Working Late

It was a another night working late for Ishani. Working in a small law firm often meant late nights to meet deadlines. Ishani was married and had a young 4 year old son. She was lucky her husband John had a job which allowed him flexibility and he could be relied on to look after their boy whilst she worked overtime. Ishani had been married to John for 7 years, he adored her and they met through mutual friends. 

Ishani was a Tamil from Singapore and John was immediately attracted to her when they first met, her dark skin, curves in all the right places and her beautiful visage melted him from the beginning. He couldn’t believe his luck when she agreed to go out with him, a fairly unattractive and overweight white Australian didn’t expect such a gorgeous woman to want him. But so it turned out and they were now married with a young son.

Ishani and John had enjoyed a vigorous sex life from since they were engaged, both of them had a high sex drive and they put it to good use. However, after the birth of their son Ishani’s libido waned as she became more focused on being a mother and on her career. She and John had settled into a rut sex-wise. John’s sex drive was as strong as ever and the drop in their sex life made him focus on it all the more. Ishani would relent and they would have functional sex where she would do just enough to satisfy her husband, but nothing more, she had no interest in doing the deed but rather wanted to keep John happy.

Ishani was still a gorgeous woman though, in her mid 30’s, standing at 5″ 8″ with jet black hair, round dark eyes, luxurious chocolate brown skin, a nice pair of 18D breasts and an incredible peach shaped bum which immediately drew any man’s attention. She’d filled out a little bit since becoming a mother, but at a nice size 10 she was still as attractive as ever.

Ishanti knew that she could still attract a man’s eye. Whilst she was somewhat insecure about her looks at times she would always notice when a man was checking her out. The men in her office were no different, every now and then she would catch her boss taking a quick peep at her cleavage if it was showing. One man in the office however always had his eye on Ishani.

Matthew was another migrant, an African man from Malawi. Standing at 5′ 11″ he was not the tallest, but he was incredibly fit and lean with toned muscle. He liked to work out and play sport, he had dark brown skin, a couple shades darker than Ishani’s, and quite fine features. The women in the office certainly found him attractive and he knew it, he was cocky by nature. He was married to a white Australian woman and also had children, but he had a roaming eye and often didn’t hide it.

Matthew eyes often diverted to Ishani, she had lost count of the times she had caught him out of the corner of her eye gazing at her breasts or noticed him in the reflection of a window staring at her arse. She knew he was attracted to her, but in a professional environment and with both being married she was quite content for him to look, safe in the knowledge he wouldn’t be able to touch.

Matthew was also working back late, he enjoyed working back late if Ishani was also in the office and often would gaze across through her office door and check out her form. Matthew was a confident man, especially with women, he could afford to be because he knew he was packing a 10 inch thick cock in his boxers. He always loved the reaction of women when they would see it for the first time, mesmerised by the long, thick, rock hard, jet black circumcised cock they would always allow him to have his way with them. He knew that he wasn’t just good at sex, he was excellent at it, he knew how to satisfy a woman as well as himself.

Ishani was wearing a black knee length skirt that displayed her curves perfectly, coupled with a white blouse which was a size too small and buttoned up only half way over her breasts leaving a good view of chocolate cleavage which had been driving Matthew wild, he had been sitting at his desk nursing a fierce erection all day. He’d never had an Indian from Singapore before and he was determined that tonight was going to be night he finally got to partake in such a sensual delight.

Ishani was looking tired as she pored over her papers. Matthew spotted his chance. He wandered into her office.

“You look pretty tired, how much have you left to do?” he asked standing next to her chair.

“About another 45 minutes worth, I am pretty tired, just feel a bit stressed out lah” she replied slipping into her Singaporean lingo.

“How do you best deal with stress normally” he asked.

“I get John to give me a massage” she said not even really thinking.

Matthew moved behind and dug his strong fingers into her neck and started rubbing, “like this?”

Ishani was startled, “what are you doing?” she asked quickly.

“Well, your husband’s not here so who else is going to help you de-stress?” Matthew replied slyly.

Ishani wanted to tell him to stop but Matthew’s fingers massaging away at her shoulders and neck felt too good. “You shouldn’t be doing this” she murmured as the tension started to be relieved in her shoulders.

“Perhaps not, but we can keep it our little secret” Matthew replied as the rubbing turned to stroking of the neck.

If there was one thing that always made Ishani weak at the knees and increased her libido it was being lightly stroked. John had always known that and if he got Ishani interested in sex these days it was through stroking her for a considerable time.

“That does feel really good Matthew” she purred, eyes closed as his touch relaxed her and lightened her inhibitions slightly.

Matthew’s fingers started moving down her neck towards her exposed upper chest, he wanted to test her reactions. The sight of his black fingers on her chocolatey brown skin immediately aroused Matthew and his cock leapt to attention, his full 10 inches extended, a bulge in his slacks now clear. 

He leaned in and lightly kissed her on the nape of her neck.

Ishani immediately opened her eyes with a start, “Matthew, what the hell are you doing, we’re both married.”

“I know” he replied, “but you are so beautiful Ishani, I can’t help but notice you everyday, you’re gorgeous, how’s a red blooded man supposed to resist you?” he asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous” she replied, “we can’t do this”.

Matthew knew enough to know that Ishani wasn’t being satisfied at home, he knew that John would never be packing what he was, and that if he was going to have her he would have to cut to the chase.

He stood up straight and turned Ishani’s chair to face him, as he did he made sure he moved in close and brushed her cheek with his huge cock which was straining to get out of his slacks.

“Oh my God” Ishani cried as the shock of feeling his huge member against her face took her by surprise. She could tell that he was huge, she had admired his athletic frame in the past and had suspected he would probably have a big cock, given what she had seen in porn films she had watched with John, but she’d never been tempted by him. Despite John not being great in the sack she had been faithful to him.

The bulge was now right in front of her eyes, she was stunned by it and couldn’t look away. Matthew grinned to himself, he knew that once Ishani got a look at how big his cock was she wouldn’t be able to resist, it would move her inner sexual urge in a way that she wouldn’t be able to control, no matter how much she wanted to do so.

“You like what you see”? he asked quietly.

“Wow, it’s so big” Ishani muttered, her jaw slack. Her pussy immediately starting to moisten, something which hadn’t happened in a while.

Matthew seized his chance whilst she was blinded by his size, he quickly undid his belt, popped his button and unzipped his fly, his slacks falling to the floor.

His dark cock sprung forward, now free of its encasing. It was millimetres away from Ishani’s nose and she stared at it. Matthew’s cock stood at attention, it’s shaved thickness punctuated by bulging veins as blood engorged his member, its slightly lighter coloured head with a drop of pre cum drawing Ishani in.

“Go on” Matthew whispered, “you know you want to”.

Ishani had never thought of being unfaithful before, but with the sight of his immense black cock in front of her, all thoughts went out of mind. She reached up with her thin fingers and stroked the bulging shaft before her. Matthew shivered with a delight as his cock twitched. Ishani took the length in her hand and started to stroke it.

“Oh yeah” Matthew moaned. Ishani couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she thought to herself that she may never get the chance to enjoy such a big cock again and that it might help her to regain her libido.

She started to stroke his cock at a leisurely pace and noticed that Matthew also possessed a large set of balls, also shaved bare. She moved her other hand up and began to stroke them lightly. Matthew’s cock twitched again and he groaned. He quickly unbuttoned and cast away his shirt and tie. 

Ishani now had a full view of Matthew’s fit and toned body. Now this she liked, John was overweight and she had always fantasised about him one day being muscular and toned. Matthew was not bulging with big muscles, but he was toned and his muscles defined. Ishani felt even more moisture in her panties as she took in the sight of his fit body, huge cock being worked by her hand and Matthew’s fine features looking at her in pure satisfaction.

Ishani was never much of a cock sucker but she just had try on this occasion. She leaned forward and licked Matthew from the bottom of his balls, to the base of his cock and then up the underside of his shaft before taking his bulbous head in her mouth and she started to suck and stroke his cock simultaneously.

“Oh fuck yeah!” said Matthew voicing his satisfaction at her progress. She reached around and began kneading his tight firm arse, noting how taut it was. She was totally entranced by Matthew’s body, the exact opposite of what she had at home, she was to allow herself to find out just what this body could do.

Matthew was moaning in delight at Ishani quickened the pace of her blowjob, but as much as he was enjoying it he now decided it was time to get to enjoy the body that he had been perving on for months.

He pulled Ishani up off his cock and quickly unbuttoned her shirt, reaching around to unhook her bra. Her round, brown 18D breasts fell out, her nipples rock hard in the cool air. Matthew leaned forward and took her right breast in his mouth, licking and sucking on the nipple, while squeezing the left breast in his hand.

“Oh fuck!” Ishani moaned as she fell back against the desk. Matthew manoeuvred his bigger frame over her and she lay back on the desk as Matthew played and sucked on her big brown tits. Her panties were now soaked in her juices as she started to twitch and Matthew nibbled on her nipples. He slowly moved down, kissing her down to her belly button and reached to unzip her skirt. Ishani automatically lifted her bum so that he could remove it and he quickly then removed it and her panties in one fell swoop.

Ishani was glad she had shaved her pussy the day before. John loved her shaved pussy and she would shave it semi regularly with the promise of sex for him. Although she had shaved yesterday, she hadn’t lived up to her promise, for him anyway. However, Ishani was not a great fan of having her pussy eaten. She had grown up thinking it was dirty, and as much as John loved to eat her out, she rarely let him.

Matthew moved down and whatever trepidation Ishani felt left her the moment his long tongue started moving up the slit of her pussy and she instantly pulled her legs up and rested them on his shoulders.

Matthew started licking and chewing on Ishani’s pussy lips which to her surprise turned her on and even more cum started to leak from her pussy. Matthew’s tongue then darted upwards to her clitoris and he began to give it a tonguelashing.

“Uhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhh” she started moaning loudly for the first time. Matthew then started sucking on her clitoris and Ishani could feel the pressure building inside her, he continued licking, nibbling and sucking on the little pink head as he held the brown hood with one figure and then slid the fingers on his other hand inside her soaking pussy and began to massage her G-spot. 

Ishani had never experienced this crescendo of stimulation before and she exploded, shrieking in orgasm.

“Yes! Yes! Oh Matthew! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!”

Matthew smiled to himself, now it was time to give her the real prize.

Ishani trembled, coming down from her orgasm, Matthew stood up and took his huge black cock in his hand and started to rub it up and down the wet slit of Ishani’s pussy.

“Oh my God, be careful Matthew, I’ve never had such a fucking big cock before” said Ishani, worried about whether she could take him, he was almost twice as big as John.

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll be gentle” he replied as he started to ease his round mushroom head into her sopping vagina. His cock head popped in and Ishani’s juices started flowing to welcome the massive cock that was going to take her to sexual heights she could never have imagined.

Matthew steadied Ishani’s legs on his shoulders and spread her legs further. Ishani could feel her vagina being stretched by the thickness of Matthew’s cock and he started to slide into her slowly, inch by inch. He quickly got 5 inches of his cock inside her, a length she was used to and she quietly moaned as he pushed. 

He thrusted again and eased in a couple more inches. “Ooooooooooohhhhh” Ishani moaned as virgin territory deep in her pussy now begun to be explored by Matthew’s giant cock. He pushed again. “Ah fuuuuuuuuck” she screamed. For someone who had given birth Ishani was still fairly tight and Matthew’s cock was filling her completely. He thrust forward one more time and she screamed in a mixture of pain and delight as his ten inches bottomed out and hit her cervix.

Matthew started to thrust into Ishani’s pussy at a decent pace as she got used to his size. She moaned and quivered in delight as his cock gave her sensations she had never experienced.

“Oh fuck me Matthew, fuck me with your huge black cock, pound my hot wet Indian pussy” moaned Ishani as Matthew picked up the pace.

Matthew started pounding Ishani’s pussy hard, her legs flailing on his shoulders, her tits bouncing as he drove deeper and harder into her.

Matthew grunted and really started to fuck Ishani hard, his huge black cock moving like an engine piston in and out of her vagina. “FUCK ME!!!!” screamed Ishani, desperate for more of his immense black cock.

As much as Matthew was enjoying pounding Ishani’s sopping wet pussy as she lay back on the desk he was an arse man at heart and he just had to take her from behind.

He stopped and quickly lifted Ishani up off her desk, spinning her around and pushing her forward over it again. Her beautiful, round, brown, pert peach shaped bum cheeks sticking out, he quickly guided his cock back into her pussy, which now stretched and soaked, accommodated his 10 inch cock with minimal fuss.

“Take me Matthew! Fuck me hard!” screamed Ishani as Matthew started pounding his groin into her beautiful buns, his huge balls slapping hard against her clit on every thrust.

Matthew drove harder and deeper on every stroke as Ishani’s pussy sucked in and then released his cock on every stroke, the sweat flying off both of them as their bodies crashed into each other.

For the first time ever Ishani could feel a tingling inside her pussy as Matthew drove his manhood into her relentlessly, her pussy started to tremble and cling tighter to Matthew’s cock as she began to experience a form of ecstasy she had never encountered before. 

“Uhhhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” she screamed as her whole body started to convulse and for the first time ever she had what she never though possible – a vaginal orgasm.

As her pussy clutched on to Matthew’s cock he passed the point of no return and she had forgotten completely that she was not using protection, she couldn’t think of anything, her brain addled by the intense pleasure being given to her by 10 inches of big black cock.

“Urrrggghhh, arrrrggghhhh” Matthew roared as he plunged into Ishani’s pussy with all his strength and released a enormous load of cum from his balls as string after string of his hot, wet seed fired into Ishani’s wet and convulsing pussy. His body was also wracked with convulsions as he experienced one of the most intense orgasms of his life. Ishani twitched as she could feel the jets of cum spraying the walls of her pussy with a force she had never felt before.

Matthew slid his cock out of his Ishani and fell back on to her chair. His cum began running out of her pussy, down her leg and on to the floor.

Ishani slowly moved up from the desk and turned to face Matthew.

“Oh my God, that was incredible. I never been fucked like that” she whispered breathlessly.

Matthew sitting back on the chair could only smile. He had finally experienced the pussy that had been driving him to distraction for months.

Ishani then realised she was full of Matthew’s seed and hadn’t used protection.

“Oh no, I’m full of your cum and I’m not on the pill!” shrieked Ishani as the reality of cheating on her husband and having unprotected sex dawned on her.

“There’s a 24 hour Chemist down the street, go there and get an emergency pill, it’ll be fine.” said Matthew as he picked up his clothes and sauntered out of her office.

Ishani sat on her chair quietly, cum dripping down her leg and whilst she had been satisfied more than ever before she looked over at her computer screensaver, a picture of her, John and their son before her, and tears began to form in her eyes.
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