With Two bhabis

I am 27, living very far from house to earn livelihood leaving my parents in my home town which is much bigger than this place. The reason of being here in the smaller place is basically that I am not that shrewd,

and I know just my work in which I am proficient and as we all know that this is a very brutal world and along with a particular skill you need to know bit of politics which I really don’t know and apart from that I am very shy and hesitant to talk to girls and I get bit conscious talking to them and always tried avoid that to keep myself away from any embarrassing situation,

but like other normal guys I have lot of desires and particularly desire to have sex and seriously I think I have this desire more than anyone else around me and scene long it got accumulated and few months back it use to come out through masturbation till this episode took place in my life.

So if I will start from the beginning then I should mention that I came here in this city (I would not like to mention name of the city) after leaving couple of jobs in my town because of unhealthy atmosphere of work place where my co-worker were not at all cooperative rather they were competing with each other to prove themselves better and for that they use to harm each other cunningly,

and for them I was not an exception. Here I got settled in a very good flat of a very good apartment and joined my new job. In the beginning every thing was ok but later I realize that even this place has no exception. Thought problem was not same as I was facing there, basically here I was challenging people who were working on particular thing in a traditional

way in which lot of labor and time was involved, and opposite to that I was doing same thing with the help of computers. So slowly local labors realized that I am replacing them and sooner or later they will be thrown out of the setup, like it happened in main cities of the country. Gradually there non co-operation started and one particular process of my work faced problems

because that was depending on the manual workers, so with in 2 months again I started facing problems, though the owner level and whole management of that system was with me and they were realizing the problem but as we all know ultimately result matters and I was not getting that and that thing really made me depressed, above that I was alone here and first time in my life I was living alone,

so sometimes I use to cry while talking to my parents. Seeing my position my mom made a small visit to my place and started living with me to give me mental support and taught me cooking to so that I can cook myself. Few days passed like that, I use to leave in the morning and by the time I use to come back my mom was home, but once when I reached back she

was not at home and door was locked from outside and then somebody called me from behind addressing me Bhaiya, I turned back to see, a lady with above average height wearing light color sari was smiling and calling me by waving her hand. I moved and entered in her flat; my mom was sitting there and chit chatting with one more female.

My mom introduced me with them, one who called me was Radha and the other one with whom my mom was talking about me and our city was Kiran and I did formal Namestay to them addressing them aunty, for which Radha laughed and said “please don’t call me aunty I am not that old” for that my mom said “you can call her Bhabhi”

I said ok to it and as I looked at the other female she instantly said, “even I am not that old, you have to call me Bhabhi too”. There my mom was actually briefing them our life and to be more precise my life and hearing that both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi smiled on my innocence as if they have sympathy for me and Kiran Bhabhi assured my mom that she do not

have to worry about me as they will look after me in future, and once spoke to me saying, “Bhaiya aapko kuch bhi chahiye ho to humen boll dena, hum yahin rahten hain”. I sat there for some time with my mom and we all had a cup of tea made my Radha Bhabhi, as it was Radha Bhabhi’s flat.

Next 15-20 minutes were full of chit chatting and Kiran Bhabhi and my mom were talking continuously with each other on different subjects and in between that conversation my mom told her that she is teaching me cooking also, so that he can cook his own food instead of eating out and for that once again Kiran Bhabhi spoke to me saying

“Bhaiya aapko kabhi bhi kuch bhi chahiye ho batta dena, ye aapka hi ghar hai” on the other hand Radha Bhabhi mostly remained silent and focused on hearing the conversation and smiled while looking at me and after reasonably good time asked me few things and I responded to her.

Couple of times Kiran Bhabhi also talked to me and I think couple of more times she made a same statement saying “aapko kabhi bhi kuch bhi chahiye ho batta dena”. Truly speaking by the time I got up to go back to my flat with my mom I was bit irritated with the talkative nature of Kiran Bhabhi as she was talking and just talking”.

Now if I will try to give brief detail of these two ladies then I will say that Kiran Bhabhi was fair and good looking lady with a typical gestures of females of late thirties with some extra talent of doing endless conversation. In physical appearance she was not at all slim rather her appearance was also most ordinary, standing nearly 5’5” with bit of tummy.

Radha Bhabhi was bit dusky in color in her thirties must be 33 or 34, bit taller than Kiran Bhabhi thought I cannot say that she was beautiful, rather she was average looking having few birth marks on her face, but she had sharp features which were missing from Kiran Bhabhi’s face,

even Radha Bhabhi was also not slim but she had flat belly and nature wise she seemed very calm and reserved and not at all like Kiran Bhabhi. Both of them were residing on the same floor, acquiring adjacent flats. For next couple weeks I met both of them regularly as my mom use to spend evening there,

some times in Radha Bhabhi’s flat and some times in Kiran Bhabhi’s flat and mostly they use to wait for me for evening tea. Truly speaking at that time I never thought about them in that way may be because I was having few other females in my office to stare at, who were not married and even they were with a better looks.

I use to masturbate fantasizing about them, the one who use to sit on reception and one who use to work in accounts department in my organization. Surely both of my collogues were better in looks and physical appearance than these two and more over I can say Radha Bhabhi had bit of sex appeal because of her reserved nature and soft voice but apart from being

beautiful and fair Kiran Bhabhi was lacking that, I think just because of her talkative nature. It’s not a matter of surprise that gradually in three weeks time my mom was well mixed up with them and couple of times we had dinner with them in there house. In this period gradually I came to knew few things about them from my mom. Both of them were living alone.

Kiran Bhabhi was living alone because her husband was working in Dubai and she was staying here, she had a 12 year old daughter who was studying in boarding college far away from here. Her husband use to visit her once or maximum twice in a year for 15-20 days and rest of the time she uses to live alone except during her daughter’s vacations.

Radha Bhabhi was having a bit tragic life history, her husband died in savior road accident. As she belonged to a middleclass family and her marriage was love marriage with a guy of very high class income group, so her husband’s parents and other family members never accepted her as there daughter in law and after her husband’s unfortunate demise there behavior became

more reluctant and she just ran away from there with her six year old son to this flat which was part of her husband’s investment, though she was having money to spend life at least for few more years which she and her husband saved in 7-8 years of married life but that was not enough for the whole life and major portion of her husband’s assets was occupied by her

in-laws and her husband’s brother, which should belong to her legally and they were not giving to her and she was struggling to get that, and the worst part of it was that, they(her in-laws) were putting up the condition in front of Radha Bhabhi that they will give good money to her if she will leave there life forever leaving her son with them that means with his grand parents.

Definitely she was not ready for this so matter was hanging and because her in-laws were rich and had bit of connections, she was very insecure that they will take away her son, so she sent him(her son) to her parents who were living far from here, rather closer to my town. So that is how Radha Bhabhi was also living alone here nearly from more than two years,

struggling with her in-laws with courage and patience and finally after lot of efforts she got successful in filing the case against them and now matter was in court. So this was the brief description of Radha Bhabhi’s and Kiran Bhabhi’s life and reason for them to live alone. Hearing all this from my mom I really felt sorry for Radha Bhabhi and she gained soft corner in my heart,

and for Kiran Bhabhi I had nothing in my heart, and truly speaking I use to get irritated from her as she use to say few sentences again and again and as a young impatient guy many times I avoided talking to her during evening tea. After few more days my mom left for our city as my father was alone and once again I was alone there and as expected couple of more times Kiran Bhabhi offered me her help and told me to ask anything.

Anyway I was back in routine after few days of lonely atmosphere and now intentionally I use to come little late sometimes after having dinner and sometimes I use to carry it with me and many times I met Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi in the corridor of my floor and couple of more times Kiran Bhabhi invited me for dinner and tea and Radha Bhabhi

too did same but because of my nature I always tried to avoid it. few more days passed like that and once before dinner I felt like having coffee and I did not had sugar so with some hesitation I knocked Radha Bhabhi’s door and asked her for some sugar and while standing on the door I looked at Kiran Bhabhi’s flat, it was locked.

She politely asked me that what I will do with sugar, I spoke the truth, she said “Bhaiya aap please baitheye, main aapke liye coffee hi banna deti hoon” (please sit I will make coffee for you). I tried to avoid but she said that even she will have it with me, saying “main bhi aapke sath thoddi see pee loongi”.

I said ok and sat in her living room, TV was on and while having coffee we watched television and did bit of chit chatting. Radha Bhabhi asked me about my work profile and asked how it is going and then asked me about my mom and casually told me that Kiran Bhabhi is out of town for 2-3 days to make a visit to her daughter and before leaving she gave me bowl full sugar too.

From Radha Bhabhi’s gesture and way of talking she seemed very calm and patient. She was not beautiful, neither she was having ideal figure even then she was appealing may be because of her soft voice or may be because I knew fact of her life and I was impressed from her courage and I had a soft corner for her, but truly speaking till then I was not attracted towards her in that way.

Next day I met Radha Bhabhi in the campus of our apartment, she was walking along the boundary of the campus and spoke to me with a smile, “Bhaiya come to my flat in 5-10 minutes, and I will be waiting for you on tea” I tried to avoid but she insisted again and I said ok to it.

Once again we had tea and chit chatted about Hindi movies and our interests in music and for me it was not surprise that her choice of music matched with mine, that is light and soft Hindi songs with a meaningful words and Ghazals and Nazms of famous singers and I don’t know how I spent an hour with her listening music.

When I was about to leave she informed me that Kiran Bhabhi will be back tomorrow. Finally I came back to my flat and planned to cook and unfortunately spoiled the vegetable on the fire and as I was struggling with that my door bell rang and it was again Radha Bhabhi having something in the bowl and asked me what is burning on the gas as she could smell bad and

entered in the kitchen and saw the mess and laughed on that and finally took charge of kitchen from me and cleaned the muddle and gave me that dish to have it and once invited me for dinner, I avoided that accepting her dish and finally settled down with what she bought me for dinner.

Next day I came very late after having dinner and when I was about to enter in my flat, a loud voice from behind stopped me, it was Kiran Bhabhi saying “Bhaiya dinner kar liya, ya abhi banana hai”? I said “Bhabhi kar liya”, (did you had the dinner, I said yes I did it) she spoke again while coming closer to me, “Radha batta rahi this kal sabb jall gaya tha, aap hamare saath hi dinner kar liya kariye”.

I said “nahi Bhabhi, fir seekhunga kaise” (No how will I learn then) she smiled on that and finally I went inside my flat after few more words, thanking god that her conversation did not lasted for long. few more weeks passed like that and my conversation increased with them but mostly I use to meet them on corridor and couple of more times Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi came to my flat with something to eat.

Once I remember something bad happened in my office and I was really very depressed because of that and couple of times I thought about going back to my place leaving this job too and I talked to my parents about my perplexing mental state, as I was very depressed and bit in crying state (not crying)

my mother sensed something that in this state I will avoid having dinner so don’t know how she thought after few minutes my door bell rang and I found both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi standing on my door. As expected Kiran Bhabhi spoke “Bhaiya kya hua” (what happened) I said nothing,

she spoke again “aapki mummy ka phone aaya tha, kah rahi thee ussko khana khila dena” means your mom called up and said make him eat dinner. I smiled and said “I will have it” but Kiran Bhabhi took me along with her in her flat and we three had dinner together and as expected again it was Kiran Bhabhi who was talking and just talking and I just got tired of her in few minutes,

I think Radha Bhabhi sensed that from my facial expression and asked her for something for which she had to go to the kitchen, and when only me and Radha Bhabhi were there she said, “I know Kiran Bhabhi bahut bollti hain but she is very good at heart” I just smiled on that and formally said “nahi theek hai, aisee koi baat nahi hai”.

After Kiran Bhabhi’s arrival Radha Bhabhi asked me about my day and problem and I tried to explain and I finished my words with a statement that “leaving this job I am planning to go back to my place” for that Radha Bhabhi said, “thodi si struggle hi to hai, wo to har kisi karni hi padti hai”. Though it was an ordinary statement but that small ordinary sentence graphed her life,

I knew her life history and she was struggling much more than me and particularly that line made me think about myself, my potential and energy. Finally I came back to my flat and slept. I was impressed with Radha Bhabhi and you can say bit attracted also. I started my work with a new passion leaving idea of quitting the job for the time being.

Few more days passed like that and I got bit more closely to the ladies. I always liked spending time and chatting with Radha Bhabhi but certainly most of the time I found Kiran Bhabhi with her, as both of them were alone and always been together and remained with each other most of the time.

Things at my end were moving in the same fashion, with bit of hurdles and pains and on one fine day while opening the lock of my flat I heard soft voice of Radha Bhabhi addressing me Bhaiya, I stopped and she came closer to me, Radha Bhabhi was dressed up well in a very good sari and after coming reasonably close she said, “aaj mera Birthday hai, and you are invited in the party”.

Once again I tried to avoid saying, “Bahbhi main party mein kya karoonga, main to kisi ko jaanta bhi nahi hoon, I don’t know anybody”. She smiled and said “aap aao to sahi, aap sabb ko jaante ho, means you just come you know everybody”. I said ok and after leaving my stuff in my flat, washing my face properly with soap,

I came to her flat. I was surprised; there was nobody except Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi itself. Radha Bhabhi smiled and said “party main hum teeno hi hain”, then after a long pause she said, “aaj maine pizza banaya hai, aapko pasand hai na”. I said “haan” means yes. Radha Bhabhi again said, “Aunty (my mom) told me” I smiled.

There was a small cake which was kept on the central table which Radha Bhabhi bisected and we clapped and had piece of that. After chatting for few minutes Radha Bhabhi got up to make Pizza and said, “aap log baitho main Pizza banati hoon”. I looked at her and she smiled on my condition as she knew that once again she is leaving me with Kiran Bhabhi and I really don’t like the kind of conversation she do,

but she could not help me in that and she had to leave to make a Pizza. Seriously friends I did not knew that these few minutes of conversation with Kiran Bhabhi will change my perspective for her and Radha Bhabhi and will start a new era of my life. Finally Radha Bhabhi went after pouring more soft drink in our glasses and Kiran Bhabhi started talking to me asking

“aap drink karte ho (do you drink, means alcohol)” I said no she smiled and said, “agar peete ho to mere ghar pe hai, mere husband lete hain, lekin kabhi kabhi, hardly once in a month” again I said no I don’t drink, though I do sometimes I take beer but I lied. She continued saying, “achha hai agar nahi peete to, ye bahut kharab cheez hai, it’s very bad”.

I just hummed to say yes. Then she said, “I have bought this cake, and I have gifted her sari on this birthday”, then again she continued and asked “aap kuch gift nahi laaye”, I was bit embarrassed with a question and said “Bhabhi I didn’t knew that it’s her birthday, I will bought it tomorrow”.

She laughed on that said, “No… no I was just joking” then she again spoke, “actually we live alone, hum hi dono to ek dusre ke saath hain, mere birthday par Radha cake le aati hai aur isske birthday pe main, aaj pahli baar hamare alawa aap ho nahi to hum dono hi hote hain”. Again I just hummed to say yes.

She continued and said, sometimes I feel sorry for her (Radha Bhabhi), she is too young to live alone, aunty (my mom) would have told you about her” again I just hummed to say yes. Once again Kiran Bhabhi said “you know she came here in the middle of the night” at that point I felt as if Kiran Bhabhi was going further but she stopped herself from saying something and looked at me and after few seconds said,

“aab to aap bhi shaadi ki age main ho, to batta detti hoon, aunty ne nahi bataya hoga” she again stopped for a second and said, “her brother in law raped her when she was alone in the house”. Kiran Bhabhi’s that statement really wobbled my head and my heart started beating fast and I could not think properly and truly speaking I was not feeling horny; don’t know why that statement threatened me.

Kiran Bhabhi was right my mom did not say anything about that, and how she would tell me this. Just after few seconds Radha Bhabhi appeared and Kiran Bhabhi told me not to say anything without saying even a word, just from her eyes. I remained silent and looked at her face; she seemed happy with our presence and asked us what’s going on.

Kiran Bhabhi spoke again and said, “Nothing I was just telling him that I have gifted you a sari, lakar dekha Bhaiya ko, let’s see innko kaise lagti hai”. Leaving her glass of soft drink on the central table she went inside and came back in a minute, and this time Kiran Bhabhi just placed her finger in her lips to say keep quite about that.

Radha Bhabhi showed me that sari and after that she went inside to keep it back, by this time my mind was not in my control, I was not at all focused on anything, nor on the television neither on the glass of my soft drink and Kiran Bhabhi kept on staring me for few seconds and said,

“Bhaiya bahut burra hua hai isske sath, she cannot keep her son with herself, her in-laws wants him, himmat hai issmain struggle karne ki” again I just hummed to say yes. Finally Radha Bhabhi came with one Pizza cutting into six pieces and said that next one is getting ready, we all had two pieces each and it was delicious but seriously I was not at all focused on anything,

though I praised her cooking once and she smiled on that after thanking me. On the other hand Kiran Bhabhi was up with her extra ordinary talent of chit chatting and this time she was talking about her husband who was working in Dubai and she was praising him for his(her husband) nature and started telling me about his work and all.

After few minutes Radha Bhabhi got up again to get next Pizza and once again Kiran Bhabhi said, “She is very alone, I don’t know how she remains so calm, waise to main bhi akeli hoon par mere husband saal main ek do baar to aate hain, isske pass to koi bhi nahi hai”. Again I just hummed,

once again Radha Bhabhi came from kitchen and said that next Pizza will take few more minutes and sat beside us to talk and Kiran Bhabhi spoke to her, “Radha, Bhaiya tera birthday gift kal lekar aayenge”. She looked into her eyes and spoke to me, “nahi Bhaiya koi gift matt lana aap aagaye yehi bahut hai, waise to hamesha hum dono hi hote hain”

I just smiled looking at her and tried to see her sorrow in her eyes and our eyes met for few seconds and then for a minute we focused on television till Kiran Bhabhi spoke again asking Radha Bhabhi for her photo album, Radha Bhabhi got up after staring in Kiran Bhabhi’s eyes and gave us her collection of photographs and went inside the kitchen to get the Pizza.

Kiran Bhabhi started showing me album and showed me her son’s photograph and then her late husband’s snap, and said “abhi aapki shaadi nahi hui, jab ho jaayegi tabb aapko bahut si baaten samajh aayengi, Bhaiya ek lady ke liye akele rahna bahut difficult hai, I hope you understand what I am saying,” matter was getting bit sensitive and once again I just hummed to say yes.

Once again Radha Bhabhi appeared to save me from Kiran Bhabhi’s talking and again we started having Pizza and now I realized that my perspective for Radha Bhabhi was changing, I looked at her body, undoubtedly she was not in the best figures but her body was attractive and her calm nature was add on to that sex appeal.

Radha Bhabhi smiled while looking at me as if she was asking me how are you after spending this much of time with Kiran Bhabhi and finally asked me, “aur kya baaten ho rahi thi”. For which Kiran Bhabhi said, “kuch nahi innki shaadi ki bare main boll rahi thi, abb innki bhi age ho gayi hai shaadi ki”, then in continuation she asked me, “aapki koi girl friend hai ya aunty ko mahnatt karni paddegi”

I just said “nahi meri koi girl friend nahi hai, mujhe sirf appne work pe focas karna hai”. Radha Bhabhi spoke “shaadi to karoge hi, abhi nahi to thode time ke baad”. I looked at her face, she was smiling and seeing that I blushed, and she smiled further on my gesture. Kiran Bhabhi also smiled and said,

“Bhaiya aap bahut sharmeele ho, aajkal ke laddke to bahut badmash hotte hain aap bahut achhe ho”. I just remained silent and focused on my portion of Pizza and for next few minutes we all focused on television and Pizza both and then again Kiran Bhabhi spoke, “Bhaiya hum dono ko invite karenge apni shaadi mein”? I smiled on that while blushing and said,

“definitely if I will marry, I don’t know where I will be at that time, apni city mein ya fir aur kisi new city mein”. Finally Radha Bhabhi got up to get the third Pizza and came back in few minutes and in between Kiran Bhabhi did not stopped talking to me and asked me if I am going back, for which I said that I cannot decide, may and may not.

We had third Pizza and we all were almost full and could not think to have anything else. Now I wanted to go back to my place but I could not do that immediately after having meal so I just waited for some time and sat there and focused on the television and Radha Bhabhi got up to clean the table and started taking off dishes.

Kiran Bhabhi was sitting there only and by this time I was staring at Radha Bhabhi’s body while she was going in and coming out of the kitchen and I think Kiran Bhabhi was noticing that and moved ahead in her conversation saying, “Bhaiya aapka mann nahi karta ke aapke pass koi ho” I looked at her face, I was bit shocked with her question and again she spoke,

“I mean aapka mann nahi karta ki aapki shaadi ho jaaye”. I was in bit of surprise and in that state I said, “Bhabhi pahle settle to ho jaaon”? Kiran Bhabhi smiled and by that time Radha Bhabhi was back and she sat with us on the other couch. After few more minutes I tried to get up to go but Kiran Bhabhi stopped me saying

“Bhaiya abhi baitheye na, I want to ask you something, mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai” and truly speaking her tone was not the same in which she use to talk, basically that confidence was missing from which she use to speak and I could feel the hesitation and bit of fear in her voice. I sat again while staring at her expecting that she will ask whatever she wants to ask.

Radha Bhabhi was also sitting there and as I saw her face she seemed with normal and smiling. Kiran Bhabhi asked me “Bhaiya coffee lenge”. I said “no”. Kiran Bhabhi looked at Radha Bhabhi and spoke to her in asking tone “Radha, aaj Bhaiya se baat kar len uss baare mein”?

I looked at Radha Bhabhi and surprisingly her facial expression changed in fraction and her smile disappeared instantly and for few seconds she kept on staring Kiran Bhabhi and finally said, “No”. Kiran Bhabhi spoke again to Radha Bhabhi in that fearful tone and said “Radha aaj baat kar hi lete hain”

Both of them Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi were serious and I could see that there heart was pumping high, and I was in hell of confusion. Next moment Radha Bhabhi got up saying “main coffee banati hoon” and went straight to the kitchen, and instead of making coffee she stood on the door of the kitchen staring at us from far.

Kiran Bhabhi spoke very calmly and said “Bhaiya aaj Radha ka birthday hai, hum aapse kuch gift maange, aap dogge”? I just said “haan please bolo na”, I was in hell of confusion and now even I was bit scared. Radha Bhabhi was standing there only waiting for Kiran Bhabhi to speak. Kiran Bhabhi spoke again, “Bhaiya mujhe samajh nahi aa raha aapse kaise kahoon, it’s very difficult to say,

bahut himmat karke aapse boll rahi hoon” then there was a pause and in that pause she was just looking into my eyes and she seemed really very confused, “Bhaiya humen aapse physical love chaahiye,……. Bhaiya hum dono bahut akele hain aur humen kuch samajh nahi aa raha ki kya karen”.

Seriously friends I was just stunned and could not think anything, Radha Bhabhi was standing very far, holding door of the kitchen by both of her hands, somewhat leaning on that. She also seemed very scared, waiting for me to say something and I could see she was much more scared than Kiran Bhabhi.

Before I would have said anything Kiran Bhabhi spoke again with a pounding heart and asked me, “Bhaiya aapka bhi to mann karta hoga sex karne ka”? I was speechless and could not say anything, neither yes nor no. Kiran Bhabhi spoke again, “Bhaiya don’t take it in a wrong way, humen aapke alava kabhi kisi se aisee baat nahi kari, hum kisi se aisee baat kar hi nahi sakte,

Bahut himmat karke, aapse kaha hai, aur hum aapko force nahi kar rahe par aapko humen galat matt samajhna, actually we talked to you just because of your nature, aap bahut achhe ho aur humen lagta hai ki aap humen kisi tarah se bhi future mein blackmail nahi karoge”. I was still in utter shock; Kiran Bhabhi was asking me to have sex with them.

I looked at Radha Bhabhi, she was standing still there. Kiran Bhabhi also looked at her and called her near by waving her hand and Radha Bhabhi moved slowly and came closer while looking at me and sat there where she was sitting earlier and continued looking at me for few more seconds and our eyes met.

Kiran Bhabhi spoke again, “Bhaiya sach bollna aapka mann nahi karta sex karne ka”? I could not answer her I was just looking at her once again she asked, “boleeye karta hai na”, I silently answered yes in a very low voice as my throat was choked with my own saliva. Kiran Bhabhi spoke again

“Bhaiya hummara bhi bahut mann karta hai,….. aggar aap haan boll do to hum log ekdusre ko satisfy kar sakte hain, nahi to koi baat nahi, koi zabardasti nahi hai”. I was really very confused and could not think of saying anything and after long I spoke “Bhabhi mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaraha, maine pahle kabhi kisi ke saath nahi kiya, aur mujhe darr lagg raha hai kisi ko patta chal jaayega to”.

Kiran Bhabhi spoke again “Bhaiya aap tension matt lo ye baat bass hum teeno mein rahegi, kisi ko kuch nahi patta chalega, bass aap decide karlo karna hai ya nahi, hum dono aapko bahut pasand karte hain aur aapko kisi problem mein nahi aane deenge”. I looked at Radha Bhabhi she was silent and waiting for me to speak,

she was looking lovely as it was her Birthday and she was dressed up well in sari. I don’t know what she was thinking but from her facial expressions I could see that she was scared but not as much as she was earlier, when initially Kiran Bhabhi asked me that. Finally just for Radha Bhabhi I decided to say yes, it was not her body which I desired, it was something else,

it was her nature which was attracting me from last few days and suddenly her that gesture of confusion and tension took my heart and I smiled a bit and said yes while looking into her eyes and my expressions made her blush and she looked down. Se was still bit scared and not only Radha Bhabhi even Kiran Bhabhi was not normal, neither I was comfortable,

we all were in more or less in same mental state and new few seconds were of extreme silence and nobody spoke, we just saw each other couple of times. My heart was beating very high and finally I got up to go to the toilet and for that I asked Radha Bhabhi. She got up to give me the direction and I followed her to her bedroom.

When I came out of the toilet, both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi were waiting for me there only, in the bedroom. Kiran Bhabhi was sitting on the corner of the bed and Radha Bhabhi was standing beside her. I was feeling very nervous and it could be easily sensed from my face. Kiran Bhabhi spoke again, “Bhaiya yahin pe baitheye thodi derr, coffee peeyenge?

thoda hesitation kam ho jaayega” I looked at Radha Bhabhi; she smiled a bit after long lasted fear. I just hummed to say yes and Radha Bhabhi moved out to make coffee. I took one corner of the bed where I could rest my back on the wall. Once again I was alone with Kiran Bhabhi in the bedroom and moreover that is after accepting her indecent proposal and now I could not stop staring at her body.

As I said earlier Kiran Bhabhi use to look like typical Indian Bhabhi, she was beautiful fair and had clear skin, nicely fleshed on her arms and thighs with nice fleshy ass mounds with bit of tummy and big breasts she was also wearing sari and now I was visualizing her without sari. As I was staring at her and blushing in between assuming myself fucking her,

she was somewhat reading my brain and she spoke again, “Bhaiya aap bahut achhe hain, aap stress matt lo, sabb ho jaayega,…… hum logg hain na” after few minutes of that Radha Bhabhi came with coffee and sat on another corner in the bedroom on a small couch very far from us. We started having coffee and again there was no words for a minute or so and we were just

staring at each other while having coffee and during that Radha Bhabhi was trying to get normal and she tried to smile while looking at me, but she was still scared a bit, I responded for her every smile in the same fashion. She was looking lovely and once again I could not control myself staring at her body.

Though she was not as beautiful as Kiran Bhabhi and she was bit dusky in color but her body was any day more attractive than Kiran Bhabhi’s body. Even she was blessed with good amount of flesh on her thighs and arms but not much and moreover she had flat belly with reasonably big breasts and now I was getting horny with every passing second but along with that I was getting nervous too.

Once again Kiran Bhabhi broke the silence and said while looking at Radha Bhabhi as if she was asking her, “yahin pe karte hain, aur raat ko yahin pe so jaayenge hmmm..” Radha Bhabhi also just hummed to say yes and by that time our coffee was over and we all were waiting for someone else to make first move and it was again Kiran Bhabhi

who made a first move by giving away her mug to Radha Bhabhi because she was sitting beside the corner table and she instantly took it from her hand and raised her hand to get my mug too and I handed it over to her. Once again Kiran Bhabhi spoke and asked me this time with more than a smile,

“Bhaiya shuru karen” from her gesture I could see that more or less her hesitation was over, though Radha Bhabhi was bit hesitant but she was trying her best to get normal to enjoy these long awaited moments of sex with me.

Among all of us I was the one, who was most confused, but I also wanted to enjoy these moments and among two I was desperate to take Radha Bhabhi in my arms. Finally I moved my head in a way of saying yes in answer of Kiran Bhabhi’s question.

That’s what Kiran Bhabhi needed and she got up from the bed and took off pallu of her sari from her shoulder and started unwrapping sari after pulling out plates of her sari in one go, and somewhat ordered Radha Bhabhi in a low voice saying “Radha main door lock karke aaja aur bhaiya ke kapde uttar”.
Radha Bhabhi reacted and got up to go out and before she would have left that room Kiran Bhabhi was free from her sari, wearing just blouse and petticoat wow what was she looking, I never got harden while looking at her, as from her normal gesture Kiran Bhabhi never appealed me sexually may be because she use to talk a lot as compared to Radha Bhabhi
and I always avoided her because of that but at that time her body was exploding sex and I was getting harder and harder, as I earlier said she was fair in color, her breast were even fairer which I could see from her deep cleavage. Kiran Bhabhi excused me to go to the toilet by saying “main ek minute main aati hoon” (I will be back in minute),
with in next few seconds Radha Bhabhi was back and she came closer to me I could see from her face that she was bit hesitant because till now she reflected herself as a decent lady to me and now she was suppose to came out of that shell, anyway she came and stood beside me. I was also very nervous and I just got up looking into her eyes.
Radha Bhabhi smiled and said, “Bhaiya aap tension matt lo kuch nahi hoga, you will feel good” she was still hesitant while talking to me but she had to conquer her fear and hesitation that night and she was getting confident with every passing second. I was just looking into her eyes and could not think that whatever I am doing is right or wrong but I think it was too late to think
about that because next moment Radha Bhabhi started taking off my shirt slowly by undoing buttons of my shirt and in a minute she took off my shirt and her hand drifted down to the belt of my trouser and she opened buckle of my belt and next moment Kiran Bhabhi appeared on the door of the toilet and came quickly towards both of us she was still in blouse and petticoat
and her huge melons were trying jut out of her blouse and her deep cleavage was dick raising in itself, she took charge of undressing me from Radha Bhabhi by saying, “Radha main kholti hoon tu apni sari uttar aur bed par aajaa”. Radha Bhabhi stepped back giving away my access to Kiran Bhabhi and stood bit far and took off pallu of her sari from her shoulder and unwrapped her sari with in few seconds.
By this time my trouser was on floor and Kiran Bhabhi was smiling looking into my eyes and spoke, “aaj aapko bahut mazza aayega” and with that she entered her hand in my jockey and touched my cock along with balls, I moaned in bliss, it was really very strange pleasure which was unknown to me till now.
Kiran Bhabhi was playing with my gentile like a experienced player, both of her hands were in my underwear, with one hand she was fondling my balls and with other hand she was jerking my rod while looking at my face as I was moaning and enjoying her hands over my cock. Somewhere behind Kiran Bhabhi, Radha Bhabhi was taking off her clothes,
she was facing away from me and she didn’t stopped after taking off her sari, she continued taking off her clothes and in next few seconds Radha Bhabhi was just in bra and panty, still facing away from me and next moment she unhooked her bra from behind and took off her bra, and slowly she drifted down her panty revealing her lovely round ass mounds
to me and then she turned and her face was turning red as she was totally naked to have sex after a long long time and she was looking absolutely stunning, her big luscious boos were hanging in front of my eyes and I could not move my eyes from her body, her body seemed so luscious having nice juicy and big breasts leading to a flat belly and thick fleshy thighs having
clean shaven beautiful seductive cunt in between, her cunt was looking very soft and juicy, with nice round and wide butt having lovely plump ass mounds above that she was looking at me with a smile and that gesture was really breath taking she was also bit nervous but not as much as me and I could see that her nervousness war disappearing with every passing second.
Slowly she came closer to me and spoke to Kiran Bhabhi saying “Bhabhi aap bhi kapde uttar dejeeye” before leaving me Kiran Bhabhi drifted my jockey to my feet and got aside again giving my charge to Radha Bhabhi, without wasting a second Radha Bhabhi took off my undershirt and pushed me gently to bed and wrapped her self around me nicely with some hesitation and started kissing me,
and we both just got lost in each other and we were kissing nicely tide with each other and with in few seconds we were up with the lustful environment thinking nothing except sex. As we were laying sideways and kissing and our pubic zone were touching each other and I could feel the heat of Radha Bhabhi’s hot fuckhole along with her wetness.
I don’t know when Kiran Bhabhi took off her remaining clothes and came behind me and lied down on bed completely touching back portion of my body with her front portion and started rubbing her wet fuck hole with my bare hips. Kiran Bhabhi started moaning like hmmm…. Hmmmm…. Ahhh….while rubbing her cunt on my back and hips and soon I was feeling her juices on my back.
Watching Kiran Bhabhi, Radha Bhabhi also reacted in the same fashion and stopped kissing me she also started rubbing her pubic zone with mine and both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi stared somewhat masturbating while rubbing there hot fuckholes to my back and front and they were fully enjoying most awaited thing of there life that is mans body.
I was stuck between two of them and my pleasure was of the kind which cannot be defined in words, I was in heaven after getting sandwiched between them and after a minute or so both of my Bhabhies reached to the sexual peak and shivered a bit one by one while pressing there fuckhole with my body and cummed nicely.
I was feeling wetness over my lower body as both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi flooded out there love juices over me while cumming. Finally Kiran Bhabhi got up first and straightened me making me laying on my back and spoke to Radha Bhabhi “Radha aaj bhaiya ko bahut mazza denaa hai” with that Kiran Bhabhi held my hard cock and started jerking and next moment she took it in her mouth and started sucking.
Her mouth was wet and warm and Kiran Bhabhi was sucking my rod like an ice cream, in the beginning it was paining and it was not at all pleasurable as expected for me as I use to see in movies but I tried to bear that weird feeling and slowly Kiran Bhabhi’s sucking was getting pleasurable and more arousing was the view which I was getting by raising my head,
Kiran Bhabhi’s beautiful face was filled with my cock and she was moving up and down and my rod was appearing and disappearing in her mouth, below her mouth I could see her big milky luscious melons were hanging and moving according to her speed of sucking my rod. The way she was sitting I could see her every asset as she also had nice plump round butt which I could see from sideways,
she had bit heavier than Radha Bhabhi’s ass mounds with bit of tummy and below that she had her fucking cunt with some hairs on top of it and which was dying to get stuffed with something like my hard cock and like Radha Bhabhi she was also over fleshed on her thighs and arms. Radha Bhabhi was laying beside looking me in pleasure and smiling while her hands were caressing my hairs.
While sucking my rod Kiran Bhabhi looked at us and without stopping herself she called Radha Bhabhi from her eyes, inviting her to suck my rod and Radha Bhabhi got up and went to my lower half and took my cock from Kiran Bhabhi and took it in her mouth and my sucking pleasure continued, and Radha Bhabhi was looking even more arousing when her mouth got swollen from my cock,
I got harder while looking at the scene as both the ladies were sucking me one by one and the whole view was not at all less erotic then any threesome xxx movie, though Radha Bhabhi was not as beautiful as Kiran Bhabhi but she had something which was attracting me towards her and whenever I saw her taking my hard cock in her mouth I got harden in her mouth itself and moaned in pleasure bit louder.
Gradually I was moving to my peak and my pleasure moans were telling my state to the ladies and with that there speed of sucking my rod was rising and I was getting mad in pleasure, finally leaving my lower half Radha Bhabhi came over my upper half and started making love to me while kissing my chest and neck and Kiran Bhabhi continued sucking me and soon
I was closer to explosion and I was moaning loudly I wanted to stop her as it was really strange feeling, I never touched that level of excitement while masturbating and truly speaking it was somewhat paining and I desperately needed to cum, but Kiran Bhabhi was too excited and she continued sucking me with same passion and as I tried to get up to stop her Radha Bhabhi
stopped me pressing my upper half with her body while holding my hands in her hands. I was screaming and requesting Kiran Bhabhi to stop by saying, Bhabhi please…… please…… please Bhabhi stop….stop, my breath was broken and I could speak properly as I was dying in pleasure next moment Kiran Bhabhi stopped sucking but continued rubbing my rod between
her palms and my condition got even worse and literary closing my eyes I screamed like hell and banged myself with my full strength on the bed after lifting my butt to the maximum and exploded like never before and shivered in pleasure like anything in front of both of my Bhabhies. As white sticky cum popped out of my rod, I felt lips around my rod and it was none other than Kiran Bhabhi
who swallowed my cum with joy and tried to take out more of it with bit of sucking and that act made more shivering in my body along with pleasurable feeling. I was puffing heavily and feeling as if I am almost dead and was still into a shock and could not believe on whatever happened just few minutes before, the way both Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi made me cum.
Finally Kiran Bhabhi got up and went out telling us that she is going to get some water and Radha Bhabhi took me in her arms and asked me politely, “Bhaiya mazza aaya” I looked into her eyes and could not decide what to say because I could not make out, that was pleasure or torture, and finally spoke my condition saying,
“I don’t know what was that, I was about to die”, Radha Bhabhi laughed on my condition and said, “that means aapko mazza aaya so just relax” Kiran Bhabhi came with a bottle of water while drinking and handed it over to us and we both Radha Bhabhi and me also had water and went into toilet to pass the urine and came back to bed and once again I was in the middle
of the bed with Radha Bhabhi on my right and Kiran Bhabhi on the left, we rested for few minutes and most of the time Kiran Bhabhi was talking and we both means me and Radha Bhabhi were responding to her according to her words. Initially Kiran Bhabhi started with a same question asking me again, whether I liked it or not saying, “battaiye mazza aaya ya nahi”.
I said “haan aaya par bahut ajeeb tha, meri halat kharab ho gayi thi, why didn’t you stopped”. Kiran Bhabhi laughed and said, “Bas aapko taddpate hue dekhna tha”. Then again Kiran Bhabhi said, “aaj almost six months ke baad main sex kar rahi hoon, mere husband ek saal main hardly 10-15 din ke liye aate hain, aur main peeche se ekdum pagal ho jaati hoon,
kabhi kabhi toh suicide karne ka mann karta hai,”, and after a pause Kiran Bhabhi started again, “aur Radha ke husband ki death hue to teen saal ho gaye hain, Bhaiya hum log bahut akele hain and we are very grateful to you, aapko hum dono bahut khush rakhenge, aapko cooking seekhne ki zaroorat nahi hai, aap hamare saath hi raho, bass humen aapse physical love chaahiye, kyun Radha”.
Kiran Bhabhi wanted to get her statement acknowledged by Radha Bhabhi in the end and Radha Bhabhi acknowledged by just saying “Haan”. Then again Kiran Bhabhi spoke and asked me whether I see blue films or not, I said yes, “Bhaiya aap blue films dekhte ho”? “Haan kabhi kabhi” then again she spoke and asked me with some hesitation,
“aap bhi hamari sucking karoge,” it was really very strange situation and as I had seen Kiran Bhabhi was having hairs on her fuck hole so I felt like saying no to it and spoke with bit of hesitation that “Bhabhi mujhe abhi wo karna achha nahi lag raha, bahut ajeeb lag raha hai, please try to understand” Kiran Bhabhi spoke instantly as if it really doesn’t matter
“haan haan koi baat nahi agar aapko achha nahi lagta to nahi karna, maine iss liye kia kyounki mujhe achha lagta hai”. Then again Kiran Bhabhi spoke “main to itnee excited the ki aapka veerye( Hindi of fluid which came out from males penis) pee gayi, actually blue filmein dekh dekh ke humara deemag kharab ho gaya hai,
(then while laughing she said) abhi aage dekho kya haal hoga aapke saath, Raat bhar main hum dono aapko poori tarah khaa jaayenge”, As expected after few more minutes Kiran Bhabhi turned me to her side and kissed me for few seconds and then drifted me down to her huge and fair milky melons and made me suck them and I took one of her huge luscious fruit
in my mouth along with her dark brown erect nipple and she started feeding me her milk to me. I sucked them one by one for some time while pressing and squeezing them hard between my hands as Kiran Bhabhi was himself guiding me to do so to get desired pleasure and she was moaning nicely with the pleasure she wanted.
While I was sucking Kiran Bhabhi’s luscious fruits Radha Bhabhi was laying behind me playing with my ass mounds, parting and squeezing them tenderly while pressing her succulent tits with my back and she too was moaning in sexual lust and after a minute or so Radha Bhabhi inserted her palm between my thighs parting them slowly to got hold of my balls and started
massaging my scrotum tenderly to make me moan too and next moment whole room was filled with our groans for the pleasure which we were getting from each other while laying on the bed. Kiran Bhabhi was excited as I was squeezing her big luscious breast and rubbing and pressing her cunt with one of my hand,
Radha Bhabhi was in heaven because she was crushing her melons against my back and once again she was rubbing her love hole with one of my ass mound as I was in pleasure too because one of my leg was resting between Kiran Bhabhi’s fleshy thighs and my thighs were well parted to give full access of my sexual organ to Radha Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi
was playing with my rod and balls with excellence as she was moving her hand continuously jerking my rod from behind, sometimes massaging my balls tenderly and moving her fingers into my ass crack over my ass hole to make me shiver in totally new sensation. Soon I was fully erect and both of my lovely Bhabhies were wet and dripping again and it was time to start real fucking.
Widening her legs apart Kiran Bhabhi pulled me over herself and took me in her arms and instinctively we both adjusted ourselves and holding my fully erect rod Kiran Bhabhi guided my hard cock to her fuckhole while moaning for upcoming pleasure and spoke in puffing tone “daaliye bhaiya” I pushed my lower half and just slipped inside her cunt,
Kiran Bhabhi was so hot and wet, initially it was really very strange feeling, first time in my life I was inside a woman that is of Kiran Bhabhi’s fuckhole and it felt very messy but soon I started fucking her and as tip of my uncovered rod came in friction of Kiran Bhabhi’s fucking pussy it felt like heaven to me and in a fraction I started making proper fucking strokes and with in
few seconds I was fucking Kiran Bhabhi in a comfortable position and slowly Kiran Bhabhi grabbed my whole body with her arms and thick fleshy thighs which were wrapped around my waist and I was pumping her fuckhole with good steady speed and we both were moaning in pleasure.
Radha Bhabhi was laying beside us and she was too excited and I could see from her face that she was waiting for her turn to get stuffed and for that she was preparing her fuckhole by rubbing her finger on top of her slit and while doing that she was trying to look into my eyes and as our eyes met she smiled in lust and closed her eyes while rubbing her slit more furiously.
Suddenly that gesture of Radha Bhabhi ignited some kind of flame into me which made me desperate for her and next second, I stopped fucking Kiran Bhabhi and got up and took Radha Bhabhi under my body and with in few seconds I penetrated Radha Bhabhi after widening her legs and made couple of hard strokes to get inside her deeper and that really pleasured her a
lot as I touched deepest corner of her love tunnel with my throbbing cock and Radha Bhabhi screamed in pleasure nicely and even after those two deadly strokes, holding her legs wide and tight pointing towards roof I continued fucking her with reasonable passion and she seemed in intense pleasure as she could not breath properly and continued moaning and puffing.
I fucked Radha Bhabhi for a minute like that and got bit tired and my pace got lessened and finally I stopped and lied down on the bed after taking out my rod from Radha Bhabhi’s fuck tunnel and this time Kiran Bhabhi grabbed that opportunity and instantly took my rod in her mouth and started giving me pleasure by fucking her mouth with my rod,
though my hard cock was soaked with her own and Radha Bhabhi’s fucking juices but as such there was no hesitation in Kiran Bhabhi to take that in her mouth and from her expressions I could see that she was enjoying getting dirty like that and while sucking my rod she looked at me to reflect her desperation for me and after few more seconds she came on me and sat
around and waist and shoved my rod in her fuckhole again and took it deep inside her wet dripping cunt and made few strokes to get it deep into her tunnel and pleasured herself with a deeper penetration and continued fucking me with more or less with same speed while sitting on top and finally went through orgasm and I too cummed with a loud groan and once again my cock spitted out bit of white sticky cum.
That moment of ejaculation again took my breath away and I felt as if I will die in pleasure. Kiran Bhabhi seemed satisfied as she was laying tightening her fuckhole between her fleshy thighs after pressing it hard with her hand. In the mean time when me and Kiran Bhabhi were fucking after leaving Radha Bhabhi in between,
Radha Bhabhi continued masturbating with her hand and fisted herself furiously while watching both of us in extremely hot sexual act and more or less Radha Bhabhi also cummed a bit at the same time, though from her facial expressions I could see that she was not fully satisfied but for the time being she managed to calm down her sexual urge.
All in all we all were exhausted and once again we used toilet to clean ourselves and came back to the bed and lied there the way we were laying and this time Radha Bhabhi took me in her arms and embraced me, though she knew that I was not at all in condition to do anything, at least not for next half an hour or may be more than that,
I was dead tired and I just closed my eyes resting my head on her arm and she grabbed me as if I am her loved one. Me and Radha Bhabhi were laying tied to each other and the way Radha Bhabhi was holding me it was clear that she wanted to tell Kiran Bhabhi that now it’s her turn to get me properly as in last session Kiran Bhabhi dominated badly and Radha Bhabhi
didn’t got much in her fuckhole from me. Kiran Bhabhi was laying behind me and once again she stated conversing and asked me same question while laying bit away from us, “Bhaiya mazza aaya” ? “hmmm….. bahut mazza aaya, Bhabhi,” I spoke while closing my eyes without making any movement,
I was feeling softness of Radha Bhabhi’s luscious breast on my cheek and one of my leg was resting between her nice fleshy thighs, as Radha Bhabhi had no hairs on her cunt so I could feel the softness of her love tunnel as my knee was touching her cunt and my that touch was making Radha Bhabhi eager even after bit of ejaculation.
As me and Radha Bhabhi was resting silently in each other’s arms but Kiran Bhabhi was continuing having conversation with both of us and at a particular instant she talked about her sex life with her husband saying, “Bhaiya you know jab mere husband aate hain to main unke saath continuously 15 dinn tak sex karti hoon aur unnko raat raat bhar sonne nahi detti,
wo mere se pareshan ho jaate hain” we both me and Radha Bhabhi remained silent for that as we did not had to say anything for what she said. Then again after a pause of few seconds Kiran Bhabhi said “Bhaiya aap bahut achhe ho, aaj bahut dinno ke baad kuch satisfaction mila hai, please aap yahin rahna wapas matt jaana, hum hain na aapke liye, aapko koi problem nahi hogi yahan par”.
I just hummed to say ok to her and remained in Radha Bhabhi’s arms unmoved and Radha Bhabhi moved bit and gripped me tighter and slowly moved her hand from my back to my hips and squeezed one of my ass mound and hummed lightly in pleasure closer to my ear to make me listen her desire, but I think even then I was not ready for another fucking session and I remained like that only.
Once again Kiran Bhabhi spoke, “abb aap Radha ko bhi satisfy kar do, usska abhi theek se hua nahi hai”. Again I just hummed to say ok and then after few second I spoke as if I am talking to Radha Bhabhi, “Bhabhi thodi der main karunga”. Radha Bhabhi gripped me further and said ok, and once again Kiran Bhabhi spoke this time to Radha Bhabhi,
“Radha achhe se karna, iss baar main bilkul interfere nahi karungi bas tum dono karna”, then after a small pause Kiran Bhabhi again said, “agar sucking karke erection karni hai to mein kar detti hoon” for that Radha Bhabhi replied calmly, “nahi Bhabhi wo bhi mein karoongi” and after saying that Radha Bhabhi embraced me and almost whispered in my ear “I love you Bhaiya”
hearing that Kiran Bhabhi laughed bit and said, “Radha iss darr se ki aapko fir se main na chhen loon, aapko chhod hi nahi rahi hai”, then with a small pause again Kiran Bhabhi said, “bechaari ye bhi kya kare, ittni young age main isske husband expire kar gaye aur jab tak property ka matter solve nahi ho jaata ye dobaara shaadi bhi nahi kar sakti”.
For that Radha Bhabhi replied in a requesting tone, “Bhabhi please depressing baaten matt karo, mujhe Bhaiya ko arouse karna hai aur aap aisee baaten kar rahe ho” Kiran Bhabhi smiled a bit on that and said “ok ok kar le jo karna hai, achhe se sucking kar abhi 5 minutes main ye dobaara ready ho jaayenge”.
Radha Bhabhi moved a bit and we started kissing and once again we were lost in each other in making love and with that we both started touching each other and moving my hand from her back I got hold of one of Radha Bhabhi’s ass mound and played with that as she was playing with mine and slowly Radha Bhabhi drifted her hand from my hips to my front to my penis
and jerked it to pleasure me and I just moaned in that pleasure and after few more minutes Radha Bhabhi got up slowly and took my penis in her mouth tenderly which was in bit of limping state but soon Radha Bhabhi’s moist mouth did some kind of magic as her tongue wobbled around foreskin of my rod and finally my rod started coming out of its foreskin
and started gaining its size in Radha Bhabhi’s mouth only and that pleasure of gaining size in her wet moist mouth was one in itself and once again that view in which Radha Bhabhi was holding my dick between her rosy lips was adding up spice to it and with in few more seconds of in and out movement of my dick and the rub of my cock head on Radha Bhabhi’s
tongue took me back in good size and more or less I was fully erect. Kiran Bhabhi was watching us making love and as she saw my rod in almost full in size getting in and out of her Radha Bhabhi’s mouth once again she spoke “Radha ho gaya, abb ooppar aakar acche se andar le le jaise maine liya tha, dekhna tereko bahut mazza aayega”
and this time her words took me to further erection and I moaned nicely to give Radha Bhabhi hint that I am ready for her and Radha Bhabhi reacted accordingly and next moment she was in position to take my rod in her fuckhole from top and finally she too shoved my rod in her wet cunt arching her head to the roof in fucking pleasure.
Radha Bhabhi’s movements were very different from Kiran Bhabhi’s movements, she was fucking me nicely with steady strokes may be she wanted to last this fucking session for long and soon Radha Bhabhi leaned on me and instead of in and out movement she preferred making to and fro movements and tried to rub her clit with my pubic zone and somewhat
succeeded in doing that and moaned nicely and fucked me like that for few more minutes, and I could see that she was getting hell of pleasure and with every stroke she was getting closer to her sexual peak but unfortunately she was losing her strength to make movements and by this time I was too excited as Radha Bhabhi’s facial expressions and body movements,
the way her big breast were jiggling and moving with her movements were driving me crazy and soon I took charge to lead this session, I turned around and took Radha Bhabhi under my body and after widening and wrapping her nice fleshy legs around me once again I entered in Radha Bhabhi and immediately started fucking her with deep throbbing strokes and continued getting
deeper and deeper and as expected after few more strokes Radha Bhabhi trembled in shattering orgasm and I could see that how greatly she cummed because after that she trembled for long time. I was still in the middle as had bit of strength and this time again Kiran Bhabhi made good use of it, as she was also aroused watching us fucking,
she simply widened her legs to invite me by saying “aaiye bhaiya mere ander daaliye aur mujhe achhe se fuck kareye Radha ka ho gaya hai”. I had no time to think, Radha Bhabhi was exhausted so I moved to Kiran Bhabhi and once again Kiran Bhabhi got stuffed there, down in her cunt and this time to get deeper and faster sex she kept her legs on my shoulders and told
me to fuck her furiously with fast and deep jerk saying in her words, “ab karriye bhaiya acche se ander tak daaliya, mujhe aise bahut mazza aata hai, kariye tez tez kariye”. It was demand of my body that I wanted to fuck her in that way only, so I just fucked her like that pressing her thighs down which made her legs pointing roof,
leaning over her I was fucking Kiran Bhabhi with sudden and throbbing strokes and Kiran Bhabhi enjoyed up to maximum and finally my movement changed and it became short and fast and she easily sensed that I am closer to my burst so Kiran Bhabhi grabbed me and just said, “kariye kariye bhaiya mere andar hi nikalne deejeye”
and I after couple of more strokes I just got shattered again deep inside Kiran Bhabhi and she really enjoyed this bonus fuck. After a minute I looked at Radha Bhabhi and this time she seemed satisfied and I think bit sad because she just got out of her control and explode before me, but that was a tiny thing and main point was that now we all were satisfied and were not
in condition to do anything so we just decided to sleep like that and once again after cleaning and getting under a double bed sheet Radha Bhabhi tried to hold me in her arms but this time Kiran Bhabhi joined us too and finally we got settled and once again I got sandwiched between both of them but it was really very comfortable position for me as I was having cushion of soft breast skin
on my back and front of both of my lovely Bhabhies and from my lower stomach I was touching Radha Bhabhi’s soft fuckhole and intentionally Kiran Bhabhi adjusted herself in a way that her fuckhole was touching my hips and she was rubbed it in between while talking to me and Radha Bhabhi.
Friends what should I say about Kiran Bhabhi, she is a kind of person who cannot live without talking and don’t know from where she use to think about that what she had to talk and this time her conversation was even more weird though she started with a an ordinary line just saying that she did not interfered till Radha Bhabhi met her orgasm,
and her words were addressing Radha Bhabhi “Radha maine tera hone ke baad liya tha, Bhaiya ka abhi hona baaki tha iss liye maine kar liya”. Radha Bhabhi just hummed to say yes and once again Kiran Bhabhi said “bhaiya sach main aaj bahut mazza aaya, aap bahut achhe ho, Radha ko to aapse pyar ho gaya hai”, (then after a very small pause)
“mere se jyada to issko aapki zaroorat hai, ek saal main mujhe 15 days ke liye to mere husband mill hi jaate hain, ye to teen saal se sex karne ke liye taras rahi thi”. This time I hummed to say yes, Kiran Bhabhi kissed on my bare shoulder and again said, “aap yahin rahna wapas matt jaana, nahi to main pakka suicide kar loongi”.
I smiled on that and said, “nahi Bhabhi main yahin rahoonga, aapke aur Radha Bhabhi ke paas”. Listening that Radha Bhabhi grabbed me bit tighter as if she got happy hearing that. Once again Kiran Bhabhi spoke, “Bhaiya abhi aapko humne bahut kuch seekhana hai, jaise alag alag positions aur bahut kuch,…..waise mujhe doggy style sabbse jyada pasand hai,
hum wo bhi karenge,…. aapko hum har tarah se khush rakhenge, (then again after a very small pause) aap blue films dekhte ho na”? I said “haan”, again Kiran Bhabhi said, “uss mein kabhi anal sex dekha hai”, this question wobbled my head and I think even Radha Bhabhi got bit shocked because we both opened our eyes hearing that, I could not speak anything,
I could not guess what she was going to say next as I was already in a state where I could not believe that whatever has happened is real or dream and now even conversing limits were disappearing because of Kiran Bhabhi’s talkative nature, but she could not hold herself and again asked me “bolo dekha hai kabhi”,
I just hummed in hesitation to say yes and Kiran Bhabhi spoke further, “aapko wo bhi karna ho to aap mere saath kar sakte ho, mere husband mere saath kar chuke hain”, then after a pause she said, “ussmain thoda sa pain hota hai lekin mazza bhi aata hai, asshole tight hota hai na iss liye dard hota lekin main aapke liye sah loongi”. Then just after that she spoke to Radha Bhabhi.
Radha tune kabhi kiya tha apne husband ke sath wahan pe” Radha Bhabhi just said “nahi Bhabhi”, again Kiran Bhabhi said, “pahli baar to bahut dard hua tha mujhe, ronna chhot gaya tha, mere husband ne zid pakad li thi ki unhen karna hi hai, …. Bahut din takk mujhe bolte rahe aur fir maine haan bol diya, ….. uss din raat bhar main sou nahi payi thi mujhe itna dard hua tha,
bahut buri tahar kiya tha inhone, dus din tak unnko taalti rahi thi iss liye unnhone sara gussa ek baar main nikal diya tha, tabb se jab bhi aate hain ek do baar to wahan karte hi hain”. Then after a small pause again Kiran Bhabhi asked, “bhaiya aap karenge wahan”? I said “nahi Bhabhi mujhe wo sab achha nahi lagta”, then again Kiran Bhabhi replied “haan, abhi aap naye ho na,
thode dinno main sab achha lagne lagega, agar karna ho to without any hesitation boll dijeeyega mujhe koi problem nahi hai”. Though I said that I don’t like this but the fact was that bit of movement took place in my penis and Radha Bhabhi sensed that and looked into my eyes with very less smile, and I responded to it with a same gesture.
Again Kiran Bhabhi spoke “bhaiya aap kal office se leave le lijeye, abhi hamara mann poori tarah bhara nahi hai, mujhe abhi aur karna hai”. Kiran Bhabhi’s that request was really very shocking to me and I was not at all in condition to accept that so I just said, “nahi Bhabhi I have bit important work to do, hum kal raat ko karenge na”.
She said “haan abb to karenge hi, ek baar shuru ho gaya na abb koi problem hai, hum logg bahut dinno se soch rahe the aapse kaise baat karen, aaj sab ho hi gaya” and after that gradually we slept after bit more conversation. When I got up, time in the wall clock was around 6 and Kiran Bhabhi was laying very far from me and seemed in a very sound sleep,
as I turned to see Radha Bhabhi, to my surprise she was awake and looking at the roof, and as she saw that I am also awake she smiled and spoke, good morning, I wished her back in the same fashion and Kissed her lightly on her lips and asked her, “Bhabhi kya soch rahe the”, she said, “main apne husband se bahut pyar karti thi, and today I have cheated him,
kabhi kabhi sexual pleasure kitnaa important ho jata hai” she was having bit of water in her eyes, I wanted to cheer her up and said, “Bhabhi he is not alive, agar wo zinda hote aur tabb aap aisa karte to cheating hoti, you are very lonely and you did this to make yourself happy, and doing that is not a cheating, everyone has a rite to be happy”.
She smiled on that and said “You mean Kiran Bhabhi has done something wrong? She has cheated her husband, just because her husband is still alive”? I gave a thought for a second and said “hmmm… I think yes”, till then I didn’t knew anything about Kiran Bhabhi’s life, Radha Bhabhi said, “you know her husband has a girlfriend there and he knows that Kiran Bhabhi know,
even then she cannot do anything and she has to cooperate” I was listening to her and she was looking into my eyes while talking to me about Kiran Bhabhi, Radha Bhabhi spoke again “mentally she is facing even worse time than me, she is depending on him for finance and cannot go back to her parents because they are no more,
moreover she has a 12 year old girl to grow up and she has sent her away from herself to the boarding so that she should not see what happens between her father and mother whenever he comes home” it was really very shocking for me and bit embarrassing, Radha Bhabhi was telling me everything and hearing that I felt like saying sorry to Kiran Bhabhi, but it was not over,
Radha Bhabhi continued and said, “ and whatever she has said that ki jab unke husband aate hain to wo unke saath continuously 15 dinn tak sex karti hain aur unnko raat raat bhar sonne nahi detti and all is pure lie, he drinks a lot and fucks her like animal, couple of times I have seen them fighting and heard her screams in the night when she got beaten up by him”.
Then after a reasonable long pause Radha Bhabhi said, “ I know you feel that Kiran Bhabhi is very irritating because she do lot of talking, but that is her nature, when she gets free with someone she never cared that what she is saying but believe me Bhaiya she is very caring and soft from the heart,”
After hearing few more facts about her miserable life I just went insane and in a way I was at saturation and could not bear anything more about her life and truly speaking those 2-3 minutes of Kiran Bhabhi’s brief life history changed my perspective for her but in any case I do not wanted to know more about her, I wanted to make love to Radha Bhabhi,
she was my sweet heart and I think she sensed my expressions and spoke again but with different tone “whatever it is, now we want to live happy, suicide karne se achha hai cheating hi kar lain, aur abhi main aapko fir se seduce karne waali hoon” I said, “nahi Bhabhi abb main aapko seduce karoonga” she smiled on that and said “abb aapki hesitation bhi khatam ho gayi hai”
and with the last word I came fully on Radha Bhabhi we started kissing, and we both were conscious that we do not have to make any audible noise because we knew then Kiran Bhabhi will get up and she will turn our romantic moments into a fucking session. Me and Radha Bhabhi made love for few minutes and kissed each other like true lovers,
I kissed her on her neck and breast then Radha Bhabhi whispered a bit saying, “let’s go to other bedroom” that was a good idea because for me it was impossible to fuck Radha Bhabhi without getting into notice of Kiran Bhabhi because bed would have moved with my fucking stroke and that was enough for her to get up.
We both silently got up and went to the other bedroom and once again without wasting any time got involved in love making and I sucked and squeezed Radha Bhabhi’s breasts nicely to pleasure her and kissed almost every part of her naked body and as I tried to lick her cunt she stopped me, saying, “Please bhaiya agar achha nahi lagta to matt kareeye”.
I said, “nahi Bhabhi mera mann karr raha hai, main aapko puri tarah se satisfy karna chahta hoon, just because I also love you” and next moment I buried my face between Radha Bhabhi’s fleshy thighs and started sucking her love hole and she just went mad in that pleasure and could not control her moans well that was enough for me to continue that strange dirty thing
which got turned into erotic sex pleasure after few minutes. Truly speaking friends for me it was first experience of sucking of woman’s fuckhole and it was very creepy but I continued just to pleasure Radha Bhabhi and she was enjoying and her body movements and shivering was telling her state that she was not at all on earth,
she was flying somewhere in heaven and her moans were driving me crazy and I started enjoying sucking and gulping her love juice which were flowing like a endless stream and soon she reached at the point where she could not resist and just before that she stopped me and immediately took me in her control and started sucking my rod nicely and giving away her
full affection to me and soon I was also moaning in uncontrollable pleasure, her mouth was so wet and warm that just in few moments I felt like heaven and pressure started building up and I too stopped her for going further, and finally started fucking Radha Bhabhi again in missionary position and fucked her nicely with lot of love and care giving her complete pleasure of love
making, I was fucking her in a way I would have fucked my wife, as I was sucking her breast along with pumping her fuckhole and brushed my wet lips on her neck to make her moan in the pleasure for which she was starved for years and finally I cummed deep inside her fuckhole and she too shivered as she felt my hot jizz getting injected in her love hole.
As I was resting on Radha Bhabhi just after my ejaculation and at that time even her legs were wrapped around me and she was cumming with bit of jolts on ther belly and we both were puffing in pleasure, we heard some voice from behind, it was none other than Kiran Bhabhi, don’t know from how long she was watching us and what she spoke from behind was,
“this is very bad, akele akele enjoy kar rahe ho, mujhe bhi jagga dete”. I smiled and said, “Bhabhi aap sotte hue itne pyare lagg rahe the ki jaggane ka mann nahi kiya” she smiled on the complement and said, “abhi thodi der main mere saath bhi karna, mera bhi mann kar raha hai” well that was something which was not possible for me, so I said,
“nahi Bhabhi aapke saath main evening main karoonga, office se wapis aakar aap tyar rahna”she said, “ok but pahle mere flat par aana, baad main Radha ke paas janna” and with bit of smile she spoke again “waise bhi abb aap kabhi akele nahi soyege, hum dono main se ek to hoga hi aapke saath bed pe” I smiled on that and said “definitely I will come to you first”
and pointing her fuckhole I said, “aur aggar aapko apni sucking karwani hai to aap ye hairs clean kar lena, Radha Bhabhi ki sucking to ho gayi abhi abhi”. Kiran Bhabhi smiled a lot on that and said, “sachi” then she asked Radha Bhabhi, “Radha mazza aaya”? Radha Bhabhi smiled while getting up and looking at me and said, “Haan Bhabhi bahut mazza aaya”
Kiran Bhabhi was happy to hear, that I am going to suck her, don’t know why I was happy to see her happy. Finally we got up and took bath together while tingling each other and had breakfast together and I took a leave for office with a hope of wonderful upcoming night. So friends this is how my first sexual encounter ended and my new lifestyle started and as
I promised that evening I went straight to Kiran Bhabhi’s flat and as expected she was ready wearing lovely sari and doing preparation for tea with some snacks with Radha Bhabhi and after having tea Radha Bhabhi took a leave, leaving me and Kiran Bhabhi in the flat and as expected we two had good horny sex in her living room only and before that I sucked Kiran Bhabhi’s fuckhole too,
it was clean shaven and there was no mark of hairs on that and my sucking pleasured her a lot and she was delighted with the feeling of getting sucked, she didn’t knew that I know the whole truth of her life and she continued telling lies to me about her husband and her love making with him and talked to me endlessly while having sex with me in different positions,
I fucked her from behind holding her wide ass cheeks which she likes most and during that I was more or less enjoying her words as they were spicy and very arousing. Again and again she was saying “ Bhaiya bahut mazza aaraha hai, app mere paas hi rah jaao, kahin matt jaana, humen aapki bahut zaroorat hai, hum log hamesha sex ke liye taraste rahte hain,
aapko hum bahut pyar se rakhenge, aap please kahin matt jaana, aap apni Bhabhiyon ke pass hi rahna” and even now I was responding to her saying, “Bhabhi main kahin nahi jaaonga, aap dono ke pass hi rahoonga, aur aap logon ko bahut pyar karunga” and while speaking that I was pumping Kiran Bhabhi from behind holding her waist firmly and finally cummed massively in her fuckhole.
Once again that day we three had dinner together and after that I slept with Radha Bhabhi in her flat after fucking her nicely like my loved one, considering that she is my wife. Days are passing like that and I am experiencing two ladies of different temperaments, one is Kiran Bhabhi who demands proper fucking, hard, dirty and bit brutal and Radha Bhabhi loves tender lovemaking with lot of love,
care and affection. It’s not that we always fuck and just fuck, we spend lot of time together, watch movies together in anyone’s flat while resting our heads on each other, we eat and laugh together and go for movies and shopping together and sometimes me and Radha Bhabhi listen music and sleep in each others arm even without making love.
All in all we are spending good and jolly time assuming there is no tomorrow. Mutually we have decided that on occasions we will go for threesomes unless we will do it separately, like we had threesome just a few weeks back on my birthday and now we are planning another threesome for New Year eve.
I think that will be a night of no limits and we have a plan of drinks too, so I am sure night of 31 December will be very dirty and slippery, along with alcohol there will be lot of my jizz and hell of Radha Bhabhi’s and Kiran Bhabhi’s love juices, and truly speaking somewhere in one corner of my brain I am thinking about anal sex and if it will be possible for me then I will try to talk to them about that,
as I mentioned earlier Kiran Bhabhi has no problem in that, I have to prepare Radha Bhabhi for that, but before that I have to prepare myself for that, lets see if I will be able to do it or not. Apart from lusting over me both Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi really care for me and sometimes I see bit of jealousy in them for each other because of me but for sure they also
care for each other because I think they realize that they have spent hard time together and now they should remain together till eternity with what they have as good so as such they have no problem to share my love and lust with each other. Both of them have accepted there life’s truth and they are learning to live happy without caring about anything else except me.
At my end I don’t know what it is, it really seems very strange to me to say that I love both of then, Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi too, may be this affection is driven by sympathy, but who cares I am giving them happiness for which they were starved and I get mental support from them to fight against the hard working conditions.
Some times when I come back after having a hard day at work, one of them take off all my tensions, Radha Bhabhi do mostly by talking to me calmly about my day and kissing me affectionately which sometimes leads to the tender sex and Kiran Bhabhi do it by getting naughty,
taking me straight to her bedroom for a quick fucking session or by just a blowjob in the living room only and yes how can I forget, sometimes she irritates me also by just taking and talking.
After initial first encounter in which we all were bit conscious, our hesitation vanished slowly and for next around one month I use to fuck either Radha Bhabhi or Kiran Bhabhi in the night continuously, as they were really starved for love and sex and it was something new for me, and we three were behaving just like newly married people and use to do it very frequently and some times twice in the same night.
Moreover many times, mostly on Saturdays when I had a day off next day I use to make love to one of them in her flat on her bed, other one use to wait for me in the living room and use to take me along with her to her flat for next session. Gradually our frequency of having sex decreased and we started spending time together to share happy thoughts.
Movies, shopping and all started and with in no time I was inseparable for them, apart from sex and physical satisfaction were together for other reasons also, that is love and affection. Somewhere some types of emotions are binding us together. I am important for both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi and apart from lusting over me both Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi
really care for me and sometimes I see bit of jealousy in them for each other because of me and I try to take care of them and their sexual needs equally but truly speaking I was bit biased towards Radha Bhabhi and sometimes it gets noticeable. Anyway as I said in the end of the previous write up that we had a plan of threesome on New year eve and because of Kiran Bhabhi’s statement about anal sex,
which she herself initiated and said that if I like, then I can fuck her there also as she is use to of it, because her husband fucks her in her ass hole whenever he comes home for 10-15 days in a year. At that time I ridiculed that statement in hesitation but when I thought about this in peace after fucking Radha Bhabhi’s and Kiran Bhabhi’s cunts many times from behind while holding her nice wide ass mounds,
thought of fucking both the Bhabhies in there tight ass hole made me crazy and I started staring at there Ass mounds with those intentions. Both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi had big fleshy ass mounds and thought of holding there hips while fucking there tight ass holes was driving me bizarre especially when I use to stare at Radha Bhabhi’s ass mounds
I use to get hard in seconds because she speak very less as compared to Kiran Bhabhi and I am more attached to her, though I am fond of Kiran Bhabhi too and reason is because she speak a lot and her conversation about sex hardens me, as she is very straight forward and down to earth and does not hesitate in saying anything, more over she is week in English so generally she speak Hindi and her words are always arousing.
Back to the experience, as I was thinking about experiencing anal sex with two of my Bhabhies but I was really very hesitant to talk, to even Kiran Bhabhi about that though she was the one who initiated this topic and asked me if I want to do it. I was preparing myself to talk to them about anal sex on New Year eve as we had a plan of threesome and before that we were thinking about having alcohol.
As the days were passing I was living with this thought that I have to talk to them about anal sex, at least to Kiran Bhabhi and these thoughts were making me stare at there ass mounds continuously even when the other Bhabhi was noticing me and many times they smiled at me when I was looking at other one’s hips.
For me it really became difficult to stop myself till New Year eve and started finding chances to talk to them about anal sex thinking that if somehow conversations gets started about this then I will show my interest in that. But unfortunately anal sex never came in our conversation and life moved with normal virginal sex.
I remember it was first week of December and when I came back from my work, some sort of bad new was waiting for me. Radha Bhabhi was going out of town to meet her son for few days. All of a sudden she made a program as her son was missing her and her departure was scheduled next day, Radha Bhabhi was happy as she was going to meet her son.
That night I slept with Radha Bhabhi and we had wonderful time on bed but still I was sad. When we were laying naked in each other’s arms after having sex Radha Bhabhi asked me if I can come little early next day, so that I can go along with her to the railway station, by saying, “Bhaiya kal office se thoda jaldi aayenge, aur mere saath station chaliyega”.
I smiled and said ok to it. Then again Radha Bhabhi said, “Bhaiya if it is possible thoda aur jaldi aaiyega, jaane se pahle mujhe ek baar sex aur karna hai” again I said ok to it while hugging her naked body. It was really unfortunate for both of us that I got stuck in office and reached home when we were suppose to leave for railway station and when I reached Radha Bhabhi was ready to move with a packed luggage.
That day first time I saw her in chuddidar pajami and kurta and she was looking stunning. Her body was exploding as in tight pajami every curve of her bottom was prominent and that was enough for anybody to lose his senses. I controlled myself as we were already late and I could see that Radha Bhabhi was really excited as she was going to meet her son.
We moved towards the station in auto riksha and sat beside each other while touching each other and as such ordinary conversation going on between us mainly about her schedule and between one pause I rubbed my hand on Radha Bhabhi’s thighs. Radha Bhabhi spoke in a very low voice while looking at me,
“Bhaiya kya karr rahe hain”, “Kuch Nahi bass aise hi mann karr raha tha aapko touch karne ka” I replied casually in the same level of voice, “To fir thoda jaldi aana chahiye tha, ek baar sex kar lete” Radha Bhabhi smiled bit more while saying that, “Bhabhi try to bahut kiya tha, lekin boss ke saath discution mein late ho gaya” I reflected bit of disappointment.
“Hmmm… Ab to wapis aakar hi milega” Bhabhi removed my hand from her thigh while saying that. “I know, par aapko chuddidar pajami main dekh kar raha nahi gaya iss liye touch kar liya” I spoke about my mind state, Radha Bhabhi again smiled a bit, and asked me, “aapko ye dress pasand hai”?
I said, “Haan, only I know that how I am controlling myself” with that again I rubbed my hand on her thighs and Radha Bhabhi moaned a bit and again removed my hand from her thigh and said, “hmmm….. Bhaiya kya karr rahe hain, aapki to koi baat nahi hai, aapke pass to Kiran Bhabhi hain, maine raat bhar travel karna hai, aur abhi se mujhe wetness ho rahi hai”.
Once again I held her thigh and rubbed my hand nicely and moved my hand towards inner part of it and squeezed her inner portion of the flesh she had on her thighs and said, “Bhabhi karne do na, aapko iss dress mein dekh kar main pagal ho raha hoon.” Radha Bhabhi placed her hand on mine but did not stopped me doing that and said, “Next time jab hum milenge, maine yehi dress pahni hogi.
abhi please matt karo meri panty gili ho rahi hai”. “Bhabhi train mein toilet mein jaakar panty change kar lena, abhi to enjoy kar lo. We have atleast 40 mins, usske baad to hum almost ek week ke baad hi meelenge” I spoke in requesting tone. Radha Bhabhi turned to see into my eyes and asked me, “Aaj aap jaker Kiran Bhabhi ko fuck karoge?
“Haan, aap to jaa rahe ho, aur aapko pajami mein dekh kar main out of control ho raha hoon, station se wapis jaate hi karoonga, Kiran Bhabhi bhi wait kari rahi hain”, then naughtly I continued “aapki pajami to uttar nahi sakta, jaakar unki sari hi uttarunga” Radha Bhabhi smiled and said, “next time milenge to meri pajami bhi uttar lena, please abhi bass karo nahi to pajami pe stains aa jaayenge”
Sensing her uneasiness slowly I removed my hand from her thighs and looked into her eyes. “Sorry” Radha Bhabhi spoke in disappointment, I said, “for what”. “Just because I stopped you, mera bhi bahut mann hai lekin agar jayada wetness ho gayi to stains padd jaayenge, sari hoti to chal jaata, wetness peticoat takk hi aati, abhi pajami par aajayenge”.
I smiled on her innocence, she was feeling bad while saying no to me, and I cheered her up by saying, “Bhabhi there is nothing to say sorry about it, aapke wapis aane par main 2-3 din continuously aapke saath hi rahunga aur aapko bahut seduce karoonga” Radha Bhabhi smiled in acceptance and said,
“Karr lena jittna seduce karna hai, aap nahi karoge to aur kaun karega” with that Radha Bhabhi grabbed my hand in her palm with affection and suddenly water appeared in her eyes, “what happened” was my question after seeing that, “nothing” she replied, “I can see tears in your eyes”, “I want to say something” Radha Bhabhi spoke while cleaning her eyes, “what” “I love you,
bhaiya aap nahi millte to shayad abb takk main sucide karr leti” Radha Bhabhi was getting emotional, I tried to cheer her up and again naughtily said, “Nahi Bhabhi aap aisa kuch nahi karoge, abhi hum dono ne bahut sara sex karna hai, aur maine aapki pajami uttarni hai” Radha Bhabhi smiled on that and spoke in same fashion,
“hmmm…… aur maine bhi aapki sucking karni hai……….bahut dinn se mera mann karr raha hai aapka sperm swollow karne ka,….” I smile hearing her desire, she spoke again, “past mein maine kabhi apne husband ka bhi swallow nahi kiya, par mann kar raha ki aapka sperm swollow karoon, aur jiss tarah Kiran Bhabhi aapke saath naughty activities karti hain na,
abb main bhi karoongi, taki aapko maximum pleasure de sakoon. “Bhabhi aapke saath to mujhe pleasure hi pleasure milta hai, u don’t need to worry about do that” I spoke casually, but Radha Bhabhi replied bit possessively “Nahi mujhe aapko har tarah se khush rakhna hai, usske liye chahe mujhe jo karna padde” “Bhabhi just relax”
with that again I placed in her thigh and Radha Bhabhi immediately reacted and removed my hand from there and said, “Please Bhaiya, topic change karo, and don’t talk about sex I am bit uncomfortable because of wetness”. Finally topic of our conversation changed and after some time we reached station and she comfortably boarded the train and I moved back to my place after the departure of the train.
Through out the way back to my home, I was thinking about Radha Bhabhi’s life and my horny mood got bit diluted. I reached to Kiran Bhabhi flat, Kiran Bhabhi was standing in kitchen wearing night gown after having a quick bath, she was looking neat and fresh and as she saw me, she smiled and said,
“Bhaiya aap bhi shower le lijeeye, pani garam hai, main dinner ki preparation karke bedroom main aati hoon”. I took Bath and came out wearing a lose pajama and t-shirt. Room was bit cozy because of the hot air blower. Kiran Bahbhi appeared in the room with a smile and said, “Dinner ready hai, ab jo karna hai aaram se karte hain”
we came on bed and she lied down and somewhat pulled me and said, “aaiye na, aapne to bahut sex kiya hoga kal raat ko Radha ke saath, lekinn main raat bhar bechain thi” I smiled on her condition, she was somewhat in same mental state for me as I was for Radha Bhabhi just an hour before. “raat ko Radha ne kitni baar karwaya”?
Kiran Bhabhi asked me, “I said, ek baar” “bahut jaldi so gaye the kya”? I said, “nahi waise hi baaten karr rahe the, plan tha ki aaj jaane se pahle karenge, but I got late” Kiran Bahbhi smiled, and said, “theek hai main to hoon na aapke pass, mere saath kar lijeeye” “Hmm…. Ab to itne din aapke saath hi karoonga”. I was laying in Kiran Bhabhi’s arms, and we were still in our clothes.
Kiran Bhabhi kissed me on my lips and tried to insert her tongue in my mouth and loved me like that for a minute and then again looked into my eyes and said, “Main to New Year Eve ka wait kar rahi hoon, aap nahi wait karr rahe”? “Bahbhi wait kya karna hai, waise bhi to hum logg sex kar hi rahe hain”
I casually answered her, “Bhaiya sach boloon, mujhe to jayada mazza tab aata hai, jab hum teeno ek saath hote hain. Aapko nahi aata”? “Bhabhi threesome mein mazza to Aata hai parr mujhe alag alag jyada achha laggta hai.” I looked into her eyes while saying that, Kiran Bahbhi caressed my cheek softly, and asked me in a soft voice,
“Bhaiya sach bollna, aapko Radha mujhse jyada pasand hai na”? I got bit conscious, as Kiran Bhabhi seemed bit serious while asking me that, “nahi Bhabhi,….. kaisi baat karr rahe ho, mujhe aap dono pasand ho” I tried to asure her that I like her too. “Nahi mujhe maloom hai, Radha to shayad aapse pyar hi karne lagg gayi hai,……. aur aap usske saath akele karna jayada pasand karte ho hain na”?
Kiran Bhabhi’s tone was somewhat like as if she knew the fact. “But Bhabhi akele to main aapke saath bhi karta hoon, aur next 3-4 days to main aapke saath hi karoonga” I tried to convince her. Kiran Bhabhi spoke again, “Bhaiya ek baat bolun,…. jaise Radha aapse pyar karti hai na, waise main bhi karti hoon,
Bhaiya mujhe kabhi apne husband se pyar nahi mila….maine jo kuch bhi aaj tak aapko bataya hai, wo sab jhoot hai, my husband does not love me, neither I love him, bass koi majboori hai jis ki wajah se hum saath saath hain”. Kiran Bhabhi started crying a bit and buried her face in my chest, I embraced her and said,
“Relax Bhabhi, chhodo ne ye sabb baaten, ek baat samajh lo ki abb aapko bass life ko enjoy karna hai, jitna enjoy karr sakte ho karo”. Kiran Bhabhi again looked at me and said, “Bhaiya mujhe kai baar Radha se jeleously hoti hai, aap ussko mujhse jyada pyar karte ho”. Matter was getting sensitive once again I tried to control,
“Nahi bhabhi, mere liye aap dono ek jaise ho, actually meri aur Radha Bhabhi ki nature ek jaise hai iss liye hum dono jayada intract karte hain, nahi to aur koi baat nahi hai”. Kiran Bhabhi smiled and said, “main bahut bollti hun na”? I too smiled on that and said, “theek hai, sabbka apna apna nature hota hai, par jab aap sex karte hue baaten karte ho na tab aapki baaten sunke mazza aata hai”.
Kiran Bhabhi smiled more on that and said, “chaliye to phir aaiye, sex karte karte hain, aur fir saath sath baaten karenge”. At that time I thought about talking to her my desire about having anal sex, but still there was hesitation in me and we just started kissing and feeling each other’s body.
Kiran Bhabhi opened belt of her own and took it off and then took off her bra and panty, by that time I was also naked and Kiran Bhabhi spoke about her pussy while taking off her panty, “dekhiye, bhaiya jabb se aapne kaha hai, main hamesha issko clean shaven rakhti hoon, abhi thodi der pahle hi shave ki hai” I smiled hearing that, she was looking really very cute while saying that,
as such Kiran Bhabhi is very down to earth and never hide anything inside her and speaks up without any hesitation and her this nature was mainly responsible for my this pleasure of life. Kiran Bhabhi spoke again, “Bhaiya 69 karenge, ya alag alag sucking karni hai”. once again I smiled on her question, and said, “Bhabhi jaisa aap bolo” Kiran Bhabhi smiled too and said,
“alag alag karte hain, 69 main enjoyment nahi hoti, saath saath suck karna padta hai na iss liye, it’s better ki ek sucking kare or dusra enjoy kare”. Finally I buried my face between Kiran Bhabhi’s thighs and started sucking her wet fuck hole and Kiran Bhabhi started enjoying getting sucked and spoke about couple of her feeling about sex which came straight from her heart, like,
“Hmmmm… kariye bhaiya, main raat bhar aapke liye tarasti rahi hoon, appko Radha ke saath karne ke baad mere pass aa jana chahiye tha, aap kyun nahi aaye, Bhaiya, main raat bhar jaagti rahi” Finally I stopped after some time and now it was her turn to suck me and Kiran Bhabhi started instantly and I moaned loudly in pleasure and pain as she rapidly moved
foreskin of my rod down with her wet moist mouth. Kiran Bhabhi was sucking me nicely and size of my rod was growing in her mouth, and I felt like bursting. I stopped Kiran Bhabhi immediately and got up to penetrate her cunt. Kiran Bhabhi lied down on her back and while spreading her legs she asked me, “Bhaiya aaj peechhe se daalenge”,
she meant to say that if I can fuck her in doggy style, as it was her favorite position, even for me doggy style was really very pleasurable, but the fact was that in this particular position, I use to ejaculate very early so I always tried to avoid getting into that position. but truly speaking at that time it did not clicked me that she is talking about doggy style,
as I was heavily occupied with anal sex, and unconsciously I asked Kiran Bhabhi “Kahan anus mein”, Kiran Bhabhi smiled on that and said, “Daalna hai to daal lijeeye wahan pe, maine to kaha hi tha aapko ki mujhe koi problem nahi hai”. I realized my mistake and tried to cover it up by saying, “Nahi Bhabhi mujhe nahi daalna wahan pe”
“Arre bhaiya daal lijeeye, koi problem nahi hai,…. asshole yoni (pussy or cunt in hindi) se jayada tight hota hai,….aapko achhha lagega…jayada enjoyment hogi” Kiran Bhabhi spoke while getting up. “Nahi Bhabhi rahne do, aapko pain hogi to main kya enjoy karunga.” Once again I tried to avoid, Kiran Bhabhi looked at me and said,
“Bhaiya mujhe koi khas pain nahi hota, mere husband bahut baar dall chuke hain, ab to mujhe bhi achha lagta hai thoda thoda”. “Nahi Bhabhi mujhe nahi daalna wahan, yoni main hi daalte hain” I spoke with some hesitation and for Kiran Bhabhi it was easy to read my brain that I want to do it. Kiran Bhabhi got up and went closer to the Elmira and came with a condom and said,
“ye lo” “condom” I spoke after looking at the thing which she had in her hand, “Haan, actually iss se infection hone ka koi chance nahi rahta” Kiran Bhabhi said without looking at me and tore the wrapper of the piece to take it out, “Bhabhi mujhe samajh nahi aa raha, aap rahne hi do” I was bit hesitant to try new thing,
“Arre Bhaiya kyon darr rahe hain, kariye na, kuch nahi hoga, aur mera bhi mann hai” Kiran Bahbhi was holding my rod in one hand and as she completed she took my rod deep in her mouth in one go and inserted it till her throat and I could not stop screaming in pleasure and once again I gained the size which was lost in conversation.
Kiran Bhabhi covered my rod with rubber and looked up to see into my eyes, I spoke again, “Bhabhi New year Eve pe anal sex kar lenge” Kiran Bhabhi did not answered and lied down on her stomach after keeping pillow under her belly and spoke after getting into position, “hmmm…abb sharmana chhodiye aur daaliye, new year eve pe dobara daal leejeye ga anus mein,
come on now just fuck my ass” Holding my rod covered with rubber I came on her top, Kiran Bhabhi parted her hips with one hand and said, “Bhaiya hips ko thoda sa kholiye, aur dheere dheere insert kariye” I parted Kiran Bhabhi’s round fleshy hips and saw a tiny ass hole. I placed tip of my rod on her butt hole and rubbed it for few seconds. Kiran Bhabhi moaned and spoke in same puffing fashion,
“Hmmmm…..Bhaiya paitently Dheere dheere daaliyega, aur saath saath in out move ment bhi karte rahiye ga” after getting unsuccessful in the beginning I inserted bit of my rod after squeezing tip of my cock in her ass hole and Kiran Bhabhi moaned in pleasure “Hmmmm…….very good”, Holding Kiran Bhabhi’s hips with both the hands and somewhat after
parting them apart I pushed my self slowly and went bit more inside Kiran Bhabhi’s ass hole and Kiran Bhabhi moaned nicely, saying “Ahhh…. mazza aagaya,Bhaiya aaram aaram apna andar bahar kariye aur slowly thoda thoda insert karte jaeeye”. I obeyed Kiran Bhabhi and inserted my rod more and more with every push and soon I was nearly half inside.
Wow Kiran Bhabhi was so tight and hot in her ass hole and my rod was tightly fitted in her ass hole that could not move. I was moaning too with Kiran Bhabhi and we both were somewhat in heaven. “Ahhhh…. Bhabhi bahut Achha lagg raha hai, aapka hole bahut tight hai” I spoke while puffing in pleasure, Kiran Bhabhi replied in the same fashion, her body was bit stiff and I could see that she was trying to bear the pain,
“Hmmm….. Bhaiya mujhe bhi achha lag raha hai, bass aaram aaram se karte rahiya, aapka poora penis ander challa jaayega fast matt kariye ga, fast karne se pain hota hai” “Hmmmmm….. fast nahi karunga, aaram aaram se karne mein itna mazza aa raha hai” I assured her that I will not hurt her. I inserted bit more of my rod and Kiran Bhabhi cried in pleasure.
Then I made 2-3 strokes very slowly and pumped her ass for few minutes without going further inside. And pleasure was incredible. I moved further in after few more minutes and volume of Kiran Bhabhi’s pleasure moan changed, it was more towards pain and less into pleasure. She screamed like,
“Ahhhh…… mar gayi, ahhhhhh…. Bhaiya aaram se…abhi aur matt daaleye ga ruk jaaeye thodi der Ahhhh…….” I stopped for a while and took some rest as I was also puffing. My rod was stuck in Kiran Bhabhi’s ass hole and I could feel the heat of Kiran Bhabhi on my rod. By now I was hardly left with an inch to go inside, but I had to wait for Kiran Bhabhi.
She was in pain but I could see that it was bearable and she turned her head to say “hmmm…. pump kariye dheere dheere” hardly after a minute or so. I pumped her ass hole for a minute and finally pushed myself to go further inside Kiran Bhabhi’s ass hole and saw last inch of my rod getting inserted in her butt.
Finally I was laying on her top leaving my full weight on Kiran Bhabhi after inserting my rod totally in her butt hole. Though I still had around an inch to go inside but I could not insert that because of Kiran Bhabhi’s heavy ass mounds. As I inserted my last inch in Kiran Bhabhi, she moaned nicely as she also came to knew that she has taken my rod completely inside her ass hole.
Kiran Bhabhi turned her face side ways to see me laying on her top and rested her head on the pillow after loosening her body and smiled after sounding relaxed and spoke while trying to look at me “hmmmm…. Bhaiya abb thodi der rest kariye, 2-3 minute ke baad fuck karna shuru kariye ga, tabb takk baaten karte hain” I just hummed to say ok.
“Kiran Bhabhi, spoke, “Bhaiya mazza aaraha hai na”. “ hmmm.. bahut achha lagg raha hai” I admitted that I am in pleasure, “Maine aapko kaha tha, aapko achha lagega. hole jitna tight ho aadmiyoun ko uttna mazza aata hai” she closed her eyes while resting her head on pillow and then again after a second spoke again,
“Bhaiya aap kuch bhi bolne mein hesitation mat feel kara kariye, boll diya kaariye, sharam ki koi baat nahi hai, maine aur Radha ne bhi to aapse besharam hoker boll hi diya na apni body ki need ke baare main” once again I just hummed to say yes, closing my eyes I was feeling tightness of Kiran Bhabhi’s ass hole while leaving myself on her top.
Kiran Bhabhi spoke again, “Bhaiya agar aapko Radha ke saath anal sex karna ho to usse bhi boll dena wo bhi karwa legi” I was still not in mood to say anything, once again I said, “Hmmm….dekhte hain” But it was impossible for Kiran Bhabhi to stop talking and she spoke again, “Agar aapko sharam aati hai to main boll deti hoon, wo manna nahi karegi”,
I moved my hand in her front to fondle Kiran Bhabhi’s melons and said, “Nahi Bhabhi agar Radha Bhabhi ke saath karna hoga to unhe main khud hi boll doonga” Kiran Bhabhi spoke again with bit of smile, “waise agar aap Radha ke saath nahi karoge to mere liye achha hai, jabb aapka mann asshole mein daalne ka kare to aap mere pass hi aa jaya karo”,
Once again I said, “Hmm… dekhte hain……ab movement shuru karen” hearing that Kiran Bhabhi got bit conscious and tried to hold something and finally gripped corners of the pillow and said, “Hmmm…. kariye aaram aaram se, dheere dheere speed increase kariye ga, ek dum fast matt karna main marr jaaongi”
I hummed in pleasure and got up a bit and started pumping Kiran Bhabhi’s ass after holding her waist, wow what a pleasurable intercourse was that, Kiran Bhabhi was getting sodomized and I was enjoying her tight ass hole and gradually my speed was increasing and I could see that even Kiran Bhabhi was enjoying and moaning and her pleasure moans were rising with my speed of fucking her ass.
After few minutes of continues pumping I could not control my speed and gradually my speed was getting higher and higher as pressure started building up in my body and I was getting closer to my climax, now I was hurting Kiran Bhabhi with my throbbing cock and some where she was liking this pain, and she was trying to bear it.
Finally I stopped when I felt that I am hurting her a lot and pulled my rod out of her ass hole and tried to turn Kiran Bhabhi, and said, “bass Bhabhi, abb aapki chut mein daalkar karta hoon” hearing the word Chut, Kiran Bhabhi, smiled and said, “Bhaiya aap meri Chut mein daalenge” she was actually teasing me,
actually I was excited and in hurry I spoke this Hindi hardcore word which we use it for pussy or cunt in slang language. I smiled on her teasing gesture and blushed a bit, Kiran Bhabhi spoke again. “Bhaiya sharmaaiye matt, mujhe sabb Hindi words maloom hai, mere husband mujhse aisi hi language mein baat karte hain, apna penis mere muhn ke pass lakar kahte hain,
muhn khol aur mera lawda choos, aur uppar chadd kar kahte hain, taange khol teri chut maarni hai, aur jabb asshole mein daalna hota hai to kahte hain ki aaj main teri gaand maarunga”. I was bit amazed with her words but after living with her for such a long time I could expect anything from her.
Finally after removing condom from my cock I lied down on Kiran Bhabhi and inserted my rod in her fuckhole and ragged her like anything, as it was a demand of that hour and we both needed hardcore sex and finally I lost myself on her top after injecting my white cum in her fuckhole, Kiran Bhabhi also shivered a bit as she also met her peak.
After some time Kiran Bhabhi got up and started collecting her clothes, saying, “main dinner lagati hoon” I stopped her while wearing my clothes by saying, “Bhabhi I am not hungry right now, so just relax, thodi der baaten karte hain” once again we were on bed after wearing our clothes and Bhabhi rested her head on the same pillow on which I was resting,
and spoke while looking at the roof “boliye kya baaten karni hain”, as a whole whatever Kiran Bhabhi use to speak during sex it was always arousing and I wanted to talk to her in that context only. I said, “Bhabhi apne husband ke baare mein battaiya”. Kiran Bhabhi turned and looked at me and said,
“What should I say, we don’t love each other, I lied to you earlier, he is a bastard” I remained silent, Kiran Bhabhi spoke again, “char saal pahle jab aaye tha, to anal sex ke liye mujhe force karta raha, maine manna kiya to ek din market se rassi (rope) laakar raat ko mujhe pura nanga karke, bed pe haath pair baandh ke, mujhe anus mein fuck kiya, raat bhar ekdum jaanwar ki tarah nocha tha mujhe”
“I cannot forget that night through out my life, Bhaiya mere husband ka penis appke penis se kafi badda hai, aur ussne wo pura ek baar mein daal diya tha, thoda sa oil daalke, agar oil jayada daalta to pain kam hota, but he intentionally pained me alot tabb se jabb bhi aata hai, anal sex karta hai, aur bahut buri tarah karta hai”……
“Bhaiya sex main aapke saath enjoy karti hoon, usske saath to bass karna paddta hai” then again after a long pause, Kiran Bhabhi spoke again, “Bhaiya mujhe anus mein abhi bhi pain ho raha hai, lekin mujhe ye pain achha lagg rahha hai, kyunki ye aapne kiya hai, aur future mein bhi jabb bhi aapko anus mein daalna ho to boll dena, main aapke liye sabb kuch bear karr sakti hoon”.
Kiran Bhabhi was getting emotional with every passing second, I was afraid that after few more minutes she will start crying, so I just cheered her up by saying Hindi erotic line, “Bhabhi, mujhe aapki chut choosni hai, bolo chuswani hai” Kiran Bhabhi laughed on my sentence and asked, “dinner nahi karna”?
I said, “nahi pahle aapki chut ka soup peena hai” Kiran Bhabhi smiled more and said, “peelo maine kahan manna kiya hai,…..chalo 69 karte hain, main bhi aapke lawde ka soup pee loongi” I laughed on her statement and got up to take off my clothes and soon we were in 69, sucking each other, trying to give maximum pleasure to one another.
I and Kiran Bhabhi were lying sideways and my face was buried between her fleshy thighs and I was digging out juices of her cunt and gulping every drop of it. on her end Kiran Bhabhi was sucking me with full affection using lot of her saliva and with that she was trying rubbing my cock head in different portions of her mouth, sometimes on her tongue,
sometimes on her inner cheeks and sometimes on her chin and allover her face by taking it out. Her activities were paining me a bit but I was enjoying it too, and to forget the pain I focused on her cunt and parted her pussy lips with my finger and inserted two of my fingers and somehow continued licking her slit while fisting her cunt with speed.
As expected Kiran Bhabhi stopped sucking my cock and started moaning and her moans excited me more and I further parted her pussy lips and buried myself deeper into her cunt and sucked her vigorously and unknowingly touched some inner portion of her fuckhole with my finger and rubbed it for hardly 2-3 times and surprisingly Kiran Bhabhi trembled strangely
as if I have given her some kind electric shock and I had to hold her thighs tight to stop her movements, her body got stiff and she held my thighs very tight, I continued for another 2-3 seconds and tried to take out every drop of her love juice, while touching that inner portion of her cunt, Kiran Bhabhi screamed in pleasure and tried to free herself,
I gripped her tighter and controlled her movements, Kiran Bhabhi was trying to control her moaning voice since I was experimenting with her fuckhole, but this time she cried in ecstasy loudly saying, “Ahhhhhh……. Ahhhhh……… Bhaiya……. Please………main marr jaaongi……matt kariye…… mera hone waala hai, ahhhh… ahhhhhh…….
By now I was loosing grip on Kiran Bhabhi’s body as she was trembling in pleasure vigorously and as I lost grip of my tongue and lips from her cunt her lower half trembled amazingly with jerks, she was experiencing most devastating orgasm of her life, and for me, taking a woman there and then watching her trembling like this in fucking pleasure so closely is an experience on its own.
Don’t know how this happened, I think it was her somewhat sensitive area and she just went mad as I touched that inner portion of her love tunnel. Kiran Bhabhi took around 2 minutes to get normal and when she got up, she was cleaning her tears, literary she cried in pleasure and spoke to me in that embarrassing tone, “bhaiya aapne to jaan nikal di meri”.
I giggled on her condition and said, “chut ka soup to aise hi nikalna padta hai”. Kiran Bhabhi showed some arbitrary anger to me and got up and bought one cotton stroll and sat around my chest and said, “ab main aapko dikhati hoon ki lawde ka soup kaise nikalte hain” with that she tide my hands with that stroll and went down to my lower half,
and took my rod in her mouth and started sucking me, soon I was enjoying and moaning in pleasure, Kiran Bhabhi was jerking my rod up and down while sucking and that scene was very arousing in which my rod was getting in and coming out of her mouth. With in two more minutes pressure started rising in my body and my body started moving bit weirdly,
Kiran Bhabhi continued sucking and jerking my rod, she was sensing my condition, as my moans increased her speed of sucking and jerking my rod also increased, and with in next thirty seconds, that pleasure got unbearable for me and I started resisting, to stop her from sucking, as I wanted to cum.
Kiran Bhabhi was in very good position to control my movement, she almost lied on her stomach on my legs, holding my thighs tightly. My hands were already tied and I was trying to free them, and at that time it was impossible for me to do any movement and now blood of my whole body was going through my cock and I was screaming in pleasure.
Suddenly Kiran Bhabhi stopped sucking and jerking and gripped my hard cock between her palms and continued rubbing, as if she is grinding curd in a conventional way with a wooden rod. My condition got worst then earlier and by now I was unable to scream even and desperately wanted to blast and only I know that how I managed to bear next 15-20 seconds
of extreme ecstasy while closing my eyes as Kiran Bhabhi continued doing that and finally showed some mercy and stopped masturbating me, so that I can release my pressure, and the feeling just before my white sticky jizz came out was breath taking. As that white jizz came out, I felt Kiran Bhabhi’s tongue on that and she took those few drops in her mouth through her tongue and gulped easily.
I opened my eyes and saw her smiling; I was still not fully recovered, as I was breathing heavy. I realized I was also having bit of water in my eyes; she also made me cry in pleasure. “Bhabhi aapne badla le hi liya mujhse” she also giggled on my condition and said, “nahi,… lawde ka soup to aise hi nikalna padta hai”.
I laughed on her, what she did was same which I did to her and for a change it was marvelous way to seduce each other. We had dinner together and slept in each others arms after watching some television, as we were not in condition to do anything now. In morning when I got up around 5 as I wanted to pass the urine,
Kiran Bhabhi was sleeping on her stomach and her gown was drifted up to knees and I felt like making love to her again and for that I tried to turn her and she opened her eyes. I moved my hand and drifted her gown further up till her thighs and then moved hand further inside her gown to take out her panty and took it out and after jerking my rod couple of times once again
penetrated Kiran Bhabhi in missionary position and fucked her till I cummed inside her. She slept again after some time and I too took another nap of an hour, till I got up and went to my flat to get ready for office. I spent three more days with Kiran Bhabhi like this, obviously we did not had anal sex after that,
as for me it was enough and after three days her menses started and rest five days we spend in each other’s company without getting physical. Radha Bhabhi arrived after around eight days and I was supposed to meet her in the evening as she was coming in the noon and I had an office at that time.
I came back in the evening and went to my place and got fresh and then knocked Radha Bhabhi’s door. More or less she was waiting for me, wearing same chuddidar pajami and kurta. We smiled while looking at each other, and she spoke “Baitheeye, I will get some water for you” Radha Bhabhi served water and sat on opposite couch and spoke again,
“See I am again in Pajami today” I smiled while looking at her, she was looking stunning, with bit of make up. She spoke again, “kaisi lagg rahi hoon”? “hmmm.. bahut pyare lagg rahe ho” I answered while sipping water from the glass. “Fir kabb uttarni hai pajami” Radha Bhabhi asked me naughtily, “bass abhi hi uttarni hai,…. bedroom main chalte hain” I answered in the same fashion,
“Kyun Living room main uttarne main koi problem hai,…… Sofe pe hi karte hain.” Radha Bhabhi continued her naughty gesture. I got up from my couch and sat beside her and asked her, “where is Kiran Bhabhi”? As mostly I have always seen them together, in the evening. “Market gayi hain, aur unhe time lagega, Ek session aaram se ho sakta hai,…… waise bhi raat ko aap mere pass rahoge.
thode dinn ke liye Kiran Bhabhi ko bhool jaao” Radha Bhabhi answered while opening my collar button. I grabbed Radha Bhabhi from her waist and slid my hand to her back and pulled her closer and next moment we were lost in kissing. Gradually we lied down on the couch, though sofa was bit wider than the normal size but it was insufficient for us to lie beside each other even side ways.
Soon I was laying on Radha Bhabhi’s top and I was brushing my lips on her neck and upper breast as they were bit exposed. Radha Bhabhi was burning in desire and my simple kissing on her neck and closer to her ear was making her moan loudly and seeing her condition I was going crazy. I got up bit and lifted her kurta and saw her thighs in tight pajami.
I was getting crazier and crazier every moment. I pulled the thread through which Pajami is tied and loosened it to take it down. Radha Bhabhi spoke again in puffing voice, “hooks” I went further down, there were few hooks on the end of the pajami, I unhooked them and pulled her pajami and her made her almost naked from lower half.
Now it was her panty’s turn and that lasted for another 2-3 second, as I pulled that too. Radha Bhabhi was clean shaven there and by now I was out of my own control, and immediately I tried to burry my face between her legs to suck her cunt. Radha Bhabhi stopped me by holding my head with her hands, and said “nahi bhaiya, please, mera nikal jaayega, just fuck me”
I was unstoppable, I freed myself and finally succeeded in hitting her cunt with my lips and started sucking her fuckhole with passion and Radha Bhabhi cried in pleasure, I could see that she was heavily aroused and she was trying to control her excitement, she wanted me to fuck her and wanted to cum while getting fucked, not while getting sucked.
After making her shout just for a minute or so I stopped and got up and quickly took of my trouser and again retained my position and next moment I was inside Radha Bhabhi. We both were naked just from our lower half and our sex organs were in contact. It was really very difficult for me control my excitement as I was fucking Radha Bhabhi furiously and I could see
that I will not last for long and soon I felt as if I will burst in next few seconds and my speed increased. Radha Bhabhi was also in same state and she was also about to blast in shattering orgasm. I fucked Radha Bhabhi hardly for 2-3 minutes in that position and we both exploded like hell and screamed like anything while Cumming.
I rested while leaving my weight, laying on her top and finally got up. Radha Bhabhi asked me, while wearing her Pajami, “Fir bahut sex kiya mere peechhe se Kiran Bhabhi ke saath”, “Haan, Kiran Bhabhi chhodne wali thi kya mujhe”? I replied with bit of smile. “Mazza aaya anal sex karke” Radha Bhabhi asked me casually while looking into my eyes.
“Did she told you” I was bit amazed and I asked her in same tone. Radha Bhabhi smiled and said, “Haan, Kiran Bhabhi kuch chupa sakti hain kya? aate hi batta diya tha”. “kya bataya unhone” I asked her with some excitement, “Yehi ki aapne pahle din unnke anus main daalkar unhen acche se pump kiya, aur bahut enjoy kiya”
“Bhabhi maine nahi daala, unhone force karke mujh se dallwaya, pain hota raha fir bhi, unnko jayada mazza aa raha tha” I tried to clear Radha Bhabhi while laughing. “Aapko bhi mazza aaya na”? Radha Bhabhi asked me again, as if she knew the answer. “Hmmmm… Mazza to aaya” I blushed a bit while accepting the truth.
By that time Radha Bhabhi was almost back in her clothes and I was also fully dressed up as I was before. Radha Bhabhi got up after hooking bottom of her pajami and said, “Anyway Raat ko to aap mere saath ho, aur aaj maine aapka sperm swollow karna hai remember…….. I am telling you in advance, raat ko main aapko sone nahi doongi, main last seven days se pagal ho rahi hoon,
just be prepared to get raped” I laughed on her statement as slowly Radha Bhabhi was also getting free in conversations and said, “I am all yours, jo karna hai karr lena”. Radha Bhabhi went inside the kitchen to make tea and I switched on the TV and by the time tea came Kiran Bhabhi came back from market and sat beside me and asked me in teasing tone,
“Bhaiya mil gayi Radha aapko”? I said “haan mill gayi” while controlling my smile, “ek baar to kar hi liya hoga”? Kiran Bhabhi was ready with a next question, I said, “Haan ek baar ho chuka hai”. “Raat ko Radha ke pass rahenge” Kiran Bhabhi asked again while sipping tea. I looked at Radha Bhabhi, and she smiled “Program to yehi hai” I replied while sipping mine with a smile.
“fir kall raat ko mere pass rahenge”? Kiran Bhabhi asked another question, as I replied the first one. “Nahi Bhabhi, Bhaiya 2-3 din mere pass hi rahenge, aapke pass to the hi ittne din” Radha Bhabhi spoke in between. I could see bit of disappointment in Kiran Bhabhi’s eyes. Actually from last few 5 days she was going through her menses and we didn’t have sex in those days,
today she got free from her dates and unfortunately Radha Bhabhi arrived on the same day. And moreover, apart from sex she needed me, just me, Kiran Bhabhi was bit jealous of Radha Bhabhi, don’t know why Kiran Bhabhi always seemed insecure for me, that I will leave her for Radha Bhabhi or anything like that and because of this, sometimes she use to get possessive and her this behavior use to make Radha Bhabhi bit possessive.
Nobody spoke for next few minutes and once again, Kiran Bhabhi broke the silence by asking Radha Bhabhi, “Radha tu bhi karegi aaj anal sex”? we looked at each other and Radha Bhabhi smiled a bit and answered Kiran Bhabhi while sipping her tea “nahi Bhabhi, filhaal to aisa koi iraada nahi hai”
Finally tea ended and we watched one bollywood movie together and after that dinner got served and we had dinner while talking to each other about Radha Bhabhi’s son and my office work and finally dinner ended and we came back on couch in the living room and continued watching something else on TV.
Radha Bhabhi got up in between and went inside and came back after changing into nighty and sat beside me. Kiran Bhabhi was sitting opposite to us and I could see from her expressions that she wanted to stay, and Radha Bhabhi was waiting for her to go to her flat, though she did not said anything in that context, but I could see from her expressions.
Finally after some more time, Kiran Bhabhi got up and said, “Chaliye aap dono enjoy kariye, main jaakar koi ghtia si hindi movie dekhungi” Radha Bhabhi was waiting for this, she too got up while talking to me, “Bhaiya aap bedroom mein chaliye, main aati hoon, lights off karke”. I went inside the bedroom, and just after few minutes Radha Bhabhi came and we started making love,
gradually our clothes disappeared from our body and we were naked under blanked. I sucked Radha Bhabhi’s melons and gradually moved down to give her the pleasure and sucked her fuckhole for some time and came back in her arms. Now it was her turn to please me, and Radha Bhabhi got up to do that, she moved down to my body while kissing my face,
chest abdomen and finally came to my pelvis and sucked my rod for a minute and said, “Bhaiya aaj aapne apna liquid mere mouth mein release karna hai”, and after that Radha Bhabhi continued sucking my rod and slowly my rod was gaining its full size. I closed my eyes to feel the pleasure and thought about fucking Radha Bhabhi in her ass hole
and my excitement increased and moans got louder and finally with in next 2-3 minutes I released my pressure in Radha Bhabhi’s mouth and she took those few drops of my white sticky cum in her mouth and tried to gulp that and for that she drank few sips of water and again came in my arms and smiled after looking into my eyes.
“Kaisa lagga” I asked Radha Bhabhi, “hmmm… achha tha” she answered while griping me tighter from the side and asked me after a silence of a minute “Jab main nahi thi, to meri yaad aayi thi ya nahi”, “Bahut yaad aayi, din bhar aapke baare mein sochta tha, ki kab aap aaoge aur main kab aapki pajami uttarunga” I replied in a naughty way.
“Kiran Bhabhi ke saath mazza aaya” Radha Bhabhi asked me without any movement, I said, “haan, mazza to aaya”. Radha Bhabhi lifted her face and asked me while looking into my eyes, “Bhaiya Sach Bolna, aapka mann hai na mere saath anal sex karne ka”? I looked down and spoke after a minute after thinking that what should I say,
“Bhabhi mann to hai, parr agar aapko nahi karna to main nahi karoonga, main tabhi enjoy karr paaonga jab aap enjoy karoge”. “haan, main bhi enjoy karoongi” Radha Bhabhi instantly replied me without giving a second thought to it. Then after few seconds, she spoke again, “agar Kiran Bhabhi anal sex kar sakti hain to main bhi kar sakti hoon”.
“Bhabhi mujhe mallom hai ki aap sirf Kiran Bhabhi se competition karne ke liye anal sex karna chahte ho” I spoke what I felt, “hmmm….. That is one of the reason, par mainly main iss liye karr rahi hoon kyunki aapka mann hai, mere saath anal sex karne ka” more or less Radha Bhabhi accepted the truth. “Bhabhi bahut pain hota hai, especially first time it is unbearable”
I tried to divert her mind from anal sex. “Aap bolo aapne karna hai? Pain to mujhe hoga, main bear kar loongi” Radha Bhabhi replied confidently, I smiled sarcastically as I could read her mind, she was trying to compete Kiran Bhabhi, I spoke again, “Nahi Bhabhi please… don’t force yourself to do that, agar aapka mann nahi hai to matt karo, I am not dying to do that,
normal sex karte hain, ussko hum dono enjoy karenge”. “Mera to mann hai, aur ek baat, I am virgin from there, definitely it will be tighter that Kiran Bhabhi’s ass hole” Radha Bhabhi took my words casually. “Bhabhi aap manoge nahi bina anal sex kiye”? I surrendered, “Nahi, you know why”? Radha Bhabhi asked me in bit of laughing state, “why”?
Radha Bhabhi turned around on the bed itself, and spoke while slapping her hip, “jahanpanna tussi great ho, tohfa Kabul karo”. We laughed together aloud on that and Radha Bhabhi came on my top and kissed me for a while and spoke while looking into my eyes, “Bhaiya you don’t know what value you have for me, you have brought peace into my life.
Sexual urge ko satisfy karna bahut important hota hai, unless one can get mad in frustration and you have saved me from getting mad”, Radha Bhabhi got bit emotional, I wanted to change the mood so I casually replied while getting on her top “and both of you have saved me too, from getting mad unless I would have ran from here to my place”
and with that I placed my lips on her lips and kissed her for a minute and asked her, “aapne anal sex kab karna hai”? “Right now” Radha Bhabhi replied. I looked into her eyes and asked her after few seconds, “Kiran Bhabhi ko bhi bulla lein”? “Why, ittne dinn to aap unhi ke saath the na”? Radha Bhabhi asked me back,
and from her question it was clear that Radha Bhabhi did not liked my suggestion, “she was going through her monthly cycle, aur last five days se humne kuch nahi kiya” I made my statement, “but why she didn’t tell me, unhon ne mujhe kyun nahi bataya” Radha Bhabhi asked me back, “how do I know, ask her”. Radha Bhabhi went silent and gripped me from side.
I asked her again, “bolo bulaana hai, unnka bhi bahut mann hai sex karne ka”? “lekin, threesome to 31st ko karna hai na” Radha Bhabhi was still biased to take decision, I said, “aaj new year eve ki practice kar lete hain, aur agar anal sex karna hai to unnki help ho jaayegi,….. I am bit afraid, ki main aapke virgin asshole ke saath kahin kuch gaddbadd na karr doon, unnko bahut experience hai isska”.
Radha Bhabhi remained silent without any movement, I asked her again, “bolo, bulana hai Kiran Bhabhi ko”. “ok” was the only word which Radha Bhabhi spoke in acceptance. I called Kiran Bhabhi from there only and asked her that what she is doing, she said she is watching one Hindi movie, I asked if she has Condom, she said, “haan hai”
I said, “please aap do teen condom lekar yahan aajaao, aur duplicate key lekar aana, so that we do not have to get up to open the door, hum dono bed par ekdum nange lete hain” intentionally I spoke bit naughty words. Kiran Bhabhi smiled a bit on that and asked me in same tone, “lekin, why you need condom, Radha to pills leti hai”.
I said, “Radha Bhabhi has decided to do anal sex” Kiran Bhabhi smiled more; I could hear her giggle and said, “achha aati hoon”. Kiran Bhabhi opened the main door from her set of duplicate key and entered in the bed room and intentionally Radha Bhabhi was kissing me by laying on my top to show her.
Along with Condom Kiran Bhabhi was holding bottle of olive oil and she came closer and kept those things on the side table and spoke softly to Radha Bhabhi, “Radha ye oil hai, penetration se pahle anus mein daal lena”, then spoke to me, “aur Bhaiya penis daalne se pahle finger se karna, first time pe bahut pain hota hai”.
I smiled while looking at her and said, “aap bhi aapna gown uttar ke bed par aajao, aaj raat ko Radha Bhabhi ke anus ki opening hai aur aap invited ho”. Kiran Bhabhi smiled a lot on that and I could see that she became very happy to hear that, “sachhi”, I said “haan, ab jaldi kapde uttaro aur blanket mein aa jaao”,
Kiran Bhabhi went back for to lock her flat and switch off the lights and TV and came back with in five minutes and finally came in the blanket after getting naked. I spoke again, “aaj new year eve ki rehearsal hai, and nobody can sit idle and watch, everyone has to do something” and we started,
initially I took Radha Bhabhi took in my arms and started kissing and Kiran Bhabhi went completely inside blanket and turned my leg straight and took my penis in her mouth and started sucking, After a minute or two I spoke to Radha Bhabhi, “Bhabhi I want to suck you, place your love hole on my lips, Radha Bhabhi obeyed, and proper threesome started,
I was enjoying as I was getting sucked by Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi was also moaning in pleasure. I realized that even after releasing my cum almost twice in the interval of 4-5 hours I was hard again, and mainly I got aroused when Kiran Bhabhi came on bed. After few minutes we all stopped and thought about next thing to do, and it was penetration of Radha Bhabhi’s ass hole.
Kiran Bhabhi picked up the oil and spoke to Radha Bhabhi, “Radha turn ho jaa”, Radha Bhabhi turned around and Kiran Bhabhi placed a pillow under her abdomen and spoke to me, “Bhaiya, hips ko thoda kholiye”. I parted Radha Bhabhi’s hips and her tiny ass hole came in vision, Kiran Bhabhi poured oil on her penis and said, “ab dheere dheere finger insert kariye aur thodi der ussko ander bahar kariye”,
slowly I inserted my finger in Radha Bhabhi’s ass hole and it pained her bit and she moaned in that pain, I continued fisting Radha Bhabhi in her ass hole and she continued moaning in pain and pleasure, slowly pain was turning into pleasure and I could see that now Radha Bhabhi was enjoying a bit.
After 3-4 minutes Kiran Bhabhi showed me her thumb, in a way as if she wanted to tell that now I have to insert my thumb in Radha Bhabhi’s ass hole, I took out my finger and placed my thumb on her anal opening, and spoke to her, “Bhabhi abb main, apna angootha(thumb) daalne waala hoon, thoda aur pain hoga, koi problem to nahi hai na?,
Radha Bhabhi rested her cheek on the pillow and said, “nahi daaliye, pain ke saath thoda thoda mazza bhi aa raha hai”. Kiran Bhabhi poured some more oil on Radha Bhabhi’s ass hole and I plowed my thumb in her ass hole, that pained Radha Bhabhi but she handled that pain with just a loud cry and I started fucking Radha Bhabhi’s ass hole
with my thumb and after 3-4 minutes Radha Bhabhi got adjusted with a pain and started moaning more in pleasure and less in pain, then Kiran Bhabhi showed me two fingers and said, “thoda fast kariyega”. I inserted two fingers in Radha Bhabhi’s ass hole and that pained her more, I could feel that from her moan,
and I continued fisting Radha Bhabhi for next few minutes bit faster and Radha Bhabhi did not stopped moaning in pain and pleasure. Kiran Bhabhi poured some more oil on Radha Bhabhi’s ass hole and told me to cover my rod with condom, saying, “Bhaiya, aap condom lagaiye, main karti hoon”, I withdrew my finger from her anus and picked up condom,
now Kiran Bhabhi was in charge to fist Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi inserted two of her finger all of a sudden in Radha Bhabhi’s ass hole and Radha Bhabhi almost screamed in pain and said, “Ahhhh…..Bhabhi, dheere kariye”, Kiran Bhabhi laughed a bit, and said, “Radha ye pain kuch bhi nahi hai, Bhaiya ka penis iss se double mota hai”
and continued fucking Radha Bhabhi in speed through her finger, and spoke again, “mere husband ka penis Bhaiya ke penis se, lamba bhi hai aur mota bhi hai, jo mere husband ne ek jhatke mein poora mere anus ke ander daal diya tha” Radha Bhabhi was in pain as Kiran Bhabhi was fisting her butt with speed and with that she was talking to her to lessened
the tension and she asked Radha Bhabhi “tere husband ka kitna tha, bhaiya se badda tha ya chhota tha”?, Radha Bhabhi was in pain and could not stop moaning and once again Kiran Bhabhi asked her about the size of her late husband, saying, “kittna that tere husband ka, Bhaiya ke penis se mota tha”? this time Radha Bhabhi answered while puffing in pain and said,
“Bhaiya ka badda hai” then spoke to me, “Bhaiya aap kariye, Bhabhi bahut fast karr rahi hain, mujhe pain ho raha hai”. I looked at Kiran Bhabhi and she smiled and said, “Bhaiya aap issko abhi iss se double pain dene waale ho” and with that Kiran Bhabhi withdrew her fingers from Radha Bhabhi’s ass hole and poured more oil and suddenly inserted tree fingers all of a sudden and fucked her 2-3 times quickly.
Radha Bhabhi screamed louder and trembled in pain and tried to get away from Kiran Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi, stopped and spoke with bit of smile, “Radha abhi bahut pain hona hai, abhi to starting hai”. By this time I was ready after covering my rod with rubber and I was heavily aroused seeing that and wanted to fuck Radha Bhabhi in her ass, but I asked her as a formality,
“Bhabhi agar pain bear nahi ho paa raha to matt karo, normal sex karte hain” Radha Bhabhi gripped edges of the pillow in her hands and spoke after few seconds, as if she was thinking, “nahi karo, main pain bear karr sakti hoon”. Kiran Bhabhi told me to part Radha Bhabhi’s hips bit more and I parted them and once again Kiran Bhabhi poured some more oil and said,
“Bhaiya jitna dheere dheere mere ander insert kiya tha, bass waise hi karna, pahli baar hai na Radha ko bahut pain hoga”, Radha Bhabhi was laying on her stomach keeping one pillow under her belly and one under her chin, I sat around Radha Bhabhi’s thighs, and parted her hips and Kiran Bhabhi placed tip of my rod on Radha Bhabhi’s ass hole and spoke again,
“Radha, best of luck” I moved ahead and entered just a tip after bit of struggle as there was lot of oil and whole thing went slippery, as I entered hardly an Inch of my rod in Radha Bhabhi, she screamed in pain and I felt as my penis is stuck in a tight tunnel and I could not move it. I moved further in after a minute when I saw that Radha Bhabhi is prepared for further penetration,
this time another inch went inside Radha Bhabhi’s asshole and volume of Radha Bhabhi’s cry was louder, and she screamed like, “ahhhh…… ahhh……. Ah……” Kiran Bhabhi stopped me from going further inside and I waited for a minute and made few in out strokes very slowly. My every move was paining Radha Bhabhi and I could hear pain in her pleasure moans.
After 7-8 strokes I went bit deeper in Radha Bhabhi and her cry rose, now I was almost half inside her and could not move anywhere as Radha Bhabhi’s butt hole was very tight. Kiran Bhabhi squeezed one of Radha Bhabhi’s hips and said, “bass Radha ho gaya, abb bass aadha bacha hai, wo easily challa jaayega”
I pulled my self bit out and pumped Radha Bhabhi’s ass for 2-3 minutes without going further in and finally moved more inside her and heard her cry, Radha Bhabhi screamed and trembled in pain but never spoke to stop it and seemed as if she is trying to bear the pain, after a 2 more minutes I made final push and saw last inch of my rod getting inside Radha Bhabhi’s asshole and finally lied down on her after ripping her as hole completely.
Radha Bhabhi was crushing bed sheet between her palms and pulled the sheet when I made a last stroke and went completely inside her butt. I was lying on her top without moving my rod, which was stuck badly in the tight tunnel, called Radha Bhabhi’s ass hole. I kissed her shoulder and said, “Bhabhi mazza aagaya, thank you very much”
and with that I moved my lower half to fuck her but and once again Radha Bhabhi cried with that jerk and gradually my strokes started and pace increased. I could see that Radha Bhabhi was not enjoying, she was in pain, though I was in heaven because of the tightness of the Radha Bhabhi’s virgin Ass hole.
I stopped pumping her butt after 3-4 minutes firmly as it was paining her a lot, and withdrew my rod and turned Radha Bhabhi and kissed her on her lips and took out the condom, and inserted my rod in her cunt and continued fucking her till I cummed and more or less Radha Bhabhi also met her orgasm.
And finally went dead for next 10-15 minutes, till Kiran Bhabhi said, “geyser on hai abb ooth kar wash kar lo, main bed sheet change karr deeti hoon”. Me and Radha Bhabhi got up and cleaned our self with warm water, Radha Bhabhi almost took a bath and by the time we came out, bed sheet was changed and as such there was no mark of any dirty work which we did just before that.
As we came on bed, Kiran Bhabhi came beside me and tried to came in my arms and said, “Bass? mere saath nahi karenge?” I laughed and said, “karenge, before that I want to say something to both of you, and nobody is going to mind my words” Both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi stared at me as they were expecting me to speak up, I spoke after a minute
“main aap dono ko pyar karta hoon, aur dono ki care karta hoon, so if anyone of you is thinking, that I am biased then its not true, aur hum logon ko jabb tak saath rahna hai, hum logg khush rahenge, aur usske liye aap dono mein koi competition aur tension nahi honi chahiye”.
I could see that there was some type of tension was existing between Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi which was unsaid and my words really helped me to get the things get to the normal. Both of them Hugged me from there sides as I was lying between them and nobody uttered a word for a minute or two.
This time I broke the silence and spoke to Radha Bhabhi, “abb maine, Kiran Bhabhi ke saath karna hai, aur usske liye, aap mujhe arouse karoge” Radha Bhabhi smiled and said ok. We lied there for another 10 minutes and during that time Radha Bhabhi was playing with my limp rod and I could not see that it will get an erection, I was touching Kiran Bhabhi’s cunt and she was flooding, with her juices.
I was trying a lot to arouse myself by thinking about naughty things, but I was nowhere in the condition to penetrate Kiran Bhabhi, and both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi could see disappointment on my face, Radha Bhabhi got up and started sucking my rod tenderly and I got bit erect, but ultimate target was very far, I was not at my half the size.
This time Kiran Bhabhi spoke in soft voice, “Bhaiya mazza aaya Radha Ki gaand maar ke, meri bhi gaand maarenge ya apna lawda meri chut mein daalenge” definitely she was much more experienced than me and Radha Bhabhi and her words really aroused me so much. Radha Bhabhi was sucking my rod, when she heard these hardcore words she spoke in shock,
“Bhabhi kaisi gandi gandi baaten karr rahi hain”? Kiran Bhabhi smiled and said, “mere husband aise hi words bolte hain, aur bhaiya bhi boolte hain” then Kiran Bhabhi spoke to me and said, “Bhaiya kall Radha ki chut ka soup nikalna, issko bhi patta challe kaise niklata hai chut ke ander se soup”.
Radha Bhabhi was in utter shock to hear those hardcore words and stopped sucking my rod and as Kiran Bhabhi saw that she has stopped she spoke again this time to Radha Bhabhi, “Radha suck kar, dekh erection ho rahi hai” then Kiran Bhabhi asked me, “boliye Bhaiya, condom aur hai, meri gaand maarni hai, ya chut mein daalna hai”,
my rod grew further hard in Radha Bhabhi’s mouth and I spoke, “nahi Bhabhi, aapki Gaand main new year eve pe maarunga, abhi aapni taange kholo, maine aapki chut maarni hai” and with that I got up and Kiran Bhabhi lied down and I came on her top and entered in Kiran Bhabhi’s fuckhole and pumped her for next 5 minutes and finally Kiran Bhabhi got shattered
in orgasm and I too shivered without ejaculating much, hardly a drop of white cum. After that we lied there and just chit chatted till very late and Kiran Bhabhi told Radha Bhabhi about our soup concept and finally we have decided that we will do that on New Year eve, at a time one will be tied and other two will make him or her cum with a blast, without giving a halt.
Now I have experienced anal sex and I don’t feel like doing it again, at least for next few weeks, but let’s see if I will get aroused for that tightness then I will ask anyone of them, either Radha Bhabhi or Kiran Bhabhi, and I am sure, no one will say no to it. 
we all were living like family and life was moving and now despite of all problems at my work place I wanted to live there and wanted to work there, just because of these two, Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi. They knew this fact that I am facing problems in my professional life and they always cheered me up and always motivated me to fight with unhealthy conditions of the production unit where I was working. And truly speaking just because of them I realized that how important is physical love, because it not only takes off physical tiredness, it also relaxes mind and I feel that just because of my sexual and loving relation with them I was much more energetic than before. Anyway if I will get back to my experience then before that once again I should detail appearance of Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi.
As I mentioned earlier Kiran Bhabhi is fair and good looking lady with a typical gestures of females of late thirties with some extra talent of doing endless conversation. In physical appearance she is not at all slim rather her appearance is also most ordinary, standing nearly 5’5” with bit of tummy and nice fair big boobs, with lot of flesh on her arms, thighs and obviously on widely spread ass mounds.
On the other hand Radha Bhabhi is bit dusky in color in her thirties, bit taller than Kiran Bhabhi thought I cannot say that she is beautiful, rather she is average looking female having few birth marks on her face, but she had sharp features which are missing from Kiran Bhabhi’s face, even Radha Bhabhi is not slim but she has flat belly,
and same as Kiran Bhabhi she is also having fleshy thighs and nice round and wide ass with lovely pair of big and soft breasts, and nature wise she is very calm and soft spoken. Anyway, we had few plans of New Year Eve, along with love and sex we decided to have bit of alcohol on that night. Basically it was suggested by Kiran Bhabhi, as she use to drink it bit often which initially I didn’t knew.
She had a whole Bar kind of a collection in her shelf as her husband was a big alcoholic and she also started taking bit frequently while living alone. Even I use to have it but very much in control, and always preferred bear as compared to hard drinks. And as far as Radha Bhabhi was concerned, she was in the company of Kiran Bhabhi from last few years so she was also aware of the taste of that thing.
So things got fixed for 31st December, but just a week before that all hopes got shattered, I received call from my parents, and they wanted me there on the 1st of January, I had to go, I explained this to Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi, and as expected they got disappointed but none of them asked me to cancel or postpone my program.
So we mutually decided that we will celebrate our own New Year Eve whenever I will come back. So on 28th of December I boarded the train and reached there next day, things at my parents end were not casual, I was called there for some purpose, and they wanted me to meet two girls which according to them were suitable for me to marry.
I tried to avoid it but matter was inescapable, I met both of them with a difference of nearly three days, and thing did not clicked on both the places. Fortunately I got rejected at both the places because of my working place, as mentioned earlier in my first post leaving a metropolitan city I was working at a small town of India and both the girls were associated with corporate sector so they didn’t had any career option there.
So matter ended like that and I rejoiced with in myself after getting a narrow escape from the matter but with that I got bit occupied with the fact that this matter will not subside till the end, and my parents will continued to find matches for me, and I wanted to stop them because I did not wanted such ties in my life,
I was already living in heaven with Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi and in a way for me it was more than a marriage. So for that I told my parents to postpone the this whole quest of finding a match for me, giving a reason that I am facing problems at my work place and cannot consider myself settled in the job.
Undoubtedly I lied to my parents because now I was not struggling that much, anyway they somewhat agreed on this. Living there with my parents for few more days I booked my ticked and before that I bought two gifts, one for each and it was a dress which they never use to wear. Long skirt and a cut sleeve top for Radha Bhabhi and stretchable slacks and a round neck long t-shirt for Kiran Bhabhi.
I moved from my place for my work town and really suffered a lot to reach back to Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi, because I didn’t have reservation and I was sitting outside the toilet in the train for the whole night. Through out the journey I was planning that celebration night with my lovely Bhabhi’s and I wanted to do something different,
initially nearly a month back I had a plan to talk to them about my desire to have anal sex with them on New Year Eve, but somehow we did anal sex before that and truly speaking now I was not that much attracted towards it, so I was making some other plans and by the time I reached to my destination I had one idea to apply,
but at that time I didn’t knew that whether we will enjoy that or not and moreover that idea was not fully cooked because I had one more thing in my mind that I have to tell them that my parents are looking for a girl to marry me. Anyway reached there and instead of going to my flat I knocked Kiran Bhabhi’s door after seeing lock at Radha Bhabhi’s flat.
I reached somewhere in the middle of the day and met my loving Bhabhi’s as both of them were sitting there only. I was tired so after having bit of breakfast I slept in Kiran Bhabhi’s bedroom and got up nearly 4 had something more as a lunch, then I went to my flat changed my clothes and came back for the evening tea after some time.
By now I was back in my mode and tiredness of last night’s journey was vanished. Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi were looking lovely and when I compared superficially those girls with whom my parents were expecting me to marry with Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi, I somewhat believed that none of them would have loved me as much as these two love me.
Anyway our chitchat started and casually both asked me about my parents and all that. I wanted to tell them that for which purpose my parents called me, but I could see that both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi were really very happy to see me I did not dared to speak that, because I knew that they will get depressed when they will come to know that my parents are looking for there perspective daughter-in-law.
Anyway tea ended and we were just sitting like that in Kiran Bhabhi’s flat and conversation about our celebration of New Year Eve was on the cards and finally Kiran Bhabhi spoke about that with a smile “to fir kaise karna hai raat ka program, anal sex karna hai na”? I smiled a bit to hear that;
Kiran Bhabhi was very down to earth and never hesitated in saying anything if she gets frank with anyone, “dekhte hain Bhabhi, kaise karna hai, sex to hum karte hi rahte hain but I have some plans to make this night special, provided you agree with that”. Kiran Bhabhi smiled on that and spoke,
“I am ready for anything, consider yes from my side”, I looked at Radha Bhabhi to hear yes from her side and she too said yes to it and continued with a question that exactly what plan I have saying, “I am also Ok with whatever you say, waise plan kya hai”? “That I will tell you later, first tell me what all I have to get for the evening”
I asked them, Kiran Bhabhi spoke “I have a bottle of Vodka, you just get orange soft drink and whatever you want to eat” so finally we settled with a plan of having Vodka as our drink mixed with Fanta and few snacks like spring rolls and few readymade things like salted cashew nuts and Dhokla and all.
Finally I got up to go and before that I explained them first step of my plan, that they have to get ready for the evening in a way as if they are going to some marriage party, with proper make up and jewelry. Time was nearly 6:30 at that time and we fixed time of meeting again at 8, at Radha Bhabhi’s flat.
Just before leaving there flat to get the eatables I thought about saying something to Radha Bhabhi, and turned to her and spoke while looking at her, “Bhabhi no dull colors, you have to wear bright color saree, and nothing except saree”, she smiled and moved her head in yes. I said that because mostly she uses to wear dull colors, because she was widow and that night I wanted to see her in bright colors.
It took me bit longer than expected to get the fanta, unfortunately places around my apartment where soft drinks are available were rather closed or they didn’t had orange flavor soft drink, and I had to walk a lot to get that orange drink. Anyway it took me bit longer to get soft drink and those snacks,
then I moved in my house to get ready and after getting a shower with a warm water I wore white color kurta with chuddidar pajami and green color stroll, typical Indian out fit for men which people generally wear either on marriages or on festival nights like Diwali or some other spiritual occasion precisely which I never use to wear and it was a mere my luck that I had that here.
Anyway after that I moved to Radha Bhabhi’s flat with two liter bottle of Fanta and whatever I had to eat and rang the door bell, Radha Bhabhi opened the door, and seriously she was looking stunning in firozi color sari with a silver color embroidery work on it, she was wearing lot of colorful bangles in her both the hands with a heavy gold necklace, and matching earrings and couple of finger rings.
She smelled fresh, with bit of make up on her cheeks and deeper color lipstick with kajal filled eyes, also with a small silver color dot in the middle of her forehead called Bindi, and feminine odor of her body was more than enough to make me fall in love with her once again. She welcomed me with a smile and expressed her happiness from her eyes as she saw me in Indian ethnic wear
and finally spoke “Bhaiya aap bahut pyare lagg rahe hain”. I smiled and responded back by giving her a complement, “Bhabhi aap bhi bahut pyari lagg rahi hain, mann kar raha hai abhi aapse shaadi kar loon” Radha Bhabhi smiled and spoke “dheere boliye, Kiran Bhabhi ne sun liya to unhe fir se insecurity hone lagegi” and we laughed on that, and just after a minute of that Kiran Bhabhi entered in the flat,
with a bottle of vodka, she too was looking lovely, wearing heavy magenta color saree with a golden embroidery work on it, she too was wearing pure gold necklace with matching earrings and couple of finger rings with lot of bangles with a golden color dot in the middle of her forehead as her bindi, and she too praised my out fit saying,
“Bhaiya kurte pajame mein bahut handsome lagg rahe hain” I too gave her compliment saying, “Bhabhi aap bhi bahut beautiful lagg rahi ho”. “aisa lagg raha hai hum teeno kisi shaadi mein jaa rahe hain” Kiran Bhabhi spoke with a giggle and we both smiled on that. “so what’s next, abb kya karna hai” Radha Bhabhi asked me with a smile,
“switch on the TV, some music channel and get the cards, let’s play cards, rummy”, I replied, “Bhaiya sex nahi karenge”, Kiran Bhabhi asked me while looking into my eyes and from her gesture I could see that she was eagerly waiting for that only. “karenge Bhabhi definitely we will do, but what is the hurry, we have whole night, it’s just 8:30 let’s enjoy this moment slowly”,
“I know but kya karoon, main bahut baichane ho rahi hoon”, Kiran Bhabhi replied with a smile and I could see that she really meant that, she was getting eager to have sex and we both me and Radha Bhabhi smiled on her condition while looking at each other. Radha Bhabhi went inside to get the cards.
Bottle of our drinks were kept on dinning table, I pointed finger and spoke to Kiran Bhabhi “Bhabhi aap drink banaiye” Kiran Bhabhi went inside the kitchen and by the time she came out with three glasses and things to munch, Radha Bhabhi and I was counting cards while sitting on the carpet, around central table.
Kiran Bhabhi came with three glasses and took out one for her saying, “this is mine, actually it is bit stronger”, Radha was dealing cards and we started, before picking up my cards, I announced, “whoever will win the game among you, will get a chance to kiss me and if I will win then I will ask whatever I want”
both Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi smiled on that and picked up there cards and couple of times started at me with a smile and focused on there hand of cards to win the game. Something was running in my mind, I wanted to do something different to make this night memorable, I could see from there gesture that both of them were playing very seriously and giving there best to win the game, I too wanted to win the game.
In between we were sipping our drink and for me that drink was stronger, actually mostly I use to have only bear and may be it was my 4th or 5th time that I was having hard drink and was having vodka for the first time. Radha Bhabhi was slowest among us to drink and Kiran Bhabhi was fastest to gulp her glass by the time I was half finished,
Kiran Bhabhi was almost up with her quantity and moreover she had the stronger one with more of alcohol and less of orange. Couple of times I told Radha Bhabhi to drink along with playing and every time I said she took a sip, and from her gesture I could see that she too was not habitual of consuming anything like this.
Finally by the time my drink ended game also ended and Radha Bhabhi was winner of that game. As Radha Bhabhi declared the game, Kiran Bhabhi got bit disappointed and stared at Radha Bhabhi in that gesture. Radha Bhabhi was smiling while looking at me and tried to get up a bit to move towards me, I stopped her and told her to finish her drink first,
she still had half of it and she tried to avoid by saying, “I will have it later” I said, “no, finish it, you will get another with a next game”, “Bhaiya ye bahut strong hai, I will not be able to finish it like this.”, “Radha Bhabhi once again tried to avoid it, “no you have to” with that I took her glass and went closer to her and tried to make her drink that bit forcefully by holding her
from her shoulder with one hand and Radha Bhabhi co-operated and gulped most of it in one go and rest of it in another and finally blinked her eyes. “now you are eligible to do what you have won” We all were sitting on the carpet around the central table and Radha Bhabhi was sitting opposite to me, she got up and came to me and sat beside me,
tilted her face to mine and pushed me a bit to rest my back against the couch and leaned over me and then kissed me and kissed me hungrily thrusting her tongue into my mouth with full affection and passion, Her lips were lovely, full and soft and slightly moist, with a blend taste of her lipstick’s brand and the way Radha Bhabhi kissed me, I could feel that how badly she needed me rather how badly she needs me.
Well after a long passionate kiss in which me and Radha Bhabhi explored each other’s mouth nicely we continued our game and this time, Radha Bhabhi got up made the drink for all of us and this time she took my glass and gave me the one which belonged to her earlier, with a mark of lipstick.
Kiran Bhabhi distributed the cards and once again we started playing another game of rummy. As drink was made by Radha Bhabhi so it was softer than the one we had earlier, and Kiran Bhabhi needed bit harder so she add more alcohol to her glass. This time I could she that Kiran Bhabhi was trying her best to win the game and from her facial expressions I we could guess that she really had a good hand.
This time she was not all focused on her drink and finally she won and drank more than half of her glass in one go and looked at me with a smile and said, “Bhaiya abb meri baari hai”. I too finished my drink which was almost over and raised my arms to say come to me and Kiran Bhabhi got up from my left and pushed me, and she did not pushed me against couch,
she made me lie down on the carpet and came all over me kissed me like a hungry animal for couple of minutes and explored my mouth as if she is going to eat me, my hands moved from her shoulder to her waist and then further to her ass mounds over her sari and I rubbed them a bit, by now Kiran Bhabhi was heavily aroused and bit more drunk then we two,
and she continued to lick my neck and face and desperately needed my support and want to start love making then and there. As she was kissing me on my face and chest over clothes I grabbed her face in my both the hands and lifted to looked into her eyes, our eyes met and I could see hell of sexual desire in her eyes which was making her crazy with every passing second.
“Bhabhi, abhi thodi der mein hum sex karenge, let’s have another game” I spoke while looking into her eyes, “nahi, mujhe abhi karna hai, please Bhaiya main pagal ho rahi hoon” Kiran Bhabhi replied in excitement, “Bhabhi hum poori raat sex karenge, thoda sa control karo bahut mazza aayega”.
Finally Kiran Bhabhi got up from my top and I told her to make our drink and I started dealing cards and this time once again our drink was harder as it was made by Kiran Bhabhi. Once again Kiran Bhabhi won the game and this time I moved to her place and made her sit against the couch and kissed her nicely while leaning over her and sensing her physical urge
I played with her big luscious melons over her blouse and squeezed them nicely to pleasure her. By the time next game started with a refilled glass of lighter drink made by me, both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi admitted that they are enjoying this, as in the beginning they were feeling that the whole idea of playing game as a waste of time and distraction in their long
awaited sexual pleasure, and with that firstly Radha Bhabhi admitted that now her panty has started getting wet with the thought of upcoming sexual pleasure and their words from the beginning when Kiran Bhabhi praised this idea of spending eve were, “Bhaiya, pahle lagg raha tha ki hum time waste kar rahe hain lekin, abb iss game mein mujhe mazza aaraha hai, kyun Radha”.
By the end of the statement Kiran Bhabhi asked Radha Bhabhi whether she is liking it or not, and Radha Bhabhi too admitted by saying, “hmmm… mazza to bahut aarha hai, truelly speaking slowly I am getting wetter and wetter in my panty” and Kiran Bhabhi too responded in positive way saying, “panty to meri bhi gilli ho rahi hai, ye soch soch ke kitna mazza aayega ittne dino ke baad sex karne mein”.
Anyway game proceeded and in between Radha Bhabhi asked me that for how long we will play, and I said “till the time I win the game, as I have something in my mind and I want both of you doing that” hearing that Kiran Bhabhi looked at Radha Bhabhi and smiled, I could feel that both had only one thing in mind that now they have to loose the game intentionally,
and they were commuting this from there eyes, I spoke in continuation, “don’t think of loosing game intentionally because I am sure both of you will not like whatever I am going to ask”, Kiran Bhabhi responded for that asking, “aap anal sex karna chahte ho na, humen koi problem nahi hai kar lena, kyun Radha”
once again as her habit Kiran Bhabhi wanted to get her statement acknowledged by Radha Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi replied positively saying, “ haan mujhe bhi koi problem nahi hai, ek baar to ho hi chuka hai”. I smiled as I really had something else in my mind and spoke to Kiran Bhabhi, “Bhabhi as such I don’t feel like doing anal sex,
I have experienced that and I will ask you for that whenever I will feel like doing that, so forget about anal sex, it’s something else”. Radha Bhabhi turned to me and spoke with a smile, “thanks for saying that, last time that thing (anal sex) really pained me a lot and by the way what do you want from us then”.
I smiled while keeping that thing up to me only and just said, “It’s your turn and make sure that you don’t loose, I assure you that both of you are not going to like what I will ask”. We continued and finally it was my hand who won that game, may be both of them had a plan to loose the game.
So I finished my drink and forced them to finish it quickly and both of them did that immediately to proceed further and stared at me after putting their glasses down, expecting me to ask what I want, and I broke the silence saying, “I want to see both of you in 69”. As expected both of them were stunned and Kiran Bhabhi took it lightly in the beginning as if I am joking and spoke with a giggle,
“Bhaiya pagal ho gaye hai kya”, Radha Bhabhi too had a smile on her face and she too spoke in same making fun mode, “Bhaiya we are not lesbians”, “I never said that you are lesbians, I just have a desire to see you in 69, giving pleasure to each other and after some time I will join, what’s the big deal in this, chalo karte hain naa, mazza aayega”.
I tried to clear my side, but they were in the state that they were not ready to believe whatever I asked and Radha Bhabhi smiled again and said, “Bhaiya have you gone mad, I mean why are you doing this to us, we don’t want to do that”. “Bhabhi just try it, who knows, you may like it and you may find new way to pleasure each other in my absence”.
As I finished, Kiran Bhabhi spoke, “Are you going back again” I said, “no, I am not going back, I am just trying something new” both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi were staring at me and finally I spoke again, “I may get married in some time then……, I mean…. I think both of you know what I mean” I finished my sentence with lot of pauses and fumbles and suddenly the whole environment got tensed,
no one among Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi uttered a word, they just kept on staring on me for next few seconds and both seemed bit depressed or you can say bit scared. “When are you getting married”? Radha Bhabhi asked me in a very soft voice, I smiled, “Bhabhi I am not getting married, actually my parents are thinking about this and in this visit I have met two girls and fortunately none of them liked me,
I mean they were not ready to leave their town for this place, so matter ended and I have said no to my parents for any other such meetings, but……they are really getting eager for that”. Both of them were silent and again did not uttered a word even when I finished, then Kiran Bhabhi spoke, while taking my hand in her hand and after placing it on her head
“Bhaiya mere sir pe haath rakh kar boliye, swear on me that your marriage is not fixed yet”. I smiled a bit as a formality, “Bhabhi don’t you trust me, I swear on you that both the girls have rejected me and even if they would have said yes then I would have rejected that proposal, so as such there is nothing to worry”
Radha Bhabhi was silent and she was just looking at me, and Kiran Bhabhi spoke again in the tone as if she is trying to make me understand something, “Bhaiya you are already married, aapki shaadi ho chuki hai, hum dono ke saath,” as Kiran Bhabhi finished her sentence, Radha Bhabhi spoke,
“tell us what you want, we will give you whatever you want rather we have given you everything which one wife gives to her husband, we really love you like we never loved anyone, just ask whatever you want and we will give you, whatever means whatever” Radha Bhabhi was really getting emotional,
and I wanted to release their tension and for that I spoke bit casually in a humorous tone while getting up, “I want both of you in 69 with each other, wait for me I will be back in a moment” I moved to go to the toilet. Though both Radha Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi smiled a bit on my tiny joke but I could see that tension was yet not released.

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