Watching wife getting fucked by friend

Hi, I am 35 year guy and am a regular reader of urdusexvex and I like the stories in this catagories very much. I always fantasised my wife to be fucked by some other guy. After very much efforts my wife agreed to do so.

Now we planned about the special event and the day came when my parents and children were out for a marriage party out of the town and as per our plan I proceed further. I told my wife to stay in the bed room without wearing any thing on the top

and exposing her legs up to her pussy by her night suit and pretend to sleep. Than I invited my friend to have tea with me. As he arrived I told him to go the bed room and tell his bhabi to make some tea for ourselves while I went to get some eating stuff like samosa etc.

I knew that she will be laying in the nude position. Same thing happened when he entered the bed room he found my wife sweta ( name changed ) laying exposing her boobs and the pussy. He was delighted to see it but he didn’t get the courage to do any thing.

After seeing the hot seen for few minutes he gathered his all courage and sat near her. He than touched her legs with very gentle feeling and move upwards towards her pussy. Here I want to tell you that my wife is fond of clean shaven pussy.

He immediately took off his pant and under wear with swinging 7” dick and immediately touched the lips of the pussy with the pink head of his cock. He grabbed my wife’s one melon with one hand and tried to enter the cock in to the pussy with other hand.

As he was trying to do this, sweata woke up and pretended to be in great shock and tried to escape herself from his hard grip. During this, my friend’s cock entered the heaven and after that sweta started moaning with great ohhhhhh and ahhhhhhhh sound.

She had never enjoyed such a big cock in her life because my cock is only 4” long. She than kissed my friend very vigorously and started to stroke very hard. After few strokes she than pulled the cock out of her valley and started to suck it like lollipop.

As per plan I immediately entered the room and seen the whole seen I pretended to be shocked. My friend stood stright and apologised for this act. They both than convinced me to enter the great sexual game and have some threesome action.

I was waiting for the opertunity and immediately put my clothes out. I than fucked my wife with my small tool and my friend put his cock in her mouth. Than we had great fun for about 15 minutes when my friend told that he is coming and my wife invited him

to explode the whole hot lava in her mouth, he did the same thing and the mouth of sweta was full of white gum. After few minutes he requested to fuck her ass at first she refused but than she agreed. My friend put his tool in her ass with rubbing some cream in her ass

and on the tip of his tool. As the dick entered the ass she cried with pain and requested to stop but the monster didn’t stop and entered with given her so much pain. After this she enjoyed this dubble penetration and requested to fuck hard.

Me and my friend pumped her ass and pussy very hard unless she shouted very loudly and after few minutes she shouted I am coming I am coming. We rubbed her body and squizzed her boobs. After she reached the climax she requested me to come very quickly

as she was have some pain in the ass. I poured my full juice on her breast and she licked it all. My friend thanked for this unforgettable sex experience and requested to fuck her again in future. Now after this incident we are having this great sexual experience

atleast once in a month and the great news is that my friend’s wife kiran has also joined us. It is great fun in having group sex. I advise all the reader to experience this sexual pleasure at least once in life time.

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