Time with gorgeous black

Sumi was always with us. I didn’t mark her in some other look just friend. You know we get detached Lina & me. So I was mad for sex. My parents were too much friendly, that’s why most of our friends use to come at my house.

Some time friends come when my parents were not in home. She was divorced and use to smoke regularly. In some time, we had drinks also. One day she came with very much bad mentality. That day she wears a shire.

She asked me, “do u have any objection if I gona be a prostitute” I was surprised too much but feel her sadness in her mind. So I told her tell me what’s the prob? She said you don’t feel my problems? I said yap you have a very sad incident in your younger life,

but that doesn’t mean your life is end. She said you didn’t think so but do you know how it fells when you are habituated in sex and suddenly it stopped. I said yeah I know. She said how you know you are not married yet.

Therefore, I have to tell her about the sexual relation between my x-lover Lina and me. I describe her how do we have sex regularly. She didn’t know this very well so she was shocked to hear this. She said then you know how I feel in nights specially.

I said prostitution in not the solution. Now I began to look at her in that way and I feel she is also hot. She wears a Shari and that’s made of thin clothes may be jorjet. I could see his white bra strap under her blouse. When she stands up to go to toilet,

I could see her panty outline borders under her downside. She went to toilet I just think how she will look only in bra and panty. Let me describe her. She is a nice looking girl, a little blackish color but she is very cute. Her figure is 30-28-34, that means her asses were big.

With Sumi my other two friends also came. Ronny and Azad. Both of them work to do, but couldn’t go as Sumi is in very bad mood, I told them go to their works; I’ll take care of her. So they went away. She was in the toilet so when she came out Ronnie and Azad were gone.

She asked me where are they? I said they are gone as they have works to do. In my home there were nobody accept two of us. I knew my home would be empty since evening. So we were talking and smoking.

Then I said to her yesterday I went to a party and bring some whiskey from there. Will you want to have some of it? She said obviously. I said okay. I took two glasses and bring her whiskey around three pegs. I also took same.

We were seating in my room. I have an xxx movie cd. We friends were too much free to each other. So I asked her wana see something cool. She said what’s that. I just open the television and start the movie. She said nothing just watches.

I could feel her berthing began heavy but I don’t know as it for whiskey or the movie. What’s the reason that’s the question? I put my one hand on her lap, she said nothing. Then I start to message her one leg over her knee over her Shari.

She first said nothing two minutes left, she have sweat on her face, eyes were closed and this time I message her two legs over the Shari over her knees hardly. She just said nothing closed her eyes and breathe heavily. My hands going on up words, from her knee to pussy.

When I rub her pussy she didn’t change her position, just moan …ahhhmmm. I believe she gona have a heavenly pleasure after a long time. So I start to rub her pussy over the clothes, and with my other hand I start pressing her boobs for the first time.

Oh, those two were very much soft to touch. After some days I’m touching boobs and pussy, I gona fuck. My penis was erected and hot. It wana have a touch of a soft sexy female hand. So I took her hand and put it over my pant.

I was in shorts of thin clothes, my dick make a tent in it and the head of the tent was wet of my pre-cum. She started to muster bade me over my pant, and I unhook the zipper, it just jump out from my pent. This time she also message my bolls also put her hand inside my pant.

It’s enjoying to play with a experienced player. I just remove her Shari first, then her blouse and petticoat. She was now in her white Sami transparent bra and panty. Oh, as she was not white, a little bit dark but she was looking like a gorgeous woman and sexiest ever.

May be if any director of the company watch her in this position they could make her the model of their company product. Perfect model figure for bra and panty, as like coke bottle. Sumi always use deep lipstick in her throats as she smoke her lips looks dark.

I knew she always use lipstick of lavelo. I even knew it that lavelo lipstick taste very nice to lick as my x-lover always use that brand. Both of our hands were playing with each other’s private parts. I put my one hand over her boobs and squeezing them

and my another thumb was inside her panty, I was finger fucking her. She was giving me a nice hand-job, putting her hand over my 8-inch dick. First time I kiss her on her lips. She was just waiting for it as she was in a long thrust of it.

We were sucking each other lips, tongue and suck and lick all the salvia, again taste that lipstick, it was very nice taste. It’s taste were very good. It continued for five or six minutes. I start to lick her face, ears then I begun to go down wards as we were in the divan.

I lay her and I opened her white bra from back. She was now in her panty, which was wet, and my thumb inside her wet pussy. I was watching what a gorgeous boobs. Let me describe it first. She was blackish in color but her cute nipples were pinkish in color,

around her nipple there was cercal of brown color. It makes those beautiful boobs sexier. No carves were in the boobs. They were straight, nipples were in the center hard and gorgeous. Oh, I fuck already 27/28 girls but I didn’t find similar boobs like her.

She had extra ordinary boobs. I just first squeeze them softly, and then start to lick them. For the first she start moaning and place her two hands on my head and pressing my hairs and she was moaning like this… ohhh….ahhhmm…

…ommmmmm….nice…..suck…..suck…..ommmm… … oh… you… are …. very…. nice……. ommmm…suck…. she was pressing her own boobs with my head, my one hand start to move downstairs, it start to fuck her pussy again with the thumb.

Now my mouth also wants to go there. Taste her love juices, thick juices; I miss the taste for some days. Going towards her pussy I lick her naval and bally. She was a girl of gorgeous figure, I can’t believe it.

Many time I saw her in low cut dresses, even I saw her boobs carve outside her dress, covered with bra cups, but I never think that she has such gorgeous boobs. I just remove her panty and throw it with the other clothes.

I lick her sexy legs, her knees; she was moaning and shivering with joys. Her down shape was very nice. Her waist was perfect shape narrow then downwards it was little bit spread, a perfect round shape ass, down ally was shaped inside her v-spot, thin cunt lips,

no hairs over the pussy, and perfect legs mach with her figure. I first kiss on those thin lips, she holds my hairs more tight and moan..ohhhm… then I start to lick it. She was moaning …ommmm…ohhhm…ahhha……ommmmha…. I was fucking her with my tongue now.

My hands parted her pussy lips and enter my tongue inside her pussy. I was moving it as like dick in and out as fast as possible. She was moaning like devil … ommmm… fast….fast,,, li…fast…. Don’t …..Stop….fast……. I knew she gona burst anytime.

I was waiting for it. It tastes very nice to drink girls love juices. And with a long jerk she rise up her asses hold my hairs tight pressing it inside her, she relished her load. Her juice was salty, thick, oily and testy. I love to drunk them all more then whiskey.

She was squeezing my hairs and moan.. ahha..Take…them.. ommm…drink…them….lick…it…. mmahhh….ommm. Now this is my turn to be sucked. She laid me on the divan. She came on the top. She removed my shorts and threw it.

She then first kisses on the top of my 8-inch dick. She knew it how to suck and satisfy men. Then she starts to lick it from top to bottom. She also sucks my two balls. It was very much enjoyment that I feel if she continued for more four or five minutes I gona cum in her mouth.

She gives me a very nice blowjob. But I don’t wana cum now. So I let her lick my dick, her salvia was all over my dick, she taste my pre-cum. But when I feel it’s time to stop, I just hold her hair, rise her hade from my dick and give her a kiss.

She asked why do you stop me, I wana taste your cum. I replied you would later on. By this time, I put my thumb again in her cute hole. I feel her wetness again there. She was on my top. I entered her from that position. She helps me to do so.

I feel my hard dick more then half was inside her hot cunt. It’s feels much batter to touch her internal vagina wall with my lather rod, but it was little bit tight. So I start to pump her from downside. She was enjoying it with her closed eyes.

Her lips were attached with my lips. We kiss each other, hugs each other. Though her lips were in my lips she moans with my every stroke like this….ommm..ammm. I knew she is happy to get this. I was stroking her from down but very fast and hard,

with her and my pre-cum the hole was slippery. So my hard dick now enters total and coming out with smoothness. This time she also starts to stroke from top. My hands were over her nice asses, sexy soft buttocks and she was moving it with my speed up and down,

actually you could say she was pumping me. I told you it’s a enjoyment and charm to play with experience player. Obviously, she was a nice partner of sex playing. She is sexy, cute, experienced. Now she is seating over my bally and starts to stroke me.

I just raise my dick up for her help. My dick was pleased to have such a sexy girl’s pussy. Her two boobs were jumping with her stroke, nipples those cute pinkish nipples were hard, and I start to squeeze them with my hands. She was riding on my cock.

So you can call it cock-riding. She was doing it very well. Our fuck makes various sounds while the cock enters and coming out from her whole, as both of our pre-cum was coming out. It sounds like ….pos…pos…pos…pos…pos…

I like this sound very much and she increased her speed now and moaning like this ….ommmm… ahhhh…ohho….mmm…ahhh…ohhh… I knew she is near to her second climax. So finally she press her waist harder and dipper took all my dick inside her

and said ….ahhhhhhhhhhhhha….mmmmm…..She just lied on my chest, my dick was inside her, showering with her love juice, some of it (juices) coming out of his hole and make my balls wet. I didn’t bring out my hard dick which didn’t cum yet, I just role over and I was on top now.

I took her two legs on my shoulder and start to pump her by this time she was moaning again omm…ohhoooo..fuck….more…hard…fuckkk…..faster…ahhhh…oohhho..mmm. I asked her increasing my speed will I cum inside you, she said yap ohhhh…mmm…you…can…..

ommmm i..amm….in…..my….safe…period…mmmm….cum…fuck….fast…. I was pumping so fast that it was shaking the entire divan. It makes easier as she cumed before nine or ten minutes, those juices were make my cock’s intercourse much smoother.

It sounds like the pumping….poch…poch…poch…poch… and her moaning was now loud. I could feel her pussy wall inside screaming, shivering feeling my hard dicks stork. Hmm I’m feeling my loads presser now, they are coming from inside my rod a lot of cum I believe,

as it was my first climax. I increased my speed more. She was shivering now, moaning like hell and I just moan once before I cum inside her pushy ……..ahhhhhhhhhhh……. I give her a deep stroke, my total dick inside her hole.

A lot of thick, salty white fluid. I shoot them with my long hard dick. It fill up her hole, some was coming out from the hole and I was jerking in side her hole, I gave two more stroke to relies my total load inside her wet pussy and her climax again come out with mine.

I put of her legs from my shoulder and lied over her putting my dick inside her, as I was tired for the long fuck setion of 20 minutes. She was holding me tight and hugged me tight. However, after one minute she jumped up I was astonished.

She came up took my dick inside her mouth total. It was full of our mixed cum, wet and becoming soft. She sucks it; lick it dry like a hungry baby sucking for milks. Ohm it was very nice to feel while she sucks it for three minutes, it became again hard.

She was very pleased to see it hard, she sucks it for more five or six minutes, she also sucks my balls. Oh, she does it very well, in fact, she is experienced. I laid her and came on her top, I make her arise again. This time I fuck her in doggy style,

her soft buttocks were very charming. When I stroke them from backside, I feel so much enjoyment to press them, this sation continued for more 30 minutes, she cumed thrice at this sation. After that day, we continue our sex playing whenever we got chance.

Some time in her house, sometime in my house. This continued for four years, until she goes Switzerland. Even I fuck many girls in my life, but she was exceptional among them, experienced and sexy and knows how to satisfy her partner.

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