wife Namita

“Sweety how was your first day today?’ Asked Vikas cuddling his lovely wife Namita. 
“Nice.” Namita said dreamingly. Infact she immediately went in flash back remembering all the events that happened today in the college where she performed her first day as a Teacher. “yeah! its going to be great Vikas.”

Vikas is a deputy general manager in a multinational bank. They were married for four years and still want to plan for few more years. So they decided that Namita will start doing a job so she will not feel lonely or bored at home. Vikas’ sister Shweta studying in final year B Sc also living with them and enjoying the fun of college life.

As soon as Namita entered class 12th for her first lesson of English the boys sitting on the last bench almost popped their eyes out. They were the most notorious boys of the college and Sam was also the captain of their ’s basket ball team. As soon as they saw Namita they were overjoyed that such a sexy and beautiful teacher is now coming daily to teach them. They were so bored of their old and filthy teachers. Though there are some young cute teachers also but they were not allotted higher class to teach so these guys are just not lucky enough. But luck seems to have changed now.

Namita remembered how the boys simply glared at her and specially Sam who was just speechless for a while and stared at her so foolishly that whole class laughed aloud and made her blush with embarrassment. But after that all went well. She could see the back benchers interest in her body but she thought that was harmless and in fact loved the attention she was getting.

Shweta in her final year was enjoying the life to the fullest. She was having few good boyfriends and Harsh in particular was very close to her. He was a student of final year LLB and also working part time as fashion photographer. He has some reputation in the college and once he also saved Shweta from some local goons and that’s why Shweta has some real affection for him.

Vikas is a workaholic and at his age these days often guys work day and night to make it big leaving simple things out of their lives and most of them rue it afterwards but then its too late. Vikas and Namita still looks a couple like they married yesterday but the fizz of their life seems to have settled down sooner than later. Namita often wonder what went wrong with him though as soon as he comes up to her he is a very loving and caring hubby but soon whole days exercise force him to settle down on the cozy bed of their love room and soon she see him in his dream world leaving her all alone and unsatisfied.

Sam trying hard to sleep but couldn’t. Every time he closes his eyes there comes the Sexy face of that sexy English Teacher. “God damn she is so sexy. He just kept remembering her every movement her smile her glimpse of lovely creamy boobs when she just bent down to pick up the marker. “ oh have to shag for her tonite” he quickly pulled out his dick and went inside the bathroom. In the name of his new teacher.
Few days passed and Namita now was quiet sure that some of the boys of higher class are only interested in ogling her body. Though it was not clear to her that why she likes such a wrong thing. Why she felt a little itchy between her legs as soon as she found them trying to get inside her clothes. She herself found this tall hunk Sam quiet attractive though he must be 10 years younger to her but still she felt something in him and when she saw him performing in the basketball game she just loved the way he played and the way he marshaled his team . Sam also liked when he saw his favorite teacher watching his game. He got so excited that after winning he even threw a flying kiss towards her. She was shocked at first but took it sportingly and smiled back at him delighting him no end.

“sweety r u having a good time at college, any good co teacher, trying to flirt you haan?” Vikas winked at her and smiled.
“ not any I think.” She told him she doesn’t know if she could tell him that not her co teacher but her students trying to flirt her. She just cuddled herself in the strong arms of her hubby and he loving took her kissing her on her soft rosy lips. His hands started moving over her hard boobs.
“hey honey u seems already excited.” Vikas mentioned when he moved his fingers over her nutty nipples. He himself got very excited and his roaming and caressing and also thinking about the young boy Sam she also got very excited and soon their passion started to flow and soon her flimsy nighty was lying near the bed and She was making it fast to remove his clothes. 
“It’s a long time Vikas.” She sighed “ And you forgot your condom”.
“yeah” He was very excited now and that was the right time to cover his rowdy dick with the umbrella of protection. And soon he was riding his beautiful chick wife in that missionary position he only knows and she was terribly excited humping to meet his thrust and as soon as she dug her nails over his plum ass he ejaculated.
“ohh wait pleeeeeease.” She tried hard to meet the thrusts .tried hard to make herself cum with him but in vain it was too early for her as his dick slipped softly out of her hot cave.
But she stilled smiled seeing the worried face of her loving hubby. He didn’t tried to meet her eyes and rolled back and soon he was in sleep leaving her hot hands between her hot pussy and soon she was thinking about Sam’s wonderful virgin body playing on a basketball court and She came panting heavily before going to sleep beside her dead log husband.

“Bhabhi kya aaj aap mere saath shopping chalengi” Shweta asked Namita.
“Sure” Today being holiday she was also planning to go shopping and it was a good idea to go with Shweta. Vikas has to go to bank so they both headed towards City Centre a newly built shopping mall. There was a healthy rush in the market seems all nice creamy gentry of the city has headed towards this mall. Namita and Shweta were enjoying every moment there When they were in clothes lingerie section and both were ruffling through the undergarments for their best fit Then suddenly a voice came
“Shweta.” They both turned around and Shweta found that it was her boyfriend Harsh.
“Hi Harsh! Bhabhi this is Harsh my College friend and Harsh this my Bhabhi my friend.” Namita smiled but harsh offered his hand for a shake and Namita obliged. 
“Wow Shweta you didn’t tell that you have such a sex.. arr beautiful babhi.” He fumbled.
Namita smiled at his comment. Shweta glared at him. “Really bhabhi because its my profession that’s why I must admire a beauty as soon as I get one and here I am lucky that I have got two.” He casually said like they both are his property.
“What do you do, Shweta was saying you are in college?” Then they both explain that besides doing law he is also a fashion photographer. “Ohh” sighed Namita admiringly. Then they both blushed when they realized that they both have a pair of bra each in their hands. Seeing that harsh said, “Hey cool down I have just coming out from a photo shoot of this lingerie section only .” and winked at Shweta, “ the model was so sexy Shweta.” 
“You stupid, What babhi will think.” 
“come on Shweta you are my girlfriend and Bhabhi is your friend and so she is my friend too , right bhabhi?” Namita smiled and nodded but asked Shweta with mock anger
“Shweta you never told me about your boyfriend?”
“Sorry bhabhi.” Lets have some coffee. Soon they were inside the café. Namita observed that Harsh was trying to get all the minute details of hers. may be he must have taken all the details of Shweta by now, she thought They were talking continuously and to Namita Harsh seems like a very nice guy he knows how to impress girls and even women like her. He has complimented her so many times but never forget to copy the same for Shweta so that Shweta didn’t feel offended. 
“Bhabhi, harsh has given me the offer of modeling for a foreign fashion magazine but I don’t know if bhai would approve that.”
“hey Shweta its your final year and besides no one in our family is in this line.”
“Come on bhabhi” interrupted Harsh, “ Modeling is a respected profession these days, People are sending their daughters for appearing in Miss India contest very proudly and often these girls are barely 18 and my Shweta is already 21.” He very adoringly used the word “My Shweta”.
“But Shweta do you like to join this line?”
“Yes but only if Bhai approve of this.”
“Ok let me try.” Said Namita though she is not against it but she knew that you cant trust every one in this field. She will have a talk with Vikas, She thought.
“ But bhabhi I have to give them some snaps of her so that if approved We can start the shoot on Sunday.”
“You must wait till tomorrow then it will be decided that if you can start the shoot immediately or never.” She said sternly. Seeing that both Harsh and Shweta kept quiet. Harsh like a gentleman paid the bill.

“What are you saying Namita, no one in our family has done that.”
“But times are changing honey.” She kissed him softly to melt him down.
“But she could be exploited in this field.”
“No I have met Harsh and they are very good friend, He seems to be a nice guy. And still you should respect the decision of your sister as she wants to go ahead only after your approval.”
“ I am not sure but I can give permission on only one condition that you will be remain with her during that shoot.”
“But Vikas I have to go to college daily.”
“That’s your look out, take leave adjust your time whatever but I don’t want to leave my sister alone in this new profession of modeling.”
“Ok Vikas I will take care of that.” Namita smiled in fact she was very happy that Vikas has surrendered so easily.
“Wow bhabhi you are great.” And in her enthusiasm Shweta kissed Namita on her lips and then blushed after realizing. “Sorry bhabhi”.
“Lagta hai Harsh ko khoob kiss kar rahi ho aajkal?” Shweta shyly lowered her head..
“Aab Harsh se mill kar decide karo aur mujhe batao ki how he will adjust the timings.
“OK bhabhi.”.

“Sam, you wait here.” She called sam when whole class was going out for recess.
“Yes Ma’am”.
“What did you do yesterday.”
“What Ma’am.”
“You blew kiss towards me.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Why you know this can lead you in trouble.”
“Yes Ma’am, but I couldn’t help it. You are too tooo tooo.”
“What Sam?”
“Nice Ma’am”
“Look Sam your are here to study right”
“Yes Ma’am but I like you Ma’am I want to make you my friend Ma’am.”
Namita was stunned by his boldness.
“Please Ma’am can you be my friend Ma’am, Just friend, that’s all.”
“You go right now.”
“Please Ma’am.”
“Go right away.” She ordered rudely. And he left immediately. Namita felt perspiration all over her face. Whats going on, why she let him say all those things. Should she agree to be his friend. Is it possible. My God, she shrugged and went out for lunch. Harsh was delighted when he heard the news of Vikas’ approval and he was all the more delighted with the condition he put in that Namita has to accompany Shweta on the set. It was more than he bargained for. He quickly set the timings for first shoot at his own studio for making a profile of hers so that he can get final nod from the producers. He called both Shweta and Namita in the evening at his place. They both informed Vikas about the program and reached there. Harsh welcomed both of them and took them directly to his studio. It was an apartment and Harsh live here with his servant come assistant Shaukat a 40 years old.

“Make yourself comfortable bhabhi.” 
“Wow Harsh you have made a great studio at your place” exclaimed Shweta.
“Yeah thanx. Let me tell you the schedule. We will be shooting prepare your profile today in different outfits. Though you are almost finalized but final nod will be only after your profile is placed on file. And after that we will be shooting for this Italian magazine according to their choice and locations. Is it clear Shweta, … Bhabhi.?”
“Yes but locations?”
“Yeah it can be in India or abroad too but all the expenses will be borne by the producers. You don’t have to worry girls.” He said smilingly. Namita smiled at his use of the word “girls”.
“So common Shweta I will show your changing room and clothes you have to wear.

As soon as they both got inside the room harsh grabbed Shweta in his arms and planted a warm kiss on her wet lips
“hey bhabhi yahin hai.”
“comone jaan itni der baad chance mila. Kiss to karne do.”
Later he instructed her about what dresses she has to wear. She objected a bit about his choice of lingeries but he assured her that it will be in good taste.

Shweta remained inside the room and Harsh came out and joined Namita. 
“Bhabhi to kaisa laga mera mini studio?”
“Its nice really.” Namita smiled.
His assistant Shaukat is adjusting the lighting arrangements and also planning about the background of the stills. As long as harsh was inside the room, Namita could feel that he is eying over her body. Shaukat was very please today to see such a beautiful ladies in shoot.

Namita got out of the room wearing a modern denim skirt and a very short top which was as short as a blouse showing all of her lovely midriff and skirt was also short and so tight that her cleft of hips was clearly visible as and when she moves. Namita was impressed with Shweta, she was really looking like a professional model now.

“Hey Shweta don’t come out first let Shaukat have some makeup applied on you take your seat inside. He ordered in such a professional manner that Shweta quickly turned and sat inside the room in front of a huge dressing table. Namita was wondering that how this brute looking man Shaukat will perform his task over the lovely Shweta.

Shaukat came beside Shweta and smiled. She tried hard to smile. She was a bit angry with Harsh that why he has not chosen some lady beautician for her. 

“Relax babe you will be fine.” He started with tying a cloth over her neck so the dress she was wearing will not get. Then he sprinkled water at her face. She was wondering that if she is sitting in a barber’s shop. He soon was massaging her face. He was making sure to be very close to her body so he can get the lovely smell of her. He was soon applying cream and eyeliners on her. Though Shweta did not like him at first but She found him to be an expert in his job and his touch felt soothing and making her relaxed. 

Harsh meanwhile using this precious time chatting with Namita and telling her the tales of his different shoots with famous models. He also showed her the profiles of some famous models and movie stars. Namita was surprised to some of the topless poses and one or two total frontal nudes made her feel a little embarrassed. Harsh though acted in a very professional manner and showed all these pics if there is nothing abnormal about them but in his mind he knew that he has deliberately shown these sexy pics to this sexy married wife. Soon the shoot began and Harsh started clicking expertly , Shweta too was posing sexily and making very sexy gestures at him, in between Shaukat also coming behind Sheta and grabbing her shoulders to make her pose perfect or sometimes lifting her chin up to be in perfect angle. It felt odd to Shweta at first but soon she got used to him touching her at harsh’s instance. Namita was very engrossed watching this shoot, one thing Harsh does every time he finishes the act that he slapped Shweta’s ass and say” Go change babe”, this really amused Namita. And Once in awhile he also get very excited when a pose is really exceptional and then in his excitement he would grab her and kiss her right there in front of both Namita and Shaukat. Namita saw Shaukat smiling every time Harsh does that. The effect could very well be seen on Shweta as she was blushing yet excited. She was very well aware that there are two people watching but that was making her all the more excited. Now the difficult part has come she has to come out in two-piece now. She chose red laced Bra and panty. She hesitated in coming out as she felt herself almost naked in that dress. But at harsh called her in his commanding voice she slowly came out of the room. Namita sighed when she aw her, she was looking really a sex bomb immediately Namita’s eyes went towards Shaukat who was watching Shweta with open eyes and Namita could clearly see his eyes full of lust. His professionalism must have thrown out of the window. But Namita got the shock of her life when Shaukat looked at her this time he looked very boldly and even winked at her lustily. A stranger wave of fear ran through her body. Shweta meanwhile just looking lovingly at Harsh who whistled wickedly at her arrival and started clicking the snaps. Then after few poses he called Shaukat
“Are Shaukat zara iska pose theek kar iske kandhe jhuke jhuke lag rahe hain.”
Shaukat was waiting just for that he quickly went behind Shweta lustily admiring her voluptuous body Shweta could feel his heavy breath over her shoulder and then his rough big hands were over her he softly caressed her shoulder before making her shoulder straight and asking harsh, “Theek hai?”. Shaukat’s dick was feeling the effect and trying hard to broke the zip of his pants while Harsh was focusing he cam too close to her and lightly rubbed his dick in pants over Shweta’s lovely ass. Namita too saw and she was surprised that harsh letting this guy touch his lovely girlfriend and that brute is now rubbing his monster over her sister in law’s sexy bums.
“Theek hai Shaukat.” Harsh okayed and they proceeded further and this went on a long as this lingerie shoot and this made even Shweta wet in her panties. Strangely Namita to got excited watching all this live in front of her. She got more attentive when she got the glimpse of that huge bulge over Shaukat’s pants and when she saw that Shweta has not objected any of his movement then she thought it was just harmless fun and its natural reaction of a man close to such a sexy body.
“Bhabhi ab aapki baari.” Namita’s thoughts broken when she heard Harsh calling her.
“Haan bhabhi aap bhi kisi model se kum nahin let me make ur profile too. Ho sakta hai Shweta ke satth aapko bhi koi package mil jaaye.”
“Nahi Harsh main nahin.”
“Why not bhabhi? You look too sexy and if you don’t tell anyone no one will know that you are married.” Harsh hit the right chords. Shweta too came forward supporting Harsh.
“Haan Bhabhi aap bhi try kijiye naa.”
“Par Shweta tere bhaiya kabhi nahin manege.” Harsh smiled .
“Par bhabhi you don’t need to tell him. these pics will not be publish anywhere. Let us make a profile you look it at yourself and then its up to you to decide.”

“Bhabhi Chaliye andar. Shaukat bhabhi ko light makeup laga.” Suddenly Harsh authoritative tone has come back. Namita tried to object about Shaukat but then she thought what would Shweta think that when it was her turn she didn’t raise any objection about Shaukat. As soon as she went inside Shaukat was behind her and as soon as they both went inside Harsh grabbed Shweta who has put on a gown over her bra and panty of last shoot and very quickly removed her gown.
“kya kar rahe ho.”
“apni jaan ko pyar kar raha hoon.”
“Are bhabhi andar hai.”
“Are abhi itni zaldi bahr nahin aane waali. Itni der mein to tumhara pura kaam kar sakta hoon. Bolo tyar ho.”
“hush.”She pinched on his cheek..” he put his both hands inside her panties over her buttocks and grabbed her ass tightly and pushed her towards his bulging dick.
“mmmmm lovely gaand hai tumhari, Saale Shaukat ka bhi khada ho gaya tha.”
“Tum tum tumne phir bhi use kuch nahin kaha.”
“Jab tumne gaand par ragadwa kar bhi kuch nahin kaha to main kaise kehta?”
She felt very ashamed of herself. And hide her face under his chest. He grabbed her ass a little more then brought out his hands. Lift her chin up and forced his tongue inside her wet lips their tongue met and they kissed each other very violently for few minutes. Harsh snapped the hooks of her bras and soon he was squeezing the hard virgin melons of this beautiful model. Shweta was feeling very wet and excited but like always she managed to control this time too and topped Harsh for going any further.
Shaukat’;s hands were itching to have the feel of this wonderful young wife. He started harmlessly over her hair and took his time to groom them and when he finished with them Namita was impressed with his work till then he did nothing objectionable of sort. Now he has come in front of her and started at her face she shivered at his touch and he could feel it too he enjoyed the reaction by this lovely woman he was rubbing lotions of all sorts over her face and doing it very slowly and sexily. She got a bit excited when he rubbed his lips forcefully with his thumb She could feel her whole body jerked. No man not even her hubby has touched her like that. Shaukat could feel the effect of his touch over this lady.
“Namita main ek baat bolun?” He didn’t address her as bhabhi and directly calling her name.
“Shweta ko mat bolna par tumhari skin Shweta se bhi jyada chikni hai.” Namita smiled.
Then very obscenely he adjusted his cock in his pant right in front of her face and then again started to do her eye brows but this act of his has her focused on his bulge. She was watching this for a while but it was from a long distance but now its just too close to her comfort and for the first time in her life she was staring at some strangers dick through pants though. Then she realized her status and readjusted her composure of an elegant woman. When Harsh called Shaukat was just about to finish his job and after completing he smiled at her, she also smiled back then encouraged Shaukat pinched her cheek lovingly and said, “ mat lag rahi ho.” Namita didn’t mind his action this time because she too admired herself on the mirror, this guy certainly knows hi job.

Shweta has again put on the gown a her bhabhi was about to come out. When they both saw Namita they were pleasantly shocked they immediately turned towards Shaukat who was smiling proudly. Namita was wearing a decent saree Harsh quickly started focusing his camera and after setting the background hi started clicking the snaps. In between he regularly sent Shaukat to correct the pose of Namita and Shaukat eagerly obliged but didn’t forget to rub his hard on over her fleshy ass. Shweta now watching and could feel her bhabhi’s situation. Then Harsh said
“ okay bhabhi change.”
“Par kaun se kapde.”
“Aao main batata hoon.” And he along with Namita came inside the room.
“look bhabhi you are looking damn photogenic so don’t hesitate you are a natural. So let me make your full fledged profile I am sure I will have a dual contract of Shweta and yourself. Ye dekhiye these clothes will be perfectly fit on you it’s a bit larger size then Shweta’s. and this is for lingerie round.” Namita blushed and said ,
“Nahin main ye nahin kar paaongi.”
“Comeon bhabhi be a sport act like a professional, look how Shweta did her shoot?”
He lovingly caressed her face, and tell her the sequence in which she has to wear those clothes. And said, “Chalo jaldi se change kar lo I am waiting outside.” Namita’s mind was in dilemma, is he doing the right thing, Vikas has ent her to look after his siter but here his own wife is posing in front of two strangers who are not only getting the glimpse of her lovely sexy body but also touching her in every which way like they know her for a long long time. She slowly started to change.
Seeing Namita in a short top and a very mini skirt I a treat in itself. Shaukat’s heart was coming out of his mouth and Harsh whistled and smiled. Seeing their reaction, a pang of jealousy ran through the body of Shweta but she too had too admit that Namita her bhabhi is looking really killing. Namita was not in her usual self she was feeling a bit awkward in a dress which she don’t remember if had worn even in her unmarried college life. The little black skirt was exposing her milky thighs more than required and the sleevless red top with its V low neck is exposing her milky boobs like she has never shown to even her hubby. The sexy sight of this damsel is making every one in the room really mad.
“hey bhabhi don’t be nervous relax.” Harsh came beside Namita and put his arm around her and this way caressing her milky arms and shoulder and enjoying every moment of it. He knew his girlfriend is watching but at the moment he doesn’t want to miss any chances. Namita on the other hand was experiencing this very first time in her life its very strange feeling when this young man was holding her in a passionate way and she is not objecting at all, is this called the professionalism ?
“You all right dear.” Harsh is now calling her dear.
“Yes I am Ok.”
An Namita went to the set and started giving poses. First simple and then on Harsh’s instance some sexy poses bending forward showing lot of cleavage. From the corner of her eyes she also noticing shaukat’s intent interest and his always-prominent bulge also could be seen. Shaukat in fact waiting for his turn when Harsh will call him for some adjustmenmt. He doesn’t have to wait for long as son as harsh called he quickly went behind Namita and caressed her hands and put her shoulder in right position then picked her chin up in right direction he was standing right in front of her and they were looking directly in each others eyes. Then he said, “Bahut shandaar lag rahi ho sweety, man kar rah hai yahin daba doon.” Namita was a bit surprised at his bold confession but didn’t mind as much as she should be and just managed to deliver a faint smile. Then in one pose she has to put her leg on a short stool and bend forward, but as soon as harsh focused he shouted,
“No bhabhi ye pose theek nahi aa raha, aapki panty dikh rahi hai.”
This was the most embarrassing situation for Namita, she quickly put her foot down and turn her face towards Shweta. Shweta by now was enjoying the situation of her bhabhi and also remembering how Shaukat has used this situation and put her hard thing on her ass. She changed her pose and Harsh started clicking again, and then he came very close and started taking close ups of her.
“yes baby come on make a sexy face yes like that yes show me how good are you .” Harsh has now changed from bhabhi to baby he was very close to Namita and hence he was just whispering that only Namita could hear.
“yes babe you are looking very gorgeous go a little back yes like that, yeah bend a little yeah show me those sexy boobs yes make a pout of these sexy lips make a kissing pose yes baby too good, aapka profile to koi fail kar hi nahi sakta ok last snap bus ho gaya.” And finishing this he stopped and then as he was doing with Shweta he slapped her ass lovingly and said go change for lingerie. Namita quickly turned and walked towards the room, thinking on her way that, “ how this guy has mesmerized her how she was acting on every order of his show me your boobs and she was bending like a whore, my god and he slapped her ass in front of her sister in law and that ugly looking Shaukat. Whats happening to her she is not objecting any action of his . He is a boyfriend of Shweta, even Shweta is not objecting anything. Do I like this, yea its getting interesting but what next, oh god its lingerie section. But this time Namita felt more of an excitement than fear.
Every one is eagerly awaiting Namita’s arrival. Shweta was very curious to see her bhabhi in bikini. As soon as Namita entered the room it was a sight to withhold, Shaukat’s eyes almost popped out. Namita was in white bikini with black dots all over complimenting beautifully her milky white skin. Her boobs were jutting out and challenging everyone her ass was jerking with every movement of hers and making both guys’ cocks jerk even harder. Harsh smiled and said, “Great bhabhi you are looking like a sex goddess.” Namita blushed at his statement. But today she was a bit more confident and walking slowly but proudly. She glanced towards Shweta and Shweta shouted, “Carry on bhabhi you are lovely.” Namita walked towards the shooting area and lastly looked towards Shaukat and immediately Shaukat blew a kiss on her. Namita thinking that How Vikas would react if he sees her in this condition standing almost naked in front of two strangers She felt a strange never before feeling of excitement. Harsh started clicking the snaps of this beautiful lass. While giving pose Namita’s panties will often stick inside the crack of her as and when she removed it out it was a sight they didn’t want to miss. While focusing on the lenses his hands were also busy in adjusting his dick in his pants. The Shaukat’s snake was also very eager to come out in open and attack. And then harsh made the customary call to Shaukat to set right her pose. And Shaukat almost ran towards her. He cam e right behind her and including Namita everyone in the room knew whats going to happen now. Only Shaukat knew how hard it was to be in such a close position of a beautiful topless girl and not able to grab her, squeeze those milky melons and slap those lovely butts. While adjusting her shoulder from behind he came and pressed his hard cock over the crack of Namita. Namita felt wave of excitement went through her body. She had seen this happen to Shweta and now its happening to her a cock of this Muslim guy is pressing against her almost naked as and she could feel its hardness very well . “oh god”. He caressed his hands over her shoulder and her sexy arms and whispered in her ear, “ Saala control ke bahar jaa raha hai.” Namita’s face went red and Harsh could not miss this and captured that pose in his camera though Shaukat was also in the frame. Namita suddenly realized that and straightened her body and immediately objected this to Harsh.
“Harsh how could you take my pictures with him.”
“Relax bhabhi, it was the impression you gave that time that was precious.”
“but still you know I am a married woman.”
“I know bhabhi and I promise I will remove Shaukat totally from behind you just don’t worry but I didn’t want to miss that lovely expression of yours. This made Namita a bit relax. 
“Ok that’s all for tonight I will show both the profiles two days later and may be we will be shooting for the company next week. Both Shweta and Namita changed to their original attire and while saying goodbye, Harsh grabbed Shweta right beside Namita and they were in embrace for a while as if Namita and Shaukat was not there and kept kissing each other. “Chalo love birds ab der ho rahi hai.” Namita smiled at the boldness of her sister in law. They smiled and left each other reluctantly. Harsh then grabbed Namita by her shoulder and planted a soft kiss on her forehead though he wanted to kiss her on lips but he knew that the time ha not come yet. And Shaukat kept licking his lips just imagining that his time will come too, …. hopefully door , “yes come in Vikas, meet my son Sam and Sam he is my deputy GM Vikas. Sam’s eyes widened when he shook hands with Vikas and suddenly said, “ Are you husband of our teacher Namita… Arrr Ma’am?” “Oh Yes, how do you know?” “ Once I saw you pinking her from the college.”
“Oh Ok! Guess she is not a bad teacher.”
“Oh no sir, she is damn good, There was a twinkle in his eyes. “But the same can not be said about me.” They all laughed at it. Sam was delighted that now there are some more hopes of getting in touch with that sexy teacher apart from usual meetings in college. 

Namita was all alone in the library apart from the librarian searching for a decent play she has to prepare for annual function of college. When she heard Sam’s voice, “Ma’am”.
“Sam You here What’s that any problem?”
“No Ma’am just wanted to be with you for awhile. Namita was surprised at this boy’s boldness. The other day he was offering her to be hi friend and now he wanted to spend time with her.
“Hey don’t you have nay friend here.”
“No better than you Ma’am, please.” 
“Ok Ok but first help me find some good English plays.”
“Sure Ma’am”. Said delighted Sam and they both started to search books after randomly selecting 10-12 books they went and sat on a side table for two. Namita was happy that she is out of the direct glare of the librarian, happy???? Why??? Even she didn’t know.
“ Ma’am now there one more reason I can ask you to be my friend.”
“Sam you are again on the same old track.” Though Namita expecting he will try it again.
“Ma’am I met your hubby yesterday he is the deputy GM in the same bank where my Dad is GM. We met each other and also asked him about you.” Namita looked a bit afraid.
“No no Ma’am I just told him that You are our teacher, I guess he is a nice man my Dad seems to like him.”
“So if my hubby is your dad’s deputy then why I have to be your friend, your dad can demand just the same.” Sam looked visibly hurt by her remark but said
“But Ma’am Dad is more that double your age.”
“And may be I am double your age.” Sam had no word to speak, Namita was enjoying this boys innocence, he may be a hunk a leader in college but still he was just a kid who has the experience of flirting with chick girls of sixteen. But the fact is he is just a kid a college boy. Namita liked the expressions on his face
“oh I was just joking ok what you want from me.”
Sam’s face brightened up, “ I want to be your friend.”
“What you want from this friend? Want to take me on date or what?”
“Sure why not, On date, movies outings I would love to.”
“But don’t you think its not possible for a married teacher like me.”
“I know I will not force it but whenever we get a chance you just like we have it here we can have coffee some day or in movies please Ma’am please.” He was pleading His dream seems to be coming true.
“Ok let’s see but be careful and behave yourself in class, ok?”
“Ok Ma’am.” He quickly lifted her hand placed a kiss on her fingers and almost ran out of the room very delighted as if he has won NBA shield.

“Congratulations Shweta you and bhabhi both have been approved by the producers and We have been given a trip of Palace on Wheel to visit Rajasthan and shoot whole through the week.”
“Wow great news. Palace on Wheels that’s some expensive train.”
“Yeah baby paid in dollars We have to start our journey from Delhi and we will be visiting whole Rajasthan plus in bonus Agra, the magnificent Tajmahal.”
“But you were saying we could go abroad?”
“Yes but these are foreign producers they are mesmerized by the natural beauty of India in Rajasthan Kerala or Goa but then they say its right time to visit Rajasthan.
“Wow Harsh I will tell this news to bhabhi.”
“Yeah wish her from my side too and be careful not to tell your brother that bhabhi is going for her shoot but tell him that producers has agreed to give her tickets to accompany.”
“Whats that a great news its strange that they spend so much for their shooting campaign these days.”
“Bhaiya they are foreign producers this must be nothing going with their standards.”
“yeah I know you silly girl but still it amazes me that you have got the contract so easily.” Vikas tone was of a typical suspecting brother. When Namita interrupted
“Relax Vikas I will be with her and you don’t have to worry about us, secondly I have heard that the whole trains passengers were always remain together and tour is the safest thing in India.”
“Yeah you are right, I am sure You will have a nice time, Guess I could join you too but due there is a very busy time ahead up to march so its good luck . When will be you leaving. In six days time we have to leave for Delhi.

“Namita, so gayi kya?” 
“Nahin kya hua.”
“Tomorrow my GM will be coming home for dinner.”
“What you are telling me tonite.”
“Its got settled today itself. When my GM himself invited me but instead I requested him to come to our home.”
“You know his son Sam is your student.”
“Sam yes he is your GM’s son?” Namita acted.
“Yes he was praising your teaching skills.” ‘Teaching skills or my beauty only he knows ‘ Namita thought.
“So is he coming too?” Namita is now interested.
“Yes infact the reason I invited him here because they both are living alone these days his wife is out of country for a month. So they both will be coming. Ok.”
“ok sweety.” Namita felt ashamed that she has become excited a bit hearing the news of Sams arrival. Vikas’ boss Mr. Victor arrived exactly at 6.30 pm Shweta was out for movie with harsh. Namita wearing chiffon Yellow Sari with matching sleeveless blouse is looking really great welcomed both Sam and his father. Sam was having the usual looks of “I love you baby” but his father also clearly impress with what he saw. After exchanging pleasantries all sat in the living room GM and Vikas was sitting on besides each other whereas Sam quickly sat beside Namita on the opposite side.
“Ma’am your house is beautiful.”
“Yes indeed Mrs. Goyal.” Agreed his father.
“Thank you Sir.” Namita said They all began chatting about each others family and atmosphere and all that meanwhile with the help of her maid Namita served coffee. And soon chat topic turned towards banking business and both Vikas and his boss Victor were engrossed in their chat when Namita said
“You two are boring both of us I am going to kitchen and prepare for dinner, Sam would you help me?”
“Sure Ma’am.” Both Vikas and Victor smiled and nodded and again engrossed in their valuable chat. Namita and Sam went inside the huge kitchen they are having. Their maid was inside and preparing dishes Namita also staryted her work and Sam was also helping her in different chores but he made sure to remain very close to her.
“Ma’am I want to hug you.” He whispered Namita glared at him as to say how dare you?
“ Send this lady out for a while Ma’am.”
“Sharda dekho saab logon ko kuch mangta hai ki nahin.” Namita surprised that he agreed to her students request.
“ji memsaaab.” Sharda went out. And as soon as She got out Sam quickly grabbed Namita and hold her tight. “oh God it’s a dream that came true so easily.” Sam thought having the voluptuous body in his possession. “Oh God this boy half my age is built like a hunk.” Namita feeling first time the hug of a man other than her hubby. Sam’s both hands were roaming around the strong ass of Namita and he was holding them tight.
“Chalo bas Sharda aati hogi.” 
“Bas ek minute.” And with that Sam brought his one hand behind Namita’s head and kissed her full on her luscious lips and sucked her lips thoroughly like there is no tomorrow and let her go very timely just before Sharda came inside. Namita controlled her panting somehow so that Sharda could not guess something fishy and went to fridge and took out a water bottle to drink. Sam was delighted and now know that she is now his babe he can have her any time he wants. He also realized that she is just another unsatisfied rich woman who after a good nice fuck by a big dick like he has will always remain to be his private bitch while his lallo husband is busy in finance matters.
“Ma’am where is the toilet.”
“ Haan Shar…” Namita was telling Sharda to show him but he glared at her with his eyes and she understood. And said, “ Sharda tum yahan ka dekho main ise batakar aati hoon.”.

They both went out and Sam gave side to let Namita in front of her so that he can closely watch the lovely swing of her hips Namita though realized that but didn’t mind as She also got hots for him now and strangely she got very excited thinking that she is almost cheating her hubby in his presence in his own house. Just a moment she gave a look towards living room where both bank officials have now took out their laptops and discussing bank strategies very seriously. Namita smiled wickedly and now walked towards their common bathroom. 
“Here it is.” Namita said and smiled.
“Your ass is beautiful Nam.” Sam has quickly changed Ma’am to Nam. She slapped his face lightly with mock anger.
“Get inside and relieve yourself.”
He got inside and said 
“Just leave this door open let me show you something.” He went inside and Namita stay there standing on the door He turned around unzipped his pants shifted his undies a bit and took out a monster of a cock out which was hard as a rock and aiming like a gun towards Namita. Namita was shocked to see such a hard dick so big that too of a boy of class XII. Immediately She felt itching inside her pussy She felt her legs trembling she was just about to turn when Sam said
“Like it Nam?” Namita couldn’t say anything, Sam came close towards her so close
“Say like it.” Namita nodded.”
“Touch it” He didn’t have to repeat this time Namita’s hand automatically went forward and she grabbed it in her hand, “Wow what is this.” It felt like a hot rod in her hands.” She was melting down all over when she suddenly realized that where was she and quickly turned around and shut the door and went to the kitchen, but just before entering the kitchen she didn’t forgot to sniff the smell of his cock from her hands. Dinner was served and Shweta too arrived Victor was very please to see that his deputy has a lovely sister. Though Sam also appreciated her beauty but at the moment he was clearly obsessed by his teacher and teacher only and no other thing can distract him from her. After dinner Namita let her maid go and Shweta excused herself for sleep as she has to get up early. Victor after praising about the delicious food she prepared asked Namita
“Mrs Goyal how’s Sam doing in class.”
“He is basically a sportsman so his more focus is towards basketball but still he is doing 
well in studies too.”
“Its nice that you will be there to look after him.” Namita Smiled. Then they started to leave. Sam desperately wanted to be with Namita alone once more to give her the last kiss before departure but he couldn’t get that chance and had to leave like that.
“Thank you Namita, it was great.” “ its Ok dear hubby.” Namita smiled and thought “Yeah it was great.”

In college Namita was again a normal teacher she tried to avoid Sam’s eyes all the time as she did not want to give other students or teachers any ideas. Principal has fixed a meeting today after college hours regarding the annual function going to happen last week of the month. As Namita was coordinating in the English play she has to stop for that too. So she phoned Vikas and told him that she will be late. As soon as Sam got this news a wicked smile went through his lips. When college was over all the students were going to home and the teachers concerned going towards the principals room when suddenly Sam cam beside Namita and said, “Ma’am I will not be coming to college tomorrow please give my application to our class teacher.” And before she could say anything he was out of her sight. When she sat on her seat she opened the application Sam gave her as expected to her it was no application instead it was written “COME TO CLASS XII A AFTER THE MEET I M WAITING.” “ What how could he, how can I he is so stupid.” Namita kept thinking. Meanwhile meeting had started but all the time Namita’s mind was thinking about the letter. Meeting ended at 7 pm its already dark out side. There was only one chowkidar was waiting to let all the teachers go home and lock the main shutter and go to his quarter nearby. XII class was on second floor and Principal’s room was on ground floor. Teacher’s started out talking to each other, Namita calmly turned her towards the ladies room and she took a while when every body out of that corridor she came out and quickly turned towards the stairs and went up. “What am I doing for this stupid boy, what if he was not there, even if how I will get out of here what will I tell Vikas if I could get out why?” All these question coming to her mind but her feet were moving towards first then second floor. As soon as every one out Chowkidar locked the door as She comes to college by taxi there was no vehicle left in the parking. She was moving hesitatingly towards class XII A as soon as she get inside Sam grabbed her inside and started kissing her it was no light there but sufficient lights coming from outside and they could each other comfortably. Soon the heat catch up with Namita and she to reciprocated the kissing and forced her tongue ion Sam’s mouth and her hands were roaming over his head and back. Sam’s hands were roaming all over her body squeezing her bums with both hands and kissing her passionately. After few minutes when the initial tremor was over they both separated and sat on the benches.
“Why have you called me u stupid boy how we get out of here you should have called me somewhere else we could have coffee or something lese together.”
“I don’t want have coffee today I want to have you and its possible only here sweety. And don’t worry about getting out of here I know many ways of this . its my XIIth year here.”
Namita somewhat relaxed that there is another way out but, “
“What do you mean by having me.”
“Should I tell you in open that I want to fuck you right now?”
“Sam how dare you talk like that. You wanted to be my friend I agreed you hugged me kissed me that doesn’t mean ki,,,,” Sam stopped her by kissing her again.
“What did you think when coming here that I wanted another hug or kiss haan?” Sam was holding her lovingly and caressing her body moving the hair from her face and kissing her all over her face.
“Tell me sweety what did you think coming in the dark room all alone with just for a hug or sweet kiss. No babe you are here for a good tight fuck haven’t you longing for it since you have seen my cock baby tell me dear ?” Sam was teasing the bitch in heat now.
“How could you talk like that to me how do you know these things.”
“I have been to camps for baby and I I have got my first fuck when I was in X in sports camp a girl basketball player and since that I have had many, but not like you no Nam you are someone special I got mad when I first saw you , you are mine you re my property. I love you Nam. “ Sam didn’t stop his caressing and kissing while saying that Namita ‘s pussy was soaked till now she was excited as hell once she has never heard a talk like that and the fact the she was cheating on her wimpy hubby is making , that a young college boy is totally mad over her making her all the more excited.
“Tell me Nam what are you here for?”
“Tell me babe.”
“Love me Sam Love me.”
“Don’t act like a English teacher babe, you are an unsatisfied bitch in heat act like that.” Sam degraded her further and she couldn’t say anything.
Say it babe say it .”he grabbed her hair hard.
“Oh Sam , Fuck! I am her for Fuck.” Tear drops came out of her eyes as she saw her own down fall.
“yeah babe you will get it here a nice tight fuck that your hubby has never given mmm “ He kissed her again and this time Namita grabbed him hard and started kissing all over his face yes he was right she was an unsatisfied bitch in heat.
“Take out my cock Teacher.” She fumbled with his zip bring it down and inserted her hand in anticipation of undies but instead she found his hot throbbing cock, Sam smiled as he already got rid of the underwear. Namita beautiful housewife and English teacher of a reputed college now rubbing the rock hard cock of a student of class XII in class XIIA.
“Comeon Suck it now teacher.”
“No please I haven’t done this.”
What you haven’t suck any cock.” She gestured No.
“Not even your hubby?”
“Didn’t he demanded it.”
“No never asked.”
“Namita then say it please.”
“Your husband is a motherfucker impotent.”
“Don’t say that please I love him.” 
“Ha! Ha! , that’s a joke.”
“No really please.”
“Ok you love me but tell me that is a motherfucker impotent. A guy who has not asked such a beauty to suck his dick is a chutiya I must say it.”
“Now take it baby take it in your mouth comeon I will teach you like you taught me English.” He forced Namita on her knees it was becoming difficult for her to do that in Sari, Sam realized that and said “
“Wait lets get rid of this sari first. Chalo utar dalo.” Namita quietly started to remove her Sari. Now she was in her blouse and petticoat
“Now kneel down teacher.” Sam ordered and She knelt down in front of him.
He slapped her face with his rock hard cock for few times and said,
“open your mouth teacher.” She did that and he inserted his cock with a bit of force just the few inches could go inside, Namita felt gagged and choked,
“Relax take deep breath few times and try to suck it like a lollypop it would be nice I promise. Namita tried as instructed and immediately she felt a little easy and as she started to suck his lollypop it went further in. Sam didn’t forced it all in as he knew that it can play spoil sport for the first time. Yeah baby you area good learner I will give you A grade come on yess baby now suck it suck it hard milk me out baby milk me out. “ He lowered his pants up to ankles and grabbed her head with his both hands and slowly started to fuck her mouth. Namita was now loving it having such a magnificent cock just twice that of her hubby in her mouth she was loving it she has now placed both her hands on his hard butts and digging her nails on it Her fingers automatically roaming over the crack of his ass and that was making him mad with excitement She sucked him hard and suddenly found the his asshole through her fingers she tried to insert a finger inside that puckered hole and grabbled her ass tightly with other hand while kept on sucking with loud sucking noise. All this was too much for already excited and his body started to jerk and soon he started ejaculating in her mouth. Namita realized that tried to back away but he tight held her head and said
“Babe No, this is a difficult part but that’s compulsory question you have to clear this to pass out. Just don’t gobble it all down take it slowly don’t try to taste it you will get its taste on its own just do it in a relax manner and you will like it do it baby do it take my cum you will love it.” And she did just that She was not only sucking a dick for a first time but even taking all the cum down her throat. She wondered that how this young boy knows such an experience tricks. But any way she enjoyed every bit of that. After she is finished he lifted her they were standing facing each other his cock was bending loose now but still it was larger than her husbands cock. Sam bed down and pick up her petticoat and lcleaned hi cock with it and then placed his hand over her panties. He ran his fingers over her pussy
“Nam you are too wet there. Excited? Namita blushed and put her head over his shoulder. Don’t worry this pussy will go home satisfied tonite. He continuously rubbing his finger over her pussy. Namita didn’t want to come like this way so she tried to remove his hand, Sam understood and left his hand he then get rid of all hi clothes and now standing stark naked in front of her He then grabbed her hand and take her towards the teachers chair. He sat down on the chair with his cock again coming into erection and said
“You are he most intelligent and beautiful student of my class let me see its right or not. Take this chalk and right down the words and meaning on this black board.” He handed her a piece of chalk.
“Write down COCK.” Namita was just hoping that now he is going to fuck him and will satisfy her needs but as he had satisfied himself for a moment he was taking his time teasing her. Namita , The English Teacher in Petticoat and blouse took the chalk and started to write down COCK,
“Now write down its hindi in front of it.”
“Sam!” She pleaded. Sam stand up took up a cane from the corner which his maths teacher use and came close to her his cock was hard and dangling up and down. It was difficult moment for Namita to avoid her wyes from that big cock not to think about fucking her pussy and writing on the black board these filthy word meaning. Suddenly Sam’s hand raised and he slapped the cane hard over ass, She shrieked with pain but made sure that she didn’t shout aloud.
“Do you know its meaning or not?” She nodded yes.
“Then write down.” She wrote in Hindi “LUND” “Good” He caressed her ass where he hit earlier and said now write down Fucking and its meaning She wrote .
“Good you know every thing now write “Please Sam Fuck me Right here in this class I am your whore. She hesitated but as he raised his had She started to write that.
“Hmm Okay but its not clear who has written this so please write down your name below that baby. She said “How can I Sam/” “Slap!” This time Sam slapped her with his strong hand. She was shell shocked she thought he is just a kid and was under her control but here he is totally dominating her and even hitting her. So much humiliation she has never felt in her life, but here she is accepted everything he is doing to her. She slowly walked and wrote her name. When She turned around Sam was sitting on teachers chair and playing with his now fully erect cock ‘That’s good baby now come and sit on lap baby.”
Namita with wet and excited inside walked towards naked Sam and tried to sit on his lap but Sam quickly held the hem of her petticoat below and lifted it as She sat down so when she sat on his lap her petticoat was well above her waist so only her panty was between his rock rod and her wethole. Sam caressed her thighs and unzipped her blouse from behind and removed and then he unhooked her bra and removed it and then he grabbed her milky melons for first time and squeezed them hard. Namita felt pleasure and pain at the same time. Sam’s cock knocking at her door below was not helping her and she was out of her mind now. Sam started kissing her smooth back from behind and twitching her nipples which was hard and looking like a baby cock, All this was too much for Namita she was holding for too long now She said
“Please Sam do it now.”
“Do it should I teach you again how to ask?
“Please Sam Fuck me now please.”
“What are you babe,”
“I am your Whore Same.”
“Whats your Hubby.”
“He is a motherfucker impotent/”
“You said you love him.”
“Oh I hate him he has just a 4 inch cock, I love you Sam I am your whore don’t wait please fuck me Sam fuck please.”
“Then get up and get rid of these clothes.” She quickly got up and removed her petticoat and panty in one go. Quickly knelt down and started sucking his dick again then said
“Now Sam please. Sam got up and made her lie on the bench her legs were floating in the air He got mad when saw her pussy. Such a beautiful pick glistening pussy with well trimmed pubic mound, He was dreaming this as long as he has seen her when he ran his fingures over pussy lips he found they were well lubricated enough to go further. He place the tip of cock over the entrance and in one swift motion he pushed half of his dick inside. “Ahhhhh” Namita shrieked it was a long wait and she loved the start. Even at this length her hubby has not gone till date. He took a deep breath and one more thrust and was fully inside her tearing the region no one has explored yet. “Arrhhhhhhhhhhhahh” Namita shrieked even louder and she dug her nails harder over his strong ass.Oh my god its ssooooo bigggg Sam yessss Fuck me like that plzzzzzz.”
Sam put his face down and grabbed her tits in his mouth and then started plunging in and out in rhythmic motion Namita also started to hump her from below though her legs were in the air due to lack of space but still she was making every attempt to meet his thrust and fucking him like a well paid whore. Harsh was fucking her furiously his cock when coming out was glistening with her juices which shoed how excited that bitch is She was grabbing his ass and was holding her from her back . Sam has now held her tight against his body that she was almost in sitting position after pushing his cock deep inside her pussy he stopped for a while and in one swift motion he lifted her up in his strong arm and turned around placed her on the support of the black board Now he was fucking her in standing position, Namita was experiencing this for very first times the cool black board behind her was giving shivering through her body. As her body was in the strong arms and he was fucking her solidly in standing position his strong muscles were shining with perspiration and Namita was getting the experience of the life time her body was acting like a duster and rubbing the sentences that she wrote earlier. 
“Take it bitch take it .
“Yes Sam give it to me you are too good Sam.”
“Yeah baby you are my property I will fuck you any time in want.”
“Yes Sam fuck me yea.” Sam started sucking her boobs and forced his cock deep inside and increased his speed. He was touching the areas where Namita has never felt anything and that was just too much for her
“Yes Sam yes fuck hard yes give it to me.”
“Take it bitch take teacher take me whole.”
And with “AAARRRRGGG yessssssss fucckkkkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhh” Sounds they both came simultaneously They were panting heavily as it was difficult to remain inside in standing position Sam again put her on the bench and kept his cock inside her. They hugged each other tightly for a while. Namita was kissing her lovingly, After remaining for ten minutes in that position they both separated and began wearing their clothes.
“Ma;am” She turned and looked at him questioningly.
“Sorry about that slap.” Namita didn’t say anything just smiled When they were getting out of the room they saw that Namita’s body has rubbed all that was written on the black board. “Vikas’?
“Yes Honey.”
“Are you sure that Shweta and I can go on the trip of Rajasthan without you.”
“Earlier I was not but I inquired with people and every one said it’s the safest trip and I don’t want to stop my sister like a narrow minded brother and besides you will be there to look after her. You know honey I am very busy these days.”
“Yes I know.” Namita eyes were a little wet thinking of her shameless act with that college kid few hours back. Still its not sinking in on her that she secummbed so easily in lust and got trapped herself in web of such a young college boy and fucked him submissively like a highly paid whore. 

It was all set then they have to go to Delhi by flight and then catch the most wonderful train of India Harsh Shaukat Shweta and Namita all were anticipating different things ahead. Namita has not gone to college since that event and applied a leave for 15 days. Though the principal got angry but she somehow convinced him and promised that she will be back well before the annual function of the college. She made sure that Sam doesn’t know about this before her departure.
They had to catch flight to Delhi and from thereon they have to catch the most luxurious train on earth for a seven days exotic tour. Every one was excited and they decided to meet at Harsh’s place as most the equipments were there and then they were scheduled to from there. Both Namita and Shweta chose to wore jeans and T shirts. Namita these days don’t usually wear jeans so she was looking different and killing when her ass was jutting out and her t-shirt has firmly engrossed her boobies. Shweta was in a bit sexier low hip jeans and short top so showing her sexy midriff and a little teasing glimpse of panties from behind. Vikas dropped Namita & Shweta at Harsh’s place and as usual he was very buy even to go inside so he left them and went to his bank. As soon as Harsh opened his door he also opened his arms for Shweta and hugged her tight he kissed her French for few moments and then also opened his arms jokingly for Namita, Namita smiled and forwarded her hand for a shake. Harsh made way for her to get inside. Inside Shaukat was smiling brightly greeted both the ladies. Today he is wearing a funky modern shirt button of which were opened till his navel and a loose Bermuda as if going for fun on beach. Namita smiled at him and said
“You are dressed up like a foreigner on tour of India.”
“Yes I have heard that 95% of the passengers in this train are foreigner. So when in Rome do as Romans do.”
“Good idea.” 
“You are looking sexy too Namita.” Shaukat used SEXY for her so casually that she couldn’t help but smiled blushingly. Harsh again took Shweta in her arms, after that shoot they both seemed have lost their inhibitions and now even Shweta was not caring what her bhabhi will think. As she now know that her bhabhi is now in same boats her or should she say same TRAIN.
“So let the journey begin with a drink.” Namita and Shweta both looked at him questioningly as Namita only has taken bear for few times that too in presence of her hubby. Shweta unknown to her bhabhi as taken few times with harsh at his home.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea as we are just starting this journey and it will be awkward when people see as in intoxicating position.”
“Come on bhabhi you haven’t seen guys these days and even they serve drinks in plane too and also when you got down at Delhi will be hilly there it will help all of us.”
“But I have only taken ear with Vikas.”
“Hey don’t worry bhabhi you are in safe hands just one peg bottoms up and we are through.” As soon as he finished these lines Shaukat was standing there with four pegs. Shweta could see that they were large ones but she didn’t mind any things she will be in Harsh’s arms all through the flight. They finished their drinks in hurry and went out and after fifteen minutes drive they were on airport. After all the formalities they were inside their flight Harsh and Shweta didn’t even looked behind Namita and Shaukat and sat on their seat together Namita sat on the window behind them and Shaukat very delightedly took his place beside Namita. He was requesting Harsh all day for that and Harsh obliged. Namita though felt a bit awkward but she understood the condition of these lovebirds so She smiled at Shaukat when he sat beside her. Though Namita’s first instance dislike for Shaukat has now gone as she now know that he is an expert in his field. Shaukat only know that he is also an expert in another field where he wants Namita to play desperately. But at the moment he was finding himself lucky to be seated beside such a gorgeous woman. It was a strange sight that a woman was fully covered and the man Shaukat was showing his hairy thighs. Though his Bermuda was up to his knees but as soon as he sat it rode up a little and few more inches it was lifted up by Shaukat. Namita has glanced a few times there and thought ‘He is hairy like a bear.” She also managed to glance at the bulge over that where something strong seems to be hiding. Namita felt a little embarrassed but She was now feeling a little tipsy due to the effect of that strong peg she took along with all. Soon after released from their set belts Shaukat said
“Look at them Namita.” He gestured Towards the front seat where both Harh and Shweta were kissing each other but he realized that She cant see anything sitting there.
“Kya hua?” She asked.
“Harsh aur Shweta French kiss mein doobey hue hain aur…” he stopped deliberately
“Aur kya?” A little excited Namita asked.
“Harsh ka hath pura uski Tshirt ke under aur zor zor se uske bobe daba raha hai.” Shaukat enjoyed using the vulgar words to excite already tipsy married teacher. 
“Aur udhar dekho” he let her glanced towards the adjacent seat of Harsh where a young couple is having free show. Namita’s face got reddened with this talk. Shaukat asked,
“Tum apna profile dekhna chahogi?”
“kya wo hai tumhare paas?”
“yes”Shaukat smiled.
“Please dikahao na mujhe.” Shaukat get up and bought out a hand bag and a laptop from it. And showed it to Namita, Namita’s yes widened when she saw her first pic as she was looking really chick and the photo was marvelous .
“Great it’s a great pic. ”She exclaimed unable to see that Shaukat has tilted himself towards her on the pretext of watching the pictures. He was now resting his one hand over her shoulder.
“yes Harsh master hai aise his thodi tumhara profile approve hua hai.” 
As Namita clicked the photographs she was all the more excited and impressed when she saw her pictures he was looking really sexy and mod. She blushed when in some of the pics she saw her tits were clearly visible though the flimsy material of the cloth.
“Tum bahut photogenic ho aur aur Shweta se double sexy ho.” He whispered in her ears. Then Namita looked into his eyes and then she realized that he is almost over her but then she was eager to see her lingerie shoot and as soon as that came on the screen she was blushed and lower her eyes as the first photo was a close up of the very flimsy panty and it was so close her pubic hair coming out from the sides of the panty are also visible. Shaukat eyes lit up and he pressed himself more on her and put his middle finger over the picture where her hair were coming out and said
“Appko inko clean karna padega this picture we didn’t showed to the producers.” Namita was dying with shame but still she carried on may be because of the effect of the drink. She clicked another and Shaukat said
“Ye bahut sexy pose hai isko shoot karte waqt to Harsh ka bhi khada ho gaya tha.” Shaukat got a little bolder and loving the way this lovely woman is blushing at his remarks but never objecting it. She clicked few more and they all were the sexy ones and Shaukat kept commenting all of them and almost pushing all his wait over her and sometimes when she was unable to click on the pretext of clicking the curser brushing her now hardened nipples quiet a few times making her all the more excited. When she finished she closed the laptop and Shaukat very reluctantly placed it in its bag and now has to sit properly. She was amazed to see all these pics and thought that’s why a young kid of the college got mad at her and these two men are clearly eyeing all over every time. She was also aware that Harsh though in the company of his girlfriend still trying to get every inch of her body. All these thoughts made her very excited she and felt proud of herself all the while thinking all this and with the effect of the alcohol she went to sleep and its seems just a few seconds after she felt Shaukat’s hand was at her right cheek and he was saying “Namita Delhi aa gaya” Namita opened her eyes and ashamed to see that she was sleeping over Shaukat’s shoulder . He was very lovingly caressing her cheek and saying “Delhi has come get up baby.” She hurried lifted her head and said
“Kisliyye, I was loving it.” Namita blushed again at his remark.
“Sahi bahut mushkil se apne aapko kiss karne se roka hai.” He was saying as if lost an opportunity. He said in such a tone that Namita automatically laughed. She was finding this guy interesting now and when she just glanced at his shorts there was a definite bulge in his pants. They both got up and saw both Harsh and Shweta deep in sleep in each others arms like a husband and wife. Shaukat shook the shoulder of Harsh and they got up Shweta was a bit embarrassed due to her intimate condition. They all got down and drove to a five star hotel in the city. 
“Its afternoon now and our train is tomorrow around 10.30 at night so we have 1 ½ days here so We will start our shoot from here only lets get fresh and we will leave for Delhi tour from 4 pm let me arrange for a van till then. Only one room though double spacious was booked for all for of them Namita felt it strange that if a company is spending too much then why not separate rooms. Harsh understood her dilemma and said 
“Actually company has provided for two rooms but I cut it to one because if we could save some money here we can spend on the tour lavishly. And there is no harm we all know each other well. What do you think. “
Namita was impressed with the honest confession by Harsh she also thought that its typical of Indians to save money from wherever they get a chance.

They were out for Delhi tour in the evening and have photo session at famous red fort qutob area . On Harsh instance Namita wore Saree and also took her collection with her whereas Shweta was in traditional Indian Salwar suit and further collection. Harsh has managed Vanity Van for rent so that the ladies can change between shots. After it was getting dark Harsh closed the shoot
“Tomorrow we will cover India Gates and few other sites. Lets go back”
They all were very tired so everybody agreed and get back to hotel. After dinner they went to the room. Both the guys changed Bermudas and t-shirt but Namita and Shweta were hesitant to wear their night suits. In fact Namita has brought the night Suits those are all sleeveless and zip up in front and also showing lot of cleavage of her. The cloth is not very flimsy but thin enough to show her curves admiringly. Shweta was also facing the same problem. When Harsh realized that he said
“Hey relax you babes why are you acting like a typical homey girls of india. You know you are in modeling profession now and we will shooting you in all kind of dresses, I have already shot you in swimsuits may be in future few nudes will be the demand of the situation, so relax confide in two of us just take it easy, aur Shweta tu to nakhre naa hi kare to achcha hai.” Harsh say was so commanding that both women felt a little embarrassed that how silly of them that they acted like that and they even did not noticed his expectation about shooting them nude they jus went to the bath together and came out wearing their sexy night gowns. Shaukat thought no matter if he is going to get the money or not but he is getting what he desire most, a company of two sexy beautiful ladies. Harsh took the hand of Shweta and said
“That’s like my girl.” He then hugged her and placed a little peck on her lips. Shaukat said to Harsh
“Are you going to share the bed with Shweta?” Both the ladies were stunned and Harsh scolded Shaukat
“Abe plane mein seat share karna alag baat hai or bed share karna alag, ya phir tu is bat se khush ho raha hai ki then u will be sharing the bed with Namita.” He then laughed aloud both Namita and Shweta blushed and the matter was taken sportingly as a joke. There were two bed and it was decided that one will be used by both males and other by females. Shaukat was lying close to Namita on the other bed in this way the love birds were on the farthest side no chance of getting close at each other without disturbing there bed partner. Shweta Came over Namita and said
“Hey Harsh tum apne kuch jokes sunao na abhi neend nahi aa rahi hai.”
“Mujhe to sirf non veg jokes hi aate hai.”
“To kya hua we all are adults here.” Shweta said boldly. Namita stared at her but she winked at her mischievously . Harsh started with some soft adults jokes and every body including Namita laughed aloud and as he was having a good collection went on one after another and slowly he was into hardcore jokes and Namita and Shweta were so engrossed they forget that Harsh was liberally using the words Lauda, Choot Bhosda and Gaand etc. Shaukat was close to Namita and his eyes never left her face just enjoying her expressions on hearing those words “It was priceless.” Namita has heard quiet a few adult jokes but she could imagine that jokes can be so gross and sexy. When harsh saw that his jokes are having the right effect on both the woman he went a step further and used the terms like “She has a beautiful gaand like Shweta.”
“Hey I will kill you.” Shweta said with mock anger. But he went on and soon all were laughing and then He started a joke on a beautiful sexy wife like Namita and went on to tell the tale of her chudai. Every body laughed aloud at the joke as Namita’s face got reddened. She immediately remembered here furious fucking with Sam and started to feel the itch between her legs. Shaukat liked what he saw and said aloud
“Kash isme hero main hota.” And kept his dreamy eyes towards Namita
“Bahut line maar raha hai bhai.”Said Harsh
“Line hi to maar rah hoon kuch aur to nahin.” Said Shaukat and every body laughed aloud leaving Namita embarrassed again. The atmosphere is opening up now and that was a good sign for future tour.
Shweta and Namita were lying very close together and both facing each other at the moment. Shweta said
“Bhabhi this is the first time I am sleeping with you.”
“After marriage I am also sleeping with another person other than Vikas.”
“Bhabhi you are a real sex bomb.” Shweta whispered
“Same to you Shweta.” They both laughed aloud.
“Whats going on?” Harsh enquired.
“Nothing its girlie talks you men keep yourself out of this.”
“You girls talk dirtier than us guys, tell me if anything interesting.” Harsh said.
“ You go to sleep and let us talk.”
“Haan to bhabhi main kya keh rahi thi?”
“ You were telling that I am a sex bomb.”
“Yes bhabhi specially your boobs are nice big and firm perfectly complementing your lovely butts” Though Shweta has never talked to her bhabhi like that before but now they seems to be coming close and there will be no better time than this to crack the ice.
“You are saying if you have felt them.” Namita also started to enjoy this, but she was careful to whisper as she doesn’t want to Shaukat to listen. Shweta then forwarded her hand under the blanked at placed it on her soft but firm breast. Namita’s eyes widened a bit but she didn’t object. Shweta then squeezed it a bit and said
“See its so firm like an unmarried girl like me.” Shweta said. Namita then brought her forward and said, 
“Let me check.” And with that she too placed her hand on Shweta’s breast and squeezed it a little and said
“Shweta ek baat sach sach batao?”
“Kya bhabhi.”
“Kya Harsh ne tumhare saath mera matlab hai tum dono nein.” Namita could not complete but Shweta replied
“Nahi bhabhi abhi tak to nahi par upar upar sab kuch kiya hai, I don’t know bhabhi main kab tak use rok paongi kabhi kabhi main khud hi control ke bahar hone lagti hoon.”
“Mujhe lagat hai is trip mein tum bhi swad chakh hi logi.” Namita winked at her squeezing her breast once again.
“Bhabhi mujhe to lagta hai ki is trip main aap bhi bachne wali nahi ho.”Shweta too squeezed but this time a bit harder.
“Kya matlab?” Namita though understand but till asked. 
“Mujhe clear dikh raha hai ki Shaukat aur Harsh kaise aapke deewane ho rahe hai.”
“Kya baat kar rahi ho Harsh bhi.”
“Are bhabhi wo to mujhe lag raha hai aapke liye mujhe bhi chod dega.”
“Are nahin mujh jaisi married woman ke liye koi kunwari kanya who bhi tum jaisi ko kyon chodega?”
“Are bhabhi ye mard hote hain aise hi, Shaadi shuda ko patane mein jyada mazaa aata hai in logon ko.” Both women due to continuous squeezing and petting started to feel excited and their nipples were erect and they both were feeling this for the first time. Lights were put off and just a dim night bulb was glowing. They both came closer so that boobs of both were touching each others. Shaukat meanwhile tried his best hear something but as it was nothing coming so he went to sleep and Harsh was already in his dream world. But for both the sexy ladies sleep was far far away.

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