oday, I am sharing a experience of having sex with a friends wife.
Myself- Ram, Living North West Uk, Born in Bangalore.
Friends Wife- Usha, Living in Boston, USA, Born in Hyderabad.
Place of Action- My House, Lancashire, Uk
When?- Jan 2004 to April 2004
Friend- Anil Kumar, Living in Boston, Born in Hyderabad, NERD
Usha’s stats- 5.6ft tall, very very fair, rosy cheeks, pink lips, very good nose, Long hair reaching up to her bum, beautiful eyes and eyebrows, slim body, 34c boobs, 26,28, very very very fair body, so fair that her bush down there looks utter contrast to her colour, milky white thighs, brown nipples, a few strands of hair around each nipple. Perfect asshole, clean and no hair around her asshole. fleshy bums, they shake smoothly when she walks. Overall, she is divinely beautiful. When she dresses in a green silk saree with a red border and a red blouse, with jasmine in her long hair, kum kum for bindi, a pearl chain for her hair, gold Jumkis for her ears, a diamond nose pin, gold bangles, she looks a angel from heaven, she appears as a fairy. the gentle sway of her waist is so smooth that it can even shy away a peacock. the rythmic breathing gentle lifts her boobs from her chest and gives a look that she needs u to hold them. Friends, if u saw her, u would want to bed her then and there……………..
Anil is a friend of mine, he lived in Boston USA since 99, he got married in Nov 2002, Thought I didn’t attend the wedding in Hyd, I went to Boston for the reception held there. The first sight of Usha, made me go crazy and even sad that I could have married her only if I could have gone to India ahead of Anil who went 3 months earlier. Ushas dad had contacted my parents and Anlis as well to see if he can get his daughter married to either. Since Anil went first, he was fixed. Anil, a Computer Geek, He was a bookworm during collegedays, not a ladies man. Not very extrovert. very reserved. At times I even thought he was gay, cos he never spoke to women at all. When I was fucking cunts around even as early as my 17th birthday, he was preaching to me about sex restraining even when I was 26. I was sure that either he had a dick problem that he couldnt bring it up or he hated women and loved men. Even in Boston, he had earned a nickname as SAINT from all the people there.He was such a bore in social ways. I felt Jealous of Anil that he landed this princess from heaven. He had come with her to the airport to pick me up. I couldnt hold myself back and I hugged her too .The aroma from her neck was so gentle, that it made me just close my eyes for second. We drove home, all of us were busy arranging the reception. All I could do was see Usha all the time and go to the toilet every 2/3 hours and mastrubate imagining her. I got close to her while helping organising the reception. I am sure everyone who came to reception went with a hard on, all guys and lesbians,all bisexual gals, ,everyone would have falled for Usha that day………..she is so beautiful,……………. that is about our USHA…………
Now this is what happenned….

In Dec 2003, Anil called me to tell me that Usha has got a temporary Project in Liverpool and asked me if I can host her for 3 months. Who will say no? I said OK. 3rd Jan 2004, Usha lands in Manchester Airport, I am anxiously waiting for her to walk through the door of the airport…………… 20 minutes wait…………… she walks out of the doors, she immediately brightness up everything around……….. she is bright, smiling, in a cream saree with flowers of all colours, wearing a long leather brown jacket, dragging her trolley………. it was a scene I cant forget. she was pushing the trolley and walking towards me smiling, I was smiling and looking at her waist. her upper body was straight and less movement.I could see her waist sway left to right gently………. I was just overcome with that and when she came. I gave a her a long big hug… she expected a short hug, and after a few seconds she released her hold and I was still hugging her, she again tightned her grip, I think we hugged for 10 seconds………. I let her go suddenly and said sorry…she just smiled.
I couldnt keep my eyes off her all the way home………she kept asking me why I waslooking at her so much……… I frankly told her, that I am just smitten by her beauty.She just kept smiling… She came, settled down in my house………2 weeks went by, nothing happenned, except me mastrubating every half hour when I was at home with her and every few hours at work thinking about her. I was falling in love with her beauty. I didn’t know what to do. She never gave any indication of anything at all. she was normal. Went to work everyday and was at home before I came, she would cook, clean and do all work at home. Whenever I told her not to work so much at home,,,,,,,,,,,,,, she just kept saying, if I am at home, will I not do all this to Anil.

Then came the big day. Maha Shankranthi ( Pongal). I am known for celebrating all Indian festivals in great pomp and style.I invite all my friends from all over UK and we have a big bash ( Next one is due for Diwali in November 2004). So I told Usha about the big day of celebrations and she too was keen. My Friends started arriving on the day before the festival. I had rented a few rooms in a Hotel close by and all of them were put up there. I had a few people staying at my home too. 4 friends slept in the guest room that Usha was using. so Usha and I had to share one bedroom. My bed is a Super King Size bed , but I asked Usha to sleep on it and I slept on the floor with a bedspread laid out.Usha wasnt happy , she wanted to sleep down on the floor. Her face had a sad expression  . so I said, that I shall sleep on the bed, and she can sleep on the bed itself since the bed is huge and if she is comfortable, I dont mind. Usha, agreed. I was so glad… I wasnt thinking of fucking her, I got the chance of sleeping in the same bed with her, that was itself a fulfilling thought. So at 11 pm we all decided to sleep to have a good fresh day the next day. My bed is set in such a way that the head side of the bed is put to a window. Usha got into the bed and slept on the side that came to the wall. I went to the loo, and mastrubated again , so that I can keep my cock down for a few hours when sleeping with Usha. When I came to bed, Usha was awake, she was wearing a pink silk night dress, her hair was platted, she had her pearl chain in her neck. she was leaning to the pillow. I came in, and smiled at her. I was wearing a bermuda and a t shirt. I turned thelight off… I got into the bed. Usha slid down the pillow and lied down on the bed. I asked her if I could open the curtains… she agreed……… the sky was clear, millions of stars,the moon was bright… the bedroom filled up with the moonlight. The face of Usha looked so great in that moonlight that I can never describe it even using a billion words. I immediately told her
” I wonder what Anil will think if he knows that we slept in same bed”
” Does he have to know”? Usha asked
“Not if we dont want him to know” I said
” yeah, I dont intend to explain it to him, he might misunderstand us” Usha said
” Fair Enough” I said.
” Your Bed is nice Ram”
” I am glad that you are the first woman to sleep in this bed” I said
“Dont tell me that, Anil has always told me that you are a ladies man and women are stuck to you all the time, actually I hoped u will introduce me to some of your girlfriends since last 2 weeks” Usha said

” Frankly speaking, I have had a few women around at home, but always in the guest room, none have come here to this bedroom”
“Wow, that makes me feel special” Usha said
” yes, I am already jealous of anil and his luck of marrying you”
” Do u regret not getting a chance of not meeting me before Anil?” usha asked
” Yes, from the first moment I saw you in Boston, I have regretted that” I said
” Do u like me so much”? usha asked
” yes”

” Frankly, after meeting you in Boston and after Anil has told me about you, I have at times felt that I would have had a better life with you than Anil” Usha said softly
“why, whats the matter, is everything ok between you guys? Tell me, if I could do something, I shall help”
“but Ram, you can help only if there is something to help, its about anil, you know him, he is quite reserved and very private, he hardly speaks when he comes home, its so formal relationship. I have enjoyed staying with you since 2 weeks, I am seeing the differences, you talk to me all the time, you tell me about anything and everything, you ask me about my job everyday. You check if I reached the office safely and check whether I reached home safely. You took me to do all the shopping for tomorrow and let me do the selection and choosing of items and things. You sought my opinion on almost everything like what drinks will be good, whatfood combination we will cook, what flowers we shall buy etc etc all that made me feel my presence in this world, it made me feel my existence here. ………………………..With anil, he just does it mechanically, he is very regimental, it makes me feel that only he is one in relationship, I cant find myself anywhere” Usha said…….

I just could say anything. I just put my hand over her forehead and stroked it backwards on her hair. she just broke down and tears started flowing down her cheeks. oh I couldnt see that scene. I got closer and hugged her. She buried her face in my chest and was crying, I just hugged her and planted a few kisses on her hair.I let her cry out for a while and she went quite. I slightly lifted her head and kissed her on her forehead and said…>>>>>>> ” as long as you are here, live as you want usha” she shook her head.

“This is your house too, I have respect and admiration for you, so live your life as you want here” I said

She nodded, she was still in a hug with me. I was looking into her wet eyes, she was looking at me, this went on for 10-15 seconds. we spoke a language of love in our eyes. words were said from my eyes to her eyes and from hers to mine. Both of us came close at once. I kissed each of her eyes and she closed her eyes with each kiss. I kissed her nose, thencame to her lips. she too kissed back. so a series of kisses started lip to lip…………………. then I held her head and pressed myself to her lips and slowly took her lower lip into my lips and she clasper her upper lip on to my upper lip.we started to gently kiss each other. moving heads from side to side, we got deeper and deeper,,,,,,,,,, tounges met to set the whole thing on fire. I was running my hand through her hair and her neck. She was enjoying it..we kissed for atleat 15 minutes. we sat up and hugged each other.

I asked her.. “can we take this further Usha”

Yes Ram, usha said

i started to run my hands on her back she was doing the same. I lifted her night dress top and slid my hands on to her back. she just let a big gasp out………….i was feeling her smooth slender soft skin on her back. it was so great, I had never felt anything like that before. I undid her bra buckles and then slid my hands down to her pyjama pants..she was enjoying the gentleness. she wanted me to take off my Tshirt. She took off her top and bra……… I couldnt see much of her I opened the curtain a bit more. the moonlight lit up her naked top.

i said “wow usha, what a body, I wish I owned it forever”
she just hugged me. Her body was warm, so was mine, the hug just sent shivers down my spine. all my hair stood up. the tickle of my hair turned her on and she said uuuhhhhhmmmmmmmmm. Her soft skin against my hard body, her bosom pressing agains my hairy chest, her nipples were pressed into her breasts. we loved that hugging. then we stood up on the bed. she undid my shorts and underwear, my cock jumped out, she let a small giggle out. I pulled her pyjamas down, she had no pantyon. I giggled. She asked me why I giggled…………. I said, ” looks like u have come to make love to me today and didn’t wear panty”
“no no, I dont wear panty to bed” Usha said,

Why did u giggle I asked………….. she said, ur that thing jumped on me………….. 

I asked what thing,,,,,,,,,,,,, she said, ur thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

we then hugged again, I could feel her bush, breasts, we started to smootch, hands running everywhere, I took her bosom in my hands and kneaded it well and ran my fingertips on her nipples. she was enjoying it, she was running her hands on my hair chest and then went to my penis. she took mu cock in her hand gently and was sliding my foreskin up and down. we sat down on the bed, I lay down and asked her if we could do 69. she agreed. she brought her bushy cunt to my mouth … the aroma from her cunt was great………… she was wet, the hair had a bit of pungent smell.. I put my mouth to her cunt, the hair covered my nose and mouth… I started to lick her clit, she was over come by the pleasure, that she was not able to suck me, she just kept saying uuuuuufffffffffffffffffffffff, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I dipped my tounge deep into her cunt, she arched to get the tounge into her Gspot area, At the same time I was kneading her boobs. she was going mad with pleasure,,, she got up and laid back on the bed , she spread her cunt with her hands and asked me

” Go deep dear”

I lied down on the bed in front of her cunt, spread her cunt wider and got my tounge deeper into her cunt. She was in heaven, she was enjoying,,, I was also touching her piss hole while tounging her, She was pushing her legs wider for me to go deeper.

This is the first time I am enjoying this sucking Ram. Anil never sucks , usha said

i could just say , hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, cos I was sucking her..
I could see her asshole too close by, so I came out of the cunt and started to lick the small bridge between her cunt and asshole, this sent her into shivers, every time I flicked my tounge between the 2 holes, her body shudderred. Then I liked her asshole with the middle of my tounge. the roughness of my tounge against her asshole made her twitch her asshole. she said
Oh Ram, do that again, I feel a new pleasure in it, usha said
I flicked my tounge over her asshole a few times, I was there licking her cunt, clit and asshole for about 25 minutes, Usha had 4 cums and real big cums…..
she then turned on to me……….. took my cock and started licking it , then took into her mouth , took it deeper and deeper,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, she tried to swallow my cock and chocked. she loved my cock. with the end of her tounge she licked the precum……… she started to matrubate my cock……. I asked for her cunt, so we were back on 69 with me sucking her and she mastrubating m y cock the cock head in her mouth…………. soon I was ready to cum, I told her,

” Let me taste u Ram, shoot it ”

I shot a big load,,,,, she swallowed every bit of it and with my cock getting a bit softer, she turned around and lay on my chest……….
“Ram, I enjoyed every second, I have never enjoyed sex so much since my marriage as much as I enjoyed in this foreplay we had”

” why dear, is anil not satisfying?”

Anil satisfies him self Ram. He comes on me straightaway, pumps in, he does it till he comes. and goes out, he doesnt ask me if I came or not at all, I have never had a orgasm with him…… I had 4 orgasms with just foreplay with u.” usha said.

in a few minutes, my dick got back to strength………… she smiled at it… kissed it and said, shall we??
i said Yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,

the first was missionary position, she lifted her legs wide,., I slowly slid in………… her cunt was really soft with thick juices… I got in easily and deep thought her cunt was tight..i started to pump slowly, I pumped for about 5 minutes, she was enjoying it , I was sucking her tits, nibbling them.she spread her legs wider and was breathing heavily…. she was cumming, I pumped harder and faster,, she started to take shorter and heavier breathes, she slammed and wrapped her legs around my waist… and she pumped 5 mighty pumps and she grabbed me and hugged me tight, digging her nails into my back………… she was cumming for the firsttime with a cock in her cunt…… she was lost, she was insanly pleasuring.. she was swallowing her saliava every 4 seconds or so…. her hips were still pumping lightly,,, her cunt was tightnening and loosening around my cock…. I was still without movements… then slowly I moved a bit, she felt it …. she took the cock out of the cunt, I immediately spread her legs and put my tounge into her cunt and licked up all her cum well……… she enjoyed it…………she was glad , she just hugged me and said
“Ram, I am yours forever, anyday, anytime you want me, I shall never say no, if I could say this,,,,,,,,,, you will be my husband forever” Usha said
” I am urs usha, you will be special to me forever”

After 15 minutes, we did doggy and she loved doggy and I went into her asshole in same position…… we fucked and fucked till 5 am and then went to sleep

She woke at 6:30 am and woke me up………. both of us smiled and hugged. we kissed and she said

Ram, I enjoyed the best night of my life, thanks……..
soon, she had her bath,,, dressed up and soon friends started arriving……….. she took care of everyone and everything as if she was my family, as if she was my wife, we had a grand party and everyone went away………………… one was at home……..

we had a bath together and made love everywhere, in the bathroom, toilet, in the living room sofa, dining table, kitchen , both bedrooms… we ran around naked and everytime I caught her , I would pump her a few minutes and let her run around again……….. we had no restrictions or anything stopping us………

For the next 2 1/2 months, we fucked all the time. once home she would just wear a panty and a bra, I would just be in a underwear,,, any minute I had a erection or she had a itch in her cunt, we got stuck and fucked…………… she drank every ounce of cum that came out of me……….
we used her asshole the days she had her periods,,, we didn’t want to miss out on those days too… she enjoyed sex during her periods. Soon she had to go back to USA. She dreaded going back to Anil. But she said, she is going because, if she goes then there will a chance to come back again. Now we speak everyday for atleast 15 minutes. She talks to me everything. She feels I am better placed in her life than Anil. She takes my suggestions for everything. I give her orgasms speaking hot on the phone. she loves them, Her need for Anil has gone down.. Anil is enjoying that, because, she is not demanding anything from him. Anil calls me and Thanks me………. He says.
” Ram, after Usha came back from Uk, she is very understanding, is not adamant on anything , our marriage has got better”

I keep thinking, bloody anil, she has changed cos she thinks I am her hubby, she has reduced her demands cos I have filled her well and giver her phone orgasms

Usha is coming down to Uk again during November to go to India for Diwali. She has booked her tickets in such a way that she gets to stay in uk for 2 days. Anil is joining her in India a week later. She intends to get pregnant this time by me in Uk.

After that experience with Usha, I am confident that I have that power of love, affection, sex, and caring nature that can make any woman feel nice.

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