Top Best Sex Positions Kamasutra

Different types of sex position to satisfy your sex partner 

                                                                      Classic 69

                                                           Reverse Stand & Deliver

Deep Dish 

                                                                        The Clam

                                                                       The Crab

                                                                    The Cradle

The Longbow Read full article please

The Toboggan 

                                                                    The Underdog

                                                                The Wheelbarrow

                                                                     Lazy Doggie

                                                                        The Willow

Side Saddle 

                                                                        The Pearl

                                                                       The Plough

                                                                 Rocking Chair

Stand & Deliver 

                                                                    The Side Dish

Reverse Cowgirl 

                                                                  The Wheelbarrow

Deep Dish 

Raised Missionary 

Reverse Seated Cowgirl 

                                                          Reverse Seated Cowgirl 

                                                                      Classic Doggie

                                                               Classic Missionary

Reverse Spoon 

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