Unexpected Swap At Munnar

Hi friends and we would like to share an unexpected erotic incident in our life which
will not happen again in our life, at least that circumstances especially my wife
wanted to share because it increased our emotional bonding
and sexual pleasure.
I will be short and crisp as I am not professional writer to make you finger or shag. I
am Kumar aged 37 working as associate professor near Chennai and my wife
Puspalata aged 34 works as assistant professor and we have 2 kids aged 8 a
nd 5 and
our is love marriage.
I was senior in college and she is Tamil Brahmin and my wife Puspalata is typical
Tamil Brahmin lady who had 2 kids with pregnancy stretch marks on her fair
stomach ass breasts hips and my wife Lata has round fair face with n
ose ring
mookuthi attached to her nose with thick lips and kumkum on her forehead.
My wife has 34b fair slightly sagging breasts capped with big thick
longish brown
nipples like cow teats with brown areole quarter of her boobs like all south Indian
women l
ata’s boobs and ass where cloths are covered is more fairer than other part of
her body.
My wife Lata has ass like 2 pillows and wide hips caused by 2 kids birth and my wife
is neither lean nor fa
t and she resembles a bit like K
erala actress Samyuktha Verm
a. I
am 176 cm tall with an average 5.8 inch black dick. I resemble a bit like chess player
Viswanathan Anand.
My wife Lata never let me hungry for sex or food whenever I touch her for sex and
she lifts her saree or nighty and blouse, bra for sucking her n
ipples once I start
fondling her boobs, she widens her legs for me to penetrate and her pussy is ever wet
but she allows sex with clothes and in missionary sex only no oral doggy etc even if
I take Lata hands to touch my dick and she takes her hand away as
if she touched hot
iron rod otherwise and my wife lata a nice wife who is willing to part her big thighs
for her husband and last summer and we planned to go to Munnar but we got time
only in late June due to exams and answer paper valuation.
We could not
take kids as college has started for them and we left them with their
grandparents and we have annual quota of 2 days with an famous resort before
Munnar in kerala at bodi road and I hope you guess and we started in our newly
purchased swift dzire to Munnar.
We got an apartment overlooking tea gardens as it was off season and there was less
crowd at resort and a bit lonely and we were the only occupant in our floor climate
was good very cool and chilly with south west monsoon and we went for boating anda relaxing walk in cool breeze.
We took dinner at resort restaurant and returned to our apartment it was fearful with
no one in our floor and we slept due to tiredness and next morning and we wore
salwar kameez and pyjama kurta to ward off coolness and came o
ut of our room.
We were relieved to hear an couple talking Hindi in one room and we went to
restaurant for breakfast suddenly we heard an voice asking in Tamil may we join with
you and we turned to see an young couple and we said you are welcome and they
were Rahul and Pooja who got recently married it seems yesterday they spent entire
night fearsome with no one in floor.
Rahul was 25 years old and 6 feet tall handsome fair belonging to Gujarat but know
Tamil as he had studied in Srm University near Chennai
, now working in bang lore
with wipro. Pooja was 22 years old and just completed engineering and married
earlier as per their customs, Pooja did not know Tamil.
Pooja was lean and normal looking Gujarati fair girl can’t say beautiful nor not
beautiful both
of them wearing south Indian saree and dhoti when my wife asked
Pooja about dress and she said it’s just for change everything was normal until Pooja
stood and turned to go for washing hands
I was dumbstruck and speechless when Pooja turned her saree moved and her boobs
was very big unsagging in blouse no one can guess
that such a lean body will have
such big boobs from the front covered her big boobs were hidden from view.
My wife Lata offered lift in our car and they were hand in hand hugging as they were
newly married and they sat in back seat while we sat in front. We could hear them
kissing in back seat and my wife patted my hand and gave naughty look to me.
I thought today night she is going to give good meals due to these young couples
finally when
we got down Rahul lifted his dhoti to his thighs to hide his erection his
thighs was very fair and muscle some. I could see my wife glancing unknowingly at
his thighs meanwhile at every available opportunity.
I tried to see Pooja breasts but I could not
see it Pooja has cunningly hidden her
boobs in bra and from the front it was normal sized and my mind was imagining how
much bigger than my wife and what size it must be and how it would be hanging
from her lean body like a big jackfruit in a tree etc. thi
nking how much lucky Rahul is
We went around many places finally in the evening and we went to a dam where
there was less water due to failed southwest monsoon in Kerala. Rahul and Pooja
went around sand dunes in dam and we sat as we were tired. I was
very horny and I
hugged and tried to touch my wife.
My wife pushed me saying this is public place after some time and we got up to go for
resort but we could not see Rahul and Pooja and we could not leave them as there
was no public transport and we did
not have their cell numbers either and we went in
search of them.
I saw them at a secluded place below us and when we went near and we could see
Rahul kissing Pooja and my wife said let us go let young people enjoy and I said wait
in whispering tone as we
were above Rahul and Pooja , they could not see us.
Rahul was kissing Pooja and he took her hand and put on his cock above dhoti. Pooja
opened his dhoti to pull his dick outside and once his erect dick came out and my
wife Lata pressed my hand and her brea
th became hotter. Rahul’s dick was red in
colour in more than 6 or 7 inch size and very thick.
I think it was the first time and my wife Lata saw a long red cock. Lata put her head
on my shoulder. I could not control myself and I put my hand inside her sal
war to
fondle her boobs and I was surprised of my wife nipple very erect than normal sex. I
took my wife hand and put on my erect dick.
Lata not taking her eyes away from Rahul cock for the first time Lata did not take her
hand away from my dick and starte
d pressing my dick suddenly my cell rang Rahul
stopped kissing and saw us above in sand dunes it was awkward situation with my
We came to our room, Lata and Pooja never spoke they neither accepted nor said no
to Rahul proposal. Rahul set th
e alarm and said you try. I went near Pooja and Pooja
lowered her head and I removed Pooja saree my wife and her husband were
Pooja big boobs were hidden inside blouse and part of her boob were trying to come
out due to size. I touched Pooja brea
sts above blouse my body shivered it was bigger
than i imagined Pooja boobs were tight and rock hard but spongy.
Pooja boobs were bigger than my wife but it was not sagging like my wife her
husband was just watching and did not oppose when I tried to open
her blouse alarm
rang and I did not know how 10 minutes passed and now it was the turn of Rahul,
Rahul went near my wife Lata and hugged her when his dick pressed her stomach
she moved behind and unknowingly saw my eyes. Rahul again hugged her and
her ass, this time she closed her eyes and did not move away from his dick.
Rahul kissed my wife Lata on her nose ring mookuthi and then put his tongue inside
her nose and my wife Lata did not resist then Rahul kissed her lips and said I always
wanted to fuck an aunty like you from the first time and I saw you and my dream of
fucking mature woman will come true suddenly alarm ring.
Rahul parted and we could see his huge dick erect above dhoti and my wife Lata
nipples erect above salwar. I did not feel like
hitting Rahul for touching my wife
because my dick was erect and my eyes was on Pooja. Rahul said, we are going to our
room and you both decide but anyhow we have to catch train at ernakukam south at
morning 8
We will never see each other in life and today
will remain like sweet dream in our
memories once they went out my wife said sorry and I lost my control. I asked why
sorry I too enjoyed and my wife Lata hugged me and I took her hand and put on my
cock Lata pulled me by my dick to bed and said ‘do it se
It was the 1st time in my life and she asked me to fuck and I tore her salwar pant and
widened her legs when my dick touched her pussy she was so wet that I felt like my
dick entering a water canal. My wife Lata pressed her hands on my ass to push my
dick inside her pussy and we were so horny and we both cum in few minutes.
Lata spurted so much that my dick was like oiled my wife Lata said on seeing him I
lost control. I asked what did you see?
lata told you want to from my
mouth. I
touched her puss
y and said yes.
Lata touched my dick and said when I saw his cock
saman in Tamil I lost control.
I said I never thought you will speak like this. Lata said I don’t know it’s cool climate
or situation that broke ice. I asked Lata what do you think of Rahu
l proposal? Lata
asked me what you say and I said to my wife Rahul wife Pooja is so young and fresh
her boobs are like un ripened mangoes.
I will never get chance to touch such fresh big boobs in my life time it’s lifetime
Lata said I know you lik
e her breasts from the way you looked her while
washing hands. I am okay for Rahul but in my terms. I will not allow him to
penetrate me because I love you so much.
Next 1 hour just 15 minutes and in car with clothes and I don’t want this incident to
destroy our marriage as we have kids. I called Rahul and said my wife Lata
conditions he said ok you drop us in ernakulam meanwhile we can stop somewhere
and we started our car early morning none spoke inside the car.
I located a safe forest before adimali and
stopped car inside. I said let one couple
stand guard outside and my wife Lata and Rahul went inside car first and I and Pooja
stood on both doors as if we are standing and talking to block outsider eyes once
inside car Rahul kissed my wife on lips and sai
I wanted to suck your nipples he lifted her blouse bra Lata nipples were erect already.
Rahul sucked my wife nipples and it became abnormally erect and her areola became
more darkened. my wife closed her eyes and slipped her hands down.
I think she
caught his dick above his pant immediately Rahul lifted himself and
opened his pant my wife Lata caught his naked dick and started playing with it as if it
is a toy and he lifted my wife saree above waist and touched her pussy and started
fingering it was
a nice sight with my wife Lata blouse
And bra lifted and her boobs and nipples suckled and her saree lifted to waist but I
could not see her pussy as her saree hide view suddenly she jerked and closed her
eyes moaning I lowered my head to see and Pooja too
lowered her head.
I could not see anything as her saree above waist blocked my view and I could only
see Rahul pressing my wife breasts and kissing my wife mouth after 1 minute my wife
Lata pushed Rahul saying no Rahul only then I saw his dick his half co
ck was wet
with my wife Lata pussy both Pooja and myself was shocked because
My wife has said no penetration but Rahul penetrated her and she enjoyed it. it was
painful to see Rahul with his big dick so erect and he did not know what to do
suddenly my wife
Lata caught his cock and pulled him saying Rahul do on my breast.
He pushed her breasts and started sliding his huge dick inside her boobs.
His dick was huge that it touched her lips whenever he pushed when Rahul came my
wife Lata pushed him and he cum on
her stomach navel and some on her boobs and
face finally my Lata pulled him to her by catching his dick and kissed him on his lips
Lata closed her blouse and came out her kumkum on her fore head has been smeared
on whole face due to sweating. Lata hugged
me and said thanks. I kissed my wife on
her cheeks her nipples were still rigid and she could feel my acceptance by my cock
After that Pooja and I went inside the car Pooja was already horny watching her
husband and my wife Pooja herself opened h
ooks of her blouse and bra, when her
boobs came out. I thought I will cum in my pants without touching my dick.
Her boobs were big round and rock hard even thought double the size of my wife it
was solid and her nipples were pink and not big as my wife but
her areole was puffy. I
touched her breast it was like touching a hard cotton sponge. I sucked her puffy
nipple it was different from my wife sharp big nipples.
I asked her size she said 38 and I could not catch one breast in my hand only my
hands pained
in fondling her 22 years old fresh boobs as I am used to my ripened
boobs of my wife suddenly we heard some people coming and I came out
immediately and Pooja closed her breasts with saree without closing her blouse.
I felt cheated because I did not get su
fficient time with Pooja but we did not want to
get caught and so we started our car and we left Pooja and Rahul at ernakulam south
railway station and came to Chennai whenever my wife sees young handsome

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