Touchy neighbours

The incident I am about to narrate occurred almost 15 years back. My name is Simi & I am married to Vishal. At that time, my husband was around 30 years old while I was around 28. My husband is an engineer by profession & at that time, he was working at a thermal power station in Orissa. It was located at Talcher. We had been allotted a staff quarter near the power station. We had moved into the official accommodation around 6 months back. It was a self contained industrial township & was mainly inhabited by the employees of the power plant & the adjoining coal mines. It was like an island of human habitation in the vast wilderness.
Those were four-storey apartments & we were allotted the top-floor in our building. Each four-storey building had eight apartments- two on each floor facing each other. Our front neighbors- the Thapars were an older couple in their late-fifties. Mr. Thapar had retired from his service after superannuation while Mrs. Thapar was working as a Nurse at the power station medical facility. They had two grown up children- a boy & a girl, both of whom were married & well-settled in Mumbai & Bangalore respectively. The Thapars were quite an attractive couple considering their age & were quite fun to chat with in their own witty & humorous fashion. Mr Thapar had a great sense of humour while Mrs. Thapar was quite elegant in her appearance & Mannerisms.
As time passed by, I came to know Mr Thapar a lot better since both of us used to spend time at our apartments alone after our other-halves would be off to work. My husband mostly used to work in day shifts while Mrs Thapar’s shifts would keep on rotating. Many a times, when both Mr. Thapar & I would be alone at our apartments, he would invite me over to his place for tea/coffee & we would strike up an interesting conversation. He was quite fun to hang out with in his own way. Being a typical example of what one would call a naughty old man – he was never short of jokes, sometimes dirty ones, but would always make it a point to ask beforehand so as not to offend. He would often poke me on issues like love, sex, relationships, flirting etc while I also never missed an opportunity to ask him uncomfortable questions which he would laugh-off. All-in-all, despite the age difference, we had become very close friends, sharing all our thoughts & little secrets with each other. We had formed a certain rapport with each other.
As time went by, we were drawn quite close to each other. I also noticed that Mr. Thapar had become quite touchy-feely in all these months. He would never miss an opportunity to touch, feel or caress me. Holding my hand or hugging me was quite normal for him but now he would, at times, put his hand way too up on my thighs, feel my boobs or even plant a kiss or two on my cheeks on one pretext or the other. It sometimes seemed very awkward but I never felt threatened or offended by his actions. Maybe it was a result of our deep friendship or his polite nature but sometimes he would start behaving like a berserk teenager who was getting out of control. Maybe, subconsciously I was also physically attracted to him. He had a certain charm in his personality which pulled me towards him. His looks, politeness, sophistication, wit, sense of humor & openness was magnetic.
This incident occurred in October when the winters were just approaching. The days were quite hot but the nights were considerably cooler. My husband & I had just returned from the wedding of a friend in Delhi. We were gone for about a week & had returned just a day ago. We were wondering why we had not seen or heard from the Thapars since then. My first day was spent unpacking & taking stock of the house, groceries, laundry & other household chores. After my husband arrived home in the evening, there was a knock on the door. It was Mrs. Thapar. Both of us were pleasantly surprised to see her. After exchanging pleasantries, we asked her if everything was all right as she was nowhere to be seen since our arrival. She said everything was OK. It was just that she was alloted the night shift at the medical facility & was sleeping through the day. On enquiring about Mr. Thapar, she said he had fallen ill due to the change in season. He was on medication for the fever & being an Asthmatic, needed to take his inhalers every three-hours. She was worried that he might sleep-off & forget to take his inhalers on time thereby worsening his breathing. She requested me if I would check on him during the night that he takes his inhalers properly on time. I assured Mrs. Thapar that I’ll see to it that he takes his inhalers on time. I asked her about the time he needed to take them & she said it was every three hours after 10 pm.
At 9:30 pm, Mrs. Thapar rang our doorbell & said she was going for her duty & handed over her house-keys to me. She said that Mr. Thapar would take the 10 pm dose himself & requested me to check on him for the 1 am dose & thereafter. I set my alarm clock to 1 am & Vishal & I went to sleep by 10. I was woken up by the alarm at 1 am. Switching of the alarm, I stumbled out of the bed. Vishal was fast asleep. I was wearing my sleeping gown with just my panties underneath. I wore my slippers, took up the keys from the table & went out to the Thapars’ house. I unlocked the door & went in. Entering their bedroom, I found Mr. Thapar was lying on the bed wearing only his underwear & shivering profusely. I quickly woke him up & asked him to take his inhalers. He asked me to give him the inhalers from the table. I gave him the inhalers & he took the dose while still shivering in fever. I asked him if there were any warm blankets in the house. He said all were packed & there were none outside. While I was bent over him fixing his bed-sheet, he wrapped his arms around my waist & pulled me onto him. As I lost my balance & fell on top of him, he whispered in my ear that he desperately needed some warmth. Feeling his cold body against mine & fearing that his shivering might worsen his breathing, I hugged his body & both of us were lying on the bed under the sheet with our bodies embraced in a tight hug.
I could feel the heat transferring from my body to his. His body was desperately seeking warmth & his cold hands quickly removed my night-gown which was acting as an insulator between our bodies. Both of us were clad only in our underwear. We were now tightly clinging on to each other. My bare torso was supplying the much needed warmth to his shivering body through skin-to-skin contact. My boobs were tightly pressed against his chest & our legs were intertwined into each other. All this while, his hands were caressing my bare back & slowly moved on to my waist & then onto my buttocks inside my panties. He slowly pulled down my panties to my thighs & then completely off my legs. I was now lying completely naked with this man supplying the much needed warmth to his body in a tight hug. His hands were now caressing my butt cheeks. He soon removed his own underwear & I could feel his hard cock pressed against my groin. It was throbbing & increasing in size. In a single thrust, his hands pulled my crotch onto his groin. His hard cock was placed at the opening of my puss-lips. In another powerful thrust, his cock entered my warm pussy & made me groan in pain & excitement. His body was now plugged into mine & was drawing the much needed heat. We were lying in a tight hug, joined at our genitals & feeling mixed emotions of joy & excitement.
Mr. Thapar quickly rolled over & assumed the missionary position. His old body was craving to deposit his seed into my fertile womb. He mounted me on the top & started pumping his shaft into my wet pussy. My eyes were rolling in pain & excitement since it was all feeling so unreal like a dream. After a few minutes of thrusts, his cock shot off a potent load of hot sperm into my fertile womb. I could feel his hot semen shooting off inside my pussy. His body soon collapsed on top of mine. Both of us were covered in a thin film of sweat & the room was full of the smell of sex. Our pubic hair were all messed up in our genital secretions. I soon untangled our pubes & disengaged our genitals. His white cum was leaking from my freshly fucked pussy. I rolled him to his side, moved off the bed, wore my panties & my night-gown, checked his temperature & quietly went back to my home only to set the alarm clock to 4 am for his next dose of medication.
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