wife goes naughty

Nandita was getting sexually frustrated. Her husband Raja used to ejaculate too fast and go of to sleep leaving her frustrated. The sex act finished almost before it started, so it seemed to Nandita. She resolved her frustrations by masturbating in the tub in the mornings. She fantasized about her brother-in-law, Bala, her husband’s friend Vivek and even her maid servant. Although she was fucked by them in real, Nandita had resolved to remain faithful to her husband. However, she saw no harm in flirting, since it gave her pleasure and added excitement to her fantasises while masturbating.

Vivek on the other hand was a different kettle of fish altogether. He had stopped coming so often to their house, knowing that Nandita was revelling in teasing him and nothing more. He was getting sex from women and knew that eventually an opportunity would open for him to fuck Nandita. One day Vivek came over and invited Raja and Nandita to a dinner at his house the following weekend. His leave would soon be getting over and thus he was throwing a party for friends. When Nandita and Raja arrived at his apartment for the party they saw a lot of young couples enjoying themselves. Vivek was mainly occupied with a sexy looking girl who was a famous Calcutta model. 

On asking Raja, she got to know that her name was Nimi and she was Vivek’s current girlfriend and 27 years of age. Nimi was the attention of most males at the party. She was wearing a thin-strap black dress, which could hardly hold her huge breasts and the dress was so short that, Nandita thought that Nimi was wearing no panties. The sight of her heavy proud breasts almost spilling out of the dress transfixed Nandita. She was staring at Nimi with her lips slightly parted and Nandita could feel herself getting wet. Suddenly Nimi looked in her direction and Nandita was embarrassed at being caught looking unabashedly at this sexy model. 

The next thing Nandita saw was Nimi standing next to her with Vivek . She gently took hold of Nandita’s hand and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Nandita took in her perfume as Nimi’s breasts pressed her own while she was kissing her cheek. Raja is lucky to have such a pretty wife, she laughingly told Nandita. She had not left Nandita’s hand and kept squeezing it sensually. The nearness of this woman and her scent intoxicated Nandita. Also the sight of her huge breasts each winking the other way was enough to start Nandita’s juices flowing. Nandita thought her own breasts were a handful, but Nimi’s were huge and seemed to have a life of their own, proudly thrusting thru the fabric to gain freedom. 

After exchanging a few more pleasantries with Nandita and Raja, Vivek and Nimi excused themselves. Before leaving, Nimi, who had not let go playing with Nandita’s hand brought her face near Nandita’s ear. Brushing her breasts against her arm and pretending to whisper something, she took a playful nibble and lick at Nandita’s ear. Nandita immediately blushed on knowing the Nimi was attracted to her. This was not lost on Vivek who mischeviously smiled at Nandita’s predicament. Nandita was really all hot and bothered. She stole a number of glances at Nimi and Vivek during the party and her stares were noticed by them.

On returning home that night, Nandita felt very horny and quickly removed her clothes and pounced on her husband. Raja could not keep up the sexual ardour of his wife and as usual ejaculated too fast and went off to sleep. Nandita was sexually unsatisfied and kept tossing and turning thinking about Nimi and Vivek . In the morning she asked Raja why Vivek was not married as yet. Raja laughed and said that Vivek did not feel the need especially when he was bedding many women. He also added that Vivek was a rogue and that she should stay away from him. Nandita felt scared of Vivek but at the same time, the thought of getting fucked by him set her juices flowing. That day she masturbated thinking of Nimi and Vivek. However, Nandita thought seriously of what her husband had said and resolved to let Vivek fuck her in her dreams only.

A few days later, Nandita hit upon an idea of buying sexy lingerie to spice up her sex-life with Raja. She had often seen women in magazines wearing sexy lingerie and decided to surprise Raja that night. She wanted to but a satin teddy and so she went to a shop dealing in imported undergarments. She found what she wanted and was holding it up for size, when she heard her name being called. She turned to see Nimi, who once again proceeded to peck her on the check and this time give her a big hug. Seeing what was in Nandita’s hand,Nimi squealed ” that will look real sexy on you Nandita”. Nandita smiled and asked the salesgirl to show her a larger size. ” Nandita dear, I bought the same size for myself last week and it fitted me fine, after all it is meant to show your boobs not hide them”. Nandita blushed at the mention of breasts. 

Nimi continued “Nandita you have such a sexy figure and a horny face too, you should definitely take up modelling”. Nimi had a very unsettling effect on her. She was so sexy and today she was wearing a tight t-shirt and tight pants. Her breasts seemed to proudly thrust out. Having paid Nandita started to leave but was stopped by Nimi. ” Lets have lunch together “she said. Nandita seemed to hesitate, but Nimi would not have no for an answer and grabbed her by her arm. Once out of the shop, Nimi said the Vivek was going to pick her up from here, but she would call him to meet them directly at the coffee-shop. Before Nandita could protest, Nimi walked away and dialled Vivek on her cellphone. 

Nandita felt apprehensive, but at the same time excited at the prospect of spending time with Vivek and Nimi. What would she tell Raja, he had specifically told her to stay away from Vivek. All these thoughts entered Nandita’s mind. Her body was excited being near this couple and after all a lunch would be harmless. She was jolted out of her thoughts by Nimi pressing her hand and saying,” We have to pickup Vivek, he has returned his bike since he is leaving tomorrow”, come dear lets go. Nimi sat in the car and Nandita drove them to Vivek’s apartment. All through the journey the vivacious Nimi kept touching Nandita on her arm, shoulder hair or stroking her face while chattering 19 to a dozen.

Nandita was not fully aware of her talk but was definitely aware of her touch. On reaching Vivek’s apartment, Nimi excused herself to go to the toilet while Nandita was left alone with Vivek. He immediately caught her hand and kissed her on her cheek, saying ” Nandita you are looking really sexy in a saree”. While saying this he was deliberately staring at her breasts and her peeking navel. He pulled her down on the sofa and made her sit close to him. Nandita took in his masculine body odour and felt excited being near him and blushed. Encouraged by her blushing Vivek put his arm around her and was stroking her hair and bare arms. His touch was not gentle but firm and demanding. He exuded so much confidence and masculinity that, Nandita was feeling intoxicated in his presence and was unable to stop him from taking such liberties with her. She was afraid and excited at the same time. Looking directly into Nandita’s eyes and stroking her face Vivek said ” You have a sexy face Nandita, you should seriously think about modelling”. He brought his face nearer and Nandita involuntarily opened her lips expecting to be kissed by him. 

Nimi walked into the room and Nandita jerked herself away from Vivek. She looked at Nimi who had obviously seen what was going on. Nandita smiled sheepishly at Nimi and excused herself to go to the toilet. Once inside she washed her hot n burning face with cold water and tried to gather her thoughts. She was angry at Vivek, how could he treat her like a putty in his hand. The nerve of the man to go about touching and feeling her with his hands and eyes ,knowing fully well that she was married. He had almost kissed her and she felt unable to resist his advances. 

Had Nimi not come what would have happened. The thought of kissing and being fucked by such a masculine man as Vivek greatly excited her. She could feel her panties getting wet, and try as she did, to splash water on her face, her face remained flushed. She resolved to have firmer control over her body but boy was she feeling horny. Coming out of the toilet Nandita was taken aback by the sight that greeted her. Nimi was in Vivek’s arms and was being tongue-kissed by Vivek. His hands were kneading her buttocks and he was grinding his obvious bulge against her flat stomach. On seeing Nandita, Nimi immediately broke away and grinningly said ” Vivek is going away tomorrow, so today is our last day together for a long time” as if to explain their amorous actions. Nandita felt jealous and responded, “I think I should leave you lovebirds alone”. “No”, said both Vivek and Nimi in unison. ” He has promised me that he won’t let me get any sleep tonight” said Nimi, giggling mischeviously. Nandita immediately reddened at the thought of Vivek fucking Nimi all night. 

Her husband Raja finished their love-making faster than it took to brush one’s teeth, and once was enough for him, for two to three days. Nimi came up to Nandita and whispered in her ear, Vivek is feeling horny seeing you here. Nimi laughed at the rush of colour on Nandita’s face. Now holding her face in her hand she again whispered, ” Nandita you make me horny too, I want to taste you”. Saying this Nimi turned Nandita’s face towards her and brushed her lips lightly against Nandita’s. Sensing no resistance she kissed Nandita fully with her open mouth. Nandita could taste Vivek’s masculinity in Nimi’s kiss. Nimi drew away smiling mischiveously at Nandita’s obvious discomfort. She took Nandita by the arm and they all proceeded to a nearby coffee-shop for lunch.

On reaching the coffee-shop, Nandita noticed at the way male attention focused on their table. Nimi had a tight t-shirt on and her heavy breasts demanded the attention, since they seemed to be wanting their freedom from the tight fabric. Nandita herself wanted to feel and see them in all their glory. She was very much taken up by Nimi. Nimi knew the effect she had on Nandita and was dying to taste her cunt juices. She sat close to Nandita and kept touching her at the slightest pretext, thereby heightening the sexual tension between them. Vivek on the other hand was quiet. He was thinking that today is the opportunity to fuck this teasing bitch. He was encouraged by the fact that Nandita was attracted to Nimi. This would work to his advantage. He had a perpetual smile of a cat who ate the cream, knowing fully well that he was going to fuck Nandita all afternoon. 

The main discussion all through the meal centred around Nandita. Both Nimi and Vivek were very insistent that Nandita take-up modelling. They kept complimenting on her figure and sexy face and fair unblemished skin. Nimi took all this opportunity to feel her skin, her face and generally indulge in light foreplay with Nandita. Nandita was taken-up by their compliment and she had no resistance against Nimi taking liberties with her. She was so sexually charged that she had wet her panties and was dying to get fucked silly. They told her that she should have her portfolio taken and each one recommended various photographers. After the meal when Vivek was paying the check, Nandita realized that she had left her purse in Vivek’s apartment.

On reaching Vivek’s apartment, Nandita picked up her purse and started to leave, however Vivek insisted on taking a few snaps and went into the bedroom to fetch a camera. Nimi pulled Nandita beside her on the sofa and started talking and touching her. She told Nandita that she would very much like to meet her again and take her to some good photographers. Meanwhile Vivek got his camera and asked them to pose for a few snaps. Immediately Nimi started hugging Nandita in the pretext of posing. So much body contact with this huge busted model was too much for Nandita. She too got bolder and started feeling Nimi. This was all the encouragement Nimi needed and soon she was tongue-kissing Nandita. Nandita was whimpering with passion. She had never been kissed by a woman before and was savouring her softness. 

Nimi was now taking small bites on Nandita’s ear, face neck, Nandita was on fire. Vivek had captured all this on film and had got very excited on seeing these two sexy women go for each other. He quickly removed his clothing and stroked his fat thick prick. He separated the two women, lest he miss in on the action. On seeing Vivek naked, his muscle tone and the thickness of his shaft, Nandita felt afraid. Her mind was forcing her to say ” Nooo Vivek, please don’t fuck me , I am married”, instead the words that came out were ” OOOOOH My Gawd, itsss so beeeeg, Sushhheeeeel”. Don’t worry Nandita darling, said Vivek, just hold it, it won’t bite. He brought his prick near her and placed her hand on it. 

Nandita felt the throbbing prick and was creaming in her panties. Her eyes were wide open but her throat was dry. Nimi sensing Nandita’s predicament, quickly brought her lips to suck Vivek’s prick. But Vivek only wanted Nandita and firmly pushed Nimi aside motioning to her to take the camera. Now Vivek caught Nandita by the back of her neck and brought his prick near her face. Nandita could smell his prick now and involuntarily opened her mouth to suck it.

Vivek felt overjoyed, seeing Nandita was a willing participant, he slowly pushed his prick further in her mouth. This was the second time Nandita was tasting, sucking a prick. Her husband Raja was not adventurous in bed. Vivek expertly filled her throat with his prick and when he thought she was gagging removed it and rubbed her face with it. Nandita took to the task with earnest now. She could taste Vivek’s masculinity and could feel the power of his prick thru its throbbing. Meanwhile, Nimi was busy clicking photographs. Nandita’s sexy face filled with Vivek’s thick prick was too much for Nimi, she was in the throes of an orgasm herself. The sight of such a sexy face licking Vivek’s hairy balls and her hands all over Vivek’s tight buns was awesome. 

Nandita loved the feel of Vivek’s buttocks and feeling their strength could well visualise the fucking she was going to get. Vivek too was very excited and about to explode. He controlled himself by stopping and asking Nandita if she liked sucking his prick. Nandita could only moan a gurgle in reply. He was delighted in seeing this newly married woman offering no resistance at all. In fact she was hot and sucking, licking his prick profusely. Vivek then held the back of her head and started fucking her mouth, first with slow long thrusts and then with short fast jabs. As he exploded he filled her mouth with semen. Removed his prick from her mouth, lest she choke and came all over her sexy face, hair, shoulders, saree. Nandita tried to swallow as much as she could. Suddenly Nimi left the camera and started sucking Nandita’s mouth, face, to taste Vivek’s cum.

This was the second time Nandita had tasted semen and she was loving every goblet, droplet of it. Nandita’s panties were thoroughly soaked and her thighs too were wet. She responded to Nimi’s kisses with gay abandon, whimpering and moaning loudly. She ripped Nimi’s t- shirt over her head and pushed the pink lacy bra from the top and fastened her mouth on one swollen nipple. Nimi felt discomforted, feeling the tightness of the bra strap on her back. She roughly pushed Nandita aside and removed her bra. The sight of her huge breasts with swollen nipples gaining freedom was too much for Nandita. She lost control and with a loud moan latched on to them with her hands and mouth.

Vivek seeing the women, and especially Nandita’s horniness, could’nt wait to fuck her. He roughly pulled the women apart and carried Nandita in his arms to his bedroom, where the airconditioner was on. Vivek ripped Nandita’s blouse off, and Nimi helped him in removing Nandita’s clothes. On seeing her soaking lace panties, Vivek could not be bothered in removing them, he just yanked and ripped them. 

He saw Nandita’s cunt lips fully engorged with the blood pumping in them, her clitoris was fully erect. Her black cunt hair was neatly trimmed and the sight of black hair, creamy white thighs and pink cunt lips was too much for Vivek. He knew that Nandita too was wanting him to fuck her. He laid Nandita on her back and raised both her legs over his shoulder. He placed his prick near her flowing cunt juices and pierced the bulbous head of his prick into her cunt. Nandita’s cunt had never experienced such a thick, fat prick and although Vivek had only put the head in, her outer cunt lips where fully stretched. Nandita screamed in pain. “OOOHH GAAWD III CAANNT, PLEASE NO Vivek,”, she cried. There was cold sweat all over her forehead and face. Nandita was really scared and got completely dry inside. ” OOOOUUI MMAAA YOOU Are TEAARINNG ME AAIIIEE”. Although Nandita had been married for a little over two months, her cunt had never been so stretched. 

She started begging Vivek to please spare her. Vivek felt as if he was deflowering a virgin. This excited him no end and his proud thick prick throbbed even more. Nimi came by Nandita’s side. Nandita begged Nimi to make Vivek stop. Nandita expected Vivek to ram his prick fully in regardless of her dryness and fear. Vivek meanwhile removed the head slowly, putting some spit on it sank it again in her cunt. After repeating this a few times her cunt was able to accommodate his thick prick head. He now started inserting his prick bit by bit, thrusting and withdrawing. He got a slow rythmn going and sensed that Nandita was now lifting her buttocks to meet his thrusts. Her juices were flowing freely and she could feel an orgasm approaching. Nandita now clawed on Vivek’s back egging him to go faster. 

Nimi asked her how she was liking it. Nandita managed a whimpering sound ” OOHH AAARGG HHHEES FFUCKING MEE SOOO NICCELY, IT FEELSS SSOO GOOD”. Vivek now started thrusting and withdrawing faster and faster pounding Nandita’s tight cunt. His heavy balls were slapping against Nandita’s raised buttocks THWAP, TWAP, THWAP with each of Vivek’s powerful strokes. Their bodies were glistening with sweat and the only sound in the room as Vivek increased his thrusts were of Nandita’s loud moaning and THWAP, THWAP, THWAP, THWAP of his ball slapping her raised buttocks. Vivek felt as if he had deflowered a virgin. Nandita was thrilled at the power of his thrusts and for the first time in her life felt fulfilled , literally and mentally. Vivek kept on going THWAP THWAP THWAP and Nandita could feel her orgasm imminent. Sensing this Vivek stopped pumping abruptly. Nandita wailed ” YOOU BASSSTARRD DOOONT STTOOP PLEEEASEE IIMM UNNGG CCOMMING.”. ” FUCK ME< YOOUVE ALWAYS BEEN WAITING FOR THIS YOUU UNNGHH URGGH AAIIIEE OUIII MMAAAA", Vivek started thrusting hard and Nandita came and came. "OOUI MA UURRNNGH OHRGD". Vivek could not hold back any longer and exploded inside Nandita, filling her cunt with his semen. He then collapsed on the bed beside them.Nimi had been rubbing her clitoris bringing herself to orgasm, while Nandita had been getting fucked. She longed to taste Nandita’s cunt juices and quickly started sucking her swollen cunt lips. She darted her tongue inside Nandita’s cunt and tasted Vivek’s semen again. She also started teasing Nandita’s bud clit making her moan and writhe. Nandita had never experienced anybody sucking her let alone a sexy woman. Nimi needed gratification too and spread her legs over Nandita’s face and started grinding her soaked cunt on Nandita’s face. Nandita was a quick learner and soon the two sexy women were having orgasms 69ing each other. The sight of these two sexy women doing each other excited Vivek and he developed a hard-on again. He pulled Nandita away from Nimi. Taking her by the shoulders he brought her near a rocking chair and he sat down. Then he motioned for her to sit on him. Nandita stared at his thick prick and slowly sat on him taking in his prick inch by inch. When Vivek had his prick fully inside he remained absolutely still and concentrated on fondling, sucking, biting Nandita’s fair breasts. He asked her ” Nandita, does this feel nice”. Nandita was fully plugged up and although Vivek was only gently rocking, the fullness of his prick was bringing her close to another orgasm. ” AAAH YYOUU ROGUE YOOVEE UM UUMMMN UURGGGHH OOOHHH YOUR COCK IITTSS FILLED MMEE UUNNGGH UUNNNGHH UUUNNNNGGH OOOO AAHH” wailed Nandita.

Nandita feeling his fullness inside her had another orgasm, but Vivek kept his prick absolutely still. Then he motioned Nimi to hold Nandita’s shoulders from the back and he clasped her buttocks tightly. He stood up with his prick fully inside her and clasping her buttocks tightly. Nimi had the weight of Nandita’s shoulders on her. Vivek slowly started pumping his prick in and out of Nandita’s cunt. Nandita was in midair and was receiving Vivek’s powerful thrusts. Vivek increased the pace as did Nandita’s moaning which turned into a continous wailing sound AAAHHN AAHHN AAHHN AAANN UUGGGNHH, as she neared another orgasm. Nandita was in throes of orgasm and her wailing was completely incoherent. Vivek then, withdrew his still hard and erect prick and they laid Nandita on the bed.

Nandita continued to whimper and moan, having never experienced such a thorough fucking in her life. Vivek meanwhile straddled Nimi’s flat stomach and propped two pillows under her neck. He the clasped both her huge tits with his penis tightly clenched by her breasts and began to breast-fuck Nimi. He was really rough with Nimi and would thrust his prick thru her breasts and into her mouth. Nandita had not seen such a thing before and the sight of Nimi’s huge breasts being treated so roughly brought her to another wave of orgasm. Nandita had no control over her cunt which kept throbbing for more. Sensing this Vivek stopped breast-fucking Nimi and made Nandita and Nimi lie side by side. He raised Nandita’s left leg and Nimi’s right leg. He quickly propped pillows under their buttocks so that their cunts were raised and nicely positioned. Then he thrust his prick into Nandita’s gaping, throbbing cunt and gave long hard strokes. He then withdrew and did the same to Nimi’s cunt , holding one leg each together.

Both Nandita and Nimi drew double the pleasure from this, since while one was being fucked, the other too was moving in the same rythmn. Vivek kept alternating and fucking them. He went on and on, both Nandita and Nimi continued to moan and wail as orgasm after orgasm swept thru their bodies. When Vivek could feel he was about to explode he withdrew his prick and let go of their legs. He straddled Nandita’s breasts and put his prick into her mouth. He loved to see such a pretty fair horny face sucking his prick. This is what he wanted to do to Nandita since he first saw her sexy face. He exploded inside her mouth and this time roughly forced her to take-in all his semen. Nandita gurgled and gagged but his semen kept coming in. Finally Vivek withdrew his fat prick from her mouth and rubbed his prick all over her sexy face and hair. He then collapsed on the bed along with them and continued to bite and nibble at whatever part of skin came in contact with his mouth.

Nandita finally got up and went to the toilet to pee. Semen was still coming out of her cunt lips. She washed her face in the mirror and saw dried semen all over her body and hair. Her hair was all knotted with dry semen and try as she did she could not untangle them. Her hair, bastard had really done her in, how was she going to go home in this manner. Nandita had always been particular of her hair, a lot of care and time went into taking care of it. Now this mess was unbearable for her. Also there were hickies on her neck, cheeks, breasts and her lips just as her cunt lips were swollen. She thought, “My God, I better stay away from Raja till these disappear”. Thinking of Raja she saw the time was 5.35pm and she needed to get back, bathe before he came in at 7.pm. They had been fucking away for more than 3 hours. Nandita came out of the toilet to search for her clothes. Vivek saw her bending down and quickly got up and started slapping her huge buttocks. ” Sali teri badi gannd ko chodne ka chance he nahi mila”, said Vivek while slapping her buttocks. 

Nandita saw that Vivek had got a hard-on again. Nandita was turned on by Vivek’s using vulgar hindi and by his slapping and kneading her bums. She replied ” Noo Sushiil, Raja will be getting back, Please let me go, another time you can fuck me, I promise, please let me go now”. Saying this Nandita hurriedly started picking her clothes. When Nandita saw the semen stains on her saree and torn blouse and panty she began to cry. Her saree was beyond repair, all crumpled and ripped in certain places. Nimi came to her rescue by offering to give her clothes, but she did not have a saree, only the sexy black dress she had worn on the party night. So Nandita had no choice but to wear that dress without panties. Her swollen nipples could clearly be seen and the dress was very tight around the arse, she had to hike it higher, whereby the dried cum on her cunt hairs and inner thighs could be clearly seen.

Crying, Nandita left Vivek’s apartment. She had difficult walking in the dress and when she sat down to drive her car, the dress rode up and her swollen cunt-lips and semen matted cunt hair could clearly be seen. She put some paper napkins to cover her cunt and thighsfrom bus view and drove home. At stoplights Nandita noticed that the vendors and beggars were having a field day staring at her almost naked body. On reaching home she prayed that nobody should see her and almost ran into her room, locking it. But lo behold her maid was doing her room and she came face to face with her. Nandita lowered her eyes and asked her to get out of the room. The maid saw the dishevelled state Nandita was in and quickly realized that her memsaab had been thouroughly fucked that day. She would use this knowledge to her advantage very soon. Smiling and staring up and down at Nandita, the maid left the room. 

Unknown to Nandita, her brother-in-law too had seen her coming in, peeking from his bedroom. He was always spying on her. He knew that she had worn a saree and comeback in somebody else’s clothes looking thouroughly fucked. He now saw an opportunity to have her the way he wanted. Furthermore, unknown to Nandita there were photographs taken of her Sucking and fucking, which too could be used against her wishes.

I was getting bored at home being house-wife. I used to work before my marriage. I never missed my opportunity to have fun before marriage, After my marriage, my life has become stand still with routine work at home, Finally I spoke to my hubby, and got his permission to got for a job. I went through freeads and I started applying job for admin job, I tried through all my contacts to get decent job. After few weeks, I got an offer from a MNC, as Admin Assistant. I just loved the job profile. I immediately joined the MNC without giving second thought, After joining, I found, My boss was an old man of age 58, I loved the job, but not my boss. 

I started to loose my interest in my job, It has become boring, All my expectations, become failure, I never talked about this to my hubby but something changed with the change in my working department. I have been working in a company in the admin department. After a few weeks of working, we found that the owners of the company had decided to sell the company and we found that my new top boss was a young energetic man by the name of Arun. He was a great guy full of energy and in no time he had the company moving. Arunwas tall, 5’8” and had nice stout body with pleasing smile and sweet talk. He always looked happy and joyful. I got all this through my collogues and when ever I used to see him, something in me turned on and I really thought of being close to this man and was secretly admiring him. Few times he visited my department and I thought he hardly noticed me.

A few months later his secretary went on maternity leave and the HR guys started hunting for a temp hand. There was an internal hunt and I decided to apply and I got the job. At the final interview with Arun, he told me plainly that the work would be hard and with long hours and that he expected his secretary to be smartly dressed for work. By smartly dressed he made it clear that they should be smart, classy and revealing. He gave me a day to decide. I had decided to join but needed my husband’s approval. The reasons for working for ARUN was obvious. I wanted to be near this handsome person and found that talking and being with him was making my panties damp. That night after a hard fuck with my husband (as I was excited with the thought) I told him bout my decision to work for Arun. At first he was silent and then he asked me the real reason for working for Arun. With great reluctance I told him that I found ARUN handsome.

I was afraid that he would get angry with me but, to my surprise he started to get hard again and taking me in his arms he started to fuck me again. He was hard within no time and his cock was like a steel bar. He spread my legs and put his cock in my cunt asking me for more details. I told him, “ ARUN wants me to wear revealing clothes that will show off the cleavage in my breasts. He wants me to wear the sari tightly so that my ass is prominently visible. Ohh dear I would love to wear such clothes for him. Do you have any objection dear?” I found that he was very much excited and he fucked me vigorously holding me tightly in his strong arms. 

This was so different than the earlier fucking and I knew he loved the idea of me showing off my assets to my boss. He did not say this but his cock told me everything. He fucked me hard and deep. And when he came in my cunt he kissed me all over my face and pressed my boobs hard. After that he lay on my body and told me, “ Nandita this is fantastic! Did you see how we fucked today? The idea of you exposing your body to your Arunreally excited me. I knew you too were dreaming of Arunwhen we fucked. Go ahead and do it.”

I did not understand his words “ Go ahead and do it!” But I gathered that he wont have any objection even if I fucked my boss. So I too decided to wear the clothes as per my Arun’s code. The next morning before going to work , he fucked me again and told me it was okay to work for Arun and he did not mind me wearing revealing clothes to work, once again.

The next day I told Arunthat I would work for him and his condition were acceptable. He smiled at me and told me to start working for him. That day I was wearing pink semitransparent sari and matching blouse of thin material. I had black bra and dark pink panties. I knew that the bra was clearly visible even over my paloo. The blouse had low cut neck and deep back cut. Arunwatched me with smile and said that I have already started working for him with a wink. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at him and I knew he liked what I wore.

The whole day was hectic trying to figure out the place and system of working and before going home I purposely asked Arun, what was the Dress Code to be. He told me that he preferred his secretary to wear saris and churidars. The saris are to be worn just below the navel and the blouse should give a hint of cleavage. At times the back of the blouse should be deep. And the sari should be tied tightly around the ass. The chuirdar kameez should also be tight fitting with cleavage and back showing. The material of both blouse and kameez should be thin so that the bra could be seen. 

“You are wearing such a nice sari but next time wear it below your naval so that your belly button is visible. Choose the bright colour. You must be wondering why I tell you to wear such clothes but I can just tell you that it gives me energy when such lady is working with me. I know you will be doing just fine!” and with that he patted by back casually. His touch sent shivers through my body and my cunt oozed juice, dampening my panties. I was very much excited with all this and wanted to tell it to my husband when I went home.

In the night I told my husband what Arun talked to me. I told him that he has told me to wear the sari below my naval so that my belly button is visible. When I told him this he got immediate hard on and he grabbed me and kissed me passionately.

“Nandita! You are really sexy and you should wear such revealing clothes. I get excited when you tell me how other males admire your body. It makes me hard. I was going to suggest you this but was afraid you may not like it. But now since the ice is broken let me tell you that I love to see you sexually happy. Do anything with Arun, I wont mind. Just remember one thing! Don’t spoil our married life as you do this and that has to be just physical thing with no strings attached. OK?” “Yes I understand. But I wont fuck him. At least I have not thought about it so far. Just flirting that’s all. Oh your cock is hard. My pussy is dripping wet. Just see it.” I spread my legs to show him my dripping pussy. He put one finger inside and believe me, his finger was dripping when he took it out. I caught hold of his extra hard cock and took it to my mouth. I had never sucked him before but today was different. With the new found pleasure we both were really horny. That night he fucked metwice and both time we both came hard. I had never experienced such a mind-blowing orgasm in my life! I sucked his cock and he came on my boobs. He spread his come over the big globes and we loved it.

When the marriage becomes stale this masala is a must. We both experienced it and I am going to tell you more of what all happened. 

The next day I went to work in a sari. It was a light pink colored sari and my husband himself suggested me to wear it. I wore the sari in front of him as per his liking. He asked me to wear matching blouse of transparent material. Before that he handed me the Red coloured Bra that he had selected for me. The bra was clearly visible through the thin material of blouse and looked really inviting. The blouse was deep at the back and in front too, it just showed off my cleavage. I wound the sari tightly around my body, especially near my ass and off course below my naval. He admired it and said,“ Oh Nandita! Your ass looks so prominent! Its so tempting that Arunwill caress it. Ohhh look at the belly button! It’s so deep and sexy. I think today he will definitely make advances at you. Tell me all about it when you come back.” He then kissed me lovingly and rubbed his hands over my back whispering that he loved me and wanted me to seduce Arun. 

I applied dark tan lipstick to my lips and the earrings that I chose were circular and big. I looked in the mirror and I knew I was looking really sexy. I left for the office putting the high heels and that made my ass sway to far left and right and it gave me exciting feeling. As I entered Arun’s cabin his eyes showed approval. He looked at me from head to toe and his eyes stopped at my cleavage and then belly button. He asked me to turn around and as I swirled around he admired my provocative ass and said that I looked very nice and sexy. I asked him if I had dressed as per his code and every thing was OK. He said yes but that still some improvements were needed. After that we got to work.

The day passed off swiftly it was a busy day and we could not talk much about each other. At the end of the day I asked him bout the improvements I needed in dress code. He mentioned that the sari paloo must be kept loose and not pinned up and the sari should be tied very tight around the ass. As I left for the day he told me that he liked my work and dress sense very much. He saw me off at the door and gently caressed my ass as I left and commented that I had a nice tight ass. I smiled and left swinging my ass even more knowing that he was watching me.

That evening my husband wanted to know what happened and I put him off till bedtime. That night as I told my husband bout Arun watching my large tits, bare back and my nice ass. I also told him that while leaving the office he caressed my ass. This made him real hard and he asked me if I liked it. “ Yes dear! I loved his hands on my ass and wanted him to knead the flesh too.” He rubbed his hands over my ass, “ like this?” “ Yes but harder. Arunis so strong you know. Rub them harder.” He caught my but flesh in his hands and squeezed tightly. I moaned with the pleasure and my choot started to ooze juice, for Arun. My husband then undressed me and asked me to stand naked before him. He proceeded to look at me from all the angles and admired me. I was so excited with all this that I thought I may come there and then. I rubbed my choot with my middle finger as my husband watched me. Looking at me rubbing myself made him very hard and he came near me and asked me to hold his lund while I rubbed my choot. “ Ohhhhhh Nandita! Show your body to Arun . show him your boobs, ass and even choot. Ohhhhh the way you are telling me! I know you love his cock. Do you know how big it is? Must be bigger and longer than mine. YES rub your pussy for Arun . Imagine this to be Arun ’s lund!” This gave me explosive orgasm! The way my husband was talking! And the rubbing and watching! I had never had such a intense orgasm. After that I sucked his cock and made him fuck my tits. 

He rubbed his cock all over my tits and then I pressed them together and he inserted his cock in the passage and fucked my boobs hard. His cock rubbed on the skin and nipples and gave me second orgasm! He too came on my boobs and rubbed the come with his cock all over the surface. I loved the feeling of hot come on my skin and I urged him to fuck me. I mentioned bout the unpinned paloo and he became hard a gain. 

I then told him about the sari being tied tight around the ass and he turned me around and for the first time started to fuck my ass. As I told my husband in elaborate detail of my boss caressing and complimenting me on my nice tight ass and me walking away with swinging hips. He lubricated my ass and fucked me in the ass as never before. He came in my ass and at the same time really squeezed my large tits. I too soon came and as we lay side-by-side totally satisfied. 

The next day I went to work in my tight churidar. The material was quite thin and my bra could be seen and the neck was slightly deep. At work I left my chunni on my chair and entered Arun ’s room. He was quite happy as I modeled for him and only commented that my sandals needed some improvement. During the day as we worked I figured out that he needed me to bend over exposing my large tits as I handed over papers to him. I also figured out that he liked to caress my ass as he instructed me on some work related procedures. And he liked to see me swing my hips as I left his room. Before lunch he called me and gave me an address and asked me to go and get myself some sandals.

Apparently the shop owner was known to him and was expecting me. Since it was lunchtime the shop was deserted and the shop owner brought out the selection for me to choose from. All of them were high heels with the minimum being 4”. Arun chose this for me. As I bent over to try the sandals I noticed the shop owner looking at my exposed tits. I decided to give him a good show. I moved my chunni aside and bent over so that he could have a good look at my fleshy tits. He requested me to let him allow the high heels for trial and asked me to put my feet inside. I purposely showed him that I couldn’t put them on without his help. So he caught my feet in his hands and put on the high heels. While doing so he caressed them and tried to touch the upper part of my feet too. This made me wet and I wanted to tease him more. I tried the high heels and I walked in his shop with the high heels, and with a swing in my hips. As I came near him I stumbled and pretended to lose my balance. He caught me by the shoulders and while doing so his chest touched my breasts. He looked at me with apology but I thanked him for preventing me from falling and smiled at him. I looked at his crotch and could see sizeable bulge. I was glad I did it! The high heels made my legs look longer and made my legs and ass feel tighter. There was also a definite swing in my ass as I walked. I asked him how it looked and was the fitting alright?Yes Madam! Its absolutely fine and you look and walk beautifully. But practice it out before you go out as these are 4 inch heels. As I prepared to leave the shop wearing the high heels he stopped me and said he had a small gift for me from Arun. As I sat on the chair, he sat in front of me on the mattress and gently removed the high heeled sandals, and put on a silver chain around my ankles. He admired this and said that these things make me look smarter (sexy). 

As I was leaving the shop he called me in the inside room and asked me to phone Arun to tell him I had selected one. I did that and while I was talking to Arun the shop keeper was looking at my round ass and cleavage of boobs. His bulge had increased and I felt pity for him that I could not do anything for him. So before I left his shop I gave him a tight hug pressing my boobs on his chest and squeezing his lund in my fist over his pants. He moaned loudly and I felt his cock squirt. But I ignored that as I was not in a position to do more than that. 

Back at the office Arun was quite pleased with the new sandals and very happy to see the silver chain round my ankles. He told me that I was only to wear high heels in the office. And some time later I was to have my nose pierced and have a few extra piercing in my ears. 

That evening as I showed my new high heels to my husband and told him about the piercing and the shop incidence, he got extremely turned on and we had a great fuck with me wearing my high heels all the time.

Till this time Arun had only caressed my ass, and put his arms round my waist and this made me feel good and wet.

Our sex life was spiced up after I started to wear clothes for Arun. We talked about me flirting with Arun and my husband used to get instant hard on! The idea of me getting fucked by Arun was now deep-rooted in my husbands mind and that made him fuck me with newfound lust. So we both were looking forward to meet Arun intimately. My husband one evening came to pick me up from work. He came in my office and I introduced him to my boss, Arun. We all chatted, specially my husband and Arun . Arun told my husband that I was very efficient in my work. He also asked him about his opinion on thedress code he had suggested. My husband told him that he too liked me wearing such revealing clothes and proceeded to tell him, “ sir! She has a nice body and she looks beautiful in such type of dresses. The high heels you bought her makes her walk nicely, seductively I mean.” As he was talking to Arun , Arun came near me and started to caress my ass in front of my husband. I was at first shocked about this but noticed that my husband did not object this but was enjoying it. His palm pressed into my ass cheeks and I felt him over my chudidar.

Arun , noticing that my husband did not mind, really got into it and started to rub my ass hard and even run his fingers through the crack of my ass. This sent a shiver through me and I was close to orgasm. My husband watched this with great interest and I could see his bulge growing. Arun then started to finger my ass hole through my clothes and I came with a soft moan. My husband smiled at Arun and continued to talk to him. As I came with excitement I lost my balance and fell against Arun ’s shoulders. He caught me and took me in his arms pressing his chest over my boobs. I started rubbing my large tits against his chest and smilingly looked at my husband. All the time the two men continued their conversation, as if nothing had happened. I just heard my husband invite Arun home for dinner Saturday night. When we reached home, my husband tore off my clothes, and fucked me hard on the front room carpet. His lund felt very big and hard in my tight choot that I came many times.

My husband seemed to be very turned on and kept pounding my choot and biting my neck and tits leaving large bite marks. He called me names like slut, Randi, bitch etc. which I enjoyed and asked him to fuck me harder as a whore should be. Finally my husband came, and he let his come spurt on my tits and face and I enjoyed the feel of cum on me. He then rubbed all the gooey come over my tits and face and then kissed me lovingly. For Saturday, my husband gave the instructions. In the evening after I had arranged the food and come out of the bathroom after my bath, I found that my husband had laid out my clothes for me. Looking at them made me wet. It was Green sari blouse with a very deep neckline. At the back there were only strings to fasten it. It was to be worn without a bra. As per my husband instruction I wore a light yellow color sari tied well below my navel. I also wore the silver payals Arun had presented me on my ankles. I put on bangles, nose ring (Nathani) and 4 rings in each ear. On my feet were high-heeled sandals. And lastly I put on my mangalsutra that hung deep in the valley of my boobs. The bite marks on my neck and tits and bruises on my back from the rough carpet were clearly visible.

MY husband caressed my naval and told me that I looked real sexy. I opened the door when Arun came, and he was stunned at my sexy looks. He took me in his arms and kissed my deep red lips and at the same time kneaded my tight ass. It felt good to be in his arms and being roughly kissed. I rubbed my heavy tits on his chest and felt his prick against me. When we parted, I noticed my husband was watching all this. During the evening, as I served the snacks, Arun and my husband kept openly fondling me and kissing me. I had to redo my smudged lipstick many times. Arun gave us the news that he would be soon leaving the company to set up his own consultancy and told me that I could join him in his new job. I was excited that I gave him a hug and he kissed me on the lips and kneaded my ass. I rubbed my choot against his large lund. At the same time my husband hugged me from the back, kneading my tits and biting my back and rubbing his prick against my ass . This felt too good to have two men caressing my body at the same time. I was overjoyed and I fell on my knees and with each hand unzipped the pants of my husband and Arun. I fished out both the cocks and were they hard? They were throbbing! Arun’s lund was larger than my husband’s. It was longer and thicker and I had difficulty in taking in the whole thing in my mouth. Arun caught my hair and pushed his lund deep inside my mouth while my husband rubbed his lund over my nose and ears. Friends! This was a great feeling each woman should experience. Like a good slut I sucked Arun ’s lund and he came in my mouth.

My husband too came on my face and some of his come fell on my chin and boobs. Arun watched me pushing his lund out of his mouth and asked me to clean it off. I looked at my husband and he signaled me to do it and he caught his own lund and offered me to clean it too. As I licked both the lunds, they rubbed against each other and I felt my husband getting excited. I caught both the cocks in one fist and rubbed them together. After all both were my men and I had to treat them equally. After I cleaned them, Arun carried me to my marriage bed. I asked my husband to remove my clothes as Arun watched. My husband gladly removed my sari and exposed my blouse-clad boobs. He put his hand on my breasts and told Arun, “ Arun my wife is yours to fuck as much as you want. Her boobs are nice, big but firm. See how big they are. Here let me expose them for you.” And with that, my hubby proceeded to remove my blouse and soon my breasts were naked. Arun looked at the twin globes and was very much happy. He removed his shirt and started to undress too.

Arun told my husband to keep my jewelry and high heels on. I wondered what was that. He told us that he loved women naked with just the jewelry and high heels. That was his fetish. My husband then rremoved my petticoat and panties asking me to part my legs and show Arun my well shaved choot. Arun had removed his clothes and was naked. He rubbed his lund in his hand looking at me and admiring my body. My mangalsutra was dangling on my breasts and the high heels on my feet looked nice.

My husband then undressed too and asked Arun to enjoy the charms of my body. Arun ’s lund was leaking precome and his knob was swollen. He caught me and kissed me on my lips as my husband squatted beside me and watched. Arun made me lie on my knees, doggy style, and kept his lund at the choot hole. With one push he was all inside my choot and banging away like a mad. “ Ahhhh! Your wife has nice choot Madan! She is tight! Ohhhhh watch me fuck this Randi of yours. Ohhh see how that mangalsutra is dangling from her neck. She is a slut, fucking her boss with the mangalsutra on. And you like to watch. So watch me!” Arun fucked me hard and signaled my husband to give his small lund in my mouth. He hurriedly pushed his lund in my mouth and I swallowed it easily. They both fucked me hard and I came over Arun ’s lund. As my husband saw me coming he too ejaculated his seed in my mouth. I swallowed it and gulped it down my throat. Arun gave a final thrust and lay still on my back. I felt his come spill in my womb. It was nice to feel both the lunds coming! I was in heaven!

After we all came, Arun asked my husband to clean my choot of his come. He hesitated first but then when I insisted he put his mouth to my choot and slurped away all the Dc’s come from it and kissed me. I too tasted his come from my husband’s mouth and we lay for few moments satisfied. Then they both fucked me together, my husbands smaller prick in my ass, and Arun s larger and longer prick in my choot. Exhausted we slept and then I woke up both the men, with sucking their pricks and then they both fucked me together with Arun in my ass and husband in my choot. Arun s large prick hurt my ass at first, but later I begged him to fuck my ass harder. It felt real good. Finally I jacked off both the men and they both came on my face and tits. Arun left the company and I joined him in his new office. There were just two of us and we could be much more free and in my next will tell you of the new dress code and office responsibilities. 

So that’s how Arun fucked me in my husbands presence. My husband loved it and just the thought of that makes him hard again, Arun opened his own consultancy and so also a new office. The office was big with a separate cabin for Arun and a small cabin for me and one big room in which he was planning to make the general office. Arun was very happy with my work and charms too. He told me the new dress code i.e. to wear my sari very well below my naval and to wear blouse with deep cut in front and back. As usual it was to be tied tightly around the ass and to put on all my jewelry and mangalsutra. He also told me to put darkish lipstick so that I looked sexier. He explained me that my job was to keep his customers happy to be nice with them.

I asked what he meant by be nice, he said that he expected me to welcome them when they come, serve coffee or tea. Since we had to attract business he wanted me to be sexy and flirty. My husband had no objection for this and was even more excited when I told him about this. He said,“ Ohh to meri bibi abb customers ko bhi khush kareengi! Oohh tub to usko unse chudwana bhi padega. Ohh Sali pakki Randi ho gayee hai. Chalo theek hai.” And we had nice fucking sessions. Working with Arun was very exciting. Every morning he had me model my clothes for him. I used to walk with my paloo falling down from my shoulders and with swings of my ass. Sometimes when nobody was around I used to unbutton few buttons of my blouse and show him my fleshy cleavage.

After which he either fucked me or I sucked him when he sat on his office chair. The day used to pass with me showing off my spilling out tits and wriggling my ass. When customers came I bent over to show off my tits and let my paloo drop so that they could see my cleavage. Telling all this to my husband used to get him in a strong fucking mood. He used to fuck me and call me names like whore, slut and office slut etc. I did not mind and used to enjoy it. All this fucking was making me hot and I was exposing my body to strangers like the courier delivery boy and the office cleaner. Once when Arun was away out of town, I let the courier boy fuck my ass. He was crude and abused me. Called me names like Randi and pounded my ass hole. He even slapped my ass as he fucked me and I enjoyed it. After that whenever he came for a delivery or pick up he used to put his hands inside my blouse and twist and pinch my nipples and demand that I suck him. When Arun was not there, I gave him a good sucking job.

One day he came and asked if Boss was in and as I said no that Dc had gone out he pinched my tits and demanded that I suck him As it was very hot that day the boy was all sweaty and as I knelt and unzipped him I could smell his sweat and piss from his underwear. Noticing that I was hesitating to suck him, he twisted my hair and shoved his prick into my mouth. Not wanting to get hurt, I sucked him and soon found that I liked the smell of sweat and his dried piss. I soon took him deep and his hair was around my nose and he came quickly. He kept calling me a Randi and things like that and I did not mind and in fact seemed to enjoy it. He zipped up and twisted and pinched my nipples hard and left with me kneeling on the floor with cum in my mouth. This was getting good and dirty and I wanted more.

In the morning I told my husband that I was going to buy some saris and have a few blouses stitched. He told me to buy some transparent chiffon saris and have some semi transparent cholis stitched. He then gave me a description of the cholis and I told him that with something that low my tits might just fall out. He said no matter and gave me some money to do the purchases. He said that Arun had instructed him and had given him the money too. As I went to the tailors shop , I was wet with anticipation . The tailor was not there, only his assistant was present.

I told him that I wanted to stitch a choli and he took me inside to the measuring room. I described him the style, with only three hooks in the front and sleeveless. At his request I dropped my paloo and he kept staring at my tits and its cleavage. As he took my measurements he took advantage and purposefully rubbed my back and from the front he squeezed my tits showing it to be accidental. I let him take advantage and soon his prick was making a large tent in his pyjamas. He rubbed his prick against my ass and I could not take it any longer. As he moved in front of me, I took hold of his prick and rubbed it. He groaned and I knelt and undid his pyjama nada.

As his pyjamas fell I noted that his pyjamas were not very clean. As his prick came to view , I noticed that he seemed not to have recently had a bath and the smell of piss was very clear. I remembered the courier boy and I took it into my mouth. As I sucked I realised that that I enjoyed sucking pricks which were dirty and this realization made me suck harder. The smell of sweat and piss was hitting my nose and I was enjoying it. I reached behind and squeezed his bum and fingered his ass hole and as he fucked my mouth hard , I felt his prick hit the back of my throat and he came in my mouth. 

He came in large quantities and some of it spilled out of my mouth and fell on my tits. I wiped my mouth and tits with his dirty pyjamas and the smell of it was making me horny. The boy was spent and he sat down. Then he got up sleepishly and put on his pyajama. I adjusted my clothes and then collected the receipt and left after giving the boy a good-bye kiss. My next stop was at the sari shop. I had known this man for some years . As I entered the shop , I found him all worried . On asking I found that he had a big customer , a sethji from out of town , and the sales girl was not in the shop. This had made the sethji upset , and the shopkeeper was going to loose some good business. The shopkeeper begged me to help him and finally said that he would give me a saree free if I helped him. I asked him what I had to do , and he replied that I had to show him the sarees and if he requests, to model a few by putting it on my shoulders. I agreed and he took me to show room at the back. The sethji was sitting on a sofa , and in front of him was large low height table full of very costly sarees.

The room was well lighted and had mirrors on all sides. The sethji was a old man of around 60 years. He was wearing a white kurta and dhoti and and his mouth was stained with paan. The shopkeeper and I sat down on the low table and started to show him the sarees. I observed that the sethji was more interested in me than the sarees. Noticing this the shopkeeper asked me to show the sarees. As I was showing him the saris I noticed that he was also looking at my breasts that peeked through my low cut blouse. ‘The Dirty old man’ I thought and moved my paloo a bit away from my breasts so that he could see more of my tits. The sethji then asked me to drape the sari on my shoulder to see how it looked. I knelt, dropped my pallo and put the sari on my shoulder. The sethji kept on staring at my flat stomach, deep navel and cleavage. I was getting more excited at showing off and thought about the hard fucking my husband would give me when I told him of this.

I tugged my sari lower and it was very very low now and my whole flat stomach was exposed. The sethji was getting excited and called the shopkeeper aside and whispered something to him. I understood that it was about me. The shopkeeper then told me that the sethji wanted to be left alone with me and if it was ok. He also told me that the shetji would give me nice present if I satisfied him. I felt like a whore and was excited by the feeling. I agreed and the shopkeeper left the room. After showing him some more saris he made me sit next to him. And every now and then touched my body and as I did not object took more liberties and kissed me with his paan stained mouth on my lips. First I felt disgusted and humiliated with all the paan smell but this humiliation made my choot flow. Then I enjoyed it and kissed him back. He took my hand and put it inside his dhoti and made me fondle his prick. His lund was small, may be 4 inches but it was hard as steel.

We kept kissing and I then moved down to suck him. The sethji took hold of my mangalsutra and wrapped it round his prick and made me suck his cock along with the mangalsutra. This was real dirty, an insult to my husband but I kept sucking and he came in my mouth and all this time the sethji was moaning and enjoying it. As he took out the mangalsutra covered prick from my mouth, there was some come sticking on the Gold. The come fell into my cleavage and it felt wet and sticky. The sethji than choose many costly saris and left. The shopkeeper was very thankful and gave me the saris I needed, free. 

I always was in search for nice fucking and was very alert at the signals males use to throw at me. It was my luck I caught the right signal and my life and more correctly my sex life changed. There was one 40-yr. old person who was working as production manager in my office, having nice athletic body and slim body, no belly and nice sexy brown eyes, I will call him as Sanjay. He was married but living separately from his wife and was working somewhere in Mahim. He used to look at my figure with penetrating eyes and I got the signal that this bloody fellow wants to fuck me. I started to smile at him and out meetings changed into long chats. I came to know all about him and his interests etc and told him mine. (No, not sex).

He was no fool, and got me right where I wanted. He got all the body messages and was sure that this horny girl will allow him to have a go at her pussy. One day he asked me to come to his house for a small party which he was giving on his promotion, that’s what he told me. It was Saturday and I went to his house in the evening at 7.00 p.m. His house was not big but ok and in an apartment complex, not far away from my house. He opened the door and I peeked inside, expecting many people there. But I did not see anybody and my heart skipped a beat. I was not afraid of him but was excited by the situation, which was ahead of me. He asked me to sit on the couch and gave me some cold drink, may be coke or something like that. He sat near me and asked me if I was surprised for seeing no one. I said yes I sure was.

He told me that he wanted to call me alone but was afraid to do so thinking that I will not come. So he gave a party for his false promotion. I smiled at him and he immediately kept his lips on mine and literally crushed my mouth. I tried to push him away, not expecting this at all from him. He was furious and hit me on my slim ass. He told me, “ Nandita you have troubled me a lot baby. Now I am not going to spare you any more. I was crazy with all the fucking signals you gave me and now I am going to fuck you baby.” Hearing this I was excited but I had to protest and he got angrier than ever. He went in and brought a nylon rope and catching my left hand turned me around so that both my hands were behind my back.

The bastard tied a knot and secured my hands. I had not even tried to struggle and this fucking bastard tied me. I was wearing thin shirt and jeans pant and with my hands behind my body my boobs jutted out straining against the thin fabric. I felt my nipples grow. OOH what was happening? I was getting aroused by this! I looked at my boobs and saw the nipples poking out through the thin material. Sanjay came to my front and watched my breasts, keeping his eye on the nipples and watching them growing. He was wearing shorts and T-shirt and I could see clear bulge on the shorts, the bulge was quite big and I expected the cock to be 8 inches or more. As I imagined the cock size my cunt started to ooze the juice and it went on becoming wet and wet. He now came to me and started to unbutton the thin shirt I was wearing. He undid top three buttons and pushed the shirt aside exposing my boobs for the first time. He looked at them and licked his lips, and told me that they were real nice and looked full. He removed rest of the buttons but could not remove my shirt due to the tied hands.

Sanjay then took the two melons in his hands and pressed hard on them and I could see his fingers digging into the soft flesh. I felt pain as he increased the pressure but could not say anything due to the fear. I don’t know how, but I was enjoying the pain he gave me while kneading the boobs. He rolled the two globes in his hands, then pushing them together he rolled the titties on each other. Sanjay was doing a great job and I involuntary loved it. I started to move my ass in excitement. He then removed the zip on my pant and pushed his hand inside and tried to locate my pussy. I could feel his hand search inside and finally settle on the fleshy lips of my pussy and move over the panties feeling them.

Sanjay looked satisfied and now pulling his hand out removed the hooks on my pant and pulled it down roughly and as if in a hurry to see my ass and pussy. The jeans Pant fell to the floor and he asked it to remove it from my feet. I obeyed and removed my feet. He immediately pulled the panties down and kept his mouth on my pussy and started to explore it with his tongue. I was enjoying it and wanted to remove his shorts and see his dick but I could not do it since my hands were tied back. I was helpless and at his mercy. But did not regret what was happening to me. I looked at myself and could see Sanjay kneeling in front of me and licking my pussy. I could not resist this and with my left foot I searched his cock and found it hard and strong. He felt my foot on his cock and rubbed his cock on it with his movements. He now removed his shorts and freed the cock. OHH my God what a Salami! It was about 9 inches long and more than 2.5 inches wide and sprang up like a cobra ready to attack the enemy.

I continued to feel it with my foot and absorbed the hardness through it. He got up and asked me to bend forwards. He then caressed my tiny but firm ass cheeks and put his finger on my Dark Bum hole and pushed it mercilessly. I cried in pain at the entry of the finger stumbled and was about to fall forwards. He grabbed me and held my balance and asked me to move near the couch. He made me rest my face on the back of the couch so that I had some support. Sanjay again came behind me and I felt his cock on my tied hands. Immediately I moved my fingers and caught it. He was huge and I could not hold the cock in my hand fully. He was surprised with this and asked me to be ready for some action. He caressed my ass and hit my ass cheeks with flat of his hand. Oh I cried in pain and asked him not to hit me. He told me that this was for teasing him all the time after we met.

He continued spanking me till I cried loudly begging him to stop and telling him to do anything he wished with my body. He placed his cock on my ass hole and thrust hard. Nooooo! I cried. But he did not listen. My asshole was dry and his cock just entered stretching it wide. He too felt the dryness in the ass so he pushed his cock in my pussy and wetted it with the cunt juice and then again pushed it in my ass. OH god it pained a lot! All the skin around my ass hole was pushed inside by that mighty thrust and it pained. I tried to move my ass away but Sanjay hit me hard and catching the small ass in his hands pushed it back on the entering cock. Holy shit! His cock head entered my ass stretching it and molding it all around his cock. Friends it all was hurting me but I don’t know why I was enjoying it.

Now Sanjays cock had entered about half in my tiny ass and he was trying to push more of his cock. He had held my ass with both his hands and in between he used to spank me and also knead my boobs. So after a few more thrusts Sanjay could manage to push his entire cock in my ass. I could feel his monster touching the depths of my bowels and even caressing many organs nearby. I could feel very high and I my self started to push my ass on his cock and started to fuck him with real LUST. I have small ass and just imagine friends, that Sanjay’s 9-inch cock was torturing the same and it felt great.

Sanjay was now fucking in earnest and spanking my ass all the time. Finally he groaned and released his come inside my Bowels. I felt the hot come spraying on the walls of the large intestine and it was really soothing my ass now. He fell on my back and my hands touched him. Finally he removed his cock and asked me to stand. Actually I was not in a position to stand but I had to. Now Sanjay untied my hands and my GOD what a relief! First thing I did was I moved my hands like in drill. Come was coming from my ass but I had to move the hands to make the fatigued muscles move and adjust to the freedom given by Sanjay. I thought Sanjay was done and won’t fuck me for today. He asked me to kneel before him and suck his cock. I fell on my knees and took his flaccid cock in my mouth and sucked it. I could feel my own odor on the cock, friends, the same cock had been in my ass. This was perverted but I loved it and greedily licked and sucked the cock. I felt it stir and start to harden under my ministrations.

As soon as it was hard he pushed me roughly away and lifted me and put me on the couch. Then Sanjay came over me and rubbed his cock all over my body and then on my sensitive boobs. I had felt the two globes neglected and now he was rubbing his hard cock all over them. I could feel the rubbing and my boobs too responded. The nipples started to grow hard and the blood rushed in my boobs to convey the things happening there to my whole body. Sanjay caressed the sensitive nipples with his cock head and shivers ran through my body. I felt my pussy leak and my asshole twitch. 

I was watching all this action, turning my head up. Sanjay then put the cock in the valley between the boobs and pushed the flesh of my boobs on it by pushing the two melons from the sides on his cock. He started to fuck my titties and each time the cock head poked and touched my mouth, I use to lick the cock head as a token of love for it. While fucking my tits, sanjays ass rubbed on my stomach and belly and massaged the skin there. After a few strokes I felt my body tense and then completely relaxed. I had come! Pussy juice flowed and trickled into the crack of my ass and it felt really nice. Sanjay now got up and pushing my legs over his shoulders thrust his cock in my leaking pussy. Ohh hit went all the way in upto the hilt. I felt the cock head touch my uterus and rub all over the surface of my vagina. I felt my pussy full of the cock meat after a long time and pussy muscles too gripped the intruder with love and affection.

He started to fuck me slowly, pulling out all the cock and pushing it all the way in. Friends Sanjay really was fucking me methodically. While fucking he kneaded my boobs too. Sanjay’s speed caught up, and now he was fucking me fast and deep. My cunt walls gripped the cock and suddenly my pussy muscles contracted and relaxed, and I came again! The Bastard was nice fucker and he too felt me coming. He now fucked me pushing his cock on one side and then another. OOh god! He touched each and every cell in my pussy and fucked me faster than ever. His cock twitched and I felt it twitching, friends.

He deposited his thick scum all inside my pussy and I came again! My pussy swallowed all his come and I felt soothing in the pussy. He released my legs and they fell down as if they had no life in them. My body was totally relaxed and I felt like sleeping there and then. Sanjay wiped his cock on my belly and left trails of come all over it. Sanjay now got up and brought a glass of cold water for me. I drank it as if the fellow was doing me a great favour. He sat besides me and for the first time kissed me affectionately. 

He told me that he really loved fucking my body and said that I was a great lay. I knew I was. But first time in my life somebody had fucked me brutally, not giving any attention to my needs but satisfying only his lust on my body. But I must tell you Friends that I ENJOYED BEING TREATED LIKE THIS. And I had come on my own about three times, and he never touched my clit for this. OH Friends, from then on I had to be fucked rough and tough, deep and more deep, cunt and ass. Oh spanked too! I left his house at about 9 00 p.m. Fully contented and now I had definite needs for my body which could be fulfilled only by fucking rough and tough, which was never before.

I am rounding the curve, almost home. It has been a long day at work and I am ready to get home. My husband, Raja, is out of town on business. It will be a peaceful evening so I can just sit around and relax. As I pull into the driveway, I see Naveen next door playing with his dog in his front yard. Naveen, 20, grew up, I have known Naveen since he was four years old. He is into body building and his muscles look hard as a rock. He is wearing a tank top today, as usual, to show off his muscles. He also has on faded cut off blue jeans. He is throwing sticks for his dog to fetch.

I go inside and pour myself a large glass of Juice. Now to the bathroom, draw a nice tub of hot water, get in, and relax while drinking the Juice. It feels so good to just unwind from the stress of the day. As sit in the tub drinking my Juice, I reach for the soap and washcloth and begin bathing. I wash my face and neck. When my washcloth covered hand reaches my soft white breasts, my nipples instantly stand to attention. Putting the washcloth on the side of the tub, I take another swallow of Juice and my bare hand returns to massage my soapy breasts. I try to squeeze my nipple but it is so slippery that it keeps slipping from between my fingers. As I lightly trace little circles around each nipple, I start to fantasize about making love to an imaginary lover. My other hand slips between my legs, between my lips and begins to massage my clit. I have been fantasizing a lot lately about making love to someone other than Raja. We have been married for 12 years. The Juice must be having an effect on me already because I have an orgasm very quickly.

After bathing, I get out of the tub, dry off, and slip into a sexy white lace bra and white bikini panties. The doorbell rings. “Who could that be?”, I ask myself. I put on my bathrobe and go to the door. It is Naveen.

“Hi, Naveen, come on in.”

“Hello, Aunty. Is this a bad time?”

“Oh no. I just got out of the tub. Care for a glass of Juice?”

“That would be nice.”

I pour two glasses. “Come into the living room and have a seat.”

Naveen sits on the couch and I sit in the soft easy chair across the room. As I sit in the chair, my robe slides off my legs, exposing them to within a few inches of my panties. Quickly covering myself with the robe, I am sure Naveen noticed. I know he must have seen my panties. I am embarrassed, yet, in some strange way, it’s stimulating for Naveen to have sen such a private part of me. My heart beat quickens and I hope I am not blushing.

His muscles look hard as steel. He rests his leg on the coffee table and I can see up one leg of his ragged cutoff jeans. He has on no underwear! I can see his balls and the head of his penis! I wonder if he is doing this intentionally. I try to look him in the eye, but my eye keep wandering down to his crotch. I feel my temperature rise and I feel flush. I have to fight to keep my eyes in the proper place.

I get up to get a pack of snacks from the coffee table in front of Naveen. As bend over to pick up the snacks my robe gaps open. I know he can see my bra and the swells of my breasts. I wonder if my nipples are showing through my thin bra. I hope not. I am glad I put on my best bra this evening. As I start to put my hand on my chest to keep my robe closed, I decide not to. I notice his eyes lower to my breasts. I don’t really mind. I hesitate a few seconds to let him savor the view. It gives me a tingle of excitement to have him staring at my soft mounds. He really can see no more than he could if I had on a bathing suit.

I still think of Naveen as a little boy. He has been one of Vivek’s friends for years. His mother is a very good friend and we chat often. Our families cook out in the back yard together frequently.

“I haven’t seen you around much lately, Naveen, where you been keeping yourself?”

“I have a girlfriend and been spending a lot of time with her.”

“Who is she?”

“Oh, you don’t know her. My parents don’t like her. She is older than I am.”

“How much older?” I ask as I sit down in the easy chair.

“She is 36.”

“My god! She is just a few years older than I am”, I imagine.

“I thought maybe you could help me with a problem I have.”

Naveen has always been able to talk to me about his problems. Even when he was a little boy, he would come to me with problems he felt he couldn’t discuss with his mother.

“Sure, what’s the problem?” I sneak a glance at his crotch.

“She likes to dance slow and I never learned how. Would you teach me?”

“I’ll be glad to. Do you want to start now.”

“Yea, if you don’t mind.”

“Ok, I’ll put on some nice slow music and teach you how to dance.”

I put a CD on and motion him to help me move the coffee table out of the way. Again my robe falls open when I lean over to pick up the table and this time I couldn’t use my hand to keep it closed, if I wanted to. Naveen again gets a long view of my cleavage. I am feeling a little self-conscious now because I may be showing him too much.

Ready to give Naveen his first dance lesson, I stand in the middle of the floor and he stands in front of me. I have to take his right hand and put it on my waist. He is very tense as I put my left hand on his muscular shoulder and take his other hand in mine.

“Just relax. You will never be a good dancer until you learn to relax.” I really feel strange standing with my arms around Naveen. I hadn’t realized how tall he was and for the first time I can tell that his muscles really are as hard as they look.

After a few songs Naveen is doing great. He learns fast. We sit down for a few minutes,finish our Juice and I pour us each another glass. By now, I am feeling a little wobbly. 

“Let’s dance one more time and then I have to go home.”


This time Naveen pulls me close to his hard body. I am a little startled as my breast presses into his chest. Not expecting this, I don’t know whether to back away or not. I decide that I won’t embarrass him, and snuggle close. His body is real solid. I can feel each individual muscle in his shoulder and neck. I can’t resist stroking my hand over his solid muscles.

He dances like he has been doing it for years. I wonder if this whole thing had just been a plan to hold me in his arms. He uses his right hand on the back of my head to press my head against his shoulder. The sentimental song and the Juice make me feel romantic and for a few seconds I forget who I am with. I offer no resistance. I close my eyes and rest my head on his strong shoulder. He hugs me tight for just a second and I hug back. His young athletic body feels so good against mine. My left hand is rubbing the back of his neck. Feeling a growing bulge touching my thigh, I know that he is getting excited.

I must stop this now before it goes too far. Moving my head from his shoulder, I try to step back a little. Naveen holds his right arm firmly around me. He takes my hair in his right hand and gently forces my head back so that I am looking up, right into his baby blue eyes. He looks down at me for a moment, then leans forward and kisses me on my mouth! I can’t believe it! I have known this kid since he was four years old! He is like a son to me! I try to pull away.

“NAVEEN! What are you doing?”

Naveen doesn’t answer. He pulls me tight against him and presses his mouth against mine again. I am so startled at his actions that my mouth opens and his tongue slips inside.

“Mmmppphhhh,” I try to protest but the sound is muffled my his tongue in my mouth.

I gasp in surprise as his hand finds my right breast and presses it against my chest! Naveen is touching my breast! It feels very good! I hesitate about a minute and think about what is happening as Naveen fondles me. I want him to continue, but I know that I can’t allow it. It is wrong! I use my free hand and move his hand off my breast. I wonder if I should tell his mother.

“Aunty, you know you like it,” his voice is very calm.

“It feels very good, Naveen, but this is wrong. PLEASE don’t do it again.”

He takes my right hand and holds it with his right hand behind my back. Now both my hands are useless. One is being held behind my back, the other is over his shoulder and he is holding me so close to him that I can’t move it. His left hand again finds my breast. He presses and caresses it. I am helpless to do anything about it. My breathing increases and my heart is pounding so hard, it feels as if it will leap out of my chest.

“Naveen, PLEASE don’t!” I plead with him. My voice is trembling. 

He holds me very close. He is so strong that I can’t escape. He very slowly slips his hand inside my robe and begins to slide it into my bra!

“NO, Naveen, PLEASE move your HAND! Let me go ……….. NOW!”

“Relax, Aunty, you know it feels good.” His hand is very warm as it touches the top of my soft rounded swell. It feels incredible! His fingers spread and just brush against each side of my nipple as his hand dips further into my bra. My nipple hardens.

“Please don’t do this to me!…….I don’t want to!” I still try to stop him, but he is determined to feel my breast.

The skin at the joint between two fingers bend my nipple down as his hand slowly slides deeper inside my bra. My hard nipple springs back into his palm. He plays with my breast as I struggle to stop him.

“NAVEEN, I DON’T want to do this.” I am fighting the urge to cry.

I feel the coarse skin on his hand against the smooth soft skin of my breast. He takes my hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger and twists it and pulls on it, not hard, very gently.

“Nooooooooooo ……….. oooooooohhhhhhhhh”

It feels great but I must stop this. I am NOT that kind of woman. I struggle to get free. My heart pounds savagely. He is so strong that I know that I will never be able to free myself from his powerful grip.

He maneuvers me back, pins me against the wall and slides my robe off my shoulder. He examines my thin white lace bra with the imprint of my hard nipple protruding through it. He covers my breast with his hand, now on the outside of my bra. He finds the hook in the front. His hand moves to it. HE IS GOING TO UNFASTEN MY BRA!!!

“NO, NAVEEN, NO……PLEASE don’t ……. Noooooooooooooooooo…..”

He unfastens my bra and pushes it aside exposing the milky white skin of my uncovered breast to the bright room light. He examines my breast as his finger lightly traces circles around my stiff nipple.

It does no good to struggle. I relax my body. I feel so vulnerable. How did I let myself get into this? Naveen clutches my breast for several minutes. It really feels phenomenal! I am breathing even deeper now. I hope he doesn’t notice how much he is turning me on. I want him to stop, but yet, I don’t want him to stop. I feel so strange having someone so young and handsome pay so much attention to my bare breast.

He lightly presses my soft mound from different angles and watches it move. He puts his palm over my entire breast and makes large slow clockwise motions, moving it with his hand. He flattens it gently and then pulls my nipple again.

Oh, it feels SO GOOD, particularly when he pulls my nipple! I am confused. I don’t know how to stop him and if I did, would I wish later that I hadn’t?

He is still caressing my fully displayed flesh and occasionally pinching my nipple. “When I was ten old, I was here playing with Vivek and we found some Polaroids of you.”

I know exactly which Polaroids he is talking about. It was some nudes that Raja had taken of me. I had always hoped that no one ever saw those photos!

“I have wanted to play with your tits ever since that day. They are just a soft and smooth as I imagined. Your tits are even more beautiful than they were in those pictures 10 years ago and your nipples are fantastic.”

He moves his hand from my breast and just gazes at it. I blush. I can’t help it. It feels so very good to have my naked softness petted by a muscular young man but I know than I cannot allow it and I try to struggle free one more time. When I struggle, he grasps my breast very hard. It hurts bad. I stop struggling and relax my body again.

“Please, Naveen, You shouldn’t be doing this!” My voice is still trembling.

“You know you are enjoying this. I can tell by your breathing.”

I am breathing hard, both from struggling and from being aroused.

Naveen unties the belt on my robe and opens it, revealing my white bikini panties. His left hand leaves my breast and moves down to my waist and then even lower. His fingers slide beneath the waistband of my panties.

“NO, Naveen, PLEASE PLEASE stop!……PLEASE don’t do this to me!……PLEASE don’t put your hand in my panties. Don’t touch me down there!”

I begin to tremble all over and my breaths gets deeper. My knees are weak. I have never been under the control of a man in this way before. It is both frightening and arousing. I can’t escape from his strong grip.

His hand slips into my panties and pauses at my thin downy pubic hair. He twirls his fingers through my hairs and pulls slightly. Not to hurt me, but only playing. His hand explores my furry pubic mound and every once in a while he pulls a single hair. He is taking his time and enjoying toying with me.

“PLEASE don’t touch me there……It’s ok to touch my breasts if you just won’t touch me down there……You can do anything you want with my breasts.. ….Just PLEASE, PLEASE don’t touch me below the waist.” I hope that if I let him play with my breasts, he will be satisfied and leave my genitals alone. I am almost crying.

His fingers touch my puffy outer lips and very lightly examine their shape and texture. He slides down my left lip and comes back up the right one.

I try to put my legs together, but his muscular thigh is between my legs and I can’t get them together. His fingers slowly explore my lips. I feel myself getting wet! I am really getting turned on! This is wrong! I move my hips in different directions trying to get my genitals away from his hand.

“Oooohhhh …………….”, my voice is almost a whisper, “Naveen, Please just play with my breast. Suck on them for me. Please suck my tit. It feels so good when you play with my tit. I love it when you pull my nipple.”Oohh.” His fingers drag my wetness all over my tingling lips. “NAVEEN, don’t you want to feel of my breasts? Pinch my nipple.”

Just as I begin to protest one more time, his finger slides between my lips, finds my tingling clit and very gently massages it. The feeling is ecstatic. Another moan escapes my lips.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhh…………” I am helpless. My breathing gets still deeper.

He is molesting me at will as his finger slowly works it’s way down to my wet vaginal opening.


I gasp and my whole body tenses for a second as he easily slides his finger up into me. It is one of the most wondrous feelings I have ever had.

“You are real wet, Aunty!”

“Oooohhhhhhhhhh …….. That …….. doesn’t mean ….. that I’m …….. turned on ………. Please don’t ……… Please remove ……… your finger …… Naveen, please ……… please ……… stop doing ……. this to me.” I try to sound like I’m not turned on, but my voice gives me away.

He very slowly slides his finger in and out…in and out….in and out….

Involuntarily, I spread my legs wider and I rotate my hips forward and backward in rhythm with his finger.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhh ……..”

My body gets hot all over and wet as perspiration covers me completely.

Naveen is holding his young athletic body against me. He slides in another finger, then another, filling my captivated opening with his fingers, slowly sliding them in and out for several more minutes. He returns to my swollen clit and I open my legs wider and press my pubic bone into his palm.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh ………..”

Breathing very hard now, my chest is rising and falling with each deep breath. I have completely surrendered myself to this dominant young man. My willpower has disappeared. My voice is a whisper.

“Oooohhhhh ………. Naveen, that…. feels so good ….. Please don’t stop……. I want you .. so much!”

You have no idea how many times I have fantasized about fingering your pussy. When you wear those tight Saree’s and I can see the outline of your ass, it drives me wild. One time I was laying in the floor in this very room and you walked by me with a dress on and I saw your pussy covered only by your thin saree. I went home and jerked off while thinking about it.” His voice is still calm and cool.

I look into those blue eyes and with the hand that is trapped over his shoulder, I bring his head to mine and give him a very long deep passionate kiss. My tongue wanders into his mouth.

Naveen releases my hands. 

Without breaking our kiss, I put one arm around him and reach for his crotch with the other. I rub his erect member through his ragged cutoff jeans. My hand slips inside the leg of his shorts. I find his hard dick and eagerly wrap my fingers around it. The last time I saw his penis, it was less than an inch long (he was very young then). Now it must be 8 inches now and hard as a rock. Pulling it out the leg of his cutoff, I begin to pump it slowly with my hand. I feel it’s swollen mushroom shaped head, it’s long hard shaft, and I feel the tuft of rough hair at it’s base.

He slides my robe off the other shoulder and it falls to the floor. My bra also falls off letting both my ashen breasts swing free. Returning his hand to my pussy, his finger slides between my lips and finds my clit again, this time on the outside of my wet panties. His other hand massages my tits, moving from one to the other and back again, pinching my nipples and pressing each breast.

We are gazing into each other’s eyes while exploring each other’s most private parts. I really want to feel his cock inside me now! My mind knows that I shouldn’t and that it is wrong, but my pussy wants his hard dick inside.

Moving my other hand to the back of his head, I pull him to me and again lustfully kiss him on the mouth. My tongue wanders into his mouth and he opens to accept it. My other hand never stops sliding up and down on his hard rod.

“I want to kiss it. I want your cock in my mouth. Do you like to have your dick sucked?” I can’t believe I am saying those words.

“It’s my favorite thing in the whole world.”

I kneel down in front of Naveen, unfasten his cutoffs and slide them down to the floor. I am on my knees admiring his beautiful big hard dick, his hairy balls, and his muscular thighs. Taking his massive cock in my hand, I move it to my mouth, open my lips and slide them over his swollen purple head and begin sucking it like a popcycle. I relish the moisture on it’s tip. I savor the musk of his shaft. Cupping his balls in my hand, I squeeze them gently as I lick down his long shaft and then lick each fuzzy ball, one at a time. I take a ball into my mouth and suck it. All the time my hands are massaging his firm butt. I place his dick in my mouth again and suck as hard as I can.

“Oooohhhhh……you suck so……. good…..I always knew……….that you could…….suck a dick!”, now Naveen is moaning and breathing so hard he can hardly talk.

In just a few seconds his dick begins to swell even more and starts jerking. His cum fills my mouth. I forgot that young boys cum much sooner than older men. I swallow all his warm salty cum and feel very disappointed that he came so quickly.

Snapping back to reality, I ponder what has just happened. I have done wrong. I have sucked off the little boy next door. I am so ashamed that I let myself get so carried away. What if Raja finds out? Will he leave me? I can’t look at Naveen. I hope he leaves quickly. Will Vivek find out? Will I be the subject of neighborhood gossip? Will Naveen tell his friends how he got me to suck him off? Will other young boys come over expecting a blow job? What if a whole group of boys come over and hold me down? What would they do to me? It’s all my fault for letting him see the tops of my breasts earlier. I got him turned on and he couldn’t help himself.

But Naveen doesn’t leave. He lays me on the floor and kneels beside me. 

Feeling terribly guilty, I close my eyes so I won’t have to look at him. 

He removes my panties. He spreads my legs and kneels between them. 

I am too humiliated to resist. I just lay limp on the floor. 

His hands lightly glide all over my pussy as he examines it visually for the first time. I have very thin pubic hair and he has no trouble seeing my pussy in the bright daylight. He spreads open my engorged lips and investigates my slit. He bends over and kisses my downy pubic area. His kisses drift between my outer lips and down to my wet opening. His tongue slowly dips inside me! It feels great. My breathing again is very deep. I put my hands on his head and run my fingers through his hair. His tongue wanders all around inside my hot pussy. He slides it in and out. I feel his tongue work it’s way up between my wet inner lips, licking very quickly as it slowly inches its way up to my awaiting clit. He licks my clit several times quickly with his tongue.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhh!……..That feels.. wond…….der…..ful.”

He sucks my clit into his mouth and moves it in and out…in and out…in and out…. squeezing tightly on it each time it passes between his wet lips.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhh……..don’t stop… please……don’t stop!”

My hips raise up off the floor to his mouth. I am breathing very hard. My skin begins to tingle all over. All my muscles tense at once.

“I’m cumming! …………. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh I’m cumming! ………… I’m cumming ……… Suck …………. My PUUUUUUUUUSSYYYYYYYYYYYY!”

After several minutes of orgasm, my body relaxes and Naveen moves up and lays on top of me. It feels so good to have this strong young body laying on me. I wrap my arms around him and hug him tightly. My legs are spread and laying flat on the floor. We kiss passionately.

Naveen moves his head down to my breasts. He licks around each sensitive nipple. Then gently sucks a nipple into his mouth. He sucks on first one breast then the other. His tongue flicks each nipple. He kisses my neck and sucks on my earlobe and I feel his hot breath blowing in my ear. Then he again kisses me on the mouth. It is a very long tender erotic kiss.

I wrap my arms around him and stroke his muscular back with both hands. I rub his neck and the back of his head. I feel something move between my legs. He is getting hard again! Something else I forgot about young boys. Their hard- ons return very quickly.

Without using his hands Naveen moves his hips and his penis is rubbing between my still wet pussy lips! We both are breathing passionately again.

“Oh, Naveen ….. put it …… in me ….. I need ……. for you …… to fuck me …… Please fuck me.” I can only talk between breaths.

My legs are spread as wide as I can get them. I reach down and take his rigid dick in my hand and guide it to my wet opening. He gently slides just the head in. He moves it around real slow. Never putting it in very far. He is teasing me! He is driving me wild!

“Naveen………I want………it all……. FUUUUCKKKKKKKK MEEE!”

He drills the whole thing inside in one hard stroke. It is marvelous. It completely fills my pussy.

I wrap my legs around his waist and he begins to thrust. Up and down, in and out. It feels SO GOOD! I can feel the head and veins of his powerful dick sliding on my inside walls. He is great! Pumping with long powerful strokes, he thrusts and thrusts and thrusts. He is driving me wild with excitement. Lasting much longer this time, he cups my breast in one hand and I grab his round firm butt in both my hands. My groin starts to tingle again and I know I am about to cum another time. My muscles are tensing again and I have that wonderful feeling of orgasm. I feel Naveen’s dick swell inside me and begin its jerking motion that tells me he is cumming also.

Naveen collapses on top of me with his dick still inside my listless pussy. He kisses me again. Does this man-child never get tired? I want to put my legs together but he is laying between them. His tongue probes the inside of my mouth. In just a few minutes I feel his dick, which is still inside me, swelling one more time. He starts a very slow shallow pumping motion with his hips.

“Aunty, I have fantasized about fucking you since I learned about fucking. I used to jerk off so many times while thinking about you after coming over here to play”

“Oh, Naveen, I had no idea!” I had never thought about me being in someone else’s fantasy.

He is pumping very slowly. One hand is fondling my naked breast. My pussy is getting wetter and wetter. I can feel his cum from the previous time running down the crack of my ass and getting the carpet wet. His kisses are tender and long. I stick my tongue into his mouth and rub his back with one hand and the back of his neck and head with the other. I am breathing passionately again!

“Oh, Naveen……it feels…. so gooooood!” I spread my legs wide apart and flat on the floor, too tired to wrap around his waist. My pelvis is moving in rhythm with his. His dick is completely hard again and fills my pussy. My groin begins to tingle again and I know yet another orgasm is fast approaching.

At that moment he pulls his swollen dick out of my pussy.


“Turn over, Aunty, and lay on your stomach.”

I do as instructed. Naveen is in complete control of me as he has been the whole time. I feel the soft fur of the carpet against my swollen tits. It feels very warm. I spread my legs as wide as possible to accept his huge dick into my eager cunt. He kneels between my legs then lays on top of me. I feel his dick between my pussy lips.

He is slides it between my lips then into my tender pussy.

I am laying flat on the carpet on my stomach with my legs spread as wide as possible. He slowly moves his full-grown dick in and out, up and down. I move my butt up and down in rhythm with him. It feels soooo good. My skin starts to tingle. I want to hug him but I am on my stomach and can’t reach him. I am near orgasm again. He pulls out before I cum.

“Nooooo….don’t stop!…..I want……..to cum!”

He turns me over and puts his knees on each side of my head. 

His enormous dick is right in front of my mouth. I hold it in my hand and lick my love juices off his shaft.

He bends over and presses his tongue between my swollen pussy lips and begins licking my clit.

I open my mouth and accept his dick into it as he does the same with my clit. I am doing 69 with the kid next door!

He moves his hips up and down. He is fucking my face! I love it!

I feel my crotch tingling again. My muscles tighten, I loose my breath. I am about to cum. I feel his dick swell in my mouth. I start another orgasm.

Naveen continues to lick my pussy and suck my clit into his mouth. His huge dick starts jerking and his cum strikes the back of my throat. I swallow every drop.

I am still cumming! 

Naveen’s dick begins to shrink and he collapses with his full weight on me and his soft dick all the way in my mouth. His pubic hair is tickling my chin and his balls on my nose.

I am still cumming! 

Naveen is still sucking my clit. I have never cum this long before. I have never cum this many times before.

I am still cumming! I can’t breathe. My heart in pounding. I am still cumming!

Naveen’s soft dick is still in my mouth. 

I am still cumming! I suck strongly on his dick. My legs are beginning to cramp from being so tense so long. I put my arms around Naveen and hug him as tight as I can. I continue sucking his limp dick.

Finally the waves of orgasm are slowing. I thought I would die! It was the strongest orgasm I have ever had in my life. My body finally relaxes. Naveen’s dick is still in my mouth. I suck just a few more minutes and he shoots a small load in my mouth and he relaxes with his head at my pussy and his dick still in my mouth.

Naveen, so very lightly, traces my sore pussy lips with his finger. I know he is examining it and I am happy that he wants to. I want him to know every fold of skin in my most private area.

I remove his dick from my mouth an examine it. I examine his furry balls and study where they meet his butt. I feel the nuts in his sacks. I explore the veins in his protrusion.

After about 30 minutes of both of us exploring and studying each other, Naveen gets up, gets dressed, walks over and gives me a sweet kiss on the mouth. I am still laying naked on the living room floor.

“Thanks Aunty, you’re the best. I have to go home now. Mom will be wondering where I am.”

“Thank you, Naveen. You were wonderful. I must have a submissive streak in me. I loved being under your control like that. I hope we keep this little episode just between us. If anyone else found out, it could cause a lot of problems.”

“Good. You were great. Don’t worry, it’ll be our secret. Bye now.”

I haven’t seen Naveen, since that fateful day about a month ago. Deep down inside, I would like for it to happen again. It has given me a whole new outlook on life. I feel so much more sensuous and have so much more confidence in myself. Raja even commented on how attentive I’ve been to him.

I am on my way home from work and Raja is away on another business trip. I really would like to see Naveen again. My heart begins to throb as I round the curve and see Naveen in his yard. Then my heart sinks as I see another guy in the yard with him.


When I get out of the car, I wave at Naveen and he waves back. Damn, why did that other guy have to be there? We could have had another wonderful afternoon.

I get a bottle of wine from the fridge and begin pouring. There is a knock on the door. It’s Naveen and his friend.

“Hi, Aunty, this is Vijay.”

Vijay is a older than Naveen, about 28 or 29, taller, and built just as well. He has dark hair, brown eyes, and is about 6’2″ and about 72 kgs. Both are wearing tank tops and shorts to show off their muscles. I am a little apprehensive. Why has Naveen brought this guy here?

“Hello, Vijay, it’s so nice to meet you.” We shake hands.

“It’s nice to meet you, Aunty. I’ve heard a lot about you from Naveen.”

I know my face is red as I look toward Naveen.

“Vijay and I work out together. We talk a lot while we work out.”

“What did you say about me, Naveen?” I say with a stern voice. I am anxious to hear the answer to THAT question.

Naveen puts his strong arms around me, pulls me tightly to him, and kisses me on the mouth.


With his arms still around me, Naveen said, “It’s ok, Aunty, Vijay’s cool.”

“NAVEEN, it’s NOT ok! I am a respectable woman and I DON’T go around kissing young men in public.

“This is not public. It is in your house.”

“I am a married woman and I don’t kiss young men anywhere!” I try to push away from Naveen.

He holds his arms around me and clutches my lower body tight against his. Why did he have to bring Vijay here? I would love to have sex with him, but not with Vijay here.

Naveen kisses me on the mouth again. Unable to resist, I put my arms around his neck and kiss back for just a few seconds. I decide that he probably has told Vijay about our late afternoon escapade last month.

Vijay moves real close behind me and presses his hard body right up against mine. I am caught in a sandwich between the two burly young men. Vijay places a hand on each side of my pelvis and pulls my rear end tight against him. Feeling a hard lump at his crotch, I try to squirm free, but I only seem to excite Vijay as my butt wiggles across his crotch. Each one of them is holding me tight and I can’t move very much. Vijay’s hands wander up my rib cage until he has a hand under each of my armpits. I can’t lower my arms from Naveen’s neck because of the way Naveen is holding me. I know what is coming next.

“NO! ……. Stop this right NOW!” I try to sound firm.

Naveen holds me tight against him. 

Vijay’s hands slide forward until he has each one of my breasts covered by his large palms. I was afraid this would happen. He squeezes my breasts several times. He pushes them up, then he gropes with them some more. He finds my hardened nipples and pinches them through my bra.

“Aarrmmmmmppppppppphhhhh!………..”. I try to protest, but Naveen has his tongue in my mouth.

As Vijay continues to fondle my breasts, I feel his groin hunching against my Butt. He leans over and kisses me passionately on the neck while Naveen is still kissing me on the mouth. The hair stands up on my neck.

“NO! ………… I will not allow this! This is too kinky for me!”

Vijay’s right hand leaves my breast, moves to my buttocks and begins massaging my right butt cheek. He sucks my earlobe into his mouth, blowing his hot breath on my ear. He rubs my breast with his left hand and my behind with his right for several minutes. He works my skirt up over my bottom and slides his hand into my pantyhose as his tongue explores my ear. I feel his large coarse hand wander all over the bare skin of my rump and his hot breath on my ear.

“PLEASE STOP …….. I don’t want this!”

Getting turned on, I feel like a slut. Where do these guys get the idea that they can just come in my house and have their way with me. I don’t want this to happen, but they won’t stop.

Vijay gets on his knees behind me and lowers my pantyhose and panties to my ankles.

Naveen rubs my breast. He kneads it very gently through my blouse and bra with his sensitive hand.

Vijay lifts my feet, one at a time, off the floor and removes my underwear. He unfastens my skirt and pulls both it and my half slip to the floor. Naked from the waist down, I can feel Vijay staring at my bare butt. He leans forward and kisses it.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze don’t …….”. I try one more time to stop them.

While Naveen continues to kiss me, he fondles my breast through my blouse and bra.

Wrapping both his hands around my right ankle, Vijay moves it about a foot away from the left one.

Naveen is holding me off balance and I can’t get my legs back together. I wish I were alone with Naveen. I would love to have sex with him again. I am so turned on, it is unbelievable. I have never even fantasized about two men at the same time.

Vijay’s hands, still both wrapped around my right ankle begin to slowly slide up my bare leg. As they slowly work their way up over my calf, I can feel a palm on each side of my calf, fingers in front on my shin bone, thumbs in back. I am glad I shaved my legs this morning. When he reaches about half way up my leg, he pauses and tickles the back of my knee with his thumbs. It feels very good. Vijay has found one of my erogenous zones!


I start to kiss Naveen passionately. After he unbuttons my blouse and pushes it off my shoulders, he reaches behind me, unhooks my bra and it falls to the floor between us. He takes my newly liberated breast in his hand and gently presses it.


Vijay’s hands resume their journey up my leg. When they reach just below my crotch, his left hand (the one between my legs) stops and his right hand continues up to rub and knead my bare butt. He moves my right cheek all around and then just slides his hand all over my rear end.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhh ……………..”

It feels good. I move my bare bottom in circles. His left hand slides up my now wet inner thigh and touches my puffy labia.

“Oohh!” I freeze.

He slides his hand forward, between my legs, up to my pubic bone and toys with my hairs for a few seconds, then moves his hand back down to the top of my split and moves his finger down the entire length of my crevice and back up, never dipping between my lips, just feeling the crack where they meet. The feeling is unbelievable. I want his fingers between my lips. For several minutes, Vijay explores my lips then finally, he slips a finger between them and up into my wet and willing pussy. 

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh …………..” I spread my legs a little wider.

Naveen bends over and takes a nipple into his mouth. He sucks it hard, but not hard enough to hurt.

Vijay slips more fingers up me. I can’t tell how many. He slides them in and out … in and out. I arch my back, sticking my butt back to Vijay.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………….it feels soooooooo gooooooooood ……… let’s go to the bedroom.”

Vijay stands up and we walk to the bedroom. I am in middle and both guys have their arms around me. I feel awkward as I am the only one who is naked. I am sure both the boys are watching my breasts jiggle as we walk down the hallway. Feeling proud, I hold them out as far as I can.

When we get to the bedroom, I turn the covers all the way back to the floor and lay down on the king size bed to watch the boys get undressed. I have seen Naveen’s magnificent naked body before, so I am really eager to see Vijay. He doesn’t disappoint me. His body is fantastic. Larger and more mature that Naveen’s and a lot hairier. His organ is erect and gigantic.

“One of you go back to the living room. I want to have sex with both of you, but only one at a time.”

They both get on the bed with me. One on each side. 

“NO! Only one at a time. One of you must go to the other room.”

“NO, Chickie, we are friends. We will fuck you together”, Vijay Anitaounces.

“My name is not ‘Chickie’. I won’t have sex with both of you at the same time”, I assert as I sit up on the bed.

Vijay puts his hand on my breast and pushes me back to a reclining position. He bends over and kisses me on the mouth for the first time. My first impression is of the stubble of his beard on my chin and below my nose. He slips his tongue into my mouth. He takes my left hand and places it on his incredibly huge organ.

I wrap my fingers around it and begin stroking. I can barely reach around it.

Naveen puts my right hand on his member also. It feels so bizarre to have a cock in each hand. I have never done that before.

As I kiss Vijay, and play with both hard dicks, each one of them fondles a breast. It feels strange having two people play with your breasts. Naveen feels the right one gently and tenderly. Vijay, in contrast, is harsh, to the point of being painful.

“I told you she had great tits!”

Now I know Naveen has told. I wonder how many other people he has told.

“You were right, Dude. Aunty, your knockers are great.”

I feel both anger and embarrassment. Anger at Naveen for telling about our escapade and embarrassment at the two of them talking about my naked breasts.

Naveen slides down and begins sucking on the breast he is playing with and soon Vijay does the same. I have wondered how it would feel to have both breasts sucked at the same time and it is wondrous. I feel like a mother dog suckling two puppies.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh ……………… that is …………. fantastic.”

I spread my legs as Vijay’s hand slips down to my most private pubic area. His finger enters my split at the very top, slides down between my lips to my clit and begins to harshly rub it.

“Ouch …….. Not so hard ……… it hurts.”

“That’s ok, Chickie, it’ll feel good in a minute when you get used to it.”

I don’t like being called “Chickie”. I am beginning not to like Vijay so much. He is much cruder than Naveen. He places both my outer lips between his thumb and forefinger and pulls. He crams his finger into my wet vagina.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhh ……………”

He fingers me for several minutes while they both continue to suck my breasts. I get very wet. He returns to my clit and again coarsely rubs it. This time it feels really good.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh ………….. yeeeeeeesssssssss”

“Didn’t I tell you she was hot!”

I could tell that Naveen was trying to impress his older, unrefined friend.

“You found her, Dude. You fuck her first.”

I don’t like the way that sounded. I feel very sleazy, like a whore. I don’t like the way this is going.

“No …. not while ….. Vijay is in here ….” Naveen immediately rolls over on me and gently eases his penis into me. It feels so good. As I put my arms around his back, I raise my legs and move in rhythm with him.

“Oh ………. oh ……… oh ……… yes ……….. oh ………yes …… do it ………. oh ………. yes ………” I really enjoy Naveen. He is good, but it is wierd having sex with someone while someone else is in the bed watching.

Vijay takes my left hand from Naveen’s back and puts it back on his huge cock. I pump my hand up and down on his gigantic shaft. He is still roughly probing my breast. Naveen continues to thrust his dick deep inside my orifice.

“Oh …….. yes …………. yes ……… I love it ……… yes …… “

Naveen begins to breath very hard and his muscles all tense at once. I feel his dick shooting it’s juice into me. He relaxes for a few seconds, allowing all his weight to rest on me, then he rolls off onto the bed beside me.

In an instant, Vijay rolls over onto me and rams his massive dick into my surprised pussy.


I cry out in pain as his gigantic organ stretches me to the limit. I feel like I have been impaled on a baseball bat. Tears come to my eyes.

Vijay slams into me time after time. After a very few minutes, my pussy adjusts to his huge size and it begins to feel incredibly good.

“Oh ……… oh ………… oh ……….. yes ……… fuck me …….. fuuuuuck meeeeee ……….. oh Vijay ……….. I love it ………..”

Vijay is thrusting so hard that my breasts are bouncing all over my chest, almost hitting my chin. I pull him to me, kiss him, stick my tongue in his mouth, and rub my hands all over his back and ass. Vijay is an animal. I have never experienced anything like this in my wildest dreams.

“Oh ……. oh ……… oh ………. do it ………. oh ……… oh …… I love it ……….. oh ……. yes ……….. fuck me ……..”

Naveen reaches over and begins to fondle my breast, paying a lot of attention to my very hard nipple. He sucks my nipple into his mouth and nibbles on it.

“Oh ……. oh …….. ooohhhhhh…….”

I feel my body begin to tingle and feel a fast approaching orgasm. I reach down and wrap my fingers around Naveen’s cock, which has already become hard again. I thrust my pelvis as high as I can.

“OOOOOHHHHHHH ……….. I’M CUUUMMMMMMMMING … FUCK ME HARD ….ooooohhhhhhh …………….. ooooooohhhhhhhhhh ……. YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! ……………….”

Vijay is still thrusting. He hasn’t cum yet. He has much more staying power than Naveen. I am still pumping Naveen’s organ with my hand. Suddenly Vijay turns me over very quickly jerking my nipple out of Naveen’s mouth and my hand away from Naveen’s dick. He reaches around my waist and pulls me on my knees and elbows before I know what has happened. He quickly jams his gigantic cock back into me from the rear and resumes his hard thrusts.

“Oh …………. oh …………… oh …………….. oh ………. yes ….. fuck me ………….. like a ……….. dog …………. yes ……”

“Naveen, fuck her in the mouth!”

Naveen obeys his older friend and moves around to my head, puts his legs on each side of me and leans back against the headboard sitting up. His hard cock is right in front of my face pointing straight up at my mouth.

“Oh ……… oh …………… oh …………. yes ………. fuck me ….”

I open my mouth and lower it over Naveen’s excited maleness. I can taste my love juices still on him. I move my head up and down as I suck on him. I really like pleasing Naveen. He is such a nice young man.

“Umm ……………. umm ………….. umm …………….. umm ………”

Naveen reaches down on each side of my head and finds my wildly swinging breasts and caresses them both. Vijay wraps one hand around my waist and finds my clit and kneads it roughly. With his other hand, he slaps my butt, hard. It is very loud and stings a lot.

“….. S L A P ……”

“……………. OOOHHHHHH! ……….”

Naveen sees what Vijay did and begins slapping my breasts. It is painful, but not excruciating.

“slap ….. slap ….. slap …..”

“……oh ……. oh ……. oh ……. oh ……. oh …… oh ……”

As he slaps the outside of each breast, it swings toward the other and they slap together.

“…. S L A P ……”

“………….. OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! ………”

Vijay again slaps my butt. My butt is stinging and both breasts are beginning to sting. Vijay is still rubbing my clit and pumping my pussy real hard. I am engulfed by all the sensations. I feel those familiar sensations and I know I am near to an orgasm.

“Oh …….. oh …….. oh ………… fuck me …….. rub my pussy!!!”

I lower my head and take in as much of Naveen into my mouth as I can.

Just before I reach the “moment of no return”, Vijay pulls out of me.

“NOOOOOOO!!!! …….. FUCK ME!!!! ……. PLEASE, FUCK ME!!!!!!!!”

“Hold her arms, Naveen.”

Naveen wraps his hands around each of my wrists. I am surprised. I don’t know what to expect.

Vijay grabs my legs and jerks my knees out from under me. I am now flat on my stomach with Vijay kneeling between my legs and my face in Naveen’s crotch. Vijay takes his dick in his hand and eases it between my cheeks of my ass, to my anus.


I squeeze my sphincter muscles as tight as I can to keep him out, but Vijay is too well lubricated and he slowly slides into my rectum.


When I open my mouth, Vijay pushes my head down so that my open mouth engulfs Naveen’s hard dick.

“Relax your butt, Chickie, and it won’t hurt so much.”

It is so painful, l will try anything. I try to relax. Vijay is laying with all his weight on me. After a few minutes of concentration, I manage to relax my anal muscles. It starts to feel good to have Vijay sliding in and out of my ass.

“Oooohhhhhhh …….. you suck …….. dicks real …….. good, Aunty ….”

Naveen is really enjoying the blow job. I really enjoy having Vijay fuck my ass. My clit begins tingling again. Could I be near orgasm? YEESS! I shutter and shake. My second orgasm starts!

Vijay puts his hand on the back of my head and presses it all the way down on Naveen’s dick. It goes all the way down my throat. I try to pull my head up, but Vijay keeps it pressed down. My orgasm continues. My clit tingles like someone is rubbing it, but no one is. I force my head up and catch two quick breaths. Vijay’s body begins to shutter and I feel his dick spurting it’s cum up my ass. I am still cumming. Vijay is cumming. I didn’t know I could have an orgasm from butt fucking. Finally my orgasm subsides and Vijay collapses on top of me. I am exhausted. Vijay eventually rolls off me.

“Ok, Kid, your turn to fuck her in the ass.”

I am too tired to object.

Instead, Naveen rolls me over on my back, spreads my legs and eases into my tired, sore pussy. I am so glad that it is Naveen fucking me now, instead of big rough Vijay. I open my legs to accept him. Naveen gently eases in and out, up and down.

Vijay begins to fondle my tender breasts again. I am sore all over.

“Oh ….. not so hard ….. they’re tender….”

My pussy again begins to tingle. I am about to cum again. My body begins to shutter.

Vijay moves around to my head and places his limp dick just above my mouth.

My third orgasm begins. I have to open my mouth to breathe. Vijay lowers his soft dick into my mouth. I thought it would be repulsive since it had been up my ass just a few minutes ago, but it wasn’t. I can taste a little rectum on it, but it isn’t bad. My orgasm continues. Vijay massages my breasts. It hurts, but the pain seems to intensify my orgasm.

Naveen’s body tenses and he begins to shoot his load into my exhausted pussy. This orgasm goes on forever. I am still sucking Vijay’s dick and Naveen is still fucking me. Vijay plays with my tits. At last, my orgasm subsides.

Vijay’s dick begins to swell and I continue to suck it. It swells so big that I think my lips will rip in two. Thankfully, in just a few seconds empties his jism into my mouth. He removes his hard dick from my mouth and I feel like it won’t close.

Vijay rolls off the bed and begins to get dressed.

“Come on, Dude, we gotta split.”

Naveen starts to get off the bed.

“Naveen, please stay with me for a little while.”

“Ok …… You go ahead, Vijay, I’ll see you tomorrow at workout.”

Vijay leave leaves and Naveen turns to me. “I’m sorry, Aunty. I didn’t know he would be so rough. He’s really a nice guy.”

“Just come here and lay down.”

He does.

“Put your arms around me and hold me for a few minutes.”

We turn to face each other and embrace. Tears roll down my cheeks. I think back on what has happened the last two hours. I was really turned on and had three orgasms. It was great. ……. Then why do I feel so bad?

Naveen rubs my bare back. I do the same to him. He is so sweet and gentle. It feels so good to feel his naked body next to mine.

I know why I feel bad. I feel cheap and trashy like a $5 whore. I just got fucked by two men, in the pussy and in the ass, and I sucked them both off and swallowed their cum. They played with my tits and pussy. They fingered me. One of these men, I didn’t even know.

Naveen wipes the tears from my cheeks and kisses me on the end of my nose. He very lightly touches his lips to mine. Naveen is so nice and understanding. I kiss him back. It is a very soft kiss. I feel his cock move against my thigh. I roll over onto my back and pull Naveen on top of me. I spread my legs and his hard dick is at my vagina. It very slowly and gently slips inside me.

My voice is a whisper, “Oooohhhhhh, Naveen …… I love for you to fuck me.”

Naveen slides in and out of me very slowly and tenderly, with very long strokes. It is like watching a XXX movie on the VCR in super slow motion. With each out-stroke, he pulls all the way out and then slides the whole thing all the way back in as far as it will go, very slowly. It is the sweetest, most tender fuck I have ever had.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….. Keeeeeeeeeennnnnn!”

This continues for almost an hour and then my clit begins to tingle. Goose bumps pop up all over my body. Naveen senses that I am near orgasm and it causes him to go over the edge also. Naveen begins shorter and faster and harder strokes. We cum together for a long time.

Naveen lays on top of me for several minutes after it is over. He gets up and gets dressed, comes over to the bed and kisses me good-by.

“Thanks, Aunty, you’re the best in the world.”

“Thank you, Naveen. Bye.”

I close my eyes for just a moment and don’t wake up until morning. I must get ready for work.

The Next Week ……….

It is Friday evening and Raja is attending a week-end trade show and won’t be home until Sunday night late. Rajeev is coming home from college for the weeekend tomorrow and I am really looking forward to seeing him. It’s been over a month now. I am terribly lonesome as I am home by myself drinking my third glass of wine while watching some stupid program on tv.

The phone rings.


“Hi, Aunty, this is Naveen…..” My body starts to tingle just hearing his voice. I am so glad to hear from him.

“Hi, Naveen.” 

“Is it ok if I come down. I see Raja’s car is not there.”

“Is anyone with you?” I hope he is alone. I am not going to let him come down if anyone else is with him.

“Only my girlfriend, Anita.”

“Oh…” I hope I didn’t sound disappointed. I really wish he were alone.

“Sure, come on down.”

In a few minutes, there is a knock on the door. It is Naveen and Anita.

“Aunty, this is Anita.”

“Hello, Anita, it’s a pleasure to meet you. You two come in.” We shake hands.

Anita is very tall. About 5’11” with wavy red hair cascading over her shoulders. She is stunning. Her skin is very white with almost no freckles. Anita is wearing a very short black leather skirt and a white blouse. She is much older than Naveen (I would estimate about 34-35), and one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I can see why Naveen has fallen for her. It makes me jealous.

I feel very drab in my sweat pants and sweat shirt.

I fix them each a glass of wine and pour myself my fourth glass of the night. Naveen and Anita sit on the couch and I take the easy chair across the room. We make small talk and have several more drinks for almost an hour.

We begin to talk about the dancing lessons I gave Naveen several weeks ago.

“I want to thank you, Aunty, for teaching Naveen to dance. He is really a good dancer now. He was too embarrassed to ask me to teach him.”

Surely he didn’t tell Anita how that dance lesson ended.

“Why don’t we dance now?”, Naveen suggests

“OK”, agrees Anita

“I’ll put on some music while you two move the coffee table”, I add.

I put on a CD of old love songs. 

Naveen and Anita begin to dance. They dance very close, pressing their bodies tightly together. They are a very nice looking couple. I get jealous again watching Naveen hold her so close.

After the first song, Naveen asks me to dance and I accept. I am a little wobbly from all the wine tonight. He holds me close up against him and rest my head on his shoulder. He does dance very good. I close my eyes and fantasize. I wish Anita weren’t here. I would like to take Naveen to the bedroom.

All too soon the song is over. I don’t want to stop.

“Ok, You have each danced with me, but you haven’t danced with each other.”

“Oh, Naveen ….. don’t be silly.” I am appalled at his suggestion.

“It’s ok with me, if Aunty doesn’t mind. I would like to dance with her.”

Before I can object, Anita walks over to me and puts both arms around my waist. The next song starts. I don’t know how to get out of this gracefully, so I put my arms on Anita’s shoulders and we begin to dance. Anita gently pulls me against her. Her body is so soft. Her beautiful red hair tickles my face. I have to lay my head on her shoulder to keep her hair pressed down so it doesn’t tickle me. I have never danced slow with another woman.

Anita strokes my back with both her hands. One hand slips under my sweat shirt. It is incredibly soft and smooth as it glides so effortlessly across my back. She very lightly slides her soft hand up to my shoulder.

“Ooohhh..”, a very low moan escapes my mouth. I snuggle up even closer to Anita. Her soft body feels so good against mine. I can feel her breasts pressing on my chest, just above my breasts. Her legs brush against mine. It feels so wierd to dance with another woman. I have never been this close to another woman in my adult life.

Her hand drifts down my back, across my bra and unhooks it.

I put my lips on Anita’s neck and softly kiss it.

Her hand slips around to my chest and cups one of my breasts underneath my unfastened bra.


It feels phenomenal! I have never had such a feeling in my life. Her hands are incredibly soft and smooth on my breast. I look up at Anita and without thinking, I kiss her on the mouth. It is my first kiss with a woman.

Anita kisses me back, oh so warmly and tenderly. Her tongue enters my mouth. She licks my tongue, the roof of my mouth, my gums, my teeth, my lips at the same time she fondles my sensitive breast.

The room seems to get real hot. Goose bumps pop up all over my body. My vagina gets wet and my clit tingles.

I lower my arms to the buttons on this beautiful redhead’s blouse. My trembling hands slowly unbutton the top button … I pause to see if she is going to object … then I tentatively move my quivering hands to the next button. As I unfasten the second button, I notice she doesn’t have on a bra. Lingering a few moments, I move to the next button ……. and finally the bottom one. My eyes don’t move from her cleavage. I slowly open her blouse and slide it off her soft shoulders. I uncover the most beautiful breasts I have seen in my life! They are about a C cup and contoured perfectly, with only a very small amount of sag. The skin on her breasts is creamy white with large, perfectly round reddish areolas surrounding pencil eraser size nipples in the center. I place my hand on one of her breasts.

“Oooooohhhhhh……………”, Anita moans lightly.

Her succulent breast is so incredibly soft and pliable. I compress it gently to feel it’s softness. I push it up high on her chest then move it around incircles. I tug on her hard nipple. I am fascinated playing with her breasts!

“Ooooohhhhhh …………….” Anita moans again as she squeezes my breast and slides her other hand under the elastic of my sweat pants and rubs my bare bottom.

“It feels so good”, I whisper. I feel my panties getting wetter and wetter.

I lower my head, take one of Anita’s pristine nipples into my mouth and suck on it. I lick it and lick circles around it. It feels so good to suck her soft breast.

“Ooohhhhh …….” Anita’s breathing deepens considerably.

I haven’t sucked a woman’s breast since I was a baby. I feel her smooth skin around my mouth. I put my hand on her other breast, cuddle it then play with her hard nipple.

Anita pulls me up straight, raises my hands over my head, slips my sweat shirt over my head and drops it on the floor. When I lower my arms, my unhooked bra slips off my shoulders. She stands in front of me, inspecting my naked breasts.

I hold my stomach in, shoulders black and stick them out. I hope she likes them.

She smiles and places a hand on each of my breasts. She moves them around all over my chest. She holds each nipple and shakes my breasts. Oh, it feels so good!

I return to her breasts, as I slide my hands all over them and press them against her rib cage. I can’t believe how good it feels to play with breasts. No wonder boys were always after mine when I was younger.

Naveen walks up behind me. 

It startles me because I was so wrapped up in Anita, I forgot he was here!

He places his hands on the elastic waistband of my sweat pants and slides them down to the floor along with my panties.

l step out of them while still holding Anita’s supple breasts.

Naveen moves behind Anita, unfastens her skirt, lowers it and her panties.

She never releases my breasts as she steps out of them. One hand leaves my breast and finds my pubic region, clasps a handful of my soft hairs and pulls me close to her. She kisses me full on the mouth, this time with much passion. Her finger sinks between my engorged outer lips, slides to my wet orifice and enters me.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhh………………….” I spread my legs wider so that she will have no trouble getting as deep into me as possible.

She slides her finger out of me, glides it all over my genitals, exploring every nook and cranny, then back between my lips to my clit.

“Oooohhhh yes …….. yes …… yes ……… oh YES!”

My hands leave Anita’s precious breasts and I wrap my arms around her beautiful body and hug her tight, pressing our breasts together. My legs are so weak, I have to hold on to Anita to keep from losing my balance.

“Ooohhhh yes ….. Please don’t stop ……. just a little more … I’m going to cum!”

In just a few seconds, I tremble all over, arch my tingling pussy toward her and begin a huge climax.

“Ooooohhh …………. I’m cuuuming ……….. rub my puuuuussssssyyyyyyy!”

I kiss Anita on the mouth and slide my tongue inside. I move my hands to her firm round butt and pull her genitals against mine. I slide my hands all over her butt, which is incredibly round, solid, and oh, so smooth. It feels so good to have our naked bodies touching. Our breasts, cuddled between our arms, are pressing together. Our lips are locked in passionate ecstacy.

I maneuver one hand to Anita’s genital area. I am shocked to find NO HAIRS! Not even stubble. Her pubic mound is just as smooth as her butt! As I slide my hand around her pubic bone, I discover the dimple that is at the top of her crevice. I slowly glide my fingers over her smooth fur-less lips.

“Oooooohhhh ……… yes, Aunty …….. feel my pussy …….”

The beautiful redhead spreads her legs.

Her pussy lips are smooth, wet and slippery. My fingers slide over them very easily. One finger dips between them into her very deep chasm and finds her hard little knot.


She presses her clit against my finger. I massage her clit for a few minutes, but then, my curiosity gets the best of me. I slide my finger lower and then up inside her. Her pussy is so hot. It is real soft and slippery inside.

She spreads her legs wider. 

I slide in another finger, then another. The heat from her pussy is amazing. I rub my palm on her soft puffy lips. Unable to resist any longer, I lower myself to my knees and gaze at the most beautiful pussy in the world. Two beautiful swollen red lips. Not a hair anywhere. My wet fingers sliding in and out. Her legs are spread. A cute little clit peeking from between her gorgeous enlarged vulva. I pucker my lips, lean over and touch them to her. I extend my tongue into her valley of passion.

“Ooooohhhhh ……….. Pennnnnnnnyyyyyy!” She presses her pussy against my mouth. Her legs spread still wider. She is having a hard time standing.

“Lay on the floor.”

Anita lays on the thickly carpeted floor and spreads her legs wide. I slide a pillow from the easy chair under her rear to make her pussy easier to get to. Her hairless pubic area is unbelievably beautiful as she lays on the floor with her legs widely sprawled.

I kneel between her legs and lower my mouth back to her drenched musky crotch. I slide my tongue into her hot opening and lick her inner walls.


I am astounded. I thought it would taste bad. It doesn’t. I actually tastes great! I lick her between her luscious lips, across her clit, all the way to the top of her crack and back down again.

“Oooohhhhhh ……….. Oooooohhhhhhh!!!”

I suck her clit into my mouth. I do all the things to her that I love to have done to me. She is going wild. Her body tenses. She is near orgasm.

I don’t want her to cum yet. I want to lick her pussy more. I remove my mouth and tongue from her.

“Nooooo ……….. I’m about ……….. to cum ……… don’t stop!”

I lick the inside of her incredibly smooth thigh. I kiss, then suck on her hairless pubic mound, above her crack. I kiss her other thigh. I lick that narrow area between her outer lips and thighs.

“Aunty, Please …….. lick me ……… lick my pussy …….. I need to cum!”

I move my head up to her delectable tits and suck on them for a few minutes.

“Please, please …….. suck my pussy!”

I shift my body 180 degrees to a position where my knees are above her head so she can suck my tits while I suck hers. I lower my tit into her mouth. She gladly accepts it and begins eagerly sucking. Anita really knows how to suck tits.

I work my way back down her lovely torso, back to her bald pussy.

“Ooohhhhh yeeesssss! ………. don’t stop …….. make me cum!”

She spreads my legs and begins to lick my pussy for the first time.

“Yeeesssss! ………”

She slips her tongue inside me. Her tongue is fantastic! The way she twists it, licks my inner walls, and curls it gives me feelings inside my pussy I have never had before. She licks up and down my crack several times then sucks my clit into her mouth.

We both approach orgasm together.



We tense our bodies and scream out together.



We relax and I lower my full weight onto Anita’s delectable body. Both bodies are wet all over. After several minutes, I roll off Anita and reposition myself so that I am laying beside her. We kiss. I look up a Naveen who is now naked on the couch, playing with himself.

“Have we left you out, Sweetie? Come down here with us on.”

Naveen lays between us. The three of us are laying on our backs on the living room floor. Naveen rests one hand on my pussy and one on Anita’s. His finger dips between my lips and finds my clit.

“Ooohhhhhhh ……..” I moan quietly as my pelvis hunches upward.

“Ooohhhhhh ………” He must have found Anita’s clit, as she moans also.

I reach for his dick. Anita’s hand is already there. I place my hand on her’s and we both slide up and down his hard shaft.

Anita moves her head down to his shank and places her mouth around it. She maneuvers her body so that her smooth pussy is right in front of my face.

I gladly stick my tongue between her scrumptious lips and lick her hard little knot. Feeling left out, I steer my pussy to Naveen’s face and he wastes no time. He immediately begins licking my most sensitive area. I guess this is what is known as a “daisy chain”.

After a very few minutes, we all three cum and collapse into a pile on the floor. I can’t think of two more beautiful people to be in a pile with.

When they leave, I kiss them both passionately and tell them that I would like to do it again.

I was watching this boy from a long time. He is Ramesh and he studies in college. He is tall, aged 19, 5′ 9″ , slim and handsome. His college was in the morning and he used to return from the college by 1 in the afternoon. I was curious about this boy because he was always watching me when ever I go to the balcony or is in my room.

His flat is exactly opposite to ours and my bedroom window is on the side of his flat. His window is exactly opposite mine and you can look into one anothers window without any difficulty. And our balconies are also opposite to one another. Having said this let me go ahead and tell you the real thing.

One day I woke up in the morning and lazily walked in to my balcony. I was shedding my laziness by stretching my arms and moving my body. I was wearing a loose shirt and shorts and I don’t know how many buttons on the shirt were open! I wasn’t wearing anything inside. I saw this boy, Ramesh come into balcony and start some workout. He was in his t-shirt and shorts and was working out with the Bullworker. While doing the exercises he was looking in my direction and when I minutely watched him I found that he was looking at my breasts. I became conscious and looked down to see if my breasts were spilling out. They were! I had not buttoned two top buttons of the shirt and so the cleavage of my breasts was seen.

Goose pimples were all over my body. I felt excited with this boy looking at my breasts. I looked at him and he looked away, may be afraid of me. I rested my hands on the balcony railing and bent down pretending to look down. Now I knew that more than half of my breasts were visible to Ramesh and I also knew that he was looking at them. I raised my eyes and looked towards him. Oh god! He was openly staring at my breasts and looking deep into them. My heart started to beat faster and I straightened up and looked in his direction. He moved his eyes from my breasts and looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at him and decided it was enough! I went in my room to change.

It was morning and my husband was getting up. I hugged him and kissed him good morning. He was surprised! He did not understand this. But how could I explain him? I went into the bathroom and completed my morning chores. Later in the afternoon I thought of this incidence and felt some itch down below, in my choot. As I thought more about this my choot became wet and I had to rub it to cool it off.

I looked into Ramesh’s window and found he was sitting on a computer. The monitor was clearly visible in the day light and I wondered what he was doing. I looked again and found that he was watching some movie. I could not clearly see it but knew something was HOT! When I observed minutely, I could see fast movement of his hand. What was he doing? Was he masturbating looking at the movie? Was he watching PRON movie? Ohhhhhh he must be!

Then I saw his hands stop moving and his body stiffening. He was cumming! After few minutes he got up and went inside. May be to wash his hands off the cum? All this made me hot and I started to stroke my choot with lust. I was still looking at his window and wanted him to peek on me while I was rubbing my choot. My hands moved slowly and tenderly searching for the nerves that send the pleasure everywhere. I then unbuttoned my blouse and took out my breasts that needed attention too. As I was massaging my fleshy orbs, I saw him enter the room and come to the window. I wanted him to peek and I had the light on for this very purpose. At least he can watch the movements inside.

Then I was shocked! I saw him bring binoculars and look through them at my window. Should I allow him to watch OR should I stop and put off the light? I was in two minds but the lust took over and won the battle. I lay carelessly on the bed rubbing my breasts and choot. I had to buy Telescope I thought. That will make things better for both of us. But that would be later. At present I was content to let him watch me. I looked at his window and saw him looking into my bedroom through the binoculars. I pretended that I did not know he was watching me and proceeded to continue my show.

I put my hand inside the blouse I was wearing and started to feel my breasts slowly. I was sitting on the bed and the vision was clear to him. I then unbuttoned my blouse and freed my breasts. They had swelled with anticipation and I traced my nipples and ran my fingers around my aureoles. It felt so perverted! But I did not care as long as I was not discovered. I looked at his window and found him rubbing down below, may be his hardening lund. I did not know how close he could see me but just the thought that he was watching me made me wet. I did not want him to look at my choot yet but still I could not help pushing my hand into my petticoat to caress my choot. he must be just watching my movements as I caressed my choot but could not see it clearly. Ramesh was too engrossed in watching and rubbing his hardening meat. I turned around as if to hide my breasts from his view and showed him my solid ass instead. I moved my ass from side to side and swayed it seductively. This I did for quite some time and then turned around.

What I saw made me cum! Ramesh had his lund out and was openly jacking off looking in my direction. I buttoned up my blouse and walked into the other room. I did not want him to know that I enjoyed all this. I was really excited and afraid at the same time. What if he finds out that I enjoyed? I was afraid.

That night I had violent sex with Raja and I came many times imagining the boy fucking me. Next day I told everything to my Brother in law(BIL). He looked surprised at my daring but told me its OK and he would help me achieve my goal, fucking with the boy. The same day my BIL went to Ramesh and talked to him. he said that Ramesh was very upset when he talked to him but later on he knew that BIL was not knowing anything and calmed down. BIL gave me a hint that Ramesh goes to jogging early in the morning around 5.30 AM. He suggested that I should also go for a walk early in the morning to the open ground we had nearby. Good Idea I thought! May be this will help me get introduced to Ramesh and things will move fast. I took my BIL’s advice and prepared to go for jogging from the very next day. In the night I glanced many a times to his window to catch glimpses of him. I think I was getting addicted to this! 

After we retired to our bedroom I again glanced at his window and found him sitting at the computer doing something. Occasionally he used to look at our bedroom window but sice my hubby was also there he looked back. My husband never knew I was glancing at the opposite window. It was our practice that during our lovemaking I used to draw the curtains and put a dim light on. BUT today it was different. I purposely kept the curtains open and put a dim light. I knew he was having binoculars and would be able to watch us up close. There was always fear that someone else may also watch us. But I had to take the risk. I went to bed with my husband and put my hands on his neck and pulled him to me. He was surprised at my behaviour but put his hands on my back and pulled me to him. His face was away from the window and I was facing the window. I watched the light in the opposite window go off and it was dark in there. I knew that he was about to aim his binoculars at us! Thinking of this I kissed my husband full on the lips pushing my tongue deep in his mouth. Men are always in a hurry to fuck! Raja started to remove my blouse and then pushed my breasts out, kneading them and putting his face in the cleavage. He started to bite there lightly and I moaned! He was now unzipping his pants and pulling out his half erect lund. I watched the window. I saw slow movements there and then the lenses of the binocular flashed. Oh GOD he was watching us! I pushed my tongue out and teased him like a baby. I wanted to make him know that I knew he was watching us and so I even winked at him! I could not see him clearly but guessed that he must have his lund out of his shorts and must be rubbing it.

I made my husband lie down on the bed and straddled him looking at Ramesh. It was as if I was inviting him to fuck me! Oh I am a slut to be! I pushed my wet and dripping pucchi (cunt) on Raja’s lavada. Ohhh god! I was so wet that his lavada slipped in easily upto the hilt and I felt his cock head rubbing my cervix. ” Ohh Raja! (fuck me Raja, fuck me hard! What a nice lund u have got fucckkk) Raja was surprised at my talking dirty and wondered what had got into me. But he was really excited at my talking dirty and I felt his lund twitch and then force its way deeper in my choot. I looked at the boy opposite watching us. Ohhhh! He was rubbing his lund with one hand and holding the binoculars with the other. This made me very excited. Catch them with both hands! See how your wife fucks you. Push your lund in my choot)

Raja pulled me to him and caught both my breasts and pumped them hard. Ohhh God! It felt so nice and the fact that the boy opposite was watching all this made it more exciting. I moaned loudly and jumped on Raja’s lund, taking it in and then moving it out. Phhhhaaachhhh Phhhhaaachhhh Phhhhaaachhhh sound echoed in the room with my wet choot fucking Raja’s lund. Raja pinched my hardened nipples and then pulled my face and kissed me. I kissed him back and swirled my tongue inside his mouth. Our tongues played with each other and then he caught my lower lip and sucked hard. Ohhhhhhh! I almost came.

Raja was busy kneading my breasts and touching my nipples with the flat of his palm. My nipples were already hard and I wanted him to pinch them and suck on them. I urged him

” ohhhh Raja suck my nipples! Eat them! See how I am fucking u shaking my ass!

Raja could not bear the pleasure of hearing me talk dirty and he caught my nipples in his thumb and forefinger and pinched them. he then put his mouth and sucked on them biting them lightly and lovingly. Ahh I was in heaven! I sank deep onto his lund and moved my body to and fro, fucking him with our crotches rubbing together. My blood engrossed clitoris was rubbing on my husbands crotch and that made me mad with sensation. Raja was moving his ass so that his lund fucked my choot vigorously. Ahhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!

I sneaked a glance at Ramesh who was too busy watching us. I saw fast movement of his hand and knew that he was pumping his lund in abandon masturbating. I was so excited! I moved my body to and fro on my hubby’s lund and rubbed my breasts on his chest. Ohh! Then I knew this was the moment to tell Raja something!

Moving my choot on his lund I whispered in his ear, Raja. I want another lund! I want to feel two lunds deep within me! Ohhh! One in my choot and another in my mouth! I would love to fuck while I suck! Will you arrange one for me?” “Ohhh! You slut of a wife! So you want two lunds hu! Ohhhhh! You excite me. Raja said with excitement building in his lund. i could feel his lund swell and become more hard. His fucking speed increased two folds. Ahh I don’t know how I said this. But it sure helped increase the pleasure. As we fucked he asked, “Are you serious about two lunds? Ohhhhh I am dreaming! How about that friend of mine who looks at you and penetrates your clothes? That Vasant! Greedy fellow! Would you love to take his cock?”

Ohhh god! He was asking me! Vasant was his close friend and came to our house often. His looking at me was different and Raja had correctly guessed.

I looked at the window and saw Ramesh. He had his lund out and was jacking off, beating his meat like there was no tomorrow! What a sight! The boy was absorbed in watching us fuck and rubbing his own lund. Poor boy! I had to give him my choot!

Raja was stunned! His faithful wife was asking for 3 cocks! She wanted to be fucked with all those cocks. Ohhhhhhh! I felt Raja’s lund(cock) swell and then cum spurted out of that wonderful lund with great force. Ohhhh god he was cumming! My own choot contracted on his spurting lund and clamped it. My choot quenched its thirst with that hot cum from my hubby. I lay prone on his body wondering if he was serious. When we came to our senses Raja said,

” Nandita! You said that you wanted more lunds. I was so excited with the idea that I came! I don’t know why this excites me? But it sure does. Will you really fuck another man? Oh! May be we can talk about it if you wish.”

” Raja! I was just telling you my fantacy. I am obsessed with this and sometimes really wonder how it came to my mind. But I do fantacise about it. Also I fantacise you; fucking one of my friends. Say Sheela! Or Neeta. I would love to watch you fucking them. But can we be serious about it? I don’t think so. You think over and we can talk.”

” Nandita! I never knew you fantacise as I do. Yes we may be serious and can do it. But lets play it when we have sex. I want to see how great Slut you can become! I like to call you that. “

” Yes call me dirty names! Talk dirty! I love that.”

We talked that much and then slept peacefully. All the night I waas dreaming of Ramesh, beating his meat. I wanted to go further than this! Raja will not mind this , I thought.

Next day I told my BIL about the boy looking at us. He was thrilled and asked me to give him lift, encourage him! He said that Ramesh goes for jogging early in the morning at 530 A.M. he advised me to go tooooo. My BIL so understanding! SO I was to seduce him, the boy next door

I prepared my mind for the seduction. This I had thought to play coolly and patiently, enjoying every moment of it and not just sex! You understand what I mean?

I had told Raja that I was going for jogging from next day to keep my body fit and slim. He smiled and said OK you can go. Next day I got up early in the morning. My heart was beating faster thinking of what would happen. Will he like me? Will I succeed in seducing him? These kinds of thoughts came to my mind. I changed into slacks and top. The slacks were really tight on my ass and made them look prominent. The top also was tight and made my breasts look bigger. I had not worn anything below the top, I was bra-less. The outline of my nipples could be easily seen over the thin material of the top. The panties I was wearing made ‘V’ mark over my slacks and that made me look sexier. I put on dark lipstick and light make up. This was just for the boy, Ramesh. I looked out towards his window and saw a light. He was ready to go out for jogging. BIL was right! He was also glancing at my window and saw me. I saw him wave at me. Ohhh he did have some daring! I too waved at him and went out. I reached the road and glanced back. Ramesh was following me! I was slowly jogging ahead of him and glancing back. Ramesh was wearing shorts and T-shirt. 

For the first time I saw him clearly. He looked handsome for a boy and was quite muscular. It would be real fun to seduce him! After sometime when I reached a secluded spot I halted and sat on the bench. I was breathing fast and that made my chest rise and fall. My nipples were hard and could be clearly seen and two points over the top. Slowly I removed the top button so that I could show him the cleavage of my breasts. I waited for him and made up my mind. Soon he came near the bench and I looked at him. Our eyes met and I smiled at him, a knowing smile! He too smiled back at me. I patted the seat next to mine and he came and sat there. His proximity made me itchy and something more! I talked first. He was a bit upset, not knowing what I was going to talk. “I am Nandita and I stay opposite to your flat. I think I saw you many times when I came out in the balcony. Do you live alone here?” He was relieved and said, “Yes! I study in college and stay here as paying guest with the Kulkarni family. I am Ramesh and I study in college, commerce. I like to do paintings as a hobby and will be going for Architecture.” “Thanks Ramesh. I think I see you often looking at me. And do you watch movies on your computer? I can see light there in the night.” “Yes Nandita. I get bored sometimes and do watch them. I like to brose the internet too. But can you see from your window what I am watching?” “No Ramesh. I did not see the movie but I sure did see the movements you were making!” I said looking into his eyes.

Ramesh too smiled back and felt a bit embarrassed. I had seen him beating his meat and he got the hint of it. I was looking at him and expecting him to do the talking but he was quite and just looked at me. Then he glanced at my cleavage and moved his eyes immediately. I looked down at his shorts and could see some swelling near his crotch area. He was getting excited! I let him look at my breasts and then I asked him,

“Hey can I ask you something?”

He glanced away from my breasts and said “yes”

“DO you have any girl friends Ramesh? Sorry that is a personal question but I need to ask you for some reasons.”

“No Nanditaji! I am a bit afraid to talk to girls and so I can’t make friends with them. I don’t know why but I am really afraid!”

“Ohhh Poor you. Can you be friends with me? I know I am far too older than you but still we can be good friends. I am also interested in Paintings and you can help me with that.”

He looked happy. His eyes lit. He nodded his head in affirmative. I was glad. Then I got up and started to do some exercise. While I moved my body, my breasts were bouncing and I knew his eyes were fixed on them. Then I turned around and bent down, showing him my solid ass. The lovely ass I had! I did this for some time and then turned to him. He was looking at my breasts again!

“Hey Ramesh! What are you looking at? Have you not seen any woman before?” I teased him. He looked away and just smiled.

“Nanditaji! You are the first woman other than my mother, I am so near to. I am sorry I could not resist looking at you. But I have to say that you have a fine body. You look so attractive!”

“Thanks Ramesh!”

I said this and sat near him. I caught his hand lovingly and looked into his eyes. He looked so innocent! He was shaking and may be this was his first time to be so close to a female. I kissed him lightly on his cheeks and asked him to kiss back. He glanced around and then just placed his lips on my cheek. I could not wait any longer and I caught his face and placed my lips on his. Oh he was trembling! I held him and then forced my tongue into his mouth. Ohhhhh that was so wonderful. It seemed that this was his first kiss. I felt proud that I was the first woman to kiss him(May be!). We kissed for just a minute and then I was aware that we were on the private road and somebody may see us. I broke the kiss and straightened up. I told him,

“Ramesh! Today in the night I have special show for you. I know you watch me thought the binoculars and last night you saw me and my husband. Its ok! I like that when you are watching me. Today you can watch me in the night as my hubby will be out on official tour. So be ready!”

“Aunty! I am sorry for watching u but you are so attractive I can’t help. Thanks for asking me! I will be ready.”

With that I held him to my body. My breasts crushed against his strong muscular chest and I felt my nipples poke into his muscles. I kissed him again. I wanted to tease him for some days before I take his virginity! Then we parted. I told him to meet me next day.

I went home and was very much excited. My husband was still sleeping and BIL had got up and was in the kitchen preparing tea. SIL was still in her bed. I went to my BIL and hugged him from behind. I crushed my breasts against his back and moved my body to caress him everywhere. I was so excited! I told him about Ramesh and how I kissed him. He was happy and he made me bend over the kitchen platform and entered my choot from behind, pushing aside my chaddi. Oh we had to do it fast! I thrust my gaand on his lund and asked him to hurry.

We both were fucking in abandon! My ass moved faster and faster and my BIL also fucked me violently. We were in a hurry and had to finish this. My breasts swayed as my body moved with the force of my BIL’s lund. I asked him to hold my breasts and fuck me. He did. He held my breasts and bit my ears as he fucked. Oohhh god! He was an expert fucker! My ear lobes burned with pleasure and I was in heaven! Just then we heard some door open and BIL thrust his lund deep in my choot and sprayed his fuck juice deep within. We had to separate!

We separated and adjusted our clothes and my BIL entered the kitchen door! Ohhh god! We were about to be caught. SIL looked at me and asked me what all was to be prepared for breakfast. I said some thing I don’t remember. BIL handed us the tea and we all sat and drank the tea.

That was best quickie I ever had! BIL’s sperm flowed out of my choot and made a pool in my Panti. Ohhh god! Here I was sitting with my SIL with my chaddi soaked in my BILs’ sperm! What a slut I was!

In the afternoon I discussed my plan with my BIL before he went out.

“Nandita! Tease him well! Let him thrust after you. Don’t hurry for taking his virginity. Enjoy the thrills of exposing your body to him. I know you can do it.”

Ya that’s what I had thought!

I prepared myself for the night after we had our dinner. I went to my room and locked the door from inside. I selected a nice sari and sleeveless blouse for this. I wore the sari well below my naval so that my belly and naval was clearly visible. I wore Black bra and red panties for him. I applied dark lipstick and stood near the window like a seductress. He was there alright doing something on the computer. I signalled him with putting off the light and then putting it on again. He saw in my direction and got up. He came near the window and waved at me, smiling. I was excited and waved back at him. Now the show was to begin!

I slowly removed my sari looking at him. For a second he was stunned but then he looked interested. He hurried and brought his binoculars and started looking at me through it. I wanted this! I wanted him to look at me closely. I held my paloo up and unmasked my breasts. My breasts were now exposed clad only in the blouse I was wearing. The swellings looked prominent. I slowly removed the paloo and unwound my sari upto my naval. Now my stomach and fleshy belly were exposed. My belly is slightly bulging and looks delicious. I moved my hand over the belly and traced my belly button. Shivers ran through my body as my fingers moved around the sexy depression. I looked at Ramesh and saw him rubbing his crotch. He was getting aroused looking at me. I moved my tongue seductively over my lips, teasing him. My face became flushed and eyes rolled. Ohhh god! What I was doing?

Now I removed my sari completely and stood before the window just in my blouse and petticoat. I then brought my hands on my breasts and rubbed them for him. the flat of my hand moved all over the fleshy orbs and I felt my nipples stiffen. Waves of lust ran through my body and instantly I lowered the deep neck of my blouse, letting my breasts bulge out. I then slowly started to remove the hooks in the front of my blouse and as I removed each one, more of my flesh peeped out. It must have been erotic sight for Ramesh, watching through the binoculars. He had put his hand inside his shorts and may be, was caress his penis. I wanted him to take that snake out of the basket! 

I then removed my blouse completely and held it at him. He acted to be catching it and smelling it, the smell of my breasts! I thrust my chest at him, making my breasts bulge out. Then with one motion, I put my hands behind my back and unhooked my bra. I slowly removed it letting the breasts free slowly. Finally my breasts breathe fresh air, the air of sex! I looked down proudly at my fleshy assets and then at Ramesh.

Oh god! Ramesh had taken out his lund and was slowly massaging it. Godddd! I could see his hand move slowly rubbing the entire length. It fitted in his wrist and so I judged it to be more than 6 inches long. The real game had started! I held my breasts in both hands and caressed them. I lifted them in my palms and weighed them. Oh! So nice. I then lifted one breast and lowered my mouth to see if I could lick the nipple. My mouth just touched the tip of my nipple and I moved my tongue all over it. I lowered my mouth and thrust my tongue out. Oh god! I could easily lick my nipple. Shivers passed through my breasts and my body. My choot started to get wet and I felt the wetness in between my thighs.

Holding the breast with one hand, I pushed my hand inside my petticoat and touched my choot. Ohhh god! It was wet! I traced the slit all along and then found my love hole. Ohhh god! It was so wet! I inserted one finger into my choot and moved it in and out, imagining that it was Ramesh doing it. I glanced at him and saw him slowly pumping his meat. I was encouraged and continued to probe my choot. Then I thought of removing my petticoat and looking at him I pulled the nada and slowly lowered it. As I did this more of my naval exposed and then my choot was visible. The light hair covering my choot made it look prominent in the light. I turned around and showed him my buttocks, unveiling them as I moved my petticoat down. Finally I had to wiggle my ass to remove it completely. Now I stood in just my panty and showed my solid ass to Ramesh. Ramesh was licking his lips and holding his lund. He too showed me his lund by holding it in his hand and thrusting it at me. I pretended to be licking his lund by putting my tongue out and making the licking motions.

I pulled the elastic of my panty and slowly pushed it down. Ohhh god! My choot was getting naked! I then removed my chaddi and held it for him to smell. Ohhh I was acting so dirty! Then I smelled it myself and smiled at him. I spread my legs and showed him my choot, covered with small hairs. He was watching through the Binoculars and must be getting pretty close view of my choot. I spread my legs and exposed my choot more. I saw his hand move on his lund faster now and then his body went stiff and his lund sprayed cum all over. I could not see it but with the experience I had I could tell that he had cum a lot! He looked at me and smiled, thanking me for the nice show. I whispered,

“Ohhh this is just the beginning my boy! The real fun is just to begin!”

I continued to expose my choot to him. I spread my labia and showed him the pink hole within. Ohhh god! He was now holding the binoculars in both the hands and his lund had shrunk with the latest cum. But still he was looking. I then pushed my index finger in my choot and moved it in and out, fucking the lund hungry choot with it. My finger moved in and out very fast as I was very excited. I wanted something in my mouth! I took the nearby hair brush and started to lick the handle as if I am licking a lund! I was so excited! I then put the handle in my mouth and started to suck on it like a lund. Ramesh was excited to watch me and his lund stood up again. He was so young and second erection was no problem for him. I saw his hand moving again over his hardening lund and my second finger was pushed in my choot. I fucked my choot with the fingers while sucking on the hair brush handle. Ohhh god! I WANTED SOMETHING HARD INSIDE ME!

I removed my fingers from my choot and inserted the hair brush handle all the way in my choot. Ohhh god! It felt so nice! I frantically started to fuck my choot with the handle and looking at Ramesh I slowly and leisurely licked my fingers. He was very excited to watch all this and started to beat his meat fast. Ohhh god! Watching him jack off for me and the fucking with the brush handle made me cum. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh I moaned and my body stiffened. Lot of juice rushed into my choot as I came. Ohhhhhh! I removed the hair brush from my choot and pushed it in my mouth as I came. Ramesh too shot his load and waved at me. He also raised his thumb and smiled at me.

I relaxed and enjoyed the orgasm well. I then got up and dressed properly to go to the bathroom.

As I was going to the bathroom, I saw my BIL walk towards me and soon he was near. My heart was beating faster in anticipation of his lund fucking me. I did not say anything but just raised my sari and bent forward. He understood what that meant and without making any noise to wake up SIL he inserted his long and hard lund all the way into my sopping choot.

He fucked my choot fast and deep with his hands holding my buttocks, Ohhh how I loved this! Fucking with Brother in law was always different for me. He knew how to pleasure my choot and his lund always caressed every inch of my vagina. Ohhh god! I moved my buttocks to take his lund all the way inside my choot. BIL then caught my hanging breasts in both his hands and pumped them hard. Ohhh god! He knew what I liked!

This was really dangerous! SIL would walk in anytime. The thrill in this quickie made me cum again. My choot clasped around BIL’s lund and sucked him in. Ohhh he moaned slowly and pushed his cock deep within me and shot his sperm. Ohhh god his cum was so hot! I came and came! The orgasm made me weak and I rushed to the toilet to rest. BIL pushed his lungi down and walked to his bed room without looking at me again. That was the best teasing and fucking I had in years!

That night I had sex with my husband with my BIL’s cum still in my choot! Wow that made me very hot and I said many things to my hubby! I talked about another lund and about other man fucking me while hubby watched. He got very turned on with this and fucked me very hard. I knew he loved my talking dirty and I too came many times with his lund in my choot. Finally he mixed his sperm with his Brothers and did not know it! Ohhh god was I a real slut? Ya I was going to the path of my own debauchery and loved it. 

I was to meet Ramesh on my jogging next morning! That day I got up quite early and prepared my self for the occasion. I wore Punjabi dress for a change. I selected bright blue colour, the dress was tight and showed all my assets prominently. It had low neckline and that made my boob valley visible just below the dupatta . the dupatta was taken for name sake and I did not wear any bra inside. So as I walked my breasts almost jumped inside the kamiz. I had put on dark lipstick to make my lips look succulent for a kiss. Was I going to kiss him? I was sure I would! I walked around and felt my breasts sway and jiggle with the motion. Ohhh! Ramesh would die seeing me like this. I had planned his seduction well and there was no backing out. MY BIL had approved of it and was looking forward to se me getting fucked by Ramesh. I was HOT! I went out at about 530 am. It was a bit dark outside and I did not see anybody still on the roads. As I started my run, I saw Ramesh coming out of the building with his shorts and t-shirt. He waved at me and I waved back. I was happy! I slowed my pace so that he could join me. We started our jogging and I sneaked a glance at him. Ramesh was secretly watching my breasts and getting excited. knowing that he has watched me naked and playing with myself with the binoculars made me more excited. I did not say anything but just removed my dupatta out of the way so that he could watch me without any hindrance. This made my breasts swell out and the cleavage looked deeper and clear. While walking fast, they swayed and jiggled. I was getting wet with every glance Ramesh threw on my breasts and decided to do something about it. I told Ramesh that I had to catch my breath and so I took him to the far corner of the path and we sat down on the cement bench. We sat for few minutes and then I shifted myself towards him. Now I was very near to him and could see the bulge of his lund in his shorts. I smiled mischievously. I pushed my thighs against his and felt the heat from his body. He looked at me and smiled nervously. I think he had not touched a woman before and that made him nervous. He was unable to speak when I asked him about his friends. “Ramesh do you have any girl friends?” “No Nanditaji! I am very afraid to talk with girls in my college. My other friends have but I don’t!” “Ohhh this is very bad for your age Ramesh! You must talk with girls, you are Big boy now. I will help you to break this. You talk to me and you will get used to it.” Saying this I placed my hand on the exposed portion of his thigh. He almost jumped! I rubbed his thigh and my hand traveled up, towards his lund. I lightly touched his lund with the flat of my palm and he jumped again. I looked at him and licked my lips seductively. Oh god! He almost fainted. I looked around and confirmed that there was nobody watching us. I put my hand on his lund and felt his thickness. Ohhh it was thick one and when I placed my palm along its length I found that it was almost 8-9 inches long. Not that I had not tasted such a big lund but this made me want it even badly. I moved my palm along his lund and whispered to him, “Ohhh Ramesh! You have nice one! Its really big! Don’t be nervous I will teach you everything. Now let’s go to your room and spend some time knowing each other. Ok?” He just nodded. I could not resist pushing my hand in his shorts and catching the monster. I was breathing faster now and I could feel his lund throbbing. I caught hold of it and wrapped my fist around it. Oh god here I was holding his lund inside his shorts in the open and anybody could walk in and catch us. I did not bother. I had to have this lund! I caressed his lund inside his pant and then started to move the foreskin up and down. Ramesh moaned and I felt him move his hips in rhythem to my rubbing. I never missed a stroke and soon his lund throbbed in my hand. I knew he was cumming!

I hurriedly and hungrily pulled it out and bending down I put my mouth to his fountain of pleasure. And I was rewarded with thick hot cum spraying into my mouth. I took all of it and then swirled my tongue all over inside my mouth to taste every drop of this young semen. It did taste different! Different than my Baba’s sperm! It was thicker and had strong acrid smell and tasted more sour. May be the age matters. I loved it!

I licked my lips and then looked at my young lover. He was now relaxed and was moving his fingers through my hair lovingly. He was like a small boy who had some new experience and needed some affection from me.

“Ohh Ramesh! This is so nice! Your lund tastes so nice. Come on kiss me and taaste that from my mouth. Ohhh how I want that inside me.”

I put my lips on his and opened my mouth to allow his tongue to explore my mouth. Ohh he was not tender and moved inside my mouth very fast, uncontrollably!. It touched my teeth and roof of the mouth with the fast movements and almost scraped away some tissue. This was new to him and I was the first woman he was kissing. We had to cut short this game as I heard someone coming. It was dangerous to get caught and so I pulled myself away from him unwillingly. Yes! there was a couple coming our way and we pretended as if we were resting. I let them pass and then signaled Ramesh to get up. I was that his shorts had wet spots of cum some places. I smiled to myself and said,

“Ramesh I will come to your room in the afternoon. Please keep the ‘paintings’ ready. Ok?”

He nodded, still feeling nervous. And we parted. My choot was wet and dripping and I had to relieve myself as soon as I reach home! As soon as I reached home I saw my Brother in law reading the news paper in the living room. He smiled knowingly at me and signalled me to come to him. I went to him with my heart throbbing like a teenage girl. He removed the paper from his lap and I had a shock! His lund was out of his lungi and was saluting me. I obediently went near him and sat at his feet. I moved my mouth to his cock and took it inside my mouth. He was so big!

“Nandita! Did you enjoy the jogging with Ramesh?”

I nodded and looked at him. I sucked him feverishly with my mouth acting like a suction machine. He whispered that SIL was in the bedrrom, sleeping and my husband was also sleeping and that he had bolted their door from outside. I was relieved! Now I could make love to my man without any tension. I moved my tongue over his cock as I sucked on the rod and BIL moaned, I felt his cock throbb and I had to stop sucking him! I got up and openeed my salwat nada standing in front of my loving man. He was surprised!

Saying so I lowered my salwar and facing opposite to him, I sat on his hard lund! I was facing opposite to him and I brought my choot on his lund and sat on his lap, just like a little girl.as my choot was wet his lund easily entered my choot upto my cervix. My legs were touching the floor and I jumped on my BIL’s lund resting my feet on the floor. I had never fucked in this position. Brother In law caught hold of my breasts, over my kamiz, from behind and kneaded them hard. He was not satisfied! He pushed his hands all the way inside my kamiz and kneaded the naked fleshy globes. I was jumping on his lund like I was mad and every time he touched my cervix and his lund rubbed the entire vaginal walls. He was giving me vaginal stimulation with his lund and this is great! When a solid hard lunds penetrates the depths of vagina, a woman always experiences strong orgasm. I was mad and murmered, 

I was hot and he was hot ooo! I increased the speeed and rode his lund faster. He too started to fuck me from below and soon I felt his hot cum spraying into me deep. I blasted too and my chooot juiced. I came and came and felt my legs going weak. I bent back and rested my back on BIL’s chest in relaxation. He was still holding my boobs and he pressed them hard and asked me to get up. I got up and felt our combined juices running down my thighs. I wiped it and licked my fingers, teasing him. It was best quickie I had recently.

I went to my room and slept next to my husband, with his Brothers cum inside my choot! Raja felt me climb in the bed and woke up. He had to finish his bath and then go to office. But I could not get up! I told him that I had just returned from the jogging and that I was tired. I slept again thinking of the virgin lund of Ramesh! I wanted him in my choot! I wanted to teach him all about it.

When all went to their work I went to my BIL and told him that I was going to Ramesh. He was happy and wished me good luck. He made me suck his lund and I sucked happily. I was becoming hot slut! I was ready to do anything for my pleasure. Ohh god!

I wore simple sari and went to Ramesh’s flat. This was the first time I entered the building. There were people who knew me but I did not bother. I rang the bell and Mrs Kulkarni opened the door.

“I want to meet Ramesh. I have come to him to see his paintings.” 

“Oh! I know you. You stay opposite to us . I have seen you. Come on he is in that room.”

She pointed out to one room and I went inside. My heart was beating faster and faster just like a teenage girl going on her first date. I knocked his door and he opened it. He was surprised to see me and welcomed me. I looked around. There was one single bed there, a table and 2 chairs. His room was a typical bachelors room with all his clothes lying here and there. But still it was clean I did some fast work and set his clothes to proper places. He was looking at me as I did this. Then I sat on the bed and asked Ramesh to show me his paintings. Ramesh went to the cupboard and pulled out few rools. He said he had to spread this on the bed. I got up and he placed one painting on the bed. It was a nice scenary from Mahabaleshwar and he was describing to me. I moved closer to him and my breasts touched his arm. He did not move away but pushed a little near me. This made his arm dig into my breasts and I started getting mad!

I then put my hand on his shoulder and rubbed my breasts on his sides. Wow he was hot and trembling. I then wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him to me. He came in my arms and I then pushed my mouth to his and kissed him. He was trembling still. I pulled my mouth away and told him to sit on the bed while I undress for him. I also told him to remove his clothes while I removed mine. His eyes bulged out in surprise. I wanted to go about this fucking very slow.

I stood in front of him and pulled my sari off my body, turning around in the process. I had deep cut blouse and No bra inside so he could see the cleavage and the entire out line of my breasts clearly. I knew he could see my dark nipples and even the aureoles. His eyes were fixed on my chest and I threw the sari on the bed. He removed his T shirt. I looked at his chest. He had broad chest with lot of hair. His small nipples attracted me most. I wanted to show him that even male nipples can be fondled.

I now started to remove my blouse buttons which were in the front. I removed the two buttons and more than half of my bust spilled out. His eyes were fixed on my cleavage. I looked down at my assets and smiled. The cleavage was real great site. I move down and removed the rest of the buttons. Now my breasts were free. They sprang out and greeted his sight. He was watching and getting worked out. His breathing became faster and he looked impatient to touch them. I removed the blouse and threw I to him. He sniffed it, particularly near my arm pit. Oh he was smelling my arm pit through the blouse. His eyes lit up and he said,

” Nanditaji! Your arm pits must be smelling very good. I can smell them here on your blouse. You have nice breasts! I have never seen breasts before and this is my first time to watch them in front of me.”

“Don’t worry Ramesh you can smell the real thing and touch the breasts. Let me finish with my peticoat and let me show you some of my assets more closely.”

I caught the nada of my petticoat and pulle doff the knot. Then I lowered the petticoat and showed him my naval and belly button. My belly is slightly bulging and looks really fleshy. I moved my hand over my belly and naval and inserted a finger into my belly button. Oooohh god! I was really excited! I moved my finger around my belly button caressing it and arousing the lust within me. I then lowered my peticoat which got stuck to my wide hips, I wiggled my hips and let it stay right in the middle. He could see my upper portion of the hips and the curvy ass cheeks. I was with my back to him, giving his the best view of my ass. When I looked back at him, he hurriedly removed his shorts and sat just in his underwear. I could see massive bulge down in the middle and knew he was hard.

I slowly removed my peticaot and threw it to him. Ramesh again smelled my choot and ass on the garment and smiled. I think Ramesh was getting more arousal with my smell and I liked that, this was something different. I turned to him and spread my legs. I was a real slut now! A seductress! I pointed to my choot and said, ” Ramesh this is my choot. See it is covered with small curly hair and increase the beauty of it. See it, this is the fountain of pleasure and the right button makes it flow like a waterfall.”

He was amazed to see my choot with all the beauty in it. I spread my cheeks and showed him the real thing. I caught the outer flaps and told him what it was then the inner ones! Labia! I then pushed my finger inside the pink hole and told him that this was the hole that gives men real pleasure. I traced my finger to the top of the slit and found out my clitoris. I lightly caught it and showed it to Ramesh.

“I want to show you this! This is the clitoris. Its like a tiny cock. It sweels when women get excited and comes out of its hood, just like your cock peeks out of the foreskin. Remember to fondle it lightly and not hard. This is very sensitive.”

He understood what I meant. I then turned around and spread my ass cheeks and showed him the position of choot hole and asshole. I spread my as cheeks and he watched how I fondled my asshole. I told him that he could put his lund there also. He was excited and nodded at me. I was totally naked and stood before Ramesh showing him the secret parts of woman. So exciting!

I had shown him everything he should know and sat on the bed next to him. He was trembling and uneasy. I held his hand and said that he had nothing to worry about and that I would teach him how to fuck and make him expert. He looked happy now. I put my hand inside his underwear and caught hold of his lund. It was hard and throbbingand wanted release. I yanked his underpant and fished out his lund. This was the first time I was looking at it so closely and at leisure. It was about 8 inches long, a bit dark and uncircumcised. His cock head was poking out of the foreskin and looked redish. It was not much thick I suppose but the length did matter. May be he was developing. Prominent veins were running all ove rhis lund and as I pressed it, the pisshole oozed out some precum. I took it on my finger and showed him.

“See your lund is ready to fuck. See this sticky liquid! It is called ‘precum’ and is sign of excitement. The more you are excited the more it comes out.”

I massaged his cock and squeezed it. A big drop of precum ozzed out. This was a virgin lund! I told him that we were ready to start the game! 

First kissing and foreplay, I took his hand in mine lovingly and caught it finger to finger. This is one way of showing love. I felt really excited and I pulled him to me. His chest rested against my breasts and crushed the tender flesh. I put my hands on his back and pulled him closer. Our bodies touched and I placed his hands on my neck asking him to kiss me. He put his mouth on mine and placed his lips on my lips, locking me. This was natural instinct I suppose and once you start it, it goes spontaneously. Who teaches animals to fuck?

I opened my mouth and his tongue entered in. He moved his tongue all the way inside my mouth and caress the entire oral cavity. His actions were fast and speedy. I too moved my tongue and tried at catch his tongue, we played tongue game and then I inserted my tongue inside his mouth and caressed it with my tongue.my choot was getting wetter and wetter with this and my nipples too started to get hard. I had to fuck him! I put his hand on my breasts and asked him to knead them.

Ramesh caught my breasts in his hands, one in each and pressed them like a horn. His fingers dug into my soft tit flesh and my blood started to move faster through my body. I relaxed and my head moved in frenzy. I moaned loudly and put my hands over his. We together kneaded my breasts and then I caught my nipples in my thumb and forefinger.

“Ramesh! Please catch my nipples like this and rub them hard. Yes! Like this. It feels so nice. 

Ramesh rubbed my nipples and made them hard. Then he put his mouth to one nipple and started to suck on it. He was sucking like a child. He had his lips around the nipple and sucked on it. Waves of pleasure passed through my body and I held his head in my hands an dragged him to suck and bite my nipples. He shifted to other nipple and sucked it. Now both of my nipples stood hard and ramesh played with them. I then asked him to lie on the bed. I took both my breasts in my hand and wrapped his lund with them. Ohh god the hard lund rubbing my soft boobs felt so nice. I rolled my breasts around his lund and massed the hard cock. Ramesh loved this and started to push his hips in fucking motion.

I then moved my breasts all over his body and gave him boob massage. His hands were now moving over my buttocks and massaged my ass cheeks. He then traced my choot slit and moved his finger all along the length. Ohh he tickled me! I had told him about the choot and he was exploring it like a new found toy. His finger pushed into my choot and he explored the inside hole with it, I wanted him inside me now! I was hot! Oohhh god! Fucking nice!

I lay on the bed with my legs spread wide. I invited Ramesh to fuck me.

Ramesh came over my body and placed his lund on my choot. He could not get to my hole and his lund slipped along my slit. I asked him to steady himself and push hard so that he would enter my choot. But he was in great hurry and his lund could not find my choot. It slipped along my wet choot and now touched my puckered gaand hole. Aaahhhh! his lund pressed on my ass and I knew it would be too much for him. So I pushed my hand down and caught his lund and placed it on my choot hole. He gave a massive push and oh! His lund rammed itself into my choot like a knife. It went in all the way and touched my cervix. Ah my choot felt so full with his lund!I asked him to fuck me.

Ramesh was now fucking me fast. He could not control his speed and fucked me hard. In and out! I placed his hands on my breasts and urged him to knead them as he fucked. He held my boobs and pressed them hard. Ohhh god it was raw action and felt nice. I lifted my legs up and took him deeper in my choot. We fucked like mad! I casually glanced at my window and found my BIL watching throgh a binoculars. Ohh god I was excited! The watching by BIL made me hotter. I moved my hips fast and reciprocate his thrusts. Ohhh god! Puuccchhhh! Fffuuccch! Fuck! Fucking sounds echoed in the room. I waved at my BIL. He did thumbs up action. I knew Ramesh wont last long and soon his lund throbbed and I knew he would cum.

I moved my hips faster and faster and milked his lund. My choot muscles spasmed and I orgasmed! My choot convulsed on his lund and he came. His lund ejaculated thick hot sperm in my choot. I felt his cum spray on my vaginal walls and put my legs over his ass and held him tightly inside me. He now lay prone on my body and was breathing heavily. I felt my body go weak and my legs dropped down. I had intense orgasm! 

After this I told him, ” Hey Ramesh look! My Brother in law is watching us. He glanced at my window and found him standing in the window with the binoculars. Ramesh went pale and was afraid.

“Nandita! Your BIL has seen us fucking! I am nervous! What will happen now? He will not like this.”

“Don’t worry Ramesh! I will handle this, you come to our house tomorrow in the afternoon and I will tell you further. Ok?”

We separated and I kissed his lund and sucked it clean. His sperm was running down my thighs and I wiped it with my hand and licked it, looking at my BIL through the window. He was waving at me and smiling. I told Ramesh to meet me in my house in the afternoon and told him that I had a surprise for him. We sat there for some time and I told him that my BIL has seen us and so he had to meet him tomorrow afternoon Or else we can be in trouble. He was a bit nervous but I told him not to worry. I dressed and left for my house, satisfied with fucking by his virgin lund.

Nandita Dey was moaning and panting on the low bamboo bed. Her fat thighs were spread wide and her hands placed above her head, grabbing tight hold of her pillow. She looked down between her legs, watching as her completely naked friend Usha Das gently licked her vulva. Curtains on the windows blocked the heat from entering the room. Yet, sufficient light entered to lighten up the bright orange complexion of the two Western Bengali girls, emphasising their heaving hips and bulging breasts. The girls’ light red complexions were prized in Paschim Bangla because it gave the appearance of ripe fruits just waiting to be eaten, and such skin tones were common amongst the Pashim Bengali women. Many rajas would have readily laid down fortunes to be with either of the two exquisite beauties toying with each other. 

Usha loved to lick vaginas, an occurrence proven by the intensity and passion with which she was showing on Nandita’s bushy organ. Usha was so absorbed in her pleasuring her friend that she did not even notice Nandita watching her. Nandita usually closed her eyes when she made love with her friend. That was because Nandita was not a real lesbian and had only recently agreed to Usha’s advances. Her agreement came only after Usha promised that she would chod Nandita like a man with a full-sized artificial black phallus. In exchange, Nandita would let Usha lick her vagina as much as she wanted. 

Of course both agreed to keep their trysts a secret, above all from their suspicious parents. Yet today, Nandita’s parents were away at a relative’s house, so she was free to enjoy her pretty friend. Although she hated to admit it, Nandita was now beginning to get aroused when her friend licked her private parts. Because of her initial shame, she usually closed her eyes, but today was different. She openly stared while Usha’s mouth sucked first on her left vaginal lip, and then on her right one. It was a new sensation for Nandita to look at her own vulva while it was being licked. Usha had been with all castes of women before, but preferred kindred Bengali women because her experience revealed that they generally produced more juices than other women. 

Nandita was queen of Bengali women in this regard, and Usha had never met another woman who produced so much flow of vaginal excretions. She eagerly drank all the nectar exuding from Nandita’s deep hole. Nandita buckled as Usha’s tongue flicked across her sensitive clitoris. She held her breath as Usha started taking it into her mouth, gently sucking on the strilinga and pulling it till it stretched and swelled. A groan came out of Nandita’s mouth as Usha inserted a long index finger into her gud. Usha continued to suck her clitoris as her finger probed her deep interiors. Nandita could not take it any more. She needed the real thing. “Oh, Usha. Please chood me now,” Nandita moaned. “You dirty Shudra-chood khanki, you just want that big kala dhon, don’t you? You just want that big black dick!” Usha quipped. “If I don’t say anything, you will chata me all day. You have had enough of my gud-pani, you filthy maggi. You must chood me now, you dirty lora-aga.” Nandita replied.

It had been an incredibly long time that Usha had been drinking her friend’s nectar. She got up and picked up Nandita’s favourite dildo and returned between her friend’s legs. Made of imported Portuguese rubber, the artificial phallus was black and shaped as an exact replica of the penis of a well-endowed Sudra male. It was twelve angulis (fingerwidths), or nine inches, long with a very big head and a thick shaft criss-crossed with realistic veins. Most men would kill to have a penis like that. Usha rubbed this dildo up and down against the opening of Nandita’s gud. Slowly inserting the head of the dildo, Nandita spread her legs a little wider and lifted her hips as if to say, “Deeper, chood it deeper into me.” Usha realised she wanted all of this lifelike penis inside of her but simply continued to tease Nandita with it. She could see the end glistening with Nandita’s juices. She slowly inserted another part of it. By now Nandita had one-third of the black behemoth inside her. “Stop it, you haramjadi. Chod me with it like a man would, you khanki. Chod me like a Sudra man with his maha kala Shudra-dhon, ha, like a black man with a big black cock,” shouted Nandita. 

Usha stopped and got up onto her knees, tying the dildo around her waist. Seating herself between her friend’s legs, she rubbed the black phallus around Nandita’s bushy vulva. “This is what you wanted so bad, you dirty maggi. I am going to chood you with my big Kaloo-dhon, you dirty khanki” Usha hissed. “Yes, please chood me with your big Sudra-linga. Chood me like a cheap khanki,” Nandita begged, holding her legs wide open. Usha slowly inserted the dildo into her friend. She watched as the big black cock disappeared inside of Nandita’s hot red vagina. “Shala! That feels so good!” Nandita cried as she felt the dildo enter her. Usha pumped it in and out while Nandita squealed in delight. “My big kala Sudra-lund choods your juicy gud, you khanki. My big, fat, hard Sudra-dhon is going in – and out – in – and out,” she repeated with each thrust. Each thrust elicited a groan from Nandita, who had moved one hand to her vulva, starting to rub her little clitoris. Usha continued to pump the black behemoth into her friend. Picking up speed, she pumped faster and faster. She knew that Nandita was coming to orgasm. 

Finally, she thrust the black dildo as deep as she could. Nandita cried out in passion as the hard wet dildo found the bottom of her vagina. She felt so open, so stretched, something she never felt with other boys. She was grinding her hips against Usha as she felt a hot tingling throughout her entire body before she erupted into orgasm. Usha drove deeper and faster till Nandita screamed in passion. Her orgasm was long and slow, leaving her completely drained of energy. Usha lay on the bed beside Nandita. In a short while, after some rest, Nandita would again let Usha suck her vagina. Then Usha would again chood her with that black phallus. That is how their whole day continued till, by dusk, they were both exhausted and sore. Both naked girls fell asleep on the same bed.

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