With young girls

i am the same big b from bangalore who regularly fuck my secretary shahi, she is a goddess of lust for me, not a single day passes without her and me playing, at the age of 55 still I am full of energy and satisfy her.

for the last month I was really starved as shashi went on leave to her natine for a month after she got gang banged in front of her husband in jaipur while shopping for marble and she wrote the story too how to be carefull on the way to ajmir. i feel very guilty and write this instance with lot of guilt, but wnat to share how lust will put aside all the things for getting into passion.

couple of weeks back it was a thursday I had lunch at home and was driving in my car to my factory which is after the natinol park in bangalore, I was passing gottigere village and it was drizzling lightly, I saw 2 girls in their skirt and blouse uniform waving at my car desperately, I slowed down and lowered the passenger window and one girl spoke out,

please uncle drop us till jigani ( where my indiustry is there) as it was raining and there were no frequent busses at 3 pm. hesitatingly I opened the lock and one girl sat beside me and the other at the back seat, we had to keep windows closed and it now started to rain a bit heavy and drove slowly.

they intoduced themself when I asked their names, one sitting in front was veena and one at the back was tasneem, they were happy to share that they were coming from college after seeing the SSLC results and both had passed in 2 nd class, I too congratulated them with a firm hand shake.

let me describe them, veena was talkitive must be 5 ft small built and hardly had breasts grown, could make out she was still not into wearing a bra and must be 40 kgs weight simple innocent looking, and tasneem was reserved tall very fair hand full of breast grown on her chest, both wearing blue skirt and white blouse college uniforms.

i never had any ill intentions and was driving slowly chatting and finally topic came to celebrating their success in their exam with their friends and for which they turned around and said that their parents wouldnt give money and wouldnt allow all this but they wanted to enjoy. out of good will I offered them Rs 200 each as my gift for their success,

they took from my hand that they would give in something in return for which I had to promise them I would accept, till then I had no clue what these girls had in mind, they asked me to stop the car at a lonely place and accepted my money gift, and told me to close my eyes for my present and in fraction of a second I could feel veena lip locking with me,

I was too shocked and surprised by thier guts, before I could realise I could feel veena pushing her toung into my mouth and I gave in by opening my mouth and we exchanged our saliva, in the mean time my hands went on her chest feeling her her small lime like tids, just then tasneem broke the silence uncle what about my gift and came forward from back seat pushed veena aside and lip locked with me,

I pushed my toung into her mouth and was feeling her firm tids, I could feel veena searching for my zip and pulled it down and pushed her hand inside to get my semi hard cock out. As veena was getting my cock out I unbuttoned tasneems blouse and had a veiw at such young growing firm tids. at this my mind went blank thinking what am I doing,

they were minors and something goes wrong I will be behind bars, couldnt beleive 2 young girls guts to have fun with one elderly man that too in a car, my mixed thoughts were shattered and came to reality to realise that veena had not only taken my cock out which was fully erect but I could feel her warmth of her mouth engulfing my cock,

as she moved up and down my cock I could see my cock shine with her saliva smeared all over it, there was no point of return now, I moaned a little and lifted her skirt up and pulled her panty till her knees and spread her legs to see nice small pussy with the first growth of brown pubick hair grown, I caressed her thighs and opened her pussy lips she was getting wet,

with my right hand I opened her blose and started to squeeze her small tids, tasneem was bending over from the back and feasting her eyes seeing her freind working on my manhood. with one finger I tried to enter veenas vagina which was too tight, I could feel her body little wriggle in pain for it,

which didnt stop me but kept stroking till my left had middle finger had entered her pussy and slowly finger fucked her, looking at all this tasneem breathig was getting heavier, I orderd her to remove her panty fully, wow her pussy was matching to her her fairness and pussy covered with soft blck short hair which were shining of her wetness on it.

at this point veena also sat up, her mouth must have pained with my monster inside, we all took a sigh of releif, and now it was all open fun, I aksed veena whether I can finish and cum in her mouth, but she didnt understand what I was saying, then I took some time to explain when she sucks me like this, like how her pussy gets wet I too will get wet in one shot and my juice

will come out and told her till I tell hold it in mouth and after I have finished u can get up and kiss tasneem and share my cum in to her mouth too, so that she too gets the taste, veena was confused but tasneem kept silent and I understood she may be experienced it already. i removed my fingers from veenas pussy and streched back wards to reach tasneems and veena

faithfully dropped back on my cock and my right hand took position to massage her breasts, it was so small I could kneed them like chapthi balls, and her nipples were getting firm, I ordered veena to use her one hand between her legs and play with her pussy and my left had started to invade tasneems pussy, her pussy was drenched with her honey,

it was so wet it was getting smeared on to her thighs and I opened her pussy lips and pushed my middle finger in her love hole, to my surprise it went in smoothly so I tried 2 fingers which went in tight, her pussy was getting stretched and so was her enjoyment. from this point each one was for ourself moaning and whispering dirty words in extasy,

I kept on ordering veena to use lot of saliva and toung my cock head, which she did obediently, at the rear seat tasnnem started like a professional riding my 2 fingers, she half stood up and stroked her pussy nicely on my fingers, I realised this girl had the experience, but who cares as long as we all had fun, the 10 mts passed was like hours,

with all the windows closed the smell of 2 pussy juices and their saliva was intoxicating me in a different way, I knew my end was coming in slow voice I ordered veena to collect all my sperms fully and share with tasneem by kissing, I grunted loud and shot my first load of sperm which was bulls eyeing her throat after that in slow jerks filled her mouth with my cum,

I can imagine how my sperms would be swimming all over her mouth, as she got up I saw her face fully smeared with her own saliva and she turned towards the back seat and met tasneems lip and I could hear slurping sound from tasneems mouth where my sperms were exchanged, it was a erotik moment for all of us,

immediately ordered tasnnem to bend forward from back seat and between the front two seats and clean up my man hood of the remaining sperm which had ozzed out. i pulled veena towards me and kissed, I when I invaded her mouth with my toung I could still feel the taste of my own sperms,

which was not new as I many times had loaded my cum in my scey shashis pussy later on took everything into my mouth and unloaded into her mouth while french kissing. I told veena and tasnnem to exchange their seats, veena went back taking her panty and tasnnem came next to me without her panty and sat, I went towards her and had a good french kiss and massgaed her breasts,

I slowly moved down and took her right breat in my mouth and chewed her nipples nicely till they became red, I could hear her maon in pleasure, at the back veena kept her head on the head rest and closing her eyes and recovering from the oragsm she had. i shifted to her left breast and sucked roughly and bit her,

I knew she wanted to play rough and instead of keeping her legs down she had sqatted on the seat which gave good access to her pussy and now my fingers started to explore her love hole with 2 fingers I fisted her love hole in fast strokes, she was enjoying to the core and could hear her moan and say allah ge mai mar jaongi,

I too murmurred with this kind of a hole u will will kill many men and kept on fisting her cunt vigourously, since my face was on her chest I could feel her heart rate go up and like a bomb exploded she had a wild orgasm, she was clenching my hair and pressing my head on her breasts that it was difficult to breath,

my fingers were dripping with her juice and I could see the wet patch too on my seat upholstery, we relaxed for while and got ready and it was still raining and we kept our hands out to rain and washed our hands dressed up and slowly drove. we replayed what all we did verbally which was exicting for them, I kept on fondling tasnnems thighs who was sitting next to me,

by my experience she was not a virgin and more over she wanted more action but we had reached our destination and stopped, I gave them both a dam good wet kiss and pushed all my saliva into their mouth. while parting veena gave me her residence land line number and told when I call if any male answers not talk and if any female it will be only me and would talk as

if like she is talking to her freind at shool and we parted ways, the last look what tasneem gave was sure that she wanted a good hard fuck from me. from the time they went my mind started to work when I would get them again in a safe place where I can feast on their body properly. iwent back to work day ended and went back home.

who new the oppourtunity will knock my door so soon, my wife told me about going to mysore for a wedding on saturday and sunday, I slept hoping when daylight will come and call up veena, anyway she will be at home till college starts.
well this happened on thursday and when i went home my wife told abt her visit to mysore for a wedding on saturday so i had to somehow contact veena and tasneem to come to to my house.

friday as soon as i reached factory i called up veena’s land line a male voice answered and disconnected it, i kept on trying till 5 pm and at that time i heard a female voice, i slowly whispered veena, immediately she answered as if she is talking to a girl and coversation went on, then i told her my identity which she immediately recognised and i told her that my house was free for the full day on saturday and why cant she and tasneem spend the full day with me,

and also promissed that i will not have inter course or hurt them but would have reall good fun with oral sex and masterbation like how we did in the car, for which i would get them some good gifts, she thought for a while and told she would call back on my cell after discussing with tasneem and disconnected.

the wait was too long, i left factory with no sign of call and at about 8 pm call rang with a funny incoming number it was a coin booth, i received the call and it was veena was on line and told they were ready to come on saturday and requested whether i can arrange for a blue film CD as they have never seen one for which i told no problem told them to wait near appollo hospital bus stop on bannergatta road at 10 am on saturday and disconnected.

my family left in a taxi at 7 am i had a cool morning had good bath and got ready and left my residence at 9.45 as it was jst 5 mts ride to that bus stop. when i reached i saw these 2 girls already waiting and i parked the car on the opposite side and seeing me they crossed the road and ran to the car. i opened the front door where tasneem got up and veena opened the back door and got in.

tasneem was wearing a churidhar and veena was in a skirt and blouse, they had head bath as i could see their hair still wet and looking fresh as a morning flower. since i had dark papaer on the car glass tasneem never wasted any time in coming close to me and kissing me, and i never wasted any time in shoving my toung in her mouth and she sucked on it sexyly,

veena broke the silence in telling anything will you leave for me also, we broke the lip lock and tuned back and veena too kissed me but was not really experienced, as i kissed veena, tasneem was rubbing my already erect cock on my pants. we parted the kissing session and started to drive to my house, few crosses away i told them to bend down as if they are searching for something near the feet as i didnt want them to know the directions to my house.

once we reached the house we all got down went near the door and i unlocked the main door and i led them in first, when i walked behind them i was eyeing the broad ass of tasneem, i was just crossing my finger they cooperate and have full fun, to keep the day going as soon as i had breakfast i had one 100 mg tablet of PENEGRA, this keeps the cock hard and regains erection within no time of ejaculation.

i closed the door and put safety catch and turned towards tasneem and caught her hand and pulled her towards me, she was almost 5 ft 6 inch i am 5 ft 9 inch, i guided her arms around my neck and held her tight in my arms and lip locked and my hands were moving all over her back and came down and i cupped her ass and pressed her more on to me,

i could feel my hard rubbing her pussy area,as i kissed her i chewed her lips and she too shoved her toung into me and we slurped on each others saliva for a while and broke the kiss and i turned towards veena who was staring at our kiss and my ass handling, i could see that lust in her eyes, she was short just about 5 ft 2 inch i took few steps and went to her and kissed her,

as i was not hugging her, as i kissed i caught her small tids and massaged them nicely and my right hand went down lifted her skirt and caught her love triangle in my palms, in that rush of exitement she let a maon into my mouth and opened her mouth for my toung to go in, i moved my toung in and out of her mouth like fucking and kept massaging her pussy over her panty,

in no time i could feel the wetnness on the panty, we broke the kissing spree and tasneem too came close with my left hand i lifted her churidhar top and caught her pussy area in my palm, i was staring at both of them and massaging 2 pussy at a time. tasneem too caught my erect cock over my pant and was massaging, i removed my hands and told them togoto the drawing room and i will lower the window curtains and join them.

i once again checked the door lock and moved inside to see, veena had already removed her blouse and was standing bare chested and taneem had removed her tops and standing with her bra on. i was really getting mad and very horny, i went to tasneem and took her breast out of her bra and cupped it with my mouth,

i could feel her nipples getting hard in my mouth as i un tied her pyjamas and with one go pulled it down along with her panty, as i did this she un hooked her bra and threw it on the floor, there she stood in front of me fully nude now i moved my mouth from her left breast to right and pulled veena close and ordered her to start sucking her left breast,

as both sucked my left had went exploring tasneems pussy which was thoroughly wet, she spread her legs apart to accomadate my fingering and in no time i shoved 2 fingers into her and with my right hand lowered veenas panty and parted her pussy lips and i had to pull her thighs apart to further explore, the room was filled with erotik smell and the maoning of 3 people, now i left tasneem and turned towards veena and stripped the rest of the skirt what she had on.

i had 2 girls fully nude and i was still fully dressed. tasneem came close and unbuttoned my shirt and veena undid my pants, in no time i too joined the nudity gang, they both kept staring at my erect cock, i caught veena for kiss and hugged her since she was short my cock was pressing her near the naval, i caressed her ass, pinched it and rubbed it for which she was getting more and more exited with heavy breathing,

as i left veena took tasneem in my arms i hugged her she nicely spread her thighs apart and with her left hand guided my cock between her thighs and sandwitched my cock between them, as i french kissed her i fucked my cock between her thighs, it was moving smoothly as her juice from her pussy was lubricating my cock,

with this one thing was sure that tasneem was experienced with fucking, as i held her ass i could feel my cock at the back end, i told veena to kneel down and suck my cock which was peeping out of tasneems ass. she trying to suck the tip of my cock and her hot breath in tasneems ass was getting her to the peak, i could feel her legs tremble, i kept on kissing her,

fucking my cock between her thighs and massaging both her breasts, she couldnt last for long she maoned and shivered with one wild oragasm and her whole body just hung on me with her arms encircled on my neck. we parted and my hard stiff cock was shining with her love juice on it, i could see the anxiety on veena face for action, i asked her straight whether she wanted my finger fucking,

i was trying to talk in all raw language which was making them horny, the lust in her eyes was a green signal, i told them we will move to the bed room and walked with them both girls on either side and my hands cupping their ass, veena was holding on to my cock, i too was very exited and now i too wanted to get releived by unloading my sperms, and off course my target was in taneems mouth.

veena climbed on to the bed while i was on her right side tasnnem was onto her left side, i wet kissed her lips and faceof veena, tasneem too joined the act i made her lip lock with veena, they too seemed to enjoy the lesbian act, and i was watching their act, taseem dug her hand into her own pussy and made her finger wet with her juice and proceeded towards veenas pussy,

in no time i could see her finger fucking and still kissing, i was getting mad of the situation i too got up and pushed my cock between their lips, they voraciously sucked on my cock with lot of saliva, since veena was sleeping on her back all the saliva what tasneem was putting on my cock was making her face fully wet, now i was at my peak i laid down on my back and ordered tasneem to suck my dick,

she was too exited and started in slow rhythm but she wonderfully deep throated my shaft, i could feel my cock go down deep inside her throat, as she pumped on my cock i had crossed all bariiers, i turned side ways and crawled down and spread veenas thigh and burried my face on to her pussy, i was so exited i bit sucked chewed her pussy,

all her juices was flowing freely into my mouth and my french beard was giving a rough touch to her pussy and she burst into an heavy oragasm but i never stopped sucking, and i could hear her moan with pleasure and beg me to stop, tasneem was doing a wonderfull sucking and as she took my cock in i held her head tight so that she doesnt go back and shot my sperms into her,

the first shot she gave a jerk and understanding what was happening she further deep throated my shaft and took all my cum and i too collapsed on my back, veena kept both her hands tight between her thighs and turned side ways to get over her oragsm, tasneem lay still with my cock still inside her mouth throbbing, now i was caressing her hair laid down for a while,

tasneem had no intention of taking out my cock from her mouth, she too laid on my tighs with my cock in her mouth and one hand caressing my testicles, i could feel my cock loosing it hardness and her mouth pressure building up on my cock, till my cock became fully soft she had it in her mouth, it was a strange feeling to get a soft cock sucked.

it took 10 mts to fully shrink in its size, but my cock was enjoying the warmth of tasneems mouth, very passionately i was caressing her hair and cheeks, my cock was completely soft and she slowly opened her mouth and lifted my limp cock in her left hand and gathered my both testicles in her right hand and opened her mouth like an anakonda and completely took it in her mouth,

her mouth was full of saliva and my sperms and she played with my scrotum bag with the two small balls with her toung, i swear readers even my secretary shashi gives me a blow job but this one was the best of my life time, still holding the cock in her left hand she used to suck for a while and play her toung all over and tickled my aarse hole, which was sending 1000 volts shock inside me,

at one stage she tried pushing her toung in my hole that sensation is beyond imagination and cant dream of explaining. i could feel the lust in tasneems face, after seeing me sucking on veenas pussy i am sure her pussy was itching again, i pulled her up and asked her to sit on my mouth, her pussy was fully wet and she was at her peak, she literally grinded her vagina on my face,

at times i found difficulty to breath, but i gave her the best suck, i could feel the tremble in her thighs ahd heavy breathing she left out a loud moan and scream allah ge mai mar jauoongi and had the wild orgasm, it must have have been 15 mts my mouth was working on her cunt my little soldier down started to gather energy and grow, she dismounted my face and slept at my side and pulled me close,

we again lip locked and she could get her pussy taste from my mouth, and my cock was in full erection and i wanted to fuck between her thighs in the missionary position, but what came as a surprise was, as we were kissing she held my cock with both her hands and guided inside her pussy, with all her juice and my saliva my hard cock penetrated her,

i lay on top of her nad she whispered not to tall veena that we fucked, in slow rhythm i shafted her hole, she was so fair and i could see her face getting blood red colour as i pounded her, she held the pillow with both her hands and enjoyed my ramming, i whole bed was shaking and my testicles were banging outside her hole, the room was filled with thop thop thop sound of me savagingly rip her pussy apart.

i must have pounded her cunt for 15 mts and i knew it was time for explosion and to let my sperms free, i pushed as much inside i can and jerked my sperms, i kissed her and pushed all my saliva what was secreting on to her mouth and face, i lay like a monster on her body with both my hands clinging onto her breasts,

veena too turned this side and may have realised that i was just sleeping on tasneem, little she could realise that my cock was still inside and throbbing, as my cock lost its hardness it slipped out of her pussy and i ordered tasneem to ride veenas mouth and unload all my sprerms into her mouth.

it was sight to see tasnneem ride veena mouth, it was fully smeared with my juice saliva nad her pussy juices, in no time them turned reverse and went into 69 position to eat each others cunt while i watched, it was pure lust in the air, i benat again aat tasneems ass and started licking and making circular motion on her ass hole, this was exiting her so much she gave the best suck to veena,

and all of us were exhausted and relaxed on bed, all our energy levels were drained out, looked at my watch, it was nearing 1 pm and we had marathon 3 hrs of sex and we decided to rest for a while i slept in the center with open hands both of them hugged me and slept, tasneem was ctaching my thighs sideways between her thighs and slept where as veena was holding my limp cock, will tell in my next post what happened after we got up at 3 pm.

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