Wifes Adultery And Incest In One Stroke

All this licking and fuck scene made Dilip’s cock uncontrollably hard. It needed release. His sister’s asshole was the hole available to be fucked as Sunil’s cock had occupied the other hole. He now left licking and shamelessly brought his cock near Sarita’s asshole and tried to push the cock head in his sister’s virgin asshole. Without enough lubrication, the cock won’t enter. Meawhile, Sarita cried “Hey Kiddo, Dilip! What are you upto? You are trying to ass-fuck your sister? Even Amar never did that!. Its painingggg. Stop please. This is now too much, you two shameless men!” Sunil said “ Let him join the fun. He raised Sarita so that his cock was out of her cunt. Only the cock head was inside. “Dilip, put your fingers in your sister’s cunt and apply cunt juice to her ass. This way, you can fuck her from behind. Dilip readily followed this vulgar advise. He helped himself to his sister’s copious cunt juice, applied it to Sarita’s asshole and then inserted his fingers in and out. In next try, he forced his cockhead in, but the cock head got stuck there. Sarita cried. Sunil silenced her. “Have patience baby. You are lucky to be fucked by two cocks. Relax and enjoy.” After awhile, the pain subsided. Two cocks jamming her pussy and asshole were now feeling good. Dilip slowing pushed his cock in as her resistance lowered. Now Sunil and Dilip established a rhythm of fucking. When Sunil’s cock was in, Dilip’s cock was out. Sarita was now enjoying a double fuck ; one cock of her husband’s friend and second cock of all people , that of her own brother.
This was adultery and incest in one stroke.
The thought brought her to her second orgasm which was by far the most intense in her life. She was crying, “ Oh fuck! I’m cumming. Fuck me. Fuck me. You behenchod. And you son of a bitch. Fuck me like whore” Her orgasm triggered a chain reaction. Dilip almost instantaneously started discharging his cum in his sister’s tight ass. The pulsations could be felt by both Sarita and Sunil. It was now Sunil’s turn. He came inside Sarita’s cunt violently feeding her pussy with lots and lots of hot cum. He was pumping cum for half a minute. Sarita’s womb was wet with Sunil’s cum. After few minutes, Dilip dismounted from his sister. Sarita was still lying on Sunil till his limp cock slipped out of her cum filled wet pussy.

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