What I Never Thought Of

It is the first and most exciting experiencing an unplanned wife swapping with me.
It was the diwali vacation in kolkata and as usual I with my wife Ishika invited my college life friend Rajiv at our house to stay for the two days to enjoy diwali and patakhas.Rajiv is also married with Sangita a very beautiful and sexy lady with satisfying figure.Ishika is also sex-attractive with her weltoned tight but bursty figure.
In the afternoon Rajiv and Sangita came to our house.We enjoyed a lot.We had dinner.At that time also atleast I was not having any plan to have swapping.
After completing dinner we all went to terrace to chat and to see fire works.
After a short while Ishi told that she is so tired by preparing food and all,so she is going to bed.
Rest three of us contenued.And after some time Sangita also said excuse.
Rajiv decided to remain to stay on the terrace and I went out at our local club to celebrate.
There I spent two three hrs and returned having call from Sangita.
When I retuned found atmosphere is not just,Sangita wants to leave at night 2am.When I stopped her she started crying saying the most shocking news that Ishi and Rajiv was having sex in our bedroom.When they went to wash themselves she caught them.
Then they described the whole thing that…………………….
Two bedrooms were in the same floor.When Rajiv returned for bed by mistake he entered our room.As ishi was sleeping lights were off.He directly went to bed.Ishi was covered with a bedcover and was oposite faced he could nor recognise Ishi.When under bedcover thinking Sangita he embressed he found Ishi is fully naked and not concious due to asleep.

Undoubtedly both the boys we were sex-attrected to each others wife,he could not resist himself and started enjoying Ishi with sex.
When Ishi awakened she was having great pleasure from different manly touch,so she also could not control herself.
They had complete sex uncontrolled, unprotected and XXX.They enjoyed every tipe of sex and Rajive is the second man to Ishi who has done every thing with her what what i have done with her even she has felt every hot drops of him inside her.
All of us were upset but there were no issue to break the relation.
 So I took the initiative to make sangita calm down. All the night we passed seperated.
Next day morning at break fast table I found that Rajiv and Sangita is quiet normal and came to know that Rajiv and Ishi had taken sorry to Sangita.They had already said sorry to me at that night.
In that breakfast table everything became normal and we started joking with last night.
Then Sangita suddenly said to me “If we(I & Sangita would have done this then what would they do!!”.
More stunningly Rajiv & Ishi replied “Dont worry, you do all that from today only.Then it will become same and no one will be there to blame.Many couples do this.”
Then Sangita said “Sure! Sure! When we will do dont take U turn then”.I found Something deferent urge to do sexwith me.And I kept silent as I was also agreed to taste sex from a lady like Sangita.
Finaly Sangita chalanged and choose me for sex after lunch. We went in a bedroom and found them doing planning for second spell.
When I entered room found Sangita in a transparent night wear front tied and was looking awsome sexy and horny with her 32:28:36 size.Boobs are abandoned and tight.It pulled me in a sex magnetism.I lifted her to the bed and started enjoying her.I could not understand what happened to me the dress of her was irritating me and I tore that.A very new lady was in front of me fully naked glowing with glamour and ready to be sexed.She was not like Ishi.They were of different taste.
Not loosing a single moment we started sex. She undressed me and started kissing my whole body and then I repeted to her,it was amasing to touch her body with lips.When I deeply kissed her entrance,I found ****** very tasty,I enjoyed.We enjoyed 69.
Then she said me “please do make me cumm.Let me feel your **** inside me”.
I responded and started ******* her in missionary position.
The way was fully lubricated,smooth , very soft and hot.Not very tight.But when my **** was pistoning she was squeesing and stretching her soft vagina which was giving me heavenly pleasure.I was ******* her squeesing her bobs,Embressing her tightly,etc.
Her pleasure moaning,facial expressions,Embressment,Nail scratches were inspiring me for more.
I think she felt that I will cumm soon and said “let me feel yours inside me.I will take pill to avoid pregnancy”
As usual I did not miss the great opportunity to have the pleasure to shed my total load inside her.It was really greatest pleasure to cumm inside Sangita.
Again she said “dont take it out I want another **** to contenue.” and I contenued. This time I got more time and ****** her in DOGGY style.She also ****** me.I ****** her *** whole,then she said “for the first time some one is ******* my *** whole.Rajiv doesnot like to do this.It is giving me new satisfaction.”But she was crying and moaning in pain.
This time also I dropped maximum load inside her.but this time before total sheding she pressed my **** and released the rest into her mouth to taste mine.
After that we stayed layed together.And when we came out of room found Rajiv in missionary position over Ishi and both of them enjoying their sex.
Sangita said we should thank them as they have given us chance to have this best experience with most satisfaction in my life.
I found that this healthy swapping gives good pace to our sex life.
Again on that night and next day afternoon we enjoyed simillarly.And now it is easy to us and we go each others house even individually to have this when we need to.But strictly within this two couples.
From then we are doing this in almust every week.
Still who have not tried this, please try at least once to feel the pleasure.

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