Unstoppable Desires

The mobile was ringing third time. Smita had run out of the shower without even wiping herself completely. She got agitated by the continuous third ring. “Who is dying?” murmured to herself. The screen displayed “Shekar”. Shekar was her husband. They had been married for 4 years and had a 2 year old son named Aryan. Aryan and Shekar had gone to buy some vegetables. This was the time when Smita could have some time to herself. She liked the time when she was alone and do nothing. Her 4 years of marriage was very disciplined and tiring. It became tougher when Aryan was born. Even here sleep was also lost. She had to handle him at nights as Shekar was more bothered about his work he had to do the next day. The only thing which eased her frustration was sex. But sex was becoming rarer as days passed by. These sex were replaced by masturbation she did in here lonely time. Shekar was more interested in work and was always tired after office. She never complained as she knew that he was trying to make their future. Shekar on the other hand was tired of the same thing, same positions or the same woman. There was nothing exciting. 
She picked the mobile and asked “what”. Shekar was happy to get her at last: “Mom called and wanted us to be there as early as possible. What u say?”. She asked him to do as he wished. They both were living in Bangalore. Shekar’s dad died a year before and his mom Lata was living alone in Cochin. She wanted them to be with her as she was alone. Lata was a 53 year old beautiful woman. She was living a lonely life at Cochin as her husband died due to Heart attack. She wanted her kids to come to here so that she can fill her loneliness. She did get little company from her maid Kavita and her husband Sunil. Kavita was 43 and Sunil was 48 years old. Kavita did all indoor work while Sunil did the outside work. They both lived at walking distance. Both were hard working people. Kavita did her work non stop and sincerely same as her husband. Anybody could judge their hard work by seeing their body. Kavita was 5’6 feet tall and little fat. But her body was not a loose one. She had a tight body and displaying her great curves. She had good tight ass and boobs. Normally she wore a lungi (a south Indian dhoti worn like a towel but in full length) and a blouse on top. When she went outside she used to cover her chest area by a towel. She was tan in color and had thick long curly black hair. She had big eyes beautiful eyes and thick lips. Totally she was a beautiful woman. Her body was worth to die for. Anybody who saw her always crossed a thought of fucking her ass. Her ass was a killer, so was her boobs. You could see cloths tightly rapped around them as if to tier. Her husband Sunil at the same time was muscular and medium built. He was brown in color and 5’11 feet tall. As a normal thing in Kerala he was most of the time only in his lungi(Dhoti). He rarely wore shirts. Most of the time he used to do all outside work like cutting woods and farming. Lata could clearly see him working from the kitchen door. Lata always appreciated the hard work he did. 
Lata had suddenly became a lonely woman after her husband’s death. Shekar was concerned about her when he was leaving for Bangalore after all rituals. At that time the neighbor had brought Kavita and Sunil for Lata’s help. It was a great relief for Shekar. Lata at first never was interested in anything at all. It took time for her to be normal with life. Later it was as a regular day as it was earlier. Now her husband’s death was just a sad incident in her life. As things grew normal her sexual desires also grew normal. Her carvings were growing day by day. Earlier she had a great sex life with her husband. They had regular sex and experimented it. It was fun for them as they were living alone without there son. Her ass was a subject of daily assault. Her husband got crazier as the size grew after marriage. He could never get enough of it. She had big ass by now. As she was 5’8 her ass looked like the large Pacific Ocean. She curvy with big boobs. She always wore a saree. At night she wore a gown. Even at 53, she had negligible white hairs. She was normal white skin tone and her face glowed. Her figure was still worth dying as it still didn’t loosen up. Though she was little plump due to age. 
Now her past sex with her husband was the only imagination she had while rubbing her pussy. As time passed she needed more exciting thought to have better orgasm. Same regular thought were loosing there charm day by day. One day when was cooking food in kitchen, she saw Sunil working at the field. He was only in his lungi and that too pulled above his knee ( which is very normal in south india) for doing better work. She could see his muscular thighs. They were strong and little hairy. Sweat was oozing out of his body. His starving sexual mind suddenly went dirty. She a stuck by the site she saw and wanted to see inside his lungi. Within few seconds she came to her senses and cursed herself for initiating things. She went back to her work as usual saying its taboo for her to thing as she was old and a widow of a good person. But desires are such a strong fertilizer that it grows any kind of thought to a big tree.
At night she couldn’t sleep and was frustrated about it. She wanted to think about what she saw today. Her mind was restless and was starving. She didn’t have the courage as she never did it and thought it was a sin. She started to rub her pussy imagining her husband. The thought about him was not making her pussy react. Her thought was wandering underneath Sunil’s lungi. Gradually she didn’t notice that her husband was out and she was sitting on her knees feeling Sunil’s muscular legs. Sunil was looking at her excitedly. She was feeling every inch of his legs. She kissed and licked those sweaty legs. The could feel those hairs and sweat of his legs. Slowly she creeped her hands underneath his lungi. Her hands wanted to feel his cock. They were hoping a big muscular cock like his legs. Distance was small but the excitement made it like kilometers. At last she reached her destination. She could feel a huge hump underneath his underwear. She moved him facing her. Now her face was just in front his cock. Sliding her both hands from the sides of his legs upwards. She got hold of his underwear and pulled it down. Now the barrier was removed and a big hump could be visible on his lungi. She didn’t want to disclose the surprise soon. She took hold of his cock with both her hands. His cock was still underneath the lungi he was wearing. At first she tried to feel his cock underneath the cloth. The feeling itself was drowsy. She held his cock tightly and tried to squeeze his warm meat in her palms. He twitched with pain. The pain on his face was a boost to her excitement. Slowly she loosened her grip and started to rub the cock. His feet were loosening their grip. She increased the speed of rubbing slowly. He held her hair with his hands and pulled her towards his cock in support and excitement. She in return now was rubbing with all her power. As the excitement was at its maximum, she stopped rubbing. She loosened his lungi and removed them. Now he was standing stark naked in front of her. She glanced at his strong labor body. The view brought her to a next level of excitement. She was totally swept away by lust and was not even conscious of the imagination. She even forget herself and that she was a widow. Her excitement was of a new girl going to be fucked for the first time. Her legs were still and her rubbing of pussy was in immense speed. Her other hand was squeezing her boobs with immense strength but she didn’t feel any pain. 
Back in her imagination he was waiting for her to react. She liked the way she dominated him. She took hold of his ass and felt them. The round strong ass was an added advantage. Slowly she felt his soft hairy balls. The balls had already contracted due to excitement. She took hold at the base of his cock with both her hands. The hands were almost covering his balls too. She squeezed them till he pleaded to stop her. His pity face was making her feel like the queen. Now she was totally enjoying the view of the head of his cock. Swollen and throbbing to erupt. She looked at the hole in front and the precum oozing out of it. In an instant she licked the tip. She felt the salty precum and wanted more. She took the cock quickly into her mouth and sucked like crazy. She couldn’t control her excitement. Her saliva was dropping out of her mouth and his cock. The saliva was all over her chin and was falling on to her boobs. They were slowly flowing through her cleavage to her stomach. Sunil held her tightly and pulled her into him. The cock was deep inside her throat and suffocating her. Still she continued the act of sucking. She started to pump his cock with her hands and mouth. He was in seventh heaven. She was moaning loudly. Sunil was also panting and moaning. His sweat was falling onto her. She was drenched in sweat, saliva, and precum. They both were heated like a volcano and were ready to erupt. As Sunil was about to erupt, he held her hair and pulled them towards his cock with all his strength. The cock went deep inside her throat and blocked it. Neither air nor her voice could pass now. He then erupted like a gigantic volcano bursting with full force. She felt the hot liquid splashing onto the walls of her throat and flowing down. 
She squeezed her pussy so hard with joy that she forgot the pain it was making to her. Her boobs were equally tortured. Her body jumped above the bed in excitement. Her body became stiff and shock waves were following through her body. The imagination of him erupting in her was making her orgasm stronger. As he was bursting his liquid, she burst into a big volcanic orgasm. She squirted like a waterfall. Her whole bed was wet and so was she. For a moment she was not aware of what was happening. She was just enjoying the new found lust and orgasm. It was total bliss for her. It was obvious as she had squirted after many years. She went almost to a sleep mode after that, but her wet sheets were bugging her as well. She woke and came to her senses. She cleared her sheets and promised herself that she will never do such a sinful act again.
Next day was different for Lata. Usually she wakes up at 5 in the morning, but today she was late and was in deep sleep. She woke when she heard the door bell ringing at 8 am. It was Kavita and Sunil as usual to do their daily chores. She opened and saw both of them standing in front of the door with a puzzled look. It was a surprise for them as Lata never was late and usually she would be working in the kitchen after her bath and prayers. “Are you sick Chechi(sister)?” asked Kavita. Lata lied to them saying she was suffering a head ache. As she saw both of them, she felt guilty about her deed she did the previous night.
Lata went inside and tried to sleep again. She didn’t feel like going outside. She lay on her bed trying to sleep again. Even though she felt guilt, but a thought of taboo excited her. Its an obvious human tendency. Danger, prohibited or different things always excite us. And if it deals with sex then the thrill has no boundaries. Same was with Lata too. She knew it was not good, but the thrill had already been planted. She wanted to try it again, but surely in her imagination. She thought who is gonna find it anyway. Slowly she began rubbing her pussy started to feel Sunil. 
She was interrupted by Kavita knocking at her door. She stood in a hurry and arranged her gown. She opened the door and saw Kavita standing in front with a bam in her hand.
Kavita asked Lata if she wanted her to apply some bam on her head. Lata refused saying she was getting better. Kavita was not satisfied and asked her to lie on bed so that she could apply the bam. Lata had no choice but to act accordingly. Kavita applied the balm on Lata’s forehead and started to massage her head. Even though Lata didn’t have any head ache but she enjoyed the head massage. Lata wanted to complete her new found sex fantasy but she couldn’t refuse Kavita. May be it was her guilt or shame that made her comply with her maid. It’s a human tendency to get confident with time and experience. Her lust was growing so strong that it was hard for her to resist the thought of sex even in Kavita’s presence. Kavita on the other hand was sincerely massaging her employer. Kavita was making sure that she gives Lata the best service. She respected Lata a lot for her kindness and love she showed to her and her husband. Lata was never rude to them or treated them as servants. They were loved and respected like her family. Kavita considered herself lucky to be around such a lady and never wanted to loose her job. Kavita was sympathetic to her for being widow so early and wanted to be around her so that she forgets her sadness.
Lata on other hand was slowly dropping into her thought of lust and sex. Each rub of Kavita was correlated with each rub she made on Sunil cock. The hotter her head became, the hotter was Sunil’s cock felt. Lata started to sweat as her body was getting heated up. Kavita observed the changes in Lata face. Lata’s face was getting tensed. Kavita could see the wrinkles formed on Lata’s forehead. Lata was getting wet like a waterfall. She crossed her legs so that her pussy is squeezed between her legs. Kavita was woman too, she could understand the reason of her changing posture. She knew that Lata was into something dirty. Kavita pitied on her loneliness. She didn’t want to bother her. She might had if she knew it was her husband who is fucking Lata in her head. Its obvious for any human being to get excited seeing others sexually. Kavita started to get wet too. She was getting horny too. She stopped her massage and took Lata’s permission and left the room. 
Kavita was getting horny as hell and wanted to fuck her husband. She went to the kitchen and searched for her husband. He as usual was working in the field. She called to him and asked him to close the back door of kitchen. She once again checked Lata and found her in her room closed. She understood that Lata was fucking herself to happiness. She got hold of her husband started to kiss him profusely. He had no idea what was happening and was shocked like hell. He was afraid if they were caught by Lata. He tried to stop her and tried to reason with her. He told her that they will be thrown out by Lata if they are caught. Kavita assured him about it and asked for a quick fuck. She just wanted to release her lust at once. She was hugging him like crazy. The kitchen was one room away from Lata’s bedroom. The kitchen door was perpendicular to Lata’s bedroom door. Kavita could peak from kitchen door to bedroom door. If it open then she can stop the act and get to work. Still it was a risky business as the distance was just 10 steps far. Kavita was enjoying every bit of it. The thrill was at roof top. Sunil was also enjoying the danger. Kavita stood at the door watching the bedroom. Her both hands were at each side of the door panel. Her ass was inside and facing Sunil. Sunil on the other hand was swept by lust and started kissing her ass. He pulled her cloth to her waist and removed her panty. He stood on his knees facing her gigantic thick ass. Without any foreplay he straight away attached her ass hole with his tongue. He started to fuck her ass hole profusely. Kavita was in seventh heaven. The thrill, the lust, the spontaneity, and that too in presence of other person was excitement without limits. She was getting drowsy, her face dropped. Her vision was getting blurred as her eyes were getting closed. Still she tried to watch Lata’s door. Sunil was licking her ass clean. He made her legs wider so that he could go little below and lick her pussy too. He could taste the wet liquid coming out of her pussy. He could see that she was wetter than all previous occasions. Kavita’s legs were weakening as he licked her pussy. She wanted to turn and hug, bite and lick him but she couldn’t risk her job. She had to stay in the same position till things were completed. On the other hand Sunil had all freedom expanding his limits.
He licked her ass and pussy till he was satisfied. But time was also running and with risk. He slapped and bit her ass. Two large mounds can never be resisted by any man. His lust was so atop that he wanted to do something kinky. His wanted to fuck her ass open. At that time he saw coconut oil in the kitchen shelf. He took it and poured in his hand. He made sure his hands were oiled properly. He inserted his index finger in to the ass hole. He could feel the hot ass on his finger. The finger did have problem in getting inside at first, but once the oil got spread inside then things were much better. He started to finger fuck her. It was an awesome experience for him as he could see his finger getting in and out of her ass. The finger motion was increased with increase in his excitement. With too much of rubbing the oil got dry. He again poured the oil and this time directly on the ass hole. Lot of oil was pushed in to her hole while few drops were dropped on floor. This time he inserted two of his fingers into her. Kavita twitched with pain as her ass was not ready for a sudden expansion. A moan accidently came out of her mouth. She controlled her voice so that Lata won’t be disturbed.
As the oil got spread into her hole, the penetration got smoother. Now she was enjoying her anal fuck. Sunil then removed the fingers and stood up. He rubbed his hands on his cock and placed them in front of her ass hole. Before Kavita could react or say he took hold of her from her waist and pushed his big cock into her hole. The already spread oil made things easier for him. The clock slid inside her ass. Kavita’s eyes popped out with the jolt. Her body got stiff with pain and enjoyment. She didn’t know what to do. Sunil could feel the heat of the ass on his cock. He had and wasted no time and started fucking her. Kavita couldn’t scream nor did she wanted it to stop. Her legs were loosening and she was falling to her knees. Sunil held waist with both his hands and pulled her upwards so that he could fuck her non stop. He increased the speed of fucking to his maximum. His face got stiff and sweat was all over his face and body. He held her waist with his full strength. Kavita could feel his painful grip. She wanted him to loosen her but Sunil was fucking like a mad dog. Nobody could stop him now. His cock was hitting her anal walls. She was experiencing totally a new sensation. She didn’t know what it was, either the situation or was it the anal fucking. She had no idea but she was surely gonna explode heavily. Sunil was getting his orgasm quickly, he called her name and exploded in her ass. She felt hot liquid splashing inside her anal walls. The feeling quickly made her explode to orgasms. Both fell on their knees panting. Slowly Sunil pulled his cum oozing cock out of Kavita and lay beside her.
The couple wanted to lay there for their entire life. But life is not as we want. Suddenly they heard the noise of Lata’s door knob turn. Their dead lazy body got an electric shock effect. They stood up in no time. Kavita and Sunil were confused like hell. They didn’t know what to do first, to run or to clean the area or to wear cloths properly. Sunil tied his lungi and ran outside the kitchen to backyard field. Kavita lowered her cloth and made herself proper. Before she could clean the mess on the floor, Lata was standing in front of her. Kavita’s heart was pounding at Ferrari speed. She feel her heart dropping to her stomach. She didn’t know what to do. All she could do was smile and ask Lata about her head ache. Lata smiled and said that she is fine and thanked her for the massage. She asked Kavita immediately to bring some tulsi from the garden and to make a good strong tea. Kavita wanted to clean floor and didn’t want Lata to notice it.
She didn’t want Lata to see the oiled floor. Lata was turning to go to her room when she looked down. Kavita was totally confused and shaking like hell. Kavita could hear her heart beats. She felt as if the heart was beating inside her mouth. Lata suddenly noticed the oiled floor and stopped. She asked Kavita about it. Kavita at first didn’t know what to answer. Kavita started to blabber saying it was fallen by her accidently. Lata asked her to clean the mess properly so that no one gets hurt. Lata did notice the nervousness in Kavita. She got little suspicious about her way speaking. She again looked at the mess properly and with more intrigue. She did notice few white thick drops of liquid with the oil. She asked Kavita to bring the cleaning cloth from outside. As her maid went out, she sat and took a proper look at the oil. She touched the drop of thick liquid with her index figure and rubbed it with her thumb. Smelled it like a detective. She at once knew what it was. It was obvious for her to find out as she had more than 20 years of experience in drinking, smelling and tasting the liquid. Her heart skipped a beat at once. She didn’t know what her feeling was. Suddenly she got nervous as well as excited. She had just finished one orgasm and another one was not any near, but the situation was uncontrollable. Suddenly her pussy reacted to it. She got nervous as she didn’t know what to ask or say to Kavita. She knew she could ask Kavita but she had never talked anything in this matter to anyone except her husband. At once she stood up saw Kavita running in to the kitchen with the cleaning cloth. Without reacting much she asked her to clean it and went to her room quickly. Lata had all right to ask or scold her servants. Instead she was sweating profusely and avoided any talk. Kavita got little relaxed and cleaned the floor spic and span. She thought Lata didn’t know anything as nothing was seen suspicious or asked to her.
Life is a comedy circus. Lata got excited seeing Kavita’s husband, then Kavita fucked her husband seeing Lata thinking dirty, and now Lata is in total mess catching cum on the floor. Lata couldn’t sleep nor eat. She was restless like hell. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t ask Kavita what happened in kitchen as she was feeling too shy for it. It curiosity was killing her. She was a calm loving lady, but the restlessness was making her aggressive in mind. Mere masturbation was not her answer to relax. Different types of thoughts were popping out of her mind. The ingredient was also complicated. OIL!. She knew oil was never used for normal sex except for the ass. She was almost sure that Kavita’s ass was being ruptured when she was rubbing her pussy. The feel of mysterious sex happening next to her was overwhelming. Her mind could now see Kavita being fucked heavily by her husband in her ass. Her heart was skipping beats now and then. Her body was getting loosened. She wanted to run away for there. The thoughts were killing her. She wanted them to go. At that time Kavita came with the cup of tea she ordered. Lata took the tea and started to drink it. Kavita smiled nervously and asked her how the tea tasted. Lata said it was good without looking into her eyes. She didn’t have the guts to see into her eyes. Both were nervous, one couldn’t ask and the other didn’t want to be asked. Lata drank and gave the cup to her. Kavita left immediately feeling nervous. Lata eyes couldn’t stop looking at the large ass of Kavita. Lata could feel her own anal walls seeing Kavita’s swinging ass. Her eyes were stuck at the sight and thought about its recent activity. She recollected herself and went to bath. She thought a prayer might release all bad thoughts from her mind. She got ready in record time and went to do her routine prayers.
The more we try to run away from something, the more we are into it. Lata prayed like a child, her eyes lids were closed tightly. She was murmuring continuously apologizing to her husband and god for the thoughts she was having. She was spending more time praying then usually she did. She did get calm after few moments. That’s the trick prayer does. Prayers do show results if done with sincerity. She thought her loneliness was the reason for her unwanted thoughts. She knew that her son and grandson where the only source for her thoughts to be good. She picked her phone and called her son Shekar and asked him to visit her as early as possible as she was feeling lonely. He was supposed to come after six months but promised her that he will visit her within by within a month or two. She still urged him to make things fast as possible. Shekar didn’t promise anything but assured her his early arrival.
Few days passed in tension and fewer conversations. Everybody in the house never spoke other than work. Casual talks and eye contacts were avoided as much as possible. Things did calm down but with some psychological changes. Firstly: curiosity and need are two things which drive human beings and secondly: Emotions looses its charm after it is experienced. 
Same thing happened here too. All three of them (Lata, Kavita and Sunil) were curious and greedy for more thrilling experience. They never noticed that time of just few days eradicated guilt, shame etc from their minds. Lata was getting dirtier indulging in more and more masturbation thinking of Sunil. While Kavita and Sunil made plans to have sex in the house again. Lata’s fear of god and her servant’s fear of getting caught were replaced by thrill for doing it. Sunil was now more inside the house then he used to be. He used all possible chances he got to enter the house. He would surprise Kavita from behind and hit her ass. They would kiss and hug each other in the kitchen. Most of the time Kavita was successful in giving Sunil a partial handjob or blowjob. A time came when both stopped wearing their undergarments. Due to which things were now faster, easier and thrilling. Soon their fucking sessions were shifted from kitchen to other rooms. A time came when they used to play dirty just outside Lata’s room while she was sleeping or locked inside.
On the other hand Lata was getting more courageous and aggressive. Her daily thought of sex was making her used to it. The more she thought, the more she wanted. Slowly her thought were coming out of her bedroom too. Now she would sometimes secretly watch Sunil working and enjoy the view. Then it became her habit to watch him and enjoy the raw manliness. She wanted to know more about him and his intimacy. Her greediness was making a google search in her mind to find a way to it. Yet she didn’t want to have sex with him, instead wanted to hear and see him and Kavita making love. She knew that if she tells Kavita that she knew about the sex in kitchen then she might get something out of her. But Lata was scared like hell. She reasoned to herself like thousand time making plans and strategies. She recollected her whole courage and waited for the right time. The next day Kavita was sweeping the floor of each room. When she entered Lata’s room she found Lata sitting and reading book. Lata was actually waiting for her. Lata’s heart was beating fast. She didn’t knew how she was gonna start. She did plan and practice a thousand times but still she was nervous like hell. Without thinking much she said “I know what you and Sunil did in my kitchen”. Both Kavita and Lata were frozen for a moment. Both were waiting for each other’s reaction to crack. Kavita suddenly broke the silence and started apologizing to her. Seeing her repent made Lata in a comfortable position.
Lata asked her to stay calm and held her hands to comfort her. She wanted to be friendly with Kavita so that she could dig deep. After seeing Lata’s friendly approach, Kavita got confidence to tell her what triggered the sex. She told Lata about the she had noticed her having dirty thoughts while she was massaging her head. Lata was shocked after hearing it. She didn’t know how to respond to it. Denying was easy as it was just an assumption. Instead Lata stayed still looking at Kavita. Kavita got concerned and said that she understands the need of a woman. She consoled Lata saying that she should not be ashamed of it. The conversations made them little open about their feelings. They both had opened each other’s door of sexuality. Lata told her that she was lucky to have a man in her life as she could enjoy the fruits of lust. Kavita said she wanted to help Lata but she had no clue in what way. Lust was creeping inside Lata now. She unknowingly asked Kavita what they did in kitchen. Kavita now without any hesitation told her everything step by step. Each detail was disclosed to Lata. As Kavita was disclosing the events, Lata eyes got wider. Lata sat on the bed taking the support of the wall on her back. Her legs were straight and she kept one leg on the other. This way her pussy was crushed between her legs. One side of the bed was touching wall and on the other side Kavita was sitting on the floor. Kavita’s hands were now on the bed. Lata asked her to come near her as she didn’t want anybody to hear them. Kavita was asked to sit beside Lata on the bed. Kavita hesitated as sitting on bed with Lata was way out of her protocol. She was forced to sit then. Kavita sat on the bed just beside Lata’s legs. Kavita then in a very low but audible voice started to narrate her escapade. Kavita was very good at explaining things in detail. She was a maid and gossiping and talking things is an art they inherit.
As the events went one by one, Lata was getting excited more and more. She was imagining them having sex. She could feel each touch on her skin and body parts as it was done on Kavita. As the licking of ass started, Lata could feel her anal walls. She was feeling tickling sensation in her ass hole. Lata’s pussy was wet like a river. She was sitting next the beds head railing. She held the railing tightly with her right hand. Her left hand unknowingly moved on her lap. Her hands palm was resting on her pussy. Occasionally Lata was pressing her pussy with her hands. She made sure that Kavita don’t notice her pressing of pussy. Kavita was surely an experienced lady. Being a woman does give you the knowledge of a woman’s body. Kavita exactly knew what Lata was doing. She didn’t want to embarrass Lata disclosing it. Seeing Lata excited, Kavita tried to make her story more in detail and sexually explicit. The hesitation between them had vanished now. Now Kavita was getting dirtier while Lata was enjoying more and more.
The protocol between them was not there anymore. Both were mesmerized into the sexual atmosphere. Each drop of oil spread in the anal was described. Each thrust of the cock was made felt. Kavita’s narration was intoxicating. Lata couldn’t control her lust. Her hands pressure on her pussy was increasing. Her pussy was being crushed between her legs and hand. Her body was getting heated up and she was sweating. Kavita could easily see the sweat drop on Lata’s forehead. Kavita was enjoying every bit of it. She was enjoying the way Lata was mesmerized by her dirty talk. She did want to help her with her loneliness, but now she was enjoying the helpless look on Lata’s face. She could see how Lata was enchanted by the story. Seeing Lata like that Kavita was getting excited too. Kavita’s pussy was moist and flowing. Kavita kept right hand on Lata’s thigh, the touch made a jolt in Lata’s body. Lata’s body was fully hyperactive. A small blow of air could also be felt. Kavita’s touch on her thighs was very exciting. Now both of them were looking deeply into each others eyes. Kavita was narrating and Lata was listening. Words were flowing through there eyes, ears and the touch they had. Kavita’s pussy was throbbing inside. In the same speed she was pumping Lata’s thigh with her hand. Lata could feel the pumping all over her pussy and anal. That did make a connection between them. Lata’s mouth was open and she was breathing through it. Kavita’s pumping hand was giving her tingling excitement. She moved her hand from her pussy and held Kavita’s hand which was on her thigh. Kavita try to adjust her seating as they were sitting in the same position for a long time. Now she was more near to Lata. Lata also adjusted herself and came more near to Kavita. This time Kavita kept her hand little higher and was near the edge of Lata’s pussy. As the story continued the pumping also started. The pumping motion of Kavita’s hand was now touching the edge of Lata’s pussy. Kavita was making the story dirtier. Things were way out of hand. Kavita forgot that she was with her boss. Now Kavita was seeing a lusty lady with whom she was experiencing something which she never had. And she knew how to make her crazier. They both had never been in such a situation. A new way of expressing their lust was maddening. Breadth of both the woman was faster. They could feel each other’s heartbeat. Lata now couldn’t feel her legs. She unknowingly started to press her hands on Kavita’s hand unknowingly. At first the rhythm was matched with Kavita’s. As Lata was getting more and more excited, she was making the pumping faster. Kavita was getting crazy by the response Lata was giving and now wanted to do more. Her hands wanted to touch the weakest point of Lata’s body. She moves her hands little further and slowly she started to pump Lata’s pussy. Lata closed her eyes and lay her head onto the wall. Kavita moved more near to Lata. Now the pumping of hands was converted to rubbing of the pussy. Kavita started to rub Lata’s pussy with her full strength. She did made sure that the spots were proper. Lata started to rub her boobs with her right hand. She started to crush and pinch those big boobs of hers. She the took her left hand and felt Kavita’s breast. This was the limit, Kavita jumped and started to kiss and hug Lata. Lata’s whole face was kissed and licked. She kissed Lata on her lips so greedily that she bit her. The pain on Lata’s lips was nothing compared to the feeling they were enjoying. Both were trying to eat each others mouth. Saliva was flowing down their chin and chest. The clothes were getting wet now. A few moments passed in the same act. Then Kavita stood and closed the door. Lata sat on the edge of the bed and made Kavita stand in front of her. Kavita removed her blouse while Lata removed Kavita’s lungi. She was got more excited seeing her with no panties.
Lata started to feel Kavita’s ass. She pressed them and held tightly. She pulled Kavita to her and kissed her pussy. Her pussy was hairy and she could see liquid oozing out of her. She slowly started to increase the intensity of her kiss to big licking and sucking. Kavita’s eyes rolled upwards and she was feeling dizzy. Lata started to suck her like a child sucking the milk. Mean while Lata moved her hands towards Kavita’s ass and pushed her index finger into her ass hole. The ass was dry and the finger was not going inside. Even Kavita got pain and reacted to it. Lata then put the finger inside her pussy and made it moist. Then she inserted the finger in the ass. Now the finger went without much resistance. Kavita was in seventh heaven as she was fucked from both sides. Lata was tongue fucking her pussy and finger fucking her ass. Kavita started rubbing her hand on Lata’s back. Kavita interrupted Lata and made her remove her cloths. Now they both were standing naked in front of each other. At once they pounced at each other started hugging. They were enjoying each others naked touch and heat. They lay on the bed and were kissing and feeling each other’s body. Lata asked Kavita to love her ass too. Her ass was thirsty for sex. Kavita made Lata sit on her knees and asked her o rest her head on the bed. Lata’s ass was hanging in front of Kavita’s face. Kavita first enjoyed the view she having of her ass. The big gigantic ass like a bid ocean and she wanted to dive in it. She couldn’t control and submerged her face into the crack of the ass. Her started to lick the ass hole profusely. Kavita’s hands were locked against Lata’s back. She was pulling her face inside the ass with her hands. The feel of tongue entering into Lata’s ass was awesome. Lata now only felt her ass. All her body parts were senseless. The more Lata got comfortable, the more she wanted Kavita’s tongue inside her. She asked Kavita to dig more. It was obvious that digging with tongue had its limitations. So the tool was changes to her fingers. Kavita licked her fingers wet and pushed them inside the ass. Lata jolted at once with the thrust. Lata cried saying” I am your bitch, please have no mercy on me.” The words were like adding flavors to food. Kavita started to fuck Lata with her finger profusely. She moved the hands with all her strength. Kavita slowly increased the number of finger from one to two and later from two to three. Lata was in seventh heaven. Kavita with each thrust pressed her pussy from inside the ass hole. Lata’s ass started to jump with the motion of the fingers. Lata was moaning and crying. She had never felt such happiness to her mind and body. Kavita started to rub her pussy with her other hand. Lata started to scream saying that she was going to cum. Listening that Kavita’s orgasm was also triggered. Kavita was rubbing her pussy and finger fucking Lata’s ass. Her hands were started to pain. The pain didn’t stop Kavita. Kavita was also screaming and with pleasure and pain. Kavita started to shout at Lata saying” cum my bitch cum fast”. Lata and Kavita were shaking as if electric shock was passing through them. This was the indication that they both were about to have orgasm. Suddenly they both exploded into multiple orgasms. Liquid were flow at jet flow speed from their pussies. They squirted and squirted again. After the shock their body got stiff and they lay on the bed. They both were filled with calmness inside them. Lata was still crying with joy. Kavita was happy that she lived to have such an experience. Lata looked at Kavita and asked her to promise that this will never be spoken in front of others, even to her husband. Kavita promised and told her that the incident will die with her grave.
Few days passed in shock and confusion. Both Lata and Kavita couldn’t believe what they did. They both could never imagine others knowing about them. Kavita could never sabotage her marriage life. What if her husband comes to know about it. She didn’t want her’s and Lata’s life to be in trouble. They both knew the consequences and were tight lipped about the incident.
Lust has its own way of moving a story. Even gods were enchanted and driven by lust. History has a lot of stories giving us proof how strong lust is. The incident did affect everybody. Everybody’s life was changed after that. Lata was now more glowing. Her soul and mind was at peace. She obviously was tensed about her fling but what she achieved was giving her the peace. Now deep inside her she knew she have one person for her sexual gratification. Earlier she was alone in her bedroom rubbing her pussy. She had nobody to talk or open her mind out. With Kavita she had experienced sex which was way beyond her imagination and much higher in pleasure than she had with her husband. Kavita on the other hand was thrilled about it. She was craving for something different and she was surprised with what happened. She was obviously tensed about her husband but she was ready to go any extent for fun. Kavita’s dignity stopped where lust starts. Lata had a lot of self respect but now she was changing. 
Few days passed without any discussions. Lata was avoiding Kavita in all lonely occasions. She always got tensed when they both were alone. Kavita noticed it and never wanted to cross the line. She only minded her own business. Being a maid Kavita didn’t have the guts to overstep her employer. Days passed with work and daily routine. Kavita did have sex with her husband but now it was nothing compared to what she had experienced with Lata. Sex always runs in a cycle. First you want it, and when you have it you try to run away due to guilt. After few span of time you again want it. The cycle runs till you get used to or addicted to it. Both women were in the same cycle. They were trying to run away. As time passed they both were coming to the first point of wanting sex.
Now both looked at each other in a different way. At first they both could only see a woman in front of them. Now they could clearly see each others beautiful face, the big boobs, the curvy waist, the big ass, the thick thighs, the lovely feet, the skin etc. There was nothing to resist earlier, but now they both could see each and every part of the body and wanted to explore them. Later they both started to observe each other without getting noticed. Kavita’s eyes would get paralyze while seeing Lata doing the house work. Her eyes would wander on Lata’s ass, waist, thighs, hairs etc. Kavita could feel her skin touching hers, her hands pressing and crushing her boobs and ass. She would feel her tongue licking Lata’s sweaty skin, her moist lips and tongue. The thoughts itself bought Kavita to partial orgasm. Lata on the other hand always tried to run away from her. Daily routine work was performed with Kavita but she was scared of the dirty thoughts creeping inside her mind. Her mind always pulled her to dirtiness. Lata being from an etiquette family always made her conscious about the consequences. But the urge was intensifying. 
A time came when Kavita couldn’t control her urge. She wanted to fuck Lata. Being a maid it was obvious that she could never dominate Lata. The only thing she could do was to seduce Lata. Kavita tried to be with Lata most of the time. She always tried to be in kitchen with Lata. She wasted more time cleaning the room where Lata stayed. Kavita was now wearing her older blouses. The boobs were crushed in them. The blouses were revealing a lot of her boobs. From top of the chest the boobs were seen jumping out of the blouses. Her cleavage’s length was now increased. She tried to get Lata’s attention by pulling her blouse lower in such a way that it hardly hid her big nipples. Bra was forgotten in the procedures. One day her husband noticed her dressing up. She was pulling the blouse with all her strength and was trying to hook the ends. Her melons were playing like a water balloon. When she hooked the lower part, the boobs would slip form top. She pressed the boobs from top and hooked the blouse. It was hell a lot of work to do two things simultaneously, the adjusting of her big melons and hooking the blouse. At last she did succeed in closing the blouse but due to pressing of boobs from top made the melons slip from the bottom. Now partial boobs would be hanging out of the lower part of blouse. She would pull the blouse form the edges of the lower part and push them inside. At last she did succeed but the cleavage was deep like tunnel. Sunil’s cock jumped seeing her bursting water melons. He questioned her reason for wearing the old unfit blouse. She made excuse of not making the new ones dirty from work.
While cleaning the floor, Kavita would lift her mund(dhoti) little higher than usual. Sometimes her thunder thighs were easily visible. As she was a physically hard working lady, her thighs didn’t have fatty unevenness. They were smooth and tight. We could see a single muscular cut on the sides of her thighs. Her legs had a good portion of muscles and fat. Any bloody man would have died for them.
One day both were cooking in kitchen. Lata was making rotis while Kavita was preparing the curry. Even though they both were performing task, still their mind was onto each other. Their eyes were stiff onto the food they were making but the whole senses were one the person next to them. Not much was said between them. Kavita tried for longer conversation but Lata would cut the short. Lata knew what Kavita wanted. She did notice the changes in Kavita. Lata was scared that Kavita would make her loose her control. While Kavita was scared of getting rebuked by Lata, but this didn’t make her stop from making her moves. Kavita tried to stick as near to Lata as possible. Kavita’s seductions were making Lata a lot angry. She hated her for pulling her to into it. She wanted to shout at her, beat the hell out of her. She was angry towards Kavita for trying to ruin her resistance towards her. 
They both were standing next o each other. Kavita tried to get near Lata and this made their shoulders collide with each other. At first Lata tried to ignore it. Her lust and anger was growing as the moments were passing. Kavita in the other hand was getting more excited. This went on for a while.
Lata would move the pan from the stove and flip the rotis. A time came, doe to fatigue she kept the pan on the table and flip the rotis. Her left hand would be holding the tables edge and her body would be supporting on it. The right hand would be flipping the rotis. Kavita was watching Lata from the corner of her eyes. It took time but Kavita gathered all her courage and placed her right hand on Lata’s left hands. Shock waves passed in their body. Even though Lata was expecting, she was startled by the act. Her anger zoomed to its peak point. She threw the rotis on the table with and turned towards Kavita. Lata eye brows were pulled inside and her looks were razor sharp. She turned throwing Kavita’s hand with a jerk. Kavita was scared to death. Kavita was almost crying seeing the angry face of Lata. Lata slapped Kavita with all power. Kavita head’s turned with a shock and she fell on her knees. Kavita held Lata’s feet and started apologizing for what she had done. Lata at first started shouting but suddenly lowered her voice as she herself didn’t want anybody to know about it. “What the hell are you thinking about yourself? You have no right to come near me. How dare you touch me?” Lata was speaking with lot of assertiveness. Kavita’s legs and hands were shivering. She wanted to run and hide herself. Lata bowed a little and pulled Kavita’s hair. Kavita was in pain and crying. Kavita was still holding Lata’s feet and apologizing. Seeing Kavita’s crying face, Lata pitied her and got hold of her shouting. Lata now had the feeling of domination and power. She now felt that Kavita was in her complete control. The feeling of being in control is something different. Lata had total control on her thoughts, imagination and her fantasy. Nobody could know what she was thinking. She could do anything in her fantasy and it only stayed with her. The same control was being felt here and on Kavita. Her confidence that she could do anything to Kavita was now increasing. This gave her the confidence of doing whatever she wanted with Kavita. Her fear of others was now diminished as she knew Kavita would never cross the line drawn by Lata. These chain of thoughts were performed in a speck of time. 
Lata pulled Kavita’s hair and made her stand. Lata took the rolling pin (Belan/Roti maker) with her other hand and started to beat Kavita on her ass. Kavita screamed in pain each time when she was hit with it. As Sunil was far in the field he couldn’t hear her sounds. Lata didn’t want to take chances. She went and checked for him. He was seen quite far away from her kitchen. She still closed the doors and went back to Kavita. Kavita was in total shock seeing a new Lata. Humans are totally different in situations where they have total control.
Lata again held Kavita hairs. “Now tell me, what you want from me?” Lata asked her. Kavita was replying repeatedly that she wanted nothing. Lata again and again was asking her the same question. “Don’t consider me as a fool. Can’t I see your prostitute blouse? How you wear them and reveal your chest to me”. Saying this Lata caught hold of Kavita’s blouse and tore it. At first the hook held tightly but in the second pull they burst open. Kavita’s melons jumped out like an emergency rubber boat. Lata held them with her hands and squeezed them. Kavita was in a lot of pain. Her hairs were being pulled and her boobs were being tortured together. Lata pinched her nipples. ‘This is what you want na?’Lata asked Kavita. Kavita was nodding her head saying no no no repeatedly. Lata was enjoying altogether a different feeling. She loved being in domination. Her whole life was a submissive. First she was following her parents, then her husband and now life was according to her son. Most of women in India always faces the same problem. Lata was among them. She was used to her frustration and being a follower. She had accepted it and that she would die without being on the dominating side. Now the domination on Kavita made her on the other side of life. She was feeling bliss and this was filled with lust too. 
Lata now bit her nipples. She pulled them with her teeth and sucked with full strength. She never loosened her hold on Kavita’s hair. Lata brought her face near Kavita and looked into her eyes. She hated the way Kavita tried to seduce her. She hated for Kavita trying to be smart. “You don’t decide what I should do” said Lata. She licked Kavita on her lips. Lata tongue’s tip was sliding slowing on Kavita’s lips. Kavita though in pain was now turning on. Kavita saw lust in Lata’s eyes and she didn’t mind the way she was receiving it. Kavita’s lips opened a slightly. Lata very slowly moved her tongue’s tip to the inside edges of Kavita’s lips. Kavita in return slid her tongue out a little. Their wet tips touched. The wet, soft, slippery feeling was awesome. The taste of wet saliva was tasty. Their tongues started to flicker slightly like that of a snake. At first the flicking was only touching the tips. Slowly the tongues entered each other’s open mouth. The tongues started to roll around each other. Ironically the slimy feel of tongue was very exciting. Saliva was flowing in both ways and down their throat. Lata stopped the rolling of her tongue and sucked Kavita’s tongue into her mouth. Lata started to suck Kavita’s tongue like a child sucking the nipple. Only this time the nipple was quite big in size. Lata was sucking every drop of saliva from Kavita’s tongue.
Kavita was oozing saliva due this act and on the other end each drop was sucked by Lata. The sucking was soo strong that Kavita was feeling a bit pain on the roots of her tongue. She couldn’t voice out much as Lata had pulled her whole tongue into her mouth and was locked from opening. Few moments passed in the same act. Lata then licked Kavita’s cheeks and face. Lata pulled out her whole tongue to do the act. Lata’s fully fledged tongues were running all over Kavita’s face. When Lata’ tongue dried out, she would wet them again and lick her. If her mouth didn’t have the fuel then she would suck them from Kavita’s. Kavita’s face was fully wet and she could feel her face getting cooled due to excess water. Lata then stopped it and went to the next stage. She grabbed her lungi( dhoti worn like a towel) and pulled them forcefully. Kavita was now fully naked. Lata grabbed her pussy and started to squeeze it. Kavita’s pussy was hairy. Lata pulled the hairs of the pussy. Kavita could only moan in pain. Both her hairs of head and pussy were pulled together. Lata was not sparing a single act of domination. Lata then pushed Kavita to the wall. Kavita was now stuck on the walls by her face. Her front side was stuck on the walls and the ass side was now facing Lata. Lata grabbed Kavita’s ass and started to squeeze them. Lata even pierced her nails into her ass. “Tell me who the bitch” asked Lata. She asked repeatedly. “I am I am I am I am” cried out Kavita repeatedly. “Whose bitch?” asked Lata. “I am your bitch” replied Kavita. Lata was enjoying her new found domination. Kavita’s last words gave a tingleing effect on her pussy. Kavita on the other hand was enjoying being dominated. She shouted again and again saying I am your bitch. The more she said the more she got wet. Lata started to slap Kavita’s ass. Kavita’s ass was turning red and blue. Lata’s fingers were imprinted on Kavita’s ass. Lata then licked her finger and pushed it into Kavita’s ass hole. At first the finger was able to enter due to dryness. Her mere licking was not enough lubrication for it. Lata’s eyes searched oil and saw them on the shelf. She took them instantly and brought them near Kavita’s face. “I hope we need your husband’s remedy for entering your hole” said Lata. She then poured oil on her right hand and pushed her index finger into Kavita’s ass hole. This time the finger slid easily into it. Lata without wasting much time started to finger fuck Kavita. She took the top speed from the start itself. At first Kavita’s ass hole was not relaxed and she was feeling pain inside. Then as fucking continued she got used to it and enjoyed in and out motion of the finger in her ass hole. Lata increased the number of fingers and inserted the middle finger too. Her thrust were now colliding with the wall of pussy. Kavita was in seventh heaven when this happened. The feel of dirtiness and hitting the right spot was making Kavita crazy. Her legs were loosening and shivering. The legs started to shiver so much that the whole body was shivering as if she was having fits. Lata then took the belan and pushed it inside her ass. Lata made sure that the edges of belan were smooth. The blan went in and out like the piston of an engine. Kavita was close to her orgasm. Lata hugged Kavita from behind and bit her shoulders. Kavita screamed in pain. Lata bit her fleshy back. The fatty flesh was bitten with her teeth. Lata didn’t want Kavita to have an orgasm early. She wanted to tease her as much as possible. She wanted Kavita to beg for orgasm. Lata pushed Kavita on floor and made her sit on knees. Lata adjusted her position and her pussy was now exactly in front of Kavita’s face. Lata lifted her gown and pushed kavita’s face into her pussy. Kavita licked her greedily like a thirsty dog. Kavita started to suck the clitoris. Lata’s eyes rolled up and got closed. Lata’s knees got little bent as they were trying to push her pussy into Kavita’s mouth. Kavita’s mouth was wide open to its maximum and tearing. Kavita’s tongue licked Lata’s pussy and inserted inside. Kavita’s tongue was now fucking Lata. Even the small tongue was giving shivers to Lata. Kavita grabbed Lata’s ass for support. Lata was still wearing her gown and it was only open upto Kavita’s head. Lata’s liquid was flowing into Kavita’s mouth.
Each drop was drank by Kavita. Lata then pulled her out and turned. Lata pulled her gown to the waist and pushed her ass in front of Kavita. Lata kept her both hands on her knees for support. Her knees were slightly bent as her ass was pushed out. Two huge white colored asses were teasing Kavita in front of her face. The ass was full of flesh. It lacked little muscle due to Lata’s age but still they were worth dying. Kavita felt a huge planet standing in front of her. “Lick it” ordered Lata. Kavita without wasting any time drowned her face into the cracks. Kavita started to fuck Lata with her tongue. Lata could feel Kavita’s wet tongue pushing her ass hole. Lata was greedy for it and wanted more. “I need more in my ass” ordered Lata. Kavita oiled her finger and started to fuck Lata’s ass. Kavita straight away went with two fingers. The fucking continued for some time with rigorous speed. Lata again demanded for more. This time Kavita took the belan and pushed it into her ass. Lata fell on her knees. Her hands were stretched on floor. Kavita didn’t stop fucking her. The belan was hitting her walls with full force. The pain was nothing compared to the excitement. Lata then ordered Kavita to slide under her. Kavita’s pussy was now in front of Lata and Lata’s in front of Kavita. Lata was on top and Kavita was on floor. It was an awesome 69 position. Lata then started to fuck Kavita’s pussy with her fingers. Kavita on the other hand still continued fucking Lata’s ass with belan but this time she even licked her pussy. The fucked each other by screaming and shouting. Lata abused Kavita in all ways. Kavita on the other hand was getting crazier with each verbal and physical assault made to her. They didn’t much time and exploded into orgasms one after the other. Lata squirted all over Kavita’s face. They grabbed each other’s ass and legs while orgasm. Their nails pierced into each other’s flesh. Their body was shaking like fits. The last jerk made their body stiff like a dead body and immovable. Lata laid on Kavita for a while. Once everything was cooled and stable, Lata stood up and went to her room without saying anything to Kavita. Kavita like a poor child cleaned herself and the place. She didn’t know what to say or think. She enjoyed the fuck but was clueless about the future. She didn’t know what was running in Lata’a mind. She had no clarity about her job’s future or her new found sex life. 
Kavita came to work the next day as she used to do. When she entered the house she heard some laughing and giggling from the other room. She slowly inspected and was surprised to see Shekar and his family. She didn’t know how to react to them. She had only seen him when she and her husband were appointed as the servants for his mother and they didn’t had a proper introduction. Secondly after what she went through the day before, she wanted Lata to react first. Lata saw Kavita and rushed to her. Lata was smiling and introduced Kavita to Shekar and his family. Lata was reacting as if nothing had happened between them. Lata held Kavita’s hands and told Shekar that Kavita had made her life much better after his father left. And she was very thankful to Kavita and her husband. Kavita was little embarrassed seeing city people and didn’t know how to react to them. She had a timid smile showing her confusion. She was little insecure about her being a village lady. Lata could see Kavita’s embarrassment and wanted her to be comfortable. She moved herself next to her and held Kavita from her waist. There was no gap between them. Lata then narrated to Shekar how Kavita helped her in her daily chores and life except the sex part. Eventually Lata moved her hands and rested on Kavita’s ass . Kavita was now nervous like hell. She didn’t know how to react and her heart was beating tremendously. Lata was enjoying the play and she liked the fear on Kavita’s face. It was arousing her.
Lata was enjoying the dark side in her. The whole life she was an idle house wife. The daily chores and upbringing of her son consumed her whole life. Her whole life passed being an idle woman. She could never imagine or think anything dirty. She neither had the guts or any companion to share or lead her in such things. Her only naughty life was with her husband and she knew no life outside her family. Her whole life was sealed in a bottle of flawless and virtuous life. When her husband died she cried for him and all the fun she had. When somebody close to us dies, everybody mourn for them and mourn for the good times which they will never have. Lata felt her life too died when her husband left her. 
Kavita had now revived the life and fun in Lata’s world. The feeling was new to Lata. The long gap after her husband’s death and a new found darkness was giving a tickling feeling. People always enjoy the secret life. The word secrecy always brings a tickling sensation. That’s why sex in extra marital affairs are more fun then in legal relations. The more taboo the affairs are, the more fun they contain. Lata enjoyed being a bad dirty woman in front of Kavita. She found somebody with whome she could share it. This time the dirtiness was more compared with her husband. Even in front of her husband she used to maintain a level of decency. But with Kavita things were different. Lata’s heart pounded fast and wanted no boundaries. She wanted to try the whole world of dirtiness. Earlier she denied it, but after the course of incidents she was now a changes woman. 
Lata’s role of good woman in the world now created stress. The more stress made her want to do more taboo things in her secret life. A whole new life had started for her and she wanted to taste every drop of it.
Kavita making excuse of work went to the kitchen. Later everybody had a good lunch and were happy about the reunion. Shekar and Smita were happy to have a change from their routine life. Shekar was now much free, he did have to answer mails from his laptop and talk to his boss. But he was way free from his routine life and had much time thinking about anything. After lunch Smita went with her son for her afternoon siesta. Shekar was in the kitchen with his mom talking about him and her. Kavita was washing the plates in the basin. All three were involved in conversation. Kavita was washing and listening to them and in between Lata would include Kavita too. Lata had only good things to say about Kavita and Sunil. Shekar was very thankful for them as he could now relax thinking about his mom. Shekar’s eyes were observing Kavita when Lata praised her. He was impressed by Kavita’s hard work. His eyes were now observing Kavita’s arms and appreciated the obvious result of the work she did. Her arms were thick. Her blouse was tightly wrapped on her body. Her flesh was not loose and the tight body showed results of her regular hard work. His eyes unknowingly wanted to see the other parts too. They gradually went down to her thighs and ass. He was impressed by the thickness and tightness. Her whole body was well shaped and tight. Woman of her age in cities don’t have such bodies. They tend to loosen up and get out of shape. But Kavita was really impressive. Kavita had the rawness of a village lady and a body to die for. Shekar eyes were now enjoying the sight. As the observation was slowly transferred to lust, his cock was slowly growing inside his pants. Shekar now saw Kavita’s smooth tan skin and wanted to touch them and feel them. He was feeling them mentally. Shekar was now not interested in his mom’s talk and was not even listening to her. He did make sure that Lata didn’t notice him. She now too started to talk to Kavita and tried to be friendlier. Shekar was now full of lust. He was free and was on a holiday mood and wanted to have fun. He now wanted to grab her and fuck her. All kind of imagination was running in his mind. Getting her naked, feeling her arms and ass, blow job etc etc. He wanted her but didn’t know how. His cock was throbbing inside his pants and wanted to ease them. He excused himself and went to his room. He closed the door and saw Smita sleeping on the side of bed. His son was in a deep sleep and was in the cradle. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. The lust was making him uncontrollable. He went near smita’s face and started to shake his cock in front of her face. The shagging took speed and he was getting closer to her lips. The cock touched her lips. The sensation was awesome. He was making Smita’s face dirty with his sperm and was mentally fucking Kavita. Shekar without waiting time pulled Smita from her head towards his cock. Smita woke up and was confused didn’t understand at first. Her mouth opened in surprise seeing Shekar shagging his cock vigorously in front of her face. Shekar didn’t give much time and pushed his cock in the small gap of her mouth. Before she could react his cock was pushed to her throat walls. The wet mouth was enough for him and he started to fuck her mouth rigorously. He held her hair from behind and started to shake his hips and her head. The fucking was getting faster and faster with the climax. Smita tried to pull out his cock but Shekar’s hands were tightly held to her head and she couldn’t do anything. She was fighting for her freedom. Seeing her plight made Shekar hornier and aggressive. The more she tried the more his cock went inside her throat. Her plight was giving him a feeling of aggressive sex with Kavita. His mind was comparing the reality with his imagination with Kavita. He mind fucked Kavita’s mouth, pussy and her ass hole. The tight ass hole was making him reach his limits. Smita’s didn’t know what was happening and her eyes turned red and wet with the cock inside her throat. She grabbed Shekar’s naked ass the held them in tightly. Her finger nails were pierced into his skin. Shekar lust was making the pain more enjoyable and making him more aggressive. All of these passed a electric shock sensation in his body and he ejaculated in Smita’s mouth. He jerked many times and every time a huge load of cum was flushed into Smita’s throat. She couldn’t even spit them, the cum directly landed into her throat and drained into her stomach. Sheakar’s body was stiff like a dead body for few seconds. As the sensation withdrew, his body loosened with no strength. He fell on the bed and lay there for feeling drowsy and ecstasy. Smita was shocked and surprised by Shekar’s act. They both lay there saying nothing to each other.
In the kitchen things were little naughty as well. Both Lata and Kavita were gossiping and having fun. After Shekar left, Lata made sure that he was gone to his room. Then she went near Kavita and started to have her talk. Lata had her one eye on the door so that she was not caught doing anything naughty. In between talks she would walk to the door and made sure that Shekar’s rooms doors were shut. Lata’s voice was now lower so that they are not heard. Both women were now wanted to do something naughty. Their hearts were now pumping in their stomach. Kavita was washing the utensils but still here mind was on Lata. Lata on the other hand was enjoying the view of Kavita. Lata closely looked at the ass and her boobs. Kavita’s big cleavage was visible between her tight blouse. The sweat was rolling down her neck to the cleavage and disappeared into the hole. The view itself was mesmerizing. Lata in between would press Kavita’s ass and boobs. It is fun taking risk when the chance of getting caught is high. Lata wanted to know about Sunil. She liked the sex episode she heard from Kavita. She asked Kavita about him. “IS Sunil good in Bed?”. Kavita was shy to answer but nodded yes with a smile. “What all things both of you do?” inquired Lata. Kavita said they do everything possible. Kavita said she had already told everything to her. Lata wanted more. Lata got her courage and told Kavita that she wanted to see them having a good fuck. Kavita at once stopped washing and stayed still. She didn’t know what to say to her. Kavita thought for a while and got excited about the fact of getting watched by somebody. Kavita turned and looked at Lata. Lata’s lust was easily visible in her eyes. Kavita smiled and asked “how can you see us? I am not sure about Sunil. He will kill me.” Lata tension was eased seeing Kavita’s willingness. Lata knew that this was gonna happen as Kavita was willing to do it. Lata said “ I will watch both of you secretly. We can plan the place and time.” Both the women were now giggling and jumping thinking about the plan. Lata held Kavita’s both arm tightly in excitement. The next day Shekar was going to his friends house with his family. Lata asked Kavita to plan accordingly. They both knew the time but didn’t know where and how. Lata then suddenly got an idea.
Lata planned to leave the house for some place after Shekar left. This opportunity will make the house a good place for fucking for Kavita and Sunil. They can fuck with their hearts full and nobody will bother them. Lata then would return in between and can watch them fuck. Lata now just wanted to know where she can hide. She told the plan to Kavvita and asked her for the place. Kavita thought for a while and came with a conclusion. Kavita told that she can plan the fucking in store room. The store was a big a room beneath their house. It was filled with old utensils and things. Lata could easily come and hide herself and watch them. Kavita’s job was to fuck in the corner between the things so that Sunil doesn’t see Lata. Plan was made and the deal was struck. Both of them were excited like kids. Lata was now soo excited that the she felt as if time had stopped. She wanted to see Sunil’s dark thick cock. She couldn’t wait for the next day.
The next day Shekar and his family went to his friend’s house. They were supposed to return after many hours as his friend’s house was far from his. Lata also got ready after they left. She made signal to Kavita and left the house. Kavita after few moments called Sunil. As Sunil came, she hugged him and started to kiss him vigorously. She was excited as hell. She wanted do a good show for Lata. Kavita’s pussy was wet like a water fall thinking about somebody watching her fuck her husband. She told him about fucking in the dark store room and assured him that everybody has gone. Sunil asked her to lock all doors and bring the can of oil with her. Sunil went to the store while Kavita locked the house. Kavita made sure that the kitchen door was open for Lata. Kavita picked the oil and went to the store. When she went down, Sunil was already naked and stroking his cock. Kavita smiled and went to him. She held his cock and pulled him between the piles of things at the corner. 
Lata was walking thinking about the situation at her house. She wanted to run back but had to wait till things got hot. She walked for 15 mins and then decided to return. As she was returning she met her neighbor who stopped and started to talk to her. Lata hesitated but her neighbor woman was excited and inquired about her son. Lata wanted to run but she couldn’t say no as she didn’t wanted her neighbor to feel odd and suspicious about anything. The neighbor being a typical woman chit chatted wasting Lata time. Here Lata’s heart was beating fast thinking about missing the hardcore fuck. Her pussy was also wet. The neighbor wasted her 20 mins. Lata thanked God for her departure and started walking to her house briskly. She was almost running. The view of her house made her pussy tickle in excitement. She straight away went to her kitchen door. As expected it was open. She now with like thief opened the door slowly and inspected the room. Seeing nobody it was confirmed that Kavita was having a blast in the store. Lata closed the door and went straight to the store. She tip toed and made sure that she was not seen. When she entered the store she could hear the noises of Kavita and Sunil. Kavita and Sunil made noise with regular intervals. Lata could easily make out that each thrust brought each moans. Lata slowly went down and went behind the things. She slowly peeped through the things. The light was dim but Lata could easily view things. As her eyes was getting adjusted to the darkness. Her view was getting clearer. She could see both of them now. The view was enchanting. Lata was facing their back side. Kavita was on all fours like a dog. Sunil was partially sitting behind Kavita. Sunil was holding Kavita from her waist. His cock was thrusting heavily into her asshole. Lata could see the cock thrusting in and out of Kavita’s asshole. Sunil’s balls were shaking with the thrusts. Sunil’s position made his ass open and Lata could easily see his hairy asshole. Lata was feeling drowsy and could resist the scene. In between Sunil would stop and pour the oil and lubricated his cock. After the pouring he would slowly make his cock move slowly into the ass and lubricate the whole shaft. Once the oil spreads, he would ramp her ass hole with full pace and will. The oil was applied once the lubrication decreased. Whole of Kavita’s ass and things were now oiled due to excess oil. Sunil’s balls and cock were also oiled. Lata could see the falling of oil drops from his balls. Lata couldn’t control herself. She started to rub her pussy first. At first it did make her happy but later she wanted more rubbing. In a hurry she lifted her sari. Later the sari too was getting heavy as it was difficult to hold it and masturbate. In a hasty way she quickly pulled the sari from the waist. The sari fell on the floor leaving her on her petticoat (Skirt inside the sari). She removed the petticoat and it fell on the floor. Now Lata had an easy access to her pussy. She rubbed her pussy vigorously seeing them. Kavita wondered where Lata was. She then changed her position. She stood up and lay on a table beside them. Now Kavita was side ways to Lata. Sunil held Kavita’s legs and spread them. He then guided his thick cock into Kavita’s pussy. This time Lata had a clear view of Sunil’s thick dark cock. He was standing straight as the table was his waist high. He kept Kavita’s legs on his shoulders and started fucking her. The thrust was making the old table shake and make creek noise. Now even the table was moaning with the thrust. Lata was now having a clear view of them in the sideways and could see the lust in both of their faces. It was a view of a life time. It was live pornography. Sunil in between pinched Kavita’s nipples and pressed her boobs. Kavita was moaning loudly and holding the edge of the table. Lata was fingering her pussy. She increased the number of fingers as the wetness was making them move freely inside her pussy. The more fingers felt like a hard thick cock inside her. Her hands were faster than Sunil’s thrust. Her speed increased with Sunil’s speed. She was into them so much that she was almost making a replica of them. Sunil would pull his tongue out to kiss Kavita and Lata automatically pulled her tongue in respond to him. Lata could feel his thrust as if he was fucking her. Kavita in between tried to find Lata. It was difficult but later she found two eyes piercing between the old things. She knew who it was and her excitement increased with Lata’s presence assured. Kavita now moaned and screamed more. She started to talk dirty to Sunil. “Do you want more? Sunil would say yes. Then fuck me more.” This question was also for Lata. Lata understood this and liked what she heard. The room being a closed one made sweat flow all over their body. The place was filled with an aroma of sweat and sex. 
Sunil was almost close to climax His eyes rolled up and his was getting stiff. Kavita and Lata both could guess this by seeing him. Kavita wanted him to climax with her. She told him to control as she also was close to it. Sunil with all his will tried to slow his climax but knew that he couldn’t go far. To his recue Kavita shouted “yes yes yes yes, I am too having it”. Lata on the other hand was with them. She too was feeling what they felt. Sunil pulled his cock out and ejaculated all over Kavita’s face and chest. Kavita quickly rubbed her pussy and squirted all over him. Both were in ecstasy and were ejaculating sperms and liquid on each other. Both got stiff for few seconds. Sunil fell on the floor while Kavita lay on the table. Lata had already ejaculated with them and was sitting on the floor. Her body was loose and powerless. She made sure that Sunil don’t see her. The same tension was prevailing in Kavita’s mind too. She quickly stood up and asked Sunil to leave the store before somebody came. She made sure that Sunil don’t see Lata. She pulled him out of the store naked and wore cloths outside the storeroom. Lata lay there till things were calm. A mind and body both in need of relaxation.
Shekar had only 3 days of his leave. His mind was now full of Kavita. He wanted to feel her thick flesh. His craving for her was increasing day by day. He had fantasized 100 times about her and had planned 1000 times about getting her in his arms. He was getting frustrated and angry by seeing her daily in front of him and he couldn’t even touch her. He wanted to press her boobs and ass. Even her name made his cock stand. Kavita’s tight cloth wrapped around her ass made the view very dangerously sexy. The curves of the her ass and thighs were easily visible. One could judge just by seeing above the cloth what was beneath the dress. Many a times Shekar had to run from the place to hide his erection. Instances had happened when he could hide his erection under the table, but later he had great difficulty in hiding the pre cum which had oozed out. Shekar wanted to end the mystery behind her clothes. Shekar would make sure that he sees her whenever he is available at home and enjoy her beauty. He tried to make advances towards her but he feared Smita and his mom. As his holidays was on the brim of finishing. He was getting more and more frustrated. He was to grab her and fuck the hell out of her. 
The next day Shekar planned to go nowhere and be at home for his last two days. He was waiting like a predator to jump on his prey. Smita could notice that Shekar was restless but ignored it and wanted to enjoy her last two day stay at home. She even asked him but he reacted her question as a silly one. 
It was afternoon and Lata had taken Shekar’s son Aryan to her nearby neighbour. Smita was sleeping in her room. Shekar’s whole mind was on Kavita. He was secretly keeping a watch on her and his family. Kavita after finishing her work went to her house. Shekar knew that this was a good opportunity. He first checked Smita and found her fast asleep in her bed. Then he went to the kitchen and checked for Sunil. He was still working in the field. Shekar inquired about his lunch and break. Sunil told that he had his lunch and he won’t be taking rest and it was his habit to work till evening. Shekar knew that things were clear for him. He once again checked Smita and left the house. He made sure that Sunil doesn’t see him. Shekar walked like a spy and made sure that he was not watched by anybody. He saw Kavita’s house and walked towards it quickly. Her house was small one made of red bricks. The walls were not painted. The roof was covered with red tiles. Her house was in between huge trees which were planted everywhere around the house. Kerala do have densely covered greenery. He walked through the trees and plants. Once he reached the door he checked the surroundings and found nobody. The doors were partially closed and normally people in his village don’t have the habit to close doors when they are available at home. He entered the house and didn’t find her. He shut the doors and locked them. He tip toed towards the next and last room. A curtain was hanged on the door way as there were no doors to it. Shekar’s heart was pounding so heavily that he felt his heart beating outside his body. He first peeped through the curtain and saw that Kavita lay on the bed and was taking rest. Shekar gathered his full courage and entered the room. The view in front of him was mesmerising. Every day he saw her but this was different. Kavita lay there innocently showing her huge boobs. She was in her blouse and lungi. Shekar now had a good view of the clean tanned stomach. The skin was very smooth. The flesh was so delicious that he wanted to bite her stomach. The navel was going up and down with her each breadth. At that moment Shekar realised the beauty of her navel. The small naval hole made him want to fuck it. Shekar was getting drowsy of lust. A pinch of cleavage was visible between her tight blouse. Her boobs were tightly fitted inside the blouse. A very little portion of her breast were hanging out from top. The skin was shining due to her body sweat. Kavita had kept one hand on her forehead and one hand beside her on the bed. Shekar could see the dark patch of sweat on the under arm . 
Shekar didn’t know what to do. He was deing to fuck her. He unzipped his shorts and removed them with his underwear. Now he was only on his t shirt. He slowly started to stroke his cock. His cock had already oozing cum. He wanted to see more. He with lot of care and smoothly without making any noise, slowly pulled the lungi towards her thighs. It was difficult and an impossible task. He then slowly tried to pull the knot of the cloth from her waist. A lungi has a same knot like a bating towel. It was removed. He checked for Kavita and found her still in deep sleep. He removed the cloth on both sides and there lay kavita nude from her waist. She didn’t wear any panty. Shekar didn’t know that his mother was behind the reason for Kavita being panty less. He enjoyed the raw hairy pussy of her and was happy that his job was half done as the panty was missing. The legs were thick and hefty. Her legs were filled with muscles and flesh. The skin was so tight and smooth that Shekar wanted to lick them and touch them. He was still afraid to wake her up so he didn’t touch them. Still he bent himself to have a close view of her legs and pussy. He could smell the sweat on her legs. The smell did increase when his face reached her pussy. The hairs did increase them. Shekar was now stroking his cock slowly and didn’t want to cum soon. His courage was increasing with each victory of his. He slowly moved towards her chest and tried to unhook her blouse. He with a surgeon’s precision took hold of her blouse from top. Shekar was sweating profusely. His sweat was rolling from his forehead and were falling on Kavita’s chest. Shekar had to wipe his sweat again and again as he didn’t want to wake her up. He had to keep up his hands movement with the up and down movement of her chest. Slowly he unhooked the first hook. His back was straining but his lust had overcome the pain. It took 10 minutes for him to do the task. He made himself straight and relaxed seeing extra breast after unhooking. He was stroked for few seconds and again went back to work of unhooking. The second one was very tricky. This time his hands were sure to touch her breast as the hooks were above them. Shekar didn’t want to stop. He slowly tried to unhook them, but this time it was way more difficult. After lot of efforts his patience died. Shekar pressed his finger inside her blouse and opened them. This act disturbed Kavita and she woke up. Shekar saw Kavita waking up when he pressed his fingers. He had less than 2 seconds to run and it was an impossible task as he was sure to get caught. His lust was also not allowing him to run. He with this time closed Kavita’s mouth with his right hand. He jumped and sat on her stomach. He was sitting on his knees and the legs were on each side of Kavita. Shekar pressed Kavita’s mouth with full strength so that she can’t shout or scream. His body was close to her face as he had to push his hand on her mouth with his body weight. Kavita’s one hand was under shekar legs and were unable to move. Shekar took hold of the other hand with his free hand. Kavita was shocked to see shekar only on his t shirt and on top of her. She was unable to speak and was only able to mourn sounds. She could sense some hot thing on her stomach. She knew that it was his cock. She was shocked to notice that she too was naked from bottom. Her eyes were wide open with shock. Shekar had to say something for his deed. “You are soo beautiful. I wanted you since the day I came here. I am sorry for what I am doing but I need you and want to feel you. Just cooperate so that I don’t have to hurt you”. Saying this Shekar freed his hand holding her hand ripped of her blouse. Her boobs jumped out with force. Shekar started to kiss and suck them. Kavita tried to push him off but shekar again took hold of the hand and held it. Shekar sucked her nipples slowly and enjoyed it. He wanted to enjoy each and every moment. He sucked her nipples so nicely that even Kavita was getting horny. Her struggle got reduced with time. Gradually the struggle ended. Shekar now knew that things were pretty smooth. He removed her other hand which was under his leg and kept both her hands above her head. He kissed her face with great passion. He sucked her tongue and lips. Saliva was flowing like waterfall from his and her mouth. Kavita was still in a shock and couldn’t respond to him. She did get horny but her shock was still not over. She was not prepared for this. She was couldn’t imagine that Shekar was on top of her and enjoying her. Her mind was answering each and every questions raised by her mind. Shekar licked her face and enjoyed the salty taste of sweat of hers. 
Now even Kavita was fully prepared and ready to enjoy him. She was not resisting but was enjoying seeing Shekar’s enjoyment. Shekar grabbed her thighs and felt them. Atlast they were his. He couldn’t imagine his luck and just wanted to merge with them. He went down and widened her legs in the air. Two huge legs widened and open with a great view of her pussy was killing sexy. Shekar held her legs and started to suck her toes and fingers of her legs. He sucked and licked the feet for few minutes. He was standing on his knees and Kavita’s feet were being sucked by him. Her legs were bent a little to adjust the height. Shekar’s cock was now touching the back side of her thighs. Shekar was rubbing his hands on the thighs and legs of Kavita and enjoying the touch. Shekar’s cock was rubbing her legs. The feel did give him a thrust. He straightened her legs kept them close to his body. Kavita was now lying in a L shape. Shekar inserted his cock between her thighs and started to fuck her thighs. Her locked her legs by hugging them with his hands. Kavita could feel the heated cock rubbing inner thighs. The heat was transferring towards her pussy. Her pussy was overflowing liquid. Each thrust was shaking her body. Shekar could see that her breast was shaking up and down with each thrust. Her stomach fat was vibrating continuously. Her face was radiating lust and this was a great turn on for him. He had never imagined that she would respond to him to his lustful act. Seeing her cooperating with him made him more lusty. Shekar was kissing her legs and biting the flesh of her lower legs. The fuck was not enough as he wanted the real stuff. He opened her legs and looked at her wet pussy. He went down and without wasting much time pierced his cock inside her pussy. A single thrust and his whole cock was inside her. He didn’t even wait for her pussy to adjust the cock. This pained Kavita and small scream burst out of her mouth. Shekar closed his eyes and enjoyed the wetness around his cock. Kavita bit her lips to submerge her scream. Both were in the same positions for few seconds. Once the situation subsided Shekar started to fuck Kavita with full energy. He lay on her and his face was right on top of hers. Kavita kept her right hand on his head and held his hairs. Her left hand was on his back and her nails were clawed like an animal. Her nails were pierced inside the flesh and a small cut was made as few drops of blood came out. She now started to kiss his neck and shoulders. She even bit his shoulders with her teeth. Both were so heated up that sweat was all over the bed. The bed was wet like drained in water. She pulled his face and spoke in ears to fuck her. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” The words were like coal increasing the speed of Shekars fucking. Sex was radiating in the room.
On the other hand Sunil had worked extra hard on that day. He knew that Kavita had gone home so he thought to visit home for a change and he can freshen up. He cleaned his tools and himself and went home. Sunil normally comes from the backside of his house as Lata’s house behind his. His house does have front and back side entrance. If the back door is closed than he enters through the front door. Seeing the back door closed he walked towards the front. When he came near the window of the back room he heard moaning sounds of Kavita and a Guy. His heart stopped and he wanted to know what was happening inside his house. For his luck the window was not closed and for Shekar’s bad luck he didn’t notice the window between his lust and her legs. Sunil very carefully peeped inside the room. The window was situated on the wall which was behind Kavita’s Head. The window was slightly offset which made Sunil to see things more clearly from the small gap. What he saw was shocking, it nearly killed him. His boss was fucking his wife. The fuck was so hardcore that he couldn’t believe that his was enjoying him. Suddenly tears rolled out of his eyes. He quickly moved away from the window as he was not able to witness it. He fell on his knees and started to cry. He was still close to the window and he was still able to hear the moans and sound of the thrust. He closed his ears with his hands as the sounds were irritating him. He walked away from house in a shocked way.
He walked towards Lata’s backyard where he was working. He didn’t know any place else to go. He had made his work and loyalty towards Shekar’s family his life. He wanted to continue like this and have a peaceful life. But now with what he had seen and heard earlier made him feel like vomiting and cry like hell. He didn’t know what to do. His shock filled his heart with anger and revenge. He on that instance walked back home and made his mind to kill his wife and Shekar. He was enacting his deed in his mind. He would break the door, take the knife from kitchen and kill Shekar first and then his wife. He will cut them both into pieces and mend his broken heart. He was sure to do it and walked fast to do finish the job quickly. Suddenly his thought diverted else. If he killed them then he would be sent to jail and he would talk of town for his wife’s deed. Shekar would never feel the pain Sunil suffered and would die easily. He wanted Shekar to suffer. Sunil wanted Shekar to cry and feel the pain more than he did. He stopped at once and his mind searched like google to find a way. At that moment a thought flashed like lightening.
He knew Smita was alone. Raping Smita was the perfect plan for his revenge. His heart eased suddenly as he had found the perfect weapon for his revenge. This time he ran towards Shekar’s house. Lata from her nearby neighbour’s home noticed Sunil running towards her house. She was puzzled to see him running. She wanted to know why. She made sure that she leave as soon as possible. 
On the other hand Sunil entered the kitchen and searched for a knife. He found the best sharp knife and closed the kitchen door. He straight way went towards smita’s room. He removed his lungi and under wear, as he wore nothing on top so he was naked at once. The doors were open and he entered her room with his left hand stroking his cock and right hand holding the knife. He was breathing fast because of excitement and running. He at first viewed Smita from bottom to top. He was enjoying her beauty. Without wasting much time he took hold of her gown from her chest and pulled it. The gown tore away and woke Smita. Smita was about to scream when Sunil placed his knife around her neck and told her to keep quite. His face was 1 inch away from hers. His wide eyes were piercing into hers. He in a low voice spoke to her. “Right now your husband is fucking my wife. I considered him my god. But he betrayed me. Now it’s my turn and i will rape you to complete my vengeance”. Smita was shocked to hear what he said. Her marriage did have some cracks, and she obviously was fed up with it. But she didn’t want to be raped. She was more shocked hearing rape than her husband’s cheating. She didn’t want to be the prey for his deeds. She pleaded in front of him but Sunil was making no heed to her. His knife got more close to her neck, the more she pleaded or resisted. She had no choice but to meet her fate. She Sunil started to tear her cloths made her naked. Smita was crying but her voice didn’t have the guts to come out of fear of death. Sunil took the pieces of her gown and tied her hands and legs to the railing of the bed at both extreme. He then inserted cloth into her mouth so that he can relax from her screams if she tried to shout. It was a big bed as her hands and legs were wide open and stretched at both ends. She was like the painting of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Sunil put aside his knife and lay on her. He started to suck her boobs and press them. For the first time Smita had felt somebody else’s touch except her husband. She confused about it, she didn’t know to enjoy it as she felt it wrong. But the sucking was making her horny too. Sunil was a raw many guy and it was she was being raped by tarzan. Sunil didn’t waste much time and inserted his dick inside her pussy and started to fuck her. Smita’s eyes rolled upwards in pain and excitement. She closed them as she was not able to look at him. She was feeling embarrassed. He was fucking her with all his will. The image of his wife fucking Shekar was still running inside him. The thought made him fuck Smita more roughly. 
Lata on the other hand was curious to know why Sunil was running. As Aryan slept in her arms, she took leave making excuse of Aryan. She went home and entered the house. Shekar went from front door so the door was not locked. Lata laid Aryan on the sofa of her drawing room and went towards kitchen as Sunil was normally at her back yard. When she passed in front of Smita’s room she heard some guys moaning sound. Out of curiosity she looked from the gap of the door and found Sunil fucking Smita. Smita’s hands and legs were tied and he was fucking her roughly. She was shocked and without thinking much stormed into the room. “what the hell are you doing?” asked Lata angrily. Sunil was shocked to see Lata. He suddenly took hold of his knife and placed it on Smita’s neck and threatened Lata that he would kill her. Lata didn’t notice the knife earlier. She cursed her stupidity for not noticing it. She suddenly calmed and pleaded to Sunil. Sunil stood and came near Lata. He Placed the knife on Lata neck and threatened her. He now closed the door and tied Lata’s hands together to the railing of the bed. She was made to sit on the floor beside the bed. Lata started to cry and pleaded in front of him. He took some torn cloth of the gown and filled her mouth with it. Lata was not able to speak now and if she spoke the cloth suffocated her breath. Sunil now again came on top of Smita and started to fuck her.
Lata eyes were crying and looking at Sunil’s ruthlessness. Sunil saw her eyes and told her that he is doing this because he saw her son fucking his wife. Lata was shocked. She couldn’t believe what she heard. It is funny for others as both betrayed her. She could never imagine her son fucking her maid. This was not the way she raised her. Even kavita was close to her. Lata never expected Kavita to Fuck her son behind her back. Lata was shocked with her eyes wide open. Now she had stopped crying and pleading. She sat there without any moment and in her thought of betrayal. The pallu of her sari got loose and came down. Her cleavage chest was easily visible for Sunil. The view was a great turn on for him. He thought if he raped Lata too then this would surely kill Shekar. He paused his fucking and took his knife. He untied Lata started to pull her Sari. Lata knew what was happening. She had no strength to resist. Sunil tore her clothes and pulled her towards the bed. A dirty thought was created in his mind. He made Lata sit between Smita’s wide open legs. Lata was made to sit on her knees. Lata’s ass was facing Smita. Sunil tied her hands at the end of the railings with Smita’s legs. Lata’s hands were pulled and stretched and she couldn’t move. To her misery Sunil bowed Lata and tied her long hair to the railing. Lata was locked by her hands and hair. Smita now could see her mother in laws ass hole clearly. Lata’s ass cheeks were wide open as her body was stretched due to the position. Her ass hole was quite nicely visible to smita. Sunil was now making Smita witness something which she could never imagine. Sunil went to the kitchen and brought some oil. He poured the oil on Lata’s ass. The oil rolled down to the ass hole. Sunil with his finger made her ass hole oily. He oiled his shaft and climbed the bed. He positioned himself above Lata’s ass slowly inserted his cock into her ass hole. Smita now could clearly see her mother in law’s as being fucked by the huge cock. Even though the whole situation was horrible and frightening, still the view was awesome sexy. Smita’s pussy reacted to it. Till now her pussy resisted the fuck but now she wanted to be fucked. Both Sunil and Lata’s asses were stretched and wide open. Sunil’s ass hole , balls and his dick was clearly visible. His dick was smoothly moving in and out of Lata’s ass hole. Smita’s pussy got wet and she wanted to feel the cock in her. Her hips were now moving slightly with the motion of the fucking. She was trying to rub the pussy by grinding her legs. But as her legs were tied and stretched apart she had her limitations to it. The oil was not spread all over Lata’s ass and legs. Lata on the other hand was tied and didn’t enjoy her position. She wanted to break free. But the fucking was worth not breaking. She was enjoying it very much. But the thought of her son, maid and her daughter in law raped was very much heavy for her. But what the hell, the feel of the cock was worth forgetting everything. Sunil with all his anger was thrusting the cock into the ass. He wanted to tear her ass. The thrust was hitting the wall of Lata’s pussy walls. It gave a mesmerising feeling in her. The hitting made Lata orgasm. Her body shook but the shaking were limited as she was tied closely. Sunil fucked and fucked until he ejaculated. He pulled his cock out and stood up. He then sprayed his cum all over Lata and Smita. Every drop was sprayed on them. He then climbed down of the bed and relaxed for some time. He then took the knife and opened Smita and Lata. He grabbed their hair and pulled them towards his face. And told them that his revenge was taken and he is in peace.
An year passed after the incident. Smita and Shekar were divorced and Aryan was with Smita. Smita was a single woman working hard to make both ends meet. On the other hand shekar was drunkurd and lost his job. He was still in search of a new job but being alcoholic made things difficult for him. Shekar was still repenting his deed and couldn’t overcome wit what had happened with Smita and Lata. 
Sunil and Kavita left the place and went to some place in tamil Nadu and were working for some construction company. Sunil and Kavita were still together but their love had vanished away. Sunil now beats Kavita when he gets angry and sleeps with other women. Kavita was living a life in hell. 
Lata on the other hand was lonely and got old with stress. She couldn’t handle the problems and her body too gave off. Her skin lost its luster and got wrinkled. Her hair got grey and she was just waiting for her death. Lust and sex fucked their life.

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