Valentine Party

“Hurry, get ready,” said my wife, Marsha. “I don’t want to be late to Lisa’s Valentine party.”
Nodding, I handed her a box of Valentine Candy. I stripped and jumped into the shower. My wife was a little too excited about going to this party. And, party was really just a euphemism for a Valentine themed swing event my wife’s friend from the gym, Lisa, was hosting. I had my doubts about going to the party, but my wife insisted that it would be a good way for us to break into the swinging scene.
After I dried off, I stepped into the bedroom and started dressing in the clothes my wife had laid out for me. I picked up a pair of boxers with red hearts on them. Grimacing, I said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
“I knew you’d say that,” chuckled my wife. “Since the party is Valentine themed, Lisa wants all the men to wear boxers with hearts and women to wear black garter belts with red stockings.”
I voiced my uncertainty, “Marsha, are you sure this is such a good idea?”
Marsha was sitting naked in front of her dressing table. She was brushing her hair and the rapid movement of her arms made her breasts dance before my gaze. Glancing at my reflection in the mirror she put the hairbrush down and said, “Alec, we’ve talked about this. We both agreed we need to spice up our sex life.”
“I’m just a little concerned you’ll find someone better.”

She caught my eye, “I told Lisa that was one of your concerns and she told me that people in the swinging community swing for a lot of reasons, but they don’t swing to find a new wife. In fact she claims most marriages are stronger because the couples don’t have affairs behind each other’s back and then lie to each other about it.”
“I just think seeking outside sexual thrills can be a threat to our marriage.”
She puckered her lips and rolled lipstick along them making my cock twitch. Putting the cap back on the lipstick, she set it down and said, “It would be, if we were looking for love, but we’re not. I’m just trying to get us out of a sexual rut.”
“What you call a rut, I call a reliable routine,” I countered defensively.
“I know that you’re comfortable with our routine, but I’m not.” She stood up and I got a full frontal view which revealed that my wife had completely shaved her sweet pussy. Turning around, she saw my expression and said, “Honey, don’t look at me that way. I know you’ve been trying to get me to shave my snatch for a while now, but isn’t it enough that I shaved it.”
My voice was gravely with irritation as I accused, “So you shave your pussy when you plan to fuck someone else.”
“Don’t be like this,” soothed my wife as she cupped my cheek to reassure me. “Lisa told me that shaving your snatch increases its sensitivity, leading to increase sexual pleasure. Isn’t sexual pleasure what tonight is supposed to be about?”
“I guess,” I sighed.
Marsha sat bare bottomed on the bed and caressed sheer red stockings up her legs. Next, she place her feet into sexy black stilettos. Standing up, she wrapped a wide black garter around her waist. Six inches of lace covered her lower belly from her naval to the cleft of her vulva, hiding the C-section scar about which she was very self-conscious. She clipped the stockings to the suspender straps dangling from the garter belt. Pulling a black lace thong up over her stocking legs, she said, “Mother said that good girls wear their panties under their garter belt suspenders and naughty girls wear them over the suspenders. I’m feeling so-o-o naughty.”
I laughed and said, “I can see that.”
She smiled back at me then slipped on her dress. It was a black halter style mini-dress with a plunging neckline so the men would know she wasn’t covering her big breasts with a bra. The flirty hemline of the dress fell on her upper thigh and just inches below her butt. She smiled at me as she spritzed perfume into the air then walked through the mist. Holding her hand out, she said, “Shall we go.”
“Have I told you how hot you look?” I asked with a quivering voice as I took her hand.
Marsha smiled broadly and said, “It’s been years since you’ve said with that much emotion.”
Before we left the garage Marsha typed her friend’s address into the GPS unit then I backed down the driveway. Following the directions issued by the computerized device I drove us to the party across town.
As I drove I glanced over at my wife, who was twirling a long dark lock of hair, lost in thought. I asked, “What are you thinking about?”
“The party, Lisa researched Valentine’s Day and traced it back to an ancient fertility festival called Lupercalia. So we are going to recreate the festival, to include the love lottery.”
“Love lottery?”
“In ancient times all the unattached males had their names placed in a jar and the unwed maidens would draw the mate fate had for her.”
“Except everyone at the party will be attached, including us,” I groused.
Once again, Marsha stroked my face with the back of her hand to calm me. “You’re not going to have any fun, if you don’t change your attitude. I, for one, am planning on having fun tonight.”
My mind replayed my wife’s reasoning for wanting to try swinging. Claiming she genuinely loved me and that this was purely a way to spice up our dull and routine sex life. I had to admit over the last couple of years, there had been a noticeable decline in the quality of our sex life. There was no doubt we were very much in love with each other, but something had gone missing. The passion just wasn’t there. It was if the fire had gone out.
Maybe, it was because we have been too involved in bringing up the kids. Maybe, it was workplace pressure, we both had demanding jobs. Maybe, we had just started taking each other too much for granted. Whatever the reason, our sex life had turned into a very predictable routine, a ritual to maintain our marital relationship.
Not only was our love-making less passionate, it was also less frequent. Everything else seemed to have started taking precedence. The household chores, the children, civic and social clubs we belonged too, even the freaking TV seemed to be more important than sex and provided an excuse for not making love. In recent months it had gotten worse. In bed, we were too tired and preoccupied with other things that had to be done the next day that we just simply dozed off. “Recalculating,” scolded the GPS in a robotic voice.
Frowning at me, Marsha admonished, “Honey, you missed the turn.”
“Sorry,” I apologized and found a place to turn back around. Once I got the car rerouted, I said, “I love you very much I’m sorry, I’ve allowed the passion fizzle from our relationship.”
Marsha took hold of my hand and squeezed it affectionately. She said, “You’re not the only one who let the passion fade. We just need to rekindle that passion we had before our relationship completely dies. I know you love me and I love you, but tonight isn’t about love, it’s about sex. According to Lisa, the only way swinging can work is when both partners really love each other.”
“I’m so terrified that swinging is going to wreck our marriage.” I admitted, parking the car in front of a house that already had several cars parked outside it.
My wife hooked her finger under my chin and turned my face to her. She gave me a reassuring peck on the lips then said, “I know swinging is scares you, but I really feel we need this kind of adventure to jump-start the passion we both want to feel again. I’m afraid that if we don’t go inside, we may never feel passionate about each other ever again.”
With a heavy sigh, I got out of the car and followed Marsha to the house. She had a confident swaggering sway to her hips. Her stilettos clicked on the sidewalk with purpose. The exaggerated heel of her shoes pronounced the curve of her adorable ass and enhanced her bodacious breasts. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled at me and noticing my awareness, she put a little extra wiggle in her walk.
Observing the radiant beauty and primitive attitude of my wife made my cock grow erect. As Marsha, pushed the doorbell announcing our presence, I took her in my arms and kissed her lustfully. My mouth moved over hers devouring its softness. I forced her lips to part and thrust my tongue in and out of her mouth simulating coitus.
She surrendered to the forceful domination of my lips. The kiss grew fiery, like a blast furnace. Suddenly, the door open and she pushed against my chest breaking our kiss leaving my mouth burning with fire. Her eyes were wide with wonder and she seemed shocked at her own eager response to the touch of my lips. She turned to her friend and with a not quite composed tone, “Hey, Lisa, I hope we’re not late.”
“You’re right on time guys, come on in,” invited the short, but stacked blonde. She was one of those biddy gals that was all boobs and butt that, I surmised, just loved to give ball-draining fucks.
As soon as the door closed Lisa surprised me, by planting a hot, wet kiss on my wife. Surprising me even more, Marsha opened her mouth and received Lisa’s tongue, moving and swirling hers with it. Breaking the kiss, Lisa said excitedly, “I’m so glad you two decided to join us.”
Turning to me, she said, “And you must be Alec.”
Before I could speak, Lisa kissed me. Her lips forced my mouth open and she probed it with her tongue. Breaking the kiss, she said, “Come on, the gang’s downstairs.”
“I told you, she was friendly,” chuckled my wife at the sight of my shocked expression.
Shaking my head, I shrugged and followed the women down the steps to the basement. Lisa and her husband had finished their basement into a party pad. A table along one wall held trays of aphrodisiac foods to include, oysters on the half-shell and chocolate dipped strawberries. Several couples were already mingling, eating and drinking.
The first person that Lisa introduced us to was her husband, Karl. He stood a foot tall than his vivacious wife and shook my hand firmly. Next was a large black man, named Reggie, and his red-headed, white wife, Katelyn. Chuck and Ellen were both under age thirty and the youngest couple present, while Stuart and Jenna, both in their forties were the oldest. And, last but not least was Brad, who was the stereotypical computer nerd and his petite Oriental bride, Yasmin.
After the introductions the men and women split up and congregated at opposite ends of the room. Karl handed me a glass of red wine, “Drink this you’re going to need it.”
“No thanks, I’m more of a beer guy.”
Karl chuckled and pushed the glass in my hand. He clarified, “It’s not only wine. It’s a red Burgundy mixed with ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar. It’s call Hippocras’ Aphrodisiac. It’s what Caesar served at all the Roman orgies.”
“Okay,” I said with a shrug. The drink had a particularly sweet taste and was good.
Stuart, Reggie and Chuck were watching Chuck’s young wife peel a banana then wrap her lips a third of the way down it before biting into it. The younger man laughed at the reaction of the other two men. He beamed, “That’s right fellas, my wife has superior oral skills.”
“What’s she like when she orgasms?” asked Stuart as he dipped an asparagus stalk into an avocado dip on his plate.
“Say what?”
The older man’s salt and pepper beard danced about his face as he laughed. He said, “That’s her second banana. And, bananas have nutrients for muscle strength, so I would imagine that when Ellen has an orgasm, the contractions are super-intense.”
“So that’s why she nearly snaps my cock in two when she cums,” giggled Chuck.
I said to Stuart, “You seem to know a lot about this aphrodisiac stuff.”
“I’ve had to pick up a few things, my wife’s a nymphomaniac,” he replied with a grin.
Following his gaze to the other side of the room, I spied his wife dipping a strawberry into chocolate sauce.
“I’m not a big avocado fan, but I eat it because it churns out testosterone like it’s going out of style. And, at forty-two years of age, I need all the help I can get.”
“So you and Jane have been swinging for a while?” I asked.
“Quite a while actually, in fact we got Karl and Lisa into swinging a few years ago. The older we’ve become the more open-minded we’ve gotten. I like to show off my sexy wife, it gives me a thrill to know other men get an erection looking at her. And, she loves to know that men still find her sexually attractive and want to fuck her.”
Twisting the wedding ring on my finger, I contemplated Stuart’s words. I could see where other men finding my wife sexually attractive would boost her ego and self-esteem. But, the thought of another man fucking my wife was devastating.
Overhearing our conversation, Karl added, “The sexual variety swinging offers has improved the quality of our sex life.”
“Not to mention having sex more often,” piped-up Brad, pushing his glasses up his nose.
Stuart interrupted with a belly laugh. He saw my confused look and explained, “Yasmin is telling your wife about Reggie’s big black cock.”
Glancing across the room, I saw the petite Oriental in deep conversation with my wife. After pointing again at Reggie, she touched her wrist and ran her finger up her arm to her elbow. My wife laughed, then catching my eye she winked at me with a knowing grin.
I raised my glass in an acknowledgment. As she returned to her conversation, I frowned as every worst-case scenario popped graphically into my mind. Did I really want to share my wife with these strangers?
Lisa clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention the announced, “It’s time to get the festivities started. There is a coat stand and a chair for each couple. It’s time to strip to our underthings.”
Marsha hurried across the room and took me by the hand and led me to one of the free standing coat stands. Lifting her hair off her neck she said, “Unhook me.”
I complied and watched as the sexy black dress fell to her ankles. Stepping out of it, she bent over to retrieve it giving me a breath-taking view of her ass. Frowning with mixed emotions, I slipped my blazer off and put it on the coat rack.
As Marsha hung up her dress, she sensed my discomfort and gave me a peek on the lips. Smiling she said, “Let me help you.”
She unbuttoned my shirt and gave my chest a warm, wet kiss after each button was undone. Then she undid my belt and trousers, as they fell to my ankles she grabbed my cock and gave it a firm lovingly squeeze. It hardened in her hand. Pleased with my response, she kissed my cheek.
I watched my wife’s ass cheeks wiggle wantonly as she walked away and joined the other women, who were all bare breasted with black garter belts and red stockings. Hurriedly, I finished undressing and joined the rest of the men, each of us sporting boxers with red hearts.
Once everyone was stripped down Lisa again addressed the assemblage, “Friends, Karl and I want to thank you for coming to our Valentine’s Day Party. Some of you know that Valentine’s Day traces its start back to the Greco-Roman fertility festival, Lupercalia, which marked the beginning of mating season. The celebration began with participants prancing around naked, which we’ve done. Next, passions would be aroused by erotic dancing girls. So ladies escort your gentleman, to his seat.”
Scattered evenly about room were straight back chairs, Marsha took my arm and led me to a seat between Karl and Stuart and across from Brad, Reggie and Chuck. Before pushing me down into the chair, Marsha wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me then she whispered hotly in my ear, “Alec, I love you so much right now.”
“I love you, too,” I huffed as my butt hit the seat of the chair.
Lisa hit a button on a remote control in her hand and dance music blared. The women began to dance provocatively in front of their husbands.
Enthralled, I watched as Marsha began to sway to the music. Tracing her finger-tips up her thighs until they were between her legs, she utter a soft spellbinding sigh as she pushed the tips of her fingers against her thong covered pussy. Then she trailed her fingers up her firm belly to her full breasts. With a mesmerizing moan, she squeezed them like they were ripe fruit. She leant over me shimming her big bare breasts in my face. Her nipples were hard and pointed from her mammary directly at me.
I was hypnotized by her beautiful breasts and licked my lips with longing. Blood surged so forcefully into my cock that I could hear the blood roaring in my ears. Dizzy with lust, I choked, “You’re so sexy.”
Marsha spun her back to me and slowly slid her cute butt down my torso until she was sitting squarely on my hard cock. Leaning her back against my chest, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my check then wiggled her ass on my erection until I was ready to cum in my boxers. Suddenly, the music ended and she pushed off my lap and I grunted a protest. With a sexy smile, she rotated to Stuart.
Lisa, our hostess, danced before me wearing heels, black garter and red stockings like all the women wore. Instead of thong, she wore black lace panties that teasingly revealed her bald cunt. Audaciously, she ran a finger up and down the folds of her labia creating a captivating camel-toe. Her voice quivered with excitement, “I think you’ll find this evening’s events very pleasurable.”
Her breasts were swollen with excitement, rising and falling with each panted breath. She continued to dance, cupping her breasts and tweaking them between her forefingers and thumbs. Her eyes glimmered with lust and she cooed her enjoyment. Flopping down onto my lap, she faced me with knee on each side of my hips. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she ground her crotch onto my hard cock. She licked my ear and whispered hotly, “You have a thick cock, it’s making me really wet. Marsha is a lucky gal.”
I caught a glimpse of Marsha and my wife shot me a sassy smile while she he boldly danced in front of Brad, bumping and grinding her sexy hips. I bit my lip as jealousy gut punched me.
The music stopped and Lisa moved on and Yasmin, Brad’s Oriental wife, followed. She gracefully twisted her hips to the beat of the music. Noticing my boxers were tented, her eyes smoldered and she smiled at me. Her small, but firm breasts were set high on her chest. She hissed as she twisted the barbell jewelry that pierced her nipples. A black leather garter belt was around her waist holding up red fishnet stockings. Matching her garter, she wore a black leather thong and black leather knee-high boots. Her long black hair was waist length and she lashed it about like a whip as she whirled. She was an exotic beauty that exuded simmering sexuality as she gyrated in front of me. When the song ended she boldly, grabbed my cock and squeezed it. Grinning at me she said, “Very good.”
When the next song began, Chuck’s young wife, Ellen, circled my chair, running her hands over my shoulders and through my hair. Then she stood with her back to me, slowly and patiently, her shoulders came alive. The vibe of the music picked up and she popped her ass from side to side to its beat. Looking over her shoulder, Ellen giggled as my face flushed crimson with excitement. Soon she got lost in the music and her lust. Her appealing ass wiggled and her tantalizing tits jiggled to the wild beat as she performed some sort of primitive mating dance. The music stop and she leaned down and kissed me, her tongue entered my mouth and her hand cupped my balls and she gently squeezed them. Breaking the kiss, she shot me naughty grin and moved on.
As the next number began, I had a surreal view as Marsha shamelessly ground her butt into Reggie’s crotch. Placing his hands on her hips, he held her there. He smiled at me as my wife rubbed her ass hard against his groin. Moving his hands up, he brushed his fingertips against the sides of her breasts as she moved to the music. My mind reeled from what I saw.

Reggie’s red-headed wife, Katelyn, sauntered in front of me, her body moved in time to the music. She was a real girl-next-door type with a seductive body and wholesome good looks. Bending at the waist, she violently gyrated her upper body causing her hair to twirl to the beat of the song. As Katelyn danced, my eyes feasted on her panty-clad snatch noting that her labia were clutching the lacey material creating a very evident camel-toe. Her big luscious breasts jiggled to the music and made my cock stir. She pulled the clip holding her bun in place and immediately her flaming red hair cascaded down to her shoulders. A bemused smile graced her lips as the song ended. Like the other women she groped my cock then moved on.
Envy choked me as I watched Marsha dancing for Chuck. Spotting me watching her, she grinned at me impishly. She modified her motions to press her ass more firmly against his cock through their clothing. Arching her back, she allowed him to pull her hips harder into him and let his hands enjoy the smoothness of her bare thighs. She turned to face him and he pulled her into a kiss, sliding his tongue into her open mouth. For a moment they lingered then as the next song started she moved on again.
Completely the round robin of dancers was Jane, Stuart’s wife. The older woman was 40-years old, but looked years younger. Her huge cantaloupe-sized breasts bounced delightfully to the beat of the drum while her hips swayed to the rhythm of the guitar. Jane giggled joyfully as her ass wiggled wantonly, but a bit more clumsily than the younger women. Tilting her head back, she groaned and squeezed her big breasts then tugged on her hard nipples. She straddled my lap then arched her back and put her hand encouragingly behind my head and pulled my face into her bosom. She chuckled as she smacked my face with her bodacious boobs, one on each side of my face. Suddenly, she sat back and looked me at me. She kissed me on the cheek and said, “Alec, you must really love your wife.”
Jane laughed then cupped her breasts and said, “I’ve been pushing my Double-D’s right into your face, but you just wanted to watch your wife dance. And the look on your face speaks more of the love you have for her than any lust you might have for me and my big boobs.”
As the music ended, Jane kissed me again then got of my lap and went to husband. Marsha joined me and sat on my lap. She kissed me and breathily said, “I love you so much. I’m having a wonderful time.”
The heightened sense of jealousy I had been feeling gave way to the realization that I loved my wife. I loved her a lot. I kissed her deeply then said, “I love you.”
Liza once again addressed us, “Now that passions are aroused. And, looking at the men I would say, fully aroused, it’s time for the Vestal Virgins to make their entrance. As you know the Vestals were charged with keeping the sacred fires stoked so anyone in Rome could receive fire for their household use. To symbolize stoke our lover’s fire as Vestals and to symbolize the preserving of virginity each woman will perform fellatio on her husband.”
As Marsha slipped out of my lap, I thought about how long it had been sense my wife had sucked my cock. She fished my hard cock and bloated balls out of my boxers. She sweetly kissed my cock then she looked up at me. Her expression was one of passionate bliss and overcome with joy, I smiled at her. Audaciously, she lavished attention on my cockhead, wrapping her lips around it. Underneath her tongue teased the tender underside of my cock.
Just as I had gotten used to that sensation, she switched her focus, pulling my cock out of her mouth to lick the seam of my balls, she teased, “Alec, your balls look so full of cum, Sweetie.”
I shivered as she ran her tongue over every square inch of my balls while stroking my shaft. My balls contracted and yielded to her warm wet lips. I clutched the seat of the chair and fought off the urge to cum.
Marsha turned her attention to my shaft, running her mouth up its side until she got to the tip then she slid her lips all the way down it engulfing my entire cock in her warm wet mouth. She slowly worked her mouth back up it, sucking along my cock’s entire length. Her hands stroked my shaft while she nursed on just my cock’s helmet. Gently, she rolled my balls in her other hand to coax the cum from them. She stroked me faster and faster until the blissful sensation of relief washed over me. Jets of cum rocketed from my cock and filled her mouth.
“Booyah!” I cried, light-headed from the intensity of my orgasm. I blinked back the black as blood roared in my ears.
Marsha sat back, resting her buttocks on her heels. She looked up at me perplexed. Gradually her frown morphed into a smile and she said, “Seeing the look of pleasure on your face makes me feel so bad about not sucking your cock more often. I’m sorry, Sweetie. You know I do get pleasure from making you feel good.”
“I love you,” I choked and pulled her to up into my lap.
Marsha kissed me. Her tongue invaded my mouth and she shared the salty taste of my own cum with me. The fact it was my nectar and no one else’s added to my pleasure and reinforced the fact that my wife loved me, after all, she hadn’t sucked anyone else’s cock.
Sitting next to us, Stuart squirmed red-faced as Jane deep-throated his cock, her lips were firmly attached to the base of his cock. Gently, she squeezed his balls milking his essence from them. Sobbing with joy, as his cum splattered against his wife’s tonsils, Stuart cried out, “Cum, oh, cum.”
“That’s it, suck it,” coached Reggie from across the room. Katelyn’s red-head bobbed on her husband’s big black cock. Unable to accommodate all his cock into her mouth, she clamped her mouth over its head and sucked it in earnest while stroking the remaining shank. She moaned loudly as Reggie reached down and palmed her breast, squeezing it firmly and gently pinching her nipples. Suddenly, Reggie’s body stiffened. He bellowed like a gratified bull, “Cumming.”
After ensuring that each man had enjoyed a climax, Lisa made another announcement, “Okay fellas, you’ve had your passion aroused and your desire stoked. Now, it’s time for you to prepare your wife for the ecstatic rite of fornication with cunnilingus.”
The women gave a cheer and shooed their husbands from the chairs. Marsha sat down with deliberate slowness so I could catch the flash of her butt as I dropped to my knees in front of her. She raised her hips so I could pull her lace thong off. It clung provocatively to her wet cunt. It came loose with a quick jerked and I was able to pull it down her legs.
Feeling the damp material of her thong, I said to her, “You seem pretty excited by all this…”
“Oh, I am,” she interrupted. The black lace garter belt and red stockings framed her pink pussy into a picture of wanton pleasure. Her pussy lips were inflamed with excitement and glistened with anticipation. Eagerly, her clit peek from its sheath seeking attention. Luridly, she spread her legs wide before me and I gazed hungrily at her gaping gash. Tenaciously, she looked me with fiery eyes and demanded, “Get me ready to fuck.”
As I lowered my head between my wife’s spread legs I determined to give her as much pleasure as she had just given me. I teased her by blowing my hot breath over her wet pussy. Goose bumps rose all over her body, cooing, she shivered. I brushed my lips on her bare skin above her stocking tops then sucked little hickeys on her bare thighs. Hearing her gasp, it occurred to me that I was preparing my wife’s pussy to receive another man’s cock, and someone else’s cum. It was mind-blowing and heart-rending at the same time.
“Feels good, Sweetie, feels good,” Marsha mumbled in ecstasy as I probed her drenched interior with my tongue. She tangled her fingers in my hair and pushed my face deeper into her pussy. When I slid two fingers into her simmering snatch, she gasped at the unexpected intrusion. Then when I wiggled my fingers in a come-hither motion, she moaned with vigor and with vim she muttered, “Oh, yeah, that’s it. That’s it.”
I knew she was getting close to orgasm. I so wanted to give her an orgasm. I trailed my tongue through her slit passing wetly over her taint. I found her anus and teased it with feather-like flicks of my tongue. Suddenly, I jammed my thumb up her asshole and pushed it toward my fingers still in her cunt like she was a six-pack. Hearing Marsha groan a protest, I gently bit her clit. The unexpected pleasure of pain pushed her over the edge and she orgasm.
“Pussy cum, my pussy cum!” she wailed as she slapped her knees together several times, smacking my head between them. Her cunt contracted so hard around my fingers, I thought she might break it.
After she recovered and released my head, I looked up at my wife from between her legs. She returned my gaze and lovingly said, “You haven’t made me cum like that in a very long time, Alec. I love you.”
Next to us, Lisa was giving Karl precise and explicit instructions “Okay, that’s my clit, now roll your lips over it. Yeah, that’s it. Circle it with your tongue like that, yes, yes. Soft circles, yes very good, now apply more pressure to your tongue, more, really mash it, that’s it, good, that’s the way I want it. Now, suck, yes, yes, yes.”
Lifting her butt up off the chair, Lisa bucked her pussy into her husband’s face. Somehow, he managed to keep his mouth on her clit and push Lisa over the blissful edge of orgasm. She cried out with unmitigated delight, “Cummming.”
Across the room little Yasmin was bent over her chair, geeky Brad had taken off his glasses and had his face buried in her rear. Broaching her pussy with his tongue, he ran it up and down her flesh while she yapped with ecstasy. Standing on her tip-toes, she wildly twerked with the rising wave pleasure. She rasped, “Tǐng hǎo (very good), tǐng hǎo.”
Yasmin attempted to shove her husband’s entire head up her butt. Reluctantly, Brad’s tongue departed her pussy, replaced by two of his fingers. The wet soppy sound of his digits sawing in out of her cunt added to the erotic symphony of Yasmin’s groans and moans. After kissing her taint, Brad pushed the flat of his tongue against his wife’s anus. Her body shivered like she had just received an electric shock. Her wails sounded like wet hedonistic whimpers of delight. Intensifying her pleasure, he sucked hard on her clit. Arching her back, Yasmin’s body convulsed with orgasmic gyrations while she howled, “Ai ya, (oh gosh).”
I was being inundated with a barrage of sexual acts boldly performed just a few feet from me. My mind just soaked up all the sexual energy in the room, waiting warily for what I suspected would happen next.
Now that each woman had had an orgasm, Lisa once again set the stage. “The final event of our celebration is the love lottery, each lady will draw the name of the lover that fate has chosen for her this Valentine’s Day.”
The women all gathered around Liza as the men lined up to witness the lottery. Each lady stuck a hand in the vase that Lisa held and pulled out a piece of paper. With a lump in my throat, I watched my wife stick her hand in the vase. She looked into my eyes, our eyes locked, she smiled and silently mouthed, “I love you.”
My chest tightened, how could I allow another man to fuck my wife? I felt rejected, even though I knew my wife wasn’t rejecting me, she was doing what I had agreed she could do. It would be painful for me to watch my wife be so intimate with a stranger, but I would endure the pain because I loved my wife. Suddenly, it dawned on me and the heightened jealousy I was feeling gave way to the realization of just how much I loved her.
“Ladies claim the man fate has coupled you with,” declared Lisa. Quickly, she stepped to her husband and embraced him.
With a self-satisfied grin, Marsha stepped before me and kissed me deeply. Her large bare breasts flatten against my chest and I felt the hardness of her nude nipples. Her lips forced my mouth open and she probed it with her tongue. Breaking the kiss, she showed me the slip of paper, it was blank on both sides. Giggling at my confused expression, she whispered hotly in my ear, “This is a soft swing, no one swaps partners.”
Unconsciously, my mouth curved into a broad smile. A sense of relief washed over me as my wife took my hand and led us back to our chair. I couldn’t help but watch her buttocks jiggle joyously as she ambled in front of me.
Glancing over her shoulder, she caught my eye and gave me a reassuring grin. Seductively, she cooed, “I’m so wet. I’m in need of your cock.”
Shoving me down into the chair, Marsha swung a leg over my lap and lowered herself onto my cock. Slowly, she slid down its length until it was fully seated inside her. She contracted her cunt muscles around my cock with a wicked grin.
The soothing wet sensation of the velvety depths of her cunt was so intense, I huffed wide-eyed and tried not to blow my load. I hissed, “Babe, your pussy… feels…feels so good.”
Marsha teased me by alternating the depth she took my cock in her cunt. Rising up, she bounced rapidly up and down on it with just a couple of inches of my cock inside her. Then she tormented me, by sliding slowly down the length of my shaft until it was buried inside her. She growled on the way up and grunted on the way down. Then she stopped completely and with a whimper, she tightened her cunt muscles around my cock.
“You’re…torturing…me,” I whined, it felt like my cock was being squeezed in a warm, wet vice. I squeezed her grapefruit-sized breasts and tugged her pink nipples until she squealed with relish.
She gave up trying to maintain her tortoise-like pace and established a quicker pace. Soon she looked like a jockey bouncing astride a thoroughbred. She huffed, “I, uh, love, oh, your, ah, hard, aw, cock.”
I watched as her big breasts bounced in cadence as she rode my cock. My hands held her buttocks and with a cheek in each hand, I assisted her as she pitched up and down on my cock. With sudden lustful inspiration, I savagely shoved a finger up her ass.
Marsha yelped at the unexpected penetration. She stopped with my cock fully embedded inside her pussy. Her entire pelvic constricted with her orgasm and threatened to snap my cock in two, I cried out. Watching her crimson-colored face contort into a grimace of release was mesmerizing. Throwing back her head, she howled with climatic delight as the waves of pleasure surged through her. She collapsed against my chest, panting for breathe. Finally she said, “That was incredible, Lover.”
Next to me Lisa moaned a cry of orgasmic relief, reminding me we weren’t alone. To my right, I saw Jane happily riding on Stuart’s cock, each of her humongous breasts bounced in a different direction. From across the room, Brad shot me a knowing grin as he pounded his cock into his tight Oriental wife.
“Oh my,” loudly gasped Chuck from across the room. His hard cock was completely engulfed by Ellen’s wet hot cunt. He moaned in ecstasy as her pussy muscles contracted around his cock in a wet silky embrace. A look of surprised pained pleasure dressed his face, I remembered the earlier conversation about the strength of his wife’s pussy muscles. He spoke through clinched teeth, “Ellen you’re snapping my cock in two.”
Seeing people fuck right in front of you for the first time was kind of weird and knowing that someone else was watching you fuck was even weirder. I asked Marsha, “Why didn’t you tell there wouldn’t be any swapping.”
“If I had, you would have been more comfortable. Being too comfortable is how we’ve ended up taking each other for granted. I knew you didn’t want me fucking anyone else, even if you could fuck another woman.”
“Yeah, and when you thought the love lottery would assign me to another man, you endured the pain because you love me. I have never felt as loved by you as I do right now. And sense you haven’t cum yet, I’m going to show you how much I love you by fucking you silly.”
Marsha’s expression confirmed that this was going to be a pleasurable expression of that love. At a snail’s pace, she rose up on my hard cock, leaving a snail trail of excitement on my cock as she slithered higher on it. She didn’t stop until just the head of my cock remained. She paused for a second then slid all the way back down my shaft in single movement. Soon she developed a steady sexually satisfying rhythm. She stuttered her pleasure, “Alec, you’re so…hard… feels good…so good.”
From across the room, I watched as Reggie’s red-headed wife sat in his lap and rode his monster member. With her back to his front she slid up and paused for a second at the apex of his cock. It visibly throbbed with exhilaration. Katelyn looked at me with glazed eyes and smiled weakly before she slid all the way back down his shaft in single movement. Her creamy white breasts bounced like pale softballs as her pace quickened. She was completely lost in the lust of the moment. Gently, she squeezed Reggie’s balls with one hand while she diddled her clit with the other. Her face and shoulders grew as crimson as her hair and her whole body trembled. She closed her eyes and whined, “I’m going to cum.”
Meanwhile, the wet walls of my wife’s cunt clutched my cock, it felt so good I thought I might pass out. I curled my toes to keep from cumming too soon. I gripped my wife’s hips as she continued the slow teasing tempo until I knew I couldn’t last much longer. Then I pushed and pulled her up on and down on my cock faster and faster, enjoying the feel of the wet velveteen depths of her pussy with unrestrained relish.
Feverishly, Marsha diddled her clit until her pussy convulsed around my cock in climax. She wailed in orgasmic release, “Ooh! Cumming!” Burying my cock into her pussy, my bloated balls blasted their load deep into her pussy as she looked adoringly into my face. I grew dizzy and groaned with pleasure. Blood pounded in my ears, I fought the urge to pass out.
Feeling the jets of cum coating her cunt, Marsha cried out, “Fill my pussy, Alec. Fill me with your cum.”
After emptying myself into my wife’ s pussy, I pulled her into a tight embrace and wept silent tears of emotional release that dampened her neck. I whispered, “I love you, I love you.”
“I love you too, Alec, I love you so much.” Marsha looked me in the eye lovingly. For a moment our souls were as connected as our bodies. She kissed my cheek and said, “I’m so glad we came to this party. I think it was just what we needed.”
Chuckling, I said, “I agree and I don’t think it will be our last party.”

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