Two Men In A Wife's Life

 raja, was 57. My wife, madhuri,
was 28, and I, 31. We lived in Hyderabad. We’d been married for 2 years, and both myself and my wife were teachers. She was a middle college teacher, and I taught at a small private
4-year college nearby. Her father, who was visiting for two weeks during
the summer, was an industrial arts college teacher in Kukatpalli.
raja was 5’10” tall, very slender at about 165 lbs, gray thinning hair,
blue eyes, and a very light complexion, and wore eye-glasses madhuri was 5″4′
tall, 107 lbs, very slender…teenage looking, B-cup breasts, long “dirty”
blonde shoulder-length hair, very fair complexion, and wore eye-glasses.
I, laxman, was 5″4″ tall, 140 lbs, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and I also
wore eye-glasses.
Having been married only two years, my wife and I still enjoyed a very
active sex life. By now we’d had sex in both missionary and doggy-style
modes. mutual oral sex, with madhuri eagerly swallowng my semen every time,
and very passionate foreplay almost every time we started to “play,” as we
often referred to it. So one would think that was enough for me…but it
wasn’t. I often found myself entertaining thoughts and fantasies of varied
sexual engagements for myself, my wife, and third parties. I fantasized
about sex with young girls and other women in general, and of my wife
having sex with other men, and young boys…her students, for instance. But
the strongest desires and fantasies centered around my wife and myself
having sex with her father. I so wanted to give her daddy oral service. I
had almost an obssessive urge to suck the 57 year old man’s penis and make
him ejacualate in my mouth so that I could experience love with him that
way. I was also very much wanting him to pleasure himself with his
daughter’s……my wife’s, lovely trim and youthful sexy body while I
prepared and assisted him in enjoying my beautiful madhuri.
I needed a way to entice raja to engage in sex with me first. I’d always
suspected that he was very “horny.” His wife, madhuri’s mother, was a cold
sort of person and her parents hadn’t gotten along for many years. I was
sure he didn’t get much “comfort” from his wife. He was so conservative
about so many things related to religion, morals, and certainly sex. But I
was betting that he’d not gotten off for quite a while and….with the
right amount and type of coaxing could be made to “give it up” to the right
person…be it male or female. I was hoping it could be both, but first
One thing that had gotten my hopes up, where is libido was concerned, was
the way he looked at his daughter when she was dressed in night clothes
after arising in the morning. madhuri’s legs were so slender, youthful,
model-like. Her lower legs, knees and thighs were so feminine and
erotic. When she would spread them in bed as I mounted her my excitement
really began peaking. I always had to start licking and kissing her knees
and thighs…on my way to her warm moist cunt for intimacy. I was sure her
daddy was thinking about just how hot his daughter was…what it might be
like to have unlimited access to her charms….to penetrate and cum inside
her cunt while those lovely legs trembled and wrapped around his waist. I
could just imagine him grunting and breathlessly calling out her
name…”madhuri, ohhhh, madhuri,” while he came in her, and she moaning and
crying out “Ohhh, daddy, daddy, I love you daddy.”
When raja was looking at his daughter, I thought I could make out some
tenting in his pants. As a matter of fact, I knew he was getting hard and I
so wanted to engulf his penis in my mouth to sip his precum, which I knew
he must be oozing. madhuri often got me oozing precum at the sight of her
delicate shapely body, so why not her daddy as well. I just had to get
something going with him…first with me, I thought, and then the other
possibilities with his daughter and myself might be realized as well.
On about the 3d day of his visit, madhuri was out running some errands for
several hours, so raja and I were alone in the house. It was mid-morning,
and madhuri had left just after breakfast. raja was still in his short pants
pajamas, and I was wearing some short pants and a t-shirt. We were both
barefoot sitting on the couch talking. I couldn’t help but stare at my
father-in-laws spindly aging legs, with the usual late 50s imperfections,
blemishes, etc. His legs and feet looked so sexy to me….so full of
character. I wanted to touch them, to caress them, kiss them. I then took
the chance. I boldly said “raja, sometimes in the morning after getting
up my muscles are sort of stiff. What about you? Do you feel some
stiffness. You’re older than me, so if I feel that way, you probably should
too. How would you like a leg and foot massage? He seemed to be taken by
surprise by my proposal. He looked over at me and said “Are you kidding
me?” I replied, “No, i’m not kidding you. I’ll give your feet and legs a
good massage, if you like.” He was silent for a few seconds, but then he
lifted his legs and feet off the floor ans swung them over to my lap,
smiled and said “Ok, sure, go ahead. I could sure use it. I never get it at
home, that’s for sure.”
I was ecstatic! I was also becoming sexually aroused. I was now touching
this sexy man’s lower legs and feet. I knew it was just a matter of a few
minutes before I would become intimate with the rest of his lower body….I
just knew it. I began to caress his feet and massaging them…his toes, the
balls of his feet, the heels. He relaxed his whole body for me as I did
it. His eyes closed and he sighed. I then moved up his ankles to his lower
legs…his calves, shins and knees. I petted and massaged his flesh. He was
in seeming ecstasy. He kept his eyes closed and only occasionally opened
them to make eye contact. When I got to the top of his knees I began to rub
and massage his thighs. Then I noticed it. He was tenting in his pajama
shorts. The loose fly of his shorts was being lifted by his hardening
penis. I loved the sight. It was so hot. I could see a wet spot developing
in the cloth.
I continued my hand action…sliding them up and down his thighs. He then
relaxed his legs even more so that his thighs parted invitingly. I moved my
hands to his inner thighs. His frail legs and thighs had me so aroused.
Then I did it. I bent my head down to his knees and began to kiss them. I
kissed and wetly gave sucking pecks to his skin as I moved up and down his
legs, knees and thighs. His eyes had opened, and he was looking into my
eyes…studying me, my intentions. I smiled at him and continued my
ministrations of his sexy lower body. Finally, I could no longer ignore his
most exciting feature…his hard tenting cock under his pj shorts. I
reached for it, grasped it, and released it from the fly of his pants. He
gave out a sigh, and for the first time I held his manhood….hot,
throbbing, wet with precum, and a good 7″ cut. gently began to stroke
it. “Ohhhhh, my God,” he murmered. “Do you know what you’re doing, laxman?”
I said “Oh, yes I do, raja,” and I continued to jack him slowly and
gently. He was so big….so hard, wet, and beautiful. “If you keep doing
that you’re going to get a good handful of my stuff.” he said, smiling. I
replied “It won’t be a handfull, raja.” Then I bent my head to his cock
and drew it in past the crown. It was just wonderful…my first blow-job,
and it was my wife’s father! I licked, sucked , jacked and totally
manipulated his flesh inside my mouth. His breathing was becoming ragged,
and his body began to move around restlessly. He was now getting close to
ejaculating. The skin of his legs and thighs was rough with appearing
goosebumps. He couldn’t keep from moving his legs around, so I had to press
my chest against them as I sucked on his cock.
I was in heaven! I was about to receive a most intimate gift from a man…
his semen, to swallow. It was what i’d so often and for so long fantasized
about. I was feeling such love for this man for the intimacy he was sharing
with me. Then it happened. His cock head hardened and got larger, his body
siffened, his hips bucked upward, his hands grasped my head, and he began
to ejaculate. “Oooohhhhh, my God, my God,” he cried out. “I’m doing it in
your mouth!” He then began to spurt over and over again. His cum was very
warm, almost hot, and I loved it. It was fairly thick and sticky, and it
had a pungent taste. It was slightly off-white or yellowish when I could
see it on the head of his cock as it seeped out of my lips. I swallowed it
as fast as it was given to me….all 4 or 5 spurts. finally he was done. I
squeezed out what remained and sucked it up, too. His eyes were closed, and
he had a dreamy expression on his face. I’d made love to him…given him
release and comfort. God, but I loved the man!
After it was over raja seemed somewhat embarrassed by it all. “You know,
i’ve never done somethinig like that with anyone…not even my wife,” he
said. I told him that it was too bad, but that his daugher and I did that
often. “She sucks me off and swallows my semen, raja,” I told him. And I
lick her to a climax, too. That’s the kind of sex we have. He responded,
“Well, not Lena and me.” He was referring to his wife, My wife’s mother. I
then broached the subject I was longing to get to. It was all so exciting
to me to be doing this with him, what with the taste of his sperm fresh in
my mouth, and a still raging erection in my shorts. “raja,” I started,
“how would you like to have that kind of sex…the kind madhuri and I have?”
He looked at me puzzled, and said “It would be great, but it won’t happen
with Lena at home.” I then said it. “No, not with Lena, raja. I mean
with madhuri….my wife, your daughter.” I think you could have the kind of
sex and pleasure you’ve been wanting with a woman with madhuri, if you want
it. I’ll just have to set it up. She won’t know about it until it starts to
happen. All you need to do is be willing and able some night…maybe
tonight or tomorrow night. He was now again becoming sexually aroused…
tenting in his pj shorts. He said “I’m probably crazy and going to Hell for
this, but yes. I would love it. I’ve always had my eye on madhuri, even since
she was a little girl, if you don’t mind me saying it.” I said no, raja,
I understand and don’t mind at all.
Lastly, I told raja that I needed a favor from him now. “What do you
want,” he asked. I told him “I need relief, too, you know. At least give
me a hand-job. I don’t expect you to do for me what I did for you…at
least not for now, but maybe some day. Could you at least handle me so that
I get off?” He moved his slender age-spotted hand to my crotch and began to
feel my erection. It was electric to have him touch me. I released my hard
cock and he just naturally took it in hand and began to stroke it. In about
8 or 10 strokes I couldn’t hold it anymore. “Ohhhh, raja, i’m going to
cum. Aaaahhhh, aaaarrrggghhh, aaaaaahhhhhhhh,” I cried out as I spurted a
good 5 or 6 spurts all over his hand. He continued to do me even as I
softened. Finaly I told him to stop…that I was finished. As he began to
rise to wipe or wash his hands I stopped him, grabbed his hand and began to
lick my semen from his fingers. He watched, seemingly excited. I told him
that he should taste some. Seemingly reluctant, he raised a finger to his
lips and licked some of my sperm from it. He said nothing, but I could tell
that he’d reached a new level of sexual knowledge and excitement. “Thank
you, raja, I love you,” I said to him and meant it.
The plan I then layed out to raja was that the next evening I would start
to make love to madhuri, get her to that excited no-return state, and then
have him appear in the bedroom at our bedside to join…actually to take my
place. I anticipated, I told him, that she might at first balk or
hesitate, but that with my encouragement, and his being insistant and maybe
somewhat forceful, if need be, she could be made to submit and give us both
anything we wanted from her. Also I told him that I wanted to pleasure him
as well. To all of this he agreed! I was so thrilled with the prospect of
our three-way….a dream come true.
The next night at about 11 pm it all began. madhuri was in bed with her
negligee…a very loose short flimsy nighty, and I was nude and erect
beyond belief. I began the foreplay and she was excited, wet, eager as we
kissed, touched, did all the intimate things prior to my penetrating her
and our finishing climaxes. Her nighty was still on her, and I was licking
her genitals and probing her vagina with my tongue. madhuri was close to
cumming, and then, on a sort of cue, which was when her father thought she
was nearing a climax which he could see from the partially open bedroom
door, he appeared at our bedside. At that time I felt madhuri’s legs go rigid,
and then close tightly around my head and neck as she began to sit up in
bed. “Daddy, God, what are you doing here?” she asked of her dad. “laxman,
laxman, daddy’s in our bedroom! I think he’s been watching us. Oh God, oh
God.” I then started to calm her…”It’s all right, honey. I told him he
could watch and even come in to be with us.” She was stunned…”To join
us?” she asked. I said “Yes, that too. It would be great, don’t you think?
Your dad is lonely, and needs comfort and sexual release. We’d be doing him
such a favor…so much good.” She excitedly replied, “But it would be
incest!” I told her that it would not be the same with me as a party to
it. It was nonsense, but I had nothing else I could say, and by then i’d
resolved that we would force her to comply if we had to…both rape her if
I then began to fondle her breasts, legs, kiss her neck, mouth, embrace her
and crawl between her legs to mount her while she thrashed about pushing me
away saying….”No, no, it’s not right, noooooo,” but her protests went
unheeded by me, and her father sat on the edge of the bed waiting for his
opportunity…my cue, for him to take my place whenever I thought he could
and should. While madhuri was struggling to avoid my intimate gestures of
love, I slid my wet penis along her slit and gave a gentle push. I easily
went into my beautiful wife’s vagina. She was already wet from our
foreplay, so I was at home as usual. Ohhhh, she was so wonderful to fuck.
Then after a few strokes, and after madhuri had seemingly given up her
struggling with me, I gave raja the go-ahead, reluctantly withdrew my
cock from my wife, and got up from my mount. Before madhuri realized what was
happening, her daddy had taken my place. Her eyes got so wide! She suddenly
knew that her own father was about to have sexual intercourse with her. She
started to push him off, wriggle, kick her legs and feet, but it was to no
avail. Her daddy was now kissing her neck, face, shoulders, and then her
open mouth…probing it with his tongue. She was protesting with vocal
utterances that could not be understood with her mouth covered by her
father’s, but it was obvious she was not for the moment happy. raja hard
wet cock was sliding around her slit but not able to get proper aim to go
in, so I took it in my hand and guided his penis inside my lovely
protesting wife.
raja gave a gentle push and slid in quickly and easily. madhuri’s eyes
opened wide with surprise and dread. She was being bred by her daddy now.
raja began to thrust in and out of her. He was also kissing her breasts
which had become exposed when her nighty was pulled up toward her neck
during the struggle. He licked, sucked, kissed her everywhere he could
while he was thrusting in and out of her. Her lovely slender legs, and
thighs, boney model-like knees, and her slender arms and hands were now
relaxing more as her daddy got more into making love to his little girl.
Then she began to submit. madhuri lifted are arms and embraced her daddy’s
neck and shoulders. Her legs then wrapped around his waist and her feet
began to slid around on his lower back…caressing him. “Ohhh, madhuri, madhuri,”
he was moaning in her ear as he kissed and licked it. Her eyes were now
closed, and she was holding tightly to her father…now returning his
love. She was even giving him little kisses on his neck and cheeks from
time to time. She was being won! Then I heard what i’d been waiting to
hear. “Ohhh, daddy, we shouldn’t be doing this. Why is this happening? I
shouldn’t let you. No…I shouldn’t.” But she was letting him. He was
thrusting and loving every inch of her vagina, and she was visibly in
rapture of being fucked by her own father.
I reached down between raja’s legs from behind and began to massage his
testicles. They were so large and hard. I gently played with them, then
knelt behind him, bent down began licking them. He gave out a loud moan and
cry of “Ohhhh, ohhhhh, madhuri, you’re wonderful, my little girl.” Then it
started to happen. I felt his balls pull up inside his sweaty body, and
start to twitch. madhuri began to cry out incoherently as raja began to
ejaculate. madhuri yelled out “Daddy, oh, daddy, I love you, love you” While
her arms and legs tightly wound around her father’s body and melted into
him during her long powerful orgasm. raja then grunted while whispering
“I love you too, little girl,” and then he began to spurt his seed inside
his lovely daughter, my wife. “Aaaahhhhh, aaarrrggghhhh, ooohhhhhhhh, my
God, you’re so beautiful, madhuri, i’m cummmmiiiinnnnnnggggg.” And he
certainly did. They were one, now. madhuri was not using any birth control
this night. Usually she used a diaphram, but in my excitement and haste to
start the proceedings i’d not reminded her when she’d forgotten. She’d been
exposed to her daddy’s sperm!
When madhuri and her dad finally separated I asked to do the honors and was
granted permission to clean up my two lovers. I first took my
father-in-laws penis into my mouth and thoroughly sucked, licked and
swabbed him with my tongue. Next I knelt between my sexy spent wife’s
lovely skinny legs and sucked her daddy’s semen completely from her. I also
licked her pubic area completely dry. I then hugged and kissed my wife and
thanked her for finally cooperating. I asked madhuri if I could finish inside
her. I’d not yet cum. She said yes, so I quickly mounted her and nestled
between her lovely thighs while I thrust to a quick climax in about 6-10
thrusts. I came prolifically and with force. I was spent in just a few
minutes. I then just lay in embrace with my wife. I loved her now more than
ever, and I loved both of them so much.
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