I’m 29 years old good looking boy from Karachi. The incident happened when I was about 22 years old. I belong to a family which is financially reasonably well as my father is an officer in Income Tax Department and holds a high designation.
I had always studied in good prestigious educational institutions where the elite class likes to send their children for education. I had been in close and sincere bond with one of my classmate right from class 1. His name is, lets suppose, Yasir.
Yasir’s father was quite a rich person. He was into multiple businesses. As Yasir grew up, his father established a business of trendy and stylish furniture for him. Yasir took charge of his business at an age of 22, while we both were doing our Master in Business Administration.
Being my best buddy, Yasir associated me in his business and started training me how to run a business. An important part of this training involved public dealing, making contacts & strengthening contacts etc.
It was that period when Yasir decided to introduce Glass Furniture to his customers too. “Khawja Glass Industries” is an established name in Pakistan in Glass Furniture and other trendy/luxury glass items.
Yasir somehow engaged himself into some business dealing with “Khawja Glass”. To cut the details short, two Directors of Khawja Glass, both young, vibrant and very handsome young boys of about 28/29 years of age
decided to visit Karachi in order to settle the details as well as to see our showroom. They were infact the sons of owner of “Khawja Glass”. Their names were Akbar and Asghar. The day before their arrival, I had arranged four luxury rooms in PC Karachi.
Yasir had purposefully given the task to me so that I could learn these minute details of business contacts. The same night, Yasir called me and asked me to arrange a hooker/prostitute/slut for our worthy guests.
I was not astonished to know it as such things are quire common in elite class all across the globe, but honestly I had no such contacts. So Yasir took the responsibility. He informed me that all the 5 Star hotels have contacts with such sluts
and we do not need to bother ourselves with the issue at hand. He was to call the management of the Hotel and everything would be their headache then. He mischievously told me that I could join them too if they offered so, as it was the etiquette of a host.
I scolded him jokingly and disconnected the call. Next day the Yasir’s contact in the Hotel Management called me and informed me that the slut has been arranged. And in order to mentally prepare me for listening to her demand of money,
that person told me the detail of slut which was quite interesting for me. He said that the slut was quite good looking, very stylish and modern, highly educated and belonged to a good family. She didn’t get fucked for money, but for fun.
She was not available all the time and she worked as per her own mood, usually only once or at the most twice a month. And most important thing was that her specialty was GANG BANG. However her Pussy and Ass was to cost us whopping Rs. 50,000/- for one night.
I felt a stir in my dick and readily accepted the money demand. I knew, if luck favored me, I would get my chance too to fuck her. On company’s expenses I could fuck a high society call girl J wasn’t it amazing??
Now I would directly come to the details of that fateful night. I escorted those young boys to the VIP room, which was for the elder of the two Khawja Brothers. It was the room where they were to fuck that bitch. As I entered the room I came to know
that I had left some files in the car, which was parked in the basement parking. So I excused and hurried back to the car. I knew the bitch would come any moment and my dick was hard just thinking about her. It was going to be my first experience
with a high class prostitute, which could be the girl next door (as it was said that she was highly educated and from a good family). Fortunately the Khawja brothers who were friendly and frank boys, had asked me to join them and be a part of the GangBang myself.
It took me some 15 minutes to rush back to the parked car, take files, say hello to a friend in the lobby whom I met just by chance and come back to the room at top floor. At the doorstep I found my guests in a casual mood. I asked them what they were upto?
They told me that the Slut had come but like most of the sluts she had hair on her pussy (professional prostitutes feel that hair on pussy add to sexual lust and excitement of their customers/clients). But it was a turn off for one of the boys
so he had asked her to shave her pussy. Although other boy had no problem with it yet he decided to go with the wish of his brother. So the slut was in the washroom cleaning herself. In the meanwhile they decided to bring some drinks from the bar.
They asked me to stay in the room till they came back. This advice was followed by a series of meaningful winks from them. I blushed and got excited at the same time and entered the room. The washroom door was slightly open,
because as a girl who was about to be fucked in a short while from then, she had no reason to hide her body from the fuckers. I first decided to peep in but thought it was useless. Afterall I was to see and fuck her soon.
After couple of minutes the slut was done with hair removing job and she came out of the washroom, dressed in a very cute floral night dress. It was silky trouser and T-shirt. It didn’t show much but her creamy white body was looking elegant in it.
As she turned around to face towards me……….heavens fell!!! I have mentioned above that while describing the qualities of the slut, the person told me that she was from good family, for the outside world she would be a nice decent girl
and that she could be the girl next door. And she really was the girl next door……….. No No No ! Not the door next to my house…….But…….the door next to my room. She lived in my house. She was my sister. My REAL elder sister Maheen.
I have 3 sisters, Maheen is the eldest. She was 26 years old, still unmarried and very independent. She had the trust of our family that’s why my parents had never objected to her job. She had done masters in Accounts from Iqra University
and was holding a very lucrative post in a bank, atleast it’s what we believed. But it was that moment when within a second I came to know, how did she manage a luxurious life style, expensive dressing, hanging out with friends at expensive restaurants,
giving expensive gifts etc. Her job could be merely an eye wash for us. In reality my sister was a slut, a bitch for those who had money in their wallets to purchase her CHOOT and GAAND. My mind was not functioning properly.
It had problem realizing and accepting the fact that my real sister was a professional prostitute. It was a fact that my sister was a high society Call Girl. Maheen looked at me with horror in her eyes, but only for a while. Too much shock leads to fearlessness.
She looked at me quite bravely. I could only manage, “Baji aap yahan kiya kar rahi hain?” (Sister, what are you doing here?). Stupid question… wasn’t it? I knew for what she was there. She was there to be fucked like a bitch by 5 boys
and she was to do all this partly for money and mainly for fun. Money had never been a problem for our family. Financially we were reasonably sound. So it was clear that my sister had a very demanding PUSSY. A demand for regular supply of high intensity
fuck sessions and lots of LUNS. Then a sudden rush of blood asked me to be angry and scold her, push her out of this situation and then decide what else I could do. As I started scolding her, she quickly interrupted me and said,
“Faisal, chup ho jao (Keep quite), I don’t want anyone to know that I’m your sister”. I replied in a high tone that I too didn’t want anyone to know that she was my sister. She bravely smiled and said, “So, for that you’ll have to keep quite infront of my customers.
Do not meddle with the circumstances. We can talk about it later but I cann’t break this contract now. I have to do what I have been called for. And if I leave now everyone will know the fact, if you keep quite no one will ever know that they were fucking your sister
right infront of your eyes.” Logic demanded that I should accept her offer and so did I. I had no other option. It was better to let the four boys fuck my sister’s pussy and ass, which was already non-virgin, than to let them know that my sister was a slut.
I looked at her angrily and shook my face in agreement. But anger was not the only emotion in me. Somewhere in my mind I had some very erotic thoughts which were still bit obscure. But such thoughts were existing.
Seconds later the door knob was meddled with and the boys came in the room….! An exceptionally hot, erotic and fuckfull night was about to unveil. A sister was to be fucked by 2 boys while her brother watches.
It could either be the most shameful night of my life or most erotic of my life. My attitude was to determine what that night could be called. You guys may rightly think that I could have avoided being there, but upon the insistence of Khawja brothers
I had already shown my willingness, rather anxiousness, to fuck a girl. It was not easy for me to avoid it at the eleventh hour without any substantial justification. And I had no such justification at that moment. And secondly, for some unexplainable reasons I wanted
to stay there and watch the whole proceeding. Now that I have come along so far in telling a shamefully erotic story where I watched my real sister getting Gang Banged with her own sweet will, by 2 boys right infront of my eyes, there is no harm in telling how my sister looks like…!
Mere remembering the fact that my sister was a High Society Call Girl and that she took Rs. 50,000/- for one night of hard fucking is enough to tell that she is extremely good looking. Afterall any stupid can give 50,000 for a normal/mediocre/average looking girl.
All of my sisters are not only very good looking cute girls but physically they are very sexy as well. Apart from face value, they have huge breasts (something like 36-D). Their breasts are very firm looking (or may be they wear quite tight fitting bra).
They have thin waist and then again a reasonably fat and well shaped Ass. I know you guys have stiff dicks while reading about depiction of very sexy girls and that’s too by their own real brother. My sisters wear very nicely tailored dresses
which are very tight fitting so that their body parts, boobs etc are prominent. They don’t wear very low-cut necklines but still every now and then one can sneak a look at their heavy bosoms and deep cleavage. And Maheen, my prostitute sister, is no exception to my other sisters.
I’m somehow sure that my other two sisters too intentionally show their cleavages to boys, they too let some boys play with their breasts and who knows they too might be having some dick to fuck their pussies, but they were not professional prostitutes as Maheen was.
Now coming back to the story! As the two fellows entered the room and locked the door behind them, my sister greeted them with a naughty yet cute smile. She was wearing a floral night gown. After little chit chat came the moment of truth,
and it was quite a bitter one as Akbar, the elder of the 2 boys, introduced Maheen to me J. And then without any prior planning, he asked Maheen to first be playful to their shy friend (ME). I had mixed feelings. I was horrified, aroused and shy at the same time.
However being a professional slut, my sister gave a naughty smile and stepped towards me. I was sitting on a sofa, she came and sat directly on my lap. And after some wiggling at my lap she took my hand and put it on her stomach.
The wiggle had already made my dick hard and as I was wearing a loose sports trouser so my dick was boldly and prominently pressing on my Baji’s Gaand. I was AROUSED. The silky night dress was sticking to her body and was looking very sexy.
Then she placed her hand on my hand and started sliding it from her belly up towards her heavy breasts. As our hands touched the lower part of her breasts, she lifted her hand. She wanted to know whether or not I was willing to touch her breasts with my hands without her pursuance?
I was willing. My hand stayed there for a while and then I slid it up further to place my right hand fully on my Baji’s breast. Staying there for another moment, I started groping her breasts and pressing and playing with it.
It was amazing feeling. I was fully aroused now. She was my real sister, but she was a very very sexy girl too. I could not control my dick. It was hard. I was playing with breasts of my real sister right infront of my 2 fellows. 
Then I asked her to get naked. The 2 fellows sat in chairs behind me, watching my sister undressing herself. Her shirt came off first, showcasing her huge breasts covered in a black bra with four straps holding up her immense breasts up and tight.
Her bra was not transparent yet somehow we could make out her hand nipples from the Bra. Cocks were getting more and more hard as my sister continued undressing. She kicked off her shoes and then asked me to help her wiggle out of the tight fitting silky trouser she had on.
Again a heavenly feeling for me as I put off my own baji’s trouser while 2 of my friends were watching. Her pussy was visible through her black semi transparent thong. Maheen turned around a few times,
giving the guys a good look at her round, firm ass. As Maheen is white in complexion, so the crack of her Gaand was quite visible from the black semi transparent underwear. She even stood still and jiggled her buttocks at the guys. 
Maheen next started unsnapping her bra, one strap at a time with her back still facing the guys. Soon all four straps were released and Maheen’s bra just dropped to the floor. DAMN! The size of those cups, were amazing.
Asghar got off the bed and picked up Maheen’s bra. He gave me and Akbar a close up look at the inside of Maheen’s massive bra cups and read the tag out loudly. “36 F”. Holy shit! Maheen was enormous. Bigger than my expectation.
Maheen turned around trying to cover her massive jugs with her arms but the overflowed from the sides, tops, and bottoms. It was not that she was feeling shy; rather she was only acting to be an innocent girl in order to increase the sexual lust in us.
Maheen dropped her arms, baring her astonishing chest to us. The massive pink areolas and the large pink nipples that topped the enormous, creamy white breasts that hung away from Maheen’s body were magical. I’m sure the boys had not have such a Hot and Sexy girl
for quite some time. They were not expecting her to be this much sexy and cute. Even while being with her as a brother for many years after her breast development completed, I could not imagine that she had such breasts.
“Play with your breasts for a little bit,” commanded Akbar as he was stroking his large meat through his jeans. Other guy was doing the same. Maheen cupped her massive jugs at the bottoms and started flanging them at the boys.
Maheen started pinching her thick nipples and lifted her breasts up by the nipples. She jiggled the soft mountainous flesh by the nipples, making them vibrate sweetly just like Jelly. Maheen dropped her tits and bent over towards the boys
and shook her shoulders back and forth, causing her breasts to touch their face many times for their pleasure. Asghar was getting more and more involved into my sister’s sexiness. Akbar being the elder brother was more of a composed nature.
But it was Asghar who was driving me (and my sister too) crazy by enjoying my sister’s naked boobs right infront of me. He put his face in between my sister’s Breasts/Cleavage and with his two hands he was pushing Baji’s breasts into each other in order to create a bigger cleavage.
Baji was enjoying it to the maximum now. She was moaning loudly. Maheen baji was now herself pushing her breasts into each other to create the bigger cleavage and occasionally she would hold Asghar’s head and push it in her breasts.
She even guided him to lightly rub his face over the length and breadth of her breasts staying at her nipples and encouraging him to bit her nipples. And I, on the other hand, instead of getting angry at my sister who was a real slut, was as hard and as horny as never before.
Soon Akbar joined them too. ” Mera to jaldi pani choor jae ga (My dick will be relieved early),” moaned Akbar as he pulled out his thick, meaty cock and started giving it long and hard strokes while playing with my sister’s body.
Akbar told Maheen Baji that he liked dirty words being spoken while having sex but went on to tell that he respected women including she, and that only if she permits he’ll use dirty words. She accepted the proposal and shook her head in affirmative.
Maheen baji has quite a juicy and big GAAND which looks erotic in black underwear. Because, the material of her underwear was not thick enough I could make out the deep crack of her GAAND. Akbar had now started handling my sister’s GAAND.
Not very roughly, but in a manner that is erotic to the maximum. He gave very light loving kisses on each buttock of Maheen Baji’s GAAND. The thin material of her underwear had already made her semi Naked. Akbar moved and rubbed his lips very lightly
from one buttock of my sister to the other, staying specially for few seconds on the crack of her GAAND. My sister even wiggled her juicy GAAND and slammed it against Akbar’s face few times. Whenever Akbar would reach her ass crack with his lips,
she would push her Gaand back to press it hard against Akbar’s face, so as to feel the pressure on her Private Part, and to feel that a boy’s lips are touching her at a place which a good girl is supposed to protect.
It continued for sometime and Akbar seemed to have bored a bit. He then wasted no time making my sister NANGI from the waist below. My sister was thinking from her pussy, rather than from her brain. She was loving it. She did not take it as a profession but as a hobby.
She loved being fucked. She looked back as Akbar slided her underwear down and as her Gaand was shown with gradual sliding down of her underwear she looked straight into my eyes and smiled at me. After putting off her underwear
he rubbed his face vigorously and forcefully at my sister’s GAAND while his hands were on her hairless CHOOT. As Maheen baji is a healthy girl (note she is not FAT at all, but just enough to be called a very nice, healthy Punjabi girl), so her GAAND too was quite soft and fleshy.
As Akbar felt my baji’s GAAND with his face, he nearly forced half of his face in the crack of baji’s GAAND. She jumped lightly in excitement and said “Ouch” in a very playful and erotic manner. And then again Maheen Baji looked directly into my eyes and smiled.
She had reason to smile ! My dick was too hard. She asked me like a professional slut “Sahab kapre utaar do” (Sir get undressed). Akbar continued his exploration of my sister’s totally exposed and spread GAAND. I could not hold longer seeing this very very sexy scene
and I took out my dick and started jerking off lightly. Seeing this, Maheen Baji again smiled and asked me to come to face her. For the first time I was about to see my sister’s PHOODI (as till now I was at the back of my sister). I went and fixed my eyes at her pussy.
She silently took my hand and placed it on her pussy. I needed no further dictation and quickly spread her pussy lips with my fingers and started playing with extremely wet Pussy of my baji. It was erotic to the maximum.
My own real sister, Maheen baji was totally naked infront of me and my two friends. Her GAAND was being played by one boy, the other boy was sucking her nipples and playing with her breasts and me (her real brother) was playing with her PHOODI.
Then she asked me to stand up and while looking into my eyes she placed her hand on my stomach. I knew what was to follow and my dick got even harder with excitement and anticipation. Baji smiled naughtily at me at placed her hand on my hard dick.
Guys…..It was a heavenly feeling. My real sister was holding my dick and was giving it soft strokes. It was too much for me. I bent forward and started kissing Maheen Baji with fervence. The beast was now awake in me. I bit her lips, pushed my tongue in her mouth,
sucked her tongue into my mouth, and all the time my one hand was massaging baji’s Breasts. And Baji was playing with my dick, now with more speed and passion. I could not control any longer. I wanted to relax now. Despite the fact that boys want to discharge in pussy,
or atleast after fucking in pussy/gaand, I wanted to release then and there. I had no other option. And then without any warning I shot my load into Maheen Baji’s hand. She paused for only half a second, and then realizing that it was my load in her hand,
she continued her strokes and rubbed all of my load back onto my dick. I was much relieved by then. Soon we all got totally naked and got on to the bed and waited for Maheen. Maheen Baji tied her hair into a ponytail and got on her knees by the edge of the bed.
All 3 of us got to the edge of the bed with Akbar’s big dick being the first to enter Maheen’s mouth. Maheen Baji started giving an expert blowjob to him, letting his large cockhead invade the back of her throat. While she sucked off him,
she reached over and took my and Asghar’s cocks in her small hands and started stroking them. Asghar’s was already hard but I had to wait for few moments to get it hard again. It was for the first time that I came to know what was the difference
between Sucking and Deep-throating. Just sucking a boy’s penis Head can be called a sucking. But deep-throating is where a girl completely takes whole of boy’s dick in her mouth and the dick reaches her throat. Maheen Baji was doing deep throat on Akbar.
Akbar had reasonably sized dick. About 7 inches in length it was nicely shaped and reasonably fat. Asghar’s dick was of the same size. While I was bit on the smaller size. I’m just 6. But the way Maheen Baji was deep throating Akbar’s LUN,
it was evident that she had even bigger dicks in her life which she either sucked/deep throated or had in her pussy and Gaand. At that time Maheen Baji had multiple personalities. When I looked at her face which was sucking Akbar’s dick,
she looked like a pure slut who could manage the complete galloping of a 7” dick. But when I looked at the movement of her hands at my and Asghar’s dick, she appeared to be an innocent virgin girl who has touched a male penis for the first time in her life.
There was a tender shyness in the movement of her hands on our dicks. It was slow and soft and I liked it very much. Then came the moment of truth. “Ab meri behen CHUDNE ja rahi thi” (Now my sister was about to be fucked).
Akbar, being the eldest of us all, was to fuck her first. Maheen Baji went to the side table, and from her purse she took a pack of “Touch” condoms. She surely was very professional in her thinking J. She told us that in case we wanted to shot our loads
on her naked body then we could put off the condom just at the time of ejaculation. But we had to fuck her with the condoms. And she also made it clear that no cumming in mouth. It was OK with me atleast. I wanted my sister to be fully protected.
She was fully wet at that point. As she walked in the room with gracefull carelessness regarding her nudity there was squishing sound from my Baji’s pussy juices. Maheen baji’s PHOODI was moist and her pussy lips were puffy.
Akbar said that he wanted to fuck her in a position where he lies of bed and Baji sits on him in such a way that dick is completely entered in baji’s Phoodi. And then she was to ride his dick. Baji smiled and said boldly that most of her customers
liked to do her in this way atleast once in a night. She proudly told that actually the customers like to see the up and down movement of her big breasts while fucking. She came on top of Akbar, opened her legs, aligned her PHOODI
in a perfect position and then lowered her body. Baji took Akbar’s dick in her hand and using it opened her pussy lips a bit and then slowly started sitting so that the dick could enter in her phoodi. She closed her eyes and moaned lightly.
She was not doing it as a job, rather she was doing it as a favourite hobby. She was loving it. Then baji started riding it with some pace. She was right…..the sight of baji’s jumping boobs was too sexy. Ocassionally she would bend down in order
to place her nipples near Akbar’s mouth so that he could suck and bite those. His dick was deep in my baji’s PHOODI. She started humping him up and down. His cock glistened with her juices as she got the rhythm going.
Soon he was about to explode and in one quick motion he forced my sister down on bed and came on top of her, pulled out his dick, pealed off the condom and shot his load right on my sister’s naked body. 
Then it was Asghar’s turn. He was more interested in my sister’s GAAND. He came with a jar of Vaseline. He rubbed a gob on baji’s asshole and I knew I was going to see my sister’s anal fucking.
Baji protested lightly as Asghar rubbed her anus. “No, not there! Please!” she exclaimed. But, she revealed her true desires when she moaned as Asghar slipped his middle finger deep up her GAAND. He then rubbed the head of his cock around her anus.
I could see what was going on and in order to facilitate my sweet sister I grabbed her cheeks and spread them as far as I could. Baji realized that it was not bad option as Asghar’s dick was not as thick as Akbar’s and relaxed. The head of Asghar’s cock began its entry.
Baji grunted, moaned and cried. He pushed down on Baji’s shoulders and his cock slipped in about three inches. It was awesome. I was watching my real sister’s ANAL fucking from a very close distance. Just 10,12 inches.
In order to relax and facilitate my sweet sister for her GAAND FUCKING I started playing with my sister’s breasts while my face was at her GAAND. I was giving soft kisses and some bites on the buttocks of her GAAND. Baji was sweating now.
She was moaning. Asghar pushed it in further and then pulled back and then rammed it in further. On the third thrust, he buried it to the hilt. Baji gasped. They looked awkward at first and then they got a rhythm going.
Baji didn’t seem to be habitual in having her GAAND fucked too frequently. But she bravely got into it quickly. For me it was an amazing experience. My friend was having his LUN deep inside my real sister’s GAAND and I was loving it.
However Baji proved that she was a consummate slut when she inserted couple of fingers in her PHOODI. She surely was not satisfied with a LUN in just her GAAND. It was a signal for me and I asked them to help me enter in her CHOOT.
Baji was going to be two-holed for probably the first time in her young life. I used the same posture. I laid on bed, Baji came over me and had my whole dick in her PHOODI. Then she hugged me. This way her GAAND became open for Asghar’s LUN.
And we resumed my Baji’s CHUDAI. She came two times during this double fucking and then me and Asghar lost our loads. As I was on bed, I had no option other than to shot my load in my condom clad dick which was in my sister’s PHOODI.
Asghar, however, pulled out and sprayed cum all over baji’s back and GAAND. And as his dick was still hard he shoved it back in baji’s GAAND. I was having heavenly feelings. My baji’s big boobs were pressed hard on my face
and I was occasionally biting on those. Then I pulled my dick out and saw Asghar’s dick softening in my Baji’s GAAND. When he pulled out, Maheen baji’s GAAND remained open for a little while. I watched it in amazement as it tightened and closed.
The whole night we used different positions, different techniques, different groupings to fuck my GASHTI BAJI. She was a wonderful fuck. I have lots and lots of other stories of my GASHTI baji. The sad part of those stories (or probably the sexiest part)
came when my best buddy, Yasir came to know about my sister. And he too fucked my baji, despite the fact that previously he always used to call my sister “BAJI”. Rest of the stories will be told at some other time. Till then…….C YA buddies.
And whenever you fuck a high society call girl in Regency Hotel Karachi, do remember, it can be my sister. Her real name starts with the alphabets “SH….”.
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