Vikas making love to Chachi

Hello readers, I am vikas from Delhi. I have planned to write my own happenings, with due permission from the lady (my chachi) who has given me immense pleasure. This story will be lengthy because it not about just a single event where I got a chance to fuck my chachi but it is about my growing years where sex was a necessity for me and slowly and happily got fulfilled with the help of my chachi.
We are into this relation from so many years that I can’t even count. Actually it started when I was a kid, I am 26 now. When it started nothing sexual was involved. Later on it became a life for me where sex was such a part in my life that I was experiencing it on a daily basis, and till now it is the same. I am trying to write every incident and even some events that I forgot was recalled by my chachi.
First let me tell you about my chachi, she is having an excellent body, she might be 48 now, with a beautiful face. I always tell her that she is a look a like of Neha Dhupia ( and friends she actually is, the only difference is her height, chachi is 5ft 3in). She is a sex goddess and has also taken care of me since my childhood days.
Friends my parents moved to Canada when I was 10, dad went for a project of two years there and later on decided to settle there. My grandparents were adamant that I should not go their as education system there is not as good as India and I have been excellent in my academics. So they insisted my parents that I should study in India.

So I was left alone with my grandparents and chacha chachi. My parents visit twice a year and I also go to them for 2-3 months in a year. So when my parents left my chacha was a newly wed guy with my beautiful chachi (she might be in her 20’s then).
My chacha is a social worker and has his own NGO, working in northeast regions of India, he stays here in delhi for a week and goes there for rest of the month. So I and chachi were left alone for the whole time as dada dadi also passed away. I might be boring you but if I do not tell you the whole part, you won’t indulge in this to the fullest.
So friends, let me tell you about myself. I am a normal guy who always thinks of sex. I was also very horny when I was a kid but was innocent with no sexual knowledge that kids of today’s generation have. I remember that I used to masturbate after looking at simple scenes on tv. And from here only these incidences started.
When I used to masturbate nothing use to come out of my penis but when I reached 12 or 13 for the first time sperms came out of my penis and that scared me like hell. I thought that something wrong has happened and I went into a situation of panic that what has happened to me. I was not able to hide those scared expressions from my face and was caught by my chachi.
She asked “what happened to you vikas” I was numb. She judged that something is wrong and I am scared all the time. When chacha came she told him about my state and he also asked me the same but I was quite all the time. Chacha even went to my college, if I was having a problem there but they were not able to find out.
After a week time chacha was gone and chachi had started taken extra care of me because of my state. She used to ask me all the time about my problem. Then one day one I shared this thing with one of my colony friend but he was also not aware about what came out of my penis (he used to masturbate too),
but he suggested that I should once again masturbate and if same thing comes out then I have to go to a doctor because it could be a serious problem. I agreed, went home and tried my best to focus my mind and masturbated, but sperms came out again, and I went into a shock stage that something is seriously wrong.
I decided to tell this to chachi, I went to her she was in kitchen, I called her and told her that I want to talk “what happened?” I said that I want to discuss about my problem and told her that I used to do this activity (friends even that time I didn’t even knew that it is called masturbation). I have been rubbing my penis but from last two times some puss is flowing from my penis and I have to go to a doctor.
Chachi was in a situation which she has never imagined, she told me to calm down and not to worry, she will find a solution, for me. I was relaxed and happy that chachi will find some remedy for it. Next day when I came from college she called me and told me to sit. It was clear from her face that she was trying to hold herself from laughing.
She told me that what I was doing is a common phenomenon and all the boys do it and that was not puss but something else which she promised to tell me later. I was overjoyed to hear that I was not doing something wrong. Now it became a common practice and I started masturbating without worrying about the doors of the room.
Because only chachi used to be at home, but when chacha used to come I would not follow this practice. Once when I was masturbating chachi came inside my room and got shocked. I was normal because she has only told me that this activity is normal. I found that she was angry. Innocently I said “you only told me that it is normal for guys”.
She said- vikas it is ok for guys to do it, it is a demand of your body but it should not be done publicly, it is a private affair. I said sorry I will take care of it. After this incident everything came to normal and life was going on smoothly. When I came in 7th standard Chachi gave birth to a girl. One day when I came from college she was breast feeding her.
I went there and lied on bed and started playing with the baby while she was sucking her nipple, I was doing this innocently. Chachi wanted me to go away but I was unaware and busy in playing with her, I was even touching baby’s face and even my fingers used to touch her boob accidentally (but I was just only playing with the kid).
After feeding the baby chachi went for household work and after one hour called me and told me- vikas you r a nice guy and very innocent according to your age. I asked in between- what happened, did I do something wrong?. Chachi- No vikas, you are growing and you should take care of some mannerisms from now.
And she made me understand that what happened was very awkward for her to face. I also understood and said sorry. But from now on I started noticing her boobs when she used to feed, I would feel erection under my pants, I use to go and masturbate. Chachi was right that I was growing old.
One day she noticed that I was looking at her boobs for some time and then went to the bathroom. She got angry and even shouted on me that I am crossing the limits. Some other day my friend gave me some sex story book and my bad luck that I got caught from chachi (I haven’t even opened it). She scolded me for that and told me not to be in contact with such friends.
I told her that what should I do, this kind of feeling comes to my mind and I do masturbate. I said “If I see you then also it is wrong and if I get such things from my friends then also it is wrong, what should I do?”. After a pause she told me “Vikas don’t go to such people for this kinda stuff. You are not a street kid, getting close to such people will mislead you in future.
If you promise me that you won’t go to such people then I will try to solve your problem”. I promised her that I won’t do any such thing which she doesn’t want and will concentrate on my studies. “But what will you do chachi?” I asked. She was silent and went away. Next Sunday I was at house only. Chachi came out of bathroom and baby was crying loud.
So she took her from me and went in her room to feed her. After few minutes she called me. She told me to sit, she was hiding her boobs. She started the conversation and asked “vikas have u made a real promise to me or not?” I said “I swear chachi trust me, I wont do such thing but chachi I don’t know, it is a feeling that comes from inside and I feel like doing it all the time.
You have told me not to do such things, so I am trying to concentrate but cannot focus for long” she said “vikas, such feelings are natural, but if you will indulge in these all the time then it could be dangerous for your studies and your future. All the things are ok but only, when done in limit”. She said “ok vikas I have told you to find a solution for you, so from now when ever you feel like come to me”.
I felt happy and was curious that how she will solve my problem? She said “you like looking at when I am feeding the baby, from now on I allow you to look at” and she removed her duppatta and also took her other boob out. I was in heaven, my dick tightened instantly. She told me to look at it as I like. I asked her “can I touch these?” and she said “no, you can only look at them”.
Now I was not able to concentrate and asked her permission to go to bathroom which she accepted. I masturbated like anything and ejaculated whole lot of sperms. I came out and went to the room, baby was in deep sleep and chachi was smiling “done?” she asked and to which we laughed. Now days were passing very happily and I was also able to concentrate on my studies nicely.
This became a daily routine for me. Once when chachi was cooking in the kitchen I felt like masturbating. I went to her and asked to which she open her buttons of her nightie and took a boob out. The dish was on the stove and she has to take care of it so she said “vikas don’t go to the bathroom, just be here and do it but be fast”.
I was a bit shy but she recalled me my old days when I used to masturbate openly and she has seen my organ. I took my penis out and started stroking and came fast. My sperms hit her as she was standing in front of me and were spread on her nightie to which she said smilingly “I was trying to save time and you had made me busier, now I have to go to bathroom also” and we laughed.
So friends this was the life I was living and later-on it led to having sex with my chachi which I will describe in next parts. But friends mind you that I have different kind of feelings for her. She is not a slut material and I respect her, whatever she did and is doing is due to me. After such a long time she is my best friend and soul-mate.
If you really liked and enjoyed then let me know, even chachi will be happy to hear from you guys. She is sitting next to me right now and will be reading your comments, and we have lot more to offer to you. If you feel that sex is a part of life and not only lust and you respect it then please share your will get the other parts very soon.
Hello again from me and chachi. You know guys we are really excited that we are posting what happened between us. Even after finishing the first part we had a great sex night, she fucked me really hard and we slept embracing each other. So let’s get back.
So after that nightie incident we came a bit close because baby was also getting older and was very less on mother feed, so this became a ritual that chachi would open her boobs for me and I use to masturbate. As time passed one day I asked chachi about why this happen to me and she told me everything about the hormonal changes and the relation between a man and a woman.
She told me that from the day I was caught masturbating, my penis has also grown big and in a sense I was ready to have a girlfriend and be in a relationship, but she also told me to concentrate on my studies as college time would be very near. After learning everything about the human sexology I was very keen to be in a relationship but my day routine was just studying and being at home.
One day I asked “chachi I want to know each and everything that you told me that day” she said “vikas when time will come you will get it and till then you have to do whatever you do” I said “ but I want to see how it happens, I haven’t even seen a full nude girl”. To which see went inside her room and brought a book with pictures in it and gave it to me “ now you are grown up and can see these but in a limit”.
I saw all the pictures and went crazy. I went back to her and said “now I know how this thing happens, chachi why don’t we do it” she was shocked “ vikas have you gone mad, I am your chachi, we cannot do this” I said “ but why, you make me see your boobs then what is the problem”.
My dick was hard while talking to her she said “no vikas, this is out of boundaries and we cannot do it” I said “then I will go and find a girl and will do whatever I like and you don’t stop me from now on”. She got offended and told me to get lost and do whatever I feel like and she won’t stop me.
From that day we went a bit apart from each other and were always busy in our own businesses. I was trying my best to find a girlfriend but you know guys it is not an easy task. Next week I went to chachi and told her to show me her boobs so that I can masturbate, to which she sarcastically smiling said “go to your girlfriend and look at her boobs”.
I said sorry to her and told her that I was not able to find one. She laughed out loud and opened her buttons of kurta and took a boob out and said “vikas do you want to touch them?”. I went closer and for the first time touched those beautiful creations. Her nipples were beautiful. I pressed the boobs and they felt soft.
She suddenly started pulling off her kurta and took it off completely. No bra was there; beautiful melons were hanging out and were trying to touch the floor. They were perfect, not small and not unnecessarily huge. She came close to me and said “vikas look at them closely, you have always seen them through some clothing but today enjoy”.
Now I was pressing her boobs and she also seemed to enjoy, she said “vikas press them hard”. I was crushing her boobs with my full force. She suddenly went a step back and took her kurta and went to other room, I followed her to ask what happened. She told me that she is missing chacha. Actually she told me later that their sex life is very good and they enjoy intercourse whenever chacha is here.
I consoled her and felt sorry for her situation. Suddenly she said “ok vikas, we cannot have intercourse but if you like I can masturbate you” I went close to her. She placed her hand on my penis and pressed it hard. I was in heaven; it was the first time I was experiencing some other touch on my dick.
She told me to lie on the bed, I followed her order, took of my pants, completely naked from bottom laid on the bed. She came between my legs and started pulling and pushing my foreskin. It was the best moment. She started doing it fast and was saying “vikas enjoy at fullest”.
Her strokes were making me mad and in a few minutes I ejaculated my cum which went at least two feets in air and then on my t shirt, to which chachi laughed out loud and lied next to me. I rested there for a few minutes and thanked her for this pleasure to which she smiled. I started to play with her boobs again and asked her “chachi now what will you do, chacha is not here”, she said I will also go and masturbate.
I said “please chachi let me do it for you”. She thought for some time and said “ok I allow you but do not take it otherwise on my character”. I said no way I can understand your feeling and took my hand on her pubic portion above her salwar. She shivered as I pressed my fingers there. She was not ready to remove her salwar as she was feeling shy, so I loosened her salwar string and placed my hand inside.
She had lot of hair there but I ignored and started rubbing my finger. She started moaning loudly and held me tightly and whispered “put your finger inside”, now she was in heaven. For almost 10 min I was fingering her and then she tightened and then loosened her body and screamed loudly and said “vikas stop….stop….ahhh”, she felt her orgasm.
I took my hand out and it was filled with white colored juices. Chachi was looking at me and smiling, she held my hand and rubbed it on my t-shirt “it is already dirty” and laughed. After this we laid there only, my head was on her arm and I asked “ chachi in those pictures the girls had shaven pussy but you have so much hair, why don’t you shave” smilingly she said “your chacha likes it like that only”.
I asked “chachi when will you show me your pussy?” she slapped me lightly from her other hand and smilingly said “was this not enough for that you are asking for more” I hugged her tightly and we laughed. Suddenly the baby woke up and started crying, she said “vikas get up and go to the bathroom, clean your penis properly and leave your t-shirt there, I have to wash it” and I followed.
The next day when I got back from college she was in kitchen, wearing a green color tight fitted suit. I just hugged her from back and pressed her boobs, she smiled and gave a kiss on my forehead. I told her to come to the room but she told me to wait as she was in middle of cooking lunch.
But I was uncontrollable, she was making chapattis and I started removing her kameez, she didn’t stop me. She raised her hands and I removed her top. She was wearing a beige color bra. I was on her back and she said sarcastically “arrey what are you waiting for, remove my bra also then only you will find peace” and started laughing.
In a moment I removed her bra, as I was on back I couldn’t look at her boobs clearly but as she was moving her hands to make chapattis, her boobs were swinging. After finishing last chapatti she moved. Due to heat in the kitchen she was sweating and small droplets were visible.
I asked “chachi can I suck?” she said “ ab bacha hi kya hai sab to ho hi raha hai” (what else is left, everything is already happening). I took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking them crazy. Sour taste of her sweat was making me mad and suddenly I felt something else sour in my mouth. It was her milk.
I went crazy and took her whole boob into my mouth, she had started playing with me penis. I turned her backwards and started licking her neck from back. I slid my hand into her salwar and started rubbing her pussy, she too started stroking my dick and in a few minutes I ejaculated on her bum, her salwar was dirty again “again vikas, how many times I will go to bathroom to wash clothes”.
I said “then why not you remove all your clothes before doing all this”, she said “ab se yahi karna parega, warna tu to mere kapre hi kharab karta rahega”(from now I have to do like this only, otherwise you will keep spoiling my clothes). Time was passing like this and one day chachi’s daughter was sent to hostel for her collegeing.
Now I and chachi were left alone in the whole house for atleast three weeks every month. Now I started insisting her to remove all her clothes. One day when she was going to take a bath she called me in her room, she was standing completely naked, when I saw her she was smiling and looking into my eyes “aaja mere baby, teri ye wish bhi puri, happy?” (Come near my baby, your wish is fulfilled, happy?).
I was staring her. I can see her full body. Her big boobs were hanging; her shoulder bone was making her structure look very sexy, her thin frame with big boobs made me speechless. Her vagina was not visible because of her thick bush but on white skin that black hair bush in a V shape was complimenting very much.
I went close to her cupped her boobs in my hand and pressed my erected dick on her tummy area. She held my dick over my shorts and started stroking. She came close to my ear and whispered “ kaisa laga?” (how you feeling). I went crazy and started licking her neck and earlobes, she was stroking me hard and my fingers were already inside her.
While stroking each other we went towards the bed. I also removed all my clothes and we sat on the bed facing each other and looking at our bodies. She was holding and stroking my dick and I was fingering her. Sometimes she was making horny faces and sometimes she was smiling while moving her eyebrows in a way to ask me how I am feeling.
We were on cloud 9, stroking each other we laid on the bed and made our movements faster, now she had closed her eyes and I was looking at her, she was moaning and I was too near to my climax and shot my came on her belly. I was stroking her still. I told her that my hand has started aching, she opend her eyes and told me moaningly “ bas thora aur” ( keepn on doing).
She was still holding my limp dick hardly as a support and was pressing it more and more as she was getting closer to her climax and she shivered and moaned out loud and then released her body in relaxing mode. Now we both were lying facing the roof with no clothes, she moved her hand on her belly and found my sticky cum on her belly, she bent her face to look “aj to bohot sara nikala”
(today you cummed a lot ) and laughed while showing me my sticky cum between her two fingers. I said “ aj maja aa gaya chachi, absey hum aise hi karenge” (today it was great and from now we will do like this only) she moved her eyelids in consent. “Chachi I want to look your vagina closely but you have too much hair” I said
“what I can do vikas, your chacha like it in this way, but if you want to look then you come near by” I went closer to her vagina, she bought her hand, paired her hair and made me able to look at that pink opening. I could see sticky juices on her vagina. I was staring like a kid, she was lying on the bed and from her fingers showed me the hole and spread her pussy lips as much as possible to give me a clear view.
I told her that if she will shave her hair her pussy will look the most beautiful creation on this planet, she laughed and suddenly got up and told me to come to the bathroom. She took a chair in there and said “ vikas bring your razor and shaving cream and remove all my hair” I surprisingly said “ what happened to you, if you remove hair then what you will answer chacha?” she replied
“today when I will call him I will say that some itching is going on my vaginal lips and I have to go to a doctor, and then later I will say him that doctor has told to remove hair because it might be one of the reason for infection” and started smiling. “not only me you too are getting naughtier” I bought the needful and shaved her hair off.
Now her vagina was looking awesome I took my lips closer and kissed on her pussy. She jumped on the chair and said “ tu bohot hi naughty hota jaa raha hai” (you r getting more naughtier) and we laughed…
Friend I don’t know whether I am boring you or you like it but trust me we are enjoying it a lot. We are happy to share our experiences with you. After some time I bought a computer and started surfing net. And like a normal phenomenon apart from studies I too started surfing porn. Now me and chachi use to watch porn and do our sex session (but still no intercourse, licking, smooching etc. was involved).
One day after our session (just fingering and stroking), when we were lying naked facing the roof I asked “chachi will we do proper sex?” after a long pause “vikas, you are right, everything is open between us. I even cannot judge whether it is right or not, on one side whatever we are doing is also wrong but on the other I feel having a complete sexual relation with you will be a cheating towards my loving husband.
In a sense I am cheating my husband now also but how it started is itself very confusing for me” I said” but chachi you did all this for me and if you don’t feel like then I won’t ask for it” she “vikas I also feel like having intercourse but I control my feelings, but on other side I also feel that after all this, why to leave it.
I love you and I am already involved with you then why not intercourse?” after a pause “give me sometime baby, I have to think on it seriously. I am very much satisfied with your chacha, he is very good in fucking and love me a lot, our foreplay sessions are also good but your chacha is not into excessive foreplay (she meant about sucking and licking organs), he kisses me, fingers me and fucks me hard.
He believes in long intercourse sessions and that satisfies my need too. And you also satisfy me, I sometimes think that why not take our (me and chachi’s) love session to next level and we should try each and everything that we see in porn and enjoy the life to fullest”.
She was looking on the roof continuously and speaking, I hugged her and took her left boob into my mouth and sucked it like a baby, when I left the boob “slurrpppp” kinda sound came, “why are you getting serious? I am happy with this too and you are also enjoying it” she took my hand and placed it on her vagina and after making some decision said
“no vikas I am ready, next time we will have intercourse and enjoy to the fullest” she held my finger and pressed it inside her vagina “I want your penis here next time” we hugged each other and slept hugging each other. Next day chacha was supposed to come and I had to wait for a week and this period was the longest.
Whenever chachi used to cross me (while doing her households) she gave me a sarcastic smile, in reply if I got a chance I pressed her boob or slapped on her ass. Friends now my vision towards her had changed completely, I was looking towards her as a sex goddess who will fulfill my needs, her figure was making me mad and I used to observe her curvaceous body all the time.
Next morning she teased me “your chacha has fucked me so good in the night that I am planning to change my idea of having sex with you” I had pressed her boobs so hard that she screamed with pain and I said “let chacha go back, I will fuck you this time” and she ran away smiling. I went behind her and held her from back and said “chachi I cannot control more, let me fuck you right away” I tried to pick her nightie,
she held me hands “you idiot, your chacha is in the lobby and you are trying to fuck his wife” and she held my penis and pressed it hard in the same way as I pressed her boobs. Friends she applied so much force that even I screamed out loud and chacha called “what happened vikas?”.
We separated and I said “nothing chacha I just hit my knee on the corner of bed” he said “ok” from the lobby and kept reading his newspaper and chachi was smiling on me, came close to me again, put her hand inside my lower held my hard dick and whispered “why you lied, go and tell your chacha which KNEE got hurt” and laughed out loud.
I held her back and said “get ready to be fucked chachi” and pressed her hard in my arms. She came closer to me kissed on my lips for the first time and said “my baby you don’t have to fuck me, I will be yours”. And she went towards the lobby, took a chair and sat next to chacha as nothing has happened. They started talking about general topics.
Chacha made a plan to visit their daughter’s college and we fixed to go the next morning. We all went their, her daughter was happy to see all of us. After coming back from the trip, I was waiting chacha to go back and the day came when he left. Chachi had tears in her eyes and was feeling low. I hugged her and she lied in my arms.
That night we went to watch “lagey raho Munna bhai” and had our dinner outside. We came back and slept. Next morning I woke late but chachi was already ready with breakfast. I had to go to my college that day. Friends I don’t know what had happened to me that I was not thinking of sex any more (may be her tearsmade me so).
When I came back from college chachi opened the door and said “hey THE RAPIST is back” and we laughed. We had lunch and I said “so is my chachi ready to get fucked?” “vikas I am yours, I will be on bed for you completely surrendered, now its up to you that you fuck me or make love to me” I stood from the dining table and went near her and kissed her on lips “chachi I love you, and cannot even imagine raping you”.
“Vikas can you do me a favor? Your chacha has just left and I am not able to take him out of my mind, can you please give me some time?” I kissed her neck “chachi I am not in any hurry, whenever you feel like let me know”. And we interlocked our lips for long and this was a very passionate kiss in which only love was involved no lust.
Few days passed and we got to know that chachi’s daughter is coming back as she had some days off in college. She came and went back to her hostel. After she went we were talking about her and chachi said “vikas do you remember when you use to look at me when I used to feed”, “yes chachi, how can I forgot, I even miss the first time when I sucked your nipple and that taste of your milk”.
Then she recalled me a day when she had put her milk drops on pieces of banana and we both ate it. In the evening I bought some beers and we ordered some pizzas and went to our roof top. Our bungalow is quite high, cool breeze was flowing and it was twinkling stars in the sky. We sat on a bench and started sipping our beers while looking the stars.
Our shoulders were touching each other and we were in a trance enjoying the evening, lost in our thoughts and moving our legs as some song was playing. In a Slow voice she asked “do you love me vikas or it is just lust?” I said “what are you talking about chachi, have I ever crossed the limits and treated you something like that?” she said while looking into sky
“actually vikas I love you a lot and for me you are very special, I have always come to you with love, lust has never invaded my mind”. She moved her face, looked into my eyes, came closer and kissed me. She sucked my lips like ice-cream and suddenly “vikas fuck me right now, I need you inside me right now” and we kissed passionately.
She went a bit far took her tongue out and said “suck it” I sucked her tongue like a girl sucks a dick, I started pressing her boobs. She removed her salwar (lower) and panty while sitting on the bench, put her legs on the bench, made her vagina visible to me and said “put your dick here baby” she was sitting in a way that her legs were looking like “M” alphabet.
She pulled my lower down and held my dick and pulled my dick near her opening. Juices were already flowing from her vagina, I bent and put my dick on her opening, she rubbed my dick on her pussy lips and said “daal de andar” (push it inside) my dick went inside her, I felt my foreskin moving backward and I felt very tickling sensation on the head of my dick,
she moaned aaaahhhh………. Now I had made it, I was inside my chachi and the sensation was amazing. I started stroking, my position was difficult because I had to bend a lot, she understood it “nikal ek baar, mein lait jaati hu” (pull it out, let me lie down on bench). I took my penis out it was full of juices, she lay on her back and opened her legs “aaja vikas” (come on vikas) I pushed my penis inside and started stroking.
It was feeling great she was biting her lips with close eyes and moaning in a very seductive tone which was not loud. After stroking for like two minutes (people say that they were fucking for 30 mins, I feel they lie, the whole session might take that long) felt like cumming. I pulled my dick, it slipped out of her vagina with a slurpppp sound, chachi asked “what happened?”
I said “nikaalne ki ichcha kar rahi hai” (I want to come) she smiled and said “to nikaal de, penis kyu bahar nikaala?” (then release your cum, why did you pulled your penis out?) I said “mein soch raha hu kyu na koi or position try karein?” (why not we try some other position?) she said “nahi yahan bench pe itni jagah nahi hai, tu abhi aise hi kar phir hum baad mein achchey se karenge”
(there is not enough space, we will try some other time) and she held my penis in her fist and tried to put into her hole. I started stroking her again and in a few minutes I was very near to ejaculate, while increasing the speed I asked “ kahan apke pait par nikaalu kya?” (shall I ejaculate on your tummy), she said “array pagal andar hi chhor de, mein pills leti hu” (ejaculate inside, I take pills).
I was stroking at my fullest speed and she was moaning in a very low voice and I ejaculated my sperms inside her with very strong hits and laid on her top as a dead man. After settling my breath I got up and took my penis out. She was still lying “idher dekh abhi tere sperms bahar nikalenge” (look at my vagina, your sperms will come out) and she took my head near her hole and got up slightly in sitting position.
In a few seconds sperms started coming out and she laughed “aj tak ye mere kapro pe ya mere upar girtey they, aj inhone apni sahi destination ki sair kar li” (till now your sperms got spilled on me or my clothes, today they have traveled the right destination).
Chachi sat on the bench with crossing legs (we call it alti palti), I started wearing my lower to which she stopped me and told me to sit naked on the bench and finish our beer and pizza. We were sitting naked (we had our tops only, lower portion was naked) on the bench and started sipping our beers.
She was looking towards the sky “did you like it vikas?” “yes, very much”, “so you are happy now?” I took her face in my hands and kissed her. She came into naughty mood suddenly and with moving her eyebrows and smilingly asked “meri vagina kab choosega?” (when will you lick my pussy), “abhi choos du?” (shall I do it now?) she laughed out loud.
“mere juices se muh bhar jaaega to beer kya piyega?” (when my juices will fill your mouth how will you drink your beer), “array aap bolo to, mujhe to cocktail bhi achchi lagti hai” (you just say, I will like your juices with beer as a cocktail).
We were enjoying our talk and she slid her hand on vagina took juices on fingers and wiped them on pizza slice and offered it to me “eat it, mein dekhti hu ki tujhe mere juices kitne achchey lagtey hain”.(let me see how much you like the taste of my juices) I took the slice and ate it but couldn’t taste any juices on it, it was only pizza’s taste and I told her that I found no taste of juices on it,
she said “asli maja chahiye to tujhe wahan apna muh le jaakey hi suck karna parega” (if you want to taste it then you have to lick it from your mouth only) I said I am ready for it open your legs, she said “array abhi nahi mere babu tu abhi pizza or beer enjoy kar, baad mein meri vagina kha lio” (not now my dear, you enjoy your pizza and beer, my pussy is for later).
We laughed “chachi, kal ka breakfast tumhari vagina ka hi karunga” (tomorrow’s breakfast will be your pussy only). We went downstairs and slept, we both were drunk and had a nice sleep. In the morning I had to go to college and I got ready and was about to leave, chachi called me, I went to her room and she was only in her top, nothing at the bottom,
sitting on the bed with her legs open (remember “M” kinda position) and asked “don’t need your breakfast?”. I jumped towards her and put her pussy into my mouth and started suking it like a lollypop, I took her whole pussy inside my mouth, she started moaning, my dick was getting hard and I took it out to put in her vagina “not for now vikas, you told me for breakfast, I have given it to you.
When you will come from college I will make your dick eat its lunch, for now I will masturbate”. She held my penis from one hand and pulled my foreskin back, took lot of saliva on her other hand and started rubbing her fingers on the head of penis. The feeling was awesome and she had never tried it before, in a few minutes I ejaculated on her face (she was still sitting on the bed),
my cum was sticking on her face and a few amount was sliding down, she laughed and said “you made me eat my breakfast too……..” When I returned she opened the door, I held her in my arms “chachi lets go my dick is hungry” she laughed, I took her in my arms and threw her on bed.
She said “it looks you will fuck me today, be easy I am already yours and was waiting for your dick since morning” I started from her lips, we were sucking each other’s lips like crazy, it was saliva all over our faces. I removed her dress and made her stark naked, I too removed my clothes. “chachi why not we get into 69” she agreed and now my organ was in her mouth and I was eating her vagina.
The pleasure was immense, on one side I was sucking and licking my favorite chachi’s best possession and on other hand getting extreme pleasure on my best possession. It was awesome. She took my penis out “vikas ab andar daal de” (put your dick inside). I got up and in missionary position I entered my dick, again she bit her lips and started to moan very slowly.
“vikas do it the hardest, do not worry that you will come fast”, I started pumping her real bad, even bed started making strange sounds, chachi bit her lips so hard that she got a mark on her lips. I ejaculated my hot cum into her hole, we both landed in each others arms.
She got up and took me to the bathroom, while walking my sperms were flowing out and were all over her thigh, she moved her finger and showed my sperms to me and laughed. In the bathroom she told me to pee on her, I was surprised but she told me that she want to try all her fantasies with me as she cannot ask it from chacha.
She was sitting on the floor and I started peeing, she held my penis and started pointing it on various parts of her body. She told me that she wants to be covered in my cum and pee all the time. After this she took her vaginal juices (my sperms too) in her fingers and pulled my foreskin back and applied those juices on my penis.
She started moving her fingers on penis head while holding my penis from her other hand . Then she took my dick in her mouth, my dick was not that hard but she told me “don’t worry, I will make this baby hard and you cum in my mouth” she was sucking my dick by rolling her tongue on it and biting it with her teeth, and now I was near to my climax and ejaculated in her mouth.
She didn’t swallow my sperms and opened her mouth so that I can see my sperms in her mouth, slowly they started to flow from sides of her lips. She started spreading my sperms on her boobs like a lotion. We took bath after this and went to room and laid naked in each other’s arms and spent the night.
So friends this is the life I am living. I am enjoying this sexcapade for so long. We have tried almost every possible way like in car, in cinema hall. Even I filled sindoor in her maang and had given her a mangalsutra which she wear all the time, and literally we spent one night as our first night when she wore a bridal dress with makeup.
Even we called a call girl and had a threesome once. We go to near by hill stations and make our honeymoon. I can write a hundred pages on how we enjoy. Write your comments, if we feel that one more sexcapade is writable we will write for you. Thanks, hope you enjoyed to the fullest like we do.
Hello everyone. U guys wont believe, that the moment I mailed our story we both were eagerly waiting when it will be posted on we were waiting and checking the site every next hour to know the status and then it got posted. But it was only the first part for a couple of days.
Me and chachi were discussing all the time that why other parts have not been posted yet, because from the first part one cannot judge the events. And also there were no comments, we actually felt bad thinking that nobody has liked it and it is better that other parts are not posted.
But today morning as soon as I woke up, chachi was in kitchen and she called “vikas check if there are any comments and other parts?” and to my surprise there were the remaining parts and hell lot of comments. THANKYOU . I rushed into the kitchen with cellphone in my hand and showed the response to chachi.
She hugged me tightly and planted a small kiss on my lips and said “go and get ready, you are getting late”. I could see a different kind of happiness in her eyes, something like when kids get happy when they get their favorite toy. I don’t know but we have posted our experience with lot of affection and we also got your support.
I will try to send some exclusive sex episode that we enjoyed. Keep sending your comments, it gives us pleasure, satisfaction and courage to write more so that you can also enjoy. So friends, I got ready and she served me my breakfast and sat next to me on dining table.
“vikas, I had already told you that people gonna enjoy our experience”. “yes chachi, I am also surprised by there response, but what to write next?.” She said with excitement on her face “shall we write about our manali trip where we bought that girl anju and had fun?” I said “ok”. While having this discussion I finished my breakfast and moved out leaving my chachi alone.
After I came back I had a shower and went to her room (now you can say ….our room), she was lying on bed with a white t-shirt and shorts. I lied next to her. We started kissing passionately and had our dinner after that and went to sleep in eachother’s arms.
Friends please give me some time to write some more stuff for you. May be in a day or two you will get our manali trip sexapade. Some of our friends have asked for chachi’s pic, friends I cannot do that because of our privacy. Sorry but wait for our next episode.
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