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My wife Erin and I have been married for 5 happy years. In those years we had moved around a few times but now had settled into life in Colorado. We met near the end of college after each of us had an exciting four years of various partners. I didn’t think I was ready to give it up, but when I met Erin she had me instantly. My wife is 5’10”, with an athletic, curvy build and perfect 36C breasts. She is 1 year older than me at 31, but her short curly hair makes her seem 5 years younger. I’m a fairly good looking guy, 5’11” with a body I keep in shape with daily pick-up basketball games, but I am proud to say my beautiful wife way outclasses me.
Our sex life has been steady throughout our marriage, but recently I found something that brought a new level of excitement for me. While doing some late night web surfing I came across a website for sharing nude pictures of your wife. My dick immediately jumped to its full six inches as I thought of my wife being displayed on the site. For a reason I can’t fully explain, the thought of other men (and women) looking at my wife completely exposed turns me on immensely. Part of it is that I think she is so gorgeous I love showing her off, and the other part is probably imagining others pleasuring themselves to her pictures wishing they were me.
I started fairly mildly with just some topless photos that we had taken on various vacations. After posting about a half dozen photos in secret, I worked up the courage to tell Erin what I was up to. Well, tell her isn’t really the right wording, I didn’t have the courage for that so I “accidentally” left the website open on my computer. I sat at our kitchen table pretending to read a magazine, the butterflies in my stomach going crazy in anticipation of my wife’s discovery.

Finally, she came downstairs and walked past my open laptop. She glanced over briefly and for a moment I thought she wasn’t going to notice her naked body splayed across the screen. Then she did a double take and picked up the computer.
“What’s this?” She said.
“Well, it’s a website where boyfriends and husbands can share pictures of their better halves,” I replied weekly.
Erin began scrolling through the different pictures. “These pictures have been seen 1,000 times!”
I was afraid she was going to be really pissed, but at the same time I was incredibly aroused watching Erin look at her nude photos.
“There’s comments here too… ‘Damn you’re sexy’, ‘Perfect nipples’, ‘I would love to be in that room’, ‘Amazingly perky’. Well, at least people seem to be enjoying them.”
“Your pics are quite popular. If you ask me, you’re easily the sexiest wife on the site.”
“Let’s see about that.” Erin began paging through other people’s posts, and I could see a slight flush rise up in her neck. “There are a lot of really graphic pictures on here.”
Mm-hmm, I managed.
“Maybe we should make some like that.”
She walked over to the desk, pulled out our digital camera, and moved over to the couch. She patted the cushion next to her and I obediently sat down. Without a word, she took off her shirt and quickly removed her bra. She was clearly aroused as her nipples were poking out stiffly. I leaned down and took one in my mouth, rolling my tongue in circles and causing a moan to escape my wife’s lips.
Erin pushed my head back, gave me a passionate kiss, then stood up and took off her yoga pants. She never wore panties around the house, so her pussy was eye level in front of me. I could see her excitement dripping off her perfectly laser-smooth lips. She pulled my head into her deliciousness and I attacked it hungrily. I sucked on her engorged clit causing her legs to twitch from the stimulation. She held the back of my head with one hand as my tongue moved down her lips and circled her hole. I moved my tongue up and down her sex, clit to hole and back again, swirling along the way.
I noticed a flash and looked to my left to see the camera sitting on a stool and Erin’s hand pressing the picture button. Knowing she was taking pictures of this only encouraged me and a licked her with even more enthusiasm. After a few more photos she let go of my head and began flicking through the photos she had taken.
“Fuck those are hot,” she panted.
She handed me the camera and laid down on the couch. I thought I was going to explode as I watched my wife begin to finger herself, playing with her clit with one hand and grabbing her tits with the other. I began furiously snapping pictures- full body, close-ups, multiple angles- I couldn’t believe this was happening!
My wife’s hand began moving faster on her clit and her chest started to flush. She closed her eyes and let out a gentle scream as her orgasm overcame her. She relaxed for only a moment before sitting up and grabbing my hips.
“Your turn,” Erin said as she pulled off my jeans and boxers in one motion. I pulled my shirt off and gasped as my wife swallowed my entire shaft. I looked down to see her nose touching the bottom of my stomach. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as my wife began one of her masterful blow jobs.
“What are you doing?” She asked with my dick on her lips. I didn’t know what she was talking about so I just looked at her confused. She nodded at the camera, “start shooting.”
It took all my strength not to cum instantly. Pictures of her naked was one thing, but now my wife was encouraging me to take photos of her with my cock going in and out of her mouth. Erin began by licking my cock from base to tip, then sucking on each of my balls. She then began the main event, masterfully alternated speed and technique, driving me wild as usual. She slowly took me into her mouth fully, moving her tongue on my cock as much as she could with the small amount of room left in her mouth. She withdrew keeping just the tip in her mouth, flicking her tongue over my hole, and pumping my shaft with her hand. She then moved her head back and forth faster, adding a twisting motion with her hand still on the base. I took pictures from my point of view, then set the camera on the stool to take pictures from a side angle. This was turning into the most erotic moment of my life!
As my balls started to tighten in anticipation of a powerful conclusion, Erin took me out of her mouth and shook her head.
“Not yet. We have some more pictures to take.”
Erin stood up off the couch and laid me down in her place. She held my cock pointing upwards and slid her wet pussy down onto it.
“Ohhh,” we both moaned simultaneously. She started slowly pumping up and down, her juices glistening on my shaft on every upward movement. I reached up and grabbed two handfuls of plump breasts, squeezing the beautiful mounds then pinching my wife’s nipples.
“That’s not what your hands are for,” Erin said. She leaned back (which created an amazing angle) and grabbed the camera. Handing it to me, “here you go Mr. Cameraman.”
I once again started taking numerous pictures. My wife leaning forward, breasts hanging in my face. Leaning back, hands on my knees, showing off the amazing perkiness of her tits. Close-ups of my dick going in and out of her sex.
Erin took the camera from me and began flipping through the pictures.
“Those are hot!” She exclaimed. She dropped the camera on the floor and leaned forward kissing me passionately. My tongue explored her mouth and she picked up the pace of her riding. She pressed her body against mine, rubbing her clit against me with each thrust.
“Yes, yes, fuck, yes,” she moaned in my ear.
I could feel inside her getting wetter, and she began clenching my dick inside her. Her nails were digging into my back as she got closer to cumming, her tight pussy bringing me right along with her.
“Oh yeah, me too,” I panted.
“Oh, oh, oh!” My wife screamed as her body started shaking from a powerful orgasm. I wasn’t far behind her as I grunted and filled her with my warm cum.
“Shit, that was amazing,” Erin said as she collapsed on top of me.
We laid in each other’s arms for a few minutes until my wife pushed herself up and looked at me.
“Let’s get your computer.”
We took the memory card out of the camera and transferred our photos onto my laptop. I pulled up the wife sharing website, logged in, and opened up the “My Photos” page. Together we went through each photo with Erin giving each one a yes or no. We ended up adding 25 amazingly hot pictures to the 6 I already had on the site.
We got something to drink and watched TV naked for a while until my wife said, “Let’s see if anyone has looked at the pictures.”
We pulled up the site and saw that each photo already had at least 100 views, and the comments were very complimentary. More than a few men said they wished my wife was riding them, and even a few women said they wished they were eating her out instead of me. It took only a few minutes to go through each picture and read the comments, and in that short time I was again hugely turned on. Erin apparently was as well, since the moment we finished the last picture she straddled me and began a passionate repeat performance.
Since that night, my wife and I regularly upload pictures to the website, immediately followed by amazing sex. Some of our best photo shoots have been seen over 5,000 times, which means hundreds of men have used my wife and me to get themselves off. I love sharing the photos of my beautiful wife in all kinds of sexual acts. The new exhibitionist side of my wife has been fantastic in the privacy of our home, and I have to wonder how far we can take it…

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