With my SISTER

A real incident of my life.
Its a long story have patent and enjoy if u read this u will really enjoy it.
First I introduce my self my name is rohit I m 26 year old man I m not so handsome or anything I m normal 5’9. normal built.
I work in a marketing field in delhi.
I was transfer to delhi couple of months earlier.
Though I m not new to delhi I did my mba from delhi itself but now I return back after 3 years.
I took a room near my office but I have to travel a lot so I just come a sleep nothing else.
My landlord is very sweet lady and had two daughters her husband is no more.
She also work in some parlor I never ask.
Her younger daughter name is neha and elder daughter name is sheha.
Both r beautiful but younger have loads of attitude all desi nautanki as u know delhiites she is just 21 year and study in some college.
Nice figure I don’t know the measurement but 5’4 or 5’5 height boobs r not to big not to small.big round eyes perfect ass in short perfect maal.
always wear tight jeans and tops or trunk tops,light makeup,leather boots,bracelet. And full on attitude
Elder daughter Sneha is 25 year old married but staying with her mom for a while she is sober cute height same as younger but little taller big boobs perfect ass according to her personality
Always wear kurte and jeans no makeup at all but look beautiful.
I never have a chance to talk to them till that day.
I came home bit late that day its almost 12 and my room is on roof back side it is small room but enough for me I saw her corner of the roof smoking as soon she saw me she become nervous and try to hide I didn’t say anything and walk toward my room and open the lock and get inside.
I took off my shoes and took the bottle of water but there was no water I was feeling very trusty now what u do.
I thought something and went out.
Excuse me ma’am can I have a cold water please I don’t have water.
She just look at me and than I show him my empty bottle and said I m not in hurry u can finish it.
And went inside to change my cloths and took shower.
When I came back I saw a bottle full of water lying on my bed side and a small note written please don’t tell anyone.
I just smile and took the bottle and walk outside but there was no one.
I close the door switch of the light and sleep.
Next morning I was getting ready for my office and door knock and I open the door and Sneha was standing outside.
She said my bottle .she was looking nervous and innocent I came back took the bottle and paper and wrote ‘its all right relax ! I m not going to tell anyone’.
And hand the bottle and note to her she read the note and smile and went downstairs.
And I get ready and went to office.when I came back from the office again she was smoking we exchange smile and first time I talk to her.I still remember.It was saturday and I had a little argument with my TL and I was not in good mood I walk slowly to stare and and walking toward my room but I heard something a voice I saw but there was no one than again I heard and try know from where it was coming and I saw Sneha is sitting between the two piller I walk to her very quietly and sat just opposite to her and light of moon was bright falling on her. her eyes was close and tears were rolling down looking like small diamond shining due to moon light I cannot describe in words she was looking so beautiful.
I was thinking she was so beautiful than y was she crying seeing her crying my heart also weep with no reason I call her name very slowly sneha.
But she didn’t answer
Again I said little louder sneha and she open her every very gradually and two tears rolle from her eyes she saw Me..
And stand up and move toward the ralling of the roof I came to my room open the gate and bright the glass of water and kept beside her she was looking outside to the main road and I walk back to my room change my shoes to sleepers and quietly came out stand beside her watching the road
She drank the water and again watching the road and I was like stupid standing besides her thinking what to say or not to say standing after 10 min she saw me and start walking towards the stares and stop and said in cute childish voice
ROHIT..I turn back and again she said thank u.
And I stupidly smile and said always with you.
I can still see the sadness in her eyes but a confusion also and she just smile and went downstairs… And I was still standing there like an idiot and thinking what I just said.
Always with u what the hell I hardly know her y I said these things…
And after some time I came back to my room but still lost in my own world .
next morning I wake little late though it was sunday I just want to relax.
Whole day noting usual happend everything is same and nite came I had my dinner from outside I usually eat from outside only and came back to my room its almost 11 o clock and I was listening soft music on my laptop all the sudden I heard a knock on my door I switch off the laptop and went outside to see and I saw sneha was standing at the front of the terrace with a pack of Cigrate and a lite and she saw me a give me a little smile I too smile and went near her.
She lite her Cigrate and start smoke and we start chatting on the general topic what I do where I m from how is life etc etc.
its almost half and hour that all the sudden my cell start beeping and and I took the call in front of her ..
Its from my sister her name is medha and she start talking very quickly I can hardly understand what she is saying and I told he slowly slowly ..
She told me bhai I need help I was bit nervous what happend to her y she is in panic she told me one of her friend need a urgent help I ask her tell me full story and she said her friend is standing on bus stand somebody stolen her purse and had no money at all and had no balance so she can’t call anyone else.
I said ok I will see relax and give her no to Me..
She text her no and I call her friend to enquire what really happend .
She was standing anand vihar bus stop and had no money and sounding like afraid ..I told her calm down I m coming I told to sneha that I have to go its an emergency and change my cloths and took a bottle to water and start my bike the bus stop is very far from my room.and I was riding fast to reach to her and at the same time thinking what she was doing middle of the night on the bus stop.
It took almost 1 hour and 20 min to reach to the bus stop and I park my bike and try to find her I saw her sitting on a bench looking very afraid I came near to her and call her name RIYA she saw me and hug me very tight like I will leave her and run away I calm her down but she still hugging Me.
her boobs were touching on my chest and due to afraid her nipples r erect and poke on my chest I feel something different but I act like mature and make her sit on the bench and gave her water to drink and I saw her there was tears rolling down her eyes I try to make her stop crying and and said relax now I m here its ok.
And make her drink water she took a sip and again hug me we r still sitting on that bench and this time I too hug her and try to make comfortable atmosphere now she was feeling better.
I call my sister and handed my cell phone to her and she start talking ..
Its almost 2 o clock in nite and I went to enquire about the bus but there is no bus before 10 in morning.
I came back and tell her u can come with me to my room its waste of time to sit here and wait for bus there is no bus till morning I will drop u in morning.
And she was still on phone my sister also heard and said same to her.
She think for a while and said ok.
I she took her luggage and we left the bus station and I start my bike and I drove back to my room I drove little fast and there is no traffic so we reach at 3 at my room I open my room and invite her in I can see in her face she was hesitating little bit because I have single bed and room is also not so big anyway she come in I told her she can relax and take rest in morning before going to office I will drop her to bus stop and she sat on bed and said where will u sleep I just smile and said don’t worry about me I prefer a chair u can sleep on bed she went to washroom and change her dress and wear a loose top and pajama I just watch her she was not so pretty like my sister but have a perfect figure I can make out her bra strap from her top though it was made with very thin material 
And she came to her bed which was not mine for today and gave me little smile and sleep I close the light and start think and want to sleep but unable because chair is not so comfortable.
First time there was a girl in my room and I was sitting very close to her but still can’t do anything because she was my sister friend and I hardly know her 
I meet her 3 4 time only in her college when my sister introduce her to me I never talk to her but today she was alone in my room and no one else.
And I don’t know when I sleep I wake up at 7 o clock and had morning erection every man know what is it though I didn’t have a sound sleep that’s y I was still feeling sleepy and tired too but have to go to office I was just looking down to my pent having a bulge and try to relax it and I saw to riya she was watch directly on my bulge and I become little scare and took a cushion and put on my lap and she saw me and smile and put her face on other side and sleep again.
I fell till embrace I went to bathroom and get fresh and went to kitchen to make tea I make tea every morning.
I make a strong tea for both of us and bring the cup near to her and call her riya ‘chai’.
She look at me and try to sit and I handed a cup of tea to her.
She was still feeling sleepy
I finish my tea went to bathroom and took a shower and came out only in towel she still sleep and hurried and put my pant and start combing my hair and again said riya hurry up or u will loose your bus again
She get up and took her towel and something I didn’t saw her and move toward bathroom.
She was in hurry I get dress up and try to arrange my bed and than put my stuff in my bag and bathroom door open and she came out I saw her and lost she was in towel wet hair and I can see her half of her boobs and milky white legs 
o god I never saw a girl in such position and I had a hard on but try to handle the situation I said I m going to clean my bike just give me a miss call when u get ready.
And went downstair.
And in side my mind I was saying vooo man she is hot.
After a little while I get a call and I came back and we went out.
I drop her to the bus stop purchase ticket and handed ticket and some extra cash and came back to office.
She text me thank you I was in office but not feeling well so I said to my boss I want a day off I m not feeling well and went back on my driving back I was feeling hungry its almost 12 in noon and stop my bike near a dhaba and order food and my phone rang again I saw its from my sister I told her everything and she hung up I was thinking I didn’t reply riya msg I took mobile and text her ‘its ok anytime’ and said give me miss call when you reach home.
And till that time food also came I eat my food and came back to my room
Its really hot day I try to sleep but unable o god !
thinking..6 7 months back I was living like king I travel by my own car my room is Ac but I lost everything for nothing
Now I struck nowhere It all my fault
Anyways Mabe after bath I get some sleep
Thinking of that I get up took my t shirt off and my capry and went to bath.
Open shower and water is cold I was enjoying it singing along tu Jaana naa…
I heard something but didn’t care and enjoying my bath close tap and search for a towel and I saw a black bra hanging back side of the door I was shook than realise its riya bra which she was warring last night I took her bra and smell I still get some of her smell and my penis erect.
I was in jolly mood haven’t masturbate long time and now it perfect time today I saw a girl in towel also and now her bra in my hand
I wrap the towel around and singing song and spinning her bra in one hand came out with the bulge which is now making tent under my towel.
And as soon I open the door I was in deep shock.
What the hell sneha was sitting on my bed and I was standing like a dumb in one hand I was holding riya bra and another hand I was holding towel I feel so embrace what to shout but unable and watch her and she was laughing 
Same like morning riya was standing in towel now I feel how she felt watching me to riya like sneha was watch Me.
I said to her I want to change my cloths.
She was still laughing and said carry on
Me: please go out I had to search my cloths
Sheha: its my house
Me:please sneha its a request
Sneha:she was still laughing and went out I hurry search my cloths and wear it and start combing my hair
Sneha: aa jau And I said Yep but as soon she came in and saw me she again start laughing
I was feeling very ashame and in my back of mind thinking she think me as a pervert and many more things r coming in my mind
sneha:its a lovely bra its your I turn around and saw she was holding bra and laughing
I just took bra from her hand and throw in a bucket where I keep all my laundry cloths to wash.
And it perfectly dump in the basket 
Sneha: vooo nice throw and said u didn’t answer my question
Me: its not mine its my sister friend riya she forgot to take her
Sneha: oookkk .. in teasing so u score last nite haan.
Me: I was little angry ‘stop it sneha its not what u thinking she just forget it and I didn’t Do anything ok now stop please.
And how come u r in my room.
Sneha : keep quite for a while and said relax I was just teasing u its ok I believe u .ok now relax I came here because I m having problem in my laptop can u fix it.
And in very childish was she said please please.
I turn around but unable to see her because of embarrass she was sitting on my bed and I sat next to her but chair and took her laptop and try to figure out what’s the problem is.
And she innocencently look to laptop and than me figuring what is the problem
I told her It will take time u have to leave it I m little tired because I didn’t sleep in night I will fix it when I will wake up.
And as soon I said she start laughing
me: what the hell what’s wrong to u..
She didn’t said anything and ok please fix it when u wake up in laughing voice and went out.
My mood is really off I lock the door and took my shirt off and try to sleep
Thinking what just happend
And sleep with in a min I wake up around 8 feeling very hungry I went out for dinner and when I coming back sneha call me she said did u fix my laptop she was still smiling I wake up just now I m just going for that only and I came to my room.
Its still hot I just took my shirt and open her laptop and start working on it..
I just start formatting her c drive and put a new window there was loads of virus its better to format I thought.
And as soon it complete I open her computer her private folder and saw few pic of her vow she is very beautiful 
In one pic she was standing with there parents and one male person was also there whome everyone is hugging
And saw more pic
there is lots of his pics and there was one whole folder of his pic and name of that folder was nitin
And when I was going to format at that time also… name of the computer was also nitin only
I feel strange so I kept nitin again
at around quarter to 11.. I heard a knock on my door I open the door and sneha was standing she came in and ask about her laptop I told her there was lots of virus so I format it..
and she shouted nooooo y u format my laptop without asking me there was lots of imp things of mine and her eyes were red in anger and wet like she will going to weep.
And hurry open her laptop
I was bit surprise and happy for inside because she was laughing in morning of my condition and now she is crying
than I said relax I only format c colen and your data your still there I shift your data to another colen.
And till that time the laptop is also on
She saw that her data was safe and took a deep breath.but still her eyes r wet and I can make her heart is still pumping very fast
I took the bottle of water and hand it to her
She quietly drink the water.and still watching laptop and try to find her data.
And she smile a little watching something and took another deep breath.
It was same folder ..nitin
And than she said I would have died if my data is lost ..
And I was sitting like stupidit watch her.
Again she said sorry in her sweet childish voice
I just smile and said u welcome again she said thank u like dumb I again repeat same. She ask me can I smoke here
I said nothing just shake my head.
She lite her Cigrate and sat on my bed ..
I ask her very polite ‘can I ask u a question’
And she turn around and saw me and she shake her head that means shoot.
who is nitin…
She saw me few sec like thinking something and said ‘he was my brother’
Nothing usual happend to her face or gesture she was still smoking like before 
But her eyes was telling something other story..
She open same folder and open one of his pic with her and smile and said ‘he is no more but still he is with Me’..
And start watching his pic..
I didn’t utter a word and just watching her 
Sneha: ‘my father and brother died in road accident 3 years ago’.
Me: I m sorry I don’t know that but she said nothing and watching there pic.
She is very strong girl and I can make out from her eyes that she will cry but holding her tears tight inside.
And I just leave her like that for sometime..
Now her Cigrate is also finish but she is still lost in her memories.
And than all the suddenly my phone beep there was a msg from riya saying I reach thanks for your help.
And I reply its now take rest.
And till that time sneha switch off the laptop and sat on my bed in relax mood.
And again lite another Cigrate.
And trying to making circle with the smoke.
And she change the topic  And trying to making circle with the smoke.
And she change the topic 
all the sudden she ask me did u seriously didn’t do anything last nite and again she blast a bomb on me ..
Me: no no no I told u I did nothing she sleep on bed and try to sleep on the chair that’That’s y I hardly sleep last nite
Sneha :and that bra she forgot right..
Me: I swear to u she might forgot it I don’t know
Sneha :in a mischief mood said ‘seriously’
Me: yes yr I m not telling lie and I was talking like a small kid that I didn’t do anything wrong..
Sneha :ok ok don’t swear Is Ok..
And all the sudden she blast another bomb on me and I was total gone in shock
Sneha: how many girls did u bang till now
Me: I was nervous embarrass and ashame all the sudden what to say and how to say
But unable to say anything I was quite.
But watch me she said
Sneha: its ok v r now buddy u can tell me don’t be so embarrass ..
Me: If I tell u than also u will not believe 
Sneha : array tell naa I will …and she was expecting something else.
What figure I will going to say…
But actually the matter was different
Me: I m still a virgin I said very fast.
Mabe she didn’t hear
Sneha :what what what???? I didn’t hear please say again
Me: I m still a virgin but now I now have no shame ..And I directly see in her eyes .
Sneha :no Saach mai tum Abhi tak virgin no way its impossible
But the truth is I was.
Me: yes I m virgin so its crime or what what y r u so surprise. 
Sneha didn’t said anything just watching me 
And all the sudden 
Sneha: tum jhoot to nahi Bool raha ho..
Me: nahi yr y will I say lie to u I m a still a virgin 
Sneha : I have not complete my sentence in middle she said tum guy ho kya…
Me: I little angry tone tum Pagal ho kya nahi mai gay nahi hu..
Sneha :fir koi mile nahi kya…
Me: just smile Milaa to bhout bus baat nahi bane vo kahata hai naa sahe time nahi aaya.
Sneha :just shake her head thinking something 
Me :kya huya were r u lost.
Sneha: nothing and smile back
I too smile and didn’t said anything 
V both r quite 
And than I said I have to go to office tomorrow I need to sleep.
She just smile and leave my room.
And I sleep.
Same routing happend next day till nite and at nite when I came back she didn’t came to roof I was little sad than again next day I wait for her but she didn’t show up.
I thought Mabe she get angry or something.
than 4 ,5 day she didn’t show up i was little frustrated by than and sunday late evening I went to downstairs like that only 
And aunty open the door I just ask for a little cold water and aunty smile and said come in I sit. I sat on a sofa and she ask me that I did I done my dinner or not I told her that I was just going to have she went inside and said wait for a while and voice came from inside dinner yahe kar lo aaj 
And bring me food till that time neha her younger daughter also came by and v all have dinner together
I enquire about Sneha aunty told me she has gone to her in laws house.
I finish my dinner and went back to my room
and thinking that I didn’t masturbate from long time and today is a perfect time to realise I saw neha in short dress at dinner and her milky with legs and cleavage make me hot I took all my cloths and start pumping my penis 
And took riya bra from my laundry bag and smell it wrap around my cock and masturbate and I shoot loads of cum and went to sleep naked
From next day same routing started I go to office come back and sleep.
Nothing usual ..
And friday nite I had a argument again with my TL and had a bad mood came back to my room and open my gate lock all the suddenly I heard a sweet voice from my back and Sneha was standing at the balcony
I forget all my bad mood and smile back to her walk toward her and said hi.
Me: when did u came back
Sneha : today
Me: how was it..
Sneha : as usual
Sneha : and your day
Me : not so good had a little argument with my TL
Sneha : chill ….don’t worry it happends
And lite her Cigrate and start smoking 
I took the Cigrate from her hand and took a long puff 
And Sneha was watching me surprisely and I make a 1 2 3 circle in air and her eyes become wide open..
And handed a Cigrate to her.
Sneha : vooo man how u do that and when u start smoking 
Me : actually I didn’t start.. I quit smoking Long time back ..
Sneha : u r such a secretive man ..
I just smile.
And v start talking usual stuff and I said wait let me change my cloths first ..
Sneha : can I watch and start laughing 
Me: I didn’t say anything went in side change my cloths and call her in..
She sat on my bed …
Sneha : mr secretive what else u didn’t tell me 
Me : ha ha ha array its nothing I didn’t tell u because I quit long time back and now I don’t smoke 
Sneha : Oooo Hmmmmm
Me : can I ask u a question
Sneha : ok shoot
Me : I know its personal non of my business but still if u don’t want to answer don’t answer ok its all up to u..
Sneha what????????
Me : y r u crying that day outside my room in dark.
Sneha : didn’t said anything 
Me : its ok if u don’t want to ………tell.
Sneha : in a middle ….u really want to know
Me: just put one my eyebrow little higher means yep.
Sneha: I had a lots of problem in my life and I was listening carefully 
Sneha: my husband work in mnc and mostly travel he don’t love me have no feeling toward me because I m not complete he had a affair with other women but I can’t do anything I can’t tell anyone …
Me: y u can’t do anything y u don’t talk to him…
Sneha because I m not complete and her eyes were red.
Me: what u mean u r not complete what r u saying..
Sneha : her eyes r all wet and small tear role out Mabe I m impotent I cannot become mother.
Me : so what u can adopt a child talk to your husband 
Sneha : no its not so easy its very complicated and start crying I cannot tell anyone mom can’t handle this pain and if I force RAVI he will give me divorce
Me :Ravi
Sneha: my husband
Me: what r u thinking to do now … 
Sneha: I just don’t know I m on medication let see what happend ..
Ya saaja hai mare karmo ki and start crying again.
I don’t know what to say .I just put my hand on her shoulder and she hug me tight .
I just put her face up try to wipe her tears and said I m always with u ..
And kiss on her forehead
Please stop crying nothing will change by crying .
she look at me I try to wipe her tears and all the sudden she kiss me on my lips ..
I feel odd but than I also start kissing her
she put the tongue in my mouth and I was sucking within a sec we both reach in an other world.
But soon I realise its not good and break the kiss.
There r million of question in her eyes like I also don’t like her or broke her heart 
But truth is 
………in my head something saying that it is not good ..
I try to put my senses back and very calm said Sneha r u ok and smile but feeling very scare from inside and said again relax everything will be ok I m with u..
She she smile back like nothing happend
I said its bit late now and she start walking toward the gate ..
And all the sudden turn around and said did I do something wrong and I reply with a smile no its Ok..
And went out I close the door and try to recognise what happend just now and door knock again I open the door and Sneha was standing and smiling I forgot my laptop that day and came inside took her laptop and came near me I watch directly in her eyes she was looking so beautiful 
And she again kiss me this time I was also in mood and I kiss her lips ,her neck, ears and again kiss her lips and she is kissing so passionately but she broke the kiss and came very near to my ear and whisper good nite. 
And walk outside.
I close my door and walk toward my bed and sleep thinking what just happend.
Next morning when I was leaving my house I saw her we both exchange smile and I went to office happy happy..
And I came back at 9 change my cloths put on the music I was happy today because today is saturday tomorrow is holiday and what will happend today Sneha will come at nite… dancing like idiot took the shower and sat on bed and heard door knock i saw the time its almost 11 30.
its almost 11 30 the time flew like wind ..
I welcome her she was also in good mood we talk little and starting kiss again..
she was all over me and kissing me like mad man and I was also corporating her she gave me several mark on my neck and on my chest and love it I touch her boobs above her night suit it was big and kiss on her boobs but from above..
V kiss almost an hour that day and v both r lying on bed and looking to each other ..
Sneha:do u like me 
Me: I do..
Sneha : what u like in me
Me : I smile…. your heart.
Sneha : and
Me : your innocent
Sneha: kiss me again and ask and..
me: everything
and she smile and again kiss and I again touch hold her right boob and she look on my hand than look to Me..
she didn’t said anything but took my hand away..
I thought she might be angry
She make so innocent face and took my hand and place on her face and drop it to his neck slowly slowly and bring between her boobs and make me hold her right boobs wow it was my lucky day I folded her boobs one by one and than with both hands and put one hand on her tommy and kiss her a long kiss
When we broke up the kiss she told me I was having butterfly in my tommy and spin my hand on her tommy and she close her eyes (still above her cloths)
And I love to watch her thinking she is so so beautiful how come her hobby don’t love her.
And kiss on her forehead and she open her eyes.
And she smile.
Its almost 1 o clock first time she stay with me so long and she sat on bed arrange her cloths and I also get up she came near to me and said thank you to be with me and walk toward the door and I catch her from behind again kiss her on her neck and hold her boobs and whisper good nite and And before going please tell what is your boob size and squeeze both her boobs from back and she turn around and smile mischief ly and said first tell me your size I said I don’t have boobs and she squeeze my cock and said SIZE I know now what she want to say but I told her I never measure she kiss me again and said first u tell than I will and leave the room..
And I was having hard on …
Bus aaj to KLPD ho gai …
And just smile and tap a little on my back head and came back to bed took off my cloths want to measure my cock but how I don’t have anything to measure 
Shit man ….what to do than I went to almira open a stitch box mom has given to me if I had to stitch anything.
I took the thread and cut the thread which is exact measure of my cock size and kept on a table my cock is still rock heard I play with it little and masturbate and went to sleep..
Next morning I wake up went to market to buy some stuff and took that thread along and went to stationary shop and ask for a big scale he showed me 2 3 scale I measure that thread and said to him I will purchase later on and walk toward my room
I saw Sneha couple of time today and we just exchange smile 
And nite is falling gradually I was excited what will happend next and around 11 45 my door know and I open my door and Sneha was standing smiling very mischief ly I welcome her in and she came in today she was wearing beautiful gown with a low neck and boobs r looking great I can make out her bra strap .gown is very thin and Sneha came inside ..
And said hi and hugg me I too hugg her she sat on bed and I to sat next to her and we start talking we both r holding hand and talking and she lye down on my lap and I was touching her head smoothly..
Sneha: how come u didn’t had sex till now
Me: bus ………I didn’t.
Sneha: do u have any girlfriend.
Me: I broke almost 2 year back actually I didn’t broke she dump Me..
Sneha: y what was the reason.
I actually I don’t want all that memories but still remember everything and keep quite for a while and I close my eyes
because now I was back in my memories …..everything what happend to me and when I open my eyes my eyes it became little wet ..
And she was watching me surprisely
I just smile and said I will tell u some other day.
Sneha: have fate in me tell me v r friends I told u everything and hold my hands little tight.
Me: though I was not in mood to tell because its make me hurt still I started my story .
Me:I saw her first time and lost in her she was so looking so cute beautiful with a fraction of sec only I saw her but cannot forget her face there was something different about that girl which attract me she was not so beautiful or anything but still and (I close my eyes) and start again …than after some day I again saw her fighting for 2 rupees with an auto driver .
childish innocent cute lovely all in one and after some day I saw her again in park playing with little kids smiling but today there is something different about her eyes like she cried a moment ago and like a magnet I attract toward her I came near her and introduce myself she also introduce herself she was looking happy but her eyes was revealing something else and I was very curious to know what happend to her but how u ask …
From that day I almost everyday go to park to talk to her.and soon v becomefriends.I ask her when we first time meet what happend to you..
She said not nothing y..
I said actually u r smiling and playing with kids but still your eyes r revealing something else.
She just smile and said no body knew in college also and in park also ….my dog died that day in morning.and again her eyes because red but she is really a strong girl.. 
And soon after v become very good friend we chat whole day she tell he everything and I tell her everything.
I ask her out for a date …
on my first date v drink vodka just on main road I park my bike to the side of the road and v both sit on my bike and drinking vodka in a disposable glass it was quite a adventure and on our second date v again drink in a park that day I can do anything because she is so drunk and she is all over me and she also not stop me I know that but I don’t want to take advantage of her I didn’t even touch her because I start loving her from my soul And I propose her but she didn’t said yes.
And try to convince her .
And after few more dates she say yes I was happiest man on earth like I got everything ….
So happy I can’t even say in words 
And v get in a relationship those were the happiest days of my life 
I crack bank po exam (written) and I know I will crack interview also and I want to marry her.
I kiss her many times but never touch her body ….
I saw many dreams for our future but unfortunate something went wrong.Which tear my life apart I was diversified…
A day before my first interview she broke up with Me..actually she dump Me..
She said I don’t love u it was just infatuation not love I had never love u..u force me into this..
I don’t know what happend to her all the sudden …anyone said anything why she is doing that to Me..
And I try to convince her but can’t .i cry lot and my interview suck I was heart broke no way to go I didn’t sit for next interview my senses r all lost.
And my life became hell.
And than I promise my self I will never get in relationship nor I will marry anyone else.
I lost my part of happiness and I lost my love there is nothing left in my life..
And one tear came out of my left eyes and I control not to cry more.
I again said.
And again close my eyes…. And little while I open my eyes 
She was just looking at me she get up and wipe my tear and I just smile.AND she make a beautiful face.
And she hugg me for a min and after leaveing me she just smile.
Now v both r sitting quietly for a minute.
She said in a low voice I know u cried before also I saw u couple of months before from your window
I just give her a little gesture Mabe.
Me: I make my eyes little and said r u spying on me..
Sneha: like that only..in a smiling way.. 
Sneha: And again she ask …..do u still want her back.
Me : from my very breath actually I loss not my gf but was also my best friend 
Sneha :She again lye down on my lap and said lets change the topic I also want to change.
Sneha:So mr secretive what else u have not told me.
And put one of my hands on breast.
Me: I just smile and lean down and kiss her forehead she was watching me very carefully and SHE kiss on my lips and put my one hand on her tommy and I was kissing her we broke the kiss and we smile ..she was looking so pretty .
And I brought my hand and hold her left boobs and start kissing her again mean while I was folding and squeezing her boobs one by one and I know she was getting hot her nipples were erect and it was hard.
She broke the kiss and started opening my shirt button and I didn’t do anything when she open all my button she sat on my lap and again start kissing me and I was also getting hot she was sitting on my cock and I was touching her back and ass … Its really turn me on now was having hard on
Really guys she had a perfect assets ..
And SHE broke kiss and again start licking my neck and my ears and after that she start sucking my nipples doing that make me very hot my penis is rock hard now and SHE know that .
I just squeeze her boobs very hard she might have pain and pleasure both the same time and smile.
And stop kissing and licking Me..
But still sitting on my lap I slowly whisper in her ears what is your boob size she smile mischiefes way and whisper what’s your I told her very slowly little more than 6 inc
(I m not stud or anything who have 9 10 inc penis I told u I m normal person with normal body and average size) and SHE smile and put my both hands on each boobs and whisper 36 …wow I always heard about the perfect figure 36 26 36 but never had a chance to see live Mabe this time get I ask her very innocently what’s your figure and she smile again and and said 36 29 34 I said what type of figure is that 29 she said actually my waist is 29 I wear sometimes 28 size and sometimes 30 size jeans 
Me:Ooohooo kya baat kya baat.
Sneha: she also laugh a little and again kiss me hard this time I was squeezing her boobs and now she start squeezing my cock from over my capry .
I was in 7th heaven
She suddenly broke the kiss and stand just beside my bed I was still half sitting on bed and look her very surprisely like thinking Mabe I squeez her boob little hard and she become angry I just want to say something meanwhile she put one finger on my lips I was just looking her blank 
and what she done next I was not expecting that she took my penis out from my capry and shake a little and she has a mischiefes smile on her face and all the sudden she took the tip of my cock in her mouth and I had a goosebumps vooo and in a naughty way she start licking and sucking my cock ..
It was great my first blowjob wow I close my eyes and enjoy every moment ..
The pressure was building up ..
All the sudden I said Oooh Oooh
She knew I m going to cum .
She leave my cock .
And I open my eyes to see now what I done wrong and when I saw her I was in another shock.
She was trying to remove her bra without removing her gown .
And SHE remove her bra and kept by my side and again giving me blowjob and I was just watch the show.
Now I m not able to control and said to her I m going to cum I m going to cum
And she wrap her bra on my cock and I shoot loads and loads of cum in her bra.
And we both smile for a friendly gesture.
I feel very relax
And she stand up and try to fix her cloths and hair I was till sitting like that only in shirt which is also open ..
And She came to me kiss me on lips and said whisper good nite my secretive .
And start walking toward gate I immediately stand up and hold her from back and hold her boobs and now she was not wearing bra that’s y I was having different feeling and I had again hard on which is poking her on her back 
And start kissing her neck she turn around and I start kissing her again and folding her boobs and She hold my cock and giving me handjob..
I lower her gown and saw pair lovely boobs and start licking and sucking I never saw boobs from this much close and first time I hold naked boobs in my life it was very soft big erected nipples in dark pink colour wow.
And playing with them and SHE was giving handjob very fast and I start kissing her and I knew I will not last long and I broke kiss and SHE knew I m going to cum she again wrap her bra which she was holding in her hand and I come in it
she whisper in my ear good nite and kiss me and went out.
I was still standing there for a while and close the door and sleep.
Next day I have to go to office.
Next morning I went to office and day was as usual
I came back bit excited what will happend today but Sneha didn’t show up that day and my mood went off .
Same happend for next 15 day she gone to her husband house.
I was missing her and feeling very lonely I want to go home so next day I giving a leave application for 7 days and day went by I came to back I park my bike and saw time its almost 11 o clock I was late I came to my room and saw her standing near balcony and smoking Cigrate ..
I was little happy to see her and I walk toward her there was water all over the floor so I just came jumping and hopping toward her .
Ooo man she was looking so beautiful for the first time I saw her in sari and first time I saw her wearing mangalsutra and sindur she was really looking pretty.
And I said hello to her she also smile and we start talking.
She tell me today is karvachout and her husband don’t care she also don’t want to have fast but because of her mother she took it..
Me: did u brake the fast now I said this because moon is shining high full moon looking so beautiful..
Sneha : yep 
me: how 
Sneha : smile a little with this Cigrate
Me: sorry ….and I make a little innocent face
Sneha : array chill yr y r u saying sorry its not your fault its Ok..
Me: if I tell u something u promise u will not laugh
Sneha: what???????? But she was still smiling 
Me: I was saying like this because I want to make her smile.but its true
me: I m also having fast 
Sneha : in a surprise way what for whom for your x or did u find another
Me: because of u 
Sneha: she just stop smiling and watch me in silence 
Me: I was just kidding because of my boss yr he is such a bloody bastard I didn’t get time to eat and not even I drink water also whole day.and also in morning I wake up late because of that
….. ‘chai bhi nahi pi yr’.
Sneha: start laughing again .me to smile
Me: r u hungry 
Sneha: just wave her head in yes 
I walk toward the room same jumping and hopping and open my gate and first I change my cloths and than bring biscuit and bottle of water ..
And we start chatting and eating and biscuit finishe I drink water watching moon and by seeing me she laughing a little ..
And I gave water to her she start drinking water and some water travel from her neck toward her boobs wow …
With the mean time we heard someone calling Didi and neha came up 
Thank good we r not doing stupid stuff today…(verna to aaj lagna Pakka tha) I thought in my mind
Neha: O Didi u r here I m search him u downstairs
Sneha: what happend 
Neha : I was feeling bore actually I was not feeling good di 
Sneha: very beautiful Sneha said kya huya beta kya baat hai…
Neha : what to say something but watching me she was unable to say anything.
Sneha: array he is a friend he will not tell anyone .’bata naa kya huya’ 
Neha : I broke with sanjay .
Sneha: y what happend
Neha : she again saw me .
Sneha: bata naa Jaan kya huya 
Neha : said slowly so that I can’t hear 
he always want to have sex 24 hour ready for sex I told her many time today I don’t want to do but still he force me so I broke up with him.
I heard everything but didn’t say anything
Sneha: good u have done very good.
He is not good for u either.
Sneha: said to me sanjay is Neha boyfriend and again she said actually her now her x boyfriend 
And both laugh.
I also smile like an idiot.
Neha: he is asshole bastard…. now she was also start talking frankly..
Pure delhiites…
Array talk to me kiss me touch my boobs no… no on the first date u guys want to make sex what the hell .
Sneha: array leave him now (Jaan}relax.
Neha : no Didi he is a bastard even if I go for piss he think to fuck me such a phyco….. pig .
Sneha : u r also not so good I catch u many time making sex in our house with sanjay and how was that before him han ….Ashish ..
Neha : Ooo di he is also complete phyco y I only get bastards every men just want to have sex on first day ..
‘Koi pyaar ki baat nahi bus sex sex sex’…
Sneha: tap a little on Neha head to stop now…
Sneha: pointing toward me u know Neha rohit is still a virgin .
I was in complete shook what the hell was that.
Neha : said saw me like I did something wrong ..r u really a virgin no way I don’t believe
Me : array I m what its a crime 
Neha : still in surprise no is not crime but how come.
Me : bus ‘sahe time nahi aaya.
Neha : r u ‘gay’
Me: what the hell if a man is still virgin that means he is gay no I m not gay and Sneha also said he is not guy same time…
Neha : did u ever kiss a girl.
Me : in a angry way ….Yaa I did.
Neha : ok than tell me about u first kiss. Neha : ok than tell me about u first kiss.
Me : my first kiss was mindblowing I jump 6 roof in a middle of the night and reach
To her and we went to third floor roof where moon was bright and stars were looking so beautiful I kiss her first time and it was magnification I dance with her also .
Neha : u r not making up naa r u..
Me : no I m not Lier ok its true y would I lie to u.
And both say wow….. at the same time ..
Neha : my first kiss was bad I was in class 6 that time he don’t know how to kiss I hate kiss after that.
And me and Neha waiting for Sneha to tell.
Sneha: my first kiss was good but not romantic as rohit but he kiss me very passionately I was in class 12 that time.
Neha: said to me how come u r still virgin than 
Me : what to say but …..I m ..
Neha : I loss my virginity in class 10 but it was not great it was in a car it was ok ok with Ashish that bastard.
And saw Sneha to speak.
Sneha : thought something than speak
Mine was great I love it and what she said next that make Neha and me in shock 
Sneha: I was doing graduation and I love him . I still love him same but anyways we had sex in our home and pointed towards my room and his name was nitin.
…..’nitin bhaiya’.
V both r quite .
Sneha: what happends to u guys come on chill I love him and he love me.
Neha: di our nitin bhaiya 
Sneha : yes sweetheart our nitin bhaiya 
She even don’t feel bad saying
V all kept quite after listen that.
Neha : seeing the situation Neha change the topic she is much mature than her age. I can see moist in eyes though .
Neha: di y my boobs r not big like your I hate my boobs.
She was saying while holding her left boobs in her hand.
Sneha: just smile and said Jaan it will become make another bf and say him to squeez everyday.(laugh)
Neha : no di all men’s just want to fuck even sanjay hardy touch my boobs he just want to fuck fuck fuck.
Bastard Sneha tap a little to Neha head again.
Neha: di can I touch yours.
Sneha: just smile
Neha touch and fell the softness and squeez a little and saw wow di u have lovely boobs kaash mare bhi Aisa hota.
And I was just looking both of them.
And suddenly Sneha blast a bomb on me I hate when she do such a this to Me..
Sneha: make rohit your bf he will make your boobs big and he is not like other men I knew.
Neha : she first watch me and than in teasing way ask to Sneha di how do u knew that he is not like other men and smile naught
Sneha: she to smile and said I knew sweet heart.he is not …take a appointment with rohit for tomorrow.
And both the girls look at me I was total blank what to say…
I said quickly I m going back tomorrow.
Sneha: where
Me: home
Sneha : y what happend
Me: nothing I miss my family I m going for 7 8 day tomorrow evening is my train
Sneha: just said ……ok but I know she is not happy..
Me: I change the topic because I don’t want they start same topic again.
I m feeling very hungry do u guys want to eat maggie….
Both girls said yes and came to my room.
I start making maggie and the r sitting on bed
Suddenly Neha said hey rohit u sure u r not virgin
I saw her she was standing near my laundry basket.
And took riya bra in hand..
Nice bra ……rohit
Sneha start laughing
Sneha: tell tell now what happend
Sneha knew everything still teasing Me..
Me: yep I m very much sure I am virgin its my sis friend bra and she forget it..
and your sis knew about it ask her.
Sneha: said I don’t know ….
Me: just stop it u two….
Just forget it …what u want to think …think I don’t care I was little irritated..
Neha : chill yr I was just teasing u..
Till than I made maggie..
And start serving it..
And v eat and talk general stuff its bit late today almost 2 30 so they soon left I sleep at 3 ..
Next morning I wake up at 11 bit late because I have to go to office .
I have tea freshen up and start packing ..
12 o clock my door knock and there was Sneha she came in with brunch(its a mixture of breakfast and lunch) I was surprise to see that I eat food and start packing again and she was just watch Me..
And I said to her just wait for few sec I m going to take bath and walk toward bathroom
And all the sudden Sneha hold me from back and hug me tight and said r u angry with me I done something wrong.
I just turn around and kiss her forehead and no y u saying that y would I get angry nothing happend and give a small kiss on her lips.
And watch her she again hug me and she open my shirt button and whisper lets have bath together.
And took my shirt off and went inside the bathroom …
I too fallow her she first took her kurte off she was wearing a printed black bra I was just looking at her with the my wide eyes
And than took her jeans off now she was standing in bra and panty same black printed.
Wow and in one go she took her bra off.
My good she is really beautiful I had a hard on and she move towards me and kiss me ..
And she took my capry and boxer off both at the same time..
And start the shower she was still in her panty.
And apply soap all over my body and I also soap she was so smooth so soft and I hug her from behind and message her boobs and for the first time I touch her pussy over the panty.
She didn’t say anything.
than I apply some soap to my hand and put the hand under her panty and message a little and slip one finger inside her she was still very lightly moaning aaah aah aaaaaaaahhh o god.
By doing several time I think I made her very hot and she explode she was shaking before she cum I never saw anyone doing like this I was literally Very scare but she turn around and kiss me and whisper I never cum like this so fast.and open the shower and we bath .
She took off her panty…. she was clean shave first time I saw a girl pussy live ……… wow..
she took the towel wipe herself and than me ..
And she wrap the towel around her and came out I came out naked.
She sat on bed and I was naked try to search the cloths which I have to wear.
And she naughty said leave it don’t wear cloths naa ..
I saw her and seriously friends she was looking so beautiful and naughty.
and cock was half erect and half lump .
I said u sure ..
And she smile and close her eyes for a sec and smile a little a yes gesture .
Me: ok as u wish and start combing my hair and again start packing my things.
And she took out her towel and And wrap on her hair and lie down on bed.
God a full naked girl is in my room lying on my bed and I was also naked what’s going on I was watching day dreams I thought in my mind .
but I have to pack I have very less time left but watching her also .
Sneha: a girl is there full naked and u r busy in your world.
Me: sweet heart I had to pack my things.
Sneha : just smile 
Me: what happend
Sneha: u call he sweet heart
Me: Yaa because u r ..and come near to her lean and give small kiss .
When I was doing back Sneha hold my arms and I sat on bed 
Me: in a smiling way I said I have to pack baby.
Sneha: u r saying so innocently like a kid and laugh a little.
And pull me towards her and I also lye down on bed she took my hand and wrap around her and put her head on my chest 
and said please don’t Go..
I kiss her head and said I m not going anywhere sweetheart I m coming back in 6 7 days
Sneha: saw see upwards and kiss me on lips I too kiss her and within a sec our tongue start playing with each other I start folding and squeezing her boobs and next I touch her pussy .
As soon I touch her pussy she broke our kiss …
She was breathing heavy and me too…
My hand was still on her pussy and she again kiss me and open her legs little for easy excess.
I put one finger inside she is moist there and than two finger she was bit tight I thought she husband didn’t fuck in ages.
What a asshole he was anyways.
Till than my cock was rock hard.
And she hold my cock and start giving he handjob while kissing .
And v broke our kiss because of lack of oxygen and v both r breathing heavily.
But both our hand wear doing there work.
And v both smile she start sucking and biting my nipple and it was hurting me little than start sucking even more hard now it become red around my nipples and she saw me and said this is called love bite.
And than again she start sucking my chest and red spot came on my right chest and watching that she smile I increase my my speed of hand and doing that she start moaning in pleasure..
And than she also increases her speed and I said I m going to explore and she quickly put the towel on my cock and I explore and after that I also started increase my speed but she didn’t explore till than and she said wait and first clean the mess and she clean her hand and my cock and she lye on me and start kissing me I squeez her ass … her boobs were all my chest and she was kissing me and I again have a hard on.
She broke the kiss and said u r soo horny and I turn her now I was over her and my cock is over her pussy she knew now I m going to fuck her I put my cock and kept over her pussy lips but my phone rang first I ignore but that I thought Mabe its important so I move from her and came on study table and saw its from my boss I hurried pick the call .and start talking …’i have to mail important paper’ I told him I do it right now…
And open the laptop ….I saw Sneha she was massaging her pussy..
I seriously wasn’t to kill my boss but can’t I have to mail..
I quickly mail to my boss and come back to Sneha…..
And kiss her and suck her boobs a little…she get up and lye on other direction and start sucking my cock..
And I was in seventh heaven again
And climb over me and her pussy was near my face she saw me and smile with mean she also want same.
I start licking her sucking every inch fuck her with my tongue .as deep as I can and also mean while I put a little finger in her asshole that make her surprise she suddenly move and saw me I just smile again she came on same position and this time I hold her from from my one hand and from another hand I put a finger in her ass again..
And this time again she move but I didnot let her move and start licking her pussy and figure in her assHole it was very tight though but going 5 6 time it open slowly
and she was now enjoying.
And making sound and with no sec she shout I m going to cum I m going to cum and I start increase my speed and put a finger little deep in her asshole and she explore while shaking (I read everywhere girls sperm taste very good) I just want to taste it and I taste a little with my tongue its little salty I don’t like it took a towel and clean her pussy … she was still sucking my cock and she also put her little finger in my asshole which make me jump and had a instant goosebumps but she did’t left me and doing same putting small finger in my asshole and sucking my cock and I told her I m going to cum and handed towel to her she wrap the towel around my cock giving me hand job from one hand and fingering my with other and I shoot one after another
When I finish 
she came back and lye next to Me..v both r feeling tired for few min I rest and saw watch its 2 I get up and wear my boxer and start packing …. she also get up and went to bathroom I thought she might gone to wear cloths and start my packing again but she again took shower and came back again naked and lye on bed close her eyes .
She was looking so innocent. And I start packing again I finally pack all my things keep my back aside and went to bathroom I also took shower and came back naked watching her again make me hard on and I lye next to her she sleep till than time and I also try to relax for a while .
Sneha: packing ho gai…
Me :Hmmmm
Sneha take her hand behind her and hold my penis and smile her eyes was still close.
Sneha: u r such a horny man mr secretive.
Me: hmmm … all because of u..
And she turn around and I saw her face so innocent so lovely so beautiful…
Sneha: put her head on my shoulder.
And said how was it.. 
Me: smile and close one of my eyes for fraction of sec in style.
Sneha : also smile …
Sneha: Acha tell me I was first one or someone else u saw naked before
Me: I didn’t said anything for a while and thinking something 
Sneha: u can tell me I told u everything.
Me : if u promise not to tell anyone.
Sneha: ok I promise
Me: I saw my sister in her bra and one time top less before you.
Sneha : kept quite for a while and said whose boobs r bigger ask me with a smile.
Me: actually but than I stop.
Sneha: ok I knew her boob r bigger y r u scared chill yr its Ok..
Me: Hmmmm ..
Sneha: Acha tell me what is your darkest fantasy.
Me: first u tell..
Sneha: to had a threesome with my sister and one more person
Me: vooo seriously male or female .
Sneha: one time male and one time female.but only 3some .
Me : u r such a bad girl .
Sneha : she laugh I know I know what to do when my brother was alive he always want to have 3some with Neha or someone else.
And now I also have a that fantasy.
Me: when did u first time sex with your brother.
Sneha: don’t cut my question first answer my question than I will answer yours.
Me : in little nervously I said I had a fantasy to have sex with my sister.
Sneha : watch me for a sec and said so u like your sister han.
Me : yes she is great I m very attach with her and attractive toward her. And love her lot .
Sneha:I knew how u fell. 
me: now tell me 
Sneha: that nite I drink takila with my friend on my birthday and I was very drunk so I call ninit bhaiya to take me home.
And he came anyhow I manage to come back but t don’t want to sleep in my room because Neha was there and I was drunk I don’t want give any bad impression on her so I ask bhaiya to go to upstairs and v came I lye down on bed and he was going downstairs but I told him don’t me alone there so he stays he usually sleep without shirt and pants only in boxer so he was feeling very uncomfortable I knew so I said u can take your cloths off if u r uncomfortable and bhaiya took her shirt and I put my head on his chest and said bhaiya u didn’t gave me anything on my birthday he said what u want.
I saw him and give a little kiss on his lips nitin bhaiya :what r u doing he said its wrong but I said I love u bhaiya.
he want to go but hold him tight.
And lye him down on bed again.
And after a while I went to bathroom and took my cloths off and bath and wear only top without bra and panty and came back and lie down again it was little cold.
So hug him again he knew I was not wearing pants bhaiya said where r my pants I said I was feeling very uncomfortable so took it off .
And after sometime I took my top off also and I was only in panty and hug his again..
nitin bhaiya :what r u doing Sneha ..
Sneha: I want my birthday gift make me your please 
Nitin bhaiya : its wrong 
Sneha: please bhaiya I love u and start kissing him…
Bhaiya first resist but than he also start kissing me than v had sex .
Sneha : still in her thoughts.
Me: wow u r a dangerous girl .
Sneha : she came back from her memories and smile and kiss Me..
Me: put my tongue in her mouth and start kissing her deeply.
And from another hands I message her boobs .
I brock kiss and lick her ears and neck 
And start sucking her boobs and gave a love bite near her boobs and smile seeing it she too smile 
Me: I want to give u more love bite can I
Sneha: she just smile 
I start sucking her tommy and gave 2 love bite on her tommy
and I was going to give another on her boobs but she turn ..
I lick all her back and give several love bite on her back
She again turn and said to stop ..
I didn’t like the way she said ….
so I just get up from bed and stand but she caught my hands.
And sit on bed and I was standing
She pull my ass and start licking my cock and started giving me blowjob I like the way is was sucking my cook and messaging my balls I was holding she head and start fuck her mouth she stop a sudden and she hold her boobs and invite me to fuck them I was surprise and happy and start fucking her boobs as my cock go inside from down to up she lick my cock I was loving it but my phone rang again and I saw… its from my sister I stop and took the call and start talking and move a little away from Sneha but she again pull from my ass again and start sucking my cock wow what a feeling I was talk to my sister and Sneha was giving me blowjob
She again took both her boobs and join it and invite me to fuck .
And I start fucking while talking 
Medha my sister call me to inquire about my plans and I was telling that my train is at 6 o clock and I will reach home in morning she was sounding like very happy .
And I said I will see u tomorrow I had to pack a little call u when I reach to the station ok and I cut the phone and start fucking her in speed I was really enjoying fucking her boobs and till 5 min I fuck her like this and I explore all the sudden.
My eyes r close and I shoot all my cum on her when I open my eyes I saw my cum was all over her boobs on her hands on her face and lips ..
She lick some of my sperm by watching me I smile and said sorry she smile and I took the towel and clean my sperm from all over her body and she was just watching me very quietly and I clean her up when I saw her face her eyes was little wet 
Me: kya huya !!! did my cum felt in your eyes also ….sorry yr ..
Sneha: no don’t be sorry its Ok..
I kiss her forehead
Sneha : look in my eyes and said please don’t Go..
Me : array Babu I m not going I m just coming back in 6,7 days
And wipe her tears.
I took my guitar from the corner and sat on her knee next to her ..
And start playing ..
I love the song and these line r perfect for this situation..
So I begin singing..

Beete pal bhool ja
Woh pal nahin hain kahin
Laayenge pal naye,
Ek Zindagi phir haseen
Yeh Bheegi Palkein utha 
Yeh soch ke muskura
Laayega phir samay koi zamaana aisa yahan
Phir chalegi hawa manchali
Phir se mehkegi koi kali
Phir koi humsafar aayega
Dil koi geet phir gaayegaa”
Sneha : just came and hug Me..
Me to hug her and leave her within a min. 
Sneha: she was just watching me not saying anything 
Me: I make a little funny face 
And she laugh and I laugh too..
Sneha : now u have to hurry up its almost 4 I saw the watch yes I have to reach station before 6 .
I quickly went to bathrooms and Sneha also join with me I open a shower sheha applie soap to me and than to herself and wash and close the shower but there was no towel and because it was full mess up with our cum so we came back like that only I took my one shirt and dry my self and give her she also dry herself.
I start wearing cloths and getting ready she was also start wearing her cloths but her panty was still wet so she did wear panty and watching her dressing up make me feel so good I don’t know but again I lost in her she said what happend and I said nothing .. u r really beautiful and first time she was behaving very shy by seeing that I hug her and she put her face over chest to hide ..I kiss her head and started getting dress and arranging everything but she said leave it I will do it and I saw the towel and I was going to wash it.. again she said rohit just leave I said naa I will do it in a bossy way. And I leave the towel and just smile and said thank you …
Took my luggage Lock the room and come down handed the key to her its almost 4 45 and I thought no way I will get the train because station is far from here how will I reach I have to go from auto because I cannot go from my bike .
But said her bye and as soon I was leaving I saw Neha was coming back from her collage..
Neha: hey u going…… 
Me: yep
Neha : have a good journey
Me: thank you.
Sneha: hey Neha can u drop rohit to railway station.
And I look to Sneha what she was upto.
Sneha: he is very late he will never catch train if he go from auto.
Neha: she think for a while.
Till than I spoke no I will manage she is already tired its Ok..
Neha : no I m not tired come I will drop u.
me: I want to avoid it..but Sneha force Me..
Sneha: array go or u will miss your train.
Till than Neha gave me a extra helmet and said sit I will drop u..
I was already late so I didn’t argue and sat on her scotty and hang my bag. And she was riding.
I wave my hand to Sneha and Neha start driving I was little nervous sitting on back seat she was driving very harshly.
Neha :u can hold or u will fall ..
Me: no its Ok.
Neha : don’t worry I will not say anything.
Me: I thought for a second its better to hold than to fall.
and hold her waist ..
Neha : she start driving in speed.y r u so scared don’t worry now u will fall though u promise me to make my boobs big as Didi.
U can do your work.and saying in laughing tone.
Me: hey when did I promise.i didn’t.
Neha: u did last nite.
Me: no I didn’t.
Neha : u can’t do this much for me:
Me: I don’t no what to say I keep quite.
And thought to change the topic.
hey Neha did u really broke up with sanjay.
Neha : yep he is bastard
Me: u should give him one more chance.
Neha: I have given him many chances but nothing happened.
Me: ookk ..Acha …how was your day .
Neha: day was ok little bore.
And than v talk on general stuffs.
till that time v reach to the station its 5 40 only now I can catch my train easily..
I said thank you to her and she said its ok and v hug and said her bye.
And as I move towards the station
She said from back hey rohit”safe journey and do remember your promise “and smile mischief.
And look back and just smile than went inside.thinking ‘she is just insecure mad girl’.
And I Catch the train …
And I reach my home at 8 o clock in morning everyone is happy to see me nothing happend there but I was not feeling good there because I was missing Sneha very much..
And time flew.
I was getting bore in my house so thought y not go for the reservation for returning back.
I told mom I m going to station for reservation but mom stop me and told me to wait..
She said Medha also going to bangalore for an interview”uska bhi reservation kara Dey” I said ok I went to reservation counter there was no direct train to bangalore ..
I call my mom and told the situation.
mom: to ak Kaam kar apnay saath delhi ki karva Dey uska baad Vaha say flight mai karva dana easy rahey ga Usko.
I said ok .
I book two ticket to delhi and come back home.
At nite I told Medha that I book her ticket for delhi 
Medha: of which date bhaiya.
me: 25oct ..
Medha : but bhaiya my interview is on 29 what I will do 3 days.
Me: array its ok I will arrange ..
Medha : smile and said ok I will do lots of shoping from delhi.
Me: ok ok whatever don’t make big plans I will not take u shoping ..
Medha : no bhaiya I will and u have to take me “mom mom see what bhaiya is saying.
Mom: kya huya (what happend) 
Medha:see bhaiya is not taking me for shoping. I have to purchase formals for interview he is saying he is not go for shoping with Me{kanjoos}..
mom: array la jai ga tu bhi naa ..la jana bata choti hai…
Medha : just making faces.
Me:ok ok I will fine now happy ..
Medha : she was very happy and said I m going to make list.
And day end we all sleep.
After that all the day was same as usual..
Nothing special happend to tell…
And the day came when we have to leave for delhi..
I was little excited because now I will going see Sneha again …i miss her badly..
And we reach station I took middle birth and my sis took upper birth …
And all the way I was thinking about Sneha and the time spend with her..
Seriously friend I also think if she was not married I definitely marry her …even she cannot become mother but than also I will never every cheated on her..
I start having feeling for her but I can’t show because I don’t want to ruin her life.. 
And thinking that I don’t know when I sleep..
When I wake up in morning v almost reach delhi .
And my heart beating faster in excitement.
v took auto and reach to my room..
I don’t have a key I gave to Sneha before coming.
I knock the door
And door open Sneha came out because at this time she was only one at home.
And she was looking so happy to see Me..
She was going to hug me but stop seeing my sis.
I introduce her to my sis and ask key ..
she went inside to bring key she was still in her gown.
But looking so sexy ..
She give the key to me with a smile.
And I step forward to my room.
She was going to close the door..
Me: ‘hey Sneha can I have some cold water please’
Sneha: Yaa ….go to your room I m giving u in a min.
Me: ok and v went to our room.
I open door and came in..
Wow room is very clean bed chair study table everything …
And towel was lye on my bed folded clean.
My all the laundry cloths r clean.
I said in my mind hat off Sneha ‘thank u’…
And put bag in corner.
My sis also put her bag and sit on bed.
And said this is your room really nice.
I said to her freshen up till than I bring tee from outside ..
She said Ok..
And she went to washroom.
I took my shoes off and searching for my slippers.
Till that time Sneha came with water and tea.
She saw me searching and ask me what happend.
I said my slippers.
She said behind your bags.
I smile and wear sleep she put tray on study table.
And ask where is your sis.
I smile and said in washroom and came near her and hug her tight and whisper in her ear I miss u …i miss u very much.
And she also said me too..
And v both smile.
Me: I m so happy to see u …
Sneha: same hear.
Till that time my sis came out and saw Sneha in our room.
And came near.
She said I brought tea for u guys.
And I now my sis don’t drink tea she prefer coffee. I saw her.
And she took the cup and start drink and sat on bed .
Sneha also brought her cup of tea she took her tea and watch me that y I m not taking tea.
I said hey Medha when did u start having tea u drink coffee only naa…
Medha: array chill one day I can drink tea also no problem.
And than I said first I fresh up than I will have tea.
And went to washroom ..
Till that time both girls start there chit chat.
And I came out took my tea and sat on bed both of then r laughing on something and I stupidly smile for nothing.
And again they start there chit chat.
And I was just listening.
I saw time its 11 and though that I can go to office . And I said u guys talk I have to go to office I catch u talker if u have any problem call me Ok..
And I leave.
Went to office ..
In evening one of our employee ment with an accident.
He was very serious ..
So everyone went to see him I also went to hospital and came back at nite 9 o clock.
on my return I bring food for dinner and milk for morning…
I directly went to washroom ….
We had dinner and I tell whole story to her what happend today and told Mabe tomorrow will be declare holiday because he will not survive he is very serious.
She said I made plans with Sneha for shopping. 
And then we were talking all that general stuff …
And finish our dinner and I change my cloths and went to sleep..
v both sleep on the same bed its little uneasy but I was so tied that I sleep with in a sec.
Next morning when I wake up I saw Medha was in kitchen …
Its around 8 o clock …
And she bring tea for me and coffee for herself..
I drink tea and went to washroom.
Freshen up ..and came back and sat on bed…
She was reading something for her interviews..
My phone beep. It was one of my friend from office his name is Ashish ‘hey man bad news he didn’t survive boss declare holiday everyone is going to his house u coming’ …Yaa u go I will reach with my own v talk little more all general stuff and than hung up..
I was in little bad mood..
I lie down on my bed thinking same and again went to sleep..
Medha wake me up at 11 …
I wake up sat on bed thinking …
Than I said to Medha hey do one thing u can go shoping with Sneha I will catch u guys in market..
I have to little work till than u guys do your shoping…
Medha: sound good to Me..
Me: ok than I m going to bath..
I went to bath room and take a bath and came to only in towel …
Medha was still studying I said to her u can take bath Hurry up I m bit late..
and she took towel went inside …
I hurried change my cloths wear white kurta pajama and start combing my hair..
She came out only in towel..
Though I have seen her couple of time in bra and one time topless but today she was so close to me… milky white leg like she had wax recently.
And most of her boobs r out from towel ..
God bless Me.. She is so beautiful more than Sneha but bad luck she is my sis …
Anyway I was just looking at her and she said bhai turn around I have to change.
Actually I was lost in her and when she spoke I came back to my senses..
I turn around and start combing again..
and she also turn around and start changing I can see from the mirror her whole back and little bit of her ass..
Looking so smooth I had hard on looking at her.
But try to control..
And she change and we both went down stairs.
I knock the door and Sneha came out..
And she smile looking at me …
And both girls start talking..
Plans , where to go etc etc..
I said in between to Sneha do one thing get ready till than time we r going to eat something than u can talk as long as u want..
She smile watching at me she knew I was feeling hungry.
She said Ok…
And Medha and me came out and I took her to one restaurants and order food we ate and after that I drop her back.
and I went one of my friend house from there we went to his house I don’t want to write his name …but seriously friend he is really nice person from heart..
everyone was crying there all sad atmosphere ..
My boss also came.. And I sat there 1 and a half hour I was not feeling good..
And I came out ..one of my friend came to me ask what happend I said I m not feeling good I m going to my room. 
And I went back to my room took shower change cloths I call to my sis and said I m in good mood u guys enjoy and do shoping…Ok..
She knew the reason that’s y she didn’t force me and said ok and hung up..
And I sleep again..
I wake up from the knock of the door I open the gate and Medha came in with loads of stuff she shop a lot …
My gudness these girls r addicted to shoping and sat on bed and put her all stuff on bed..
And than took deep breath..
And said bhai with a little smiling way I said yes..
But now with full of Nautanki and innocent way bhai..
Me: ab Boolo bhi kya huya???
Medha : actually and wait little bit.
than said I borrow some money from Sneha di …
Me: ok how much …I will give to her ..
Medha : bhaiya only little …
Me: array tell naa how much ..
Medha : only 6 thousand..
Me: what !!!!! how much money did u spend today what did u buy …r u nuts. 
Medha : she didn’t said anything just put her head down..
Me: I also thought in my mind she is my kid sis leave it …’ok chill I will give to her now happy’ array dikha to kya kya khareda’.
Medha smile and start showing her stuff one by one..
She was very happy..
Medha : bhai this one for u..
There was a box full wrap …
I open the box there was beautiful key ring.
I said thank you and bring my bike key and join key ring with it..
We both smile.
I said its really nice
Than she start showing things again my god she actually shop a lot today..
And again she handed a bag to me this one for u..
I took the bag and open there was a shirt and looking very costly but beautiful..
I ask her how much she said array take it its a gift don’t ask about money..
I sand up and unbuttoned my shirt which I was wearing before and try new one.
Its really nice Medha she also said u r looking nice bhaiya see I choice did u like my gift..
I said Yaa I like your gift with my own money little teasing way and she smile and said so what..
And again she start showing me her stuff. 
I thought today she bought whole market….
me: kuch market mai Baaki bhi hai ya saare market la aai.
Medha: array Kaha bhaiya Abhi aur lana tha par Sneha di ka pass bhi paise nahi tha…
Me: in a low voice I said ‘thank god’.
Medha : I have to try all this and quickly she took some cloths and went to bathroom..
And and came out with in a min to show.
And I said looking good.
that time I don’t have any bad feeling for her I was looking her as my innocent kid sister..
Than again she went and like this she was trying all her cloths which she bought.
Next she wear one black shoulder less top and came out to show me she was looking amazing I know she was not wearing bra underneath ..
And again she went inside for next one this time she took bit long time when she came out I was in little shock ..
her upper 3 button of shirt was open and her boobs r coming out her shirt was very tight and she unable to close her button.
She said bhai ya tight hai I have to wear this only in interview now again I have to go to change it…..
But I was lost in her wow what a pair of boobs …
Medha :She again said bhai …
Me: Yaa Yaa what ya its very tight. Ok I will take u tomorrow its sunday only holiday.
Medha : ok and again she took one thing but as she bend my eyes glue on her boobs I was unable to move my eyes….
She took something what I didn’t see because my eyes was on her boobs and she went inside again but I was lost in own world …..woooooooow…..
And she gave me other shock when she came out..
She came out wearing maxi(gown) but bra and I can make out her nipple in it …
But I didn’t show anything and I said good.
Her all the cloths finish for trial. 
She said bhai do u have any extra t shirt loose I don’t have anything to wear for night
I told her u wearing gown she said no bhaiya its not mine its for Sneha di she purchase it I took it by mistake.
I said ok wait let me see…
I open my almira and give her my one loose t shirt and she took it and went to washroom to change.
I was still sitting on bed.
She came out and start packing everything and that put it on study table.
And sat on chair 
Medha: said bhai u will not scold me if I tell u something ..
Me: now what u did.. No I will not now tell me ….what’s in your mind
Medha : today Sneha di said we will drink takila at nite.
Me: what ..takila ..????
Medha : bhai I want to try it once please please .
Me: and from where takila will come.
Medha : v already purchase it..
me : r u nuts what were u thinking 
Medha : please bhai only today I will never drink again I promise …
I want to try. Very innocently she said Please bhai ..
Me: I thought for a sec its better she drink her its no harm she will only try little.i also want to drink I had a rough day .
Than I said ok but little Ok..
She was very happy..
its almost 9 30 so I said when u will start she said wait let me call didi.
I m living here for so long I don’t have her no and she came today and she have her no also.
She call and talk a little than cut the phone than said Didi is coming …
Ok than we wait and than door knock Medha open the door and Sneha and Neha was there will all the stuff in hand.
I was bit surprise to see all the stuff like they have full plans.
Full takila bottle , snacks, lemons, a box of glasses small salt bag vooo 
I said what is this..
And all three girls smile its just small party for Medha and you..
And they arrange everything on ground ..
And we all settle down.
Neha said hey rohit put on little music.
I switch on my laptop and open song folder and song started.
I enquir about aunty they said mom sleeps early. So no problem chill we had done many party like that. Just take a chill pill..
And Sneha start making packs..
I also not drink from the long time ..
we took our pack and lemon and little salt and buttons up ..
We all drink together.
I feel hot from inside like it burn Me..
have goosebumps and saw Medha she was making faces than she said wow something burning inside me and Sneha and Neha laugh they r drinking like professionals.
And we start talking general stuffs ..and eating snacks…
Sneha make another shot but till that time my phone beep its from my friend I took the call and went outside ..
He said he need help he is standing near airport and his petrol is finish and there is no petrol pump till 5 km.
I said wait I m coming.
And went back to my room told them whole story and said u guys carry on I m coming 
And said to Medha drink in her limit ..
I took the pack and bottoms up and went outside…
And drove to my friend he was actually very far from my room..
I took a empty bottle with me and stop at petrol pump and fill bottle and drove straight to him handed bottle to him and we came back …on our way back he went to his room and I came to my room it took almost 3 hours to reach home ..
When I enter I was shock what I saw Neha is kissing Medha and her hand r all over Medha boobs and Medha hand was on Neha boobs.
But seeing me they quickly become normal I saw three bra and one panty was lying to side of bed I did said anything and and went to bathroom to piss when I came out I saw bra and panty is gone I though they might hide them.
I sat next to them and saw more than half of the bottle was finish ..
And ask them what’s going on they said they r playing truth and dare ..
They ask me u want to play I said no I don’t want to play this stupid game.
No one said anything ..
I took the bottle and make a pack for myself and drank than another and drink that also and another drink that also and took the lemon and salt and took that also all the girls r just watching me …
Sneha said relax rohit what happend I said nothing ..all r quite than again they start talking for making light atmosphere now I was also feeling drunk and in light mood I took the bottle and make pack for all and bottle also finish and while talking we drink last pack ..
It really strick me hard I took too many pack in row non stop and now I was feeling very drunk..
And start talking again it was bin very late also so they clean all the stuff and went downstairs.
I went to bathroom and take shower and came out only in boxer I was feeling so drunk..I don’t know what I was doing..
And after that Medha also went to take shower and came out I didn’t saw her she close the light and lye down beside Me..
Its dark still light from street is coming from which I can see everything …
I watch to Medha her back was on my side and saw downwards to her ass…
O god she was not wearing pajama she was only in her panty …
My heart was beating so fast …

I don’t know but I cannot control myself and first I put my hand on her hips and try to feel the softness she is soo soft than I squeezing it little …
I don’t know how I have so much dare to do that …
I know its wrong still I was doing it …
And than I took my hand wrap around her first I feel her tummy and little by little I went to upwards toward her boobs she was not saying or stopping me …
Its the devil in side me or after drinking takila I woke the devil I don’t know but till than I had a hard on I hold her left boobs from the t shirt and squeez than right little by little I was playing with both of her boobs I know she was not sleep than I took my hand inside her t shirt and hold one of her boobs she was not wearing bra..
and squeez little hard she did not said anything just lying still I start squeezing her boobs 15 20 min she was not saying anything which make me feel little confident and I put her t shirt up from back and from her font and that’s make her boobs free I kiss all her back and lick I make her lye straight put her t shirt till up so that her boobs came out she was not sleeping her eyes were open I saw her than I start sucking she boobs she didn’t said anything just lying like dead.
I touch her pussy from above her panty no reaction I came down and try to remove her panty but unable she was lying on it I just saw her she lift little so that I can remove her panty on one go I remove her panty…
Now I saw fresh pussy with slight hair on it I open her legs and smell its..wow …
Like history was repeating but this time I was doing same with my own little sister…
I thought Mabe today I loose my virginity 
I message her clit and and suck and lick it few times than saw her but she gave no reaction I was little surprise to see that and frustrated also …
I start licking but still no reaction no feeling from her side even she was not wet nor her nipples were erected I was in dilemma what happend to her…her eyes were open but behaving like a dead still I took off my boxer and put it on her pussy and again I saw her but still same..
Holding my cock I make up and down over her pussy I hold her boobs and squeeze it very hard and than I put my cock over the tip of her opening.
And again I saw her but same no reaction I lye down little but till now I have not inter her and squeeze her boobs little heard and put one finger to her lips and open her mouth and Put my finger into her mouth she open her mouth but didn’t suck it just looking me straight into my eyes I was feeling guilty and frustration I don’t like it…. and my mood went off I don’t want to do like this with a dead person but still there was devil inside me and my cock is rock hard I have to realise my pressure I came near her face and sat little on her breast she was just looking at my face I make her open her mouth and start masturbating and soon I know I was going to explore I put my cock opening into her mouth and cum in side her mouth and I fill all my cum in her mouth and make her drink.

And She drink it all still she gave no reaction just lying still watching me…
I went to bathroom took quick shower and come back naked and lye down ..
After some time she also went and took shower and again lye down next to me but she was still naked only.. I wrap my hand around her hold her boobs and went to sleep.. 
Next morning when I wake up I saw Medha was not on bed I heard something from kitchen she was doing something in kitchen.
I was all naked on bed but covered with sheet(chadar) I don’t know from where sheet came on me Mabe Medha put it on me while I was sleeping..
Medha came out with a tray and said good morning bhaiya and put the tray besides me she took one cup and I was still watching her ….
She was behaving all normal like nothing happend last nite I was in surprise 
Medha : bhai tea … What happend where r u lost..
I said nothing and took my cup of tea and start drinking …
And still thinking that was dream or I actually did all that but I was naked that means I actually did it..
But y she was not reacting anything..
I was lost and having tea..
After tea she went to washroom and I was still sitting on bed naked I immediately get up and wear my boxer and again sat on bed and cover myself by sheet and lye down and fall in sleep I was still feeling tired..
I wake up by the opening of the lock of washroom..
and Medha came out in towel only..
I sat on bed and still watching her and saw me and gave a little smile and start searching her cloths …
What was she doing and y she is not saying anything what happend at last nite million of question was coming inside my mind and I was lost in my own world..
And again she gave me another surprise she watch me and took her towel off and she was all naked standing in front of me and start drying her self …wow ….

She is soooooo sooo hot and my dick start rising and I had a hard on watching her…
And than she took her bra and start wearing and than panty than jeans and went toward the mirror and start coming her hair she was in bra only..
She has a til on her back my god …what she is doing I m watching dreams or it real I was all lost…
than after a little while she said bhai hurry up we have to go to market to change the dress please get up..
I still had a hard on and making tent in my boxer but I get up took towel and reach to bathroom door and watching her again she gave a little smile and in full of illusion state its definitely a dream I never saw her like that and thinking that I went in …
Freshen up took shower and came out only in towel but she was not in room.
And thought she might went down to meet Sneha..
And start getting ready I was almost ready Medha came in I ask her where she bin she said she went to meet Medha Didi..
I didn’t said anything and took my bike key with she gifted key ring and came out she also came out and I lock the door..
We came downstairs I Start my bike she hop on and I start riding and stop near a restaurant and we came in side I order food I was feeling little guilty for what happend last nite and cannot face her eyes I was also feeling awkward to talk to her but I want to make things right so I just start communicating a little and ask where is the shop she said Sarojini Nagar market and than said bhai I have to buy little more things I didn’t said anything …
She was behaving like nothing happend nothing she was like before pure brother sister…
We ate food and after that v headed toward the market we reach market and I pack my bike ..
And v start walking to the shop I was following her we came to shop she said bhai this is a shop from where I bought this shirt she was holding a bag..
We went in side and she start talking to salesboy and I sat quietly on chair and she took one size bigger and we came out..
Medha :bhai I need some more money…
Me: how much 
Medha : give me 2 thousand I will return u what ever left.
Me: took my purse out and handed money to her.
Medha : start walking ..
And I was following her.
Me: she went inside one shop I didn’t went and came out with a small bag.
Again she start walking and I was just following her again she went inside and I wait outside and she came out with another bag …
And said bhai ho gaya and handed 345 rs to Me..
I didn’t ask her what she bought just took the money …
Me: what u want to do next …
Medha : bhai lets watch movie..
Me: Ok..
We came out from market I drove her to one multiplex.
And I park bike and we went inside …
I ask her which movie she want to see she said barfai I took two gold ticket and we went inside …
Movie started we r watching movie and there was a couple next to our seat kissing I was feeling bit uncomfortable but didn’t show or said anything.
She too saw them and gave a smile to me and again start watching movie.
And interval came ..i went to piss than bought some popcorn and coldrink and came back ..
I gave it to her we start eating and she whisper very slowly bhai the next person who r setting were kissing ..
I watch her and said I know ..
And again she said and the girls was playing with his cock …
I was shock because I didn’t see that and I was little surprise because she said cock and I did see that and she saw.
I never heard these things from my sister now she is very frank with Me..
I didn’t say anything just smile..
And movie started again …and now I also try to see and I saw girl was really playing with his cock and boy was kissing her and playing with her boobs.
I never saw live these thing in public
And Medha saw me seeing them I was little embarrass I just start watching movie again ..but till then I had hard on I try to adjusted my cock and Medha saw me and gave me smile ..
And thank god movie end…
we came out v done some window shoping and I drove back to our room..
Its almost 7 30 I stop my bike on one restaurant and we went in we order food and eat and came out I purchase milk while returning home..
We came back at 8 20 I open gate and we came in she put her stuff on bed and sat down I went to washroom.
I came out and I was feeling so hot I unbuttoned my shirt and took off.
Thinking for taking bath.
Till that time Medha said bhai take bath 
I also feeling hot I will also take bath …
I took my towel and went inside I took bath and came out only in towel …
And start combing my hair till that time Medha also went in side …
I lye down on bed only in towel and cover my self with sheet(chadar)..
And after little while Medha also came out she saw me lying on bed and said let me try shirt first..
And took all her bags which she bought today.
And went to kitchen and I don’t know what she was doing she came out only wearing shirt which she bought nothing else no pajama nothing …
she said bhai shirt is fitting good let me try with pants but I was lost in her her milky white thighs… perfect fitting shirt making me hot ..
And she search her Pants from her bags..
And take out one black pant and start wearing there only while she was wearing I saw her panty she was wearing pink panty.
light blue shirt and black pants she was looking so sexy and hot..wow..
I was loving it..
And she said again bhai how I m looking 
I smile and said perfect ..
She smile and watch herself in mirror with all and every angels…
And next what she did make me ( actually I don’t have words to express)
She start dancing seductive and start opening her shirt button…. automatically my jaw open wide ooooolaaaaalaaaa..
And my penis start raising and making tent in chadar(sheet)..
And than she start opening her shirt button one by one..
And as she was opening my heart beat start increaseing o god.
What going on …
I thought I again start having dreams …
She is so hot and dancing..
And than she took off her shirt and beautiful pink bra wow she is hot man but my sister..
still dancing and than took of her pants slowly slowly showing her ass god what going on I was in heaven. I this real…
I thought she was not wearing this colors under cloths in morning when did she change..
I ask u r not wearing same under cloths in morning when did u change..
She very shyly said bhai I bought it today.
And was feeling very shy a moment before she was dancing like slut and now she was feeling so shy … U cannot understand girls …
And she switch off light and came near me I shifted little bit and she sat on bed and than lye down.
After a little while.
Me: I whisper slowly hey u awake
Medha: Hmmmm
Me: can I ask u something 
Medha : ok
Me: do u like what I did last nite.
Medha : she didn’t said anything ..
Me : what happend.
Medha : bhai I was very scared last nite and drunk too.
Me: ok but do u like it.
Medha : bhai …..Pata nahi ..
Me: than I didn’t said anything …
I keep quite …For a while..
Than Medha said.
Medha: bhai ..
Me: hmmm.
Medha : can I ask u something.
Me: Hmmmm
Medha : y didn’t u did ..
Me: what????????
Medha : y didn’t u enter in Me..
Me: because I thought u r not liking it..
Medha : but …than stop than again said bhai ..r u really virgin.
First I was in surprise how she knew …
Me: who told u..
Medha : while playing with Sneha Didi and Neha they told me:
Me: yes I m …
she didn’t said anything..
Me: what about u..
Medha : I m also virgin.
And laugh a little ..
Me: I said let lose it today..
Medha : she didt said anything ..
Me: what happend ..
Medha : bhai I m not ready that y I didn’t participate last nite also.
Me: I kiss her on her checks its ok darling .
Medha : smile and said I love u bhaiya and hold me while lying.
Her boobs touch my chest I was still having hard on…
And she than start moving her finger on my nipples and that’s make me more hot..
I saw her and she saw me …
And slowly slowly our face came closer and we kiss and broke within a second 
Than again she came and start kissing me this time deep and within no sec our tongue playing with each out ..
And we broke… she kept her head on shoulder and whisper bhai it was soo good .I feel so light.
And I kiss her forehead
She said bhai can I tell u something …
Me: What beta..
Medha :I love your cum it taste so good.
and laugh a little ..
I thought she is so nasty..
I whisper in her ear seriously …
Medha : Oooo yes bhaiya.
And now she start moving her finger on my tommy.
And I whisper I love your boobs can I touch them 
She saw me for a moment and smile and turn around now her back was at My side..
I slowly touch her back kiss her and lick her til which was on her back and open her bra..
And she turn again I slowly took off her bra and two lovely pair of boobs came on my sight …
I hold then one by one fold them squeez them play with then and suddenly she came on me hold my hand above my head and sat little on my tommy and her boobs r hanging on my face and I was licking and sucking like hungry dog.
after 5 6 min she realise my hand but still she was at that position and now I was touching all her back and sucking them than squeezing than ..
15 20 min I did that and than she lye on me and starting kissing me I was holding her and squeezing her ass and kissing her..
She whisper do u like that …
I just smile..
And than she went down hold my dick and start playing with it..
And I was in heaven.
she took tip of my cock and now sucking it but not taking whole cock while sucking she was also giving me hand job.
I know she is new in this she never gave blowjob to anyone..
But whatever she is doing I was loving it..
And soon I cum I told her I m going to cum and she start sucking very quickly and I shoot my load in her mouth and she was sucking she eat all my cum every single drop my god she is so nasty I didn’t know that.
And went to washroom after that she came back naked and lye next to me and make my hand to hold her…… I was very tired that day and we sleep with in a min..
Next morning I wake up early I saw her she was all naked I get up slowly and went to bathroom and fresh up my self ..
Came out and saw her she was looking so beautiful innocent all naked I put chadar on her went to make tea for me and coffee for her.
I came back with a tray and put it on side of table and call her Medha she wake up and slowly open her and smile watching me and said good morning bhaiya.
I too said good morning with a smile and she sat on bed holding her chadar.
And I gave her her coffee mug.
She start drinking it..
I said how was last nite.
She smile very shyly and said beautiful.
And I also smile.
We finish tea I was only in capry I took her cup and from her hand a about to move she hold me …
I came near to her and she lower my capry hold my cock and start making it hard I was just watching her wow.
And within no second it become hard and now she was sucking my cock but only tip I was in heaven again.
I said take whole inside but she didn’t ..
Than she stand up I thought what she do next ..
And she make me sit at the edge of bed and take a knee and start sucking again this time she is taking all more in side I hold her boobs from side and pressing it..
And she was sucking my cock almost half..
And I told her I m going to cum and I cum again she suck every drop of my cum and look at Me..
I said what was that …
She very innocent said bhaiya this is how I say good morning to my sweety pie ..
And laugh Hehe ……I too smile .
than went to washroom to fresh up and bath …
came out only in towel … And start combing her hair..
She wrap towel in such a way that her private part can cover..
I was watching her….. I thought for little mischief I came behind her and took her towel and run in kitchen she also run to take her towel back..
Her boobs were bouncing while is was running …
I run and jump on bed and 
I took the towel up in my hand.
and she was also jumping to take the towel for me and I was enjoying to see her boobs were bouncing up and down… her milky white skin I had intent hard on …
she was trying to get back but unable because I m taller than her.
She put a hand on my capry and pull it down and I also become naked and my cock become free 90 straight like a pole but still I was holding her towel high.
And she just put her hand on my balls and squeez hard..
O god.. It hurt me fuck what the hell..
I throw the towel on side and sat down on bed holding my cock and balls.
My eyes were all wet due to pain …
than I lye slowly on bed and put my feet on ground.. And still closing my eyes….
I open my eyes and saw Medha she was looking me scared that I will shout at her or beat her.
But I did said anything just stay like that only..
Its hurting me bad
Very slowly she said bhaiya I m sorry ..
But I didn’t answer ..
Again she came little near and sat on bed beside me and said bhaiya sorry.
It said its ok but didn’t move. …
She was Watching me observing Me..
And than bring baby johnson oil I use that (don’t laugh guys it true …..stop laughing ..please)
Ok..lets start again..
And sat on ground near my feet. Till then I cock also loosen her grip and shrink down…
She very slowly put my both hand on side and start applying oil to my cock and on balls..
It still hurt me from inside…
I close my eyes..
And she start giving little smoth message on my cock and till my tummy.. And all my thighs.
After sometime I feel little good relaxed.
And now my cock start rising again..and slowly slowly she start giving me hand job …
Wow I was feeling so light now and all mai pain vanish in sec.
She was message my balls also..very slowly slowly… I start moaning
Aa aaah good aa Ooo..seriously first best hand job ever.
I was soo loving it..
she ask very slowly and innocently bhai its still paining …
I open my eyes now darling not now…
She took her towel which I throw before.
And clean all oil from my cock and from her hands and than took the cock tip in she mouth and licking by her tongue..she lick all pre cum with her tongue..
her tongue was giving me different sensation.actually driving me crazy wow I start moaning again.
She took half of my cock inside and start sucking ..
She is learning to fast.
And than full and I was back in heaven.
She was sucking so beautifully perfect like professional..
She began to move her head up and down sucking on my cock with slurping sounds. “Like a lollipop”
And I was enjoying every sec..
And I know I will going to cum any sec I try to hold but I can’t..
she was still sucking and I cum loads after loads I didn’t cum this much before shot after short and she keep sucking every single drop she really like cum within 2 hour she was drinking second time..
And sat down when I finish …
She saw Me.. And said bhaiya sorry ..
And I kiss on her head and its ok darling it Ok..
But don’t do this again it hurt me a lot
she said I will never bhai sorry..
And she get up and went to washroom
I saw the time is 9 o clock.
Shit ..
She came out and I said start Packing v r late …
She starting packing ready first …
till than I went to washroom and took bath and came out I saw her she was busy packing …
I also start getting ready..
She told me she is leave some of the cloths and stuff here only she will come back to delhi than return to home.
And start Packing again..
I sat making bed and arranging things.
She finish packing ..
Me : So u r ready ..
Medha : bhaiya I m feeling nervous 
Me : Pagal hai kya chill everything will be fine.
Medha : took one deep breath and said ok I m fine good to Go..
And carry her bags.
me: I said wait she look at Me..
I came near and hug her said best of luck and kiss her on her lips and she wrap around her arms and I gave her a deep kiss while kissing I put my hand inside her top from back and open her bra..
She immediately broke her kiss..
And look at me very surprisely..
And said what bhaiya.
I said… I also want to say good bye to someone else 
Medha : to whome bhaiya..
I slowly took her top over her boobs and took her bra and suck both her boobs for few sec…
And said good bye cute pie..
look at her she smile in shy..
And I again kiss her put one hand on her boobs squeez a little and and put her bra like before and put my hand back and try to hook it but its little difficult she knew I was unable to do like this.
We broke our kiss.
She turn around I put her top little up and try to hook again and hook it kiss her back and take her hand to her boobs and start kissing her ears and neck and squeezing her boobs from top of her bra..
She said bhaiyaaa..
We r getting late..
I said I know and again give a tight squeez and leave her.
she took her bag and we came out.
Its almost 10 15 straight drive to air port and we reach at 11 45 quickly I purchase her ticket and handed to her and 5000 rs and said best of luck..
she hugg me and said thank u and went in..
I came back to office.
She call me at 3 and she told me she took a cab and going to hotel riya is also there ..
I said ok best of luck talk to papa also ..
She told me she already did.
I said ok …
And than day was as usual..
And came back at 8 while coming back I bought milk and one dairy milk (silk) chocolate and saw one flower shop its open new in that area I went there a purchase one red rose and came back and put under my pillow..
I know Sneha will come today I want to give her surprise..
And took shower and wear fresh cloths. Open my laptop and start surfing …
at 11 20 door knock I was so excited I open the door and Sneha was standing she was wearing same nighty which Medha try that day.
I welcome her in …
She came in 
I close the door but she stop and said I m angry with u sister aai aur tum mujko bhool gaya.
I came near and hug her I said no no no sweet heart no I can never forget u but she push me …
I smile little and make her sit on bed took my guitar and start playing on guitar..
First I was only playing but not singing..
She was watching me..
And I came to her knee and start singing..
“kiss me,…..
close your eyes,…..
miss me,,,,
close your eyes,….
kiss me,……
i can read your lips,….
on your fingertips,…..
i can feel your smile,….
come on my lips,….
and happiness in your eyes.
kiss me,….
close your eyes”…
And while singing I point her toward my pillow she slowly put her hand under pillow and took rose and chocolate out and she was holding it..
I was still singing song.
And I finish song and put the guitar on side.
She said this is for me 
I just wave my head in yes
her eyes were all red and one tear role out …
Me: array what happend ….
……y r u crying idiot…………
Sneha : didn’t said anything ..
I again said kya huya Babu…
Sneha: rohit can I ask u a question..
Me : Yaa ok …
Sneha : do u love Me..
Me : now I was in trouble what to say what not to say my heart my every body part were shouting yes I love u I love u a lot.
But I didn’t said anything I sat on bed beside her and smile a little and kiss her.
………Note(when u r in trouble and don’t know what to do don’t say anything never show anyone any dreams which u can’t fulfill. Its true my friend because if u show dreams with u can’t fulfill it hurts a lot its applicable for boys and girls )
And she hug me I also hugg her tight.
Me: I ask her how was my sister …
Medha : she is good girl just like u ..her eyes is just like yours …
I really want to change topic
Me : seriously I never notice ..i will give money till tomorrow ok I forgot to give u..
Sneha : which money.
Me: array that my sister borrow from u ..
Sneha: array leave it its Ok..
Me: no …no friendship in money..
Sneha : ok as u wish..
She was smelling the rose and said thank u for this..
I said open the chocolate Yr.. 
She smile and said its mine I will not give it to u …
And put the chocolate on her side.
I smile she was behaving so childish and innocent.
I get up and sat on chair……… she was still Smelling rose..
We both r quite..
After a while she get up and went to washroom
she came out within a min.
I did said anything 
She came near me and sat on my lap and put her hand around Me..
And just watching Me..
I ask her what’s up..
She didn’t answer..
Kya huya Tumha kuch to Boolo.
But still she didn’t answer..
she just looking directly in my eyes….
Finally she said…
Sneha : y r u like this.
Me : like what …
Sneha : like different from others.
Me: I m not different I also have 2 hand 2 eyes nose lips everything like other.
Sneha : I mean this..
She pointed her hand on my heart.
Me: it for no use no one see that in this world..
Sneha : y r u so sweet..
me : who said I m sweet I m not sweet I m very sour. Immediately when I finish the sentence
Sneha kiss me on my lips..
And said u very very sweet..
Me: because u r very very sweet.
That’s y u think I m sweet.
She was sitting on my lap by one side.
And she get up and pull her maxi little high till knee and sat on my lap buy putting both her side.
While sitting her maxi came up and I can see her smooth thighs.
And again she wrap her hand around me but this time I also wrap my hand around her waist.
Sneha : u know u sing to good u should try for reality program.
Me : I smile and I said I don’t sing that good also I sing ok Ok..
Sneha : can u sing one more song again for Me..
Me : ok which on…
Sneha : sing any song your fav
Me : ok let me thing.
I sung a song for my x girlfriend on her birthday I thought to sing that song only.its my favorite
Me: without guitar ..
Sneha : yes only song.
I start the song.
Hai tu kaha,kaha hai tu
aajau mai jaha hai tu
iss dill mai dhadkano mai 
hai tu he tuuu
hai jha tu jha hai tu
mai hu jhaa vaha hai tu
kaise tujhe btadu kya kya hai tuuu
yaar hai tu 
pyaar hai tu
aarzoo tu justuzoo
zindagi tu bandagi tu
hai mera tu sab mila tu
Aadhi adhoori jaise dhalti hai zindgaani
jo sath mai mere na tu
karte hai har ghadi hum khudse baatien tumhari
hardum khyalo mai hai tu
aaja tujhe bta………………. 
I was in a middle still singing the song and she kiss me on my lips and saw me again I was going to say than again she kiss me this time so hard and deep she was biting my lips and she also bite my tongue but not so hard.
I was messaging her back.
She was behaving like mad ..
She Start kissing me deeper and deeper I was also getting hot while kissing she undo my shirt button and took off…
I broke my kiss and start kissing licking and sucking my neck and ears..
Vooo she was so hot and making me also hot she also make a scratch me on my chest with her nail it was paining but I was enjoy in pleasure.
I carry her and make her lye on bed and start kissing and squeezing her boobs.
And put her hand on her legs and move upward so that her gown can came up 
She know what I was doing she sat down and took off her gown and start kissing again ..
I was so enjoy in folding her boobs messaging her pussy on her panty.
I took her boobs from the side of her bra and start sucking it and she was pressing my head …
I left her boobs and again start kissing her when we broke our kiss we took deep breath and v r looking to each other but both r hot I thought today definitely I will lose my virginty.
She sat and took her bra off I was just watching her and two beautiful globes are in front of me I was going to grab them but she move and took chocolate .
And open and put she on her boobs.
And like hungry dog I was licking it she was eating chocolate and I was licking from her boobs when I lick whole chocolate I saw her and I start kissing her its a chocolate flavour kiss I love that(.. Gooooood) and I took her panty off and applie some chocolate over her pussy and start licking and sucking her pussy which was now in chocolate taste she start moaning and pressing my head deeper.
And she close her eyes….
she start shaking same like if u take a fish out from her water …
I was so hot I took off my capry and my cock was hard to stricke the goal..
I put my penis on her pussy lips and she open her eyes and saw Me..
She said rohit ..
I was doing my penis up and down on her pussy …
She again said rohit I saw her.
I said do u like it..
Rohit please don’t fuck me please.
I said what happend .
U don’t like it
She again said a request please.
…. now what… 
And my mood went off.
I was very angry from inside but didn’t show up I quietly lye down beside her ..
She didn’t said anything hold my penis and start giving hand joy.
I didn’t say anything not even watching her.
She get up and start giving me blowjob.
And I close my eyes thing kya yr e say kahatay hay asal mai KLPD(Kahre Land Pe
Dhokha ) when will lose my virginly this is 2nd time which happend with me …Shit man ..
and I feel she is moving I open my eyes and she was on me and putting my cock on her pussy she is actually going to sit on my cock and take it in..
But her eyes were all wet and she was actually crying ..

I immediately hold her and make her lye on bed.
Me : And said y r u crying..
Sneha : please don’t get angry with Me..
Me : who said I m angry and y would I will be angry .
Sneha : because I did let u fuck I know u want to loose your virginity
Me : ya I want but not making u cry.
Sneha : u hate me naa…
Me : no sweet heart I don’t hate u .
she was still crying.
Me:::Sneha please stop crying .
Acha tell y u didn’t let me enter ..
Sneha : she look at me and I slowly wipe her tear ..
she said because my medication is going on doctor said not to do sex for 6 months till this medicine going on…
(I thought in mind what the hell I never heard such thing before but Mabe if doctor told her it must be true or Mabe she is making up)
Sneha : but if u want I can do it..
I hold her hand a kiss her forehead and smile and said 
” I know I m nobody of your only a well wiser and put her hand on her tommy and mine on top of her hand…but I want to be happy and I want u to became a mother and I want u get all the happiness of the world…I touch her cheeks and again said I know u will get all the happiness and u will become mother very soon…
Sneha : who said u r nobody . She said in very childish way.
U r my best friend.
Me : I know that than how can I make my friend cry I don’t want to do anything which make u sad …
She kiss me and said rohit I know u want to loose your virginity if u want u can do in my in back hole I know it pain a lot but I can manage that much pain for u..
But now I was not in mood.
Very intelligent I said..
I said no sweet heart I don’t want to give u any pain for my enjoyment.
Its Ok..
Till that time my penis also loosen it grip and it was shrunk to normal….
We both still lying naked on bed..
Sneha: now tell me y r u so sweet.. 
Me : I just smile.
Sneha: I love u …
Want to say ….I love her too but I know she cannot become mine….
I said I know u love me and I love too but because of me don’t ruined your world and please don’t give pain to your love one.
Sneha: but what about my happiness..
Me: u will get your piece of happiness just wait for a while I know… believe me i bet.
and I m always there for u… always..
I m not saying this because v r doing these things(I just want to clear everything) but because I believe that u deserve it..
u r so nice person.
Sneha : I know I get my happiness or I will snatch it from god..
I love u …and thank you to be with Me..
She kiss me again..
Me: I also kiss her …
Me: i said its very late I have to go to office also tomorrow..
Sneha : she get up and start wearing cloths …
But suddenly my main door open and Neha was standing ….
Fuck man aaj to lag gai…
I was literally very scare seeing her.
And she came in ..seriously guys my skin colour change to yellow.
Sneha was just in her panty and I was full naked ….
I hurry cover my self with chadar..
I was still in such a position that I can’t explain to anyone….
And Sneha start wearing she bra and than maxi gown..
I can’t even dare to watch Neha..
I was feeling so ashamed..
And Neha came in and sat on chair no on is talking there is pin drop silence..
That scaring me more..
I have nothing to justify my self..
And Sneha sat next to Me..
Than Neha said finally..
So u guys going these things.
Didi u r married how can u do this how can u cheat..
I thought u r nice person..
And I didn’t look up also.. I thought this is the end.
I was looking down .I was shaking in fear.
O god y I didn’t lock the door thinking ..
First time I didn’t lock the door and this happend..Shit man what a bad luck..
Sneha want to say something …
But Neha start again don’t try to justify Didi I saw everything I was standing outside and I saw and heard everything ..
Shit she was standing there for all this time and v r busy with our own world..
Neha said to me …
Neha: rohit I thought u r a nice person but u also …put your face up I want to see in your eyes….
But I didn’t I was sitting like a dead person..
She stand up and came next to bed and now heartbeat start increaseing even more faster …i thought my heart will bust in fear..
She sat on bed on another end just next to Me..
I try to cover myself more ..
She again said what happend look up..
But I didn’t..
and she blast one big bomb on Me..
she said if u didn’t look up I will call mom..
Shit Shit Shit..
No I said wait and I look up my eyes r all red in fear and ashame..
I saw her than to Sneha…..
Sneha was look normal ..
I was little confuse..
But again I look down..
And with a little voice I said don’t call aunty I m sorry what I did..
I will leave tomorrow morning only..
But something else going to happend my destiny is something else..
Neha: u r not going to leave now u have to pay for your dept..
I was silence..
Thinking Mabe she will send me jail..
I loss everything what I will I say to my family.
I said again please don’t tell anyone I don’t want to go to jail ..my life will be ruined … Neha : from where This jail come I m not calling police I don’t want to ruin my sister life for u..
But I will give u punishment..
Me : in very scared i said ok what ever u want..
Neha: first look up..
Me: I saw her and she was smiling I was confuse..
What really going on…
What she up too.
I saw Sneha she was also smiling..
I said what going on…
Sneha said relax rohit she will not going to tell anyone …
She know everything she is my sister and best friend too..
She was just messing with you…
But I was still in deep Shit.
I don’t know what’s going on here..
I saw them and they r laughing on me ….
I said its not funny Ok..
Neha ….see your face rohit o god..
Me to Neha: u really scare the hell out of me …
Neha : Ooo sorry.. But remember u have to pay your debt..
Me : ok ok what every..
Neha : di u were right …
Sneha : I told you ..
Me: hey ….what u guys talking now what’s going on..
Neha : nothing its just a girls talk..
And she light a Cigrate..
Sneha also took one and light it..
I ask Neha can I have one I also need today u make me so scared..
She have me one..
I also start smoking …
but till now also my hands was shaking …
Seeing this Sneha said Ooo poor guy its ok rohit y r u still feeling scared..
Neha also saw my hand..
Neha : hey rohit I was just joking its ok and she took my right hand and hold my pam tight..
Me: seriously girls u scare me to death..
And I smile little..
Watching me everyone smile..
Sneha: Neha knows everything ..about us about about my that bastard ‘ravi’ my husband..
U know rohit that bastard what to fuck Neha also and he tried also …what he said Yaa..”sali adhi gharwale”…..saala gandu..
I was just listening .:Neha was still holding my hand and giving little message ..
I said to Neha its ok u can leave my hands.
Neha : u don’t like it..
Me: no its that now I m feeling ok..
But I was in such a state that I can’t do anything I was still naked under the sheet.
I told them they should go it late I have to go to office also tomorrow I said this very polite way..
And till that time Cigrate also finish
She get up and about to leave..
Neha said u not going to close the door..
me: I will I will close in a moment..
I know she was teasing me because I was still naked..
But Sneha hold her hand and they went down..
I immediately get up and lock the door and took one deep breath..
And went to washroom..
Fuck man …these girls will kill me someday..
I took a shower and came out naked and lye on bed and sleep in no time..
Next morning is same I went to office and came back late..
I was very tied last nite also I didn’t sleep good..
I came back and lye on bed didt change cloths nor took my shoe also and sleep ….
I don’t know what happend …
next morning when I wake I saw..
I was not wearing shoe and socks also..
It was lying in corner ..
I Freshen up make tea get ready and leave for office ..
Neha also going to college v wave each other and said good morning..
She said last nite u were too tired v came up but u were sleeping..
I was going to say but till that time aunty came out Neha drop aunty every day to her work..
I said good morning to aunty and I leave to office..
On a way I thought Mabe Neha took my shoe last nite thinking all that I reach to office..
And same routine nothing special..
I came back at 7..I have to meet a client but he didn’t show up so I just came back..
On my way back I saw aunty was walking side of road Mabe she didn’t find auto or something..
I stop my bike on side and call aunty..
She saw Me..
I ask her she is going home.
She said yes but can’t find auto..
I told her I m also going home I will drop u and she sit on my bike..
V reach home..
She call me in but I told her I had a little work in market I have to Go..
I park my bike and went to market to eat and purchase milk ..
I came back and knock the door Neha open door and welcome Me..
I ask about aunty she went in and aunty came out..
aunty said rohit have dinner with us I told her I ate it..
I handed rent to aunty and told her sorry for late and I gave her advance for 2 months also I told her I get home late so I forgot everytime..
She said its ok rohit..
I took her leave and came back to my room.. 
I took a long shower and prepare tea …
And start my laptop I had a little work..
Till that time I heard my cellphone ringing I saw its from my sister Medha I took her call and start talking..
Medha: bhaiya my 3 round is clear and tomorrow is last round she was sounding very happy..
I ask about riya ..
Riya had also clear all three round lets see tomorrow what happend..
Than v r talking all general stuff.
I congrats her and said best of luck for tomorrow..
And hung up.. 
That nite also both girls didn’t show up ..
And I sleep..
Next morning everything went same ..
Same routine nothing special till nite..
I went back at 9 …
Dinner done from outside..
Reach home and about to open the door till than my phone ringing..
I saw my phone its from Medha I took her call ….
And open the gate and came in..
She was insane I can’t understand a word what she was saying …
I told her first calm down than tell slowly
She took one deep breath and start telling me …
She is been selected for the job …i congrats her …
She was coming day after tomorrow ..
Tomorrow she have to complete her paper work ..
And she told me riya is also selected …
They both r shouting like crazy..
I talk to riya also and congrats her ..
She was also sounding very happy..
Mean while I took my cloths and I was standing in shorts..
And walking and talking ..
We chat some more time..
I took all my cloths I was just in my boxer.I was in searching my cloths also …and I cut the phone and look back to close the door I was shock.
Aunty was standing on my door..
I quickly wear my pant again ..And ask aunty what happend..
Aunty: beta its very late Maraa phone recharge karva sakta ho …
Me: array koi nahi aunty bus Abhi Jaa raha hu..
I took my shirt and went down but no shop was open its 10 30 I was surprise to see that how can market is close so early.
I came back I told aunty that market is close ..
she told me something happend that y market is close.
I call one of my friend and ask if he can recharge ..
And he immediately went down and recharge aunty phone..
She bless me and she immediately call her relative I was there only..
One of her relative is not well.she talk to them and I was just listening …
she has to go to ahmedabad ….
I didn’t said anything and I went to my room..
That day Sneha didn’t show up not did Neha..
And day ended…
Next morning I went to office and came back little early around 4 when I was parking my bike aunty call me she didn’t went to office …
She call me inside ..
I went in …
I sat on sofa aunty bring tea for Me..
And she start telling me what happend to her relative and I was listening very carefully..
She ask a favour ‘ than I can go to railway station for her reservation ‘
I told her I can do from here only I bring the my laptop from my room and open it..
Open the irctc site and login ..
And start searching train for ahmedabad .
But unfortunately there is no ticket available not even in taktal …
there is only one ticket available in ladies kota..
I told her she think for a while and said to book it..
I ask her about Sneha and Neha she said they will stay here only.. 
I book her ticket from my card and aunty gave me cash immediately..
I went to my room..
Aunty is going tomorrow nite …i was little excited that now both the girls r alone Mabe something happend..
And thinking that I came to my room..
I thought to took a little nap …
I wake up at 8 went out and eat food and come back..
That day also both the girls didn’t show at nite..
I thought Mabe they were busy..
And I sleep …next morning Medha also coming back ..
next morning : I wake up little early because I have to go to airport to receive Medha …
Medha came out and wave at me I also wave her and riya was also with her o god!!!!!.
both girls r looking so hot both r in formals …
They came toward Me..
I hug Medha and she hug me too..
And riya also came near but she did hug Me..
I told them they can take auto and I carry Medha bag and came out..
They take auto and I drive back to my room..
We reach back at 8 and they came in..
V all stalled down..
One by one they Freshen up ….
I thought to take a leave for today ..
So I call my boss and told him… That I m not coming…but I didn’t get leave I had to meet a client its important…
We talk all general stuff..
Riya told me that she leave today nite to her home …
I start getting ready for office….i told them to take rest I will be back soon..
And I went to office..
I came back at 7 my day was awfully …
Thank god today is saturday..
When I came back..
I bought dinner for all three of us.
v all had food ..
After that riya start packing her stuff.
Suddenly Medha said don’t forgot your bra last time u forgot..
And I was surprise I saw Medha she was smiling than riya she was looking so embarrass I did said anything ..
I open my laptop and start surfing..
Aunty call me I went downstairs ..
She ask me that I can bring auto for her.
Its almost 10 her train is at 11 30 and riya also had to go to station her train is at 12 .
I ask aunty that if riya can also go with u.. aunty said she has no problem..
I came back and told riya that aunty also going to station u can go with her..
But she was little scared what happend her last time I told her ok do one thing I will come with u ….
But Medha didn’t like the proposal she immediately said I also want to go I will comeback with u.
I didn’t said anything I went down to bring auto. 
and auto came …
Aunty riya and Medha sat on auto and I went on bike we reach station at 11 15 we have still time..
Aunty train is on 1 platform.
I arrange all her stuff and came out Medha and riya was still talking to aunty.
And than they also see off and came back.
Riya train is coming on 5 platform ..
We reach there but unfortunately train was late.
I sat on a bench they were busy talking and I was getting bore.
I bought coldrink for everyone.
they r busy talking and I was feeling sleepy..
thank god train came we inter the train and I arrange all her stuff …
We she off her and came out.
Its 12 45 ..
I start my bike and Medha sat on back holding Me..
And I start riding back to home.
But she start doing 
(vooo guys sometimes girls can make u insane).
She start messaging my cock from back..
I told her to stop but she didn’t..
Me: kya kar rahe ho..
Medha : q bhai Acha nahi lag raha.
Me: stop it yr we r on road if someone saw than..
Medha : there is no one on road bhaiya..
And she open my zip and put her hand inside..
O god.
She is crazy.
She try to take my cock out but cannot but its hurting Me now..
I told her stop but she didn’t..
so I stop my bike in corner and look back to her she was smiling ..
I took my cock out and start again ..
Road is empty no one around ..
And now she was jerking on moving bike.
and I feel so good cool air but little scared also.
I slow my bike and watch around there is no one.
And than stop my bike again …
she climb down from bike ..
And I lean on bike and she came sit near my feet and start giving blowjob on road guys its feel so good..
Adventure but risky …but lot of fun
For 5 6 min she gave me blowjob but I didt come because I was little afraid if anyone saw us..
So I told her to stop lets go home.
She get up..
I try to put my cock inside but its paining me but I did any how.
She sat on back and v came back home..
Its 1 50 bit late.
We came to our room v both r tired..
She sat on bed than lye down..
I was just watching she …
O god she look so good big boobs in pick t shirt black jeans …
I lock the door..
And close my window also I don’t want to take any risk..
She was lying on bed legs r down and eyes were close.
I took my shirt off than my pant.
And I came near to her …
I slowly call her Medha but she didn’t response..
I again call her..
But still i went to washroom and took a quick shower..
And came back…
She was still lye same as before..
I sat near her on bed..
And I put my one hand on her tummy..
And circle her around..
But she didn’t response..
I thought She is very tired and went to sleep I was also tired but lust is make me do all these thing..
I open her jeans button and open zip also slowly slowly ..
She was wearing dark blue panty inside..
But still she was not moving..
I slowly try to pull her jeans from the bottom its very tight but its coming down..
Slowly slowly and I took her jeans off..
She move a little and she came upward and lye straight on bed.
She was just on her top and panty..
I came near her and lye down and grab her boobs..
Medha : please bhai so na do…I m tired.
Me: so jana par samjha karo naa…
Medha : please ..
Watching her pretty face I don’t know what happend to me I leave her.
Medha : bhai. Naraz ho gaye ..
Me: Nahi….
Medha : kal Pakka Abhi mai bhout tired hu..
I just hold her boobs and squeez it..
Medha : bhai please..dard hota hai…
Acha I give u massage than u sleep Ok..
I did said anything..
She get up slowly looking like so sleepy.
And hold my penis.
And start jerking it..
It was much much better than jerking your own penis but still I want to something else.
She keep on jerking fast so I can cum quickly and she could sleep
She was yawning while doing it..
I try to grab her boobs and message little she did say anything just jerking me fast…
But I didn’t come I said leave it but she didn’t hear she is in half sleep Mabe
I hold her hand and make it stop she watch me with half sleeping eyes
and she lye on bed she is very tied she didn’t sleep last nite also and she travel a lot …
I just watch her she was looking so beautiful while sleeping..
I went to washroom and relax my self and pore cold water on my penis. 
After some time my penis began to shrunk.
And I came on bed and lye down ..
IWatch her for a while
And close my eyes and try to sleep..
I don’t know when I sleep..
I wake up bit late its sunday though.
I saw there is no one around….
I went to wash room and Freshen up do the morning chorus and when to kitchen.
I saw there was a cup of tea lying and it was still hot..
Mabe Medha Mabe tea just now
I took the cup and went back to my bed thinking where Medha went.
I finish my tea and try to call her on her mobile but her mobile is in room only…
I open my laptop and start listening song.
Half and hour went by like that..
Than Medha came and Sneha was also with her.
Medha : when did u wake up..
Me: half an hour ago.
Medha : I made tea for u wait I give u ..
Me: I drink the tea.
Its Ok..
Sneha : said good morning.
I also reply Gm with smiling gesture.
Sneha: what’s the plan for today..
Me: I don’t have any plans.
Do u guys have any plans..
Medha : bhai lets go to watch movie..
Sneha: Yaa good idea..
Me: I don’t have mood for a movie do one thing u guys can go I stay at home.
Medha : y what happend :::
Me: I m tired I want to rest relax enjoy at home u guys can go movie its ok I don’t mind..
Sneha: r u ok naa rohit ..u r not well..
Me: no I m fine …
U can enjoy go please its ok yr chill..
I just to rest wash cloths I don’t have anything to wear for office tomorrow…
Medha : no bhai if u don’t go we will also not Go..
Me : array no u guys can go its ok ….
Sneha: if u say Medha do one thing get ready.
V will go to sakat pvr..
Medha : sound good to me Ok than.
After than Sneha when down to get ready and Medha took her towel and went to washroom..
I was just listening music and lying on bed.
After sometimes Medha came out only in towel and start coming her hair..
I was just watching her …
Than she open her bag and took one undergarment set..
White bra and white panty.
And than took one white top also..
And she was still searching something ..
She took blue jeans..than think for a sec and again start searching something. again she took black jeans and took all her cloths and she was going towards kitchen but she stop in middle..
She look at me and smile I also smile.
than she came back and kept her cloths near my feet on bed.
And again went near mirror and saw herself..
And came back and took her towel off.
Woow Medha in full nude standing near me ..
That girl who I always fantasies …
She took her bra and start wearing than her panty …
and she turn around and her ass was perfect wrap in her cotton panty..
Looking so seductive but I can’t do anything I know Medha can come up in any moment though the door is lock but still I was just watching her dress and enjoying the show.
Than she wear her jeans it was perfectly fit. 
She look very good in jeans top and than her white top.
Her boobs r looking so good under her white top big juicy.
I had a hard on watching her dress…
She went near a mirror and apply lip gloss.
O god now I can’t handle her pink lips r killing Me..
I get up from my bed and went near her and stand on her back my cock is making tent in my capry and I touch her ass by my cock.
Medha : kya huya bhai.
She was still at the same position
Me: nothing u didn’t said good morning to Me..
Medha : turn back and with her beautiful lips she said good..
Till than I kiss her I kiss her deep and suck all her lips gloss and juice of her mouth.
I kiss her long.
And wrap her my hand around her waist and carry her to bed and while kissing I make her lye on bed..
I was over her and kissing …
I broke kiss and start folding her boobs.
Its so big.
I want to tear her top but i can’t the time is not right.
I suck her neck till shoulder till ears.
She was just holding me from head fingering my hair.
Medha : bhai leave me Sneha Didi may came up I m already late.
She was saying these thing but she actually not want to leave Me..
and I got an idea but not now I will execute it in nite thinking that I leave her and get up and took off my capry..
She was still lying..
Watching Me..
I sat on chair and hold my penis and make a few strock.
She know what I want she came toward me and kiss me and took my penis in her hand and start jerking it..
And than took it in her mouth..
I was enjoining every sec of it..
She was going good she was licking my balls too..
I was back in heaven..
I love the way she was going it..
And with in a sec I cum but she didn’t eat my cum this time.
All my cum was on her hand..
She went to washroom and clean herself.
I wear my capry again..
She came out ..
Medha : bhai u ruined all my lipgloss .
And saying that again she went near mirror and apply lipgloss..
Till than someone knock the door.
Thank god I release my pressure before time thinking that.
I open the door thought it might be Sneha but I surprise Neha was standing there..
But she was in her night suit.
I was little terrified for what she did last time. I open the door thought it might be Sneha but I surprise Neha was standing there..
But she was in her night suit.
I was little terrified for what she did last time. 
and She came in..
Me::: hey Neha y r not ready what happend u not going ..
Neha : I m not going . I don’t feel like going.
Me::: y what happend ..
Neha : just saw me with her wicked eyes but didt said anything..
I know she will surely kill me today she will take revenge what I did that day.
She sat on bed.
Neha: y r u not going..
Me::: I had little work that y..
She didn’t said anything..
I suddenly remember I had to give money to Sneha and I said Medha wait I m coming ..
I went down stairs there is an atm near by road.
I took 8 thousand and came back.
When I reach back ..
Sneha Neha and Medha is standing outside.
I gave money to Sneha and rest of money to Medha …
She was very happy.
I told her don’t spend to much….
They r going on Neha scotty ..
And they went …
I smile and said to Neha ok than and I just want to go to my room …
Actually I was running from Neha.
But till than Neha said where r u going..
I know she will again open that topic but I can’t run from her.
I said to my room..
Neha: wait. I want to talk to u come in..
I don’t want but still I follow with her in her house.
I sat on sofa..
And she went in..
After some time she came out.
So rohit come to my room we will talk there with relax mood.
But I don’t want to go there i said say here only what in your mind..
But she didt want to talk here and she hold my hand and took me in her room.
She said to sit I m coming ..
Again she went..
Her room is beautiful paining picture ..
On the center of the room there was a big picture of Neha Sneha and nitin (her brother) hugging it was very beautiful pic.
I sat on chair ..
And she came in with 2 cups of tea.
She gave me one cup and took her cup and sat on bed with cross leg.
I know she will take revenge..
And she said. So u ready to pay your debt.
Me::: what debt.
Neha : Ohho ok I will call mom and tell your sis also what u and Sneha di doing these days.
Me::: y u want to ruin your sis life.
Neha : I don’t want to but u r making me do…
Me::: what u want ..
I know she will drop a bomb.
but what she said I was surprise to hear that.
Neha: I want 2 favour from you…
Me::: what .????
Neha : but promise me u will do it..
Me::: first tell Me..
Neha : no first promise Me..
Me::: ok if I can I do it ok now tell Me..
Neha : I don’t want to get married right now so do something that my marriage stop but no one say anything to mom .
Me::: first I didn’t understand ..
r u getting married wow congrats for that.
Neha : shut up rohit please rohit I trust u ..U r only one who can help me please do something ..
Me::: but y u don’t want to get married what’s wrong. Do u love someone else ..if that is the problem than talk to aunty she will surly understand u.
Neha : no I don’t love anyone I just don’t want to get married now .
Me::: what u want.
Neha: do something to stop this marriage I don’t know what but no one blame me or mom for that.
She seriously make me surprise …
Me::: ok ok let me think ok …Relax.
Now we both r quite and drinking tea.
I enquire about the person she told me he is an army officer live in Puna(NDA) but his family lives in delhi he is coming after 3 days to meet Me..
I ask her do u have his number she said yes and she gave to Me..
I said I think something relax Ok..
And till than our tea was also finish.
Me:::So I can go now ..
Neha : if u want to…but please do something ..
Me: ya I do relax.
And I get up and came out and went to my room..
What to do ….
one of my friend is also in army in Puna only.
I thought to call him but what I say I was confuse ..
I thought first let me ask him about that person how is he..
I call him but he didn’t pick my call..
I thought Mabe he is busy..
I thought till then I wash cloths..
So went to wash cloths.
I was washing cloths till then I heard my phone is ringing..
I came and saw it from my friend only.
(guys I can’t tell his name sorry for that) let call my friend anil.
Anil: hey dude how r u such a long time.
Me::: ya man I thought u forgot me so how is life going on (he is married )
And how is Bhabhi.
Anil: life is good and she is also very fine.. A good news for you u r going to become chacha very soon..
Me::: Ooo good yr congrats …
I m so happy for you…
Anil : so when r u getting married.
Me::: what to say I didn’t find my one..
Anil: array yr come here I will make you find your …
Me::: ya ya I will definitely come promise.
Hey Anil I have to ask you something.
Anil: Yaa what ????
Me::: Anil do you know @@@ guy he is also in army he is major . 
Anil: Yaa I know him he is my colig why what happend..
Me::: no nothing he is friend of my boss my boss praise him a lot…
Anil: ok ok so ..
Me::: tell me how is he ..
Anil: what u mean by how is he ..
Me: array Matlab how is the person his nature …
Anil: he is good ..
Me: he is good soldier or he is good person
Anil : he is both ..handsome intelligent rich…he is also friend of your Bhabhi..
Ask her she praise him a lot.
Me:: ok ok .
Anil: y r u asking these thing what’s going on..
Me::: nothing yr my boss praise him a lot that’s it..
Everytime he can do that he do this.. 
Anil: Hmmmm he is good person.
Anil : ok yr I talk to u later I have a little work.
Me::: ok ok duty first.
Anil: Yaa hey please come yr.
Me::: definitely yr ..
I again went to wash cloths thinking now how I ask him to broke marriage.
I wash all cloths and for dry I hang them outside.
Its 2 o clock I thought to eat first.
I went out and went to a dhaba to eat.
I order food and thinking what to do…
Till than food came I start eating food..
I got an idea. But I need to find pco first..
I quickly finish my food and came out.
Now a days there is impossible to find pco in delhi..
Every one have mobile.
I find one pco and dial @@@ no …
And bell is ringing..
He pick up..
I talk to him very politely.
I told him that I m in relationship with Neha for 5 years and v love each other..
But her mother don’t know about it..
I fake my name also..
I ask him to break this marriage with her she also love Me..
I was surprise he talk very mature he said he first want to meet Neha and talk to her.
He is also talking very politely I like the way he is talking… 
than I came back its hot and I didn’t bath thinking that I took a towel and went to washroom for a bath..
I took my cloths off and as I begin to bath I heard something the door knock …
I wrap the towel thought that Medha might return I open the door.
But Neha was standing 
Not again!!!
she said did u thinking something or not and while saying she came in and I was standing on door just watching her.
And she sit on my bed.
She wait for my response ..But I didn’t said anything..
she again said rohit r u listening or not..
Me::: I thought for a moment than I said to her that wait here I m going to bath than I tell u there is a good news for u..
And as I said she jump in joy she come toward me and said tell me than u Go..
But I quickly went to washroom…
I took bath very calmly she was calling me from out side but I didn’t response …I took long time
Than I came out and went toward the mirror and start coming my hair.
I was in capry and on top I hang a towel.
She was still sitting on bed waiting me to tell but I was just irritating her..
but till now she came to me with very angry face hold my hand and said tell me now what happend what u want to tell.
She is in angry mood..
I very calmly make her sit on bed and ask her tell very honestly y u don’t want to get married..
She was confuse ..
Neha: I told u I don’t want to marry now…
Me::: ok than …when u want to get married..
Neha : I don’t know but not now…
Me: see Neha I know u don’t want to get married now but u want to get married naa and no one is forcing u to marry today only take your time..
u r just nervous that the reason.
And now she was in deep thinking
Neha ….Neha..
I call her ..
Neha: Yaa I don’t know bus Mujha Abhi Shadhi nahi karnee..
Me::: ok see I m with u what ever u want I will do for u I promise that but u have to do one thing for Me…
Neha: what????????
Me::: just meet the guy know him take your time he is very nice guy..
Neha: how do u know he is nice guy if he is also like jijaji or my last bf than.
Me::: he is not I know that believe Me..
Neha : how u know..
Me::: I know I talk to him…
Neha: What r u serious u know the person.
When did u talk to him y didn’t u tell me what did u say …
She ask me million of question with in a sec …and I just smile..
Me::: ok ok I tell u everything relax.
But first u promise me what I say u have will do…
Neha: ok what ever..
Me: stop this attitude first ok its for your own good.
Neha: she said sorry in so childish way like she is just a kid I love witching hersaying.
I just sit near her feet on my knees.
And hold her hand.
Me::: se Neha only few people in this world get second change and u r one of them please do waste it..
I know U r bin with a loads relationship and u always got hurt but please met him once for my sake and u will definitely like him I know and if not no one force u to get married .
But tell him truth …Ok..
Neha : she again went in her thoughts.
Me::: Neha u listening what I m saying..
Neha ….Neha..
Neha: yes yes I m listening..
Me::: Neha I talk to him but I make a mistake ….. Me::: se Neha only few people in this world get second change and u r one of them please do waste it..
I know U r bin with a loads relationship and u always got hurt but please met him once for my sake and u will definitely like him I know and if not no one force u to get married .
But tell him truth …Ok..
Neha : she again went in her thoughts.
Me::: Neha u listening what I m saying..
Neha ….Neha..
Neha: yes yes I m listening..
Me::: Neha I talk to him but I make a mistake …..

Because of u but I will correct it just follow your heart and it will lead u on the right direction.
Neha: but tell me naa what happend ..What he say…
Me::: I told him all lie to break the marriage.
And he agree …
Neha : what serious do u really know him…how he react what did he say …tell me full story
Me::: no I don’t know him personally but he is friend of my friend. And my friend know him actually he praise him a lot..
Neha : so now what will going to happend..
Me::: just meet him and tell the truth that it ..
She was nervous ..
Neha: what will I say…
Me: ok relax first do one thing when u meet him call me and I talk to him Ok..
Neha : u sure naa ..
Me::: array I m sure he will understand Ok..
Neha again when in her thought.
And I sat on chair..
She was thinking and I was just watching her..
Than she took out a pack of Cigrate and open it and took one Cigrate and lite it..
I was just watching her.
Neha: rohit I m nervous.
Me::: Neha I m with u I get up and took her Cigrate from her hand and again I said just stop smoking its ok don’t be nervous I will do everything just relax and quit this smoking habit. While saying this I throw Cigrate ..
Its bad for your health …
Neha: she just smile and keep the packet in her pocket and she said I try..
Me::: good girl ..
She was looking happy …
And seeing her I also smile ..
And again she smile mischief way.
Neha:Rohit I ask you about 2 favours.
Me::: now what..
Neha: my boobs like Didi..
Me::: I said very politely
Neha Neha Neha ok just imagine for a sec your boobs is as big as Didi now what ….what u will do what’s is the benefit.
Just tell than I help u out..
but she has no answer.
Neha: i….i………………….i
Me::: yes u …
Neha: I don’t know I just want .. I don’t like my boobs and while saying she hold her boobs.
Me::: Neha u r just insecure that it u r perfect your figure is perfect ..
U r hot beautiful sexy..
Neha: r u saying truth rohit. 
Me::: do u think I m lie to u.
Neha: I don’t know u tell..
Me::: seriously yr u r very sexy and your boobs look good.u r just insecure that it..
Neha just watch in my eyes….
Me::: Neha mere chahara Dheko Tumha lagta hai ki mai tumsay jhoot Bool sakta hu..
And I make very innocent face.
she smile and get up from bed and came towards me and hug me ..
I also hug her.
and I said Neha just believe me everything will be ok relax and I smile ..She also smile.in a shy happy way 
Neha: thank you…
Me::: its Ok..
Neha: hey rohit do u have net can I use it ..
I want to see my fb account.
Me::: ya sure my laptop was open.
I open Facebook and handed the laptop to her.
And she start surfing..
I went out to collect my dry cloths..
And start ironing it she was busy surfing..
We r talking general stuff also she show me lots of pic of her friend , x bf etc.
And I was ironing my cloths also.
I saw the time its 5 and Medha didn’t return till that time I thought to call her but thinking something I quit the idea.
I ask Neha for tea she said Ok..
I went to kitchen to make tea but unfortunately there is very less milk ..
I said to her wait I bring the milk from market but she stop me and said lets go down stairs I make a tea..
I just say yes with a smiling gesture.
And v went down.
She open the tv and went inside..
I sat on sofa watching tv she came in after 15 min …
And said rohit let sit in my room..
Me::: what wrong here there is tv also.
Neha: array there is tv in my room also come naa…
Y r u so scare ….
Me: because I know u …
Neha : chill rohit I will not rape u..
Me::: who know ..
I don’t want to go but no one can win from her she is too pamper.
And I get up and follow her.
She said u go sit in my room I m just bring tea and snacks.
I came to her room …
I open her room and came inside room was mess all her cloths r lying here and there..
I sat on chair..
Wet towel top jeans her night cloths.all r lying there and there
I thought Mabe after she took bath she came to my room..
Neha came in she also don’t know that room is mess she put tray on a table and took all her cloths and keep in wooden almira …
And sat on bed …
Neha: sorry for that..
Me::: its Ok..
Her bra was still lying on ground.
But I didn’t said any thing.
Neha: hey rohit eat biscuit ..
Me::: hmmm 
I took a biscuit and start eating and took my cup of tea ..
We r talking also while having tea and snacks ..
All general stuff.
Than suddenly she ask me something but I have no answer for that.
Neha: hey rohit tell me do u love Sneha Didi
But what u say what not to say its better to keep quite.
I didn’t said anything.
But I forgot she is Neha she again ask the same digging what she can get..
But still I didn’t said anything.
And now she force me to say …
Tell me tell me tell Me..
O god v girls talk so much ..
Neha: I will not tell to anyone now tell me naa please please.
Me::: ok ok stop it.. Neha: hey rohit tell me do u love Sneha Didi
But what u say what not to say its better to keep quite.
I didn’t said anything.
But I forgot she is Neha she again ask the same ..
But still I didn’t said anything.
And now she force me to say …
Tell me tell me tell Me..
O god v girls talk so much ..
Neha: I will not tell to anyone now tell me naa please please.
Me::: ok ok stop it..
I don’t know I love her or not but she is my goodFriend.
But I promise you I make her life happy as before..
Neha: how.????
Me:::I know that just believe Me..
Neha: kya Shadhi karo ga Didi say.
Me::: I just smile and said(kaash Aisa hota to Pakka Shadhi kar lata par she is not mine .. I do everything to make her life happy.
Neha: she just watching me …..u really love Didi.
Me::: it not like that she is wonderful women but she can’t become mine.
Neha : y so.
Me::: Neha don’t ask stupid question u know everything I don’t want to hurt anyone (I was irritated)
Neha: ok ok rohitttt how come u still virgin I saw u that day also with Didi but I don’t believe when Didi said u didn’t done anything.
Me::: I told u I don’t hurt anyone that it ..
Neha: do u want to loose it now ..
And she smile very naught.
O god a year back I had no one and today.
Destiny play so mischiefes ways I was going to end my life after my break up and today(guys I know everyone is this world is hurt in love some or other way but believe me that is not the end life give surprise some time it make u like u r nothing and something u r the king never give up most imp is to fight ){I know I m saying these things my life is also play miserable game with me today I m feeling so low , lovely defeated but still I have hope …hope for the best or with bring best in me}…lets continue
Me::: I also smile and said no I don’t want to loose now…
And she start her naughtyness she was wearing a loose t shirt and she intentionally slouch to took a biscuit so that I can see her boobs …
And pair of milky white boobs was in front of me and she was directly watching my eyes…. 
But with in a sec I move my eyes from there.she has a til on her right breast I still remember …
She sit back on bed smiling..
Neha: sooo..
Me::: I almost finish my tea I said I have to go to market and stand up..
She stop me but I just want to leave from there otherwise she will definitely do something else.(her naughty prank)
And I came out saying..
She also follow me and I came out from main door ..
I said to her if Medha come tell her I went to market Ok..
And saying that I move out.
She is really crazy….
O god I still don’t believe what just happend …
Thinking all these stuff I went to market today is sunday so market is also fill with crowd some lovely faces …
Its true delhi is full of beauty and fashion..(condition applied) Haha..
The day was lovely lovely whether..
And my heart is singing Mabe today something happend..
I went to near by tea stall and order a cup of tea and sit on a bench ….
The street was fill with crowd it is not a main market but all the student live here so is busy most of the time..
Mostly student and couple young couple recent or started phase of love story..
I don’t know y but today I m feeling very excited from inside like my heart is singing its own music its very long time I kill this feeling from inside and I start living practical life but again my heart is taping it own feeling I generally get afraid because Everytime I get hurt anyway my tea is arrived and taking sip after sip and went to my own world of past and present …the time when I was all alone and the time when I spent the beautiful days with my x hand in hand walking miles and miles.
And the present time when I was with Sneha and Neha and with my beautiful and caring sister..
I was thinking that my sis play very important role in my life she was only one who was on my side on my bitter days as well as my happiest days of my life…
she make me cope with every situation in life like a friend like a partner.
But how come I was so lusty for her ….I m really that bad person or situation made me I m a devil or I wake a demon inside Me.. Lots of stuff going inside me but I don’t have any answer of my any question..
What wrong in Me..
The tea is over but the thirst of answer was provoking Me..
but I have to decide something should I carry on or leave all this and stop everything at once…
And its very diff decision to take the lust inside me is at his peek and watching the couple making me jealous was going on..
I order one more tea and soon with each and every sip I went deeper in my own world..
I was unaware of everything around Me..
Till than some one behind me start clapping and whistle and soon everyone around me doing same..
What’s going on.
I saw a 2 young couple was kissing on the middle of the road is it real r y in india i never saw such thing in public wow we really making progress in some field I thought I also start clapping for them..they have guts…
The view was hot and romantic …
but something start hurting me from inside the old memories and I hate this feeling the feeling I always run from the feeling that tear me a part ….
I kiss my x in a mall once it was same late evening than all those memories start coming back to me from with I left my city and move here..
tear start flowing from my eyes while hand was still clapping for the love birds..
I quickly end my tea and pay the bill and walk back to my room ….
I turn back and saw they were still kissing and everyone is enjoying the show and clapping and whistle is on its peek.. I turn back and saw they were still kissing and everyone is enjoying the show and clapping and whistle is on its peek..
And my heart start beating fast as it can …
I start running back to my room..
I came to my room and shut the door but can’t shut the memories within Me..
Its killing me inside..
I took my bike key and went down I didn’t close the door also..
And start the engine and drive as fast as I can..
I just want to run from the memories but the traffic and memories were still following me..
I don’t know were I was going …destination but I was in hurry 
…riding riding riding ….
And now its late evening sun was down And dusky atmosphere all around orangesh colour everywhere..
Almost 2 hour I was driving nonstop but still I can’t find my way..
Traffic was much less but memories r full on …
I almost reach to the outskirt of delhi..
The view was incredible I stop my bike and try to took a deep breath..
I get it I can run I have to face this I have to move on..
Sometimes its very diff to decide to move on or to hope for the best 
And I decide what I was doing on is best way to forget things or move on..
And which start provoking devil in side Me..lust..
I took deep breath I still has the memories but now they r not bothering me anymore..
(If u stop judging your self u will be in peace.)
And I remember something ….something which is situational..right for this time.
…Dard kuch dair hi rehta hai buhat dair nahi
Jis tarah shaakhese toray huay aik pattay ka rang
Mand par jata hai kuch roz alag shaakh se reh kar
Shaakh se toot ker yeh dard jeeye ga kab tak…?
Khatam ho jaye gi jab is ki rasad…
Timtimaye ga zara dair ko bujhtay bujhtay…
Aur phir lambi si aik sans dhuan ki le kar…
Khatam ho jaye ga,yeh dard bhi bujh jaye ga
Dard kuch dair hi rehta hai,buhat dair nahi ………
And true all true..
I turn my bike round and start but now I knew where I have to go what is my destination..
On my way back I remember what happend today with my sister and my little lusty plan..
Yaa lusty because now I can’t wait anymore …
All the way I was thinking how to implement..
I stop my bike near one medical shop and walk In. I turn my bike round and start but now I knew where I have to go what is my destination..
On my way back I remember what happend today with my sister and my little lusty plan..
Yaa lusty because now I can’t wait anymore …
All the way I was thinking how to implement..
I stop my bike near one medical shop and walk In.

What should I purchase condom or birth controller pills..
Thinking all this I was little excited also.and I make a choice a comb ….Both..
That will be more appropriate …
Something change in side me its not me anymore..And I ride back …
I reach at 7 30 back to my room my door was still open wide how I left it..
I thought where did they went..
I came downstairs and knock door Neha came out..
She also thought that her sis might return but seeing me she was little surprise …
Neha: hey rohit what’s up ….
Me::: u have any information about them did they call u..
Neha: no I don’t wait let me call..
Neha went inside and call Sneha to inquire …
I was listening what were talking..
they were on the way …
Its 8 o clock …i and Neha talk a little than I came back to my room …
After some time I heard someone is coming up …a tap of shoes on stairs..door was open and Medha came in..
I was her she was looking tired and she was carrying a plastic bag…
She kept the bag on a table and sat on bed and took of her shoes….
And than lie down on bed..
Medha: bhai I m soo tied my legs r paining
Me::: where did u went .how come u r so late..
Medha: array v bin lots of places …
Me::: what’s in the bag.
Medha: nothing for you its Didi.
Me::: Ok…so…
So u coming for dinner or I bring here only..
Medha: bhai I m tired I don’t want to go out …
Me::: ok change cloths I bring here only Ok..
And I said I m going to market ..
at that time I was only in vest I took one t shirt and wear my slipper and went out from the door ..
Medha was still lying on the bed.
Wait a sec I did ask her what she will eat..
I again went inside hey Medha what u will have …
Medha : anything but light I m not hungary..
And I went towards door..
Sneha suddenly appear in front me that let me in scare…
and I was unable to say anything like I m unconscious for a movement..
Sneha: start laughing and said tum bhout darpook ho Yr..
till than Medha also understand what happend she was also smiling on my condition…
Sneha went in and sat on bed but I was still standing on door try to recognise what happend..
Than Neha also came I was normal ..
I came back.
Neha : so what r the plans for to nite.
Neha ask Me..
Me::: I don’t have any plan what u guys thinking …
Sneha : lets have some drinks.Mom is out so there will be no problem 
Me::: what about food till than all shop will be close..
Neha: array chill we will order food relax…..what u say?????…
Me::: I don’t know I don’t have any problem if u guys drink in limit.
After I express my feeling everyone smile and Medha was very excited because she is going to drink again..
Me::: but from where u will drink … U have in stock or u going to buy.
Sneha: we don’t have u r going to buy baby…
Me::: me no ways I don’t know any shop here. I never buy alcohol in my life.during my collage days also i never went to buy alcohol.
Neha: don’t worry I m coming with u I know the shop.
Me::: it was the first time I was going to buy darru … And other thing is with a girl.
O god what I m really doing.
Neha: Didi… order dinner I m going with rohit.
And that we came downstairs I took my bike and start engine but tire was puncture o Shit now what.
Neha: chill yr let go on my scotty.
She went in and bring her scotty key.
And I took her scotty out. I start the engine but Neha said let me drive I know the shop.
I handed scotty to her and took the back seat.
It was the second time I was seating on her scotty and I remember how deadly she ride.
Immediately is said to her please ride slowly and steady.
Neha: she laugh and said hold me rohit we r going to fly.
O Shit o Shit. She is impossible she raise full accelerator ..she will kill me someday ..
Seriously guys girl drive very roughly.
And I don’t know where she was taking Me..
I was just holding scotty side panel so that I don’t fall.
And at last she stop scotty ..she park the scotty.
There was a market and we went in that market.
Ok I saw a shop I was surprise to saw there was 2 girls also who r buying alcohol and I ask Neha what to buy she said vodka.
And I went in I order one full fuel bottle(fuel is the name of vodka I drink many time when I was in hostel) and on my side a lady ask same watching me .I saw her and we both exchange smile..
I collect the bottle and pay for it and came back.
We came out from the market.
I said to Neha let me drive now…
And she hop on and I start riding back.
there is no space between us her boobs were touching my back I can feel her nipples due to cold weather Mabe it was poking … I collect the bottle and pay for it and came back.
We came out from the market.
I said to Neha let me drive now…
And she hop on and I start riding back.
there is no space between us her boobs were touching my back I can feel her nipples due to cold weather Mabe it was poking …
But I don’t feel anything now it was all normal.
she was guiding me the route and we reach home..
I park her scotty …
And Sneha came out she invite in she said today we will drink here only downstairs ..
And we came in Medha was also there I sat on sofa next to Medha.
And till than Neha said today we will drink in my room and everyone fallow her.
I too fallow her.
Neha Sneha and Medha was doing all the arrangement and I was just watching them sitting on chair
when everything is done we all sat on bed Neha make pack than everyone pick there pack and started drinking everyone was in jolly mood relax.
V all r talking all general stuff.
Till than Sneha phone rang she saw her phone and she made sad face but she didn’t pick …
she went out and pick the call.
Till than we r busy talking enjoying the evening.
We finish your first pack..till than .. Sneha return back.
She didn’t said anything just finish her pack …
Neha: kya huya kiska phone tha…
looking at her anyone can say she was in better mood..
Sneha: sorry guys v have to wind up …
Neha: what happend di.
Sneha : ravi is coming mom told him that v r alone and he was in town so he is coming here.
Sneha : lets took one more short than v will wind up before he come.
And Sneha make a large pack for her and give bottle to Neha to make everyone pack and Sneha took neat .
She was having bad time we didn’t said anything just took our pack and finish it..
And Sneha and Neha clean all the mess and arrange quickly.
I told them v will have dinner outside only.
And Medha and me came out.
Medha : bhai I m not hungry I don’t want to eat.
Though I was also not feeling hungry I thought to quit dinner I will have maggie today.
And I buy a large pack of maggie and we came back home.
we came to our room and Medha sat on bed again.
And I sat on chair..
I feel little drunk now though we drink only 2 pack still ..
I saw Medha she was still in same dress…
I went to washroom and Freshen up and wash my face and than went to kitchen to make maggie ..
I ask Medha if she have or not but she denied.
I make very little maggie only for Me..
When I came back with the plate of maggie she was not in the room.
I saw gate was open I put the plate and table and went out..
I heard something down stairs.
And I went down ravi has arrived and everyone is talking to him Medha is also talking …
Actually Medha didn’t know anything about ravi …
I also went down we shake hands and introduce our self.
He is a handsome man and affcose rich by his cloths anyone can judge his life stile.
Till than dinner also arrived which they order …
We all went in but I said I have eaten outside …
me and Medha took leave and came to our room..
I took my plate to maggie and start eating it..
Medha was arranging bed she went in the washroom to Freshen up ..
Till than I finish maggie also..
I switch on my laptop …
She came out …actually I hear the door open I was facing opposite I did see her.
She was doing something …
Medha : bhai ravi is very handsome naa…
Me::: I was just listening ..
Medha : Didi is so lucky …
Me::: I didn’t said anything in the back of my mind I was thinking how lucky or unlucky she is.
Medha: bhai u listening or not.
I turn around and when I turn around I saw Medha wooooo she is looking so so beautiful..
She was in a white full gown laces on front …open hair …
I can see her cleavage and flower print border …gorgeous …
My mouth was wide open seeing her.
Sometimes its very difficult to imagine is she is same who grow up with me who play and fight when we r kid when does she become so big …
I didn’t say anything just lost watching her.
Medha : bhai… Bhaiiiiiiiiii…hellllllooo
Me::: ya I m here only what u r saying..
Medha : nothing …what’s going on .
Me::: nothing u look beautiful in this dress.. When did u buy it..
Medha : I didn’t buy Didi gifted me ..
I went near her …. Sometimes its very difficult to imagine is she is same who grow up with me who play and fight when we r kid when does she become so big …
I didn’t say anything just lost watching her.
Medha : bhai… Bhaiiiiiiiiii…hellllllooo
Me::: ya I m here only what u r saying..
Medha : nothing …what’s going on .
Me::: nothing u look beautiful in this dress.. When did u buy it..
Medha : I didn’t buy Didi gifted me ..
I went near her ….
Medha was watching me she was looking so beautiful actually I lost in her beauty..
Medha : bhai kya huya..
Me::: kuch nahi tum angel lag rahe ho..1 pari ki tara.
And she giggle like small kid.
I hold her waist and make her come towards Me..
Actually it was very romantic situation light music was playing on my laptop and I was with a girl holding in my hand though she was my sis but still my heart is very happy.
her trasses were coming on her face and I try to put it back of her ears ….
I watch her eyes it was so pure ..
I kiss her while kissing I hug her …
It was not the lusty kiss but pure passionate kiss..
I don’t know how long I kiss she was also kissing me we r lost in our beautiful world..
Where no one want to break the kiss..
It was the longest kiss I ever done in my life..
But as we all know everything came to the end..
What is started should be end.
On the knock of the door we broke the kiss we both r breathing heavily and looking to each other to try find answer what was just happend.
we r not bother who was on the door just looking to each other.
And door knock again …
I came to my senses and went to wards the door and open ..
Neha was standing outside..
She came in and ask rohit where is Medha …
I look back she was not in room the tap of washroom was open I can hear the the voice of water.
Me::: she is in washroom..What happend.
Neha: nothing Didi went to her room and I was getting bored so..
Till than Medha came out.
Neha: wow Medha u r looking so beautiful in it..
Hey Medha did u eat dinner 
Medha : no yr I m not hungry..And u..
Neha: I was also not hungry.actually I m thirsty.
Medha : wait I bring water.
Neha: array no idiot I don’t want to drink water chal naa vodka pita hai…
Didi to apna kamra mai hai mai vodka yahe la aate hu..
Medha saw me so that I can give permission ..
And I just smile..
As soon she saw me smiling both girls ran downstairs..
And I was all alone..
I was still lost in my thought what just happend..
She is really very beautiful and hot..And so does Neha..
But I have to wait more..
no matter today something will happend definitely.. Didi to apna kamra mai hai mai vodka yahe la aate hu..
Medha saw me so that I can give permission ..
And I just smile..
As soon she saw me smiling both girls ran downstairs..
And I was all alone..
I was still lost in my thought what just happend..
She is really very beautiful and hot..And so does Neha..
But I have to wait more..
no matter today something will happend definitely..
What I was doing right ….
What’s going on…but I feel so hot..
After few min they both came back with the bottle of vodka and glass and some snacks..
And came to bed..
Arrange everything and sat on opposite side.
Neha: rohit u what to join..
Me::: naa I had my dinner u guys carry on..
And as soon as I say they started making pack..
O god these girls r disparate for drink..
I never saw Medha so excited this much in my entire life..
And they start making packs..
I was just sitting and watching them drunk..
From normal talk to nonsense conversation ….
After drinking y people talk non stop and without sense …
Anyways after 3 or 4 pack both the girls r enjoying completely..
And than start the vulgar talk….and they were talking so openly like I was invisible even Medha is full cooperating in conversation from first crush to have sex.
I was shock and scared that in her unconscious way she don’t tell what v brother and sister did.
She said she love to suck cock and love to eat cum but didn’t have sex till now …
And my heart beat was rising due to this type of topic …thank god she didn’t told to whome she did..
And on the another hand Neha was full on to her first kiss till her last sex she was telling everything in detail..
And when she told ‘I also ask your brother to massage my tits’ …Medha saw me with her drunk and big eyes even her eyes was not been open completely still she trying hard to stare me in anger…
And thanks to Neha she told I didn’t do anything …
Than Medha calm down little..but she is jealous and I love watch her.
But Neha don’t stop she blast a second bomb …
About her sis Sneha…..
But this time she told everything I try to stop even I try to change the subject still the topic goes on and Medha was now hot red in anger I can see her face but she was not showing completely …all the effect of vodka finish in sec …time to time she watch me in anger and jealousy ..
Neha narrate every part what she knew ….
This is the end I thought Medha will kill me tonite and my dreams were shattering …..and at the end she told I was still virgin she calm down little and Neha and Medha laugh but I know Medha fake laugh..
Anyways she again start the vodka session …and after 2 3 pack they were in again in cloud 9 Mabe this time vodka strick and it strick hard…
Its late also..
I told the girls to stop …
And they did though they don’t have a capacity to drink more.
Both r lyeig on each side half unconsious state..
This is the thing I hate the most..
But I have to do everything…
I clean all the mess there was vodka still left in a bottle …I keep in side one or two pack..
After cleaning I said Neha if she can walk ….she was trying hard to stand but unable and laugh in her own state of condition….
Me::: Neha wait stop let me help …
And took Neha and make her stand..
And try to move her its difficult but still I was trying hard and took her near door I look back and Medha was still lyeig the same position…
And again try to lift Neha till stairs ..
And she was not moving beyond that..
I thought for a sec its better to carry her I took her in my arms.
And walk slowly down I was doing it very slowly because if ravi was still awake and saw me in this position he will surly kill me and I slowly open the gate and walk in Sneha room was close and light was also close I took one relive breath and I was still carrying her in my arms…
I open the gate of Neha room it was dark..
And I try to find the bed and put her down ……
She was not so heavy but carrying her this much time I was having pain in my arms..
Something struck in my hand her belt or something …
I find the switch and open the light..
And look back she was still on her jeans and top her top was little up till her tommy due to carry her and putting her on bed her beautiful belly button was on my sight ooohoo she also pierc …
I never saw in real (piercing) I came close to her she was in heavy sleep..
And touch her ring which was pierc on her belly ….
Its was so erotic ….and I get up to leave
I was about leave but something struck me I again saw back she was lyeig in same position looking so beautiful I came toward her and with the trembling hand I hold her right boobs…
Its soo soft…I still remember wow..
It was great feeling if u do something when it was not offer it to you it excite u more..
And than I squeeze both her boobs but with little pressure..
And it really turn me on..
And lust took Me..
But I didn’t go further..
I close the light and move out ..
Close the main door and came back to my room… And it really turn me on..
And lust took Me..
But I didn’t go further..
I close the light and move out ..
Close the main door and came back to my room… 

But when I enter my room.. Medha was not in the room and washroom door is close…
But no sound was coming from inside…
I sat on bed and ready for sleep though on the back of my mind I feel so lusty for what happend just now with Neha.
I was thinking to seduce Neha and not to anything with Medha..
She is my own sister..my own blood
I prepare everything ….bedding chadar etc…
And waiting for her to come out so I can use washroom..
but no sigh for her…
I urgently need to go to lu but what the hell what she was doing inside..
I knock the door..
And call her…
But no response …i was worried little so this time I knock hard …
Than some voice came to Me..
Wait I m coming …I feel relax..
And after waiting for a min she open the door she was not looking at Me..
She was wearing gown which I describe u before. 
I went in side the washroom and empty my tanker…
And came out I saw Medha sitting on the bed and thinking something 
I still don’t know she was thinking or she was under effect of the vodka..
Because what she did next completely shock Me..
I came out from washroom and came near to her…
And said u Ok..
Lets sleep..
And she get up and slap Me…she slap me very hard.
I can see star inside my room she slap this much hard..
She shouted she is married god damit.. How can u do that.. 
Me:::What happend what I did.
Medha: u don’t know what u did.
Me::: what u r saying.
She is younger than me still pretending elder..she is much mature than Me..actually she help me a lot at the time of my breakup.
She even slap me before when I said I want to die but that is something else..
Medha: u have relationship with Sneha di she is married u will again cry when this will over.
Now I know what she want to say and she was right also I start liking her …but I know she cannot be mine …
I didn’t said anything …
Medha : kya huya u start loving her naa tell Me..I can see …do u know will be the future.
I didn’t say again …
Medha : answer Me..
Me::: I know she will never be mine and I don’t love her..ok 
Medha : u sure this time.because u were said that before also
Me::: Yaa very much sure.
After thinking for few sec she realise she hit me hard …sorry ..she said just sorry ..
Medha: I m sorry I don’t know y I slap u sorry..
she did same before also she is over protective or have split personally.
I don’t know but one thing I know u can never understand any girl …
Me::: its ok but still I can feel the heat of her slap on my face.
My lust vanish in a sec and my hard cock become lump..
Me::: its almost midnight lets sleep now…
Medha: no not now first tell me what u did with Sneha di.
Me::: Neha told u everything .
Medha: u tell Me I want to know from u..
Me::: I just..just..
Medha: what idiot tell me whole thing right now.
Me::: I had a forplay nothing else.
Medha: forplay means.
Me::: touching and kissing that it..
Medha: Neha told me u both were naked when she catch u..
Me::: Yaa naked without cloths forplay I didn’t have sex.
Medha: y????
Me::: she has some problem.. Don’t ask me further I will tell u after word.
Medha : y tell me now ..
Me: I don’t have a mood.
Please sleep..Wasa bhi u r heavily drunk.
Medha : I m ok tell Me.
Me::: shut up and sleep Yr..
And I lye down on bed she is still sitting… 
Medha: how much control u have.
Me::: sorry ..what????
Medha: u were naked kissing doing everything but not fuck her…
Me::: I didn’t fuck u also we also did same.
Medha: Yaa that what I m asking how u control your feeling..don’t u like intercourse.
Me::: I like but with her there is a problem so I not force her…
Medha: and with me with a smile she said.
Me::: with u …the only word I can say…
And till than she start massaging my cock over my shorts.
It feel good.
She is beautiful and so hot. I was thinking to seduce Neha but now I again went in her lust.
And slowly slowly she pull my short down and took out my penis.
And my penis start erecting in her hands.
Like a hard iron with in no time.
I still remember she slap a min ago 
And I can still feel on my cheeks
And a min after She is just playing with my cock slowly slowly make my cock skin up and down.
And I was just watching Me..
She was Looking directly in my eyes….
I was little confuse what she want.
And she stand up and took off her gown and again came to bed and hold my cock and start jerking.
I was going to say something but she put a hand on my lips and stop Me..
I was just looking at her…her boobs look beautiful in her bra…like want to get rid from her bra.
And she lean and kiss my cock and again watch me I feel hot breath on my thighs and that giving me even more hot sensation….
And than she start sucking and giving me blowjob…
seriously guys its heaven if someone suck your cock nicely it took us to heaven..
And I cannot describe the feeling and she open her bra she was sucking my cock without touching with her hands.
And her boobs were fall due to gravity …
It was the best nite ever.
Had a slap and now fun time.
(Destiny change so sudden)
And the pressure was increaseing ..
But not long she stop sucking and look Me..
I was in delima its over or something else will happend she just came next to me and lye down.
And I was in confuse state what’s going on..
Me::: kya huya ..
Medha : she was pretending very normal….nothing.
Me::: y u stop.
Medha: u not ask also .
Me::: what to ask .
Medha : ask me what u want to do than I will.
Me::: can v have sex tonite.
Medha: u sure u want ..
Me::: yes badly.
Medha: let me see how u do that.
Me::: so can I do ..
Medha : its up to u make me hot first.
As she said I start kissing her madly I was so sooo soooOoo hot that time I can’t explain that and I squeez her boobs play with it suck it bite it and I don’t know how long I did that I kiss her smooch her…
I was getting mad ..
And at the end I tear her panty.
I was so aggressive so wild..
And lick her pussy …
Suck her deep as long I can inter from my tongue and she cum..
My cock is lumb and we took 69 position she was sucking me and I was licking her her cum was now coming out some salty taste was coming but I was so hot just lick her wildly … 
I know if she suck me like that I will not last long..
And I leave her …
I try to get up from bed to bring condom but she stop Me..
Medha : Kaha Jaa rahey ho..
Me::: aaj sex karna mai Mujha intercourse.
Medha: Mujha bhi Jaa Kaha rahey ho fir.
Me::: condom lana.
Medha : Tumhara paas condom hai…
Me::: han Abhi laata hu mai…
Medha : no wait I want to feel u inside lets do like this only..
Me::: if u get pregnant than.
Medha : don’t worry come.
And I come to her pussy and put my cock on her lips.
she also help me with that.
And we just saw each other no one said anything but through eyes we agree and to get ready.
And I put little force she is virgin and me to…
Its paining her and its paining me too I was just applying force little by little and my cock is going it till her hymen.
And she stop me .. she is not making any noise her eyes were red and tear start flowing from corner.
She close her eyes and I was stuck at that position only..
She was not saying anything and I make a little jerk without telling her and my cock move further.
Her face become all red and she stop me again ..
Her eyes was close still tear were rolling out.
It hurting me also I was also in pain her pussy was so tight.
And I can feel something on my penis I saw down and blood was coming from the corner of her pussy but I don’t dare to see further.
I broke her hymen we took each other virginity
I just lie on her and due to pressure my cock go little more inside I kiss her she was not corporateing so much still she was trying hard not to shout.
At the bottom I was still at the same position but I was kissing her and playing with her boobs she was getting some normal I start withdraw my penis and the her expression start changing again I took out my penis a little and again I give a little hard stock inside.
And this time she shout but quickly she put a pillow on her face.
I was also afraid if anyone hear that what they will think.
I try to withdrew but she put her legs on my ass and hold me ..
Its hurting me badly the position I was in..
But I don’t have dare to look down.
It was a mess there.
its hurting me to stay in that position and I start withdraw my penis and again give push but this time I don’t stop I continue doing same little by little I put little deeper I was doing very gently she was still hiding her face from pillow and i was sucking and licking her nipples and humping her but very slowly ..
More than half of my penis is now inside her and I was humping her now ..
Almost 1 min or Mabe little than that that I cum and I cum inside her …
After cuming I lie on her till my penis get numb..
And than I took out ..
I try to put her pillow and when I saw her …her face was all wet from her tears and saliva and red in colour I try to clear with my hand.
Than I lie next to her…
She was not saying anything just watching celing ..
And she get up and try to go to washroom she was not able to walk properly and she went inside and close the door.
I saw my penis its all red due to blood and the bedsheet also.
Its really a mess
After 5 min she came out and just said clean your self and I went in I clean my cock and when I saw my cock it was looking very different the size increase a little all red like something bite Me on it..
Its paining a little ..
But it get erect again thinking what just happend it hurting a me but I was hot again ..
I came out with my erect dick.
And she was sitting on bed the bedsheet was on ground and she clean all the mess till that time.
I came near her and sat next to her…
She saw my dick its red and erect a cute smile come on her face.
And she saw Me..
Medha: u r so honey bhai.
Me::: u ok its hurting now also.
Medha : yes it is but its ok and u it hurting u also your penis is all red..
Me::: Yaa it is but ..
And I didn’t said anything further just saw her…
And she lie down again and just give a yes gesture with her face.
That mean I can do it again …
That is the best day of my life..
And immediately I come on her put my dick on her pussy lips it was swollen a little ..
And I give a little force and it went it..
It was easy than before but still tight..
And again I withdrew and insert in..
the tear again rolling out but she was normal than before little by little I increase my speed and also inserting more inside.
And this time she start enjoying also moaning …but slowly ..
And I increase my speed a little …
That is my first time we actually enjoy a sex properly.
And sound of humping making me more crazy …
And my whole penis was inside her vagina now…
And it feel so great …
I almost fuck her 3 to 4 min than I cum I even don’t know she stimulate or not but I love that moment.
I again cum inside her…
And lie down next to her we kiss passionately …
I was so tired that time …we just hug her and sleep at the same position naked….

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