True sexy story

This is a true story which many would think it to be a fantasy. It all started when I was 18 years old. I was a regular visitor as a friend to a house which had a aunty, her 3 daughters & her son. My visit became such that in the event I did not go to their place, they would come down searching for me. We would pass hours playing & chatting. During this time, suddenly aunty’s youngest sister came as a guest. She immediately fell in love with me, and one day when all of them were busy watching the television, and I was sleeping in the other room, she came un-noticed and woke me up. Suddenly, as I woke up she kissed me passionately. It came as surprise to me and I responded to her kiss. Slowly I moved my hand up and cupped her small breast. As we were oblivious of our surroundings, aunty had come to the room & left un-noticed. She kept quite standing beside the door and peeping seeing that I was now not only fondling her sisters breast, but by that time she had made it available to me so that I could kiss & suck her tits.
After a few minutes, she went away. Then the next day, she left for his home without any of us knowing that we have been spied upon by aunty. The day she went away, that day in the evening aunty called me, and told me all that she has seen. She wanted to know how & when I had fallen in love with her. I was very embarrassed. However, I was also very attracted to the aunty. So I said that I actually loved her, but since it is almost an impossible thing, so I decided to fall for her younger sister. I asked her to close her eyes, and the moment she did I planted a kiss on her lips & fled away.
Next day she again called me, and I was shocked when she said that she was also in love with me. As she said, she took me to the bedroom and embraced me, and kissed me. As she did that her big boobs pressed against my chest. As I was caressing her I slowly moved my hand over her breast, she squirmed. I did not do anything that day. The nest day again she called me up at a time when all her children went to college & her husband to the office. As we laid down on the bed, and were loving each other by exploring with our hand, I slowly opened her blouse, and out came water melon shaped two big boobs with at least an inch long tit which stood out hard like pillars. I was so engrossed with those new found treasures, that I madly started kissing and sucking it. Slowly as I lifted her sari and touched her pussy, more surprise was in store for me. It was cleanly shaven for me, but it too was big, pre-cum juices literally overflowing & as I inserted my finger, it seemed to me that vagina was also quite a big hole. As aunty asked me to open my pants, I immediately brought out my penis in the open. She seemed to transfixed to the size of my penis, saying that the size of her husbands penis is not even half my size. As I inserted my penis inside her it effortlessly slid inside. As a started to pump my penis inside her vagina, she suddenly looked at my eyes and said “ Oh my God, it seems that I am in heaven. I really did not know how it felt to be fucked by a real big one”. As I ejaculated she suddenly also became stiff and started moaning saying “ Oh my God it is so beautiful, so beautiful”. Thereafter, we cleaned ourselves up. After about half an hour, I again started to have a hard on, and she caressed my penis, she slid it inside her mouth saying she was doing it for the first time. And as she did it, I also started sucking her pussy like I saw in a blue film. Within minutes, she literally exploded, with juices flowing out like rain water. Thereafter, it was pure sex, sex & sex and enjoyed it to the hilt. We did everything that we saw secretly in the blue films.
In the meantime, her eldest daughter, fell in love with me. This time I told aunty when I was having sex with her. She straight away told me, I could have any of her daughter of my choice. The youngest one was too young. So it either had to be the eldest one or next to her. So one day, I responded to her overtures, and called her to the terrace. When she came near me, I pulled her near me and started to kiss her. As I did, she literally melted within my arms. I pulled up her top, exposed her breast and started fondling her. Her breast was also like her mother, not very firm little sagging. Whatever, I did I told aunty, who suggested that I have relationship with her next daughter too, as she would like her to be my wife. Her mother said that she had a much firmer breast, well shaped and also would match me in height and other physical attributes. However, I knew that I have to take to decision very fast. So next day when her eldest daughter was alone, I came to her house, & immediately started to kiss her and completely disrobed her. Now she was completely naked and as I opened her pussy and thrust my tongue inside, she seemed lost as what to do. As I started to suck her clit, she clasped the bedsheet & started to bite her lower lips and pleading me to leave her. After about 5 minutes of heavy pussy sucking and fingering I opened my penis, in front of her. As she saw, she closed her eyes, I took one of her hand & guided it to my penis. Literally her hand was shaking. Then I slowly opened her pussy and started rubbing the head of my penis on her clit. She literally started writhing in some kind of pleasure & also fear. Then I slowly inserted my penis inside her, and she cried out in pain. As I did her, and started to increase my motion, I ejaculated suddenly deep inside her. Then in slowly took it out. Then I carried her to the bathroom, washed her clean and again laid her on the bed. Aunty came after about an hour. She found her on the bed, and enquired to her, to which she said she was feeling sick. However, I went to the kitchen and told her everything. She was bit angry at me, specially she knew how big my penis was. I told her that I had to have sex as I wanted to take her virginity and then her sister next to her. She said that she would allow me to have sex with her next daughter, only if I would guarantee her that I will be marrying her.
Now, I went and directly proposed her next daughter. After some initial hesitation, she agreed not knowing that her eldest sister has already lost her virginity to me. As love between us blossomed, aunty moved her eldest daughter to a hostel so that we can have a free run. However, there was a deal that I had to make with Aunty, that whenever, I would be having her daughter alone, prior to that I have to ensure that either I have to squeeze out all my semen in her pussy or she would suck it clean, so that I will not be able to have sex with her next daughter. This daughter indeed had a beautiful body, with the most beautiful boobs I have seen. It almost seems unbelievable like silicone implants. But she would let me do everything except fuck. So after she turned 18, I took her to a temple, along with her mother, and married her. That day when she came back to her home, aunty handed oven to her a packet on condoms and contraceptive pills. She was very embarrassed, but aunty said that it was very natural that we would now come more close, and she gives her daughter the permission to have sex with me. Somehow, she could hoodwink her own husband saying that her daughter has to attend a marriage, and booked a hotel room for us. That night it was a memorable night and indeed it was a very good suggestion given by aunty to have her second daughter as my wife. She was absolutely mind boggling as far as sex was concerned, just like her mother. We had sex and enjoyed it all through having sex in the most audacious places, till we were married formally. It is another story how my mother-in-law managed her eldest daughter. I still share and have sex with my MIL and surprise, her sister too, who has now borne me a son, her second child, although married to a college teacher.
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