Woman of Old Vintage

One particular weekend I was very bored. My husband was scheduled to be back home on Friday evening. But he called to say that he was not coming home until Monday. On Friday evening, I was getting bored to death and was nursing a glass of scotch. Drinking alone was no fun. So, I started ringing up my friends so that I could at least enjoy my drinks in good company. But it was 9 p.m. and all my friends were out, or had guests at home. Suddenly, the telephone rang. 

It was the youngest aunt of my husband, whom I called mashimoni. She, though in her late forties, is a beauty and looked very young for her age. She is very affectionate and friendly to me. Some years back, I spent a day at her house when both of our hubbies were on tour. We spent a lazy day just chatting and doing nothing. 

When it was time for going to bath (by that time we were sipping beer and in a great mood), she said the bath would be a bad break in our enjoyable time and if I did not mind we could have our bath together. I am never uneasy in nudity with women I know well and I liked the idea. So we carried our beer glasses to the bathroom. As I was wondering whether to undress fully, she took off her lingerie without any hesitation and she had nothing underneath. So, I did not hesitate to undress fully. 

Unique thing about her body was the fairness of her silky skin. Seeing her whole body totally without cover was stunning for me. I noticed her silky smooth armpit, which had its own beauty. Her pubic hair was trimmed but fairly thick and looked jet black against the very fair backdrop of her skin. Her buttocks were rather large and the skin was extremely smooth. So were her thighs. In those days, I was not particularly attracted to women. Still her gorgeous nudity was a great attraction to me.

We had a lengthy bath together. She offered to soap my back and in the process soaped my whole body. Her hands were affectionate and lingered unusually long on my breasts and pussy. This appeared a little abnormal to me, but her touch felt quite nice. I also soaped her and enjoyed the softness of her body & silky feel of her skin. As I showed no interest our touching each other ended at towelling each other dry. But this bathing together in the nude stirred me a bit. I wondered if mashimoni was interested in anything beyond mere touch.

Later on, I came to know that my hubby, who is almost same age as her, had sex with her a number of times (including once in last one year). I was certain that she had an active sex life. As I was talking to her, I remembered her naked image inside her bathroom. I thought it was quite possible that mashimoni did want some pleasure out of me on that day. The thoughts warmed me up and I felt excited. Mashimoni was telling me that her husband had just left town for about a week and she called me up to spend some time chatting over telephone.

I was not fully sure if she was actually interested in sex with me, but decided to give it a try. At least, I would have some agreeable company for drinks. So, I invited her to come over for a drink, followed by bought out dinner. Since she was not having transport, I offered to send my driver to pick her up. I told her that she could spend the night at my place and I would drop her home next morning. That would avoid holding the driver back too late. She very much liked the idea and though she was not very comfortable with the idea of leaving her flat locked up for the night, she decided to come over. 

After sending off the driver for fetching the guest and ordering some Chinese food (mashimoni’s favourite), I started preparing for the evening. Initially I wanted to take a shower, but decided against it (I had some interesting idea of having a shower later in the night). In the bathroom, I undressed, had a narcissistic look at my naked image in the mirror and just freshened myself up with a face wash. I came out naked in the bedroom, and stood in front of the mirror to watch my 35 year old body in the nude.

I was quite happy at the look of my 36c breasts and my 30 inch waist. My regular golf and swimming did keep me in good shape. My hips were rather large at 39 inches, but that did pose some attraction to men & women alike. My thighs were long in keeping with my 5’6″ height and had a good conical shape. My armpits had thick & coarse dark stubbles, as I didn’t shave for nearly a week. I wondered if I should shave as mashimoni used to shave her underarm clean. But I raised my arms to look at my armpits and felt that the coarse stubble looked damn sexy and decided against shaving. As I narcissistically watched my nudity, I realised that my waist & hips were the most attractive parts of my body. My pubic bush enhanced the beauty of my fatless belly with a deep set belly button. My husband & I loved the abundance of thick hair and I nurtured the bush with best of care. I never shaved but trimmed it very carefully from the sides & top to keep it in the shape of a perfect triangle. It nicely extended on the sides along the joining line of thigh & belly and the bush looks like black bikini bottom.

I generously applied perfume all over my body. I made sure that my neck, underarms, cleavage & the breasts, bums and the pubic bush had best of aroma. I took some perfume on my fingertips and applied on my nipples. My nipples are like ripe grapes and they tingled at the touch of my fingers. I realised that the touch of my fingers created a ‘hard on’.

I took my time to choose my dress and finally put on a milk white, skin hugging skirt and a black halter necked blouse. I thought of not wearing bra and panty. But then I felt that undressing, if that was to take place, would be too quick without the undergarments. So, I put on a pair of lacy, almost see through, black bra & panty.

By the time I got ready, the bell rang. There was smiling mashimoni looking ravishingly beautiful in a red sari and black sleeveless blouse. She had lovely straight hair with a wide band of grey hair running diagonally across her head. She carried a nice bunch of roses and she looked really happy to have come over. As I ushered her in, she walked in with a lovely sway in her bum. We hugged each other and I kissed her cheek rather affectionately. She kissed me back, embraced me rather closely and caressed my bare back and arms with her soft hands. I thought the signal was definitely positive.

We held each other in embrace for couple of minutes. I was enjoying her touch and as she was showing no sign of breaking up, she must have been enjoying too. Then there was this doorbell ringing. It was the Chinese food delivery boy. I made mashimoni comfortable, disposed off the delivery boy, put the food in the microwave and started fixing the drink.

Like me, mashimoni enjoyed her premium scotch but kept within limits. But I knew that, again like me, she didn’t mind crossing the limit, when free of worries and in right company. I remembered one occasion at her house when both of us got a bit tipsy in the company of only our husbands. That evening was a very enjoyable one, though there was no sex as such. But we danced a lot and felt wonderful.

I had a full bottle of Glenfidich, which we were both very fond of. I made the drinks, a large one on the rocks for her and a small one with a dash of soda for me. We settled down on a divan and started a relaxed chat. She was in a great mood as her daughter had called from abroad in the morning to say that she was expecting her first child. We chatted on many things and kept on sipping the drinks, seating very close to each other. 

After some time, we left the divan and settled down on the carpet. She sat in an inclined position and I sat just in front of her and rested lightly on her hips. I was enjoying the softness of her large & soft buttocks. All the time, I was holding her soft hands and caressing her cheeks, her arms, her back, her feet and a few inches of her exposed leg. As we have always been very intimate to each other, this physical closeness was quite normal. I, unlike all previous occasions, was enjoying the closeness of her body. 

When I finished my second small, she had almost finished her second large. I knew that two large drinks was her limit, but still offered her the third. She agreed with a smile. This time, I poured her a larger one with more ice. Her sips became more frequent and she was becoming livelier every minute. 

Mashimoni was a smoker earlier, so was I in my early years. We both gave up smoking many years ago. But I still enjoyed one or two with my drinks. I got hold of a pack and asked her if she would like to have a smoke. She nodded and I lighted cigarettes for both of us. While lighting her cigarette my elbow & arms touched her soft breasts squarely and the sensation made me warm, I prolonged the process. 

We were then talking about our likes & dislikes, our personal pleasures, our loneliness etc. Both of us wholeheartedly agreed that without each other’s company, this evening would have been very boring and lonely. She said I saved the evening for her and to show her gratefulness, she drew my face close and kissed my both cheeks, eyes & ears. Her lips were soft & wet and I shivered particularly when she kissed my ears.

At this point of time, I became hopeful that she physically desired me. I took a little courage and kissed her back in the cheeks, neck and the ears, holding her close and feeling the softness of her body. I could feel that her body was responding to me. 

I had by that time, finished my third small and said, ” I am feeling like having another one, though I have finished my quota. “

She said, ” I am already over my limit, why not you?”

“But I am putting on weight, my hips and thighs are growing big.” I answered.

“Of course, not. Your heavy bum is very enticing.”, she said and patted my buttocks and that was a little longish. (“Motei na. Tomar pachha bhari bolei eto lobhoniyo.”) 

I poured my fourth small and gave her another large. She protested and showed her belly and said, ” Look at the weight I am putting here”.

I jumped at the opportunity and held her at the waist. Her waistline was reasonably slim for her age and her belly had a slight sexy bulge. She tied her sari quite low, well below the belly button. That made her fair belly look sexier. 

” Let me see” I said and pulled her sari down as much as I could.

I wanted to see her pubic hair but did not succeed fully. I could see only the top fringe of the black hairline, which looked rich against her fair skin. The line joining her thighs and abdomen also could be seen. I kept the sari in that position and fondled the smooth skin of her belly and the top portion of thighs for a while. I turned her round and lowered her sari in the back almost to the parting of the buttocks and enjoyed touching her there.

Finally, I put her sari back into position and said, “You are in a very good shape. A few drinks extra wouldn’t matter”. (“Tomar goron ekhono darun ache. Ekta duto drink e kichhu ashbe jabena.”) 

So, she took another in the same glass, though her third large was not over. As the mood was fully on, I put on some CDs with romantic slow music. I asked her if she would like to dance. She said she would enjoy it and we started a slow close dance. I held her by the waist and made my hands move – upwards over her back, downwards over her hips. I also felt her hands moving over my bare back and on my waist and hips. Our breasts touched and the feeling of softness was heavenly. 

At that point of time, I was fairly tipsy and she was probably more. Inhibitions were falling apart and we both knew what we wanted. I kissed her eyes, she kissed my ears. I kissed her cheeks, she kissed my neck. I kissed her ears, she kissed my cheeks. Finally, I put my lips on hers. She parted her lips and I put my tongue in side her mouth. She eagerly responded with her tongue. Our tongues danced in tune of the rhythm of the music along with our bodies. It was highly intoxicating and the kiss continued for very long.

When the music stopped, we stood holding each other for quite some time. Both of us were perspiring a little and mashimoni’s sari was a little crumpled. I mustered courage to suggest that since it was getting warm we should get rid of our clothes. As she nodded, I took off her watch, her bangles & sari, blouse & bra. She stood quietly and let me undress her like a child. 

Her breasts were large (36d), slightly drooping but well-rounded and very soft. Her nipples were pink on a golden brown aureole. I could not resist the temptation and fondled her breasts & nipples. The mounds were so soft that they melted in my hands with slightest pressure. Her nipples were about quarter of an inch long and quite thick. At my touch the nipples became totally erect.

Her underarms were satin smooth and a little moist with perspiration. There were a few lines of crease on the smooth skin, which looked awfully sexy. (Nikhunt bhabe kamano bogoler chamra reshom er moto palish. Oi palish chamray koekta bhanjer rekha phute uthe darun jouno akorshon toiri korechhilo.) I could not resist planting a loving kiss on the armpit. There was a lovely smell of perfume that got mixed with the faint smell of perspiration. The smell was so exciting that I licked the armpits with my tongue and revelled in the intoxicating smell. 

I took her petticoat off to reveal the full beauty of her naked body. For her age, her body was well shaped. Her pubic area was covered with black and thick hair. (Apparently, she didn’t trim the hair like she did earlier.) Her thighs were large but well shaped and very smooth. Her belly was not flat but had a sexy curve with a nice belly button. On the sides of the waist there were two sexy layers of flab. (Komorer du pashe med jome duto sudol bhanj.)

Her buttocks were so large (40?) that they created an hourglass effect, even though her waist was not slim. Her bum had lovely curves both sideways and backward. The backward curve made her bum sway with any movement. The huge expanse of the very fair bum was something to look at. (Bishal dhobdhobe forsha pachhata takiye dekhar moto.) Under the blemish free silky smooth skin the flesh was so soft that the fingers sank deep into the softness. (Pachhar chokchoke reshomer moto palish chamrar niche eto norom med je angul sohoje dube jay.)

Since she had drops of sweat all over her body I had an idea. I picked up a few ice cubes from the ice pail and put them in a bowl. I rubbed her body with the ice cube and getting startled at the touch of ice she sent out a soft scream, “whooo”. As I carried on, she enjoyed the coolness. I covered her face, armpits, thighs, back, belly and her breasts. She was enjoying the cool wetness and I was enjoying the softness.

I took fresh ice cubes and placed affectionately on her lovely buttocks. I moved my both hands over the large expanse of smooth and soft flesh and enjoyed the ice cold soft & silky touch. I placed ice cubes even in her arsehole and then in her pussy. I inserted a small cube inside her pussy and she said, “ouch”. The effect was so nice that she shook in joy.

As I watched her pussy, I noticed that the hair was very thick & coarse. The hair was not very curly and quite long, particularly near her pussy fold. It extended to the border of the thighs on the sides. The top was absolutely straight and the shape was like a perfect triangle. As I watched more closely I found signs of shaved hair at the joints of the thighs and along the top line of the triangle. This showed that she shaved carefully to keep the bush in perfect shape. 

There were a few streaks of grey hair in the dense bush, which looked very exciting to me. On the overall, the pubic triangle was a very well groomed one. As the hair was very thick one could not even see the pussy lips except from very close. As there was a nice aroma I put my nose on her pussy and I could smell a lovely perfume mixed with a musty smell. The smell was very intoxicating. I resisted the temptation of putting my fingers inside as I thought this was too early to do that.

I was kneeling down and mashimoni stood with her legs apart allowing me enough access. As I finished, she pulled me up to standing position and kissed me softly. She then started taking my clothes off. She took off my halter & strapless bra and with more ice cubes, she caressed my back, breasts and armpits. 

She put her nose into my armpits and took a deep smell of my perfume. At this stage, I apologized to her for not shaving my armpits. (Amar bogole onek lom hoye gechhe. Kamiye rakha uchit chhilo.)

She said that she in fact liked my armpits hairy. She remembered that so many years ago when she saw me naked, my armpits were fully hairy. She very much appreciated that as she felt that hair added a lot of charm to the armpit. In fact, she was expecting a full growth in my armpits. But she felt that what I had now was nice, coarse & thick. (“Na, na tomar bogoler chul amar khub bhalo lagchhe. Sei onek bochhor age jokhon tomay prothom nangto dekhechhilam, tomar bogole bhorti jongol chhilo. Bogole oto ghono chul dekhe khub gorom hoye giyechhilam. Ami asha korechhilam je ajo tomar bogole puro jongol dekhte pabo. Tobe ekhonkar chultao besh bhalo, khub mota ar kora.”)

She licked my armpits and her soft tongue sent a tingling sensation through my spine.

She unclasped my skirt and it fell off. She rubbed my belly & belly button and probed inside my belly button with her finger. My lacy panty was still on and she kissed me on the panty. After she took the panty off, she affectionately moved her hand on my pubic area. She turned me around and fondled my buttocks. She moved her hands, with a lot of care, over my legs, thighs, lower abdomen, buttocks and the pussy. She parted the cheeks of the bum and gave me a short lick with her tongue. Her soft tongue gave me a thrilling sensation and I shrieked.

As we were totally free of clothes I put on another CD and we started dancing holding each other. We kissed again very deeply and our bodies were pressed against each other. As our cold skin touched, the sensation was great. Our breasts pressed each other and I pressed my pussy against hers. The rubbing of one bushy pussy on another created a great sensation. As the pussies played on each other, juices flew out incessantly and even our thighs were wet.

She held my buttocks with her hands and parted the cheeks and caressed inside with her fingers. I also squeezed her buttocks and put my fingers a little in her asshole. I put my hands on her very soft breasts and played with the nipples. She squeezed my breasts in turn. I lowered my mouth and put my lips on her nipples, which quivered under my tongue. She also licked and bit my nipples, which were tingling in joy.

When we finished dancing, I asked her if she would like to take a bath. She said she would, if I also took. I said ok and I took her to the bathroom. I filled the tub with water and by holding her like a child made her sit down in the tub. I tied her hair into a bun and put a shower cap. I knelt down by the side of the tub and soaped her. She fondled my breasts and teased my nipples.

She said, “My breasts were also firm like this some years back”. (“Koyek bochhor age amar buk duto tomar motoi sokto chhilo.”)

I said, ” You have nothing to regret; your breasts have not sagged much”. (“Tomar apshosht korar kichhu nei. Buk duto emon kichhu jhule jayni.”)

I felt shy but managed to tell her that her softer breasts are very nice to squeeze. (“Asole ki jano, tomar buk duto makhoner moto norom. Tai chotkate darun bhalo lagchhe.”)

She blushed at this remark and I lightly kept pressing her soft mounds. She took a long time fondling my breasts and put her mouth on my nipples. She licked them, pressed hard with her lips and gave light bites. It was really great and I moaned in joy.
I got inside the tub and stood over her. She very softly caressed my buttocks and the asshole. She moved her fingers along the corners of my thighs and finally reached my pussy. Before she got a chance to put her fingers inside I made her lie down in the tub. I sat on the wall of the tub and soaped her. Soaping her belly & belly button with the grassy feel at the pussy was very enjoyable. I made her turn over and soaped her back, buttocks and thighs. The large buttocks and the fleshy thighs were wonderful at the touch.

After some time, she again sat up and started soaping me. She pulled me down and we were both lying in the tub, which was too small for two of us. We lied on our sides and our bodies were pressed together. It was a great feeling inside water. I fondled her buttocks and played at her asshole. She played with my pubic hair and tickled my armpits and the back.

She said it was not very comfortable and suggested that I get on top of her. I never like to be on top even with men, but she insisted. Since I did not want to get out of the tub I mounted her. She held me close and I just relaxed on her body. Our lips were very close and we were automatically drawn into a very long passionate kiss. Our tongues showed their love to each other by moving in same motion.

After a while she was moving her hips and so did I. In that position our pussies touched and it was a better feeling than the touch of a cock. I pressed my pussy hard on her bush and moved sideways. Rubbing of the pussies was highly sensual and I kissed & licked her neck & breasts. Her fingers firmly clutched my bum and her nails dug into the skin. Her pink lips were very close to mine and as she sexily parted the lips, my lips automatically got dragged in. As we kissed very sensually, she pushed her fingers deep inside my pussy. Her fingers played on my swollen clit and I moaned strongly. Her other hand played in my asshole.

As I was getting more & more excited, I screamed in joy. I inserted my fingers in her pussy and located her throbbing clit through the moist tunnel. While squeezing the clit hard I inserted my finger in her asshole. As I was excited at the warm softness of the tunnel, she shrieked. Both of us moved our fingers fast and her finger was deep inside my asshole. By now we were in frenzy and both of us had very strong orgasms within minutes. We lied almost unconscious for a few minutes. 

Finally, we got up and dried each other clean. We left the messy bathroom and went to the bedroom. Standing in front of the mirror we combed each other’s hair watching our naked bodies both directly and in the mirror. This kind of a dual view was crating a new sensation. I sprayed cologne in her armpits & pussy and so did she I was charmed to see two lovely small creases at the fold of her underarms. (Thik boggler kachhe duto nitol bhanj dekhe darun lagchhilo.)

After a while, we landed on the bed and got into a deep embrace. She took my nipples in her mouth and virtually chewed it. I squeezed her breasts and buttocks. I used my tongue and lips all over her body. I enjoyed her juicy pussy, her soft asshole and her nipples. This went on for a long time. At the end she had a strong climax as I sucked her nipples and fingered her asshole. She in turn, simultaneously sucked my clit and fingered my asshole, bringing me to a climax soon.

We finally realised we were very hungry and we sat down to eat without bothering to put on any clothes. After dinner, we sat down with some liqueur and enjoyed a smoke. At that time, I asked mashimoni from when she got attracted by women’s body. With this, mashimoni started telling me the history of how she developed attraction for female body
As I asked Mashimoni how she developed attraction for women, she started telling me about her past.

I shall narrate this in mashimoni’s version –

My mom was a good looking woman. With me she was quite free & frank. She was the one, who told me all about birds & bees. She was very easy with her nudity in presence of other women. She never hesitated to completely undress in my presence. I also never felt uneasy to be fully naked in her presence. I sometimes saw mom undress in presence of other women also.

(“Amar ma khub sundori chhilo ar amar songe sob kichhu khola mela bhabe alochona korto. Mai amake bachcha hoyar byapar ta bujhiye diyechhilo. Ma meyeder samne nangto hote lojja petona. Amar samne ma anayashe puro nangto hoye jeto. Amio tai mar samne nangto hote lojja petamna. Ami make onyo meyeder samneo nangto hoteo dekhechhi.”)

By the time I was 18 or 19, I started feeling sexual urge. As I joined college, other girls discussed a lot about sex and my physical desire grew. Some girls brought sex magazines and pictures of naked girls excited me a lot. In fact, I liked girls’ picture more than guys. That’s the stage I started masturbating. 

At that time, I started feeling excited whenever I saw mom naked. I started watching her nudity closely. My mom had nice breasts undaunted by their weight and round & long pink coloured nipples on large pinkish brown aureole. Her buttocks were very large and curved backwards like a pitcher. (May be, I inherited my boobs and bum from mom.) She had lots of hair in her armpit and pussy. In those days, shaving was not common among older women. Hair in her underarm was thick and straight. Pubic hair was curly and very dense. Her erotic zone was totally hidden under the bush, which spilled over to her thighs and belly. It also extended on both sides along the joining line of her thighs and lower belly.

(Tokhon theke make nangto dekhle amar khub uttejona hoto. Ami khub nojor kore mar nangto sorir ta ke dekhtam. Mar sundor buk duto nijeder bhare matha nichu koreni. Sugol golapi nipple gulo darun boro chhilo ar tar gorar khoyeri ronger chamray chhilo sonali abha. Mar pachha chhilo khub bhari ar pechoner dikta kolshir moto gol chhilo. Ami bodhoy mar kachh thekei oto boro buk ar pachha peyechhi. Mar bogole ar niche khub beshi chul chhilo. Tokhon ektu boyoshkoder modhye kamabar kono chol chhilona. Bogoler chul chhilo mota ar khub lomba. Nicher chul chhilo konkra ar bhishon ghono. Mar gopon ongo chhilo oi jogoler arale sojotne lukono. Chul gulo mar uru ar peter opreo chhoriye chhilo. Echhara chul gulo du pashe egiye chhilo pet ar urur khanj dhore.) 

I think that was the stage when my desire for a woman’s body started growing. This desire ultimately exploded in a very unusual situation. I was staying at my dad’s elder brother’s place for a few days. I used to call his wife boroma. She was a very strong personality and a guardian of the younger generation of our extended family in the real sense of the term. She was the Departmental Head of English in a reputed college and her postion was reflected in her personality. On the other hand, she was a frank & open person like my mom and two were very good friends. Whenever they were together, either at our house or at hers, mom & she used to have bath together. But I never saw her naked as she never undressed in my presence. 

One afternoon, I was reading a book. It had a vivid description of a naked woman. I felt very horny and went to the bathroom. 

Inside the bathroom, I stripped in full and sat down on the toilet. With one hand I was playing in my pussy and with the other hand tickling my nipples. I was enjoying heavenly pleasure with my eyes closed, imagining a naked woman. At this stage, I heard some sound. As I opened my eyes, I was totally shocked to see boroma standing in front and watching me. I had completely forgotten to bolt the door! 

It was such a shock for me that I didn’t even try to cover myself. I was completely dazed and was looking at boroma without almost realising what was happening. By the time I came to sense, I realised that boroma was not making any attempt to leave. She was standing there with an amused smile in her face and was looking directly at me. I tried to cover myself up with a small towel (which was the only thing handy) and tried to tell her something. I stuttered and nothing came out of my lips. 

But she was totally cool and told me in a reassuring voice, “Why are you getting so scared? What you were doing is perfectly normal. Every woman does it or did it at some stage of her life. Please carry on what you were doing.” (“Eto bhoy pachchhis keno? Tui ja korchhili seta khubi swabhabik byapar. Jekono meyei ota kore othoba kono na kono somoye korechhe. Ja korchhili korte thak.”)

This kind of a statement from a person like boroma was totally unexpected. Within seconds, my shock, nervousness and guilt feeling almost disappeared. I would have felt completely at ease, had she gone away. But she stood there confronting my semi-nudity with no inclination to move.

“Why are you feeling shy? Go ahead and please yourself. ” She said again. (“Keno eto lojja pachchhis? Nijer sorir ke anondo de.”) 

It dawned on me that she was really asking me to finger myself in her presence. For me it was a revolting thing and I was awed why she was insisting on this.

Since it was impossible to listen to her and disobeying elders was not in my nature, I told her, “Boroma, why don’t you go out and leave me alone.” (“Boroma, tumi amake eka chhere baire jaona.”)

Hearing my indignant answer, she said with a smile, “What’s there to be so ashamed of? Would you be very ashamed if you were peeing when I came in? You & your mom often bathe together in the nude, don’t you? If at the time of bathing you have to pee, would you ask your mom to go out?” (“Ami bujhina eto lojja pabar ki ache. Tor hishi korar somoye jodi amni samne ese jetam tahole ki eto lojja peti? Tui ar tor ma to prayi ek songe nangto hoye snan koris, tai na? Snan korar somoy jodi tor hishi pay, tui ki tahole ma ke baire jete bolbi?”)

I was surprised that she was comparing masturbation with something like peeing. I wondered if masturbation was really so common. 

Since I did not respond she said, “Ok, I understand. You are still not at ease with me. Anyway, come on let’s have bath together. Now, don’t try that apology for a cover any more. Throw that towel away and come and stand under the shower. I am getting late for my bath anyway.” (“Bujhechhi, amar samne tor aswasti hochchhe. Jakge, ay ek songe snan kora jak. Nijer nangto sorir ke oi tuku toyale diye dhakar chesta na kore otake chhunre phyal ar shower er niche danra. Amar snaner deri hoye jachhe.”)

Now I noticed that boroma had fresh clothes in her hand. I realised that she had come into the bathroom for having her bath. She was a couple of years older than my mom, but being slim looked much younger. She was very tall (5′ 8″), had a dark complexion and was very trim except for her moderately heavy breasts (34c) and shapely hips (36/37). She was wearing a green housecoat over grey pyjama bottom. Her hair had a nice bob. She wore rimless glasses, which suited her sharp features very well. For the first time in so many years, I realised she was an exquisite beauty and kept herself trim despite being in her mid forties. 

By now my normal feelings came back and I felt eager to see this beautiful woman naked. I had thrown the towel away and stood stark naked in the shower area. Boroma was now placing her clothes in the clothes rack and collecting my clothes strewn all over the floor. 

As she picked up my clothes one by one she remarked, “Looks like you had a strong turn on and were desperate to get rid of your clothes.” (“Mone hochchhe tui bhishon gorom hoye gechhili ar nangto hobar jonyo chhot phot korchhili.”) 

While I kept silent, she closely watched my bra & panty.

She checked the bra tag (it was 34c at that time), looked up at my boobs and said, “Now your size is like mine. But after you get married and have kids your size would be like your mom’s.” (“Ekhon tor buk duto amar moto. Biyer por bachcha hoyar pore buk doto tor mar moton hoye jabe.”)

Now she reversed the panty and brought the crotch up. It was very wet and she smelled it for some time. She watched the crotch closely again and took out a few hair stuck to it. As she did all these, I was watching her with more awe than embarrassment and thought what a different personality she was now compared to her normal self.

Finally she smelled the wet crotch of the panty again and while throwing it in the bucket, she smiled and said, “You were really very hot, weren’t you?” (“Tui sotyi khub gorom hoye giyechhili, tai na?”)

Now she untied the string at the waist of her housecoat and took it off. Her arms were quite trim and her underarm was hairy. The hair was rather coarse and thick though not very long. As she took off her bra, her lovely boobs sprang out. The boobs were conical in shape and a little smaller than mom’s. There was a slight downward tilt that gave the boobs a very mature look. Her nipples were dark brown and aureole light brown. The nipples were quite long and firmly stuck out in keeping with the conical shape of the boobs. I realised later that the nipples were fully erect.

As she dropped her pyjama bottom, she was stark naked (she, like most older women of those days, never used panties). I was amazed to see her trim at the same time curvaceous body in full nudity. Her thighs and legs were shapely and trim like young models. Her belly didn’t have an ounce of extra flab and had a thin & straight surgical scar. Her hips were not as heavy as mom’s but her bum nicely curved out backward. Between her thighs there was a thatch of hair. The hair was not very long, but very curly, thick and so dense that it covered the pussy completely. As she raised her legs one by one to take out the pyjama bottom, I could see her soft fold was slightly parted and hinted at a pink inner tunnel.

After undressing, boroma came over to the shower area and standing close to me turned the shower on. As we stood under the shower she very affectionately placed her arms around me and I placed my head on her breasts. I felt her affection towards me as she softly moved her hand over my back. All my embarrassment & inhibitions were now gone and I emotionally felt very close to her. As she started talking to me on intimate things, I felt as if I was talking to a close friend.

She asked me what turned me on so strongly. (“Aj kise tui eto gorom hoye geli?”)

I told her that I was reading a book in which the author gave a wonderful description of a nude woman, who was being painted by an artist. She said she read the book and thought that the description was not only artistic but also very erotic.(“Amio boita porechhi. Lekhok myetar sorirer osadharon bornona diyechhe ar tar songe darun jouno akorshon chomotkar phutiye tulechhe.”) 

“Which part of a woman’s body excites you most?” she asked. (“Meyeder sorirer kon jayga ta toke sob cheye beshi gorom kore?”)

I nudged at her bosom and said, “These two” (“Ei duto”)

“And?” she asked.

I caressed the lovely curves of her bum & thin waist and said, “I love the curve at the bum and a thin waist.” (“Sundor gol pachha ar soru komor amar darun lage.”)

“And?” she asked further.

I ran my fingers through her bush and along her pussy fold and said, “This makes me wild.” (“Eta amake pagol kore.”)

So long she was just holding me and caressing my back. Now she turned off the shower and kissed my forehead and cheeks. 

She held me by placing her hands under my arms and said, “Which other woman you have seen naked, other than your mom?” (“Tui tor make chhara ar kon meyeke nangto dekhechhis?”) 

I answered, “Lots of girls in the porno magazines. But I don’t like those shaved girls. Once we went to a picnic and five six of us took bath at a time in the bathroom. Everyone was stark naked. That’s the time I saw all types of naked bodies.” (“Osobhyo magazine e onek nagto meye dekhechhi. Kintu oi kamano chehara gulo amar motei bhalo lagena. Ekbar picnic e giye amra panch chho jon meye ek songe bathroom e dhuke snan korechhilam. Sobai udom nangto chhilo. Tokhon onek rokom nangto chehara dekhechhilam.”)

“Every one stripped on her own?” she asked in a surprised tone. (“Sobai nije theke nangto hoye chhilo?”)

I said, “Actually the ring leader among us stripped first and asked us to strip. Two other girls and me followed her. Two other girls stripped down to their panties. The naughty leader pulled their panties down. But one girl had her nightie on and refused to strip. Others forced her to strip.” (“Amader modhye je paji meyeta paler goda chhilo, se prothome nagto holo ar baki sobaike nangto hote bollo. Ami ar aro dujon or kotha shune puro nangto hoye gelam. Aro duto meye panty chhara ar sob khule phello. Paji meyeta tader panty tene namiye puro nangto kore dilo. Sudhu ekta meye kichhutei nighty khulte chaichhilona. Onyora take jor kore udom nangto kore dilo.”)

As I was telling her all these, she was soaping my breasts and I was feeling nice. My nipples had strong ‘hard on’ and it tingled at her touch. She soaped my belly and lightly fingered the belly button. She went down to my thighs and slowly came up to my bush. She very affectionately soaped the bush and lots of lather made it look white. 

While soaping my bush she commented, “Your hair here is as dense as your mom’s. How hairy were the other girls?”

“Tor ekhankar chul gulo tor mar motoi ghono. Achha onyo meye gulor ei jaygay kemon chul chhilo?”

I gave her the details, “Two of them had thick hair like me. In fact one of them had thicker hair. Two girls shaved. One was smooth and another had some stubble. One girl’s hair was trimmed very short with scissors.” (“Dujoner amar moto ghno chul chhilo; other modhye ekjoner amar thekeo beshi ghono chhilo. Dujoner kamano chilo; ekjoner chhilo ekebare palish ar onyo joner okhane chull khoncha khoncha hoye chhilo. Arekjoner chul khub chhoto kore kanchi diye kata chhilo.”)

By now she was soaping my bum and commented that though it was becoming fashionable to shave, it’s better to allow natural growth. (“Ajkal kamano ta fashion hoye gechhe. Tobe ami mone kori okhaner chul swabhabik bhabe barte deyoai bhalo.”)

As she was soaping my crack with a lot of care she said that once my dad brought from abroad a lady’s razor for my mom. As my mom showed it to her they decided to shave each other. She and mom shaved each other with the razor using dad’s shaving cream. But both of them hated the bald look. After a few days the stubble pricked so much that they never tried that again. (“Ekbar janish, tor baba bidesh theke tor mar jonyo ekta meyeder razor niye elo. Tor ma ota amake dekhate amra thik korlam je amra eke onyo ke kamiye debo. Tor baber shaving cream lagiye amara dujone dujonke kamiye dilam. Kintu jaygata nyara hoye giye bichchhiri lagchhilo. Ar koekdin pore jokhon khoncha khoncha chul berolo tokhon bhishon kutkut korto. Sei theke amra ar kokhono kamaini.”) 

In her bathroom there was a large mirror on one wall above a counter top and the person in the shower area could see his/her full image in it. Now I was looking at the mirror and was enamoured to see two lovely naked women standing close to each other. I was amazed to see her lean back above a nicely curved bum and shapely thighs. Her tan skin was in sharp contrast with my fair skin and she stood much taller above my 5′ 4″ height. 

As she was rinsing the soap away from my body, I took the soap from her and fondly moved it over her wonderful breasts. I repositioned us so that I could now see her front in the mirror. I made her raise her arms and soaped her underarms. Her lovely boobs now moved up and looked like a teenager’s straight breasts with her erect nipples protruding out. 

She noticed that I was looking at the mirror and facing the mirror commented with an amused look that the mirror made the naked body very attractive. (“Aynata te nangto cheherata dekhte darun lage, tai na?”) 

I said, “In the mirror I am seeing a young girl of my age by my side. Boroma, you really look so young!” (“Aynay ami amar pashe amari boyoshi ekta meyeke dekhte pachchhi. Boroma tomake sotyi bhishon kom boyoshi dekhte.”)

She said that my mom also says so. But she wondered how at the age of 46, when her son is already 24, she could look so young. “Tor mao oi kotha bole. Kintu amar ekhon boyesh chhechollish, tor dada chobbish hoye gechhe. Amake ki kore young dekhabe bolto.” 

Then she added, “Of course, one thing is true. I am mentally very young and physically also I don’t feel the age.” (“Tobe ekta kotha thik. Ami mone bhishon kochi royechhi. Ar sorir er dik diyeo boyesh ta bujhina.”)

As were talking and watching our naked image, she was moving her fingers with feather touch on my breasts, neck, belly and the bush. I was lightly touching her erect nipples. As she nuzzled my body, I felt as if her love and affection was melting me down. 

Now she told me that I was a younger replica of my mom. My boobs, bums, thighs, pubic bush and even the underarm hair, were exactly like mom’s. The difference was only in age and weight. (“Tor puro chehara ta boshano tor mayer moto. Buk duto, pachar goron, uru, nabhi, nicher chul, emonki bogoler chul, sob ekebare tor mayer moton. Shudhu boyesh ar ojone jetuku tofat.”)

She continued in an affectionate voice, “Your mom & I are really very close to each other. Possibly much more than what you all think. Our relationship is even closer than intimate childhood friends or sisters or husband wife. We share with each other what we don’t share with anyone else. Since you are just a younger form of your mom, I feeling as close to you as I am to your mom.” (“Tor ma ar ami bujhli bhishon ontorongo bondhu. Tora ja bhabish tar theke amra onek, onek beshi kachher. Amader ontorongota, chhotobelar bondhu ba nijer boner ba swami strir thekeo onek beshhi. Amra eke onyoke emon onek kichhu boli ja amra ar kauke kohono bolina. Tor ei nangto cheharata ekebare tor mar moto bole tokeo amar bhishhon kachher bole mone hochchhe.”)

By now we were very fondly cuddling against each other and she whispered in my ears, “Have you got over your uneasiness with me? Shall I give you same intimate pleasure that you wanted to have yourself? (“Tui ki ekhon amar samne sohoj hoyechhis? Tui ektu age gopone je anondo pete chaichhili, seta ki ami toke debo?”)

Responding to her intimate overture, I rubbed my face over her boobs feeling its ripeness. She now kissed me in my ears. The kiss was highly sensual and as she moved her tongue on my ears, I shook in excitement. As she continued to nuzzle my ears with her sensual tongue, her boobs moved on my body. She swirled her finger in my belly button and the fingers of her other hand played in my crack. She slowly moved her crotch on my belly and the brushing of her wet & soft bush was breathtaking. 

As I panted in excitement, she made me part my thighs and slowly inserted her finger in my deep moistness. Her searching finger found my throbbing clit. She slowly moved her finger and my excitement mounted. She suddenly started moving her finger very fast and inserted her finger deep into my asshole. Within seconds an orgasm hit me like a tornado. It was one of the longest and most pleasurable climax I ever had.

I had almost fainted at the exploding climax and as I regained sense I found boroma was holding my collapsing body in her arms. 

She whispered to me, “How did you like it?” (“Kemon laglo re?”)

I kissed her on her on the cheeks, on the chin and on her neck to express my gratitude and said, “I can’t tell you in words what a deep pleasure I got.”) (“Kotota je bhalo legechhe bole bojhate parbona.”)

As we stood under the cool running shower, I felt very emotional and planted a kiss on her lips. As if she was waiting for this, she parted my lips and pushed her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues played on each other like two naughty kids and the kiss continued she turned off the shower. Now she slowly lied down on the floor and brought me down over her body. As I lied on top of her, she adjusted our position so as to make our boobs and pussies touch. She gave a thrust with her pussy on mine and we wildly rubbed our pussies on each other. Simultaneously our boobs were pressed against each other. I got totally wild in excitement.
After we continued with this enticing action for a long time, boroma disengaged and directed me to change position. She made me lie down on the floor and got on top of me with her crotch placed on my mouth. She now asked me to follow what she does (“Ami ja korbo, tai kor.”) Saying this, she started licking my pussy and parted my pussy lips. As her pussy was just on my mouth, I also attacked her pussy with my tongue. I felt both her tongue and finger inside my pussy and played with my clit. I also followed her and very soon we were in frenzy, moaning heavily. Within minutes, I had another exploding orgasm. Simultaneously, she also shook wildly to an orgasm.

After drying ourselves, boroma was about to wear her petticoat & sari. I stopped her and told her. “Don’t wear sari today, please. I want you to wear something like a young girl.” (“Aj sari porona, please. Olpo boyoshider moto kichhu poro.”)

I dragged her out of the bathroom and we both came out of the bathroom naked. I searched in my bag and found a pair of white shorts and a red tank top. I gave her those and a panty of mine. Looking at my insistence, she agreed to wear my dress. She refused the panty and put on the shorts straight away. 

As she was going to wear the bra, I told her “Since you are wearing the shorts without panty, you should wear the tank top without the bra.” (“Tumi jokhon panty chhara shorts porle, tahole bra chhara tank top poro.”) 

“Then you should also go without bra & panty.” she gave her dictum. (“Tahole tui o bra ar panty porte parbina.”) 

So, I wore my jeans and shirt without anything underneath. I noticed that though boroma & I had same size of boobs my ones were a lot more bouncy. On the other hand, her nipples were almost piercing through the thin material of her top. We moved around like two young friends and not like aunt and niece. 

We had heavy breakfast and were not too hungry. So, boroma decided to delay the lunch and have some beer. She took out a bottle of soft drink from the fridge and gave it to me. But I said I would like to have some beer too. She said I was only nineteen & a half and still not ready for hard drinks.

I retorted, “After today, I am your close friend. So, irrespective of age, I am grown up now. ” (“Ajker pore ami tomar ontorongo bondhu. Boyesh jai hok na keno ami ekhon tomar songe beer khete pari.”)

With this she relented and both of us sat down with beer. She asked me if I had beer earlier. I told her I drank beer during college fest and in picnics. I told her I even smoked on those occasions. Hearing this, she said though she normally doesn’t smoke but with drinks she enjoys smoking. She told me where uncle kept his stock of cigarettes and asked me to bring a pack and the lighter. We now relaxed with beer and enjoyed our smoke. 

It was a great feeling to have boroma as a close friend. I enjoyed the feeling that with this friend of mine I can freely drink & smoke and talk even on prohibited subjects, totally without any fear of being caught by guardians or professors. 

Boroma asked me if I had a boyfriend. As I said no, she asked me, “Have you seen a male organ?” (“Tui kokhono cheleder ta dekhechhis?”)

I said, “In porno magazines,” and then paused. 

“In real life?” she probed. 

As I hesitated she pushed me and said between friends there should be no secrets. “Bolna. Amra to bondhu. Bondhur kachhe kichhu lukote nei.”) 

At her encouragement, I opened up and said that once I had seen her son naked. He was heavily shaking his thick & long thing. I watched him for a short time as I was feeling very uneasy. “Ekdin dadar ta dekhephelechhilam. O nijer ghore pant namiye oi lomba ar mota jinishta khub jore narchhilo. Amar khub aswasti hochhilo, tai ektu porei paliye esechhilam.”

Now hearing this about her own son, she kept mum for a while. But soon regained composure and said he was masturbating and that was something very common among young boys. 

Now I was in a mood to find out more about boroma’s secrets and asked, “Tell me boroma, how many men’s organ have you seen, leaving out uncle’s? And how did you feel?” (“Achha boroma ekta kotha bolo. Tumi jethur ta chhara kojon chheler ota dekhechho? Ar kemon legechhilo dekhe?”)

She kept silent for a while, and then said, “You see, ever since I grew up, there were quite a few occasions when I accidentally saw men’s private part. But possibly that’s not what you are asking. I did have an occasion to see naked men, other than your uncle, under special circumstances. But it will take time to tell you the background. If I just tell you the incident, you may misinterpret me.”

“Why don’t you tell me the story? We have all the time in the world.”

“You curious cat” she said. She took a long sip, lighted another cigarette and started narrating her story.

“See, before marriage I was not only a virgin but also totally naïve about the physical part of man woman relationship. I fell in love with your uncle when I started teaching after post graduation. While we mentally came very close there was hardly anything physical. Just holding each other’s hand was good enough stimulus. The day he briefly kissed me behind a bush in a lonely park, I was so ecstatic that I could not sleep for the whole night. Anyway, within a year or so, we got married. Our romance culminated in physical love. He was extremely caring and eager to give me best of pleasure & enjoyment. Our sex life was very active even many years after our marriage.”

“How is it now?” I asked.

“To be honest,” she said with an embarrassed smile, “quite active. Twice or thrice a week.”

She continued – 

So, I have been a totally dedicated & loyal wife. Your uncle has been very innovative in sex and that kept my urge for sex at a high. But I must admit that in twenty five years of our married life there was one occasion, when my loyalty faltered. On that occasion, the attraction for the other person was very high and it won over my loyalty. But I have not felt too guilty, as my love for your uncle always remained very strong. 

About fifteen years ago, I went to Oxford with a three month assignment. That was the first time I was away from your uncle for a long period and I started missing sex. It was the first time after marriage, I used my fingers to pleasure myself. 

Edwards Walters was the professor, with whom I worked on this assignment. Ted was about fifty and was a very handsome & charming man. He was 6 feet tall & well built and had salt & pepper hair and beard. I was very impressed not only at the depth of his knowledge but also at the clarity of his vision. I worked under his guidance with total dedication and he openly declared his appreciation for the quality of my work.

This mutual admiration led to a silent fondness between us. While both of us felt the under current growing strongly between us we never expressed it in words. As both of us were married and that too happily, we knew that no permanent relationship was possible. Possibly that stood between us and we never spoke a word about about it. Ted was a very caring man and he made no secrets about his care for me. Often we worked late in the evening and after we finished work he would invariably drop me at my apartment. In the car he would softly hold my hand and that gave me a heavenly feeling. Before dropping me to the gate he would very softly kiss me on the cheeks. These caring touches stirred my mind like a storm and I rather unwillingly realised that I was deeply in love with him.

My physical desire for this extremely handsome man also became irresistible. His salt & pepper hair & beard, blue intelligent eyes, hairy forearms and lastly the intoxicating aroma of his cigar made me wild with lust. Every night I imagined him making love to me and fingered myself to strong orgasm.

One Thursday evening, Ted invited me for dinner. He took me to a restaurant located on the bank of a river with a breath taking view. Ted’s close company in the superb romantic environment overwhelmed me so much that I just couldn’t speak. The rest of the world had completely disappeared and I felt nothing other than Ted’s personality around me. Ted understood my mood and also remained silent except for ordering food & wine. He held my hand under the table and I sat close to him revelling in the warmth of his proximity. After dinner, Ted drove up a hilly road and stopped the car in a flat area on the top of a hill. As we got down I was amazed to see the star studded sky above us. We stood there with Ted holding me in his arms. 

After a while Ted bent his head down and kissed me on my cheeks and then on my ears. Finally he planted a kiss on my eager lips. The touch of his lips sent a shiver down my spine and I parted my lips to welcome his tongue inside. During the kiss I was in his deep embrace and completely melted in his arms. I don’t know how long the kiss lasted. Finally, when we broke the kiss it took me a long time to come back to sense.

At this stage, Ted spoke, “I know I should not be saying this. But I think a time has come when it has become almost impossible to resist the temptation of breaking the barrier between us. My wife has left this afternoon with her friends for a trip to Denmark. She would be away till Tuesday. I told her that I shall be attending a seminar in Scotland during the weekend. I am inviting you to join me and spend the weekend with me.”

After a pause he said again, “Though we are both happily married, we can’t deny that we have emotionally come too close to each other. You are going to leave very soon and I doubt if we shall ever meet again. I know and so do you that this relationship of ours will always remain a treasured memory with us for the rest of our lives. To me, there is nothing wrong if we enrich this treasure by allowing ourselves the liberty of being in total & exclusive physical company of each other. Even as a faithful husband I will not feel guilty to my wife. I don’t know how you feel and I shall fully appreciate your sentiments if you don’t agree to this ‘indecent’ proposal.”

Saying this he smiled and pecked me lovingly at my cheeks. He took me back to the car holding me in his arms and we drove back in silence. My mind was in total turmoil and didn’t know whether to say yes or no to this wonderful man.

As he dropped me at the apartment he said, “By not giving an answer, you have kept in suspense.”

My resistance finally gave away and I gave him a kiss on his lips and ran away inside the building.

Next morning, I received a huge bouquet of flowers and along with it a pink envelope. Inside there was an air ticket and a slip with “Welcome to a secret sin, which I shall make memorable for you”, written in red ink.

I checked the ticket and found that the flight was at 1.00 pm. It was already 9 O’ clock and started getting ready. I knew Ted was very fond of Indian clothes and packed my bag accordingly. I had bought quite a few sexy lingeries after coming to England. I was not sure why I bought so many. But now I knew subconsciously I was hoping to show off to Ted my body adorned in those lovely bras, panties and nighties. I was delighted to pack them all in my bag. 

I was not sure if Ted would like my hairy armpits and the thick bush down below. But I had no razor or cream and had to leave the hair in the natural state. After I had a luxurious bath, I pampered my naked body with perfumes and wore no make up except a bindi (Ted loved it). I didn’t even wear lipstick, as I knew Ted loved the natural look of women’s lips. I wore a white printed bra and a matching bikini type panty. The panty was too small to cover the abundance of hair and pubes popped out on the sides and also above the waistband. I was again a bit concerned about the hair but just couldn’t do anything, as I didn’t even have a pair of scissors in my apartment.

Finally, I wore a lemon yellow kurta and a bottle green salwar. I reached airport on time and found Ted waiting there. After we landed at Manchester airport, Ted hired a car and we drove down to a place called Keswick located on the shore of a lake called Derwentwater. The two hour drive was very enjoyable as the route was very picturesque. We finally came to a small hotel, which was located near the lake.

The hotel was an old two storied house, typically Scottish. We were given a large room, which was almost like a hall and had an adjoining terrace overlooking the lake. The terrace was large and completely beyond public gaze. The attached bathroom was large and had a huge bathtub. The owner Audrey was a blonde in her forties. Her husband died two years ago and she ran the hotel on her own. She came up to the room to see if we are comfortable. 

She asked Ted, “Your young wife is from India?”

Ted said, “To be honest, she is not my wife and this is the first time we are going to share the same bed.”

“Wow! How exciting. You are a very lucky man.”

After she left, Ted went for a bath. I stripped down to my bra & panty and lied down on a reclining chair in the terrace, enjoying the mild warmth of the sun. After a while, Ted came to the terrace. He was wearing just a pair of shorts and I was awed to see his bare chest. It was covered with salt & pepper hair, which looked lovely on the pale skin of his torso. I was tempted to snug on his wide hairy chest, but waited for him to make the first move. Ted looked at my underarms, which were fully exposed as my hands were under my head. He also looked at my panty with an amused look and I was sure he was watching my pubes, which partly came out of the panty. Though he sported a hard on through his shorts he was quite restrained and just pecked me on the cheek and asked me to go for bath. 

I picked up my change of clothes and went to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom I ran the water in the tub and felt that the water was not warm enough for my comfort. I called out for Ted and he said he would ask Audrey to get some hot water. As I waited for Audrey, I slowly undressed and watched myself in the mirror. I was quite happy to see that I was in a good shape. There was a light knock at the door and before I could cover myself with a towel she pushed open the door, which I forgot to lock. I was a bit embarrassed and tried to cover my nudity with a towel. 

“Don’t feel shy dear. Let me have a look at you. I have never seen a dark skinned woman naked.” Audrey was cool.

I stood naked in presence of this unknown woman and she watched me closely. I also watched her closely and found her to be quite attractive. She was as tall as me, had nice boobs & bums and shapely legs. I felt a slow arousal in me as I imagined her naked. She was there for a couple of minutes and after pouring steaming hot water in the tub left with a friendly smile on her lips.

After she went out I overheard her talking to Ted. “Oh, your girl is really sexy. She has lush jet black hair in her underarms & down below.”

“I have never seen her naked, but I guess she doesn’t shave. I am a bit fed up with my wife’s bald pussy. I am feeling very excited at the thought that my girlfriend is totally unshaved.” Ted answered.

Audrey said, “I am also hairy down below, but I am a natural blonde. Black body hair is so much more sexy.”

I was totally surprised at the open discussion on such a private thing. At the same time, I was delighted that Ted was happy that I didn’t shave.

After I finished my bath, I put on a pair of black shorts over dark green panty with bright yello polka dots and a blue shirt over a black lacy bra. I went to the terrace and stood by Ted’s side. We stood there enjoying the warmth of sun, which was still up in full strength over the lake.

Now Ted held me close and kissed me on my lips. The kiss lasted very long and Ted’s hands moved under my shirt over my back. As our body was tightly pressed, I felt his strong manhood on my belly. I held it with one hand and my other hand moved over his hairy chest. After a long time, Ted broke the kiss and unbuttoned my shirt and shorts. He took them off and started licking at my armpits like a hungry animal. With his mouth in my armpit, he unclasped the bra and removed it. As I removed the bra, my breasts bounced out and my erect nipples stood out hungrily. 

Now Ted came down on my boobs and started licking them. While he licked one boob his hand pressed my other boob, initially mildly and then with lot of pressure. As he alternated between two boobs I moaned strongly.

Ted started coming down and licked my belly and belly button. He lovingly moved his tongue along the thin line of hair coming down from my belly button and reached the waistband of my panty above which the top edge of my pubic hair was visible. As he licked the hair he very slowly pulled my panty down exposing my dense bush by fractions of inches. 

As he made me fully naked and attempted to lick in the jungle down below, I pulled him up and unbuttoned his shorts. I had to pull hard to remove his shorts against the pressure of his strong hard on. He had no brief inside and his shaft jumped out. It was rock hard and ramrod straight. All the cocks I saw earlier, including your uncle’s, were rather dark and not had their heads partly or fully covered with foreskin. I was amazed to see Ted’s very fair cock with a fully exposed pink head like mushroom (He is the first circumcised man I saw). It looked so very inviting as it stood out of a jungle of dark pubic hair with a few streaks of grey. It was not all that long. It was a little shorter than your uncle’s. But, oh my god it was so thick! I could not fully hold it with my fingers. 

By now both of us were hungrily trying to suck each other. Ted made me lie down on the floor and straddled over me with his crotch directly over my mouth and dipped his face in my crotch. As I tried to grab his cock in my mouth, I found it too large and even after opening my mouth wide I could only cover the head. So, I held it in both hands and licked it up and down. As it throbbed under my touch, Ted was sucking my pussy. He parted my fold and his tongue found my swollen clit. His tongue ran havoc at the pulsating piece of flesh and I shook uncontrollably. Very soon, I had a very strong orgasm. I have been sucked many times by your uncle, but I never had an orgasm from sucking only. It was one of the biggest pleasure I ever had.

As I recovered from the long spell of orgasm, Ted lifted my body in his strong arms and carried me to bed. He lovingly placed me on the bed and lied down beside me. He placed his arm under my head and I snuggled against his chest. I licked his tiny nipples with my tongue and fondled his cock with my hand. As I was getting charged up he kissed my nipples and fondled my breasts. He turned me over and parted my bum cheeks. As he licked my crack I shrieked in joy.

After a while, he placed me comfortably on my back and folded and parted my legs. As he pushed his cock in my tunnel, he found it hard to enter. He hesitated possibly at the fear of hurting me but I was impatient to take his huge manhood in. I parted my thighs wider and slapped his naked ass and screamed, “Shove it in, man.” As he pushed hard the huge shaft had its way into the wet tunnel. I felt a strong pain as if my tunnel will burst open. At the same time a strong current of pleasure ran through my body. As Ted stroked me patiently my pleasure peaked and I screamed. Very soon strong shots of warm liquid started filling my tunnel and I had a volcanic climax. It was the strongest orgasm I ever had. 

After two successive orgasms I was totally drained out and I fell asleep as Ted held me in his caring arms. When I woke up I found myself snuggled up in Ted’s chest. He asked me if I was feeling fresh after the nap. As I said yes, he asked me to dress up for dinner. Ted wore jeans and a white shirt with a dark blue woollen jacket. I watched him dressing up, still lying naked in bed. After he was ready, I asked him to go down and wait for me as I wanted to dress in private.
As he went out, I chose a white silk sari with golden embroidery on it and a low cut white blouse. After generously spraying perfume all over my naked body, including armpits, cleavage, belly button and in the abundance of my pubes, I felt tingling fresh. I wore a white bra with bright yellow polka dots and no panty under white satin petticoat. I took a bright red shawl and put on a red bindi. 

After I went down, Audrey greeted me with applause. Ted gave me an admiring look and took me by the arms. Audrey looked rather excited and said, “You really are a very handsome couple. It must be very exciting for you as you are not married. “Hey, how was your first time?” 

“Couldn’t be better.” Ted answered.

“I envy you.” She was damn candid.

She warmly waved at us as we left.

I told Ted, “She seems to be too curious about us.”

“She is sex starved and wants to join our love making.” Ted commented. 

“Well, she could be sex starved, but why do you think she wants to join us? She must be dying to get laid by you.” I asked.

Ted was confident in his answer, “The way she got excited after she saw you naked, I am pretty positive that she is a bi, if not a lesbian.”

“Then it may not be a bad idea to invite her to join us. It would be something very interesting.” The moment I said this I realised what a big mistake I made by exposing to Ted my hidden desire for a woman’s body.

Ted remained silent for a while and then asked me, “Are you very sure that you want her to join us?”

I felt embarrassed and didn’t answer. 

We drove around for a while and finally went to a restaurant at the hill top. We had plenty of house wine and danced to romantic music. Dinner was delicious and the liquor was lovely. After he came back to the room, Ted stripped me naked within seconds. As he held my naked body in deep embrace I undressed him. We made love on the carpet and this time I was on top of him. Now the pace was slow and we came after a long time. After the climax I collapsed on Ted. 

After a while, Ted carried me to bed and I slept like a log. After a couple of hours I woke up to find Ted sucking my nipples. We fucked again and this time Ted stroked with brutal force and I was ecstatic. Climax was very strong and I fell off to sleep again. As I woke up, sunlight was flooding the room and I was delighted to see Ted’s naked body by my side. Ted woke up after a few minutes and gave me a hug. He got up and put on a pair of shorts and lighted a cigar sitting on a chair close to the bed. 

There was a knock on the door. Ted covered my naked body with a blanket and opened the door. It was Audrey carrying breakfast tray. She was wearing a robe, which ended above her knees. Her bouncing breasts suggested that she didn’t wear a bra. I again felt aroused to see her shapely breasts and swaying bums. I looked at her exposed legs and the golden hair on her legs gave me a turn on.

She looked at our clothes strewn all over the floor and said, “It looks like you had a very wild night.” 

As Ted told her to have tea with us she refused, “I don’t want to spoil this young girl’s pleasure of lazing in bed. She can’t remove her blanket and feel the warmth of the sun on her naked body if I am around.” 

As she left blowing a flying kiss to me, Ted said, “Do you have any doubt that she has an enormous attraction for your body? I think I would take your suggestion and invite her to join us in love making tonight. That would not only satisfy both of you, but would also provide a bonus for me.” 

I didn’t say any thing and removed the blanket to expose my naked body to the mild warmth of the morning sun rays coming in through the glass panes. 

After breakfast we had our bath together in the huge bathtub. We felt the warmth of each other’s body, but didn’t make love. 

We went out for a walk along the shores of the lake. We walked for miles and then climbed up a hilly road through a dense forest. After a long climb we were on plain land and was greeted by sunrays coming down through the tall trees. We sat down under a tree and kissed each other. As the forest was completely deserted, we stripped naked. Ted made me lie down on grassy land and fucked me. The feel of the grass under my naked ass was wonderful. After a very satisfying fuck, we washed ourselves with the cool water from a small stream. We put our clothes in a paper packet we were carrying and walked naked.

After a while, we heard some moaning sound. As we looked around, we noticed that a man & woman was engaged in wild love making. We stood behind a tree and watched the couple. The man was quite lean and he was on top of a woman who looked quite big built. After they disengaged we could see them properly. The man was quite young, may be under thirty. He had a lean athletic body and his semi-erect cock was well hung. The woman was much older, may be in her fifties. She was very tall, possibly 5’10” and had wide shoulder and large boobs. Her belly was not flat but had a sexy curve. We were very pleased to see that she was completely unshaved and had golden brown hair in her armpits and pussy. 

As they walked up to the stream, we walked back behind them from a distance. They also washed in the stream and we watched them from a safe distance. As they started walking back, still in full nude, we moved towards them. Within a few minutes we were face to face. 

They were totally surprised to see another naked couple facing them. We also faked a surprised look and we silently stood there for a while. After a few minutes, all four of us burst into laughter. We introduced each other. Andy was a painter and Diana was a doctor. Diana said she was married and Andy was her secret boyfriend. She managed to get out of home to spend a wild weekend with Andy.

Having met under such strange circumstances, we instantly became friends. We spent the whole day together in the deserted forest, that too in complete nude. While we women were cool in our nudity both men sported a hard on. Diana and I noticed their hard on but ignored it. After hours of walking, Andy took out Beer cans and offered to all of us. As we started drinking the mood became buoyant. After a while we were all a bit tipsy and Diana came up with a strange proposition –

“Hey, we are all enjoying sex clandestinely. Obviously we are mentally free from social taboo. Why don’t we spice up our enjoyment by swapping partners?”

I was initially taken aback, but then realised that I had a turn on seeing young Andy’s athletic body and erect cock. Though I felt eager to get fucked by Andy, I waited for Ted to react.

Ted looked at me and said, “I would love it, but I don’t know if you have any objection.”

“I have no problem at all. Let’s have some real fun.” I declared. 

As I said this, Andy came close to me, held me around my hip and we started walking away.

Now Diana said, “Hey, where are you two going? Let’s fuck together and watch each other. That would be more fun.”

So we fucked side by side. Andy was on top of me and Ted fucked Diana doggie style. I enormously enjoyed Andy’s strong strokes as I watched Ted’s thick cock pushing in & out of Diana’s pussy. I came very quickly with a scream, but Andy was yet to ejaculate. Now we reversed position and I was on top of Andy. As I thrust my pussy up & down with Andy’s cock firmly inside my tunnel, he moaned strongly and pressed my boobs with both hands. After a few minutes Andy started shooting warm liquid in my tunnel and I had my second orgasm. 

We now cleaned up with stream water and put on our clothes. As we walked back to civilisation, I was unable to believe that the day’s incidents were real.

In the evening, Ted invited Audrey to join us for a drink and she happily agreed. I wore a black sari and dared a black sleeveless blouse despite my unshaved underarms. Audrey wore a body hugging red dress and looked gorgeous. I was pleased to see that her dress was sleeveless and there was a fair amount of blonde hair in her underarms. Her dress was short and she didn’t wear stockings. Her legs looked awfully sexy with blonde hair on it. We went to local pub and drank wonderful single malt whisky. 

We drank for a long time and all of us were quite drunk. They served us delicious stakes at the pub and we enjoyed the food. As we came out of the pub, we walked under the star studded sky. Our steps were quite unsteady. Audrey started singing and we loved her melodious voice. 

As we entered our hotel, Audrey was about to leave for her room. 

Ted stopped her and said, “Don’t you feel very lonely in your room? Why don’t you spend the night in our room for a change? I am sure you would enjoy the warmth of our company.”

“Are you sure your girl will like that?” she asked in a drunken voice. 

“It is she who felt that an attractive woman like you shouldn’t spend a lonely night.” Ted told her.

Hearing this, she was overwhelmed in joy and hugged me. She expressed her gratitude by kissing me all over my face. 

As three of us entered our room, Ted opened the terrace door and lighting a cigar, walked out in the terrace.

As I was dying to see Audrey’s gorgeous naked body, I told her “Audrey, won’t you like to change and get into something more comfortable? Shall I lend you a nightie?”

I was delighted as she said, “I always sleep in the nude and I don’t need a nightie, if that suits you.”

“Oh, I would love to see your gorgeous body naked, Audrey. May I undress you?”

Without giving her a chance to say anything, I pulled down the zipper at her back and peeled off her red dress. I unclasped her black bra and was awed to see her lovely milk white boobs with dark pink nipples on light pink aureole. Her armpits also looked unshaved for months, as they were full of long blonde hair. She still had her black panty on which couldn’t cover the abundance of her pubes, which sneaked out from two sides and also through the waistband. I slowly pulled the panty down and exposed the jungle of blonde hair. This is the first time I saw blonde pubic hair and found a special thrill.

Now Audrey & I were in close embrace and deeply kissed each other. Audrey sucked my nipples and pressed her wonderful boobs. Audrey licked me all over my body and I moaned in pleasure. She placed her mouth in my bush and searching through dense hair she found my clit. She played on it with her tongue and I screamed. She turned me over and parted my bum cheeks. 

She exclaimed, “Wow, what nice hair in here!” 

She licked my ass hole and simultaneously inserted two fingers in my pussy. As both her tongue and fingers moved fast I was in frenzy. Soon I had a strong orgasm. 

After I recovered from the orgasm, I found Ted was standing close to us. He had stripped himself naked and was sporting a strong erection. Audrey was thrilled at the size of the cock and started fondling it with her hand. I parted Audrey’s legs and put my mouth in the abundance of her blonde pubic hair. I found her swollen & throbbing clit and started playing with it. Suddenly I felt Ted’s cock pushing my pussy from behind. In one deft stroke the huge cock went into my tunnel and I shrieked at the sudden shock of the pleasure. As Ted slowly stroked me I inserted my fingers in Audrey’s pussy. Within minutes Audrey climaxed. Almost simultaneously Ted started filling my cunt and I also climaxed. 

As I lied exhausted, I saw Audrey pulling down Ted. She managed to gulp Ted’s semi-hard cock in her mouth and sucked it hard. Soon I could see Ted’s cock growing into full size in Audrey’s mouth. Ted played in her pussy and asshole with his fingers. After a while, Audrey rode Ted and placed her pussy on Ted’s towering shaft. She pushed her hip down to take the shaft fully inside her. She started pushing up & down, initially slowly and then very fast. At the same time Ted pumped her bouncing breasts. Soon both of them were moving their hips in unison, Ted was thrusting up and she was pushing down. The movement became faster & faster and both of them screamed. After a while, the movement stopped with both of them shaking uncontrollably. At that point of time, I fell off to sleep. 

I slept like a log through out the night. I woke up in the morning as I felt some movement in the bed. I saw Audrey was leaving the bed. She hurriedly put on her dress, picked up her bra & panty, stepped into her shoes and left. I saw Ted was in deep sleep and went back to sleep. We woke up pretty late. As we were to leave that day by noon, I started packing my bag. Ted & I had bath together and he fucked me in the bathtub. After bath, we remained naked and sat on the terrace enjoying each other’s company. 

After a while Audrey came in with breakfast and greeted us with a million dollar smile. She kissed me on my boobs and on my pussy. She pecked Ted on his beard and left. After breakfast, Ted pulled me down on the terrace floor and we made love again. We knew it was the very last time and it turned out to be most enjoyable. 

Within half an hour we left for the airport. Both our minds were heavy with the thought of parting for good and we kept totally silent through out the drive. Silence continued in the flight and after we reached airport we kissed good bye and went home in different taxis.

In the following week, I left for home.

As boroma ended her story, I asked her if she was in touch with Ted. She said no.


As mashimoni was narrating her story, we were lying on the carpet holding each other. As she finished her story I was dripping wet and I put my mouth on her breasts. We had another round of sex, this time in 69 position. By that time it was 3 O’ clock in the morning and we went to bed. As we hit the bed we both fell off to sleep within seconds. 

Next morning I got up late and it was a great pleasure to see a fair naked woman’s body close to me in the bed. As mashimoni also woke up we embraced each other’s warm body. Our sense of hygiene took better of us and we checked the temptation of kissing each other. We went to two bathrooms to brush and clean. As I finished and was pondering whether to put on clothes or not the doorbell rang. 

I came out of the bathroom in a robe. By that time mashimoni was out of the other bathroom and she had nothing on. I signalled her to get back to the bathroom and opened the door. It was my maid. I disposed her off and asked her to come in the afternoon. I knocked at the bathroom door and mashimoni came out with her fair naked body. That ignited fire in me. As she was asking me for a dress I refused, threw away my robe and we went back to bed.

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