Wife cheating on husband for first time Part 2

I am a 40 year old married woman with three grownup kids; I am little less than 5 feet tall and have a petite body that I am proud of. I have a teeny tiny body with no sign of growing old. Even if I am a mother of three, I do not develop any fats on my belly.
I have a skinny body like that of a teen age girl and my childhood friends from college were jealous of me when we met because they said ‘I do not change at all.’ I do not have big tits either but just the right size to fit in any man’s hand and I have big nipples which come to half an inch when it is erect.
What I consider my assets is that I have a nice round ass with enough flesh for grabbing and my curvy tight ass is also the envy of my girl friends. My husband is a good nature man but I don’t know why I continue with this relationship with my boy friend that is just few years older than my eldest kid.
My extramarital relationship is a little more than a year now and I don’t know if I can stop it or not or do I want to stop it. Because I keep on meeting my boy friend and every time we met, we always have sex. This is another of those meeting that we had and as usual he took me to his house because he live with his mum who work out of the town and the entire house is always free.
It was a passionate kiss right from the car; Peter my boy friend got down first and then opened the door to let me out. He held me with one hand on the shoulder and locked the door with another and with his hand on my shoulder we walked to his house. As soon as enter the house he shut the door and we started kissing each other again.
With our mouth locked in a kiss we also undress each other. We dropped our entire outer garment on the floor and threw them over the places. With only our underwear we kissed and embraced each other and moved towards his bed room. He lovingly threw me on his soft bed and immediately jumped on the bed and climbed on me.

His right hand was stroking my breast from over my bra and then he moved his hand to towards my back and unhooked my bra while I rubbed my cunt up and down his left knee. He removed my bra and started to fondle my bare boobs with one hand and with another he stroke and pinched my tight round ass from over my lace panty.
His mouth moved from my lips to my neck and my breast and my nipples are already hard which make it easy for him to suck it. He played with one of my nipple and sucked the other and every time he sucked it I moaned softly hissshhh inhaling little air to my mouth through my tongue and teeth.
While he was kissing me I move my hand to his cock and rubbed it from over his panty, then I slid my hand under his boxer and played with the tip and the eye of his cock which already produce drops of sticky pre-cum. I stroke his cock and played with his balls and move my head to his breast and suck his small nipples one after the other while playing with his organ with my right hand.
I then move down and kiss his navel then pulled his boxer to release his hard cock which had its foreskin rolled down, I reach for it and started licking just the pink top of it and then slowly sucked the whole of it up and down. After I had sucked him for sometimes; he then pulled me towards his mouth and kissed my now salty mouth while his hand started to remove my lace panty.
While kissing me his hand reached for my clit and he played with it. I was excited and after he fucked me with his finger for some time my cunt is beginning to get wetter. I was so aroused and writhed on the bed with my hand holding his wrist while he played with my cunt. I was so excited that I moaned aaahhh aaahhh as he played with clit and begged him to fuck me.
“Give me your cock” I shouted several time “I want your cock inside me Pete” I said. He pushed me on the bed; spread my legs and inserted his penis into my already wet hole. In spite of my cunt being very wet; I still moan aaoohh aaoohh from pleasure and pain when he slid in his hard pole inside me.
Initially he fucked me slowly and then increased the pace of pushing and pulling his cock inside me for some time. I moaned and swear “oh shit baby fuck me harder fuck me harder” and begged him to pump me deeper and faster. Then he rolled down under me and allowed me to climb on top of him to fuck him.
I climbed on top and position his dick inside my hole and I fuck him for sometimes while his hands were playing with both my breast and my nipples. He then pushed me from over his body and I move aside to allow him to change position. He asked me to bend on my knees while he started fucking me doggy style till he was about to come.
He then pulled his pole again and asked me to lie down and fucked me in missionary position, he thrust his penis slowly and then increase the pace till he came in my cunt. After he had come, he lay on me for sometime then pulled his soft organ out of my wet pussy; he then took a piece of napkins from the side table and wiped himself dry.
He took another piece and wiped my pussy clean, put on his boxer and walked out of the room. After few minutes, he return to the room and get into the bed with his erect penis, I was a little bit surprise because he had just come inside me a moment ago. He move closer to me on the bed and started to play with my breast, I can’t help but whisper in his ear “we are horny are we?” but he was silent.
I could feel the unusual way he stroke my breast, it was a little rough and this urgency to penetrate me was kind of strange, he would normally engage in foreplay for sometimes; but not this time. I asked “Peter what is wrong with you?” but he remain silent. In few minutes he fucked me and came inside me and I said to myself; this does not feel like the Peter I know.
Peter is very caring and his way of fucking is slow and passionate, Peter would at least last for 10 minutes especially if it is the second round. Why didn’t he even last for few minutes? After he ejaculated inside me he got up and left the room again.
I said to myself “something is wrong here, Peter would not have remove his penis after he had pumped his sperm inside, he would normally kiss me and stroke me for some time and let his pole soften inside my cunt before he remove it. He would even help me clean my cunt.”
After he had left the room and I lay on the bed naked for sometimes, then two persons came back to the bed room. I was shocked to see two identical persons. I was dumbfounded to say the least. I cannot distinguish one from the other; I can’t even recognize my boy friend.
I pulled the bed sheet to cover my naked body and asked “which one of you is Peter” Peter move forward and started to apologized. Now I realized that I had been tricked, it has confirmed my suspicion that the guy who fucked me later was not Peter. He shared me with his twin brother. I shout at him why did you betray my trust on you?
I can only differentiate the two identical twins that stand naked before me when I looked at their groin. I know Peter trims his pubic hair but his brother pubic hair is bushy and the pink tip of Peter’s penis is bulging with its skin rolled down while his brother penis is somewhat pointed and the fore skin still intact.
Peter then move under the sheet with me, while I cried and beat him with my small fist. I sobbed and said “Peter I loved you, but instead you shared me like I am a slut” He held me tight and try to talk to me; he rubbed the tears from my face and said I am sorry darling. He then hold me tight and also started to massage my head and my back.
He run his hand on my hair and said “It is not my wish to hurt you, but please let me explain.” He first of all apologized for not telling me that he had an identical twin brother, he said his brother’s name is Johnny and works in another state. He also said that since they were young they always share things; they would share even small things.
Peter said that they are strange twins because they not only share the same birthday and the womb but they also have this special bond that they are emotionally connected which is difficult to explain he said. Then he continued and said when Johnny knew about our relationship, he wanted to see me and the moment he saw you he too fell in love with you.
Peter also said Johnny was the one who insisted on this date and it was his plan that they share me on this date. Peter requested me to try to understand and at the same time he was stroking my back.
In the meantime Johnny has returned from the kitchen with three glasses of drinks and some food on the tray, the moment he enter the room he said “I hope we are ready for some food and drinks aren’t we?.” Peter then arranged the pillows behind me and help both of us sit with our back on the pillows (while I still cover my breast with the bed sheet).
Johnny too moved from the other side of the bed and slipped inside the bed sheet with the two of us. We are now three naked bodies in the bed with me in the middle and I did not complaint. He placed the tray on my lap and we started eating the food and consumed the drinks. Peter looked at me and said “there is another thing I should tell you, that you are a spitting image of our mother.”
She had a petite body just like you. Johnny too then joined in the conversation; he apologized and said that it was entirely his fault and that I should not blame his brother. He also said that he would understand and get out of the room, if I don’t want him to be there. But I remained silent without saying a word and after we have finished, Johnny get out of the bed and went to put empty utensils in the kitchen.
The moment Johnny went to the kitchen, Peter started kissing and stroking my body while I reluctantly responded to his move. Slowly I too got excited and we started kissing and embracing each other passionately again. He then made me lie down and fucked me.
By the time Johnny came back to the room he saw me climbing and ridding on Peter, he too move towards the bed and started to massage my back starting from my shoulder down to my spine and my waist while I fucked his brother.
How can I complaint when the massage made me feel so good, Johnny concentrated with massaging my back for sometimes then his hands slowly moved to my breast and occasionally rubbed my nipples. Johnny then started to kiss my nape down to my shoulder and then move his face towards me and kissed my cheek.
I can’t understand it, I didn’t resist but instead move my face towards him and respond to his kiss and we start kissing each other while I fuck his brother. While I kiss Johnny, Peter raise his head and kissed and played with both my breast and pinching my nipples while his cock was inside me.
I was still ridding on my boy friend’s cock and his brother while kissing me moved his right hand to my cunt while I fuck Peter. My pussy is already wet because I had come several times; Johnny rubbed his fingers where his brother cock met enter my cunt and with some juice from our organs he then asked me to bend that my ass hole will face him.
He applied the juice on my back hole and entered his middle finger inside it, he repeated the same act several time till my ass hole is wet with our juice. He then asked me to bend properly and position that he may enter his penis inside my ass hole. I stopped fucking Peter for sometimes and position myself while Johnny try to enter my ass hole.
He managed to get the tip of his cock inside and then slowly pushed his cock inside. It was painful and I moaned aaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaa, even if it was the third time that I had my ass hole fucked. Now I was sandwich between two adult twin bodies, both of them pushed their organ inside me at the same pace one from the top and another from the bottom grinding me in the middle.
I pushed Peter cock inside my cunt while his twin brother pushes his pole deep inside my ass hole and it feels like heaven. They both stopped simultaneously and Johnny then climbed down my back and Peter signal that I move from his body.
I then lay on the bed between the twins with their erect penis on both sides then Johnny turned me towards him and started sucking my beast one after another like a baby. I too position myself the way I breast feed my babies holding my hand on my breast and pushed my nipples in his mouth and let him suck my breast like a baby.
While I pushed my breast on Johnny’s mouth; Peter caressed my body and grabbed my round tight ass, he squeezed both my ass and pinched them hard and repeat the process several times. After sometime I then turn to Peter and did the same think with him, but while I pushed my breast in Peter’s mouth, Johnny raised my left leg up and started to fuck me from my back.
When the twins sucked my boobs; they both feel like they were sucking their mother’s breast and I too feel like I was breast feeding two grownup identical twins. They then lay me flat on the bed and start sucking both my breast at the same time. I was so excited and moaned like crazy asking them to stop it, but at the same time wishing the two mouths to continue sucking my two little breasts.
If having one person sucked your breast is joy, having two persons sucking both your boobs at the same time is double joy. They exchange side and sucked my mammary gland alternately till I was tired and they allowed me to rest for a while. Then Peter said thank you darling and when I asked him why?
He said we feels as if we were in our mother womb again, you helped us connected to each other through your two holes, your two beautiful tits and your lovely body. This is the first time after they were separated from birth that they had the opportunity to bond themselves through me.
He thanked me profusely for understanding their needs, he said for them it is not just sex but it is something special, it is something that connects them. They fuck me for some times and then changed position; Johnny then took my cunt and Peter took my ass hole, while my small body remained sandwich in between them.
My cunt was not as painful as my ass hole but I anyway allow them to use my body as they wish and of course I too enjoyed every bit of it. While Johnny was underneath me fucking my cunt and Peter was pumping my ass hole, he also grabbed and pinched my ass from above. Johnny then stopped suddenly and looked at Peter and said, “I have never had anybody sucking my dick bro.”
Peter stop and remove his dick from my back hole and then looked at me, without saying a word but his face said it all that I should do his brother a service. I slowly raised my body and removed my wet cunt from Johnny’s dick. Then I move toward my mouth to his already wet sticky cock and start sucking the pink tip of his penis while he moaned “ooohhh baby I like it.”
I sucked, lick the pink tip of his cock and played with the eye of his penis, then I slowly sucked almost all his penis while Johnny mumbled with pleasure “suck me baby I like it so much”. I sucked his cock like crazy because love juice from our three organs made it taste so good.
While I bend to sucked Johnny’s hairy cock; Peter was playing with my already extremely wet pussy and my clit and then fucked me doggy style. Johnny was lying on the bed to allow me to suck his pole while I bend to position myself so that Peter can inserts his penis inside me. He fucked me while I suck his brother and both Johnny and I mouthful with his penis moaned with pleasure.
The twins then continue to fuck me using every style they know. They finish with me when Johnny fucked me in a missionary and Peter was pushing his cock inside my mouth. Johnny was aroused to see me swallowing his brother’s cock, so he came and pumped his organ hard and deep to release his sperm inside my cunt, while Peter was still pumped me inside my mouth.
After Johnny pulled his cock from my cunt, Peter made me turn towards him. He then moved his hand towards the back of my head and hold me by my hair and few second and pushed me towards his penis. He then pushed and pulled his penis hard and deep and fast inside my mouth and ejaculated his juice inside my mouth.
I did not swallow it all; I took his cock in my hand and removed his pole from my mouth and pumped the remaining drops on my face and my breast while I led drops of his semen I did not swallow to flow from the side of my mouth. I feel dirty and well used and we all lie on the bed exhausted.
I was exhausted and my cunt and ass hole were wet and tattered but I was happy; I initially I thought that I have been tricked by my boyfriend Peter to a threesome with his twin brother, but it turn out that I was able to help the twin brother to connect to their deepest being.
This sex is special for the twins because I helped conjoined their bodies and their souls again through my body I am happy that I can be of help and I know this is just the beginning. But my life is getting more complicated; now I not only have to satisfy the need of my husband and my boy friend but that of his twin brother too.
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