When Things Heat Up On A Bus

I am Aryan, 21 yo, 6ft 1in with an athletic built. I am currently in my final year B Tech in Bangalore. Originally im from Bombay, but i always wanted to leave home for college and enjoy the so called best years of my life.
So basically this story starts in my final year. One of my classmates called Rishub met this chick on tinder and decided to keep it low till he was sure about it. Finally at his birthday party he introduced us to Mansi. She was a 2nd year arts student and was one of those really cool chilled out kinda chick. She was really hot, with the right amount of bust, slim waist, nice round ass and she was cute.
We got along really well and she used to hang out with us guys all the time. She used to tell Rishab that she’ll leave him for me and stuff, as a joke though and we all knew that. We got along pretty well and i always tried to convince her to hook me up with one of her chick friends(Engineering being a cockfest). She was like a wing man and would go talk to girls and then introduce us to them.
It was all going well till college ended, we all got placed in different cities. Rishub had to move to Hyderabad but they decided to try a long distance relationship. I got a job in Bangalore, so me and Mansi used to hang out quite a lot go out drinking ,movies, on trips etc.
Once we decided to meet up in Bombay, like a little reunion. So we booked a sleeper bus. It was pretty empty and we had the second last double bed. We had finished dinner and the bus lights went off. I pulled the curtain since i found that little night light in the aisle really annoying. We were not really sleepy so we were talking. I mentioned how people could be having sex in the bus and no one would know as there were curtains all around and the ac was pretty loud. I was like, when i get a girl ill try doing it in the bus for sure. She told me how she wishes her boyfriend was with her instead of me so they could try having sex on the bus.
Soon we lay down, Mansi put on her earphones and i was on my phone messaging this chick i met a few days back called Rhea. I had only met her once but i got her number. We were talking a lot and we had decided to go out once i get back from Mumbai. Our conversations used to be really horny. She just loved teasing me. She was one of those few Indian girls who had the body and confidence to wear a bikini and she used to send me pictures. Its like when you know you have a hot chick to fuck but you got to wait 4 days and this used to get me really horny and excited. Then she sent me a picture of hers which was so hot i started getting hard. She was wearing a tank top with a really low cut and it showed some awesome cleavage.
I was sleeping facing up and there was a very obvious bulge in my jeans. I did not want to have a boner sleeping next to a friend and i turned towards Mansi to see if she noticed. This is when things got really messed up. She was there, sleeping on her back and i noticed her tits in the little light that was from the street lights on the highway and as the bus wobbled i saw that perfect pair of tits jiggle . I was getting really hard so i turned the other was. I was trying to get that sight out of my mind. It just seemed really wrong. I felt like i was betraying a bro. But eventually by dick overpowered my brain and turned to look at her again. I slept on my side so that my boner is not visible and i held my phone in front of my face and continued messaging Rhea. Every once in a while i would glance at her boobs.
Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at me. I did not know what to do and started staring at my phone. Luckily she did not see me staring but she knew i was talking to Rhea. So she snatched the phone out of my hand as she wanted to know what was going on between me and Rhea. I immediately grabbed her in an attempt to get my phone back but she did not let go. She turned to her side and held the phone near her abdomen.
As we both struggled, i was practically spooning her with my hands around her. I could feel her soft luscious boob. I could feel every curve on her body. My dick was right up against her ass and i was really hard. In the heat of the moment i did not realize this. This continued for a few seconds till she suddenly stopped moving. I had no clue what to do and i did not move.
She raised her left hand and moved it towards her back and then between my crotch and her ass. She basically had her hand over my dick. I thought she was going to hit me down there. I immediately moved my hands away from her chest. She turned towards me and had a really confused face. She looked so cute. I just wanted to kiss her, but i was afraid to. We lay there just staring at each other while my brain worked in overdrive, try to figure out what to do. I don’t know why but i felt like she wanted something to happen.
Then again for the second time that night and like many other instances in my life, my dick over powered my brain. I grabbed her waist, pulled her close and kissed her with my hands squeezing her ass. She barely resisted. In fact she put her hands around me and we had like an intense make out session. I moved her on top of me with one hand in her underpants squeezing her smooth soft ass and the other one under her bra pinching her nipples.
I pulled up her top and bra and showed my face between those huge melons. It felt so good. I bit and sucked on those nice chunky nipples. Meanwhile she unbuttoned my jeans and grabbed my boner. She was really good at handling dicks (Rishub had told me). She held the top of my dick and massaged it. She was like a sex goddess. Fuck did that feel great. I couldn’t wait for me to put it in her mouth followed by her pussy. We both forgot we were on a bus and not at home.
Suddenly the bus started slowing down. I looked out of the window, it seemed to be in a little town. The bus stopped and i heard people getting on. We panicked, i zipped my pants, she pulled her top down and we lay side by side, panting. A family had got on to the bus i could hear multiple children. To make things worse the occupied the beds right below and next to us. I am pretty sure if the bus had not stopped, we would have been fucking butt naked and would have been caught.
But we had been through a lot to just drop it. We had to fuck. We ended up cuddling and falling of to sleep. Next morning we reached Mumbai at around 7. Rishub and Mansi were suppose to stay at my place. He was going to reach at 12. Mom served up breakfast and my parents left for work at 8. The door shut and i picked her off the dining table, carried her to the couch and we fucked multiple times in the next hour and a half till the maid arrived. When Rishub arrived we were both fast asleep (tired from all out traveling).
This wasn’t the end of our little adventure, we fucked in the parking lot that night while the others were busy getting sloshed at the club. Mansi continued dating Rishub and i started dating Rhea, but every once in a while me and Mansi would meet up for a session.
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