With Chachi

I am Prashant and its up to you to believe it, but it really happened to me. This happened almost 8-9 months before in and it really changed my life. First time I felt the pleasure of women’s body………..I still remember it was Dec. 2009.I with my family came to Indore to meet my Chacha-Chachi. I felt attracted towards my Chachi since she married my Chacha but kept my feeling hidden for more than 5 years But now it was impossible for me to hide it anymore and decided that this time I will tell her everything, I will try my best to get her and will leave no stone unturned. Rest I leave to the god ab jo bhi hoga dekha jaayega. But I was waiting for the right time. First I will tell u about my Chaichi, she is 30yrs. old but believe me she is dam hot. She is not very tall, just 5ft1” but I like small ladies. A very fair skin and long hair, big boobs and slim figure, she looks like an “APSARA”. The first day was normal; I talked to her a bit, which was a general conversation as I was meeting her after long time. And after all that day came my second day at Indore. That day was just like any other day but I will never forget that evening. We have to go to a marriage reception of some friend of chacha. That place was quite away from home some 10-12kMs.and as it was evening time, there was traffic so I thought that it will take some time to reach at the reception place and I was right asked chacha that how much time it will take to reach at the destination, he said it will take around 30-40 mins. and I was happy to hear that. I made my mind to sit next to chachi. When we started the journey we were total 6 persons. My dad and chacha was sitting in the front my mom,sister,me and chachi was sitting on back. It was quite dark by now as it was winter season.

The journey started smoothly and after 4-5min I took the first step towards my plan. As 4 persons were sitting on the back seat I took my hand behind chachi and kept it just few inches away from her shoulder to make more space. As it was dark nothing was visible, even my sister was not able to see my hand movements. Then I moved further with my plan and placed my hand on her shoulder there was no reaction from my chachi by that time(may be she thought that it was by mistake as I was trying to make some space for sitting).It was about 8-9mins. we started our journey and I realized that much time is left and I should not hurry. So, I waited for next 1-11/2min. and then pressed my hand on her shoulder. Chachi looked at me with some anger, but I remained totally normal. I knew that she is in a condition in which she can’t oppose. Now, my heart was beating fast after thinking my next move. I lowered my hand tracing her blouse and moved my hand forward under her pallu. I noticed that she was uncomfortable and was looking to me I anger. Now I looked at her and gave her a smile. She was annoyed by this move of mine but can’t do much. I again moved my hand upward and was trying to trace her bra strap. Soonly was moving my hand from her back to front tracing her bra. She was bit reluctant to all this and giving me stares, but till now I was out of control. I brought my hand forward this time and kept it on her boobs and started pressing it, it was a wonderful experience. Then I started to open her blouse, and got success in opening top two hooks of her blouse. I could feel her bra now and top of those white big boobs was getting squeezes from me. I was sure that no one is able to see my hand movement. My other hand was on chachi’s thigh and I was pressing that soft area, but kept my movement slow so that no one can see it. I asked chacha that how much time is remaining to reach to the spot, and he said it will take just 5mins. to reach there. So I made my movement quickly and tried to open the third and the last hook of my chachi’s blouse, but was unable to do that. I realized that much time is not left now so I started to squeeze her breast very tightly. My hand movements were so fast and rude that the safety pin which was attached to Chachi’s saree(pallu) got broke. I kept squeezing those mangoes and chachi was trying to save her pallu to fall from her shoulder. I left chachi only after reaching the spot. The car stopped and she was busy in closing her blouse hooks and arranging her pallu to look decent. I was not at all interested in party and thinking about the return journey. In any case I should be seated next to chachi otherwise my entire plan will fail. But the problem was that this time chachi will be avoiding me and will try to sit away from me.

I behaved pretty decently in the reception as if nothing happened few minutes ago. But gave some smiles to my chachi to which her reaction was not good and she tried ignore them and looked away. It was time to return home and the most important time for me, as in any case I should sit next to chachi to again get a chance to feel her. So, I said to my mom that I will come in a second and went inside the hall. Everyone sat in the car, but chachi was waiting outside, she asked mom about me(as she was trying to avoid me and wanted to sit at last and away from me) .Mom told her that I will come in a minute and said her to sit. As soon as chachi sat I was happy like anything. After all my plan worked. But it was not like earlier as that time chachi was on my right and in the corner so all my moves were hidden from everyone. This time also she was on my right but this time I was in the corner and mom was on right of chachi. Thus this time I should me more careful, but I knew that if I do everything calmly and patiently I will succeed .

The car started and as everyone was feeling sleepy after heavy dinner and it was quite late at night also, I thought that this is the right time and moved my hand to touch white and sweet stomach and waist of my chachi. When I touched her waist under the cover of her saree to my surprise there was no reaction from her, I think she was expecting it. Soon I started moving my hand from left to right on her smooth waist line. She resisted a bit and tried to remove my hand but I was quite tight for her. So she moved her hand and made sure that her pallu don’t fall down. This continued for some time, I stopped when she looked at me. She came close to me and said, it’s enough, if you don’t stop now I will tell your mummy about all this. I was bit scared and removed my hand, but then thought that she can’t do that as it’s not only about me but about her also. So, I again put my hand to the earlier position to take a chance and see her reaction on this step. And she didn’t said anything. I again started moving my hands on her flat stomach but again she turned to me and said, Stop it!!!!!!!! anyone can see us. I said don’t worry Chachi no one will see it and pressed my hand a little on her soft stomach and by this sudden reaction of mine she made a sound of Ouch!!!! I hand was still on chachi’s stomach like it has no blood flowing in it.After hearing this wired sound from chahi mom asked her- Kya hua?????? Chach said-“Kuch nahi ,bas haath mein pin lag gayee”. This gave me more confidence and pinched her on her waist, and my this act left her with the shiver in her body. I was encircling her navel and she was trying to hide all these action of mine with her pallu. She was also trying to stop me by catching my hand from top of her saree, but all in vain. Then I looked at mom,she was sitting with closed eyes, now the road was clear for me. I made a superfast move which left chahi spell bound…..I put my right hand thigh and start moving upwards and in no time the heaven between her legs was in my had(although it was covered by saree). She was trying her best to get rid of me but I was wild and till now was moving her saree upward, my legs were touching her soft beautiful legs. She was struggling hard and it was difficult for me to handle both my hand and leg simultaneously. So, I shifted all my attention to my hand and now my one hand was just above her covered pussy and the other one was trying hard to squeeze her large mangoes. Till now her reluctance was reduced but I saw mom shifted from her place a little and I took off my hand from chachi. She (mom) again turned her head and closed her eyes, till now I was trying to insert my figure into her saree from left side and by this side no one was able to see me. I suddenly brought my hand forward and tried to loosen her saree. My this act was so fast that before she could understand anything her saree was loosened by me and I was trying to insert my hand under her petticoat. I pushed my hand downward and now could feel the upper part(elastic) of her pantie. I moved my hand towards right (forward) and very soon I was close to my chachi’s lovely pussy. But we were now very near to home,I made all my steps quicker and tried to push my hand deeper but as her petticoat knot was tight my hand just went 1-2cms. deep, but that was enough to feel the public hairs of my chachi I pressed there with great power and she parted her legs apart. Suddenly the car stopped, we reached home and I took out my hand. I was breathing heavily and so was she. We all came out; I don’t know how she managed to come out when her saree was almost unwrapped by me. I waited for her at the door, but she went straight to her room without looking at me.

It was disappointing for me that she didn’t said anything to me after that incident in car, but was very happy with what happened today. Now I was like a tiger which tasted blood wilder, more eager to get her. Now I was much courageous and daring and wanted to feel her body and fuck her. I went to bed thinking about her and I don’t know when I slept. I got up late in the morning and after getting fresh, planned about what should be my action today. I was not able to do anything till afternoon as everybody was at home. But the time for which I was waiting came soon. Dad and Chacha went outside for some work, mom went to take bath and sis was watching TV.

As everything was perfect I went to the kitchen without making any noise. Chachi was busy in preparing food there. She was wearing a light pink saree with golden border; the pink blouse was covering her beautiful back. She was looking like a sex goddess. The beautiful fair skin which was partly visible and mostly covered by her attire and the long hair will give any man a hard on. She was not able to see me as her back was facing me; I closed the door because I didn’t want to take any chance of getting caught by any one. I moved forward and hugged her tightly from behind and started kissing her on her neck and shoulder. She was not at all ready for this and the vegetable which she was holding fell on the kitchen platform. But I didn’t wait for a second and start doing for what I was in the kitchen. My one hand was busy in pressing her right boob and other the other was busy in pulling up her saree and to make her naked from below. I was succeeded in doing that, her saree was above her knees and I could feel those plump, soft, white thighs of her. My hand kept moving upward and in no time I reached to the area which I felt last night in the car “her panty”. Till now her saree was bunched up on top of her thighs. My right hand was still squeezing her boobs and the other left was now pulling her panty down, and for the first time in my life I was feeling the public hair and heat of the pussy of a lady. I started moving my hand and pressing it on regular interval on the most intimate part of my Chachi’s body. Obviously she was not co-operating with me and was trying to push me backward, she was pulling down her saree which now was totally bunched up and was resting just below her beautiful ass. So I removed my hand from her boobs and now both of my hands were pulling her saree upward!!!!!I was eager to see that beautiful ASS of my Chachi. I started pulling it (her saree) up but Chachi did her best to save her dignity (although my one hand was still on her hairy pussy I don’t know why she was doing this to me). 

I was annoyed by this act of hers, I took my hand from the pussy and put it on her neck and bend her down on the kitchen platform, it was not very though as she is not heighted. I gave a hard slap on her ass cheek over her saree she tried to make some noise (shout) but before she could open her mouth she felt another hard slap on the other ass cheek, I was really enjoying it. I gave two more slaps on both her ass and tears came out from her eyes. Her condition was miserable her saree was rolled up almost till the end of her thigh, panty was down to her knees, pallu was touching the floor, fist hook of blouse was broken, tears in the eyes and 20 year boy was feeling her pussy few minutes ago. It was just like a rape. 

I heard the sound of bathroom door. I quickly went out of the kitchen as if I was never there. Chachi was busy to arranging her saree. Dad and chacha also came in some time. We all took the lunch but it was clear that she was disturbed by what happened to her some hour ago. Mom even asked her “Is everything fine, kuch pareshaan kag rahi ho” but she said kuch nahi bas thoda sar dard ho raha hai. After taking the lunch we all went to take a nap. That night no such thing happened which should be mentioned. Next day I was very desperate to fuck my Chachi and my task got easier as dad and Chacha went out and will not be home till evening, but still mom and sis were in the home.But soon mom told me something that made me more than happy. She said that we have to go to some relative’s home and will have lunch there only. But someone should be at home in case dad or chacha comes early. So, Chcachi was staying at home after hearing that I also said that I am in no mood to go to the relative’s home. But mom didn’t agreed to me. At last after long conversation she said: ok……f9 as chachi is here and she will be bored alone I let you stay here in the home. After hearing that I gave cunning smile to my chachi. It was like freedom for me. I looked her from top to bottom as if she is standing totally nude in front of me; she just looked down in shame. I think she also knew that what’s going to happen with her in the afternoon. Mom and sis got ready and left the home around 12o’clk.

Mom and sis left the home and, now only I and Chachi were at the home. It was pin drop silence in the room, even the ticking of second hand of the clock can be heard and with each tick of clock my heart was beating faster and faster….I looked at Chachi she was wearing a printed orange saree, the semi-transparent light orange blouse was not able to hide the black bra strap and that made her look more erotic, more sexy. She was looking like a lady every man dreamt of, I can’t define the beauty of her in words. I could have done anything with her at that time, but I knew that I have ample time left with me. And after what happened in 2 days I didn’t only want to get her but wanted to make love with her. For that it was important that she sees me as her lover and not his nephew (20 years old boy) who was molesting her from last two days. To achieve this I was having something in my mind. I just walked towards the sofa without looking at her to pick up the remote, to switch ON the TV, which was lying there on the sofa .It was very clear from her face that she was confused about what was going on, obviously she must have thought something different. 

As soon as I switched on the T.V. she said Prashant I want to talk to you, I switched OFF the T.V.
Me (Like an innocent boy): Yes chachi, please, what do you want to talk about.
Chachi(In anger):You very well know what I want to talk about.
Me: Sorry, Chachi I am not getting what you are saying.
Chachi: You very well know Prashant what I am talking about.Don’t try to be over smart.
Me(I thought this is the right time to express my feeling to her).:Chachi I am really sorry for what I was doing from the last 2 days, but Chachi I was not able to control myself. I hope you understand.
Chachi(Shouting):What……..What did you just say!!!!! I Understand. You almost raped me in the kitchen and you want me to understand.
Listen Prashant if I am not telling all this to anyone it doesn’t mean that you will keep on doing all this. I just did not want to make an issue out of it, that’s why I was quite till now. But next time if you did any kind of misbehavior to me then be ready for its result.
Me: I am really Sorry Chachi for what I did, but I am not able to control myself. Whenever I see you I don’t know what happens to me. And then I said something which she was not expecting at all, and I also don’t know how I said this to her “Chachi, I love you”….”I love you Chachi……”I wanted to tell you this long time before but kept my feeling hidden..You are so beautiful that whenever I see you I am out of my mind, I can’t tell u Chachi how much I like you. I can do anything for you.
Chachi: Behave yourself Prashant do you know what you are saying?????
Me: Yes, Chachi, I know…I know very well what I am saying but whatever I am saying is very true. When you came to this house after marriage it was just a normal relation, I respected you and loved you (I was around 15-151/2 at that time) but that love was different from this one, as I grew up my feeling towards you changed started liking you I dreamt about you and kept thinking about you day and night. I really, really Love you Chachi, I will do whatever you say. Please Chachi…please…. (I was like begging to her) Please let make love with you. Please…..
Chachi: Prashant you are out of your mind. This happens in your age, but what you are saying is not possible. The angriness in her voice was gone and she was speaking normally.
You go and take some rest; I will prepare food for you. Then we will take the lunch together.

At that time I felt that it is better to do what she is saying and so obeyed her. It was 12:30 only and lot of time was there for me. I was sure that no one will be at home at least till 4:00 rather 5:00 .We took the lunch together and now it was 2:00, but I was not in any kind of hurry. I believed that slow and steady wins the race and I wanted to win this race, my aim was not to fuck her but to make love with her. After finishing the lunch I said to her, Chachi will you please come to my room? She asked “Why…”
I said please Chachi I want to talk with you…She said ok, I will be coming in 5 mins. and I said ok.
When Chachi came in the room and I gave her space to sit on the bed.

Me: Chachi I am really sorry for what I did, but please try to understand, it just happened.
Chachi: It’s fine. It happens sometime but now you have realized your mistake, it’s ok.
Me: But, Chachi I love you.
Chachi: No Prashant, it’s not love. I told you na, it generally happens at your age. You don’t love me. You just want me. Stop thinking all this nonsense; you should focus on your study at this time.
Me: But I am not able to concentrate not only in my studies but anything because of you, I always keep thinking about you every minute, every second. And, secondly Chachi I really love you. If you think that I only want you and to have…..sss.ee…(fumbling)xx…. with you I would not be waiting till now. I could have done anything I wanted .It’s not like that Chachi.
You also know Chachi, that what I can do. If I can mo..le..s..t…(fumbling) you in presence of mom then you can think what can I do now, when no one is at home. But Chachi I won’t do that, because I don’t want you “I LOVE YOU”.
Chachi: All, that is right but you can’t do what you are thinking. After all I am your Chachi and wife of someone and I can’t cheat him.
Now it was looking like, that if I make my moves intelligently I will succeed in what I was trying for.
Me: Don’t think about all that Chachi. Your love for him will never become less. But please Chachi let me love you.
And I am sure Chachi you will enjoy it, and everything happens for some good and today god have given us this opportunity. See Chachi everything happened so naturally, today you and I are alone. How many times this happened. We were living in the same house for 1 year (earlier we were in the same house, but after transfer of my dad we shifted) but do you remember even a single day we were alone.
Today god have given us this opportunity don’t waste it, and there is nothing wrong in it.
She was thinking something and I moved closer to her, our hand were very close to each other I touched her index finger with my hand, and she shivered a bit as if some cold water touched her body. That brought her out of her thought and looked to me as if she wanted to say something but before she could say anything, I said Chachi just forget about everything and enjoy this moment. You will love it and I promise you that this will be one of the best day of your life and you will remember it forever.

I moved forward and kissed her, she was taken back by this sudden step. She was still resisting but I was in no mood to waste this golden chance. I kissed her on her lips.

Till now both her hands were resting on the bed and by this kissing act she holed the bed more tightly. It was my first lip-lock that to with my dear Chachi. I was enjoying this time like it will never come ever after (and really who knows…if all this will happen again or not????).I kissed her as if our lips are glued to each other. Her resistance also kept on reducing as the time passed and slowly she opened her mouth and showed that she is also enjoying this kiss. I didn’t wasted even a single second and inserted my tongue inside her mouth. 

Ohh………that feeling…..is indescribable. Our tongue started exploring each other; I could feel the warmth inside her mouth. Now my right hand was on her head plying with her soft long hairs and other hand was resting on her back, rather moving rhythmically on her spinal cord. One of hers hand was still on the bed and the other one was resting just above my knee. Our lips were still locked and we tasted each other’s saliva. It tasted just awesome. The mood in the room was so very romantic and the heat was turning up. 

I made my right hand to move upward till her shoulder and sided her pallu down, and in no time her pallu was down as if it was never there, resting on the lap of Chachi and some part touching the ground. Finally the long passionate kissing session ended, she was looking more beautiful than the most-beautiful woman on earth with her pallu resting on her lap, the light orange blouse (through which her black bra was partially visible) and her long black hair which was making her look even more sexier. 

Now, as the starting was good I didn’t wanted to waste any time and I placed both my hands on her shoulder and made her laid down on bed, she wanted to say something (and I was in no mood to hear anything) so, I kept my finger on her mouth and she remained silent (as if some teacher is saying to the student to remain silent). She was still very much covered and I started my job of undressing her. I bent a little towards her (as she was lying on the bed) and started to open her blouse and make them heavy mammary feel free. I was really quick and all the three hooks of her blouse were unhooked by me in less than 30seconds. The blouse was still there on her body but now it was not able to hide those beautiful breasts (under her bra) of Chachi. The black bra was looking wonderful on her fair body. She was still feeling shy and was trying to hide her melons by her hand. I liked it as it was adding more flavor in our game (teasing game, foreplay…whatever u want to say)….

I removed her hand and placed my palm on her breast which was still well covered with bra, this was the first time I was feeling the softness of her breast (although I touched her breast in the kitchen but that was totally different scenario).I started playing with those two big balls in my hand, like a small kid, squeezing, mashing, pressing…. and what ever one can do with those beautiful and most exciting part of woman’s body. Due to this her bra was almost non-existent and her breasts were reveled considerably. She was breathing fast now and I was sure that now she has fully surrendered to me (or compromised with the situation..whatever it is…but I was having best time of my life), with each inhale and exhale the movement of the boobs could be seen clearly.

Seeing this it was just impossible for me to control myself…..I jumped over her and started to remove her bra straps…I removed the strap from her right shoulder and her right boob came out of the bra woooowww……..what I boob she have, soft and firm but hard enough to make any men crazy, darkish-brown areola, and that nipple (which was not fully erect now, but I knew that it will become hard and bigger as our love-session proceeds). I didn’t waited any long and took her breast in my mouth. It was big and really tasty I tried to take as much as possible in my mouth and I was successful in taking whole areola in my mouth.

Chachi: Ahhh………ooo……sslllloww…..ll..yyyyy…

I was really wild and was biting her nipple which was now bigger than what it was few minutes ago. Chachi’s hand was now moving to my hairs from my forehead and she was moaning

Chachi: Sloo…oowly Prashant……Plz…..Do it slowly!!!!!!!!!! Aaaa… uuuuccc…..hhhh…..

I was in a hurry to take out her bra and therefore I slid my hand to her back to unfasten her bra. I opened the hooks of her bra and tried to remove it, but it was not possible as the blouse was still there. I pulled the blouse to remove it and she said : “Stop…..You will tore my blouse like this” and straightened her hand so that I can remove her blouse and bra. I tried to take out the blouse but being a novice in all these things I was not able to do that, but she helped me in taking out her blouse. I didn’t wait for the bra to be removed as it was already open and was not a hindrance for me. I again pushed her and she was again in the same position (lying on the bed) but the big difference was that this time she was “TOPLESS”.

I again kissed her and in the mean time she was able to take out her bra and kept it aside. I didn’t waste much time in kissing and moved down to her breast. This took the left one in my mouth and was cupping her right breast with my right hand. Her both hands were still creasing my hairs.

Chachi: Aa…..ouuu…ccchhhh….What are you doing???

I: Sorry Chachi, actually I bitted her nipple really hard, and that would have hurt her.

Quickly I made my right hand to go down, and I reached that point were her saree was ending. It moved quite high till now, almost to her knees, and I started pulling it upwards Chachi lifted her leg a little so that I can pull her saree up. At last it bunched up near her upper thighs; it was looking like she is wearing the shortest micro-mini-skirt. My right hand was now pressing her sweet-spot above her panty and I could make out that she is wet there. My left hand was still resting on her head and I was still sucking her boobs. I tried to insert my hand inside her panty but it was not a comfortable position for me as my hand was bending awkwardly, so I took my hand out and start rubbing and pressing her pussy above the panty. Now I positioned my face just in front of her face and gave her a kiss, our lips were once again together. We were kissing each other, and my right hand was still on her panty, pressing and rubbing her there. This kiss was very short compared to the previous one. Now I removed my hand from her panty and started to remove her saree which was definitely not possible as she was lying on bed. She noticed this and got up from the bed and removed the saree. Now she was standing with only two clothes on her body. Her light-blue petticoat which was covering her lower half and her panty which was still not visible. She was totally naked from top with her boobs hanging freely in the air. They (her breast) were looking reddish because of hard squeeze and pressing by me. Seeing Chachi in this state I said “Chachi you are really hot, even after marriage you have maintained yourself very well”. Really, she was looking very hot, there was no fat on her body and her petticoat was revealing her curves. 

I jumped from the bed and came near to her, this happened so fast that she was not even able to react and in no time I was digging my face between her legs and started to pull up her petticoat. Before I can proceed further,

Chachi: Stop Prashant…I didn’t like this. I am doing na..?Don’t do this. And looked to me with a naughty simle…

I : Sorry…and smiled back…….

And we both laughed simultaneously. She was about to remove her petticoat but at that very time 

I said : Don’t Chachi…Don’t remove your petticoat .You are looking beautiful in it.

Chachi: You don’t want me to remove my…..ok..I will not remove it.

I: Chachi, if you don’t mind, I want to remove it…. 

Chachi : Mmmmm……Ok…then remove it.

I : Not now, you please come here on the bed.

She walked towards the bed and her breast moved with each step she took. I again made her lie on bed facing upward and started moving my hand on her stomach making circle by my index finger on her circumference of her belly. I moved my hand down and placed it on the petticoat knot. I took the one of the thread in my hand and pulled it…her petticoat knot was open and I was desperate to move further.

I pulled down her petticoat which made her milky plump thighs fully uncovered and now a small piece of cloth!!!!(yes her panty) was covering most intimate part of her body and otherwise she was almost nude in front of me. I knew that even that piece of cloth will not be able to hide her jawani any longer.

I moved my hand and tracing her dark-blue panty sidelines and moved to the top of her panty. But when I started to pull it down she holded my hand as if trying to stop me but I was in no mood do delay and I pulled down her panty. Even the panty was down only by ½ an inch I could see the starting of the dense jungle, I always thought that she must be having a cleaned shave pussy or she must be having very minimal hair at that part of her body (although I touched that part quite a few times by now I was not able to trace out that she is having curly dense black hairs there), but was surprised to see that she is having such a hairy pussy, that was like “cherry on the cake”.(Frankly speaking I always fantasized her or any women with dense curly pussy hairs and that’s the reason why I like porn of 70’s and 80s’).

Seeing that gift from her I was more excited and pulled her panty down and believe me, in 1/10th of a second her panty was wrapped down to her knees I was just able to take a glimpse of that wonderful hairy pussy of my Chachi as she placed her hand to cover that beautiful part of hers. I placed my hand above hers and pressed it a bit and removed her hand from there. For the first time in my life I saw a completely naked lady and she was none other than my lovely “CHACHI”. 

She was looking like goddess Venus, her charming face which was turning red(due to shame),her white beautiful breast, flat belly and very beautiful stomach (like a Surahi), those beautiful black and curly hairs of her pussy, milky white smooth thighs…and long beautiful hairs which was taking her beauty to some different level.

I: Chachi have chaca finger fucked you ever? 

Chachi: Quite……Yes, sometimes. 

I: do you liked it? 

Chachi: No answer….

I: Chachi…please let me do it….plz…I promise you I will try to give you the pleasure which you would have never felt before.

Chchi: ok…Do what you want to do. But do it fast.

This was an indication that she mentally surrendered to me, but I wanted her to enjoy all this and I was in no mood to hurry as still there was plenty of time left for me to fuck her.

I placed my hand stomach and started moving my hand downwards with my index finger perpendicular to her body. I was moving my finger very slowly till I reached to her public hairs. As I reached to that sensitive area of her I paced my palm over her and pressed there. Her heart was beating fast and she was breathing heavily and the same was the case with me.

Chachi: Ahh…….ww…..ooo….ww……..ooohh………

Now my fingers were playing with her pussy hairs( like trying to find something in grass) she was now matching with my moves and was moving her body slowly. I moved my hand little downward and touched her bottom lips for the first time. They were light pink in color. I will never ever forget that feeling…….!!!!!!

And then that time came, and I inserted my right hand middle figure into her pussy which was quite wet by now. My aim was to give her the first orgasm by finger fucking and I was quite sure that I will do that easily as I watched lot of videos related to that and I really pick up the sensitive points very well. Even when I massaged my dadi or nani on legs they use to say that there is magic in my hands.I started moving my index finger slowly(inside and outside) in her pussy.

Chachi: Ooohh….Goood…Aaaa….hhhhhh….

Due to her moans I was getting more and more excited and my finger was moving faster and faster.

I: Chachi don’t hesitate be louder, yes chachi…No one is at home…No one can hear us..Don’t hide your feelings..express yourself loud….more louder….yes chachi…yes…….

Chachi: Aaaa.hhhhh..aaa…Yes prashant you are doing great…come on…..faster…it feels so good…wow…..Ooohhh….oohhh……Yes…….

I was moving my finger really fast inside her pussy and she was responding to my every action by lifting her body in air and bending her body, her right hand was squeezing her right boob and the other one was grabbing bed-sheet in such way, that it looked like as if she will torn it.

Chachi: Yes……..Ahh. You are so..good..hh….uuu….Don’t stop…come on……AAhhhh……..

This time she was loud and clear, she was enjoying every bit of it.

I: Yes….Chachi…You are so very hot…I love You…I Love You a lot….and I inserted third finger (finger next to index finger) into her pussy. I made my hand movement even faster with my two fingers inside her.

Now she moved her right hand from her brest and placed it on the bed and started pulling the bed sheet, holding it tightly. Her body was moving up and down rhythmically and her lower half was in air about ½ feet above the bed. She was literally balancing herself by her hand. I was at my best and was finger fucking her really hard and fast.

Chachi: Yeeee…sss…I am cum…ing…I am coming Prashant…Don’t….stop…AAh……YYYYY…….EEEEE……….SSSSssssss…….

There she had her first orgasm. My hand was full with that sticky liquid and Chachi was laying down on bed fully naked, breathing heavily, eyes closed…..

I: Chachi you liked it????and gave a kiss on her forehead.

Chachi: Hmm…You were really good.(Eyes closed)

We both were laying on the bed and she must be think in her mind “WHATS NEXT…………..”

Now I took out my t-shirt and pant which I was still wearing.

Chachi: What are you doing???

I was quite.

Chachi: Now that you have seen me fully naked and you finger fucked me there is no need of any thing else. I am going………

But I was in no mood to listen her.I placed myself between her legs and my penis was knocking at the entry point of her vagina. I rubbed it there moving it up and down. Her pussy was still very wet as she had an awesome orgasm a few minutes before. Then I placed my penis exactly at the entrance of her pussy and gave a push without any further delay. It was half inside her with the very first push as her pussy was very wet and definitely she is not a virgin. I exerted some more pressure and gave a push again and this time whole my penis was inside her.

Chachi: No…..ooo…..

I made my movement faster and every time my cock was going in she was lifting her body up in the air and making sounds, now she was enjoying all this…

Chachi: Yyyyy…eeeee.ssssss.You are really good… wo… ww……… Prashant…AAAaaaa….hhhhhhhh…Yyy….eee….ssss..Do it fasss..terrr…….

Hearing her those screams I got excited and made my move even faster.Now I was also making sounds Yyy..ee.ss Chachi…You are sooo HOT..I love you…Yess…..Chachi…I am cuming…Yess….

Chachi: Take it out…Take it out you demit…fasssst…Take it out…

I Took my penis out and soon i released a jet of cum (sperm).It was huge and she was loaded with my cum all over the upper part of body and why not,This was the first time in 12 days that I released my sperm. I did not mastrubated for last 12 days, waiting for this time to come and no doubt this was the best and ever orgasm I ever had, that to with my favorite and loving “CHACHI”. We were laying totally naked side-by-side. She was on left of me with the cum spread all over her stomach chest and breast and some drops were on her face which she wiped up with her bra which was lying there on the bed. We both were breathing heavily.

We both were sliently laying on bed for almost 5 minutes and then I asked…

I : Chachi,how was it???

Chachi: Good.

I : You liked it na..


I : You want more????

Chachi: What???

I took her hand in my hand and placed it on my penis. She removed her hand from my penis as if she got a shock. 
I : Chachi don’t you want to do it again?

Chachi: No, absolutely not. It’s enough and don’t think of doing this again. What happened is past now. Stop all this dirty talk and leave the room.

She was not even completed the sentence and I placed my hand on her pussy. She wanted to remove it, but I got up and removed her hand and again placed it on her vagina, I holed her by her west and hand and changed her position on the bed with her face downward and hips facing to wall. This was the fist time I saw her ass totally uncovered. She had lovely buttoks which I always fantasized but seeing them few inches away was a great feeling. I placed my hand on her ass and parted it….Woooow………

I was clearly able to see her ass crack..She was still resisting and throwing her legs in the air. I gave a tight slap on her ass with my right hand and that reminded me the kitchen incident.

Chachi : AAAA..uuu…..cchhhh……

This was enough to make my penis hard enough.
I give two more slaps on her ass and her ass turned red because of that hard spanking. I loved this, torturing my loving chachi in this way.This was getting wilder and wilder, now I pulled her ling hair and she screamed like hell.

Chachi: Nn.OOOOOOOOOO…….

This made her to come upward now both her legs were bent and rest of the body was straight, only the part from knee to toe was touching the bed(position in which we perform some yoga asans).I was also sitting in the same position and I holded her with my left hand and the right hand was still pulling her hairs. My penis was rubbing her ass and growing harder and erect. I adjusted myself and placed my penis on her pussy entrance once again, this was second time within 20 minutes that I was rubbing my penis on her pussy.

I held her boobs with both the hand and pushed my cock inside her ,this time also it went easily into her pussy and with the second thrust it was deep inside her vagina feeling the warmth and wetness there..She was screaming like anything.

Chachi: Prashant…Stop it……Plz…..Stop it…Ooooh……..

This was making my moves faster and harder. I was squeezing her breast and pinching her nipples with my fingers. She was trying to stop me or was enjoying I don’t know, but her left hand was on my left hand which was malluing her left boob, she was trying to stop me and was pushing my hand away from her boob and her right hand was on my hips moving with the motion of my hips.

Chachi: AAaaaa…….hhhh…YYeeeeeyh…..

Chachi: Oh…God…ooo…hhhh…HHhh…….mmmm….AAAAaaaa….
HHHhh……..I was about to come and I discharged with a moan.

I: Yess….Chachi…Yesss… I am coming..Yeeehhhh…..

Chachi: Please take it out.

But it was too late and I discharged myself inside her pussy.
We both fell on the bed as if someone shot us from behind. Chachi was below me with her face downwards and I was lying above her like a log of wood.

Small drops of cum was dripping from our reproductive organs. We remained in that position for about 5 minutes, after that chachi got down took her saree which was on the ground(leaving her petticoat, panty and bra) and came out of the room. I was still on the bed stark naked. Chachi went to her room and locked it from inside; she closed the door so loudly that I was able to guess that she went to her room. I was feeling sleepy now and wanted to sleep, but first I thought of removing all those things which can provide a clue of what happened this afternoon between me and chachi. I wore a new dress and kept the bed sheet, chachi’s bra, panty and petticoat in front of chachi’s door which was still locked. I took new bed sheet from the cupboard, made my bed systematic and went for a sleep after that exhausting fucking of chachi.

I don’t know when my eyes closed, and when I got up it was 7:30 in the evening and everything was normal as every day. I was happy to see this. I came out of the room talked to everyone normally, have the dinner and went to bed for the good night sleep. I didn’t talk to chachi single word after what happened in the afternoon yesterday and this day also passed like this. Everything was normal and smooth and I was waiting for the right time to tell her, that what I am having in stock to surprise her.

The next two days were very tuff for me. I was not able to face my Chachi and was in dilemma that whatever I did with her was right or wrong. My mind and my heart were conflicting each other. My heart wanted my sweet Chachi badly and I was dying for another chance to make love to her and at the same time my mind was saying that whatever am doing is not right, after all she is my Chachi and I can’t to all these things with her.
Aur is kashmakash mein meree aankh kab lag gayee mujhe pata bhi nahi chala.

When I woke up in the morning all the doubts were clear and I knew what to do. I was very sure that I will listen to my heart because am in love with that lady and everything is fair in love and war.

I somehow passed the time and it was lunch time by now. We all took the lunch and then went to bed to take a nap. Chacha ji went to office and we 5 (me,Chachi,mom,dad and my sis) were there in the home.
Chachi went to her room and we all went to other room, adjacent to Chachi’s room. Every minute for me was passing like hour. After half an hour I was sure that everyone was in deep sleep and now it’s the correct time to get my love, “my sweet, lovely and beautiful CHACHI”.

I got up from the bed and left the room without making any noise. I once again confirmed that every one is sleeping and I am at no risk, and yes my mom, dad and sister were in deep sleep. Now I slowly moved toward my Chachi’s room, my heart was beating very fast and I was nervous…very nervous. I reached in front of door, but OMG it was closed…I was disappointed and thought of dropping my plan, but I wanted to test my luck and so I pushed the door very gently and woopi….it was closed but not locked. And there was the sight I was waiting for so looooong….she was sleeping and her saari was moved little bit upwards revealing her white beautiful legs (not much though). She was in a blue saari and blue petticoat (which was partially visible). The light blue blouse was covering her gorgeous hands and those lovely breasts and she was looking so hot in that blue Indian outfit.

Her slim waist was very much visible and I was getting hard on looking at it. I opened the door very carefully, entered the room and locked the door from inside. I went inside and kept standing in front of her for few minutes, admiring her beauty.
But now it was the time to get her again, to feel the warmth of her body for the second time. I moved my hand (which was shivering as if I am standing in -15o C) towards her and touched the curve of her waist. This made her to move a little but she was still sleeping, I moved my hand upward but as soon as I reached just above her belly button she was awake. She said “Prashant Whaaat arrre……” she was about to shout but I closed her mouth with the other hand and said…Chachi please don’t shout, we are not alone this time, Mom and dad are sleeping in the next room.
I moved my hand from her mouth and even the other hand of mine was not touching her this time. I said, “Chachi I want to make love to you once again…please”

Chachi: Shut up..and get out of the room now. Otherwise I will call your mom.
Me: Ok…call her if you want to but tell them everything that happened between us that afternoon when we were alone….
I hope u remember that (I don’t know how I got the courage to say all this but even to my surprise I was saying all this to her) 
Chachi was surprised on hearing this…and I could read the changing expression of her face..
She was fumbling and saying…. whhhhat do uu..meeean with..
Me: Oh….my lovely Chachi am really sorry but I wanted to tell this before…actually I have recorded all that, which happened between us that day.(I recorded all the incident and action on that day with no video..but audio)
Actually I recorded all that using my mobile recorder but as it was impossible to record the video I just recorded the audio and believe me guys it helped me to get my love my CHACHI. I played the clip and said…it has all the things and action which happened between us that afternoon..listen carefully Chachi…noo-noo am not gonna show this to you, but now you know that what can I do with this video, and if you still want to call mom..call her……….and she was “speechless”.

I realized that time is running out and I can’t wait long…it was 3 in the clock and I didn’t want to take any risk so I thought of hurrying and make my move faster. Chachi was now sitting on the bed with a blank face and I didn’t want to miss that chance.
I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, both my hands were behind her touching and creasing her back.
She was resisting but with her slow and less resistance it was clear that she knew that she can’t help her and I will do whatever I want to do. The kiss was very small in comparison to the earlier one, but it was enough to make my mood. I raised my hand till her shoulder and slid the pallu to her left and in no time she was sitting palluless showing her round big melons under the light blue blouse. I slowly made her lie on bed and placed myself over her. I started to open her blouse and opened all the 3 buttons and almost torn it in attempt to take it out. She was wearing a simple white bra which was holding her big milky breast quite well. I started pushing my face in those beautiful boobs of my Chachi as if I want to hide myself in them.

Due to this act of mine most of the part of her left boob was visible (almost till her nipple). She was laying there, reacting to noting. But I was very busy with my work and so I slid the strap of her bra without opening the buttons. This made her big breast free and that was a treat to me. Her left boob was totally uncovered and the right one was also 70% out. I kept playing with them. My hand, my mouth, my tounge all were exploring every inch and centimeter of my Chachi’s lovely breasts.
I kept on doing that for at least 5 min or more. During all this her saree raised up to alarming height and i could fell that, it was now covering just a few inches of her soft white thighs. I moved my head to check out the actual situation of her saree and yes I was right. It was more than a feet above her knees. The only portion she was covered was from her navel to half of her thighs. So, u can say that apart from that she was uncovered in front of me.

I looked at my Chachi, she was still feeling and expressionless….I don’t know what happened to me but I got up from the bed and said “I am really sorry Chachi, I won’t do that again” and left the room. She was in a confused state. The boy, who was playing with all her body few minutes ago, left the room without doing much to her n saying sorry.

I came back to my room and went to the bed quietly. I was lying there with my eyes open and within 15-20 min every one woke up.
In the evening I went out for a walk to make myself calm and composed. I returned home a little late and went to bed after taking dinner.
And I was puzzled and in dilemma (once again) after the end of that happening or not so happing day (I really don’t know).

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