Tina's First Exhibitionist Experience

Hi! My name is Paul and this is a story about me and my girlfriend’s first exhibitionist experience.

I’m just an average built 22 year old guy who lives in Europe. Like most students who are attending college in their own town, I live with my parents. My girlfriend Tina is 19 years old. She has long brown hair, and a smile that could melt your heart. She isn’t really a sex bomb, doesn’t have big boobs, or a killer ass, but her petite body and charm wouldn’t be uninteresting to anyone.

I met Tina for the first time about two years ago when I was at a friend’s party at his beach house. Although we lived in the same town, I had never met her before. My friend introduced us and later that night I found out that she had just broken up with her boyfriend about a week ago. After few drinks he relaxed, so I asked her if I might have any chance with her. She just giggled and said “Maybe.”

I was wondering what could make the “maybe” into “yes” and as I discovered, the answer wasn’t so hard to find. I just poured us another drink and let her relax bit more. When it felt like the right moment, I just blurted out that I thought she was cute and then I kissed her. She didn’t try to break free, so I knew she felt the same. After that, we went for a long walk along the beach.

The next day, I called her and we spent the whole day together. We were talking between us and decided that we were officially a couple.

The rest of the summer was awesome. We were at the beach almost every day and at night we went out chilling with friends. When summer ended, we couldn’t be together as much as we were before, because we both had to study and our relationship cooled down a bit. That winter we had sex for the first time. She was still a virgin, so it took a lot of patience before she was ready, but I’ll tell you the story about that, some other time.

When the next summer finally came, I was so happy that the exams were over and that I could spend more time with Tina. It was just like the year before, going to the beach often and having fun.

Because both of us lived with our parents, there wasn’t much privacy for us. On rare occasions when parents weren’t home, we had the chance for some kissing and feeling, or quick sex.

One day, I asked my friend to lend me a boat so that I could go to the island just out in the bay and spend some private time with my girlfriend. When I told Tina, she was so excited about us having some time together alone.

While we were sailing to the island she asked me what the island was like because she had never been there before. I described how nice it was there as I had visited it a few times with friends. The island was small and made of rocks. It was covered with lots of trees and on the shore and in the sea was sand. It was just a perfect place to spend time.

When we arrived she noticed that there were fewer people there than on the regular beaches we had visited on the mainland. One thing she noticed even more was that some girls and women were topless or even nude. She caught me watching them and started to tease me about being a pervert.

We eventually found a nice spot under some trees; Tina fell asleep and my eye caught sight of a beautiful, topless, dark-haired woman, who was about 35 years old. She was lying on her back and I had a perfect view of her big breasts with dark areolas. Her body was so damn hot. Shortly after I noticed her, she got up and wrapped a towel around her. She was about to change her bikini bottom! I felt so lucky because the towel wasn’t long enough and it had an opening at the front. When she bent down to peel her bottoms off, I could clearly see her nicely shaved pussy. From just seeing that, I got an instant hard on.

Just then I noticed that Tina’s breathing had changed and that she had also been watching the woman the whole time, while pretending to be asleep. I acted as though I hadn’t noticed and when I looked at the woman again, she was already dressed.

When we got back home from the island, I told my friend what had happened, and he just smiled at me and told me that I could take the boat whenever I wanted, because he doesn’t use it that much. That day changed my views. I wanted my girlfriend to be topless too. I wanted her to expose a bit of herself.

The second time we went to the island I asked Tina if she would like to go topless, but she said she was too scared that someone would see her. I knew she would like to try it by the way she was looking at that woman a few days ago, but didn’t want to push her.

We went to the island a few more times, but summer was coming to an end. We knew this meant that all our fun would also be coming to an end soon and then we wouldn’t be able to enjoy so much time together. So, at the end of summer, when we visited the island again, I told her that this would probably be the last visit that year.

There weren’t many people around and once we had found our spot in the shade, she went for a swim. While she was swimming, I was looking around to see if there was anything interesting around. Just then, I noticed one couple get up and go a bit deeper into the island. I knew they were doing that so that people couldn’t see them from sea, but from where I was standing, the view was good.

I noticed Tina returning from swimming, so I told her about the couple. She turned and was looking at them with a curious smile on her face. Both the guy and girl looked younger than Tina. He was about average size, with a muscular build and she was way smaller than him, with blonde hair. At first they were just kissing, but then during one long, wet kiss, he started to pull her top off. She protested a bit, but it took him only a second untilher top fell to the ground. She had cute little milky white tits with tiny pink nipples. As I looked at her, I got a big hard on. Tina turned to me and kissed me really deep and while kissing, I groped her tits. Then she broke off the kiss to see what was happening with the couple we were watching.

The man was coaxing the girl to strip off her swimsuit bottom, but she didn’t want to. Then she whispered something in his ear, turned around and bent down. He pulled down his pants and got behind her. We couldn’t see well because there were bushes in the way and they were turned in the other direction, but we could see they were rhythmically moving back and forth. After a few minutes, they got dressed and left. I could see Tina was still in shock, so I asked her why she was so shy about removing her top, when that couple had just fucked 20metres from us. Then I saw the lustful look in her eyes and she removed her top. I couldn’t believe she did that. Her milky B cup tits were finally on display. My member was instantly hard again, but my excitement didn’t last long as a man was passing close by and she quickly covered herself with a spare towel. After he had passed by, she put her top back on and shortly afterwards, we returned home. That was our last visit that summer.

When college started we weren’t able to be together much, but it was different this time. We would often talk for hours on the phone. During one talk I asked her if she enjoyed our last visit to the island and she said yes. I then asked her if she liked being topless. She said that it was big turn on and that she gets wet just thinking about it. She promised me that next time, she will be topless on the island for the whole time. Damn, I couldn’t wait for summer to come.

The next few months passed quickly, some exams, lots of phone talk with Tina and sometimes even visits.

The third summer, I borrowed the boat from my friend again and was telling him some of the events that had happened last summer. He is always happy to hear stories that involve semi-nude or nude girls and was a bit disappointed when he heard that Tina only flashed her tits for a few minutes, but I told him that that was about to change.

When we went to the island for the first time that summer, I reminded Tina about her promise to be topless. She was reluctant at first because there were more people than last time, but then gained some courage and untied the strings from her top. I told her not to act shy nor to cover herself every time someone passed by, because she had promised not to.

Tina was lying on her back on a towel and I could see that some guys were watching my girlfriend’s breasts. When she noticed, she felt ashamed and tried to turn on her belly, but I reminded her again about her promise. After a few minutes, one older guy in his late forties moved and put his towel down just 10metres from us and was watching my girlfriend’s bare chest without even trying to hide it. He was a bit taller than me, chubby, with lots of hair on his chest and had a big bulge in his pants. Tina’s face was as red as a pepper, but I kissed her to make her feel more comfortable. A little later she went swimming and when she came back, she wanted to change into dry bikini bottoms and asked me to hold a towel around her waist. That gave me the opportunity to do what I had been waiting for. I wanted to show more of her to this pervert. I wanted to let him see more than just her tits. I wanted him to fully see my girlfriend’s hairless slit, but I knew that wasn’t easily possible, so I decided to flash her pussy for him. She was turned in the direction of that older guy and while she was slipping off her wet bikini bottom, I opened the front of her towel just enough to let him see her shaved little pussy. I looked at him and he gave me an evil smile. I could see that the bulge in his pants had become even bigger and Tina didn’t even know what I had done. My heart was pounding hard. I couldn’t believe that I had just let a man, more than twice her age, see her little pussy.

That evening I was telling my friend what had happened and how turned on I was. He told me that it was obvious Tina and I both enjoyed it and wanted something new, so he suggested that I should go a bit further to test her limits.

Later that night, Tina called me and we were talking about that day. She told me how embarrassed she felt with guys staring at her and being able to see her uncovered breasts. However, she admitted at the same time, that there was something about it that had turned her on and told me that when she came home, her pussy was wet as never before. We were both so horny that we tried phone sex for the first time, both of us cumming very quickly. We decided to go again the next day.

I was so excited about what my friend had suggested that I decided to try it. When we arrived at the island it didn’t take me long to persuade Tina to take her top off. Not long after that, I saw that same older guy approaching, but this time he was with a woman I guessed was his wife. What a busty milf I thought to myself. She was about his age, but looked really good for her years. Long curly blonde hair and big tits. They put towels down not far to the right of us.

It wasn’t long before his wife removed her top and they began to touch one another. After that, I could see his wife had removed the bottom of her swimsuit and shortly afterwards, the guy did the same. Tina was a bit shocked, but tried not to look it. I could see he was whispering something to his wife and I wondered if he was talking about events that happened yesterday. Occasionally the couple would look in our direction to check what we were doing and while Tina was turned away, I looked at the guy’s wife.

She was sitting with her legs closed, but when she noticed me looking at her, she spread her right leg wide open and I could see her hairy pussy open up for me. Her pussy was dark red and was wide open. She looked into my eyes and slowly closed her legs and all of a sudden I became bold and asked Tina if she would like to remove her bottoms too.

She got all shy again and said, “There is no way I’m stripping myself naked when so many people could see me.”

I said, “Come on, the couple next to us are already naked and your tiny bikini is covering just a little part of your body anyway, so it is not big deal to remove it.”

I saw her lust take over her body and then she asked, “Do you really want to see me go naked in front of that guy and other people that could pass close to us?”

It didn’t take me long to say, “Sure honey.”

She then slowly peeled her bottoms down and her nice bald pussy came into view. I couldn’t believe she was actually removing the remainder of her bikini for all to see. I never thought she would be totally naked on a beach and let some random strangers see her pussy. She then lay down on her back.

The man’s wife noticed that Tina had removed her clothes completely, so she nudged her husband to take a look. He turned our way and I could see his cock slowly rise as he looked at Tina’s naked body. It was at least 5cm longer than mine and just as thick.

With all the adrenaline that was kicking about, I didn’t see how tense and nervous Tina was. Her legs were tightly shut to avoid a direct view of her pussy. I put my hand on her legs and she was trembling.

I told her, “Relax baby, it’s not a big deal, “but she said, looking at me with her cute green eyes that no one except me, had ever seen her naked before, not even her ex-boyfriend.

She looked totally adorable, so I decided to remove my clothes too so that she wasn’t the only one naked and waited for her to relax a bit.

Then she turned on her side and asked me, “Do I think I am hot?”

I just laughed and confirmed.

Suddenly I realized that when she had turned on her side she had given that couple a perfect view of her tight little ass and she wasn’t even aware of it. I glanced over the top of her body and saw an amazing sight. The guy was watching my girlfriend’s ass and his wife was stroking his thick cock. Even more disturbing was that we hadn’t even noticed that they had also moved to be just a few metres from us.

I realized this sight could be too much for my shy girlfriend, so instead of saying anything, I just started to play with her perky nipples. When they got hard I moved my left hand down onto her pussy. It was already soaking wet. At first she protested because we were in public, but after few seconds she gave up and reached for my erection. I hugged her with my right hand which was there only for few seconds and then moved to her ass, slowly pulling at her left ass cheek.

Suddenly she panicked.

“What are you doing? There is an older couple behind me and they will see my pussy.”

I said, “Relax honey. Don’t worry about them. Just let me feel your ass for a while.”

I didn’t wait for permission. While my left hand was playing with her clit, the other one was pulling her cheeks apart. She didn’t protest, but instead just let it happen. She was trembling like a leaf on the wind. I moved my head to see what the couple was doing.

His wife was sitting with her legs spread wide, while her husband was ramming his two fat fingers into her twat. I could see that they were both looking at us closely, but couldn’t see much more because Tina was holding her legs straight and I was behind her. I wanted them to see more of my sweet little girlfriend than just her ass crack, so I pulled her leg over my hip. She didn’t know why I did that, but I knew. She wasn’t fat, more like skinny, so when she bent her leg her pussy opened up like a flower and they could see the most intimate part of her body.

I could only imagine what a turn on, the sight of her innocent little 19 year old body would be for a guy of his age. I knew he had good view of her wet pussy, because of the big smile that appeared on the guys face when she bent her legs.

Suddenly Tina said, “Oww stop… stop please… I’m about to cum.”

But I didn’t stop. I wanted her to cum right there in front of us. Her muscles started to tense and I knew she was cumming. Then she became aware of the situation around her, felt ashamed and wanted to get dressed.

I said to her, “Relax, it’s ok. Just lie a little longer so that I can cum too.”

I looked at her and when I saw her cute face, beautiful petite body, and her sexy legs, I knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum.

I looked over at the guy, who was in a squatting position while his wife was furiously stroking his cock which was pointing in the direction of my girlfriend’s pussy. I started to stroke my cock and told Tina to reach over and grab her ass, and spread her cheeks.

I could see shame in her eyes as she said, “I feel so embarrassed and dirty already. Please don’t make me do that.”

But I didn’t give up, “Nothing to be shy about,” I replied,” they have already seen it all. Just let them have a slightly better look. Show the old guy just how wet your little cunny is.”

She was scared and embarrassed, but at the same time I could see the excitement in her eyes. Then, as I had asked, she slowly reached for her ass and spread her cheeks to give that horny old man a proper look. I couldn’t believe that I had asked my sweet 19 year old girlfriend to expose herself to a guy so he could cum and even more that she actually went through with it.

It was all too much for me and I started shooting cum all over Tina’s legs and lower belly. She turned to grab some tissues and was shocked when she saw that the couple was just a few metres from her, while the guy was receiving a hand job.

The sight of her nude body covered with cum and her expression of confusion and panic sent the guy over the edge. He started shooting strings of cum all over the place. She quickly wiped up my cum with the tissues and we started to get dressed.

It didn’t take us long and as we left, I gave the couple a big smile and we went home.

On the way back we were still excited and recovering from the sensations of that day. I even got Tina to strip and let me take some nude pics of her. I am sure she was as horny as I was, because it was the first time she had let me do that. I thought she would be angry because I made her strip and show herself in front of total strangers, but instead, she was totally turned on. When I asked her if she wanted to repeat that again, she was unsure. But I knew better than that.

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