Wife's Brother Takes Advantage

Everything was going pretty swell. I’d recently got promoted at work and was now heading up a new investments department. As a consequence, we’d been able to move to a much larger house in a better area and were now starting to really enjoy the good things in life. That included a lovely new 4×4 car for my beautiful wife.
Louise, my wife, was over-the-moon with her brand new Range Rover and although the monthly payments were ridiculously high, she looked every-bit the part of the yummy-mummy in it. At 38 she looked stunning. She certainly worked at it though. Every morning, without fail, she’d work out in the gym to ensure her 38 year old body still resembled at 28 year olds. She was quite petite, very slim but with perfect size breasts. Pert and very firm breast too, all thanks to those gym work outs. The gym was another monthly expense though but hey, we could afford it. The new home meant moving to a new gym. Somehow, the new gym cost three times the cost of her old one but I never understood why.
Our only daughter, Sarah, was now 19 and at University, yet another huge cost each month. Hopefully, that was money well spent though. Louise’s monthly credit card bills were also increasing vastly as she started to do more ‘lunches’ with our new rich neighbours. Although my new salary was excellent, it was already starting to feel the strain.
Then everything wasn’t so swell. The company I’d spent the last 20 years with, working my way up each year, suddenly goes into receivership. Within a few weeks I’m out of work and without a wage. I wasn’t too worried to start with, I had an agency looking out for me and I suspected I’d have a new job any time soon. A few savings but not much. But the new job didn’t come. Apparently, at 48, I was ‘a little too old’ to secure a new position elsewhere.
So, now I had an increased mortgage, huge gym and university fees, long-term and expensive car loan and a large collection of overdue credit card bills. On top of that, I had wife that was basically not prepared to give any of these luxuries up. To be fair to her, she didn’t ignore the situation but just trusted I’d sort it out. When they came and took the cinema system away, she suddenly realised how serious things were. She then sat down with me to offer a solution.
“Andy, clearly we need to make some quick cash and I have an idea.” With that, she put a magazine cutting down in front of me.
I instantly recognised the name and logo but for the life-of-me, I couldn’t work out where. I gazed at it a little too long, just simply wondering where I’d seen it before. After what seemed like a lifetime, Louise spoke again.
“What do you think?”
Forgetting about where I might have seen this name, it then became apparent what Louise was proposing. To be become an escort. I can’t say I really knew exactly what was involved, so it was a little hard to have an opinion on her doing it.
“Errr… What exactly is an escort? Do you know what’s involved?” I asked.
“Well no, not exactly. I just assume it’s escorting men to functions. Men who don’t have a wife and need someone to join them for the night for business. Mark uses them when he does those high flying business deals. In fact I’m pretty sure he uses this company.”
Mark was Louise’s brother. Highly successful, although he hardly ever seem to be ‘at work’. And yes, that’s where I’d seen this company before. He had their business card pinned up in his kitchen. Mark basically sold high end yachts. Some of these boasts costs millions and it seemed he only had to sell a few a year to live very comfortably. No one knew exactly how or what he did but it clearly worked. He’d been divorced at least ten years now and since then, he’d always used these escorts to accompany him on business meetings in place of his ex-wife.
“Let’s speak to Mark first. Let’s see what’s involved, hey?” I suggested to Louise.
“Of course. But I looked them up on line and some of the girls cost thousands per night. I’d only have to do this for few nights, you know, until you pick up work and what’s there to lose. I’d get paid good money to be taken out for the night looking good. I think I can still do that, don’t you?” She asked.
“Oh definitely.” I replied.
We arrived at Mark’s beautiful house a little late but he was cool with that. He’d always been very laid back. We had never really seen eye-to-eye. He was a little too laid back for me and I must admit, I was pretty jealous of the money he made with what appeared to be very little effort. I’d been a bit of a flash git when I was young and earning well. At the time Mark was penniless and living with their parents. I don’t think he ever saw me as anything more than that. A flash git, who was dating his precious sister. He certainly wasn’t impressed when she announced she was pregnant with my child. However, Louise adored him and wouldn’t have a bad word said against him.
Mark had cooked and to be fair to him, he was an excellent chef. The meal was outstanding and we made our way through one of his fine bottles of wine. After the meal we sat around the table, opened a second bottle and chatted. It was pretty humiliating explaining my work situation and even more so when he offered us ‘a little cash to get by’. Louise eventually got round to the subject of escorts.
“Mark, you use that company Elegant Escorts don’t you?”
“Yeah, I do. They’re probably the best and they know exactly what I require. Why do you ask?” He looked very puzzled by Louise’s question as he leant back on his chair and took another sip of wine.
“I thought … to help us through our little cash-flow issue, that I might do some ‘escorting’ myself. I see they earn good money.”
I thought Mark was having a stroke or heart attack as he spat his wine across the table. He coughed and choked and then this turned into laughing or growling, it was a little hard to tell. He continued to cough and laugh as he mopped up the wine off the table with his napkin.
“What’s so funny big brother?” Louise asked, rather cheesed off with her brother’s reaction.
“What, you’re being serious?” Mark asked, now with a much more stern look and a lot less laughing.
“Why not. Are you saying I couldn’t? I think I’m in pretty good shape and Andy thinks so too!” With this she stood up clearly pushing out her beautiful firm breasts. Dressed in a figure hugging red dress, she looked good enough to eat. She flicked back her long dark black hair and pouted.
“Do you have any idea what you are saying? Do either of you have any idea what these escorts do. What they offer?” Mark was actually quite angry now.
“Errr no…not exactly. We’ve seen their website but it didn’t say much. They offer ‘all services’ but we’re not sure what that is … we thought you might be able to fill us in.” Louise sat down now and looked a little nervous and feeling a little stupid. Clearly being an escort wasn’t as simply as she’d first thought.
“I’m guessing you don’t have a clue what those ‘services’ are. I tell you what, you have a little more time to think. What do you think services might possible be … for five grand a night?”
The penny dropped for me then. I’m not sure why it hadn’t before. I guess I’m a little naive with this sort of stuff. Clearly Louise realised at about the same time.
“Oh shit …Oh my god … I didn’t realise. But surely they’re just prostitutes then? Why do they call themselves ‘escorts’ and why are you hiring these girls Mark?” She was now the angry one. Annoyed she’d been so naive and angry with her brother for using this disgusting service.
“It’s all part of my business deals Louise. It’s complex but I can assure you, their services are not for me.” Mark was content to leave it at that.
“I want to know more. You have to tell me Mark. I don’t want to go home thinking the worse of you.” Louise couldn’t have done the drive home with me without this fully explained. She knew what I thought of Mark and yes, I would have enjoyed discussing his use of whores all the way home.
“Ok, you know what I do right?” Mark asked us both.
“You sell posh boats to people with too much money and no sense.” I said, sitting back and looking forward to his further explanation for hiring hookers.
“Yeah, I sell posh boats. To be more precise, I sell expensive boats for a lot more money than they’re really worth. And it’s not exactly legitimate.” He then sat back and watched our reaction.
“Why doesn’t that surprise me Mark? …go on” I said as Louise glared at me. God forbid I would question Mark’s business ethics.
Mark continued with a pretty detailed explanation.
“I have a deal with a few boat manufacturers and a couple of the top-end hotels in London. Basically, some of these boats get built but then the sale falls through. They can’t afford to have them sitting about as they age very quickly. So, I find some wealthy idiot and he buys the boat. I get the boat at a reduced price to sell quickly and whatever I can make over and above that cost is mine.”
There was a moments silence so I butted in.
“Sounds legitimate enough to me but how are you so confident you can sell these boats so easily. Clearly, if they’re good boats, and these wealthy idiots want a boat, they’d buy it direct from the manufacturer?” I asked knowing there was clearly more to this and we still hadn’t got to the whore’s involvement bit yet.
“These ‘idiots’ don’t really want a boat but once they’ve fucked my ‘wife’ in front of me and I then produce some video coverage … let’s just say they get away lightly. These are married men. They have a lot to lose in a divorce. This way they get to have some kinky sex with someone else’s wife but they pay a little over the odds for a brand new boat, which they can easily afford. These guys are billionaires. They pay a few hundred grand for a boat. So what. I bet some of them give the boat to their wives as a present and perhaps they get a blow job for their generosity.”
Mark looked at Louise for her reaction before continuing.
“The escort girls are a fantastic fuck. These guys aren’t so hard done by. Some of them buy the boat off me as a thank you for letting them screw my misses. I’ve only had to use the video coverage once or twice to persuade the odd twat.” He checked Louise out again. Clearly she was in complete shock. The language was pretty graphic and I’m not sure she’d heard her brother talk like this before.
“The hotel concierge does a lot of the homework. They’ll let me know if there’s a big spender staying over. They’ll check them out and perhaps even let them know they can provide any type of service. If they check out and I have a boat available, we put a very well-rehearsed plan together.”
“Well I guess that’s the end of that idea then.” Louise pointed out. I think Mark and I had already realised that.
“Don’t knock it Louise. These girls earn a bloody good wage. I tip well and if the deal goes through they can earn well over ten grand in one night. I have to pay the concierge another five for his lead and I have another deal going with hotel maintenance chaps. All in all, I pay out about twenty grand a deal.”
“Jesus, how much are you making on these boats?” I asked, completely gob-smacked on how much cash was spent to just coax a buyer.
“On the small ones I make fifty to hundred. On the real big ones …anything up to half a mill.” He looked smug.
“Over ten thousand for one night …” Louise was clearly taken back by this figure.
“Yep … But they are the best. These girls are not only excellent in the sack, they can carry off the whole night. You’ve got to remember Louise, when we go to the hotel, we have to look like a convincing couple. My ‘wife’ has to entice the buyer …you know, lead him on. She needs to be able to hold a half decent conversation. These guys are not going to simply start chatting to me but when a sexy looking woman is there …well, if the girl works it well, we would normally end up having an evening meal with the buyer and it moves swiftly from there to the bed. It’s all a big act and then …well then she has to perform in bed too.”
“But ten grand …ten grand for one night.” She looked from Mark to me.
“Ten grand would go a long way Andy.” There was a message there but I’m not sure I liked it.
“Ok, I think it’s time to go.” I said, pushing my chair away from the table.
“Thank you for the insight Mark …it’s a very interesting career you have there. Let me just ask you one last thing though. Do you really have videos to blackmail them with? How do you manage to film it?” I asked, as I was still curious. I was actually heading for the door and practically dragging Louise with me but Mark grabbed my arm.
“Hang on.” Mark shot into the lounge and quickly reappeared with a DVD case.
“If you really want to know what’s involved, watch this. I use the same room in each of the two Park Lane hotels I deal with. They are set up with hidden cams and a direct feed to my home PC. It’s part of the hotel payment deal I have with maintenance. I also let them take a feed from the link and the record and sell the films abroad.” He finished it there and handed me the case.
We said our final goodbyes and headed out the door. Not much was said on the way home but once we were there it was inevitable we’d watch the recording. It was pretty hot. There was Mark, an escort girl and obviously a buyer all in a plush room. It appeared they’d headed back to this room to further discuss the boat. Clearly the buyer is transfixed by the escort girl but it only really got interesting when Mark offers his supposed ‘wife’ as a deal clincher. The ‘wife’ pretends to be annoyed and unhappy with this but then she’s told to do it and she eventually obliges. Whilst she’s in the bathroom he calls the buyer over and whispers something in his ear. The guy seems to be over the moon with this but you can’t work out what’s said.
The sex is not like you’d see on an X-rated movie. Still pretty hot and it got me worked up but it was pure amateur stuff. The girl gave fantastic head and guy gave it his all but he lasted only minutes and of course, unlike the movies, he only had your average six inch cock, not a porno donkey style one. He gets hard again and they start again but seeing there was still ninety minutes to go on the recording, we decided to call it a night.
“Come on, let’s go to bed. It’s been t a long night.” I was shattered, although I could have managed a quick fuck.
“You know I could do that … I could carry the whole thing off, especially if my brother was there in case it went wrong.” She said this whilst she rubbed my cock through my trousers. I ignored her but started to drag her upstairs for a good fucking.
Things only got worse. The credit cards were stopped, the Range Rover taken back and the mortgage was already two months in arrears. We needed ten grand just to get us straight let alone on top of things.
We sat at the dinner table looking at the selection of bills.
“I’m going to do it Andy.”
“You’re going to do what Louise?”
“I’ve spoken to Mark. He has a deal coming off this Friday and he’s agreed to use me as his wife for the night.” She gazed at the floor.
Initially I was furious and was about to explode when the reality hit me. She was the one that wanted the big house…the car, gym, lunches. Why shouldn’t she earn it. What was one or two fucks really. It’s not like an affair and it’s not like she hadn’t been with a few guys before I met her. In fact, she was the college slag if I recall correctly. We had only married because I got her pregnant.
It was sad really, we had our daughter all those years ago but we hadn’t really wanted kids at all. Heaven knows why she didn’t get an abortion at the time. I guess I was a catch as I already had a good job and future and she was a bloody gorgeous babe so we just got married and had the kid. She made me have a vasectomy five years later as being on the pill was making her fat. She was never that close to our daughter, she simply didn’t want kids and only had Sarah to nail me down to marriage. So that was it, no more kids and a marriage based on my ability to earn money and her ability to look hot. I couldn’t make money now but she still looked good. I wasn’t too confident about our future. Now it was her turn to make some money.
“Ok … I don’t think we have a choice.” I said calmly.
“I thought you’d be a bit more annoyed for fuck sake. I’m going to let a complete stranger fuck me and you say ‘we don’t have a choice’. You’re unbelievable Andy!” Clearly unhappy with my reaction.
“Mark said you can watch the whole thing live at his house. I think you should too. Perhaps then you can see what sacrifice I’m having to make just because you can’t get a fucking job!” She was now starting to shout.
“If it’s not humiliating enough to have to fuck for money, my own fucking brother will be there watching as well!” She explained.
I really didn’t care now. We needed to get out this fix and this was clearly the only way. So what if her brother watched. He’d get a kick out of that, that’s the real reason he suggested I could watch it. How degrading for me and her. What a cunt. Well it was settled, she was doing it and I’d be watching, and her wanker brother would be gloating.
Before Friday, a package arrived for Louise. It was an ‘outfit’ for her to wear. Very expensive and extremely sexy. It included some fantastic underwear and stockings. There was something rather strange about her own brother buying stuff like this for her to wear but at least it was free and not on our credit card.
“I look like a slut, a hooker!” She shouted at me once dressed. I thought she looked fucking great and was ready to jump her then and there. A skin tight black dress which finished just a tad below her pants. I made my way towards her.
“Piss off!”
“Come on, let me have a better look” I pleaded
“Andy, your own wife looks like a whore and is about to go out and whore her body out to another man and you want to take a closer look. You’re a fucking prick!” I backed off.
Thirty minutes later we pulled up at Marks. His Ferrari was outside warming up and he met us at the door.
“Your fucking late! There’s no time to waste. You, in the car!” He directed to Louise. She didn’t hesitate and got straight in.
“The screen is already set up. There’s some food and beer in the fridge. We’re not going to be in that room for a least four or five hours so make yourself comfortable.” And with that he joined Louise and they roared off down the road.
It was a long four or so hours. I had just the one beer and a pizza. I wanted to be awake for this. I just sat there watching an empty room on the screen. At about midnight the door flew open in the room and Mark led the way. Louise followed him, still looking very sexy and then an Indian fella in a very well-tailored suit. He was a big guy, very tall and broad. You could hear them so clearly and the picture was excellent.
They chatted about the boat quite a bit but the Indian chap, Syeed, was transfixed by Louise. Pretty much as Mark had said he would be. At one point Syeed went to use the toilet and Mark spoke to Louise quickly.
“Are you still up for this? It’s a big deal for me you know. This is a difficult boat to shift, you can’t screw it up, understand?”
“Shit Mark, I’m not so sure … could we ermm…” Louise was clearly having second thoughts now.
“No we fucking can’t! Don’t fuck this deal up Louise!” Mark said.
“It’s just … I’m not so sure now. He looks dangerous … he’s so tall and he’s..” Louise got cut off quickly as the toilet door unlocked.

 “Just fucking do it!” Mark snapped.

“Do what?” Syeed asked.

“A deal clincher Syeed, that’s all, a deal clincher” Mark said welcoming back his client.

“A deal clincher that involves your beautiful wife Mark?” Syeed asked.

“Let’s be straight here Syeed. You haven’t taken your eyes off Louise all night have you? Lets’ just say you can have a bit of fun here with my wife but on the understanding we have a deal on this boat ..what’d you say? Deal?”

“What, you’re happy for me to fuck your wife? Just to complete a deal on this boat? That’s crazy. You must get some kick out of this surely?” Syeed asked. Clearly seeing this all too good to be true.

“Yep, you got me. Love to watch her in action. It’s the only way I can get my kicks. Now, do we have a deal?”

“We sure do Mark, as long as Louise is happy with this.” Syeed looked over to Louise.

“She is,” Mark answered for her. “Now go and get yourself ready my dear.” He pointed towards the bathroom.

“Once you’re ready, come back here. Let’s have our fun in this room.” Mark clearly didn’t want them going into the bedroom where I wouldn’t see what was going-on. Louise sheepishly moved into the bathroom. I guess she’d already had instructions from Mark as what to do. As soon as the door closed Mark called Syeed over and proceeded to whisper to him. Unlike last time, I could actually hear what he said. I guess said clearly louder for my benefit.

“Despite whatever she says Syeed, she loves it in the arse – a special treat for you.” Mark looked up at the camera and smiled. “Another thing Syeed. She tries to pretend she doesn’t want to go through with this…she does it to make me feel better, you know? She doesn’t want to give the impression she wants it, doesn’t want to humiliate me. Ignore it. She loves this. I do it for her. She loves to be dominated in front of me. You get stuck in…take charge my friend.”

Shit. Shit, shit, shit. Why didn’t we watch the whole fucking film. We would have known what we were in for. What the fuck could I do sitting here. Louise was going to have her virgin arse fucked by some stranger whilst her brother watched on…whilst I watched on too …Shit! And despite her thinking her brother would protect her, he was setting her up to be fuck silly regardless of what she said. Of course, he must assume we watched the entire film and knew what to expect. Oh Shit!

And then it got worse. Syeed, got himself ready. When I say ready, he took off his suit and boxers and proceeded to rub what was clearly a pretty hefty cock until it was a hard as fuck. Mark was clearly grinning as he watched the bathroom door for the inevitable entrance of my wife. On cue, Louise came out. Simply dressed in a Basque and stockings and looking as sexy as hell. She immediately saw Syeed’s cock and took a sharp intake of breath.

“Ok, no way. I’m not doing this Mark …absolutely no way.” Although she said it, Syeed, Mark and I all knew what was about to happen. Syeed grabbed her by her hair and pushed her on to the lounger face down. It was so quick. Louise was barely audible as she shouted at Syeed and Mark but without doubt she wasn’t expecting this. She was there on her knees with her face buried into the corner between the chair cushion and the arm.

“This is going to be the sweetest arse I ever fuck!” Syeed shouted out.

Jesus, no foreplay, no straightforward fuck. No, this was straight into her arse. I couldn’t bare the noise of her screams as he roughly stabbed at her arsehole. I couldn’t work out the next noise to come from Louise as clearly some of Syeed’s huge cock actually penetrated her virgin hole. He then held her still and pushed with an almighty amount of effort the rest of his cock in. Louise was initially stunned quiet and then began screaming into the cushion her head was buried in.

“Ah man, this is great!” Syeed shouted at Mark.

“Come and fuck her mouth Mark, lets shut her up!”

“No, you’re fine, she’s yours for tonight buddy.” Mark replied.

“Fuck her mouth Mark!” Syeed was persistent.

“No, honestly my friend, I don’t need to, I’m fine here,” Mark looked a bit more concerned now. Having my wife fucked like this was just his way to get to me I was sure. Now there was a hiccup as he’d need to get involved. He clearly realised this and that he’d gone a bit too far here. Perhaps he expected Louise to take this cock a bit more willingly but she was clearly not enjoying this. He looked worried.

“Fuck her mouth or the deal is off!” Syeed shouted. Something was up. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Mark hesitated.

“Fuck her mouth or the deal is off!” Syeed shouted again.

Mark stood up and lowered his trousers and boxers. He was already fully erect and he slowly walked up to Louise. His cock made Syeed’s look feeble. It was as long as Syeed’s but so much wider. He pulled her face out of the pillow by her hair and offered his engorged cock to her. She looked up at him.

“Please Mark, no”

“Got to seal the deal Louise …you better suck it!” As she opened her mouth to object again his cock was pushed in. There was my wife with a strangers cock buried in her arse and her own brothers cock in her mouth. It was so fucking hot I just had to start wanking myself. The two of them continued to plough into her at both ends. To be fair, she even looked like she was getting into it once her holes had adjusted to these monster cocks.

They fucked like this for ages and then Syeed shouted out.


With that Syeed quickly pulled his cock out of Louise’s arse. From the angle of the camera you could clearly see her gaping hole. Mark calmly pulled out of Louise mouth and she had enough time to shout out.

“That’s enough! I’m sore… Please no more..” It was too late. Syeed’s cock was into her mouth. Straight from her dirty arsehole and into her mouth. Mark wasn’t so successful. His cock seemed to be simply too wide for her arse. Despite Syeed opening up this entrance, it looked like a hopeless task. There was an easy answer to this, Mark simply shoved his cock in her cunt. Louise was screaming more but it was barely audible as she had Syeed’s shitty sock in her mouth.

Inevitably the time came. I watched on as both men started to build up to their climax. Syeed was first as he started pumping spunk down my wife’s throat. He pulled out part the way through this and emptied his final load onto her face. She didn’t seem to be bothered about this. She just started shouting at Mark whilst Syeed continued to empty on her.

“Mark! Mark take it out of there …MARK!!”

Heavens knows why I hadn’t thought of this earlier. She had taken protection with her but of course, it wasn’t being used. She wasn’t on the pill and at 38 she could be easily be made pregnant.

“MARK! Please … NOOOOO!!”

All too late. Mark was started emptying his balls into his own sisters unprotected cunt. My wife’s cunt. Filling her up to the hilt. Syeed, who was clearly some kind of dirty kinky cunt had already moved his head under them both. As Mark started pumping his sister full of spunk, Syeed was lapping at her cunt. It happened so suddenly and was the last thing I expected but Louise started convulsing. She was having the most outrageous orgasm I’d ever seen. Heaven knows what Syeed was doing to her but she was gone.

There was no doubt in my mind at that moment, that every supposed orgasm she’d had with me, was faked. This was real. She’s was basically out of control. Her brother still buried deep in her cunt and Syeed with his mouth all over her clit. Mark had also managed to push two or three fingers into her arsehole too. This orgasm lasted forever. I was now truly humiliated. Watching my wife have her first real orgasm in front of me but without me.

Mark eventually pulled out and the three of them slumped into the chair. Mark and Syeed were sitting and Louise still on her knees.

“Go and clean up dear.” Mark instructed Louise. And with that, she picked herself up and stumbled her way back into the bathroom.

“You need to make a bank transfer Syeed. Five hindered will do as a deposit.” Mark instructed. And with that Syeed pulled out his phone and proceeded to call and speak to one of his staff. Mark gave him all the details and left him to it.

Syeed returned. “That’s done Mark, nice to do business. Take this card and liaise with this chap regarding delivery. I only want to know once it’s in Monaco.” With that he slipped on his jacket and left. Mark checked something on his own phone. I guessed it was his bank balance. He looked pretty chuffed. He hadn’t bothered to dress and was still sitting there with only his open shirt on.

It must have taken Louise thirty minutes to come out but when she did, she looked as good as when she left the house earlier.

“Wow, look at you all done up nice again. You did ok tonight Sis.” Mark was full of praise.

“OK! Just fucking OK?” She wasn’t impressed with Mark’s comment.

“Yeah actually, just Ok. Did you not watch the film I gave you? You should have expected what you got and you should have been ready. Next time make sure your arse is lubed up if you don’t want it to hurt. And also, don’t just lay there, make some fucking effort. Did you think you just had to have one simply fuck and a blow job for ten gran? You got away lightly tonight. Most of my clients would have expected to go two or three times more!”

“I … I … errr… I didn’t watch the film. I… I … I didn’t realise what was going to happen. I haven’t had anal sex before …it scared me …sorry.” Louise was clearly back tracking now.

“Well if your pathetic husband hasn’t been getting you ready, I clearly have to! Now come here!”

Louise made her way over to where Mark was sitting and sat beside him. Mark in the meantime was stroking his growing cock.

“You can suck this hard first.”

“Mark NO! … I’m your sister for Christ sake!” She pleaded.

“Bit fucking late for taboo now isn’t it? I’ve already fucked you or did you forget. Perhaps this will remind you.!” And with that, he pushed her head down onto his cock.

Surprisingly, well to me anyway, she starting to suck him instantly. Not for long though, as once he was fully erect he pulled her off by her hair.

“Ok, let’s try my cock in your arse again. We’ll take it slow this time but you need to learn this for next time.” Mark spun her round to face away from him. She was now facing directly into the camera standing in front of him. It was clear she was concerned with what was about to happen.

“You can dictate how slow, I will sit here and you lower yourself gradually. It’ll be a lot easier after tonight.” With that, Mark lifted the back of her dress up and I presumed he was pulling the basque to one side. Louise slowly sat down and Mark was aiming his cock at her entrance.

She just sat there. She wasn’t making any effort. I couldn’t really blame Mark for his impatience. He just suddenly jerked his hips upwards and clearly a good inch or so went in.

“Arhhhh …FUCK! …You said I could take my …” Mark cut her off.

“Too fucking slow! I only have the room for the night!”

Louise was panting like she was having a baby. Blowing out air in short puffs and with her eyes tightly closed. She still wasn’t trying to get any more in so Mark continued to jerk his hips up. This worked a bit and after a short while there must have been half of it in there.

“That’s enough! … Please Mark, enough!” It was clearly hurting. I couldn’t see exactly how much was left as the her dress fell in front of her. But by the way she was sitting, there must have been a good four inches or so to go.

Mark was looking pissed off now. He let go of her hips and raised his hands around the tops of her arms. He took hold of her dress either side and in one wild movement he pulled he down whilst pushing himself up.

SLAM. The whole fucking thing went in. No mercy. Whilst pulling her down with such force, he tore open the front of the dress and ripped down the front of the basque. Now here fantastic tits were on full show to me.

SLAM. He had pulled her up and dragged her down again slamming his cock right back in there. Again, more of her dress ripped open and now all her clothing was pulled to her waist. The slamming in and out continued.

Louise was virtually silent, with just the odd groan. Her eyes tightly closed with the pain. Mark leant back into the lounger and rested his head on the arm. He pulled Louise back with him and pulled up the front of the remaining parts of her dress. She was leaning back on him now and I could clearly see this monster cock pumping in and out of her. Mark was doing all the work with his hips and he also began to play with her clit.

“Who’s got the best cock Louise?” Oh I could instantly see where this was going but she didn’t reply.

“Who’s got the best cock Louise, your husband?”

“YOU! … Ahrrrr!” She eventually cried.

“Not your husband?”

“No,… not my husband …”

“So, not your husband …who has the best cock?” I wasn’t sure what he was expecting her to say.

“My BROTHER!” She yelled.

“And where is it right now Sis?”

“My Brother’s cock is in my …in his Sisters arsehole!” And with that she started to cum for the second time that night. The last one was unbelievable to watch but this one. Well, I never even knew women could ejaculate and I’m still not sure if they can but as she started to shudder through her orgasm, a stream of something started squirting all over them both. Mark seem to hammer his cock into her harder than ever and just as she started to calm down he gave a big push up so she would come off him.

“GET ON THE FLOOR SLUT!” He ordered, although she was pretty much on the floor already. She looked a right mess. Her torn dress barley attached to her, her basque hanging off too and her pert tits uncovered. Where the basque had come down it no longer held up her stocking and they were down to her knees with rips all over. Virtually all of her was covered in whatever ejaculated out of her.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue” He instructed.

“No Mark …please enough now. I don’t want my Brothers cum in my mouth as well as in my cunt!” Dirty bitch was playing him now.


She obeyed this time and just in time too, as Mark emptied an impressive amount of spunk onto her. In her mouth and onto her face. There was even some in her lovely dark hair.

After a short time of just standing there getting his breath back mark said.

“Get ready, we’re going.”

I turned off the screen, cleared up the place and headed out to sit in the car. About an hour later they both arrived. Louise got out of Mark’s Ferrari and straight into our heap. I’d borrowed a car from an old mate but it was a long way off from the Range Rover we had.

Very little was said as we drove off. After about ten minutes, Louise broke the silence.

“I have a lot to learn before next time.”

“Next Time! … You’re doing it again?” I was truly shocked. Nothing I saw made me think they’d be a next time.

“Yes … I’m doing it a ‘next time’ and not just for the money. That was the best sex I’ve ever experienced. In fact, I’d do it for free if I had to.”

“I guess you certainly looked satisfied … You’ve never cum like that for me.” We both knew this was true so no point ignoring it.

“I’ve never cum with you.” Oh, that hurt but she continued.

“Mark said I can have a cut of the money next time rather than a fee but there’s a lot I need to learn. There’s guys out there that would pay good money for more kinky stuff…” I listened but said nothing.

“The more kinky … the more money. There doesn’t even have to be boat sales involved. These rich business men travelling around the world… they like all sorts of stuff. I told Mark I’d do it all.” She said all this just looking straight ahead. She didn’t care what I thought or wanted. This was her providing cash for us and sex for herself. She didn’t need me.

“Depict kinky.” I asked.

“Being tied up …spanking … girl-girl stuff …pissing possibly, I’m sure you’ve seen it all on the internet.”

“Girl-girl stuff … I’d like to watch that!” I smiled.

“Well more specific … Mother – Daughter stuff …and maybe a Brother stroke uncle involvement … there’s huge cash in that …apparently.”

My heart sunk…

Where to next?

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