water lady

I stayed in a single room apartment in Bengaluru on one of those days when there was acute shortage of water. Water was being brought in lorries and you have to be in readiness to get the water when the lorry comes. May be at 3 am or 4 am. They give only two vessels full of water for bathing or for cooking.

Getting up at 3 am and running for water was the routine for all the people in the locality men and women. There may not be adequate light. In some households the menfolk do not know who and how the water is brought inthe morning. Young girls, married and unmarried straight from the bed with two or three vessels wait for the lorry.

When the lorry comes, there is so much of tussle that the lorryman fills the vessels which are placed in the queue. People whomever got the water vacate the place so that others may stand inthe queue. I am Rohit, staying alone in a single room tenement, woring in a hotel.

Most of the women know me and I help them occasionally by carrying their water filled vessels in my house veranda so that when they come latar they may pick it up. They know I dont have any females in my house and I am hungry for a female company. Some ladies stay back for a few minutes for an occasional flick, a harmless gesture in return of a favour.

It is three or four women, they all know they help me in return of my help to them, they dont talk to each other. But somehow things take place. I know the lorry fellow and he helps me to fill in as manyas my own vessels as I want. The same fellow comes to the hotel with water and we meet there daily. Malu asked me to help her with two pots full of water I said ok.

When I look at her face the message is conveyed and she says ok and nods with a smile. I keep about four or five vessels of water and keep them in my house for them to come later and take away. After half an hour, Malu came. I was about to take bath. She said you have done great help Rahulji. and comes inside the bathroom.

She looks at me expectently and lifts her saree and pettycoat for me for a quickie. I make her stand leaning over the door frame of the bathroom and search for her hairy cunt so that I may insert my cock. She widens her leg and I insert my cock inside. I start pumping keeping my hands on her boobs. He had unhooked her bra. squeezing her boobs I go on pumping into her cunt.

She gets aroused and starts to moan. But I need more time. She gets three or four orgasms before I get mine and shoot the fluids into her. This is the only sex got by the thirty year old Malu, because her husband does not fuck her because he is drunk most of the time. Malu thanks me for the water and for the sex. She is fully satisfied.

Next day it was the turn of Sulochana, Sulu for short form. She is a 25 year old widow with one child. I collect two pots for her and she carries two pots herself. She thus gets four pots, which is a luxury. Beautiful, fair skinned and well proportioned body of Sulu is liked by many. Many people say many stories, I dont care. But I fuck Sulu twice or tree times a month.

She does not have any public hair and it is a pleasure to fuck her. She enjoys and she makes you also enjoy. She does not mind spend some time in the bedroom, without clothes and try different poses. Riding on top is her favourite. Working in two or three houses she earn well and has put her son in a English medium college. Fucking Sulu is something which I look forward to.

I bring some sweets from the hotel and keep it for her. She enjoys sweets. Poor woman she cannot afford to buy sweet either for her or for her son. Another lady whom I help is Maria. She is the youngest of the lot and very hot type. She comes almost five days in a week and when I tell her that taoday water was given to somebody else she understands the whole thing.

She understood the whole affair and told me reluctantly that she is agreeable to my terms and conditions provided it is kept secret. I said ok. Next I send away Malu and Sulu and waited for Mary. Mary came inside my house and went to my room. Quickly she lied in the bed and asked me to come. I told her not to be in hurry since it will take time for the engine to start.

She said bring the engine I will start it for you. When I went near her she put her hand inside my lungie and took my cock and put it in her mouth. Within no time my cock was ready. I went to her and climbed on the bed and started to do it in missionery position. Mary had a well in their compound, and the water I get for her is used for drinking and cooking purposes.

Mary is a tough nut and is not satisfied easily. I have to fuck her for at least 15 minutes vigorously to make her reach her orgasm. But her cunt is tight and her boobs were small and hard. Her slithing body easily gets on to me and takes over the action. She fucks nicely. But she wants to leave before day break.

Besides the above there are some casual Tamil ladies and Telugu girls who want to see how I do it. Some women sneak into my room in the night and keep doing for the whole night. Some bring nice mutton preparations or egg preparations. Most of them know I am helping several ladies. They are not angry or jealousy. Nobody have caught me so far. My days go on like this helping others and enjoying at their cost.

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