unsatisfied aunty

.I am a guy of 5.10 and fit, looking good of age 21 from hyderabad. An aunty used to stay near my house. She is so hot and some times she used to wear black saree which is transparent.

She has big boobs and white in color. She was so sexy that I used to masturbate imagining her in my thoughts sometimes. I used to wait on my terrace to see aunty come out so that I could see her body structure and boobs from top view from my terrace. I used to masturbate seeing her big boobs from top view. I also used to see her from my room.

Once I saw her changing clothes but missed it. I saw her in blouse and the rest was missed due to power cut. I used to think of her boobs and her beauty even during night. She was so sexy and beautiful that even my friends used to come near my house and stare at her so that they may get a chance to see her big boobs.

She used to have a curly hair and red lips. And sexy figure. She was having big butt. I used to stare her while she was walking and could be thinking to touch those. One day unknowingly I touched her butt and felt so happy that as if I achieved the whole world. One day I was passing from that house saw her calling me. I thought there is some work she is going to assign me.

She called me inside the house and started to cry saying his husband was a lair…Bla bla bla. I told her do not worry aunty everything is going to be fine and touched her hands and went home. That night I masturbated thinking of her sexy hands and her bigger boobs which are visible in black saree.

The next day night she called me home and said her husband scolded her and started to cry. I started to question her y?? Then her reply made me shocked !! She said that when ever she asks for sex her husband used to scold her and go to work. Then she hugged me all of a sudden and started crying. Her hot boobs touched my chest, my dick got erected. Then I pushed her a bit feeling shy.

Then she told am I not looking hot?? I blushed and said obviously you are damn hot. She smiled and got up from sofa and went to room. I thought she is angry of those words. But in a min she came in night dress, having sexy looks on me. She came near me and took my hands and touched her boobs. Then I got excited and pressed her boobs slowly, they were spongy.

I massaged her and made her get a bit of mood. I asked her can we have sex, she removed her night dress and started to kiss me. I too kissed her. She removed my clothes and saw my 7in cock and shocked. I saw boobs for the first time in real life and even saw her wet tight pussy. She was so enthusiastic to suck my cock and I was so enthusiastic to suck her pussy.

She slept on me facing my dick, sucking it and I was sleeping below sucking her pussy. I made her so horny that she could not stop her and repeatedly asked me to fuck up her pussy. Then I took my weapon and placed it slowly in position and started to fuck. As it was my 1st time I was frightened to fuck. But seeing her white big boobs could not resist to fuck her.

I made her sit and licked her tight pussy with my tongue and she started to moan. But could not control it doing. Then I took her boobs and pressed and sucked them. They were so juicy and tasty. By seeing her hips I got my mind blew away. She has a figure of 36-32-38. I was so fascinated to fuck such a cutest and sexiest aunty.

She sucked up my cock and made it so stiff and it looked like a rod. I kissed her on neck and then slowly moved towards the bottom of her body.She had a red lips on the bottom and too sexy. I pulled out her pussy and started to finger it and made her squirt. She was so moaning that I started to get more mood by her moaning.

Once I made her squirt, I started to suck her boobs and made her milk out of it. I inserted my dick slowing into her tight pussy while pressing her boobs. In an excitement I lifted her and attached to wall while fucking her. I got surprised by my stamina about the power I got while fucking her. She told she got a fantasy of slave sex. So she told me to make her my salve and do whatever I like.

I made her sleep on bed and kissed her lip to lip. And even kissed and sucked her pussy. I was so eager of sucking pussy and that wish was fulfilled now. And even sucking of boobs was fulfilled. After a while I started to fuck her as she could not resist to control her mood to fuck her. I have already spent many hours enjoying her beautiful body. I hugged her and kissed her and what not.

We tried many styles as much of her knowledge and mine. At last she was excited to drink my fluid from cock and put her in mouth. She tasted it saying I could not get satisfied even my husband fucking me 10times, but you made it in a single. I totally lost my virginity by this sex with aunty. She I just 32 years.

After this I even went to her house twice and made her even more satisfied with my different styles of fucking. She was so pleased that she even calls now and then to fuck her. I was so happy for such a beautiful experience. Thank you Sujana aunty. Guys hows my new experience please comment and contact for this experience.

If anyone would like to have sex experience with me you are pleased to mail me. Thank you…!!

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