Weak Time With Colleague

I am doing my CA. I come from a middle class AndhraFamily At the age of 18, I joined my present office for CA apprentice ship at the time of joining I was the youngest to join that firm and everyone was older there. Let me explain the situation, there were ten students and 6 were female and every one elder to me and I used to treat them like my own sister since I didn�t have any, every one treated me well and this story is about of them.Her name was Chandrika (name changed), let�s call her Chandu or Chand. She was 5� 4� or less, fair and very pretty, I have already told you that I didn�t have any bad intention about any one and I used to call her as sis and more a time Chandu with some closeness. She had some relationship with a guy of the same firm who was very handsome, but after some time they broke up and he left the firm.It has hurt her and she was very innocent and used to share her feeling to everyone which made her light character in other�s eyes but not in mine, I felt pity for her. Later on things changed within months and girls were in minority and here she was the only girl who was good looking so naturally every one there eyes on her. I think she also enjoyed it as.I think she felt happy and praised when someone observed her body, it�s natural for a girl if she in depression. Other guys would use to look for a chance to look at her assets when she bends to pick something and also no one would let a chance go if she came in a tight shirt, I used to tell her not to tolerate them, she used to feel bad for some time and let it go afterwards and I stopped advising too.One day it was cloudy and we met in the bus, when we got down at the bus stop. It was about two minute walk to the office and as we were having a tax audit party that night she came in her light pink shirt and jeans and we two were the seniors so we went an hour before to settle all the things at office as we got down from the bus rain started to pour heavily and our office was on the terrace like a pent house.It had a gate for our great luck when it rains no one can enter or come out of the office for at least 15 minutes because of water on terrace. We were drenched as we ran to the office. I opened the gate and closed it behind us and locked it. We went into office and called our auditor and informed him we have come but he said he can no come now as it is raining heavily asked us to go away and office will be closed today and let�s have a dinner latter.I was disappointed and turned towards Chandu to tell her she was anxiously waiting what boos told. She completely forgot that she was drenched but I did not, in fact for the first time she looked very sexy and like a hot chick to my eyes, She was having a light black bra which was completely visible through her shirt and her fair skin was amazing as she had loose hair she looked no less than any sex goddess.I was taken away and kept glazing at her body inch by inch at least for a minute, I think she realized it and turned that side only to expose her back to me. Immediately I got into my senses and told that program is cancelled. She did not speak any think, she was nervous as she knows even if by force I fuck her she can�t escape and rain was getting heavy. I was having a mixed feelings, if do anything it would spoil her life and at the same timeI was not in position to let her go, so I played reverse game and shouted at her that she is falling day by day and today even when it is cloudy she came in such a dress and in that name I said she is become a bitch. This made her angry and stated shouting at me and asked me why was I looking at her like that and it is only my brain which is thinking nasty and she had made a mistake is tying a Rakhee to my hand asI was the one having sexual interests about her but pretending that I�m on her side instead if would have asked her to get fucked straightly she would have agreed happily. My goodness I think the other guys portrayed me like that. I was very angry and said so come I will fuck you now and make ur words come true n turned to her side to hold her shoulder but at the same time she turned towards me.I caught her breast the left one, though it was not so large it was apt for height and slim figure and she was shocked and slapped me and stared to run down stairs by goddesss grace I locked the gate and got hold of her and took her back to office actually dragged her in the water and in a hurry I throw her on floor and as it was slippery. I fell on her and her breast was in my mouth wah.I had to cool her down and so started pleading her that I didn�t do it intentionally and it was just a accident but she didn�t listen, meanwhile her shirt buttons came off and I had a direct view of her light transparent bra on her fair skin, I was already having a hard on and with this made my tool pain me and it took over me and I decided to have her then and there and said Chandu what every happened till now was not done purposely but as you said.I am asking you to make love with me it will be between us only, believe me. I can�t control myself any more after seeing how beautiful you and really you are beautiful than any of the heroines and you ex bf is a fool he left you�. It made her angry though I know that the latter made her feel better without giving any chance to her I placed my lips on her lips, ohhhh my god what a experience it was, she was struggling hard for breath and her self-respect and me her bro sucking her lips laying on top of her.I had the first kiss for about ten minutes and also started fondling her beautiful and soft boobs; she started to calm down but kept a little resistance, I slowly moved down to her breast and started to feed on her bra and to my luck it had a front hook and I removed it with my teeth as my hands were pressing her hand as soon as I removed the hook it revealed the most beautiful mountains I may ever seeShe had god round firm breast with brown nipple and small areole they were as hard as a rock to chew, I may have partied with her balls which are unseen r untouched by a man till then for about twenty minutes, I was switching my pace one time harsh and other time slow and know she had a orgasm once or twice so again I played trick and got up from her and said �Chandu I want to fuck you right here, I may or may not get a beautiful women like you but I want to proceed only after permission from you�. She was silent but did not move so I slowly removed her jeans button and dragged it down her body, wow she had most beautiful and milky shaped thighs one can ever see, she lifted her legs a bit so that I can take off the pant, she was acting as if in trans may be because of the orgasm.She did not surrender completely nor she did resist but it was a lame resistance she had. Then I stared caring, kissing and licking her legs upwards. I reached her love hole a dream place for many lunds which know her beauty. I slowly removed her panty with my mouth and my hands were playing with her mounds, my breath made her horny and she started to respond with small moans.I started licking her pussy like dog that is hungry and had his meat after hears I was making lot of moaning umm aaaaa mmm and she lost her resistance completely and started moaning loudly ahhhh and so on thanks to the heavy rain it kept our voice covered. I was enjoying it every bit and she too was and started to push my head in to her chut harshly and started to pull my hair, she was in heaven, I was eagerly waiting to enter her heaven.Ji have put one finger too and get maximum pleasure from my sister�s hole which is waiting for inauguration. She nearly pushed my head in to her chut and made me suffocate as she had her second orgasm I don�t know how people feel when they taste the female cum but it tasted very bad especially when she just had her period but I enjoyed it as it was the cum of my Rakhee sis who is dream girl for many.She fell silent for movement and let go my head and I had my chance, I got up and looked into her eyes and she realized what was in mind and said please Sanju, no. you already had enough fun please let me go if you want you can suck my boobs daily and I will give you a blow job if you want please don�t keep your lund in my pussy pls� she was use all kind of words which just turned me on more.I tried to remove my shirt but I don�t know how but it was already on floor so with a dirty grin on face I removed my pant and jockey with a single jerk. There come my dick 6.5� long 2� thick and fully wet with pre cum with a small dirty laugh I said �oh, Chandu you know that many are fantasizing about you but you took me to be wrong and here I have the you the beautiful sexy marble statue before me right in front of my hungry dick.How can I be such a fool to leave you even if you�re my sis I will fuck you now and� you still have to do all those what you said daily even after we have our first night sorry first day here with this I placed my dick at the entrance of her heaven hall and waited for a second, she was shivering at the same time spreading her legs for me, ha ha milky thighs, mounds made of milk and now pink pussyI would not have even dreamed about this, I slowly started entering her and as it is her my first time we having a difficulty and she had more pain and started to plead �no Sanjay no pls it�s paining please leave don�t go in more please but I kept my lips again on her juicy lips and locked her mouth I was drawing my breath from her nose. The exicitement of entering her hole was driving me crazy.I slowly pushed forward and she began to feel more pain and in my excitement I pushed hardly in one stroke and broke her hymen and entered her immediately, she gave out loud shout and nearly went unconscious, then I stopped for few movements and started to give my dear slut sis some good jerks initially I was slow but within a minute I was ferocious and she also started enjoying my ramming her tampered holeI started calling my name �oh sanju oh oh Sanju oh dear harder, harder teach your sis a lesson you sis fucker oh oh oooooooo mmm ahahhhhh oh and looking at my sisters innocent face turning red in pain and pleasure and hearing her word I started ramming her now and as the rain slowed the room was filled with our fucking and shouting sounds like chop chop chop tup tup. Oh one must see such a scene he boobs were moving up and down violentlyMy black cock coming and going into her red hot pussy and my lovely sis enjoying being rammed in out of her lovely tight pussy with all her body turning red by her own bro. She might have had two orgasms now and has reached mine bit her right melon hard making her to cry in pain and pleasure, we both came one. I slowly withdrew from her body exhausted from the work I have just completed. I fell beside her.She did something unexpected she got up show her nude body to me and got on her legs and took my limp in her hand cared it and directly into her small sexy mouth and I was in heaven with in no time had my second orgasm, by then rain stopped and we just laughed smooched for a while and I complemented her tight cunt n got our cloths and closed the office and went back to home. Since then I had that goddess occasionally.

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