Topless Maid Service

I am a 38 year old single mother with a 12 year old son. After my divorce, i found it hard to keep a job, mostly because I could only work part time. Wanted to be sure that I was at home when my son left for college and at home when he returned each day.
Most of these jobs paid minimum wage but it was enough to supplement the child support I was getting and keep my son and I in our townhouse. The company I worked for went through some bad times and I was once again out of a job.
I scoured that newspapers and online ads for local part time jobs but none would allow me the flexibility I wanted to take care of my son. Finally I saw an ad looking for house cleaners. It seemed perfect, two to four hours a day, flexible schedules and good pay. I made phone call and at 11am the next day I was sitting in a little office in the back of a strip mall in town.
“Jack Northrup.” the man said as he stood to shake my hand.
“Janice Egan, nice to meet you.” I said.
“Tell me Janice, why are you interested in this position?”
I went on at length about my son and my divorce and the need for flexibility and that I had no experience cleaning houses except for my own until Jack interrupted.
“You do realize that this is a topless maid service?”

I must have turned bright red but tried to keep my composure thinking that maybe it was his little joke. I do have large breasts for my relatively thin frame and perhaps this was just an off color remark about my busty body. But Jack went on to explain. The service he ran was indeed topless and nude house cleaning. He went on to explain that it was a totally legitimate business and that there was never ever any touching of the maids and certainly no sex.
I was amazed that this service existed and probably had my mouth open as he kept explaining. “The girls all come in whenever they need money and want to work. You get here at 9:30 and based on how many girls show up I give each a crisp $100 bill and the address of their assignment.”
“Our clients pay me directly In advance for 1 hour of topless or nude housecleaning.” “We don’t do windows,” he laughed “For obvious reasons.”
I was slow to pick up his joke but soon realized that this was all for real and that a topless woman cleaning your windows would be, of course exposed to the outside.
“Are you interested?”
I said I didn’t think so but I would get back to him if I changed my mind. With that another woman about my age who had apparently been waiting outside the office came rather hurriedly into Jack’s office explaining that her first job of the day was done and could she work another that afternoon.
Jack introduced her as “Candy” which sounded like a stripper name to me and asked her to explain to me a little about the job.
Candy explained that is was the easiest job she ever had. “You get paid in advance, you show up at some nice guys house, take your clothes off and usually do dishes, dust or clean floors while the guy watches you. In an hour or less you leave and go home.”
Jack handed her $100 and a slip of paper with a name and address on it and she was back out the door as quickly as she came in.
“Are you interested?” Jack repeated.
To this day I cannot figure out why, but I nodded and said “Sure.”
“Great!, you can get started tomorrow if you like. The girls all come in at 9:30 sharp for their assignments.”
“But first, show me your uniform.”
I was confused again.
“You are going to be working topless or nude if you choose.”
It hit me, he wanted me to strip right there in his office. Again I must have turned bright red but I figured if I couldn’t strip for him then I couldn’t strip for his clients, and I am sure that is exactly what Jack was thinking as well. I stood and slowly started to unbutton my blouse thinking how bizarre this day was turning out. I folded it on the chair and took off my jeans standing in only a small pair of see-through panties and a relatively boring white bra.
Jack nodded when I motioned to my bra. “There is a certain element of quality control here as well.” Jack said.
Then it occurred to me that Jack might not approve of my heavy hanging breasts. No man had ever not approved of my breasts, but of course most were introduced to them when they were slightly higher on my chest.
I let them fall free and casually tossed the bra on the chair facing Jack proudly sticking my tits out for his approval.
“Wonderful” he said, “May I touch them?”
“I thought you said there was no touching.”
“There is absolutely no touching that is correct. But I am not one of your clients.”
I just nodded and Jack grabbed two handfuls of my breasts, he lifted them and pushed them together and played with my nipples a bit.
Staring at my little panties, Jack said, “It’s your choice on a day to day basis if you want to do just topless or fully nude, but of course fully nude pays more.”
“I think I will only do topless”
“That’s fine, but just in case you change your mind, I’d like to see it.”
What the heck, I was standing in the office of a guy I just met in my panties while he fondled my big tits. Why not show “it” to him.
I peeled off my panties and threw them on the heap of my clothes and without any shame displayed my well trimmed pussy for his viewing pleasure.
This time without asking, Jack just stepped forward and lightly touched the outside of my pussy lips and then turning me around caressed my ass and even opening my cheeks a little to see my back hole and pussy from behind.
“Wonderful, You will do very well, we can get you started tomorrow if you want. Have a seat.”
Still completely naked, I sat and faced Jack. “You will probably want to pick a different name for here, we like to be discreet.”
As I thought this over, Jack was unzipping his pants. I stood up quickly with my tits jiggling all about and grabbed for my clothes.
“Hang on there, I am not going to touch you. This is part of the training. What do you think your clients will be doing while you clean their floors with those big tits hanging out?”
I turned to face Jack once again and now his pants were at his knees and he was fondling his cock.
“Oh, I didn’t think about that.”
“Not all clients do this, some just watch, some are couples and there’s even a few women clients who just enjoy the fun of a naked woman cleaning their house.”
Jack had now stroked his cock into full hardness and was aiming it right at me.
“But many times, this is the last thing you will have to clean up” and he shot his cum on the tile floor between us.
Jack handed me some paper towels. “Wipe that up and you will have already made your first $150.” without hesitation I went to my knees making a big show of my swaying breasts and wiped up his cum.
“I thought you said it was $100” I said as he handed me a hundred dollar bill and an additional fifty.
“$150 for nude.”
“You can get dressed now, think of your work name, and we will see you tomorrow at 9:30 I hope.”

I arrived at Jack’s office at 9:30 the next morning, at the same time as other “maids” were crowding into the little office. Apparently topless maids were in high demand in our little city. There was a lot of chatter and laughing until Jack stood up and quieted the group.
“Alright let’s see your uniforms.” and with that the girls all started stripping, I was a bit behind in the process because I could not help but think how weird this all was. By the time I had taken my breasts out of my bra almost all of the women were already naked, with some keeping their panties on.
Jack went down the line of women handing them each a piece of paper with the name and address of their customer. The payment money was also folded into the paper. I had noticed that some women seemed to get only $100 while others clearly had another $50 bill as well.
Before Jack reached me I had figured it out, The girls who had stripped naked were getting the nude jobs and the ones in their panties were getting the topless only jobs, a little code.
Everyone seemed to be having a really good time as Jack moved down the line of girls occasionally feeling their breasts, pinching a nipple, slapping an ass or even sliding his fingers over the exposed pussies.
When Jack got to me he said “Welcome back.”, handed me my piece of paper and took and extra moment to squeeze my heavy hanging breasts.
The girls were now getting dressed and talking about their assignments and one by one heading back out to their cars. I tucked my $100 bill into my purse and looked at my little piece of paper. On it was written the name Sam Labroo with an address just around the corner from my townhouse and the word “topless”.
Sitting in my car it finally hit me. I was going to go to a strange house, strip, clean the house and probably watch the man jerk off. I had to laugh at the absurdity of it, but I was very happy to have that $100 Bill in my purse.
The address of Sam Labroo was actually in the same townhouse complex as mine just a few blocks away. I was excited and nervous as I rang the bell. The door opened quickly and I was greeted by a big “Hello” as if we were old friends. Then it hit me that I had seen Sam many times on the playground and that Sam had a daughter about my sons age.
I was not sure if Sam knew i was there to strip and be his maid, and we both stood in the doorway. After a brief moment I reached out my hand and introduced myself.
“Janice Egan, I’m the maid.”
“Oh yes yes come in. You can start here if you like.” showing me some dishes in the sink.
My mind wandered a little, realizing that I had used my real name and that for an Indian man Sam was very attractive and then of course if it was smart to be doing this in my own neighborhood, and then finally that I was supposed to strip to my panties at this point.
I unbuttoned and removed my blouse, all the while looking directly at Sam who was of course happy to see my big bra covered breasts.
“Do you mind?” Sam said, pointing to his crotch and I think I said “Okay” or something like that.
I bent to remove my skirt and when I looked up, Sam had pulled his brown cock out of his pants and was just letting it hang a few feet from my face.
Standing in just my shoes, panties and bra. We both just looked at each other smiling. I pulled off my bra and let my breasts swing naturally free. Sam reached for his cock and stroked.
I moved over to the sink and started to clean dishes making sure to swing my tits as much as possible, as this was really what Sam was paying for and he had worked his smooth brown cock into a very nice hard on. By the time I had the dishes done, Sams pants were around his ankles and he was stroking his cock with one hand and his balls with the other.
Sam asked if i would wipe the floor and handed me the dish towel I had been using. On my hands and knees this would put my breasts into full hanging and swinging mode and display my panty covered ass nicely.
Sam then knelt about 3 feet in front of me, still stroking his cock and staring at my swaying tits. I stared directly at his cock as he shot his cum on the floor in front of me. I could feel the wet warmth of my own pussy reacting to this little erotic scene and while still staring at the cum on the floor in front of me I reached into my panties just to touch my clit a little.
I kept eye contact with Sam while wiping up his cum and then handed him the towel.
5 minutes later after working in Sams house for only about a half-hour I was back in my car, with my skirt at my waist, my panties at my knees and my hands working my pussy and clit into a very nice orgasm.
I decided to head back to Jack’s office to see if I might possibly get another assignment for the day and when I got there the door was locked. I knocked and after a few seconds one of the girls I had seen earlier opened the door stark naked and laughing.
As I entered the office I noticed one other much older woman also naked on the couch and Jack as usual sitting in his chair, but this time with his pants down.
“We’re just killing some time before the afternoon assignments come in.” said Jack. “Put on your uniform and have a seat while we wait.”
I took this as instructions to strip naked and I didn’t need to be asked twice. Pausing at my panties, I looked over and saw each of the two other woman fully naked and casually playing with their pussies while they chatted. I was more than happy to display my still wet pussy to them.
Soon the phone rang and Jack took yet another order for a maid. Calling on the older woman Jack told her it was topless only and then spent a full minute lifting her hanging breasts. Then he gave her the address and her money and she was off.
Jack went to his computer to enter something and the other woman and I introduced ourselves and shaking hands with the sticky fingers that had just been in each of our pussies. We both smiled at this and then Jack turned back to us and began casually stroking his cock again.
The phone rang again and Jack once again took the order. “This one is for fully nude.” and the other woman stood up in turn for her assignment. Once again Jack took his time feeling her breasts and the woman who had introduced herself to me as Jackie, reached out to hold onto Jacks hard on. In a moment Jack’s hands went to Jackie’s pussy and ran up and down her slit and commenting on her nicely shaved lips.
For another 15 minutes I just sat there naked, playing with my pussy and making small talk with a man who I had just yet yesterday, his cock out and being stroked to full erection. Finally the phone rang again and I could see that Jack was pleased as he hung up.
“You ready for full nude?” he said.
With two fingers up my pussy it was hard to say no. I nodded and stood up for the obligatory “feel up” by Jack. “Regular customers. you will like them.” His hands taking my breasts fully and massaging the nipples. This caused a little weakness in my knees and a wetness between my legs which Jack noticed.
He reached for my wet slit and before I had a chance to react had one of his fingers up inside me. With no one else in the office, Jack was taking his time and I didn’t mind at all when he slid his finger in and out of me. Like the woman before me I took hold of Jack’s very hard cock and felt its entire length.
Suddenly Jack just stopped, stepped back, reached onto his desk and handed me my address and $150.
I dressed and stepped outside the office headed for my car and it occurred to me. Did Jack say “them?”

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