Wife Website Ch. 02

I recently made the first career switch of my life, ending my 7 year run in consulting for a job at a tech start-up as VP of strategy. It was a bit of a stretch for my skill-set, but I was looking forward to the challenge. The potential pay-out if the company was successful wasn’t a bad motivator either.
I pulled into the parking lot and saw a reserved space with my name on it. Reserved parking, pretty nice, I thought.
The front desk receptionist led me to my office on the top floor of the 7 story building. My office was spacious and faced the mountains to the west. A room with a view, very nice.
The next two hours were spent doing typical first day activities: meeting my co-workers, getting office supplies, recording my voicemail, and getting my computer set-up. I was in the middle of logging into my email for the first time when Steve Williams, the president of the company knocked on the door. Steve was 41, but he looked about 30 as he was in good shape and didn’t have a gray hair on his head. He was a pretty big name in the Colorado tech community as he had helped a half dozen other companies grow and get bought by one of the big guys. I came away very impressed during my interview with him a few weeks earlier. I was going to be reporting directly to Steve, and was excited for all I could learn from him.

“Getting all set-up?” Steve asked with a smile, leaning against the door.
“Yeah, I’m pretty much ready to get down to business Mr. Williams.”
“Please, Bradley, call me Steve.” First name basis with the president, damn nice.
“Ok, Steve. What can I do for you?”
“Let’s go have a chat in my office, follow me.”
We walked down the hallway to Steve’s corner office. It was the nicest office I had ever been in. Big mahogany desk with two chairs in front of it, a round table with four more chairs, and a full length couch. He pointed to a chair in front of his desk as he sat in his high backed office chair. He leaned back casually and smiled.
“I’ve been waiting for you to start working with us ever since we made you the offer. You have a solid resume, and you really left an impression on me during our interview.”
“Really? Thanks Steve.”
“Yeah, partly because you have some interesting experiences, and partly because the whole time I kept thinking to myself, this guy looks familiar, I know him from somewhere. It bugged me the rest of the day, but as I got home that night it hit me. I decided right then to make you an offer to join our company.”
“I didn’t know we had met before.”
“Oh we haven’t,” Steve replied. “I recognized you from a website.”
My eyes went wide, not my best poker face. “A… a… a website?” I stammered.
“Yes a website, a very provocative website. You know, I’m a single guy, so I spend a fair amount of time browsing through the internet and my favorites sites are the ones where guys post pictures of their wives. I don’t know why, and it is probably a sin or something, but seeing other guys’ wives naked and getting fucked is a huge turn on for me. You and your wife have been especially active on one of those sites, haven’t you Bradley?”
I stared at him speechless, I had no response. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined having this conversation with my new boss. Is this really happening? Steve’s smile grew wider.
“When I thought I had it figured out I pulled up the site and lo and behold, there you were! The guy I interviewed is in dozens on pictures with his absolutely stunning wife. My favorites were the close-ups of your wife’s, shall we say, womanhood. She has such delicious looking… lips. So, as I said, I’ve been waiting for this day ever since. Do you have any idea why?”
“No, not really, I mean I don’t think so, no.” Where could this be going?
“I’m going to be the photographer for your next little shoot!” Steve exclaimed with a clap of his hands.
“You’re going to what!?!”
“You heard me right. And even better we’re going to do it on Saturday!”
“We are?”
“Yep. How does that sound?”
“I don’t think I can agree to that.” I was finally regaining some of my composure.
“Luckily for me, you don’t really have a choice in the matter.”
“Actually I think I do,” I said, confidence restored.
“Nope. See, I can pretty much fire anyone within the first 30 days without any potential repercussion on your part. So, if you want to keep your job, I’ll see you Saturday night at your place. And Bradley,” Steve said with finality. “Have that pretty wife of yours wear something sexy for me.”
I left his office without another word. I shuffled back to my office like a defeated soldier leaving the battleground.
That was the longest day of work I had ever experienced, and I didn’t do a single productive thing for the last 6 hours. My head was spinning from my meeting with Steve. I always knew there was a possibility of someone I knew seeing the pictures I posted online, but honestly, I was so turned on by it that I ignored the potential ramifications. Now, my boss had my back against the wall. I needed this job. Erin made a decent amount teaching high college, but not nearly enough to pay the monthly mortgage. Unfortunately, we hadn’t done as good of a job saving as we needed. We had two months of expenses saved, maybe three if we cut up our credit cards.
I spent hours thinking, running through every possible scenario, every potential loophole to get me out of this situation. All my years spent in consulting problem solving for other people but I couldn’t find a solution for this one. At 5pm I came to terms with the unavoidable truth- my boss was going to take naked pictures of my wife.
How am I going to tell Erin?
I paused before opening the door to our house. Here we go, I said to myself as I took a deep breath, just get it over with.
“Hey babe,” I called as I stepped through the threshold, my voice cracking like a pre-teen hitting puberty. Erin came running up and gave me a big hug. Her enthusiasm usually made coming home my favorite part of the day. Not today.
“Hey sweetie!” She said as she planted a kiss on my lips. “How was your first day of work?”
“Well, it was… weird.”
“Weird?” She cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow questioningly.
“Let’s go sit in the living room.” I led Erin by the hand over to couch and we both sat. She looked at me with concern written on her face. “I had a meeting with my new boss Steve, the president of the company.”
“That’s great,” Erin said, optimistically hoping that my day was a good kind of weird.
“Not really that great.” I cleared my throat and took a deep breath. The words came tumbling out. “Steve has seen the pictures that I posted of us online and he said that he wants- no he demands- that he come photograph you this Saturday. And I wanted to say no because I didn’t think it was fair that he threatened me like that, but we really can’t afford me losing my job. So he’s coming over Saturday and there’s nothing I can do about it.”
I stopped suddenly and looked at my wife’s face, hoping for some reassurance. Instead, she just looked puzzled. I held my breath awaiting her response.
“Your boss said you have to let him take naked pictures of me this Saturday?”
“What the fuck?” Erin was starting to get really upset. “You didn’t think about running that by me before agreeing to it?”
“There wouldn’t have been a point. We honestly can’t afford for me to lose my job.”
“Taking pictures and posting them online is one thing. I can deal with that because at least there is some distance there. But having your boss in the room taking the pictures, I don’t know Bradley, that just seems different. I don’t think I can do that!”
“I know and I hate that I’m putting you in this situation. All day I tried thinking of a way out of it, but I came up with nothing. We’re stuck.”
“Today is Monday, so you have six days to figure a way to get us unstuck.” With that, Erin stood up and stormed out of the room, leaving me on the couch with my head in my hands.
The week slowly dragged on, and each day I drove home dejected as I failed to find a way out of my boss’s demand. Instead of greeting me at the door, Erin waited in the kitchen and when she saw my face she would scowl, shake her head, and walk away. We barely said ten words to each other.
Friday afternoon Steve poked his head into my office.
“Hey Bradley, how’d the first week go?” He asked cheerily, completely unaware of the effect our Monday conversation had on me.
“Not great Steve. Can’t say I got a whole lot done.”
“Ah, don’t worry about it. Nobody expects anything the first couple weeks anyway. So, what time should I come over tomorrow?”
“You’re still planning on… coming over?”
“Of course.”
“Ok. I don’t know, 9pm I guess.”
“Sounds great, see you then!”
At dinner on Saturday, Erin finally broke her week of the silent treatment.
“So it looks like we’re going through with this tonight, huh?”
“Yeah, looks that way.”
“Well, if I’m going to let a stranger take pictures of me naked I’m at least going to get drunk first. You want to join me?” Finally, an olive branch.
“Absolutely. I’ll grab the tequila.” I was glad that Erin wasn’t going to make this any harder than it already was.
Tequila isn’t my favorite liquor, but Erin loves it and it doesn’t take much of the stuff to loosen her up. After a couple shots she was joking and laughing, back to her old self. Seeing her have a good time was having more of an effect on me than the tequila, I felt happy for the first time since Steve walked into my office Monday morning. We drank for a couple hours, slowing down from shots to glasses of tequila sunrise. I finished my second sunrise and looked at my watch, 8:45. Shit.
“Babe, I think we need to get ready for Steve, he’s going to be here soon.”
“Get ready?” My wife slurred. “What do we need to get ready for?”
“Steve said you needed to wear something sexy.”
“Boooooo. Fine. Stupid.” Erin slammed the rest of her drink, and stomped her way up to the bedroom like a child being told to go on timeout.
Shortly after Erin left the doorbell rang. Here we go.
I opened the door and Steve was smiling and holding out a bottle of wine.
“Hi Bradley,” he said cheerily. “This is for you.”
“Thanks Steve,” I said grudgingly. “Erin is upstairs. Want a drink?”
“That sounds great.”
We moved into the kitchen and I opened a couple beers. “Here you go. Steve, isn’t this a little crazy? Are we really going to do this?”
“Of course we are,” Steve replied. “I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time.”
There didn’t seem to be much to say after that. Steve and I drank our beers in awkward silence around the kitchen island. We had just started our second bottles when I heard my wife coming down the stairs. We set our beers on the granite countertop and looked over to the base of the stairs where Erin would first be appearing. Steve had his hands folded up by his chin, trying to contain his anticipation.
Then, Erin appeared at the landing. She was wearing a black teddy with matching black lace bra and panties. The outfit struck a perfect balance between classy and slutty, accentuating her long legs and perfect curves without giving everything away. She paused for a moment as she saw us looking in her direction, one hand on the banister steadying herself.
“Well,” she said while still standing 20 feet away. “Is this sexy enough?” She asked sarcastically.
“You look stunning,” Steve replied enthusiastically, the sarcasm not having the desired effect.
Erin walked into the kitchen, her heels clacking on the hardwood floor. She was a little unsteady on her feet, and I wasn’t sure if it was from the alcohol or from nerves with the discomfort of the situation. I still didn’t know what to say, so I just watched as she went straight to the liquor cabinet. She pulled the tequila bottle back out and unscrewed the lid. I thought she was going to pour another sunrise, but instead she put the bottle to her lips, threw back her head, and took a long pull.
“Shit,” she said with only the slightest of a grimace on her face. I had always been impressed with her ability to handle her hard liquor with barely a flinch. She walked over to Steve still holding the neck of the tequila bottle. “You must be Steve.”
“And you must be Erin. Delighted to meet you, you are even more beautiful in person.” Steve leaned forward and kissed the back of Erin’s hand.
Charmed,” Erin replied mocking Steve with an over the top fake smile on her face. I had to suppress a laugh.
“I know you’re probably not really excited-“
“You think!” Erin snapped, cutting him off midsentence. She can get pretty feisty when she’s drunk.
Steve cleared his throat and started again. “I know you’re probably not really excited about tonight,” he held up his hand as Erin tried to interrupt again. “But I want you to know a few things. First, I told Bradley that I wanted to do this because you are one of the most attractive women I have ever seen. So, in a way, you should take tonight as a compliment. Second, I’m not going to put these pictures on the website Bradley has been posting on, or any other website for that matter. They’re just for me. Finally, even though I told your husband that he had to do this tonight, if you tell me to leave I’ll leave. Sure, I’ll make Bradley’s life suck at work, but I’m not going to fire him and I’m not going force you to do anything against your will.”
I watched as my wife took in this short speech. Steve’s words were clearly having an effect on her. She looked down at the floor, thinking through everything he said. When she lifted her head back up her gaze shifted between Steve and me before she took another pull of tequila and announced, “fuck it. You only live once, right?”
Steve’s face lit up with delight. I was surprised both by my wife’s words and the effect they had on me; causing my dick to leap and butterflies of excitement to start fluttering in my stomach. Suddenly, having a man take pictures of my wife seemed like the next level of eroticism from posting the pictures online for other men to see. With my wife’s consent all my previous concerns vanished into thin air. This is really going to happen, and it’s making me horny as hell!
“Let’s go before I change my mind,” Erin headed down the stairs into the basement, tequila still in hand. Steven and I pounded the rest of our beers and followed like a couple of puppies.
We regrouped at the bar in my “man cave”. I was very proud of the work we had done in the basement since moving into this house, I had turned it into my dream hangout spot. And since Erin and I shared a lot of the same interests, she enjoyed the space a lot as well. One side of the room was our game area with a pool table, dart board, foosball table, and a few classic arcade games. The other side of the room was our watering hole, featuring an Irish pub style bar area with two taps, a leather sectional couch, and a 60″ LED TV with a rocking surround sound system. It had quickly become the neighborhood hangout.
“Very nice guys,” Steve complimented as he took it all in.
“Thanks,” Erin and I replied in unison. Somehow, the tension that was so thick upstairs had now dissipated. For a moment it was just three friends enjoying each other’s company. That moment was short lived however as Steve took off the light jacket he was still wearing and pulled out his digital camera.
“Shall we get started?” He asked Erin.
“Ok,” Erin replied. “What do you want to do?”
“There is something sexy about a woman with a bottle,” Steve said as he started driving the photography session. “Let’s start with you leaning against the bar drinking tequila.”
I wasn’t sure if Steve really thought a woman with a bottle was sexy or if he just wanted to get a little more alcohol in my wife, but Erin didn’t seem to mind. She leaned forward against the bar and pushed her tight ass out, the outline of the black thong just visible underneath her slightly sheer teddy. The camera clicked away as my wife struck different poses while taking sips of tequila. I hadn’t seen her drink so much in years. I was standing slightly behind and to the side of Steve, and I had to admit that he was right, this was pretty hot. With the bottle in her hand Erin had a bad girl aura, slightly reminiscent of that famous Bonnie and Clyde picture.
“These are great,” Steve said encouragingly. “Now slip a strap off one of your shoulders.”
Erin did as instructed, sliding her right strap down to her mid bicep. She bit her bottom lip lightly, giving the camera a steamy look. She exuded sex from head to toe.
“You are so fucking gorgeous,” Steve said as he glanced up from behind the camera. “Now let’s take off the other strap and let the teddy drop.”
Again, Erin followed Steve’s directions. She slipped the other strap off and let the teddy fall. It only dropped a few inches, however, as it caught on her perky 36C breasts. She giggled and used one finger to help the teddy complete its descent. My wife was now standing in front of us in just her black bra and matching thong. She was breathing heavily, her breasts heaving, nearly exploding out of the thin material. Her erect nipples were clearly visible, and her chest started to get lightly flushed.
“Absolutely stunning. Let’s move over to the couch.”
Steve and I let Erin pass as she walked over to the leather sectional. Steve was taking pictures of her ass as her hips swayed provocatively with each step. Erin lay on her side on the couch, legs bent and spread, left leg against the bottom cushion, right against the back. Steve crouched down a few feet away taking pictures from all different angles. My wife appeared to need no commands as she was starting to get into the photo shoot spirit- rubbing herself through her underwear, pushing her breasts together, playing with her hair. I was unbelievably turned on as she moved her body into different positions, and I knew Steve would be as well.
After a couple minutes of poses lying on the couch, Erin sat up facing Steve. Her legs were about shoulder width apart and she leaned forward slightly. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She held it in place with her left hand, as her right grabbed the middle of the bra and pulled it off. It was like pulling a table cloth off without upsetting the dinnerware as her left hand still discreetly hid her nipples. She then held a breast in each hand and leaned forward more, giving an amazing view of her ample cleavage. I had a primal urge to see her nipples even though I had seen them so many times in the past. It must have been even more unbearable for Steve. I couldn’t hold back anymore, I began rubbing myself through my jeans.
Erin sat back up and with a flourish removed her hands and revealed her perfect, dark pink nipples. “Wow,” Steve gasped as her stared at my wife’s tits. “Those are fucking perfect.”
Erin smiled at the complement, and took a hard nipple in between each thumb and pointer finger and pulled gently, moaning in pleasure. One of her hands slowly moved down her toned stomach and disappeared under her panties. I could see the movement underneath and knew she had at least one finger inside herself. Her breathing became faster and she leaned back against the couch. Her hand continued its steady motion as she arched her back and squeezed her breast.
“You should lose those panties,” Steve commanded.
Without hesitation, Erin pulled off her thong. Her wetness was visible on the discarded black material. My wife was now in front of my boss wearing nothing but a pair of heels. She spread her perfectly smooth lips, giving Steve an amazing view of her lovely pink pussy and inviting hole. Steve took a few pictures, then my wife lay back down on the couch and resumed masturbating, now with both hands. She had two fingers deep inside her pussy, while two fingers from the other hand drew circles on her clit. Steve adjusted his position, moving to the end of the couch between my wife’s feet. He moved forward and began taking up close pictures of Erin playing with herself.

Erin’s hands began moving faster and she turned her head towards the side, making eye contact with me as I watched. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened in an expression of pleasure. “Oh yes, yes, ohhhh,” my wife moaned as her orgasm spread through her body. Her toes curled on either side of Steve’s face.
Steve looked over at me, lust filling his eyes. “Bradley, time for you to join your wife.”
“Huh?” I was caught off guard that he had addressed me. “You want me in there?”
“Of course. Most of the other pictures you’ve posted online have been with both of you.”
I was frozen in place, unsure of what to do. I looked at Erin who was facing me on the couch, one hand on her forehead the other on her stomach. For a second I thought she looked too spent to continue, but she sat up suddenly, as if she had been injected with an unseen shot of adrenaline. She curled her finger at me, beckoning me closer.
I slowly took two steps forward until I was up against the couch. As I stood silently, Erin began undoing my belt. She hooked her fingers in my waistband and pulled my jeans and boxer briefs off in one quick motion. My erect dick leapt to attention, excited to finally be freed. Erin looked up at me as she licked my shaft from the base to the tip. My pre-cum hung like a rope bridge from the tip of my cock to the tip of her tongue. She grabbed my cock with one hand and pushed it up against my stomach so that she could she have an unobstructed path to my balls. She took each of my balls into her mouth one at a time, sucking and swirling with her tongue. I unbuttoned my shirt, pulled it and my undershirt off, and with that I was now naked as well.
After she was done with my balls, my wife opened her mouth wide and swallowed my full length, pressing her nose against my trimmed pubic hair. She began slowly moving her head back and forth: sucking, swirling, and stroking with alternating speed in perfect sequence. Erin stopped at the tip, and starting flicking it with her tongue as one hand stroked my shaft and the other gently massaged my sack. She has always been a master of fellatio, and I knew if I let this continue for much longer I would finish. I really wanted to cum inside her, so I grabbed a handful of her short blonde hair and pulled her head back gently.
“Turn around,” I told Erin. She shifted her position, moving her knees onto the middle cushion and turning to support herself on the arm of the couch. My wife’s face was now inches from Steve’s bulging crotch. I kneeled behind her with my legs in between hers and slowly entered her wet pussy. We both moaned and I held myself fully inside her, enjoying the warmth of her vagina on my cock. I began slowly pumping as Erin moved her hips slightly up and down to the rhythm of my thrusts. I had a strong grip on her sides, preventing her from moving too quickly and bringing me to orgasm before I was ready. I loved the view from behind as I got to stare at her beautiful ass and watch my dick appear and disappear in steady rhythm.
“I’m switching to video,” Steve said, his comment ignored by both of us while in the throes of passion. He walked over to the bar, grabbed a stool, and brought it over to the middle of the room facing the couch. He switched the camera from picture to video mode and set it on the stool. He bent down behind the camera, adjusted it slightly to make sure everything was in frame, then did something I wasn’t expecting- began undressing.
We had agreed to him taking the photos, but pleasuring himself while we were fucking in front of him wasn’t part of the deal. I gave him a questioning look which he waved off with a smile.
“I can pull pictures off the video, so I’m just going to get some shots where it looks like Erin is sucking me off while you do her from behind.”
He said it so casually, and I was so focused on my wife, that I didn’t object. Steve finished undressing and moved to the end of the couch so his erect cock was inches from my wife’s face. It twitched in anticipation, hovering in the air so close to Erin’s lovely lips. Steve was tall and thin, and his dick seemed to fit his body as it had less girth than mine but was a little longer. While he didn’t have a grey hair on his head, he did have a full bush of grey hair.
My wife looked over her shoulder at me, her eyebrows lowered in an expression of confusion. I shrugged and averted my gaze down to her ass, watching it jiggle for a millisecond with each bounce off my crotch. I knew she was wondering if I was going to put a stop to this, and part of me thought that I should. That part, however, was completely overruled by the much larger part of me that was wanting to push this further.
Steve put his hand on my wife’s face and gently turned it back towards him. His voice was reassuring, “it’s ok. Like I said, these pictures are only for me. Just wrap your hand around my dick and pretend you are going to suck it. You don’t have to actually put it in your mouth if you don’t want to.”
I watched as my wife tentatively raised her hand and after a brief pause closed it around Steve’s cock. She held her hand motionless near the base of his quivering member for a minute before she started moving it up and down his shaft. At first the movement was so small I wasn’t sure if I was seeing it correctly, but soon she picked up the length and speed of the strokes. Steve licked his lips and tilted his head backwards. My wife opened her mouth to complete the simulated blow job. Her head stayed still, moving ever so slightly when I drove my cock inside her.
I could see Steve pressing his pelvis forward until his tip was hovering inside her lips. I knew he could feel the warmth of her breath, but she managed to hold the end of his cock perfectly suspended in the circle of her mouth even as her hand moved up and down the length of his dick. Steve looked at me and waited until he had my attention. He lifted one eyebrow and motioned his head down toward my wife. I knew what he wanted. My heart was pounding in my chest, racing even faster than it normally did during sex. I felt a slight tingling sensation in my hands. I pulled my cock back, loosened my grip on Erin’s hips, and took a deep breath. I thrust myself inside her, and without my hands holding her Erin’s body pushed forward and Steve’s dick drove inside her mouth. For the first time in years, my wife was sucking a cock that wasn’t mine!
I pulled back again and Steve’s dick popped out of Erin’s mouth. She still had a hold of his shaft, which now glistened with her saliva. Time seemed to stop as all three of us froze. Steve and I both knew that whatever happened next, it would be Erin’s decision. Oh no, did I go too far? I panicked.
I was about to start apologizing when my wife’s hand started stroking Steve’s cock again. After a few seconds she opened her mouth and pushed her head forward, swallowing Steve’s dick. Her momentary hesitation was completely gone as she sucked his cock with the same enthusiasm she had for me so many times before. She began moaning more loudly and pushing her ass into me with every thrust, picking up both the speed and intensity of our fucking. My wife was clearly enjoying having two cocks at the same time.
“Oh baby, you are amazing,” Steve told Erin.
The sight of my wife orally pleasuring another man combined with the fury of our fucking sent me over the edge and I was hit with a powerful orgasm. My balls tightened and my hands grabbed Erin’s hips harder as I shot my load inside my wife with a guttural moan. Erin barely flinched as she continued working Steve’s cock with her mouth.
I got off the couch and watched as my wife gave Steve one of her amazing blow jobs. With me no longer entering her from behind, she started rubbing her clit to keep herself in a state of ecstasy. I glanced to my side and noticed the camera continuing the film the action. I picked it up off the stool, switched it back to camera mode, and began taking pictures of my wife sucking Steve’s cock. I started from the middle of the room and moved closer and closer, pausing briefly between each click to look in amazement at the digital screen. I could hear small gagging noises coming from Erin as Steve’s dick hit the back of her throat. He had two fists full of my wife’s hair and was helping guide her up and down his shaft.
Seeing my wife suck another man’s cock should have upset me. I knew husband should never want to see his wife with another man. Instead it turned me on immensely. This is so fucking hot! I said to myself as Erin swirled her tongue over Steve’s head and worked his dick with her free hand. I took a few close-up shots of Steve’s cock going in and out of my wife’s mouth, then adjusted my position so I could capture a few images of her massaging her clit.
As I stood back and took in the sight in front of me, my cock started getting hard and I had an insatiable urge to be back inside my wife. I tossed the camera down onto the recliner and lay down on the couch. I slid my body in between Erin’s legs. I had a perfect view of her pussy, and my cum slowly dripping out. I reached up and gave her ass a light slap. She turned her head around, her hand continuing to jerk Steve off.
“Get on top of me,” I told her.
Erin turned around and straddled me. She held my cock in one hand, guiding it inside her. I slid easily into her already penetrated vagina. She started riding me furiously, pressing down on my chest with both hands. Her face looked like she was angry at me, but I knew her well enough to know that she was really just incredibly horny and had an orgasm that had been building inside her like a volcano ready to explode.
“Fuck me! Deeper! Harder! Yes! Yes!”
Steve moved over from the end of the couch and stood by my wife’s side. Erin turned her head and without hesitation resumed sucking Steve’s cock. She worked his dick with one hand while the other was grabbing my chest hair and keeping her balanced. From my position underneath her, I had an unbelievable view of her bouncing tits and her bobbing head.
“Don’t stop,” Steve said. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”
My wife pulled Steve’s dick out of her mouth and pointed his dark red head at her breasts. She began stroking him furiously while she massaged his balls, coaxing his sperm to come out to play. With a caveman yell Steve began cumming, shooting his hot white seed all over my wife’s tits. Erin kept pumping, and I thought Steve would never empty out. Finally, Steve let out a sigh of relief and my wife rubbed his tip on her nipples as she got out every last drop.
Steve’s orgasm started a chain reaction. Erin shoved his dick back in her mouth as she was hit with a tremendous orgasm. She drove her pussy down on me, pushing my cock further inside her and grinding her clit against my body.
Erin let out a scream of pleasure, her words muffled by the cock softening in her mouth, “Fuuuuuuck!”
The pulsating of my wife’s vagina around my dick, combined with the sight of Steve’s cum dripping off her tits had me quickly cumming again. For the second time in ten minutes, I released my soldiers into my wife’s pussy.
Erin collapsed on top of me, both of us unable to move our sweaty bodies. Steve’s cum pressed between our chests, but I didn’t even notice as I was in such a marvelous state of bliss.
We must have passed out, because the next thing I knew I was awoken by my wife twitching in her sleep. I looked around, but didn’t see Steve. His clothes and the camera were gone. Must have gone home. I gently slapped Erin on the ass to wake her up, and we sat up next to each other on the couch.
“Well,” she muttered.
“Well,” I replied.
“That wasn’t exactly what you told me was the plan.”
“No, it sure wasn’t. Are you mad at me?” I asked.
“I’m not mad, are you mad?”
“Me? No! That was unbelievable!”
“It was pretty fun, huh?” My wife said as she glanced at me out of the corner of her eye. I saw a smile start to creep across her face. “The feeling of being fucked by two guys at the same time was incredible. I would have never agreed to that beforehand, but I’m sure glad it happened.”
I smiled back, “Me too babe.”
Without the distractions of the week before, I got more done in the first few hours of work the next Monday than I had the entire week previous. I was replying to an email from a vendor when I heard a light knock on my door. I looked up to see Steve walk in. He walked up to my desk, and set down a memory stick, tapping it with his pointer finger.
“I think you’re going to have a good career here with us,” Steve said, eyes still looking at what I knew were the pictures and video from Saturday night. Without another word he turned and walked out. I picked up the memory stick, and held it up, looking at it before I dropped it in my briefcase. I can’t wait to show these to Erin… 

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