls in my mouth it was warm I think he too is loving so I did some more.
While sandy came in he was standing with his erected pole in his hand rubbing with his hands he came near me and sat out the chair then removed my mouth and spreaded my pussy for him he mounted on me again and I knew he’ll do better than first time then he placed his hands on my waist and shave his tool in me oh in no seconds he was doing like a dogs oh so fast his pole was banging on my walls and giving me pain oh I didn’t make him slow he was screwing like a love machine faster a cried the more he did faster more he increased his speed he banged me for long time now and his cock started swelling in me oh I said fast he was left and right giving me pains then he filled me with his love juices full he had a big quantity this time then I collapsed I took him again he was hard again in no time oh young boys are too fast cool I enjoyed my young neighbor now he comes every day after sandy leaves and screws me twice a day and twice with sandy.
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