Wife swapping tale from Kerala

I am Shyam 35 and wife seena 28 both good looking and wheatish in color. Me working in a pvt bank and she hw in Calicut, Kerala. We have 1 girl aged 5 years. I am 5/7 65 kg and she slim 5 feet and 48 kgs with a 34b boobs. After 8 years of marriage our sex life has become more or less routine with no thrill factor.
I decided to ignite our sex life by watching some porn videos and to some extent we got our fire in our sex life back and having watched some group sex videos I thought of meeting another cpl for swap fun. Seena was dead against the idea of swap but after seeing a lot of group sex vids for 3 months she finally agreed with a good looking couple of her choice.
We started looking for a good looking young cpl like us and managed to find a cpl from Kerala through FB, Sibi 34 and sheeba 27 with a 6 year old girl kid from Trichur both working, Kerala, Sibi is good looking 5/8 71 kg and sheeba voluptuous with 5/4 feet and 62 kg with 36d boobs I liked her massive fiqure since my wife is slim where as Sibi loved to fuck my slim wifey for a change,
from net and we did yahoo cam chat and got acquainted and we all like each other after a month long camming and phone chat. We decided to spend a short 2 day vacation in a hill station, Wayanad in kerala. We all left our kids with our parents so we will have no more interference.

We took a suite room in a resort and reached there by 5 pm and we took shower and took some rest and had dinner outside and came back to room by 7.30 pm. Both our wives were also excited at the thought of seeing new cocks but pretended to be shy, where as we naughty hubbies dreamed of fucking each other’s wives in the same room.
Once we reached our room we plugged in our USB to the LCD TV and started watching a porn movie with a group sex theme. I sat next to sheeba and sibi next to my wife. After 10 minutes the porn movie started very wild with all cpl performing sex then I hugged sheeba and kissed her lips and seeing that sibi did the same to my wife.
I got really excited seeing my wife kissed by another man and sibi also seemed excited at seeing his wife sheeba sucking my lips. I was sucking sheebas lips and tasting her honey and then after a few minutes sibi asked me to remove our clothes and show our cocks to the ladies.
Me and sibi undressed and showed our erect dark cocks to our wives and they got further delighted my wife stared at sibis cock and I saw her erotic look in her eyes to suck that lollipop. Mine is around 6 and Sibis around 5.8 inches dark rod but thicker and juicy.
Sheeba also started playing with my cock in front of her hubby and Sibi asked sheeba to suck mine in front of him so he could watch his lovely wife sucking another man’s cock. Then suddenly seena started sucking sibis cock and even licked his balls and this continued for 10 minutes. Our wives were in heat and both looked terribly hot and shed all shyness.
I was surprised to see my wife seena sucking another man in front of me and she looked like a real slut and even started licking his ass like a hungry dog. Then we undressed both our wives and I saw the massive boobs of sheeba and started sucking it wildly one by one. Sibi urged me to suck her boobs more while he was licking seenas boobs and sucking it seena was looking at me and she winked at me to my surprise,
my homely housewife had shed her inhibitions and started enjoying sex now I was a happy to see that. I suggested sibi to lick our wives pussy and ass. Then in now time seena and sheeba voluntarily removed their panties and lied on the bed with their pussy spread wide inviting us to lick their juicy pussies.
Seena and sheeba was lying close on the bed and we hubbies started licking their pussies wildly and they urged us to no to stop and we were forced to lick them for another 30 minutes and I asked sheeba to show her ass spread and licked her ass hole and tasted it. Sibi also followed the same and licked my wifes asshole. we both inserted our finqures in their assholes and tasted it, real kinky fun.
Now the porn movie was having a 2 ladies doing lesbian fun while the males watched it and I suggested sheeba to play with seenas boobs and she readily agreed and we watched that erotic scene with much delight. After playing with boobs I made seena and sheeba in 69 positions and asked them to lick each others pussies they at first refused but then later agreed and started enjoying to our surprise.
Then we finally decided to fuck each other’s wives and they were commanding us to fuck them hard, we pounded each other’s wives for another 30 minutes sheeba even shouted at sibi saying that she enjoyed my cock and wanted sibi to look at us making love, sheeba was simply unstoppable she moaned and uttered some foul words in Malayalam abusing sibi and finally we cum on their faces.
We got the pleasure of our lifetime and all felt very much exhausted and decided to sleep. My wife slept with Sibi and I slept with sheeba like true lovers that blissful night. We became a true fuck buddies to Sibi and sheeba from that day onwards. Whenever we are free we decided to take a break and have fun far away from all tensions and stress of our life.. Life now becomes very much exciting and thrilling.

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