wife of Brother in law

I am 38 Years old and my wife is around 36 years old, she is from Ambala (Haryana). She is having one sister who is approx. 34 years old and a brother who is around 30 years old and married.

His wife name is Priya, around 28 years Old, having one 3 years son. She is working with some private company at Ambala, her boss is good friend of me. Now I would like to describe Priya, she is beautiful not very much fair but fair lady.

Very sexy with good pair of tits and her sexy rounded ass. Her looks is very sexy and her eyes are always seems to be inviting for sex.Initially when my brother in law married to her I was not having any feeling for her, but as we were visiting regularly I keep on watching her and her curved

body has generated a feeling of lust in me.When ever I seen her doing her house hold jobs at home, my eyes was staring her good pair of tits and her wide ass. I always fantasise to fuck her hardly and spread my cum on her sexy face, her face is really sexy.

I frequently visit my in laws, just to see her. One fine day, the day I was very lucky, I went to Ambala for some official work and got late in the evening and I decided that I will stay with my in laws. I drove to my in laws and around 9P.M, I reached home.

I parked my car and pressed the door bell.After 2-3 minutes door openend and Priya was on the door in navy blue colour Salwar Kameez, she was really looking gorgeous. She asked “Jija ji aap kab aaye aap ne koi phone bhi nahin kiya”.

“Main kisi kaam se Ambala aaya hua tha aur late ho gaya, shayad kal phir yahin par kam ho, isi liye soche night yahin stay kar loon” I replied. She Told aap andar to aayeye. I entered in and found nobody was there and I asked her “Priya sab log kahan par hain”.

She replied “Aaj yahan hamare neighbour ke bete ki shaadi hai aur barat Delhi gayi hui hai, sab log shaadi maein gaye hain(My father in law,mother in law my brother in law) mera maan nahin tha isi liye main nahin gayi”.

I really exited to hear this but I was also afraid that it is my in laws and if something wrong will happen, will not good for me.So I said ” Thik hai Priya main chalta hoon “. She replied “aap is waqt kahan jayenge aur yeh achcha nahin lagta, aap kahin nahin jayenge”.

I also wanted this, but I was also sure that I can only see her, cannot do anything. She Told me”Jijaji aap change kar lo main Dinner lagagti hoon, maine bhi abhi dinner nahin kiya “. She called her son “Monu dekho uncle aaye hain”.

He came and jumped to my lap, I given him choclates brought for him.Then I went to bath room and changed my night suit and came to dining table. She was waiting for me. We ate dinner together and by that time her son fall asleep. She started talking to me.

I asked her “Aur priya job kaisi chal rahi hai,Rahul(Her boss) pareshan to nahin kar raha”. She replied “nahin Jijaji, par kya karen salary bahut kam hai, sara budget tight ho jata hai, hamare office main ek Asstt. Manager ki post khali hui hai, us ke liye interviews call kiye hain,

maine bhi apply kiya hai agar mera promotion ho gaya to salary double ho jayegi”. She continued” Jijaji Rahul (Her boss) to aap ke bahut achche dost hain agar aap keh do ge to mera kaam ho jayega”.

At the same moment light blinked in my mind and I asked her” Agar tumahara kaam ho gaya to mujhe kya do gi”.She replied “Jijaji jo aap kahen ge main karne ko tayar hoon, mujhe is promotion ki bahut zarurat hai”. I gathered my all courage and tried to tell her jokingly

“To aaj ki raat mere sath ek hi bedroom main sone ke liye tayar ho jao”. Suddenly her face expressions changed and she got up angrily and went inside her bedroom, because she understood what I was looking for, and locked the door from inside.

I remained stunned and even afriad that if she will tell in family, what will be my image.I was really worried and came back to another bedroom, but could not sleep.I was thinking of the consequencies, what will happen when my wife will listen this.

Really I was scared and not slept till 2 at night, just sitting on the bed. Then suddenly I heard the voice of the door openeing and noise of steps of somebody coming towards my room. I pretend to sleep, she came to my room and said

“Thik hai Jijaji, lakin main sirf yeh sab ek baar hi karoongi kyunki mujhe is promotion ki bahut zarurat hai”. I really relaxed after hearing this, even I could not enjoy my situation. But I was really excited, I told her to sit down on the bed and bolted the room from inside.”

Monu so gaya” I asked. “Haan” She replied. She was still in her navy blue salwar kameez. I was really happy with my dream coming true. She was sitting on the bed. I sat down near her and took her hand in my hand, she started shivring.I kissed her hand, she closed her eyes.

Then I forced her to laid down on bed and I started kissing on her neck, face and then I holded her face in my hand and kissed on her lips. Her eyes were still closed and I was busy in sucking her lips. With one hand I started fondling her boobs,

after kissing her for 2-3 minuted I came down and burried my face in her boobs from outside (she was wearing her salwar kameez). Then I sat down and took off my t-shirt and shorts, now I was only in my underwear and banian.

She was still lyeing in bed covering her face with her hands,she was feeling shy. Then I inserted my hand under her kameez and started rolling over and I removed the kameez from her belly. Her naval was looking sexy. I started licking her naval and cupped her boobs with both of my

hands.She started moaning, I understood that she has started enjoying.I started rolling my tounge upwards and reached underneath of her boobs covered with light blue Bra. I started licking her boobs, she was moaning oh..oh…oh..aaah.,

then I lifted her arms and took off her kameez, now she was in her bra and salwar. I then laid down on her and started smooching her lips and sucking her cheeks and with hands I was harshly pressing her boobs. She was even crying in between.

Then I came down and searched the knot of her salwar, after getting the same in my hand I opened it and she covered her face. I again started licking her naval and doing the same I started coming down and started licking her pussy over the light blue panty.

Her panty was already wet, means she was enjoying the play. Then I removed her salwar and thrown away from the bed.I started licking and kissing her milky thighs. She was moaning…jijaji ab bas karo main tadap rahi hoon. I understood that she is hot now.

I removed her bra and took two sexy pair of tits in my hands and gone mad. I kissed, licked, squeezed and sucked her nipples like mad. Her boobs are like mangoes and I was really enjoying by biting her nipples. She was crying “Jija ji dheere se bahut dard hota hai”.

I told”Janeman abhi dekh bahut maaza aayega”. I came down and started removing her panty, she hold my hand and said” Jija ji ab bas karo mujhe jaane do, yeh thik nahin hai”. “Ab itna kuch to ho chuka hai phir kyon sharma rahi ho, bus kuch der aur, tumhe bahut maaza aayega”.

I removed her panty and burried by face in her pussy and started licking her clitrous and her pussy hole. I started fucking her pussy with my tounge. She started moaning aaaah… aaaah… bahut maaza aa raha hai pls. aur jaldi-2 karo.

I increased my speed and then flood of hot juice came out from her pussy hole, she might had her first orgasm. She was breathing heavily and her boobs were going up and down. Then I stood up and took off my Banian and under wear and took out my errected 6″ tool

and told her to take in her hand.She was hesitating first but then she took my tool in her hand and started stroking. She was sitting now on bed. I wanted to see her beautiful big Buttocks, I Told her to stand up and told her to walk in the room. She told “Mujhe sharam aati hai”.

I told ” Kuch nahin hoga bus ek baar”. She agreed and started walking slowly in the room, her hip movement was fantastic, round shaped hips were coming up and down. I walked behind her and cupped her hips from back side and started sqeezing.

I have seen the same many times in cloths, but it was first time I have seen without cloths. She shivered, now I told her to sit down on floor and take my tool in her mouth. She refused bluntly “Yeh to kabhi maine apne husband ka bhi nahin liya, woh keh -2 kar thak gaye.

Then I have not forced her.I told her to lay down on bed and I climbed up on her and inserted my tool in between her boobs and pressed her boobs inwards and started boobs fucking. I was holding her boobs and fucking.

Suddenly she helped me by holding her own boobs and my both hands were free.I have increased my speed.I told her “Janeman mera chutne wala hai”. She replied “aise hi chudwa lo”. I increased my speed and with big moan I exloded my hot cum on her and with pressure,

cum reached on her face, neck and on boobs. I fall down on bed. She said “aap ne jo karna tha kar liya ab main jaon”. I said ‘Janeman abhi to shuru kiya hai aur waise bhi aaj ki raat to meri hai”. I took her hand in my hand and kept on my tool.

She started stroking again and after 15-20 min. it again started rising and made her sleep in missionary position and I sat in between her two sexy legs (Like Rani Mukherjee) I lifted her legs and put both the legs on my shoulders and with that her pussy hole was opened fully

and ass became wide and even ass hole was clearly visible.I kept my tool on her pussy hole and with one big jerk I inserted my whole lenght in her and started stroking slowly. I was kissing her sexy legs and with one hand I was sqeezing her boobs badly.

She was crying “Pls. aur jor jor se karo, bahut maaza aa raha hai”. I really excited after listning her words and I increased my speed and even sounds of fucking..phuch…phuch…phuch was coming.She started moaning…oooh…meri…jaaan…aur…jor…jor..se.

I was fucking her like horse and then while fucking I laid down on her and started kissing her madly on her face, lips, boobs and neck. She was moaning and my 6″ tool was pumping her beautiful hole like anything. Because I already had one orgasm.

I was no where near orgasm again. I stopped fucking her and told her to be in doggy style. She sat down and taken doggy stlye position. I sat behind her and inserted my tool tip in her hole.Then with jerks I started inserting my tool in her.

She said “Pls. dhere-2 dalo aise bahut dard hota hai”. I kept my hand on her ass cheeks and opened widely and started stroking her and took saliva of my mouth in my middly finger and applied on her ass hole. I repeated the same 2-3 times.

And while fucking her I inserted my middle finger in her ass hole.She cried “Yeh kya kar rahe ho aap, pls. ungli bahar nikalo”. I said “Daro mat main yahan se kuch nahin karoonga”. I was slapping her ass cheeks with my other hands, her white ass cheeks became red by my hitting.

She was really enjoying fucking and I was stroking her wildly. Then I reaslised that I am about to cum. I was having plans to ejaculate in her but since I was not wearing condom it was risky. But I never wanted my ejaculation outside,

I increased my speed of fucking her and she increased her moaning “aah.. aaah…aaaaah… aaah.. our jor se karo..aaaah our.. jor..se. When I felt that I am about cum I took out my tool and replaced my tool with my finger in her ass hole.

She tried to jump but I holded her tightly because I knew this will happen (Experience with my wife) and exploded my cum in her ass.She was crying “Pls. ise bahar nikalo..bahar nikalo”.I replied “Bas kuch nahin hua, maine sirf apna chudwaya hi hai yahan, kuch karronga nahi”.

Pls. bahar nikalo bahut dard ho raha hai” She said. After exploding my whole cum I took out my tool from her ass hole.She started weeping “Aaj mujh se bahut badi galti ho gayi”. I took her face in my hand and kissed her lips and told” pls. ghabrao mat kisi ko kuch pata nahin chalega”.She calmed down.

We slept together and I did one more fuck with her at that night.I enjoyed my night by fucking my brother in law’s sexy wife.I kept my promise, she got her promotion and happy now. What happend after that, how I enjoyed her more I will write in my next post.

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