Yoga Transforms Wife

My wife started to get back into shape after she found yoga. The experience with yoga helped her to get her mind and body into shape and gave her more confidence than I had seen from her in years.
She is now into jeans I have not seen her wear in years, has let her hair grow longer and is getting her nails down French tipped style and is having a pedicure done weekly as well. She is looking better all the time in her Capri pants, sandals and smaller tops.
Through it all I have been struggling with an affair, having been seeing my college sweetheart, who has been driving me crazy with her body and the sex we enjoy weekly.
My wife told me she has been enjoying the new friends she has been meeting at her weekly yoga classes. She told me most of the class is women, but there are three men who regularly attend the classes. I asked her about the men and she said it was nothing, just guys wanting to get some stretching in. As I asked her more she told me more of course, which aroused my interest and made me wonder what if anything was going on.
After asking more questions, she proceeded to tell me about the guys in her class. She said Josh was a 33 year old, single, and an avid rock climber and outdoors person. He was nothing special, but a very nice person. Dave was a around 54, my age, and was an avid long distance biker and worked with light weights, as a form of cross training, and finally Jamaal was 45, and a former college basketball player and was using yoga to get back into shape after knee surgery while playing a pick up game. She said they were all nice and she enjoyed being around them and that they made the class more interesting.

Interesting was a strange word to hear coming from my wife, Gina.
One day she told me she would be late coming home from yoga, as there was a party after the class, a potluck dinner. I did not think much of it, as my sister in law was attending the dinner with my wife. My wife came home around 10PM and said the dinner was fun, and she enjoyed the company of her classmates.
A week later she told me she was going to a pool party on Saturday for yoga class, and that it was for the class members. I did not think much of it. As the week progressed I noticed my wife seemed to be more tan every day I came home from work. On Thursday morning, I said good bye to my wife while heading out to my car. I pulled away and drove down the block and parked on the other side of the subdivision. I left my car and walked back towards my house.
Our house has a large outdoor deck surrounded for the most part by trees and natural habitat which provides some seclusion for us when we are enjoying the outdoors and the deck. As I started to approach the house, I went in though the front door and noticed the dog was in her cage and sound asleep. I did not see my wife and sent upstairs, and noticed the bathroom door in the master bedroom was shut. I went to my desk room and hoped my wife would not venture down the hall after leaving the bathroom. I heard her exit the bathroom and start to head downstairs after about five minutes. I heard her downstairs getting some coffee started for her morning. As I was upstairs I had a perfect view of our deck and when I looked outside I noticed a lounge chair had been set up, a chair I had not seen before. It looked like a massage type of arrangement with the front set up for placing your face in, there was more to the chair and I did not notice the other features, but would see them later and understand their functions in more detail.
I heard the sliding door open and saw my wife walk out onto the deck. I was stunned as she appeared in a tiny string bikini, and it was apparent she had been working on her tan, as she was a golden bronze. For the first time, I noticed her hair was more blonde than I had seen in some time, as the sun had bleached it, as it used to when we were first married and we spent more time in the sun. In addition, I noticed a silver anklet and silver bracelet. Her body was great and I could tell she had been doing more than yoga, and it appeared to be a form of weight lifting, as her torso was cut and her muscle tone was more than I ever remember.
She started to put lotion on her body running it up her legs, stomach, arms and face, getting the entire front side, and I was thinking I could come down later and do her back side. As she lay down, I watched her lay there for some time and then watched as she started to run her hands up the inside of her legs and rub near her womanhood, and then work her way up and over her nipples.
As she was doing this I heard a car approach the house, it was a nice looking black Lexus. Out of the car came a young looking man with longer black hair, sun glasses, and a day old or longer growth of beard, wearing a tight fitting biker type of shirt and cargo shorts, and sandals. He did not approach the front of the house but came around the back and surprised my wife with a loud hello Gina. My wife jumped up laughing and said hi, Josh. Josh said she looked stunning, and walked over and gave her a hug, while my wife hugged him back. She said she was getting ready for the pool party on Saturday and wanted to be in the best shape and the best color she could be in. Josh said she appeared to be ready, and asked how her back looked in terms of color. She said she probably needed some work and asked if the could put lotion on her backside. He said he could but would need to lose his outer shell to ensure he did not get oil on his clothes. I did not realize how large Josh was in terms of muscularity until he gave my wife the hug. Gina is 5’3″, and about 120 pounds. Josh appeared to be around 6’1″ and 185, with huge fore arms and as I was about to find out a great body. Josh lost his shirt and slipped his shorts off to reveal a V-Shaped torso, great chest and abs with black hair covering his front side, and the classic line disappearing into his speedo. His definition showed through the light covering of hair on his body.
Gina turned on to her front side and Josh straddled the lounge chair with his legs on either side of the chair and proceeded to rub lotion my wife’s arms, back and legs. He took his time working his way up her legs, and then up her back and up her arms. She was totally relaxed, and Josh lay down on the deck and let her bake for a while. I was taking in the scene when Josh got up after about 30 minutes and whispered something into Gina’s ear.
My wife rolled on to her back, and Josh worked a lever underneath the lounge chair and the chair raised up with the use of a hydraulic type of function until my wife’s was level with Josh’s waist while he was standing. Josh said something else to my wife and proceeded to pull arm rests out of each side of the chair, as well as legs rests which he pulled away from each other. My wife was now spread eagle on our deck. Josh started to rub lotion on my wife’s front side. She was getting into the attention, when he unsnapped her top and let it slip to the side of the chair, while rubbing his hands over her distended nipples; he worked his way down her torso and started to rub the fabric of her bikini bottom. As he did this he stopped and pulled his speedo down to reveal a g-string holding a formidable package in its own right. He stepped to the side and reached into the one of pocket his cargo pants and pulled out four pieces of a Velcro like strapping material. He bent down and whispered to my wife again, and while laughing gave her a long kiss on the mouth, as she kissed back with passion. He went to her bottom and removed her bikini bottoms and she was completely naked and I realized she had no tan lines; it was the first time I had made this connection. I also realized he had no tan lines either at least to this point, as there was still more of him to reveal.
He took the straps and used them to bind her arms and legs to each rest and spread her a little further, and from my vantage point I could see her cut muscles glistening in the sunlight, and again saw a new feature of my wife, she had shaved her cunt hair and just a hint of hair remained on her honey pot. Josh stepped back and admired his handy work, and grabbed more lotion and told my wife to enjoy the massage. He started at her head, working her face, and neck area while kissing her frequently as he worked his way down to her chest where he kissed her nipples while working them with his hands and fingers. He went further down her body kissing her navel area while working the massage oil past her cunt down the insides of her legs to her feet; she was moaning and asking him to let her cum. He worked his way back up to her cunt, knelt between her legs and starting to lightly run his tongue up her slit, I could see her hands gripping the sides of the arms rests, as she was moaning, he started to lick harder and stronger, occasionally slipping a finger into her opening, he asked if she would like to feel his cock inside her and she said she was not sure she was ready to venture there yet and might want to wait until Saturday as today was just to get her physically ready to handle larger packages. I knew now Saturday was more than a day at the pool with her yoga friends.
He said he would consent to her wishes, and asked if she wanted to try a model of one of the packages, she said she could do that, and he went to his bag and pulled out a model, which he said, was of him. It was 8 inches long and though not extremely thick still had some girth to it. He inserted it into her cunt and started to slowly run it in and out of her cunt, while kissing her nipples and lips and running it more forcefully in and out, she came in a few minutes.
After she regained her composure, Josh moved the table back to where is was at a normal position and unbound my wife, she got up and gave him a big kiss and hug, and started to kiss his lips while running her hands down his front side, over his nipples down his abdomen, and across his g-string, while slowly kneeling she licked her way down his hairline to the top of his g-string and fingered herself while licking past his covered cock to his ankles. She whispered something to him and he laughed, got up on the table and lay down. My wife spread the arms of the table and bound his arms to the table, as she did this she went to his feet bound his legs to each rest and spread his legs leaving his g-string on. She went to his mouth and gave him a long kiss while running her hands across his chest and down near his g-string, never actually touching the g-string or the contents within. She proceeded to massage his body, she gives great massages. She worked his arms, chest and legs for over an hour, and he was shaking, as she spent time licking his nipples and up and down the insides of his legs during this time, while never touching the package being held by the g-string, which appeared ready to burst.
She stopped and told him she would finish him with only her mouth, which she has done to me on numerous occasions. She said to do that she would have to cut his g-string off his body and he said to hurry. Grabbing a pair of scissors she cut the fabric from his body and his eight inch cock, the real model sprang to attention. It was hairless from the balls up, and standing at attention. She bent forward with hands behind her back and licked her way up his balls to the top of this head, and licked around the head and slit, he is oozing pre-cum. She asked if he wanted to be finished inside her mouth or inside her cunt. He was mumbling something and she said she would show him the choices, so she sank the length of her mouth on to his cock and worked up and down a few times. She said he should feel the second choice, and proceeded to climb up on the table, and squatted just above his cock with her honey pot glistening, she grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, moaning while doing it, she said she needed to feel the real thing to get ready for Saturday. She held his cock and then squatted down just letting the head enter her, she moaned again, while he was moaning and rose up and down several times. He finally said he wanted to be finished with her mouth. She jumped down from the table and went to his cockhead and said to get ready, he was harder than any cock I had ever seen. He was a specimen for sure, rock hard body and my wife started to suck and lick him, while working her fingers up and down her own slit. She worked on this cock for a few minutes and finally just sucked the tip, as he was starting his eruption; she sucked him further, and started her own orgasm, as they came in unison.
Josh and my wife got dressed and said they would see each other on Saturday for more action. My wife came upstairs and into the desk room to see me naked in my chair, and said she thought someone might have been home. She said that until I ended my affair, she would continue her escapades. This was the first and not the last, and that I would not feel her mouth until I ended my escapade.
She said if I wanted to watch on Saturday, she would allow me to stay in a bedroom overlooking the pool at her friend Jamaal’s place, and view her wife being taken by a black man. I told her I would stop my affair, and she said that would be fine, but that she had made a commitment to Josh, Dave, Jamaal and another person that she would be there regardless on Saturday.
The other person would be known on Saturday. She said it was another woman. Finally she said she wanted to see me jerk off, as I was hard as a rock. I did and wondered what Saturday would be like. As Friday came and went, I was starting to wonder what Saturday would bring. Saturday morning my wife woke and went to the bathroom, and started the shower. She said she would be living for the party at 11:30, as the party started at 12:00PM sharp. She told me I could watch her get ready if I was interested and might be able to help her. She said if I did not, she would attend another party next week, and it was part of payback for my affair indiscretions.
She walked past me wearing my White Sox jersey, and I knew she was naked underneath. She told me to strip off my shirt and to put on my long pant pajamas bottoms; I did as I was told. She told me to remove her jersey, and to lather her legs and to shave them. I did as I was told and started to become rock hard. She said for me to lather between her legs and to shave around the lips and to leave a landing strip of pubic hair. I did as I was told and could see her wetness. I was leaking pre-cum, and my pants were starting to become wet and sticky. She walked into the shower, and spent a long time in there while I waited for her to return. I was told to towel her off, which I did. After I finished drying here, she went to her dresser and pulled out a small string bikini bottom and top, and put them on. I was trying not to cum in my pants. She told me to lie down on the bed, as she had to make sure her lipstick was the correct color for the day. She put on red lipstick and proceeded to rub all around my cock with her hands, and then gently kissed my cock just the tip and looked at it to ensure she could see the lipstick on my cock head. She removed the red lipstick and put on a peach color and did the same thing with my cock to ensure she could see the color. I was wondering why peach as it was hard to see. She decided to start the party with the peach color. She left me there and told me that I could come to the party if I stayed in the upstairs bedroom and that I would have a full view of the activities. Rather she insisted that I come to the event or again, she would continue her activities after the party.
She finished her outfit with a conservative pair of cargo type of shorts, and conservative tank top, wearing her silver jewelry, peach lipstick, very subdued cologne and low flat sandals
She left and I was given the address of the pool party and told to be there by 12:30 sharp, and I would be lead to the upstairs room. Upon arriving at the upscale and very large home, I knocked on the door and was stunned to be greeted by my sister in law, Liz, dressed in a short white see through cover up, wearing her silver bracelets, and anklets, along with a silver medallion which hung just above her cleavage. Liz is about the same size as my wife in terms of height, 5’3″ and weight, 120, but her breasts are much larger. She has super legs and arms, and her blue eyes and short blond hair were both sparkling on this day. She greeted me with a long kiss and told me to follow her to the viewing room, as I entered the room I saw the entire pool area, as the room was set up to overlook the pool and patio. Liz told me it had a one way mirror so no one in the pool area could see me, while I viewed them. She said to get comfortable to and to enjoy the show, and oh yes, she told me to strip, as Gina said I had to watch while naked, and in addition, while tied to a chair so I could not relieve myself during the day I told her I could not do that and Liz calmly pushed me into the chair and said I should rethink it, as Gina was determined to continue her actions if I did not follow instructions. Liz gave me a light kiss and said I would be well rewarded if I did comply while running her hands up the inside of my right leg. I stripped and sat in the chair while Liz bound my arms and legs, and then turned on monitors which provided views of the dressing rooms leading to the pool area.
As she left I saw a man enter one of the dressing rooms, it was Josh, he entered the room and started to take his street clothes off, and put on his speedo. Before putting on the speedo, he stroked his cock a few times and laughed to himself, as he finished with the speedo another man entered the room, he must have been Dave. He was taller than Josh with a surfer look, sandy blondish hair, with large forearms, and a tapered upper body. He pulled his shirt over his head, and it was covered in a blond fuzz, but you could tell he was very defined. He pulled his shorts down and out popped a large cock, larger than Josh’s by a couple of inches, clean shaven balls, and blonde hair surrounding the rest of his ample package. He too pulled on his cock a few times and told Josh he was looking forward to enjoying Gina’s lips on his cock. He said she had told him a few times over coffee how much she craved sucking cock, and gave him a few hints of what she could do to a man. He said he left with a tremendous hard on a number of occasions. He was hardening as he spoke, while Josh said he had experienced her mouth and he would not be disappointed. As they were starting to leave the room, Jamaal walked in and asked the guys if they approved of this home, they said of course. Jamaal was the tallest, about 6’6″, black and with a clean shaven head. He pulled his shirt off and slid his shorts down to reveal a small thong type of suit barely concealing his enormous package. He said he was looking forward to having the sisters, Gina and Liz, begging for his male delight, and could not wait to feel their lips, mouth and cunt riding up and down on his member. As they left the room I saw them enter the pool area.
To my right, I noticed the other monitor and saw Gina and Liz enter the other dressing room, and saw Gina lose her cargo shorts and tank top, while Liz took off her cover up. They looked like goddesses, blonde, sparkling and ready for the day. Liz laughed and took a large black dildo from her bag and asked Gina if she thought Jamaal was as big. Gina said bigger, but she wanted to find out. Gina asked Liz to kneel on top of the table and pulled Liz’s shorts down and felt her wetness, she took the dildo and slid it into Liz from behind and Liz opened her mouth. Gina asked Liz if she was really ready for this, if not she could leave now. Liz said she was ready and wanted to do this and was ready to experience more than one man. Gina pulled the dildo from Liz’s cunt and licked it clean of the juices. They reached into their bags and pulled out even smaller suits, tiny string bikinis, with just buttons covering their nipples and a small patch covering their front area, with strings holding the material in place. They were stunning to say the least.

They exited the dressing room and entered the pool area and were greeted by the three men. They went to a table full of fruit and water and talked while enjoying some of the food. They walked to largest part of the patio area which was covered with yoga mats and Dave said the session would begin with 30 minutes of Yoga. As they each took a mat, they begin to stretch breath and hold their poses. Their bodies were all very impressive and the men were straining to keep themselves covered, as their hard on’s were apparent.
As the session ended, Josh said the next event was the cool down and massage session to ensure their muscles were relaxed.
They were divided into pairs, with Jamaal without a partner. However out of the corner of my eye I saw another person and it was Sharon, one of Gina’s massage therapists. She was dressed in standard professional attire, and went to Jamaal. The men would be massaged first. Dave and Gina were pairs, while Josh and Liz paired up.
Suddenly, I heard Gina’s voice clearly and realized she was mic’ed for the event, and quite possibly they all were, but at this point Gina was clear as a bell. She asked Dave to get on the table, as he did she pulled the arm, and leg rests outward. Dave laughed and said he could not believe this was happening. She said to relax, and said she would be using her tongue on his balls and cock in a short while. She started the massage and Dave was starting to shake, as Gina worked his arms, legs and around his stomach never touching his groin area.
While this was happening I noticed Liz was working on Josh, and she was at the point where she had him get up and remove his shorts. He lay back down and she spread his legs further and started to massage his prostate area applying a small amount of pressure, as his eight inch cock was standing at attention. She bent down and lightly kissed the head and slit area.
Sharon was working on Jamaal and he was glistening the sunlight, as she worked his chest and stomach area. She had stripped down to a one piece suit, and was sweating from the workout she was giving to Jamaal. Though he still had his suit in place, it was straining to hold his member. I heard Sharon turn on her mic and say to Jamaal, she was getting him ready for Gina’s mouth and he should relax as first she had to take care of Dave. Jamaal moaned and said he would need to stop and watch Gina take on Dave when the time was right. Sharon said she would oblige him.
I heard Liz talking now and it suddenly dawned on me that the sound system was being run by someone and quite possibly this was being video taped as well. Liz told Josh she was ready to turn up the heat so to speak, and as she said the other couples stopped and turned to watch the action on the middle table. Dave sat up and turned to face the middle table while Gina stood behind him and rubbed his stomach lower and lower while also rubbing his legs and kissing his neck and ears, his cock had grown to over 9 inches, closer and was dribbling pre-cum. Jamaal sat up as well, and turned and Sharon worked on him in the same fashion, though his cock was still bundled in his suit.
Liz knelt between the spread legs of Josh and while rubbing her slit, she started to lick his balls and scrotum area. She was rubbing her slit through her suit. As she moved upwards, she stopped working on herself and started to rub up the inside of Josh’s legs, and his cock jerked skyward. She was a vision of beauty, as there was a sheen on her from the sun tan lotion and her own sweat. She told Josh he could have her mouth or her cunt, and he was free to choose, I think I heard he older sister say that to Josh just days earlier. She said she was better with her cunt than her mouth. Josh asked for her cunt and she moved upward and kissed his cock with her mouth, while swallowing him half way down his eight inch length. She stood up and removed her skimpy barely legal outfit and was naked in all her glory, and not one inch showed a tan line. She presented Josh her nipples and he kissed and licked them while lowering his hand to her honey pot, where he inserted a finger and started to caress her there. While doing this Liz rose up on the table and held Josh’s cock upward and asked for assistance from Dave and Jamaal, she asked them to hold her over Josh’s cock while Sharon held Josh’s upward. Dave walked toward the table and Gina followed him and continued to run her fingers with her French cut nails down his abdomen close to his cock, but never touching it, Dave was on fire, and his cock continued to leak pre-cum, while she started to run her hands down his ass teasing his back side, teasing his abdomen and back side were tricks I experienced from her in the past, the best was yet to come for Dave. Sharon was close behind Jamaal as well and she performed the same techniques on him as Gina was performing on Dave, and the material holding Jamaal’s cock in place appeared to be getting wetter by the minute.
As Dave and Jamaal were in position, they raised Liz up and over Josh’s eight inch cock, and with Sharon holding it straight up at the base, the guys lowered Liz so just the tip of Josh’s cock touched her slit, her juices were flowing down his cock head. Josh raised his head and torso and was on his elbows watching the show, as Liz told the boys to lower her again, as they did half of his mini-monster disappeared into her blonde love box, they lowered again and she hit bottom, Dave put his head back in disbelief and Liz started to moan, as the boys lifted her back up and let just the tip stay in her opening, as they slowly lowered her again, they did this five times with the same interval. As the sixth time came, they started to raise her up and down more quickly, and Josh started to thrust back at her, her ass was slapping his balls. They boys now held her each with one hand under her buttocks and started to caress her nipples with the other hand, Liz was beside herself as was Josh and they came in unison and the boys let her collapse on top of Josh. She kissed him long and hard, and they were left to hold each other.
Dave was close to cumming by just watching the experience which had unfolded in front of him. Gina continued to rub his abdomen and buttocks, her mic was turned on and she asked Dave if he was ready for his turn. He said yes, and told him to sit on the table, as he did; Sharon raised the table to allow his cock to be level with Gina’s mouth. Gina licked her lips and asked Sharon for the red lipstick, she put it on her lips and asked Dave where he wanted her lips, he said his cock and she said how about your balls first. She kissed his balls for the first time and run her finger close to his anus tickling the short hairs of his ass. He was shaking with excitement and anticipation, as she worked her tongue up his balls and towards his cock head. His nine and a half inch cock was pulsing, and the vein was larger than I ever remember seeing on a cock. Gina stopped at the head and kissed his head while holding it with her fingers, the red ring on his cock from her lipstick was almost too much. She held his cock and plunged up and down on his member for almost two minutes, stopping she started to masturbate him with her right hand while running her left hand dangerously close to his anus, while doing this she started to insert her index finger into his anus, which is an unbelievable sensation combined with masturbation, Dave tilted his head back and started to moan and all the while Jamaal was saying he could not believe what he was witnessing, and he was still being held in place by his fabric. She stopped stroking his cock and slowly swallowed him to his pubic bone, and held him inside her mouth and throat, and then started to stroke with her mouth using one hand to stroke him with feathery touches, with the other hand she started to stroke his anus, Dave was moaning, when Gina started to say through lips and mouth filled with cock how much she loved to suck cock and taste cum, and then it happened Dave tensed and started to erupt inside her mouth, Gina was swallowing his huge load. Dave lay back on the table exhausted, as Gina went to his mouth and French kissed him so he could taste his cum.
Gina went towards Jamaal and with her mic turned on so everyone could hear her, she said Jamaal I have been asked by the women of the yoga class to provide you with a gift of their appreciation for being at Yoga and for holding his party for part of our class.
She gave Jamaal a long kiss on the lips and mouth, and led him to the middle of the yoga mats and asked him to stand in the middle of the area. She started to run her hands up his chest and down towards his abdomen, and down his legs. Sharon brought one of the tables in the middle of the mats, and left it there. Jamaal was asked to lie on the table by Gina, as everyone came around the table in a semi-circle to view the action, Liz was stroking Josh’s expanding cock and Sharon now naked and showing her young lean figure was being fingered slowly by Dave.
Gina removed her bikini and stood over Jamaal and started to caress her nipples and cunt lips with her hands and nails. She was putting on quite a show for the guests and Jamaal, and said she could not wait to feel a black inside her mouth and inside her cunt. She said it was time for everyone to see what Jamaal had been hiding all day. She went to Jamaal’s side and started to kiss his mouth while running her hands down his smooth hairless body. She asked Jamaal if she could unwrap his package, and he said yes. She proceeded to lift his waist band and let part of his monster escape its confines. She let the waist band return to it’s position and bent down to lick the head of his monster as it lay on his abdomen, it was at least three inches past his waist band and Gina started to talk saying it was beautiful and tasted even better. She asked Sharon to give her the peach lipstick and she put it on her lips, and pulled the suit the rest of way off Jamaal, and out sprang an 11 inch cock with huge balls, the girth was just as impressive as the length.
Gina looked at his cock and said he would never forget this day, as she lightly grabbed his cock and with a feathery touch smeared the massive glob of precum over the head concentrating on running her thumb and forefinger up and down the slit of his monster. He was saying he could not wait to see her lips on his cock. She bent forward and while looking up at him she kissed his head leaving a peach colored ring on the top. She licked her hand with her mouth and started to stroke him up and down while watching the precum ooze from the tip, she slurped it off the slit with her tongue and while swallowing said how good it tasted to her. Off to the side, Liz stood behind Josh stroking his cock, while Sharon was doing the same to Dave. As she was naked she plunged a finger into her slit and moaned, while Jamaal was moaning as well. She asked Jamaal how he wanted to be finished cunt or mouth, Jamaal said he wanted her to use her mouth but wanted her to taste herself on his cock, and therefore she had to fuck him first. Gina said she could handle that, and started to climb on top of Jamaal but was stopped by Dave and Josh, who said big sis (Gina) would have to experience the same sensation as little sis (Liz) had experienced earlier with Josh. Gina said it was different and they said it was not. She relented but said she would have Thank them first and went to each one and sucked on their cocks for a minute each, she stroked each one for a minute while Liz and Sharon worked on Jamaal by stroking his cock to ensure it stayed hard for Gina. Dave and Josh pulled away from Gina, as Dave sank to his knees, spread her cut lips and worked his tongue up and down her slit while Josh worked on her nipples with his hands and open mouth. Gina was on fire, as the boys lifted her up, while Sharon and Liz held Jamaal’s cock straight up, rubbing the slit with their fingers, the boys held Gina over his monster and let just the tip tickle her cunt, Jamaal said come on Gina it is time to feel how good black can be, as the boys lowered her a quarter way down his rod, Gina was moaning, and they let her to down further, she hit bottom at 8 inches and they raised her up and down five to ten times, she said she had to cum and they said not yet.
The boys raised her off Jamaal, while Jamaal got up and asked Gina to lay on the table, he spread the arms and leg rests and bound her to the table, as the boys went to her bottom area and Dave begin licking her cunt lips and clit, while Josh was teasing her anus, Jamaal presented his trophy to her lips and she sucked him down, he continued to feed his member to her and she sucked with abandon. She was on the verge of cumming when Jamaal released her, she turned towards him on all fours and started to work on him with her mouth and right hand, while Dave positioned his cock at her rear and entered her blonde covered treasure from behind. Dave started a slow fucking motion, as she went to work on Jamaal’s monster, she sucked just the head in and licked the slit while running her hands down to his balls, and past them to tickle his prostrate. It looked like he had grown even larger, as Gina concentrated on sucking him deeper, while stroking his cock with her right hand and holding herself up with her left arm, while Dave continued to stroke his meat in and out of her dripping opening, his cock was glistening with her juices and mucus. As Dave was nearing the end, Gina started to go even deeper on Jamaal while continuing to stroke his massive erection, Jamaal threw his head back and I watched as his balls begin to contract towards his body, while Dave’s were doing the same. Gina could sense and feel Jamaal about to lose his load, she withdrew her mouth from his cock and I watched her stroke him and his spear was rock hard, she asked him if she should swallow it or let him cum on her, he did not respond, and she said she would just stop stroking until he made a decision, he yelled out for her to swallow him, and she slowly sank her mouth on to his spear and continued to stroke him, he started to erupt and she continued to stroke as her checks puffed out with the volume of his load, she yelled out she loved his taste. He collapsed, while she continued to lick the remainder of the cum from this cock and balls, as Dave came inside her from behind.
She left the three boys and walked out of the picture with Liz, they appeared in the room I was in and released me from my bindings and laid me on the floor. Gina presented her cunt to me and asked me to eat her while Liz went to my cock and inserted it into her golden treasure, I ate my wife with abandon, as she started to cum, the boys appeared the room and Josh presented his cock to Gina while Dave presented his to Liz. Off to the side of the room, Jamaal was fucking Sharon in a reverse cowgirl position.
It was a scene from an orgy, as Liz was working my cock with her vaginal muscles, I came in an eruption, while working on Gina’s cunt she came in a massive orgasm, as Josh was empting his load into her mouth. Liz left my cock and worked on Dave as he came and collapsed. We watched the last couple standing, as Sharon was working on Jamaal’s monster, with her cunt, her lips were stretched; Gina and Liz went to her and sucked on each of her nipples, while rubbing Jamaal’s balls. In a few minutes Jamaal and Sharon came in a heap.
I still watch the tape, and on occasion Gina milks my cock while I eat Liz, or reverse. Either way, my cock is well taken care of by the sisters. 

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