Till her husband returns…..

The old man rested his aching back on to the door of his car, his eyes tightly shut and his mouth felt dry as he gasped for breath. His aged muscles and his libido worked in tandem as he body throbbed in sheer animalistic pleasure. He felt a wave of relief, the ache between his legs seething as he felt his penis quiver in his tight grip. The piercing pain seethed in a sudden rush of relief as his scrotum bounced back and forth producing the much needed nectar of life. His seeds shot out of his penis in sporadic bursts, gobs of his semen shooting out, his muscles ached, his body quivered and he groaned a deep guttural sound of satisfaction, of a man deeply satisfied as he let out a second and third burst of his seeds. He opened his eyes, the sudden awareness of his surroundings when he did made him excited, as the dying lights of the city welcomed his sense of satisfaction and he loosened the grip around his penis. One final burst of his semen shooting out as though frothing in anger. He looked down, despite the dying lights, before his eyes, between his legs he got a glimpse of an image he would take to his very grave, an image he could live and relive for days ahead and nights of loneliness. It was the fourth time for him that day, he could not even remember when the last time was something like that had happened to him. 

Priya worked hard. 
She had no life apart from her work. What began as a “time pass” when her husband was not around had turned out to be a full time job. The college work and curriculum kept her busy, weekends she would sit late till night, her laptop displaying presentations and document pages. A cup of coffee next to the laptop gradually becoming cold, the only company she had was the sound emanating from the television set, since she was more scared of silence than anything especially at night when she was alone.

That Friday night was no different, she had called for a 10 a.m class, much to the chagrin of her students, on a otherwise off day. Her students, despite their vocal protests, had finally agreed when she promised a day off the next Friday if they co-operated with her to see through the syllabus prescribed for the quarterly term exams. She scanned through the text books making notes, knowing very well her students would be in no mood to sit in the class she had downloaded a few teaching aids in the form of Marketing videos and Presentations. She had also dwelled into her data bank of old funny advertisements putting a few to make the fifty page three hour presentation look interesting. 

Next day her class was half full as she hurried in a full five minute late. A few students followed in just as she adjusted the projector screen and just as she opened her laptop for the presentation she had made sitting all night, the rest of the empty benches found their respective occupants. A full class, she knew her students would not let her down not if she promised a day off, something she had to sit with rest of the professors and figure out how. The class went on smoothly with a full fifteen minute break in between and just as she expected it got over a few minutes after 1 p.m. The Q & A was hurriedly finished; she did not want to delay her class anymore as she wished her students a good weekend. She knew she could forward the important questions and chapters and reference books (for those extra bright students who always enquired of the same) on mail to all of them. She would attach the presentation and the word documents she had used to make notes, anything to help the kids. 

Waking up late that Saturday morning was not part of her plan; the alarm the mobile had triggered had not helped her much. By the time she had got ready for work it was late to pack her breakfast. She stopped for a sandwich enroute and it had helped her hold till mid of her class, the cup of coffee one of the students had picked up was a relief. She rushed back to her apartment crashing on the bed tired and hungry in no mood to cook food. She thought she would get up late and order something from the nearby pizza joint and finish the day off watching one or the other movie on her trusty television set. 

Priya had no idea how long she had slept, the door bell rang continuously and furiously. She got out of the bed without giving it much thought as to who would be at the door. Her friends would occasionally drop in to escape from their boredom of family and invade her life and house with bottles of vodka and some fried chips and chicken. She rushed to the door and opened it.

“What took you so long to open the door?” It was her father in law; he stepped in to the room and then respectfully looked aside, away from her. Something amiss, she looked at herself and quickly retracted back to the privacy of her bedroom. 

Priya looked at the huge mirror in the bedroom closet, “Oh Bloody” she almost shouted aloud. She was still in the sari which she had worn to her class. (Those who do not know of this Indian attire – it is mainly wrapped around the hips in layers stretching all the way to the feet and a neatly folded end draped around the shoulder, barring the midriff. It is usually worn over a petticoat, with a fitted upper garment or blouse which has short sleeves & is usually cropped at the midriff). It was completely dishevelled, the drape held by a single pin hardly covered her voluptuous cleavage thanks to the top two hooks open exposing her bra. The layers wrapped around her hips had also slipped loose falling well below her navel giving a good view of her lower stomach. She hurriedly made herself presentable and walked back to the front room where her father in law had already seated himself comfortably watching the television. 

“I had special class today. Had stayed up late preparing yesterday so came back and crashed. What brings you here?” She asked as she sat on the chair opposite to him, careful not to block whatever he was watching. 

“I had to come to the city, so thought would drop by and pick you up. Been long since you have been home so, you have some other plans for the weekend?” he enquired.

“Not really. I am free till Monday noon.” She replied remembering her class was second half of the day.

“Well in that case pack up. A few of my relatives are coming home for the weekend, so would be good if you could drop by.” 

“Yes of course.” She replied “Can I get you something?” Knowing very well his answer would always be “dark coffee with little sugar”.

He replied and she hurried to the kitchen reaching for the coffee pot. While in the kitchen Priya she glanced at her father in law, just in time to see him pull his shirt out, which in all cases was always tucked in neatly, to cover whatever needed to be covered. That was when she remembered the show she had given him a few minutes back as he walked in. Not that she was a sadist but the sudden realisation that she had done enough to get him excited, she wondered, as she poured the steaming coffee into the mugs, what all he would have thought to get an erection that was jumping out his pants. 

It had been almost six months since her husband took over a project in Europe, given the time difference he was mostly asleep when she would wake up and most of their interactions were through the ever reliable Skype. Over the past few months even calls were reduced to once a week, he had got busy with his work which was usual and she had dived into the vast ocean of her curriculum and dynamic developments in her subject, Marketing. Erasing the thoughts she paced back to the front room with the coffee mugs. 

“Was she so desperate that she would want him?”the last thought as she handed him the cup of coffee.

Somewhere deep in her mind, she suppressed a yes. The yes was more out of her long lost curiosity and the inherent nature of her being what she always was, kinky. 

The seething hot cup of coffee came as a welcome distraction. 

Unknown to her, it was the cup of coffee that came as a huge relief to him. His mind was crowded with thoughts about their respective bodies fusing in a rhythmic unison climaxing into a shattering orgasm. His thoughts had wandered about what he saw a few minutes back. She was still sleepy, rubbing her eyes as she had opened the door and trying to figure things out. That was all the time he needed, that was all the time a man needed. Her round shaped breasts were thrusting out of its restrains, the deep cleavage. The sari in complete disarray, revealing all of her flat, perfectly shaped stomach arching smoothly. A few more inches down he wished. It was an image he would remember for long he knew and as soon as he had seen it the vitality of his youth brimmed up to a fervour that he had lost, a passion that had left long back, he somehow had convinced himself it was all over for him and yet here he was sitting right next to her, trying his best to focus on the coffee and above all keeping his thoughts and emotions in firm grip. It would be embarrassing for him to have a boner and even worse for her to see that. On second thoughts he wished she was not there for a moment, he would gladly unzip and take out his fly and do what teenagers around the world did, with all the excitement and all the satisfaction that accompanied it. There was no shame in it. 

The coffee had almost gotten over, he spoke about the new plot that he had purchased and the extensive farming needed before the rains set in. He long retired as a big shot in a public firm and had retired to his native village where people respected him and called him “Saab”, the local slang for Sir. While she spoke about the long classes and even more hours spent preparing for each hour of class. It was not easy being a professor for a masters class, both the student and teacher had to tons of work to do before either became good in the chosen topic. 

“So how long has he been gone?” He asked.
“About seven months.” She replied as she leaned forward and placed the cup on the table.
“I figure about nine months since I have seen him.” He replied as he sipped the last drops of the now warm beverage, “Does he call?” 
“Yes he had, last week.”
“Ask him to dial me. It is not good what he is doing leaving you here alone and going there. He does not need money, he has enough of it. Ask him to start living before it is too late.” His guttural voice took over, betraying his hatred for his son’s typical answer to such questions. 

The shot of questions continued for a good fifteen minute, it was mostly him asking a question followed by his own monologue for an answer about how displeased he was with how her life was turning out. He had said at least a dozen time “start living before it is too late”. She tried to defend her husband a few times, her replies of “he will be back in a year” and “it is the right thing to do for his career” and “everyone does it” fell into deaf ears.

It did not matter. 

“When I saw you with all your dress in disarray, I was half happy that you were getting something and then when I saw you rub your eyes…” he let her finish the sentence.
She did not reply.
“I know my son. He would be screwing one girl or the other. I too would have done the same.”
“I don’t know about your son, but he told me that you were adamant when his mom passed away.” She replied.
“Adamant, yes a few years and then I too had a few friends’ wives and even a few of their daughters.” He replied, as if it was the normal thing to say. “I am not an idiot like him; I would not want to lose the moment.”
She paused a bit, did she really hear him correctly, she had to confirm.

“You really would not mind if I was going behind your son’s back?” she asked, shocked that she asked and surprised that she would ask.
“Why? I am too old, and today when I look back I feel sorry that I missed as much as five years being adamant. If I was a little less adamant, I would have had my second marriage.” He paused, “So no I would not, I do not know about him, but not me.” 

“You are not that old. You still can.” She replied.
He laughed loud, “Not now my dear. I would not want to buy a wine yard for a few bottles of wine every year. It makes no sense.” He continued his laugh.
“Glad to know you get to taste a few bottles.”
“Not after you guys got married and since I retired and settled back in my hometown. The business trips were lower in number and so were the chances. It would be too crazy to go out and look for it, I am not that desperate. Moreover a right option would make a lot of difference these days.” He replied.
“Right option” she replied, “I too will look out.”
“You have anyone in mind?” He asked.
“Not at the moment. What about you?” She asked.
“I had a few.”
“Anyone I know? Maybe I could push a word or two in your favour.”
“It would need a long push.”
“Try me. I will at least give it a go, if something works out, we all will have a better day.”
“There is no all.” He replied without batting an eyelid, his intentions right out in the open, he could not have arrived at it in a better way.

It did not take long from there, she was still in her sari, the only difference and she was kissing her father in law. His hands were all over her waist and bums.

He then moved aside, sat on the bed, waiting for his daughter in law to join him, the few seconds of waiting looked like ages, his emotions and excitement transforming into a fresh lease of life and blood between his legs, as he felt the familiar bulge he had suppressed as he walked in.

Priya stood a few feet away from her, removed the drape around her shoulder and let it fall on the floor; she then slowly unhooked the pin holding the longer end of sari at her waist. Taking her sweet time she removed the rest of the cloth, giving him a good view of her strip. The hooks of the blouse were the next to come, the blouse soon joined the sari on the floor. The skirt was the next to be undone and she slipped out of it, standing in her innerwear. She looked at him, his eyes glued at her. 

He leaned back on the bed resting his aging back on the head of the bed, his legs spread aside, waiting for her gentle touch and lips. She climbed on the bed and crawled towards him, her fingers caressing his inner thighs through the fabric of his pants; she unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his pants. The pants soon joined on top of her cloths, she extended her fingers and grabbed his cock, it pulsated against her touch. Without much delay, she pulled down his shorts, his cock popped up alive and throbbing. She stared at it as if she had not seen one.

“Oh God!” she said, in a voice that was hardly audible under the electronic whirr of the air conditioner. 

His cock was long and hard and thick, full of life. The bulbous head continuing on to a thick shaft crisscrossed by veins and nerves, two huge balls still full of life. Compared to him, his son was still a teenager. She wrapped her fingers around it without much delay, she felt it push under her grip. She leaned forward and licked the tip of his penis, and slowly wrapped her tongue around it as much as she could. She then slowly and teasingly licked the head of his penis, taking her sweet time. 
Live in the moment, she reminded herself.
Priya then dolled out lavish swish of her tongue all the way down his rod till she had his balls in her mouth and she sucked on it. 

He rested his head with his hands grabbed her hair and held it away from her face, he did not want to miss it, not a moment of it.

Priya then let a good amount of her spit on top of his penis and then jerked it a few times, his muscles strained under her touch, he tightened his grip around her hair and tucked it a bit high. She opened her mouth and took his cock in her mouth and sucked on it. 

He wanted more of it, gently he thrust her head pushing his cock deep into her mouth, she did not hold back as he felt the tip of his cock deep in her mouth. She took a few precious second before retracting her head, a stream of her spit falling on his cock. She repeated it a few times till thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. 

With her free hand she slipped it between her legs, her pussy was wet and filled with her juices, the mere touch of her finger sent a shiver down her spine. 

She stood up and slipped down her panties, positioned herself right above his hips and slipped in his saliva smeared cock into her cunt. 
He adjusted his position to penetrate her properly, he felt the welcome resistance. Her muscles wrapping around the head of his penis, she was wet and so was he dripping with her saliva. 

Priya felt her pussy muscles stretch as she welcomed her father in laws massive organ between her legs. When her bums rested on his thighs she let out a sigh of relief, a moan which was louder. He grabbed her bums and began rocking it up and down and she helped him every time he did that she strained and lifted her bum as high as possible, almost slipping his penis out a few times before finally thrusting it all the way in. 

All the wait, every bit of his muscles finally played harmoniously. A sudden animalistic desire gripped him, he swiftly held her bums and shifted his position, made her lie on the bed with him between her legs. His hands wrapped tightly around the rails of the window, gripping it tightly. 

The next few minutes were sheer animalistic fervour, thrust after thrust he pushed in and out of her. In short and long breaths he groaned and groaned, nonstop. His age meant he had to pause a bit before plunging back.

Priya felt her world crumble around her, he had hardly began thrusting and she felt her body weaken, her stomach muscles cramp and she moaned in a pleasurable orgasm. When he increased the pace she felt her body weaken again, sweat rolling down her cheeks, her muscles strained and breath slowed down. She tried to hold back a few times and then finally let herself flow a second time with a louder moan. 

Priya was surprised he had yet to slow down, she lifted her legs and wrapped around his waist, as he lifted his hip a bit more. Positioning again he thrust in and out of her cunt, a possessed frenzy, renewed life force and he went on at it. His balls slapping against her butt cheeks, she heaved her hip a bit high and felt his penis go all the way in. 

His pace slowed and his groans louder and then he came deep in her cunt. The gush of his juices shooting out into her pussy made her climax one more time. It was like a tap opened after a long time, his semen gushed out in torrential force filling her up, the warm juices deep in her. 
And just as he had started he collapsed on her, a bundle of flesh and bones, sweating. His breath slow and erratic, their bodies entwined, cum and wasted they lay under the cold air tightly hugging each other. 

What woke them up was the ring of her mobile, it was late in the evening, she did not bother to pick up the phone, it was a colleague of hers. He was still lying next to her, drifting between sleep as he withdrew from her grip and slept next to her. His cock shrivelled and life less, stained with their bodily fluids. She felt the same stickiness between her legs. Not bothering to check the time, she walked to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of water and gulped down half of it. 

Ten minutes later she got two glasses of tea, he had woken up.

“You made me feel alive.” He replied.
“I don’t even want to tell what I was going through when you were on top of me.” She replied with a chuckle, placing the tray of tea on the bed. He leaned forward and kissed her on the lips before reaching for his tea.

They had finished the tea, plans of going home was still there though it was very late. She went in for a bath and he followed her, they stood under the shower and let the warm water drip on them as they applied soap on each other. 

Blame it on the warm water flowing on them under the shower or her touches on his naked skin. He applied plenty of soap on her back and bums and when she turned he remembered he had not seen her breasts, two round tits with pointy nipples, he took the nipples in his mouth and sucked on it as she reached for his penis with her soapy hands. Soon he was hard again, just like he had been earlier.

They stood under the shower and cleansed their soapy body, the warm water made him harder and harder till he felt it almost burst out. He pulled up the small stool with his leg asked her to sit on it.

Turning off the shower he stood in front of her.

“I want to see you drenched in my cum.” He said.

She smiled and cleared the strands of hair from her face.

He began jerking holding his penis up, gripping it tightly he was in a hurry to see results. It did not take him long and thanks to her teasing lips and twinkling eyes, he was ready to burst.

The first shot of his warm juices shot on to her cheeks, a second followed right on her lips and chin and then a third on her forehead. Three big pools of his sperm deposited on her face and he looked at his lovely daughter in law still smiling and teasing him. She then opened her mouth, he slipped in his penis into her mouth and she sucked obediently. She grabbed his balls with one hand and his penis with the other squeezing them in tandem as she sucked on his penis, the last drops of his cum emptying into her mouth as she did it. The old man relieved and relaxed watched the beautiful lady half his age tease him with her zest. 

The five hour drive had begun soon after they had cleaned up and dressed to go. The old man known for his fast driving had floored the pedal, weaving through the weekend traffic expertly. They were soon out of the city limits and into the highway with little traffic as the sun began to set in. The old man began to relax once he had crossed the city, the driving though faster was mostly in a manner which was a mix of seasoned experience and confidence that came with familiarity of the route. He rarely spoke while he was driving but he would put a few thoughts and wait for her reply. 

There were no more curtains between them. He would stretch his hands to squeeze her breasts while still keeping his eyes on the road, she unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked her bra, so he could have touch it, his cold palms on her warm breasts. She in turn would unzip and pull out his penis, stroke them as he drove, all in the cover of dark and within the comforts of the car. It was fun and it was pleasurable.

On a rather long stretch of road with no accompanying traffic, she unbuckled her and leaned towards him and took his penis in and wrapped her tongue around the tip of his penis. Despite the discomfort and the gear poking her stomach, she pleasured him for a precious few seconds. It took a tap from him on her head to finally stop her from lifting her head and sitting back on her seat. He changed the gear and slowed for the speed breaker. She wrapped her fingers around his slippery manhood and started masturbating, with slow and masterful strokes, all the way from the tip to all way down. 

As things began to stir in the car he eased up on the throttle and let the car drift smoothly. His body reacting to her slow and fast stroking, his breath erratic and with heavy sighs. It was a relief when he finally felt his balls empty itself, the warm juices shooting out and dripping down the long shaft of his, her fingers still working him as he spewed out his semen a second time and then third. He breathed with relief, muscles relaxed and body more relaxed for the pressures of the road. 

Priya fetched the tissue paper and cleaned the spoils of his orgasm wiping his penis first and then her hand and fingers. 

The next hour and half was more of crowded streets and riding out into the “clouds” with a good stretch of chicanes before the last fifty kilometres of drive to her home. They stopped for a very late tea at the foot of the hill and refill the tank. 

Call it reliving the days he had missed at his prime, when things were much better and his love life had a virility and touch of his imagination. It was steady and comfortable and he made love to his wife whenever they wanted, till his son was born. She was less frequent, he never complained, she was tired and never ready, he never complained and then a few years of living on porn and little action he was beginning to lose it. Work took over and he was away most of the time, that never helped and then the accident, his wife passed away. He was a shattered man, taking a long leave from his work, he sulked and cocooned into his own world of cigars and whiskey (a habit he had thrown away after getting married). Sex was never a priority, he had a son to bring up, which he did wonderfully without even needing help. Abstinence was the word, he survived with all the luxuries with none of the pleasures. Until years later he finally committed what he thought as a break from his monk like existence. A friends wife, their affair lasted a few years on and off. All the while he began colouring his life spending a few of his savings on costly escorts whenever he was out of the country during one of his business trip. Yet it was nowhere near what he was a decade back. He went through the physical motions as distanced from the women between his legs, more akin to a porn actor doing it more for the money than the pleasure of it, distanced and aloof. There were a few women, friends wife and their college going daughters. His first big break in a long time was with the daughter of the very lady who had given him his break after his wife had died. The young girl was everything anyone would want, brimming with life, bubbling with energy and horny as anyone could ever be. He used to pick her up from her college and go over to his cottage away from the town for weekends and they copulated like bunnies in heat, sometimes not even bothering to get out of the bed for food. It was like he could never have enough of her and vice versa. Their affair lasted all through her graduation and masters. She had a few boyfriends but she always had him one too many times every month. It was still years back and she had moved on in life got married and made a life for herself away from him. They had met a few times after that and reliving their days of carefree and rabid affliction of each other bodies, yet it was never the same again. 

He lowered the gear and floored the throttle, the Mercedes cut across the road charging ahead as he came out of the chicane speeding up to the next one. An empty road meant he was fast overtaking powerless and helpless cars driven by drivers with little or no experience to tackle challenges presented by a the turns and twists of a hill ride. His mind clearing up though the thoughts had livened his body giving a boost of his old animalistic desire. Then he remembered the one thing the friend’s daughter loved to do, give him a blowjob. She would do it whenever she wanted, it never mattered where they were, public or private. She still found a safe places and that would give her enough time to finish the job. He probably had more oral pleasure from that one girl more than anyone else. His thoughts withdrew back to the present, to the person sitting next to him, what about her he thought?

“Do you like giving blowjobs?” he asked, over the jazz music on the car stereo. 

Priya had not heard it the first time, she lowered the volume and looked at him, he repeated the question again. 

She laughed a bit before answering. “As far as I know I have blown more guys than spread my legs for them.” 

“That is wonderful.” With quite obvious relief, “That is one of the things I enjoy the most.”
“I am game for anything but never the backdoor entry.”
“Noted” he replied as he slowed down for the turn ahead.

They finished the gruelling thirty eight kilometres of twists and turns and he slowed down again. 

“How about one before we reach your house?”
“You planning to stop by your house.”
“I was planning to stop out of the road.”
“That sounds better. You know any place.”
“We may have missed a few. There must be someplace.”

The safe place was just off the road. An old petrol pump which was no more being used, the attached cafeteria too had been shut due to dwindling footfall. There was a little light from the street being reflected and it was not absolutely dark either. His worry was about the cleanliness, abandoned sites were not often known for them and over a period they tend just rot. He turned the headlights off the car and pulled behind the petrol pump, he parked the car neatly behind the cafeteria. He had not been here before though he thought it still provided the cover they needed. There was lots of construction sand collected into a small mound eroded over the months into a flat bed. The sight of sand came as relief; it was relatively clean and not many stuff lying around. 

Priya was the first one to get off the car, surveyed the place and was happy about what she saw. She walked towards him as he made out of the car. A bit tensed given she had never done this before, in public, she still was horny and wanted the pleasure of having done it and probably go all the way some other time. She kept all the thoughts aside as he fused her body to his, kissing passionately, pressing him hard against the body of the car. His hands digging into her jeans and grabbing her bums as he heaved her towards him. Priya unbuckled his pants and pulled out his penis, pressing it hard against the flat of her stomach. They kissed for a few minutes with their hands busy working feeling each other. She then went down on her knees and began her work.
He was erect in no time and he began to feel the same sensations that he had when he first saw her that afternoon. His penis popping in and out of her mouth at a furious pace, she would withdraw her head a few times and stroke his penis and squeeze his balls gently while their eyes met. He recognised the sparkle that he had seen on the last women he knew who enjoyed going down on him. His penis was caked in her saliva as she stroked it. She put it back in her mouth and sucked on it till he could not take it anymore. Despite all his restrain and will, he was ready to let go. The last muscles of his body relented and a huge groan escaped his lungs as he breathed out heavily. She retracted and opened her mouth wide open, he wrapped his fingers around his manhood and began the last few strokes that would see him through to the end of an absolutely sex filled evening. He stroked a few times positioned his penis right to the roof of her mouth just in time to empty the first burst of his semen. Without even batting an eyelid she received the warm jet of his fluids, mouth still wide open, she teased him for more. The second release followed soon enough strains of it hitting her lips and chin, but most of it finding its target. The last two spurts took a few more seconds and he had happily deposited what looked like a manly amount of his semen in her mouth. She collected the goo in the bottom of her lower jaw, few strains of it overflowing and dripping out between her lips, drooling down on to the sand. She then shut her mouth and swallowed in one gulp. Reached back for his penis and sucked the last remaining strains of his semen till she felt his penis wilt under her grip. Satisfied she stood up. 

The old man shut his eyes tight, let the darkness engulf him, as he felt her hands massaging his balls and penis and lower stomach. 

Minutes later they were back on the road as if nothing had happened. 

Late that night when she slept she knew she would not have to worry much about sex till her husband came back. 

She watched as her step-father mount the young girl. She was his friend’s daughter, someone who went to a different college, a few years elder to her, doing her masters in physics. Yet here she was her legs wrapped around the waist of a man as old as her father. His shapely bums heaved up and down as he thrust her with animalistic fury, her moans and cries filling up the locked room. For minutes he kept on at it and all she could see was the young girls nails claw into his bare back and whenever she saw her face, her eyes was tight shut, mouth was wide open, hair in complete disarray and nostrils flared. Their bodies would then stop the excruciatingly pleasurable ritual and for the last and final time they would climax and her shattering screams filling up. Minutes later he would lift his naked body and lie next to her, the slushy mix of their love juiced creamed his penis; her vagina had received his shots of virility. They would lie down like that for quite a long time and she would then vanish into the bathroom, he followed her. Unfortunately there was no web cam in the bathroom, the HD spy-cam which she had installed with much care and caution in the bedroom had taken a lot of research and running through long you tube videos and picking up the right camera before finally placing an order online. It had worked better than she had expected, hidden inside one of the artificial pot of plant which would light up in the dark, she had used the connection to power the camera and her old laptop recorded all the feeds, irrespective of her being at home or in college. It was almost a month after the video installed she got her first recording. Since it involved her own mother she deleted it without bothering to watch. She knew her step-dad had an extended sex life and she did not have to wait long before she saw him screw her mother’s friend. 

She had masturbated the first time she saw that video. She edited the video and kept it in her secret lock in her new laptop. The last four months she had quite a collection, her step-dad humping three different women, including her mother’s best friend and her daughter on the same day at different time. She had thought about him quite often when she slept, all the videos playing in her mind, the thrill and orgasms, the sounds and shrieks, every bit of it. She fantasised about the day, she masturbated herself to sleep. It seemed she was destined to watch him and never be with him. He was never interested in her, never showed any attraction or interest, distant. Their relation was respectful; he treated her with the love a daughter needed. With each passing week her need for him increased and every time she saw a new video she would wish she was there crushed under the weight of his body. 

Months passed and all she had was quite a number of videos running into a few gig-bytes. He was enjoying his life with five different women and she was not one of them. Her fantasies built around him, her frustration mounting and she somehow did not feel like needing anyone including her handsome boy friend.

When it finally happened, it was not like anything she had fantasised. It was fantasy come true in this case but not exactly as she had imagined. She had fantasised about her mother being away and her catching him pleasuring himself in the bedroom. She had seen him do that many times, at times talking to someone on the phone. When it happened it happened differently. Her mother was cooking in the kitchen, frying a chicken, she asked her to go and bring her dad down for dinner. She innocently hurried to the bedroom on the 1st floor, the door was open and she walked in. He was not there; she was about to turn and check the balcony where he usually attended his phone calls, when she heard a faint sound of someone speaking in the bathroom. It was not loud but just enough for her to hear. She walked to the bathroom the door was not locked, she turned the knob slowly rather than knocking on it. He was standing facing her backwards, one hand clutching a mobile and the other furiously working between his legs. It was the voice from the phone she had heard; she knew he was watching something and she was curious to know what it was. But given where she stood it was impossible, he was taller than her. She then knocked the door, bringing in absolute chaos into the bathroom. The phone slipped down from his hand, he faced her with his cock in his hand. She looked down at the phone; it was facing her, the video still playing. She saw a lady sucking a cock, probably his cock, and she was doing a wonderful job while he spoke dirty to her. 

None of them rushed to do anything, he was still reeling under the shock and she was fixated on the clip being played. When she finally looked up, their eyes met, his was one of sheer shock while hers was a dirty look. She bit her lower lip and looked at him. 

“Why don’t I finish where you stopped.” She said and walked in shutting the bathroom door after her.

He did not say anything as she walked closer and closer, he made in vain attempts to retract, but there was nowhere else to go in a bathroom. She touched his penis and he relaxed his grip, the penis which had gone limp after the sudden intrusion was dripping a bit of his cum. She went down and did what the woman in the video was doing; he rested his back on the wet bathroom wall. She worked his penis to the erectness it was earlier, his penis was growing in her mouth and she had to stretch her mouth to take in more and more of him. With her free hand she reached for the mobile, checked the video, she wanted to do exactly what the girl in the video was doing. If he used that to masturbate he really loved it and she wanted him to remember the first time as a pleasurable one. She retracted her head sticking just the tip of his penis, like the girl in the video and like her she continued to jerk on it. She heard him speak in the video I am going to cum. She paused the video and looked at him.

“You will tell me when you are ready to cum, won’t you?” 

Still enjoying the warm mouth of hers pleasuring his penis, he nodded his head, and she went back to giving him a blow job. She felt the strain in him, his thigh muscles rippled and she felt the recognisable twitch. She knew it was going to happen when she heard him say the words. She played the video and the girl in it sat with her mouth wide open, she did not need to see the rest to know what was going to happen, she heard the girl in the video say one last thing before she paused the video clip. 
“Cum in my mouth, cum in my mouth” the girl in the video said.

She retracted back and said the exact same word, more innocently and even naughtier. He gripped his penis and start continuing from where she stopped, his slippery penis slipping out of his grip as he jerked furiously. She was still there, her open mouth just inches away from his penis, young and bubbling with life, a light pink tongue darting in and out of her quaint lips as she swished her tongue, teasingly. 

The first blast of his hot sperm landed deep in her mouth and she almost gagged as it hit the roof. The second blast happened when as she had bent her face trying to recover from her gag reflex, the sperm hit her on her face, right of her nose. Then he spurted a third burst depositing on her lips and the fourth and final back into her mouth. He then stopped jerking and looked at her, stained in his semen. 

She spit the cum back on the palm of her hand and then showed it to him, she then licked her palm and swallowed it, bit by bit till her palm was clean. 

She stood up with her face still stained in his cum, drops of his sperm drooling out of her mouth and dripping on to her t-shirt. She looked herself at the mirror and she looked at him.

“Take a video of this.” She said.

He adjusted the mobile and began recording what he saw and she looked at the lens as she spoke.

“I have been a dirty girl daddddy. Please forgive me, dadddddy” she spoke like a porn actress while curling two strands of her hair with her finger as she lowered her face, an expression of guilt as she did it. 

She then looked up at the lens again, her eyes staring right into the lens.

“Will you forgive me if I lick of your cum dadddddy?” she spoke

It was hard to find words and he finally did, he said “Yes.”

She freed her finger from the locks of her hair, collected the semen that he had deposited on her face and then showed the finger for the sake of the video. She then put the finger in her mouth and sucked her finger, showed the clean finger back on the camera.

“Will you forgive me now daddddy?” she stressed the daddy again.
He replied yes.
“Will you fuck me later dadddddy?” she asked again.
“Yes, I really want to.” 
“Will you cum in my pussy daddddy?” she asked.
“Yes my dear, I will.”
“Will you fill my pussy with your cum daddddy?” 
“Yes my dear.”

She then reached for the video and focused it on his penis while with the free hand she gently nudged it a few times. She then turned the video off and stuffed the phone in the pockets of her shorts. 

Ruby washed her face and wiped it with the towel, turned to him and said.

“Come down, dinner is ready.” She then handed him back his mobile after removing the memory card. 

Late night she put the memory card on her mobile and checked the videos. There were not many, a few. First she watched the recording of hers and then she drifted to a few more videos. There was one of her mother’s best friend doing the same thing and another video of a foreign lady with her mouth wide open and him ejaculating a few times bursts after bursts into her open mouth. The more she looked at it, the more of him she wanted. 

She texted him, “If you not asleep, I will be waiting”
His reply was immediate, “Too RISKY” 
She too was quick “As if bathroom was safe”

There was a bit of delay and she was forced to prod a bit further to make sure he came over,

She texted again, “I am in mood and I can’t seem to have enough.”
He replied, “Will come around by 1:00”
She was happy that she finally had him where she wanted, “Will be waiting.”

The next hour and half was slow for her, she picked up her handy cam and her Sony camera, she had to charge them for quite a good time, she had good two hours for charging and maybe another half an hour of planning where to put them up. She knew what she was going to do, she was not going to go all the way, not today, not when so much risk was involved. They were lucky in the bathroom but at some point of time luck would run out, she knew it and she did not want that to happen. Not now, not when things were beginning to look good for her. She planned the camera in such a way that it caught her in action and if possible caught her face and expressions. Things planned, she planned to hide one underneath her clothes with just the lens sticking out and the camera on the opposite wall underneath a stack of books, but now they were all getting charged and so was her mobile. Ruby knew she would have her own porn movie with her, and she wanted to make it like that. 

The last forty five minutes flew by as she patiently waited for any sound from the room on the first floor. Ruby’s was at the farthest end of the house, opening out to the front in case she was late to reach home and things like that; it used to be her dad’s clinic till their divorce. The room was completely redecorated and was given to Ruby especially since it had an Air Conditioner and attached bathroom. The room was unusually big and it suited her very much, best was the front door which opened out and her own key, she could come home any time and even leave also she had her privacy since her mother’s room was at the farthest end. 

And then she heard the knock on the door, it was more of a gentle scratch rather than a knock, but that was audible enough for her, she jumped out of the bed and opened the door. He stood there with a smile flashing on his face, she pushed him in and fastened the door.

She pushed him to the edge of the bed where she knew the camera would catch them the best. She sat down between his open legs, without wasting much time he she was already fondling his cock, he was not wearing any innerwear and the sports shorts already showed his firming penis. 

Ruby reached for the strings that held his shorts together and untied them, before he could lift his arse up she pulled down the shorts in one fast motion. His penis shot out free, its tip pointing towards him. She playfully patted it, running her hands from the tip to bottom caringly. 

Ruby then gripped his penis with her fingers, like an animal cornered, it protested and throbbed in her grip, pulsing and straining. She leaned forward and took the tip of his penis in her mouth. The warm penis sending a shiver of pleasure down her body, she slipped her fingers between her panties, her pussy was dripping wet. She knew she desperately wanted it between her legs. Yet she was ready to wait.

Ruby had thought about it. She knew he could easily slip it into a different person but she would not allow it between her legs, not yet. She would want him to beg for it, want him to plead for it, wanted him to go down on his knees and cry for it. She would then let him do it, she would find the choicest of her fantasies and would readily let him slip it between her legs, he could do anything he wanted then, till then she would keep it this way. The way she could have his penis all for her to play with, she could do whatever she wanted, tease it, squeeze it, pat it and wait for it to shoot out massive amounts of semen all over her. 

Anything she wanted. 

Ruby had tied her hair into a ponytail, not only did it make her look younger but it would also not spoil the recording. The movie was all for her to see and she would see it many times, till she would get bored and then she would see it many more times. It was for her only, starring her and the man she had fantasised for quite some time. 

Ruby leaned forward further, slipping as much of his penis into her mouth as she could. Her lips stretched, her mouth opened wider. Her tongue pressed against his hard rod and the tip of his penis touched the farthest part of her mouth. She resisted the urge to gag and held back, not wanting to withdraw. She remained like that, pressing for breath, as long as she could. When she withdrew she gagged a huge blob of spit on to his penis. She did it a few times, till she could no more. She withdrew her head and he relaxed back resting his weight on his long arms. Ruby was glad he had done that, now the camera could get a better view of what was happening. She looked at his penis, it shined under the tube light, her spit creamed it, thick blobs of it collecting around his balls, trails of it slipping down into a little pool on the bed. She grabbed it again and slipped it into her mouth.

With the rhythm and control of a person who had done it many times, she worked on his penis. Her fingers moving in rhythm with her head which bobbed up and down. She would occasionally stop and jerk his penis before continuing what she was doing. She would suck him once in a while and squeeze his rod with her right hand as she did it and go back busy with what she liked. 

His legs strained and his muscles tightened, his held his breath and his stomach arched in. His legs lifting up as he moaned softly. She waited for him to relax before she continued, the pause was good enough for him to drift free and his groins tightened. She went back working on his penis varying the pace and squeezing his balls and shaft with her fingers. She knew he was not going to take long, the poor guy. 

She wrapped her lips tight around the head of his penis as the first burst of hot semen hit her throat. He groaned and groaned and he let a second load of his semen into her mouth. She stroked his shaft as he released a third deposit of his juices. She stroked his penis at faster pace and bursts of semen dripping into her mouth. She sucked it for all it had and collected it all in her mouth. 

Ruby then carefully removed her head and slipped his penis out without spilling a drop. She then sat back, resting her bums on her folded legs. He took some time to sit up, while she removed the strings of her night dress and slipped it down her shoulders giving him the view of her soft breasts and firm nipples. 

He sat up and looked at her, her mouth still shut.

“Show it to me.” He asked.

She shook her head indicating no, she laughed when she did that almost dripping out what she had in her mouth, she had to cup it with her hands to stop it.

“Please. I have never seen it like that before.” He said.

She smiled and playfully shook her head.
She then reached for her mobile and gave it to him, he knew what he had to do. Pointing the lens at her, he gave thumbs up.

She opened her mouth carefully and showed the damages he had done in her mouth. She then let it drop on her breasts, strings of his semen dripped out on to her left breasts, small drops of it collecting all over her breasts and trailing down her stomach. Loose strands of semen on her chin as she playfully let more of his cum out of her mouth, she then rubbed his semen all over her breasts and then let out rest of it on her palms. She rubbed it on her second breast and smiled at the lens. 

Her own private porn video. 

He leaned forward and squeezed her slippery breasts and she sat back.

“Take a photo” she demanded.

He took one and then she leaned forward with his limb penis in her mouth as he shot a few more pictures. 

Satisfied she stood up with her cum stained lips she kissed him. He had strangely not hesitated to kiss back getting a taste of his own semen, awkward, but he did it nevertheless.

They washed up in the bathroom and he got back into his shorts.

She leaned forward and told him, “I will tell you when I am ready, till then let us have our fun like this.”

He nodded obediently, knowing the little fun he was having with her was worth the wait. 

Their amorous relation went on for the next few months. Things went just like she had planned. He came like there was no tomorrow. She gave him blowjobs all around the house, in the kitchen when her mother was having a bath, on the terrace one night while he was talking official matters on the phone, in the front room while he watched a late night movie, in her room, in his room, in the bathroom, pretty much everywhere. She had done everything imaginable with once he ejaculated his juices. It was like she could never have more of it.

He on the other hand was getting desperate to get between her legs, deposit his seeds deep into her hot and tight pussy. He had told her a few times, she had masterfully deviated the topic. He would text her when he was horny, she would reply back saying she was a bit busy or doing something else. He would try to reach between her legs, she would strike his hands furiously and he would just retract them obediently. Yet she had not stopped teasing him. She would dress in short t-shirt giving him a good view of her thin designer panties. She would sometimes not wear her panties and when she worked on his penis, she would “accidently” draw her night dress up giving him a nice view of her arse. It all happened and she had him all to her, every bit of him. The first few months he would have sex with his regular partners and then over time even that reduced finally almost stopped. She knew she had him in a corner. 

Her husband’s best friend was her new crush. Over the last few months since he was a regular at office parties and meeting. He managed to remain single and equated marriage to a golden cage with a shut door, how he managed to remain single was even difficult. She had met him many times in the club, many times for family dinners and her husband was among the few who wanted to see him get married and settled. 

Nothing worked.

Yet it was her who found him more charming and attractive than any. The more she knew and heard of him the more her crush. She did not know how things had slipped to such an extent, often when her husband was humping her she imagined it to be Rich (his pen name). The days she imagined it was him she had enjoyed more almost draining the life out of her husband who would collapse and sleep after the sessions. Her college life was equally fun filled; there were few boyfriends and even few one night stands. Reena had been with quite a few of her ex-boyfriends, before she met her husband after she joined work. They were friends first and he was her occasional partner, before they finally got serious after years of knowing and humping each other. 

Yet all her years there was no one she had such a massive crush on, she tried to get him off her mind and it was much harder than she thought. Her meeting him on a regular basis also did not helping her, it just reached an unbearable point, such a point where she could not do anything but think of him even during work and sleep. 

The house party was another group of friends meeting together, barbeque and a bit of drinks. It was done on a rotation basis from one house to another, this time it was in a mutual friend’s house. One of them had returned from a foreign trip with some potent liquor and cigars, the men were on the terrace busy with the barbeque while the ladies were busy with their usual talks. It was late night when the party finally broke up, a few of the guys drunk and so was Reenu’s husband. She too had downed a few pegs of Vodka and was not sure if she would be able to manage driving. Her husband was only a few pegs short of being wasted and he was already carrying half bottle of foreign liquor with him. Rich suggested he would drive them back; he too was dunk but not that drunk. 

The by-lanes of the city were the refuge of the drunk drivers, Rich expertly drove avoiding the main roads especially the points where the cops had positioned themselves with breath analyser’s. Reenu relaxed and watched her husband drown from the bottle, something they called “mix”. He rarely drank much, but the party days were an exception and was the one time in few months he let his college habit of getting drunk and throwing up, something she was used to, but been a long time since she saw him like that. 

They reached home and her husband tumbled out of the car into the front room and crashed on to the sofa, the bottle of drink still held in his firm grip. She went to change herself into a more comfortable night dress and Rich waited for her to come back.

When she came back he was already snoozing on the couch next to her husband, his shoes thrown next to him. She brought some pillows and blanket from the guest room and placed one each on the couches. She then turned the air conditioner on and went back to her bedroom, shut the door and crawled to the comfort of her bed. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she had forgotten something.

She had no idea when she woke up, all Reenu knew was she was thirsty, the drinks had made her almost dehydrated, reaching for the bottle of water where she usually kept it, she waved her hand realising she had forgotten the usual bottle of cold water. Furious at her own forgetfulness she got out of the bed and made it to the kitchen. She gulped down half a bottle and then grabbed a new bottle and walked out of the kitchen, turning the lights off. Just as she turned the lights off, she caught the fleeting glimpse of something unusual, she had missed. She turned the kitchen lights back on.

The two men were snoring, her husband on the couch facing her with his back towards her and Rich on the couch next to him. His legs spread wide apart, muscular and hairy. The blanket was all over him in bits and pieces, and his trousers and shirt hung from the cushion nearby. It was not that which caught her eye, it was the thing that was protruding uncomfortably out of his shorts, snuggled nicely between little opening. The bulbous head of his cock, peeping out like a one eyed snake from its safe burrow, and it was a huge head. 

For once fantasies were real, her lust for him compounded. 

The next few months were all about fantasies and desires; it went on and for a long time they met only socially never even getting a chance for anything to happen, not even close.

The bomb fell close to a year later, when she had almost given up hope months back. Rich had moved on and joined a new company, moved to a new city, the little interaction on social websites were mostly courteous till one day his relationship status became “in a relationship”. There were a long list of friends commenting and teasing Rich, he took it all in his stride and commented back thanking his friends. 

Suppressing a desire was something Reenu was not used to, the best way to get her life back on track was to focus on her work and her new hobby “working out”. Swimming twice a week and treadmill rest of the days, to close the week she would have a long weekend walk around her house till dinner time. The routine went for a few more months till finally she had gotten rid of her lustful thoughts about Rich. The months of routine dieting and work out had slimmed her a lot, brought her weight down to her pre marriage days, the old jeans and t-shirt still looked good on her when she wore it for movies and shopping malls. Though her weight had gone down her marriage life had hit the plateau that was usual in married life. Sex was now occasional and mostly was about getting over once it started. As far as she was concerned there was more fun working out and having a warm bath than being on the bed spreading her legs for someone. Her husband on the other hand had found ways to get his life moving. His occasional South East Asia trip had more to do about pleasures of a high fly life than business. She too had her chances and she had taken a few, but those were just one night stands with people she knew in the past, more like a break from the tedium of marriage.

She had reduced her work out to much preferable three times a week which included an hour of swimming. Cycling was something new she picked up and there were groups which rode around the countryside during weekends who were her new saddle mates. Things were all going fine till one day, she opened the door for an uninvited guest and standing next to her husband was Rich and his wife of few months, a lady as smashing as Rich and as tall as him. 

They had moved back into the town since his wife had her office here. Rich had to rotate between two cities, the capital and the economic capital of the country. That night was a bad one for Reenu, to finally see him after getting him out of her system was something she could have lived without. Yet as things stood, it was a reality she had woken up to next morning. 

Months went on with them meeting socially and the new lady gelling well with her circle of friends. The days were slow for her again. The best break came when she had the chance to go on a short trip for Business outside the country. Two weeks break that she needed, on return she would have to visit a few cities around the country to set up a new team to spear head the business for her company in an entirely new sector. 
A challenge which she yearned for. 
New colleagues, new work and new challenges, nothing like it to get her ball rolling. Her days were more about travel and away from the normal routine life she had so painstakingly built, yet living out of a suitcase was more in her comfort level than anything else. 

The monsoon had heavily hit the city, many flights were delayed and reaching the airport was getting harder by the hour. Reenu had cancelled her plans to hit back home, she instead decided to spend a weekend in the beach resort and then probably head back midweek when hopefully the weather had shown some mercy. Her husband too was off station, a week in one of his company events out of country, so she was in no hurry to head back home. Beach was a long due plan, a good book and beer with some lovely fish cuisine looked like a welcome break. She would refresh herself and come out refocused. Grabbing a book was easier than said, she had no idea what she wanted, serious stuff, fiction or thriller. She finally grabbed the latest thriller from her favourite international author. The hotel taxi was a comfortable to her needs as she had booked it for a whole day, dropping her all the way to her destination some three hundred kilometres away. 

The resort was a comfortable one, she had got it fixed through her HR channels for a lovely room facing the beach, though pouring rains had left much to be desired as far as the view was concerned, yet Reenu had no complains. She let her hair loose, wore one of her new t-shirts she had picked for the weekend and nice comfortable shorts, spread her legs on the balcony and sat with a chilled beer.

It was on the dinner table she had the first surprise of the weekend, Rich and his wife were sitting on the table nearby. She walked over to say hi and they too were surprised to see her. Rich’s wife was looking distraught and sneezing, the weather had taken its toll on her. While Rich, the ever outdoors type, hardly looked out of place. Having just the soup and little rice his wife excused herself to get back to the room while Rich sat with Reenu till she finished her dinner. She then hugged him goodnight and went back to her room.

Next day morning she was out in the pool getting the usual hour long swim, her new single piece bikini suited her well and she walked out, to the gazing eyes of a few women. The out of place audient was Rich who was sitting along at the breakfast table. Reenu slipped inside her bath robe and walked towards him.

“How is she?” Reenu asked.
“Still sleeping, the hotel doctor had come early morning.”
“Sad to hear about it, why don’t you go back?” She enquired.
“She had some official work and hence had to drop in here. I joined when I came to know she was not keeping well.”
“Oh okay.”
“You lost a lot of weight, looking lovely now.” Rich said, changing topic.
“Yep I do swim a lot these days.” She replied blushing.
“It is paying off well. You look younger.”
She blushed again, excused herself and then went back to her room still blushing.

They caught up again for lunch and then evening she went to see her friend’s wife who was still be ridden with tissues thrown all around her. They chatted for a few minutes and then said bye to each other. Late evening they had gone out for shopping, Reenu picking up a lot of trinkets and salted cashew which was a local delicacy. It was on the return walk the conversation started. It was mostly about her husband, someone Rich knew in and out. She then just curiously asked, if her husband was seeing someone else. Rich’s reaction was a surprised one, one of disbelief, his denial despite being emphatic and trying his best to protect his close friend did not hold water with Reenu. The stare was more than enough, it had more meaning than one, though the most important was the fact that she did not believe one word of what he had said.
“Yes, he does. I don’t know who she is, but he sees her once in a while.”
She laughed back, “He is not as intelligent as he thinks. It was an easy guess and your dramatic performance in his defence was the giveaway.” She turned to him, “It comes as a relief though, it is happy to know that I too have the license to go around, wet my garden.”

They walked back and Rich rushed back to his room, his dinner was in the room. It was late before midnight when the intercom to Reenu’s room buzzed. 

It was Rich.

“I saw light in your room. So gave a call.” He said.
“I was catching up on reading.”
“You want to catch up in the bar?” He asked.
“Why not?” Reenu replied.

It was a weekend and the bar was open beyond the usual times. They sat together for a drink and they went for their usual beer. They chatted about college days, Rich had only heard about Reenu during college days, and he knew that she had been dating a few others before finally settling for her current husband. Reenu on the other hand had heard about his free life before finally getting hitched. The talks had nothing do it with either of their loose ways; it was more about what they had thought about a career during college days and how it had turned years later. Things were all laugh and jokes when the second round of drinks came to the table, his usual scotch and her vodka. Then when the bar was time for the last order, they ordered a few cans of beer and some French fries. 

Her balcony the table was set; the salted cashew she had picked in the evening was neatly put on a plate while the newly opened cans of beer kept on either side. She got back into her shorts and t-shirt while he was still in his jeans and t-shirt. They sat there drinking beer while taking in the rain filled beaches and a distant light somewhere far in the sea. No words were spoken for a long time; Rich finished one beer and then stood up to go.

From where he stood, he could see her deep cleavage, a bit distracted; he removed his eyes before she looked up. 

“Let me just check on her.” He walked off, deciding not to close her door behind, since he wanted to sit for another beer or two before taking to the bed. He rushed back to the room which was on the other side of the same floor. His wife was fast asleep, the antibiotics induced sleep was deep and there was no chance of her waking up anytime soon. He got into a pair of comfortable shorts and changed into a light shirt, pulled out his pack of clove cigarettes and rushed out of the room. 

Someone barging into a room was the last thing she had expected when she was changing her t-shirt; she had thought he had shut the door behind him. It was only when the door was thrown open and he walked in. She was still topless, for a second, they stared at each other. Without being flustered much like the typical shy girls made so famous in movies, she reached for the new t-shirt, turned her back towards him and she slipped it down her shoulders. Rich walked back to the balcony while she joined him as if nothing had happened. 

“Sorry, I had left the door open not wanting to disturb you.” Rich said.
“Chill, there is nothing new about what you saw.” She popped open a fresh can of beer. 
He laughed a bit, “Not really, but I will go with what you said.”
“Not really, you should be the expert with breasts.”
He laughed again, a bit louder. “I will take you the expert when it comes to dicks”.
She looked at him; he was still downing his beer. “Well a few during college days, but not yet the expert.”
“Apart from a few in porn, in real life the only one I have seen is mine.” He said.
“Don’t worry I too have seen it?” she said, drinking from the can.
It was his time to be taken aback a second time in span of minutes.
“Remember the night you guys were drunk, well I had come down to the kitchen for some water. Well and what greeted me was your dick peeping out of your shorts.”
He laughed his heart out, a bit embarrassed but glad that he too had a glimpse of her lovely shaped breasts.
“That makes us even.” He said.
“Not really, I had a glance of the tip, while you got the full scene.”
He laughed again.
“We will figure out a way to even things.”
“As if you are going to pull your shorts down if I say so.”
“If it was whiskey instead of beer, yes maybe I would have done. Remember last time I was drunk too.” 
It was her time to giggle. 
“I have got a dozen more of beer. If that can help?”
“If you want to see it, I can just pull it down. You don’t have to get me drunk for it.”
“Oh ya! Try me.” She said, hoping that marriage would have mellowed down Rich and he would be the gentleman who she knew and who always had a smart comeback from such challenges. 

For a few precious seconds she thought he was going to come back with a quick retort. Then he stood up walked back into the room and to her absolute shock, pulled his shorts down, stood for a few seconds and then pulled it back, joining her. 

Reenu was speechless, she had not really seen anything and she was more astounded by the sudden thoughtlessness of the act. She wished she had not been so taken aback.

“Wow! I thought your player days were done and over.”
“Not really. I still have my space and so does she.”
“You mean you guys are going around.”
“Not much. I have a few ex-friends and she too has her.” He said as he drank from his can of beer, “We knew this well before we decided to move on.”
“Interesting!” she replied, “Damn I should have looked better.” She replied playfully. 
“Any time you want. It is yours.”

She gulped down the rest of the beer, leaned forward on the chair straining her neck. “Now go back and do that one more time, after all you saw my twins.”

Richard had longed for this night, ever since he had met her years back, he had been one of the few who had got along well with the ‘tribe’. He was the 10th guy among a group of old friends who had history among them at one time or the other. The lucky fifth guy among the group, Rich was seeing someone and his work kept him away from the girl he was seeing. The group came as a relief, the women were all cute and lovely and the men young and lively. Their parties and drives outside during weekends were a welcome break, given the stress of his life during the early days of senior management job such breaks were welcome and was never enough. Yet he was late, Reenu was already hooked up with her husband and the men being men made sure to forget their earlier life, bury their secrets and flings and respect their life. All of them were sure that she would break up and it came as a surprise to them that their affair culminated in a marriage. A few months back and things would have been different, instead of having gone around with four of the ladies he would have been with all the five. Yet he had no complains, no one in the group had been with all the five of them, not even with four. Yet there were two among them who had been with Reenu once and they said she was an absolute thunder on the bed, wild and rapacious. It was those things that had made him wish he had joined the group a bit earlier. Nevertheless she was with his best friend and it was unlike Rich to lust for women married to his best friend. He had moved on, without much pain, moved a lot. And then the events of last few hours, his long hidden wish had shown its ugly head at a weak moment. He had suppressed his thoughts about that till now. He had no complains if it was going this way, after all it had been years since he first wished to spend some time with the lady sitting on the chair in the balcony straining her neck waiting for him to act.

He was about to pull down his shorts when he decided to make it dirtier.

“You know what, let us loosen things up.” He said.
“I am game” she said, standing up and shutting the balcony door behind her and drawing the curtains shut.

Standing on either side of the bed, their eyes met, these sort of games were played as college kids, but doing it during adult days were like stupid, but she was ready to play along, curious to know what he had in mind.

“Here is a way to know us better. I ask a question which I think would give me an upper hand and if you have a better score then I remove one piece of my cloth. Given that I have only two pieces I am going to borrow one blanket. Game enough.”

She nodded her head.

“First time?” He asked
“16” she shot out.
“Damn he cursed” throwing the blanket aside.
It was her turn to shoot the question.
“Oldest partner in terms of age difference?”
“Give me a minute here will you.” Rich had to think hard, he had not had with many mature women, but there was this one European lady he remembered during one of his business trips, he was in early thirties and she seemed like later half of forties.

“Approx 15 years elder.”
“30.” She replied.
“What the fuck.”
“College professors are old chaps, aren’t they.” She replied with a giggle.
“Damn.” He replied, slipping out of his t-shirt, exposing his hairy half. 

“Last time you had sex?” he asked.
“You answer?” She shot back.
“Tuesday, four days back.” He replied.
Reenu lifted her legs and removed her socks. 
“That is not fair.” 
“You should have said before it began.” She shot back, giggling. 

She thought for a minute before shooting the next question.
“Different partners in a day?” She asked.
“Three.” He replied.
“Damn” she replied. “Two.”

Before she could remove a piece of her cloth, he asked his question.
“Orgy? Yes or No?” 
“No” She replied.
It was Rich’s turn to laugh. “Twice.” 
“Damn” She spewed out.
“Now that is two pieces of clothes.”

She removed her t-shirt and then slipped out of her shorts, standing just in her panties. Her boobs all exposed, all for him to see. For a second his eyes were glued to it before she wrapped her hands around it.

“Same sex partner?” She asked.
“Take off your shorts sweetheart.” Reenu giggled. “I did not go to a boarding convent for nothing.” 

Rich stuttered for a second and then decided not to speak. He removed his shorts and covered his private part with his hands cupping them, making sure he had one more chance.

The next question he wanted to be sure he was going to win, there were a few he could ask but then he had no idea if she would have outdone him. 

“Within a family?” He asked.
“What do you mean?” She shot back.
“You know cousins, someone related?” He replied.
“No.” She said.
“Well time for you to pull it down sweetheart.”

With one hand she removed her panties, while ensuring she still covered her breasts and pussy, he would still need two questions to get to see her fully naked and since things had gone so far, she wanted to see him before he did.

He waited for a second “Does inside the car count.”
“Nope, outside even in the wild where no one would come counts.”
“Ok love! Take your hands off?”

Rich removed his hands, one after the other. A sudden gush of cold air swept pass his exposed penis, which had been kept warm all the time. A flurry of excitement and the sudden awareness that he was standing naked before a girl he had once fancied, made the situation even more desirable than he had actually thought. 

It was time for Reenu to stare between his legs, her glare piercing through him. He was well endowed, unlike his hairy body and legs he had shaven his pubic region allowing his manhood to be seen in its full glory. The bulbous head and a long shaft even though it was cold in the room and he was not fully erect, she knew it was long. The sudden realisation that she was going to have it all for herself and whatever that came from that golf ball sized testis of his. 

“You still have two questions?”
“Have you fantasised about me after your marriage?”
She giggled and withdrew the hand that covered her breasts.

There were no more questions to ask as far as she was concerned, she had thought about it, nothing. Before she could think of anything, he spoke.

“Would you mind turning around?” 
She turned around, her hair loose, all the way down to her round shapely bums. It was lovely sight, her dark black hair flowing freely covering her entire back almost like a dress in itself. He stared at it for quite a time.

“Wow.” He said, “I have not seen someone with that much hair.”
“It is a bitch to maintain.” She replied.
“All things lovely are.” was his reply.

She turned back.

“Are we going to stand like this all night?” she asked.

Rich walked around the bed and stood close to her, their lips fused in the heat of the passion. All her hidden desires entwined in a little touch of his of lips. All his suppressed desires erupted into a sudden gush of passion like the water rushing out of a dam. His tongue probed into her petite mouth, digging for the sweetness inside. His palms clasped around her cold cheeks her arms wrapping around him, pulling him closer to her. Their bodies touched, him being tall, she could feel his penis on her lower stomach, inches above where he would thrust it in. When they finally broke the kiss, she was all warm and moist and he was beginning to feel stiffness between his legs, cold and all. 

He ran his palm through the soft strings of her smooth flowing hair, all the way from her neck till where it ended. He did the same with his left hand, his palms running smoothly down her hair, he dug his fingers into the thickness of her hair strands, it curled around his fingers softly like silk and he muttered a wow quietly. She was unbelievable perfection, unblemished skin, soft lips, soft chin and brilliantly curved figure. She was far better than the one he had lusted for years back, he was glad he had waited. His palms curved around her buttocks, he squeezed it a bit and then lifted her all the way up. Their lips clasping again, breathe fusing one more time as they kissed passionately. Her legs wrapped tightly around his hips as turned and placed her bums on the edge of the bed. At last he thought. 

He wriggled free from the tight grip she had around his waist. He kissed her on the side of her neck. He then moved down kissing her shoulder as he made way down her slender hand till he was suckling on her fingers one after the other on either hands. She writhed in pleasure and Goosebumps all over her soft body. Rich then looked down at her round fulsome breasts, two clear nipples pointing up. He leaned and sucked on them one after the other. Reenu reacted by heaving her body a bit up, as he tried to retract his warm tongue from around her body. With great effort he let go of her breasts and kissed the narrow gap between her breasts, swishing his tongue up and down, her body heaved up again, writhing in pleasure. 

Reenu was feeling the heat build up within her, her body was writhing in pleasure and Goosebumps all over her, after a long time. She looked at what he was doing and saw him busy kissing her stomach and making his way down between her legs. She heaved again and her body rising up as though suspended in thin air. 

Rich stopped an inch above her prized possession. A birth patch, dark and black a little bigger than a drop of water almost unbelievably oval in shape. He ran his tongue over it a few times, it was a beauty spot right above the most beautiful thing on her body, he had no intention of ignoring it. The sweet aroma between her legs, it smelled of her perfume, her sweat and whatever soap she used, it was so tantalizing and erotic. His tongue darted out as he licked her pussy, in soft motions going all the way up to the beauty spot every time he licked her. 

Reenu reacted with a violent jerk when his tongue darted into her vagina, floods of pleasure releasing in a sudden gush as her body went through multiple spasms. Figuring out she was primed and in full swing, he thrust his finger into her, arched it deep inside her vagina and gently massaged inside. Her legs parted and her hips heaved up and down each time he thrust in and out of her. His big finger was already giving her all the pleasure; Reenu wondered what it would be like to have his huge cock between her legs.

“Just put it in” she screamed between spasms of pleasure.

Rich was also eager to do it. Though he would have preferred to take his time, he wanted the first time to be all for her pleasure. He lifted her legs and split it wide apart, angled his penis to the mouth of her vagina, with his fingers he gently parted the lips of her vagina and thrust his penis closer.

Reenu was throbbing in pleasure; she wanted him in her as badly as she ever had wanted anything. And then she felt the tip of his penis touch her vagina, she closed her eyes waiting for him to conquer her. His bulbous penis head took all the time it wanted, she could feel the ring of her vagina stretch as he pressed in harder and harder. She held her breath, contracted her stomach and relaxed her muscles and waited in anticipation. 

In the perfect night, under the starry skies with the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, she lay in eager anticipation like she was having sex the first time. All the scare, all the tension, all the pleasure and all the throbbing, her heart pounded hard as she felt the head of his penis slip in her. Her pussy was wet as it had ever been and she welcomed his long shaft as it dug into her, softly, gently and patiently. His long penis parting her all the way in as he thrust it deeper and deeper till she felt his balls touch her bare skin, he was in. She breathed out, her muscles contracted and tightly wrapped around his male organ, swallowing it as a whole. He remained there for all the time he wanted and she too patiently waited for she was already at the beginning of an orgasm. 

He paced like a man who knew what he was doing, often slow and then furious like a possessed animal only to slow down and stay inside her. He repeated it for a few times varying the duration of each thrust, Reenu gasped every time he slowed down, heaving up her bums in air inviting him to increase the pace. Rich held on for a little longer as he continued with calculated pace and thrusts, he too knew he was not going to hold for long. 

“I am almost there.” He said into her ears.
“Wait for me.” She screamed her lungs out, “Wait for me.”

Rich held back as her fingernails dug into his head, pressing it harder and harder.

“Don’t stop now.” She said aloud, “Don’t you stop now.” 

Rich could not continue for long, he was tiring and he had been holding it for her to satisfaction. His too wanted what she desired, with the last reserves of his strength he ploughed on, pacing faster and faster, skin against skin, will against will and then he felt her convulse, her whole body spasm and he relaxed.

Reenu had what she knew was a body obliterating climax, every single muscle in her body convulsed, spasm-ed in unison. Her lungs contracted and she slipped into a orgasmic clutter of sweaty flesh and bones under his body, slithering and writhing in her climax. Rich was no different, his muscles relaxed, opening the floodgates of his pleasure into her, shooting out his warm fluid of orgasm as like a flow of never ending arrows shooting out of the bows of an entire army. Like a sweaty heap of flesh with no muscles he collapsed on her, his penis still celebrating the moment. 

For a long time they snoozed in disdain, carefree, satisfied and fulfilled. Their greed for one another finally fulfilled. The only sound he could hear was her breath, slow and relaxed.

Minutes later when they finally separated their fused bodies, she felt emptiness like she had never felt. He lay next to her with his arms around her, his penis had lost all its arrogance, tired and shrivelled dripping in its own mirth, dangling between them. 

“It is going to be a long night for me.” She spoke breaking the silence finally, “The door is open for you anytime.”

Reenu had cleaned herself up, she wanted to drown in the tub of hot water, she covered herself with whatever she could find and walked out into the balcony. Legs stretched, she sat there, looking at the darkness in front of her, the sounds of the crashing waves playing their own wonderful tone 

Reenu had oiled herself, for she wanted to have a bath. Somehow she had forgotten in sitting outside basking in the pleasure of finally having done it. The night had crept silently and she was fast asleep in the balcony still clad in her skimpy night dress. The lights were all turned off except the small lamp near the bed, unknown to her and the world she slept peacefully. 

Sometime towards the morning she had woken up and moved over to the bed, still with oil on her hair and the air conditioner running with the balcony door hardly shut. She was snoring all the way to morning when the soft beams of the sun shined on her naked skin. The warmth woke her up from her slumber. The realisation that she had not had a bath was a bit unsettling, damn she had slept just like that, snoozing away and she could still feel the stickiness from the previous night’s engagement. 

It was a much needed and refreshing bath, an hour and half long, the breakfast though much late was served in the room. Reenu had settled down on her book which she had finally begun reading, turning pages as she sipped from the cup of coffee. 

She had no idea what time it was, the book had been gripping and turning the pages she had detached herself from everything. It was way past three in the afternoon when she felt she needed her lunch, ordered it and continued the reading. The whole day had gone like that, she had no idea about Rich’s plans, in all probability he would have left he had told their flight was early in the morning. She had one more evening to go and her cab would be next day morning taking her back to the city. Dragging herself back to the book in hand she spread her legs and continued reading in peace. 

Lopa wrapped her slender legs around the old man, his hips heaving back and forth with the pace and rhythm of a man half his age. He groaned he grunted, he moaned and he screamed and every time his aged cock stabbed into her, she felt the swell of a rushing climax, the pleasure of her sense fading, the fulfilment that only comes with having sex. For a precious second her world came to stand still, time slowed, as the floodgates of her orgasm gushed, dazed and satisfied she felt herself fall back into reality.

Two days later when her splendid weekend had ended, she woke up lonely from her bed. Her phone was littered with text message, friends, family and few from her office. Her shift was not supposed to begin until seven, she had the whole morning to herself, getting out of bed was finding more and more difficult. Ignoring her hunger, she slept on in an empty stomach waking up late in the evening to the unruly ring of her mobile. It was the guy with whom she had spent the weekend; his words were soothing and comforting. They spoke like lovers who had not spoken in long time, who found solace listening to each other. Yet they were not lovers, there was no love in the relation. Everything about the relation was physical, he had a desire and so did she, he knew how to treat a woman and she wanted the feel the touch of a man without any conditions. Above all he fit the fantasies she had been having, he fit right among things that had got her started, all the memories, all the crushes and all the nights she had pleasured herself to sleep wetting her fingers and bed sheets. He was the missing block of the jigsaw of her complicated life. 

Yet for months things had got on between them. She met him whenever he was in town, when it was tough to find hotels and places they wanted their privacy he leased an apartment for her, in her name. They had wild sex for months, he felt younger and younger every minute he spent with her and to her he was an addiction like her smoking. Then for a short period of time he had vanished, some travel with family, he was in touch with her through mobile and through mails, the only connection they had was electronic. She went out with other men, much younger than him and in all probability he too would have been with someone and he was not telling her. She did not care, as long as they had their time together. 

Despite his old age, almost twice hers, he was virile, he had the enthusiasm and the eagerness to please her like a teenager who had never been with a women. Charming and so filled with confidence he was what she called a rattle snake, with all the power and all the charisma to stun any one just with a look. That was enough for her and when phone talks and emails had blossomed into a physical relation she had not held back, she had spread her legs as easily as she had given him her mobile number. 

Some weekends he would just drop in, spend a good evening with her, no sex, just a few drinks and watch a good movie and then leave before midnight. Once in a while they would watch porn dvd’s together, look at the things they did and then try doing something similar, it just brought more pleasure into their whole physical “experiment” the way she put it across. It was a similar evening and he had got half a dozen DVD’s rented from his usual video store, they had seen few of them so they ran through the rest of it, watching it on the huge LCD screen that came along with the lease agreement, a fully furnished house. There was a cute looking teen girl dressed as a cheerleader in a crowded bus, with a few monster sized men, with bulging muscles and wicked smiles. What happed for the next forty odd minutes was sex, baseball bat sized cock stuffing tearing apart her with each thrust, men after men filling up every hole of her deity like body. When they all had their fill of humping and pumping her, she obediently kneeled down for them to cum all over her naked body, covering her face and cuming all over her breasts. 

For forty minutes either of them had not spoken, she had never seen a gang bang, though she had read about it, and every time she sat to watch it, it felt a bit too daring for her taste. Yet that day, that evening, must have been the few bottles of beer she had emptied, Lopa thought, it suddenly felt strangely fun, kinky and of course pleasurable. Men after men stuffing her, filling her not so virgin pussy with their sticky semen and to end it all they cuming on her face, it was a thought she had, but as fast as she had thought it she dragged it to a secret corner of her mind. 

“Those were the days” the old man said.
“Which were?” Lopa enquired, sensing something.
“Till a few years back, we had a gentlemen’s club near our plantation.” He replied as he drank from the bottle of beer. “It was like any normal club, but what happened once the light went out was why we called it Gentleman’s club.”
“Interesting.” She replied, getting more curious.
“There were five of us, all nearing retirement and stinking rich, with money to spend on anything. The usual boy toys were boring, luxury cars, limited edition watches hell one of us even had a helicopter. Yet it all got boring, it was always the cigars and the whiskey for which we spent the most and of course there were the women. Call girls, we had them brought from across the country. Hell we had one spunky girl from up north who was ready to do all of us in one go. That was the weekend in many of our lives. We used her services many times over the year. Made her filthy rich, paid her ten times of what otherwise anyone would pay and just like it all had begun it all came to an end. She must have saved up enough money, smart girl, sucking a few old cocks she had dried our wallets. Thankfully we had a little cash lying around. No one blamed her for that. She had done it out of a need, we did it out of another need and it was win win for either of us. We spoke about it a few times and by that time the ownership of the club too had changed, the new owners made it all family and kid park sensing there was more money in it than make it a dark corner for old men to live their fantasies.” He laughed and gulped down the rest of the beer. 

“Wow. You never told about the Gentleman’s club.” Lopa replied.
“Well it never came up I guess.”
“So you guys still go around?” She asked.
“Not really.” He replied, reaching for another bottle of beer. “One of us passed away, we replaced him with two other mutual friends all almost of the same age group a year on and off here. We are settling down into a more golf liking retired business men, philosophical and having enough books and thoughts.” He paused, “And then you happened.”

“So you are telling me all you guys cleaned up your acts.”
“I doubt it. Once the club vanished we never met in such situations. We even thought of buying a plantation or so together but then sanity prevailed. I anyways ended up buying a plantation recently, just a place for me to go and sit when the house feels crowded.”
“So you guys don’t meet at all.”
“We meet. Whenever we can, instead of bottles and women, it is golf and whiskey.” He replied.

He replied and got lost in his own world, while a craftier scheme was being planned in her mind. She had not thinking about it five minutes back, yet out of nowhere she reached for that dark corner in the deepest recess of her mind pulling out the one thing she had just locked there.

“Do you know what I was thinking?” Lopa enquired.
“Yes tell me?” he replied.
“Why don’t we go to your estate and maybe, maybe only if you agree, I could be the call girl you were looking for, for a weekend.” 
There were no words being spoken between them, he had not expected her to say anything like that and above all he was not sure if he would look at her the same way after that weekend. Yet somewhere he knew he was too possessive about her and he would not let that happen. 

“I had fantasised about it, never thought I would get a chance. Instead of ending up with the wrong crowd here at least I will have you guys who I know will know how to be respectful.”

“Look I don’t know about things like this from the girl’s point of view. The very fact that not many said yes to it makes me sure that it is not for everyone.” He replied, trying his best to dissuade her.

“They do it for money. I am doing it for the fun, cause there is no other reason to do something like that.” Her reply came before he could think any further.
“Fun and just curious, just simple curious.” She replied.
“If it is cause of the porn clip you saw now, they were acting.”
“They might be, but someone you know have done it, not once but a few times.” She replied, “So guess she must have liked it despite the money. I know I would have.”
“Look end of the day we are men. When things like this happen, it can go out of control.”
“So introduce me as someone you know and wanted to do it when you heard it.” She replied, “At least when they hear that you know me for some time they would treat me tad bit better compared to say an escort.”
“I have no idea. We may be old, but there is no age when thing like this happen.”
“Look you can tell them, you have known me for some time and you would want to know me, and what if I liked the first time, I may love to comeback for some entertainment.” She winked her eye. 
He was still not ready to give into her demand, he still wanted her to be his and only his, others could go to hell as far as he was concerned. 
“Even then things can get bit ugly and may not be up to your taste.”
“Oh come on, as long as they don’t get through the rear door, it would be fine with me.” She replied.

They argued for a good hour, she tried her best and he put his best defence till finally he said. It was not easy for him and he told her the same, and he also confessed that he would not have wanted that, but then things had come to such an impasse and he had to agree. His yes had not gone wasted; she paid him back with a night of pleasurable sex. When he left the next day morning he had told her he would get back to her once things had been finalised. 

Lopa waited for his call. 

The call did not happen for quite a while and when it finally happened, it was about a month and half back. The old men were ready for her, he said, she just had to tell when she was ready. She did not think much, that weekend, she said. John said okay and kept the call. Two minutes after he had kept the call, he said, he called back. 
“When should I pick you up?”
“Friday evening.” She replied.
“Okay, take care.” John kept the phone.

Friday started early for Lopa, she had packed her clothes, one of her super sexy lingerie she had specially got from Europe and her trusty pack of Marlboro Lights, not that she smoked, but she knew she would want one to calm herself over the weekend. The morning was spent in a parlour, getting her body waxed all the way, readying. The afternoon she slept a bit and had kept alarm for the evening and woke up for a nice shower, then called office and said she would want a leave for the day which was granted since her boss knew she hardly took leaves. 

As said, John drove down evening just before sunset. Since he was not particular about driving in the night, she decided to drive his Toyota SUV. Driving kept her busy and her mind did not wander much, they stopped for dinner and then he said he would take over the driving. She put her foot down and continued driving leaving him a passenger and guide. 

They drove into John’s estate about half past ten. Two other cars were already parked in the yard. It was really cold and right in the middle of nowhere, dark and all the sounds of crickets and other nocturnal insects filled the air. The air smelled of coffee and eucalyptus, it was fresh and completely different from her city.

Three other men welcomed her home and John showed her, her room on the top floor with a small coat and a nice window. The room was chill and had an attached bathroom; she figured the view would be splendid out of the window in the morning. As John left the room, she washed herself up and changed into a comfortable shorts and t-shirt. Lopa then pulled out the pack of smokes from her bag and walked down, joining the group of laughing old men. A new guy had joined up. 

“Hi” he said, looking right into her eyes, “I am Jai, you can call me Jay or Jai.” Extending his hand.
“Lopa” she shook his hands. 

Then sat on a comfortable chair, just out on the front yard where they had pulled up a few chairs and had lit a fire. A table was filled with few bottles and few plates of crisps and chips and biscuits. John joined the group with a plate of freshly cut cucumber and carrot. 

The first sign of nervousness took over her when she reached for her glass of vodka, Orange flavoured. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it. The old men looked at her, and then one after the other reached for the box of cigars they had kept on the table, old men and their indulgences. Just as she finished her smoke, a blanket of calm settled down on her. The fourth vehicle, another SUV, Toyota, pulled in the drive way. Two men got out of the car and joined the group. Soon the seven of them were laughing and talking. Pouring pegs after pegs, despite their age, they drank like men half their age and none of them showed any signs of sleeping. 

Well past midnight, one of them, the one she knew as Jose asked her if she would want to go and sleep, they were going to be drinking well into the morning. Lopa replied she was just fine and would sleep later. 

It was almost sunrise when they finally decided to call it a night. Lopa covered herself in the cosy blanket and slept like a log.

When she walk up it was well past lunch time. The men had already woken up and all had taken a bath and looked fresh. Dressed in shorts and boots with a western cap on their head and goggles they were waiting for her to wake up. She grabbed the sandwiches that had been cooked and went up to freshen herself. 

What followed was a two hour long drive in the four wheel drive SUV’s through the rugged estate roads, the old men were adventurous and they knew the place like the back of their hand. Through the bushes and congested rough path they steered the vehicle from their estate and into the nearby hill. The plan was to drive up to the top of the hill, once they had reached half way there was an old road which was regularly used by the electricity board to go up for repairing the electric tower. When they reached midway, Lopa requested if she could drive, though she agreed she had never driven any car in such a terrain. John and his friends cheered when she took over the driving, advice pouring in from all sides as to how she had to control the vehicle. She patiently throttled on. The climb was harder than she thought and the rains had left the road muddy and pools of slush had accumulated. Another thirty minutes and they had finally reached the top of the mountain. The view splendid and despite the shining sun it was mildly warm. They sat around the car and took in the view, lit their cigars and chatted again, mostly about real estate and how the prices had been increasing year after year. An hour and half later, when it had started drizzling, they decided to drive back. The descend was faster and Lopa had no difficulty controlling the car. She only slowed down when they reached back the thick bushes on the estate, following the other car, she steered on. 

They reached back just as the rain started, the large drops of water splashed against her window and the roof, it was music she had never heard, growing up in concrete jungle these pleasures were new and unknown. She went in to have a hot shower and was out almost an hour after, washing herself up nicely. Slipped in a set of fresh clothes just as the men had set up the table for lunch, meals for some, idli and dosa for others and chapatti with dal and chicken for the few non vegetarians. 

All of them had a nice and heavy lunch and then they slept like kids. Lopa too went back to her room and found comfort in her warm bed. 

Late in the evening, the table were outside and instead of drinks there were few wines glasses. Six of the old men were already enjoying their cigars when she walked out. The sun was just going down and she poured out a cup of coffee for herself in the flask.

It was the guy whom she knew as Ari, which was short for a big name, who spoke to her.
“Look we all had a chat. We respect John and respect his feelings. So if you have changed your mind, we will understand.”

Lopa looked at John, it was more of a penetrating stare, “I am still here, am I not.”

Ari looked at John and then he looked back at her, “I can understand that, but you need to understand us too. We all like you and we respect you. Your decision is your decision, but we are too old and you are young, what if you end up regretting it and look back at this with hatred. We may not be around for long, but you still have long years and fruitful relations ahead.” 

Lopa had no need to prepare for this question, “I was sixteen when I spread my legs to a classmate of mine. The first time both of us were doing it, the only pleasure I had lasted a few seconds. That was the last time I did a first timer.” She lit her cigarette, while others waited for her to continue. “My first with a real senior was with my own uncle, if I want to regret anything, it would be that decision since he had no control over his desires and put me in deep shit. I was happy when he finally got his senses back and distanced himself.” She puffed out a cloud of smoke, “So if I regret it would be that, nothing else. About this, I still don’t know, but I was the one who decided it, John tried his best, but I am curious to know and yes I will have fun. Now if you think it is not right for you all, then I will respect that decision.”

It was a long monologue, but had the desired effect. The guys looked at each other and then they all smiled back. 
It was Teddy who spoke, “Well if you think we could be fun then we are up.” With an ear to ear grin. Teddy was the shortest and cutest of all, with patches of white hair towards the back of his head and a neat evident bald spot. He was also the chubbiest of them all, with a thick rimmed glass he looked like a teddy bear and hence the name Teddy. 

They went back to their drink, chatting up, for a change it was not about real estate and investments. It was about travels they had. Teddy had recently gone to Morocco and he simply loved the country so much he was thinking of renting a house there and stay there for a few months. 

When the conversation finally stopped it was closer to midnight, and thanks to the drizzle they had all gathered back in the front room. The television ran some news channel; they all sat around an imaginary round table. 

It was Teddy again who finally started the conversation, “Before we start is there anything off the table?” 

Lopa looked at him, “Back door remains shut?” she winked her eye.
“Everything else is ok.”
“I guess so.”
“You swallow?” Jose enquired.
“John can tell you about that better.”
“Sweet Son of God!” Jose replied.
“So what do I have to do to get things started?” Lopa enquired, “Just lay down and spread my legs.”
“That would do.” Sid replied, “But we have had enough experience with women who lay down and spread their legs. We want it to be more personal, like you would do with a bunch of lovers, people who you really like.”

“Hmm, interesting. You guys better wash up neat and clean.” Lopa replied, “give me some time”. She doused her cigarette and ran back to her room. Scrambled through her bag and pulled out her lingerie, she then reached for her bath tub and went for freshening herself up. Brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth with some mouth wash from the bathroom locker. She then wet a towel and rubbed her hair giving it a wet and sexy look. The last thing she did in the bathroom was put on the lingerie. 
The whole lingerie was from the Harlem Slave Sexy costume collection. Gold lame halter bra with gold coin trim and adjustable back ties, matching thong with attached long mesh skirt open on the sides revealing her slender legs. There was a small belt around her waist with gold coins, each coin depicting a sexual position if someone chooses to look in detail. It was similar to a dress Arabian belly dancers wore, though Lopa knew nothing about belly dancing she had loved the dress the first time she saw it online. She had hoped to wear it sometime for John, that was when this had happened, she was glad she had packed it. She searched around her room for a bath robe, there were none, so she removed the bed sheet and wrapped it around her. Then she slipped into her silhouette footwear. She wrapped the blanket again and checked what was revealed, none. Then she waited for another fifteen minutes, turning the air conditioner on, not that it was needed but then she wanted to give enough time for the guys to clean up. 

A good forty five minutes after she had reached to freshen up, she walked down, covered in the blanket. 

A neat white bed with crisp white bed was thrown right in the middle, with a lot of white fluffy pillows thrown lavishly. The air conditioner was in full flow and the men were all there, neatly shaven, dressed in loose t-shirts and shorts, eager and waiting. 

Lopa stood at the entrance to the hall, the only thing that had to be done was the slide the blanket down, the room was cold and she knew it was going to heat up soon. 

She slipped the blanket off her shoulders; it fell down on the floor forming a ring around where she stood. Lopa leaned on the wall, striking a pose like a model. 

The sight was welcomed by those staring at her beautiful figure, crafted like divine sculpture, their jaws dropped. Even John who had been enjoying her lustful body for a while stared at her like he was seeing her for the first time. The cat calls and whistles followed when the group regained their composure. A few “wow’s” also escaped the lips.

As always it was Teddy, the cheerful one who spoke. 

“Damn, I wish I was 30.” He shouted, laughing his heart out.
“Same here mate. Same here.” Sid replied.

Lopa had a stunning figure and she knew it and unlike many she had the confidence and attitude to flaunt it. 
“If you have it, show it” that is what she believed and that is how she lived.

Be it the t-shirts she picked up or be it her collection of churidar’s. The same was true for her sari and low waist jeans; all were chosen with that in mind. Her loose t-shirts were a bit low hanging freely till her waist and when she raised her hand there was always a patch of her nicely shaped stomach exposed, at times she would do it intentionally to the chagrin of her lady friends. Her jeans were tight and low waist, hugging her skin tightly adds to it a tight top always with a jacket or shawl. The same rule applied to her collection of churidar’s, skin tight and figure hugging. Her saris were transparent and she wore it with a backless blouse or exposing her navel to the full view of the world. Many a men who knew her had satisfied their desperation fantasising about her and masturbating thinking about having sex with her. It was no different with the group of old men either, they had never known a person who had agreed for such an encounter and thought of it as fun. Her spirit and lust was infectious. 

She then walked towards the bed lavishly spread on the floor, placed herself comfortably on it. She leaned forward imitating a dance number from a famous bollywood movie, though her cleavage was not much to be proud of, yet it had the effect. She then playfully looked at each of them, bit her lower lips and then did the same with her little finger playfully batting her eyelashes giving a coy and innocent look about her.

“Which one you are going to ravage me?” she asked with the same innocent look and sound.

All the men looked at Ari with a pang of jealousy, lucky bastard were the only thought in their mind. Unknown to Lopa they had picked up his name in a draw, they had left John out since he had been with her already, John had not objected, secretly wanting to see her face and emotions while she enjoyed sex, something he had rarely seen. 

Ari stood up, “I’d be the lucky one.” He said as he walked towards her, stopping just as he almost reached the bed.

Teddy in his usual joust spoke out, “Sweetheart, he does things vertical, his back is as fucked up as Clinton’s”. He shouted with his usual baritone of laughter, referring to the former American President whose exploits with his intern were front page news for months. 

Lopa walked on her fours and moved towards the hairy old man in front of her, her bums swinging like a pendulum. 

Lopa ran her fingers though his legs, despite the age there was a hint of muscle, must have been a fit person at his younger days, she thought. Running her finger till his thighs she cupped his fluffy thighs playfully. 

“What are you going to do?” she asked continuing her playful innocence and naughtiness. 
“Whatever you want my dear.” Ari replied, their eyes meeting.

Lopa stood up, Ari was as tall as her, she leaned forward and kissed his lower lip, running her tongue gently around the crease, she could taste the tobacco and yet it was pleasurable, she then playfully bit his lips forcing him to withdraw his head. Lopa was expecting it and she held his head back kissing him again. Her fingers crawling down his pot belly till the buckle that held his shorts together. An expert at removing her own tight jeans with a single hand, his loose short buckle did not pose much resistance.

Lopa slid her hand down his shorts.
The lining of his hairy pot belly ran down into a neatly shaven patch, no pubic hair, she had expected it and was pleasantly surprised, a gentleman after all, she had to tell John to clear his lawn when she had seen his hairy region the first time. Running her fingers through the soft skin, she reached further down till she touched his manhood. 

“You still haven’t told me what you where you want this to be?” she whispered into his ears.
“Still have not decided my dear.” His voice was a bit louder. 
“Let me help you.” She said and then kneeled on the bed, her knees resting on a soft pillow.

Lopa unzipped his shorts and pulled out his penis, flaccid and lifeless it dropped like a mass of flesh. 

“Whoa, this is unusual.” Lopa said out loud.

Wrinkly and showing all his age, it had patches of black marks strewn around it, a small pink blob of head hiding behind flab’s of foreskin. She had not seen it like that ever and was genuinely surprising when she had said it.

She cradled the wrinkly patch of dropping flesh in her left hand while patting it with her right, softly and gently, running her finger up and down his manhood a few times, still playful and still brimming with energy.

Ari reacted to her soft touches and his flaccid penis soon got the relief of a gush of blood, he shifted his weight to his left leg, damn the age he cursed. The rest of the group were watching everything she was doing.

Lopa then licked his penis, in long tender and gentle swishes wetting his penis with a coat of her lubricant saliva. His penis was gaining strength and the small black patches widened. Lopa stood back and looked at it, it was growing in size and with each passing second it widened and elongated. She took the head of his penis in her mouth and then stroked the rest for a few times. Retracting her once she felt her libido wake up, the excitement finally catching up with her. She tried to reach between her legs; she had not worn the dress before, the surprise catching up with her. Her dress was tightly wrapped around her and she could hardly shift her gold plated panties. 

It was another pair of hand that came to her rescue; it was Jose, who had seen her struggle. He patiently undid the knots that held her panties to the velvet cloth, unhooked the rest of the dress and slipped it aside leaving only the string of gold coins around her waist. He then caressed her bottoms, his senses selfishly enjoying the smoothness of her skin as he ran his fingers to the crack of her bums. The soft light and smooth skin welcomed him; he felt the yank between his legs as he rushed his fingers towards her vagina. His finger slipping right into her pussy, wet and horny she was really turned on and he felt her hips heave a bit as he thrust his finger between the soft lips of her pussy. 
Lopa stopped what she was doing to take in the pleasure of the sudden & welcome intrusion. She moaned as his fingers dug deeper, she did not know who it was but he knew it was fun, shutting her eyes she took the pleasure of the gentle penetration, moaning, all the while she had wrapped her fingers around Ari’s slippery shaft. 

Her moans continued for a while as she thoroughly enjoyed the finger slipping in and out of her cunt pacing itself fast and slow. 

When she had enough, she stood up. 
Ari looked at her, “I want to cum inside you.” He said.

The only place where she could rest her bums was the television stand, she placed her bums on it and spread her legs making sure not to put the entire weight of her body on the stand. Ari walked up to her, being short helped him when he pushed his penis between her legs. Lopa leaned back his pot belly obstructing her. 

She felt the head of his penis touch the lips of her vagina. 

The next few minutes was all that she had come for, the weekend the way she had wanted. Never ending thrust of penis, the pleasure of two naked skin fusing together in a stream of pleasure, the joy of her hips heaving back and forth, the rhythm of a man’s penis slipping in and out of her hungry vagina and her moans. 

The whole television table rocked, Ari held on to the LCD television stabilising it not wanting it to fall down. Lopa looked down once in a while hoping to catch a glimpse of what was happening between her legs, it made her want it more, but Ari’s pot belly is all she could see so she leaned back and moaned and moaned. She felt his rhythm slow down to almost a stand still. Between the panting and heaving she cursed him not to stop but Ari could go no more. 

And then he ejaculated, warm bursts of his sperm shooting out into her pussy, the warm jet of sperm was like drops of water falling on a hot pan, cooling it momentarily with the hiss and anger. She felt like the hot pan when water was spilled on it, cooling down, losing the tempo she had built up. 

Ari stood back, leaving her in limbo, her body sizzling back to normality, frustration gripping her as she felt she had almost cum, she suddenly felt let down. Her frustration evident as she stood up and searched for the next in line, it was Jose.

He had already slipped out his penis, jerking it while he watched his friend. She walked next to him and lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. Jose kneeled down, not one with an aching back and swelling belly he had all the freedom to do what he wanted. Jose positioned his penis and thrust it into her cum filled pussy. 

Lopa felt her world rock again, his thrust were slow and gentle, paced to perfection, with each thrust he showed his experience and the width of his playful youth. Jose continued gaining pace and speed, Lopa wriggled and slithered under his thrusts, her legs widening as Jose pushed his manhood deeper and deeper. The first wave of her climax came with a vengeance; she felt a sudden relief blanket over her. Her legs fell on to the bed with a thud and she felt a fresh blast of sperm fill her pussy. Jose groaned and groaned, with a shout he spit out another gush of sperm into her, Lopa closed her eyes and felt the warmth of her his grip around her waist. The warmth of his hips fused onto hers, it was the pleasure she wanted. 

Lopa had hardly recovered from the fury when the third penis found her vagina. She felt an unusual resistance as he tried to push it in, with effort she looked down; her mouth gaped as she gasped.

“Oh my God! You will tear me apart.” Lopa said looking between her legs.

He was known as the porn star in the group, the name had not fallen till they had brought the escort a few years back. When the first time he had slipped his shorts down other men cringed, Teddy was the one who named him Porn Star. He too had did his work, keeping his body slim, swimming and golfing with equal seriousness and above all his habit of cycling through his huge estate. Jay, the porn star, had always known he had the one thing only few men had, a full seven inch of fury and muscles that he could use to his full advantage. Unlike many he knew that size was not everything, it did half the work but the other half had to be done by himself and he had all his college days and long bachelor life to practise and yes, he had practised quite a bit.

Jay was huge, she had not seen a manhood like that ever in her life without doubt it was going to tear her apart. With some effort she felt the head of his penis thrust into her widening the mouth of her vagina. She breathed harder and spread her legs wider and felt it slip into her, the sound of a squish as she felt it crawling into her den like a snake alive. It took a precious few more second before she felt it as a whole inside her, her balls slapping her naked bums, his manhood stretching her apart.

Her world had never been swung like this before, it was like a tornado uprooting her from her foot, it was like a furious wave wash her off the shores, her world was never going to be the same again, Lopa knew it and so did John who was watching her face awash with emotions and lust and need. Her voice drowned in her mirth, her breath frozen in her lungs. His thrust jolted her joins, every muscle in her body screamed for more of it, her senses engulfed in a rush of her climax. She came once and then twice and felt there was more in her and yet he did not stop, he had only increased his pace slightly. His huge cock slicing into her body, his age and his body fusing into hers as he took her to her third climax in matter of few minutes, Lopa moaned and groaned, her cries were muffled in his guttural screams of pleasure as he held on forcing himself to go on for a few more thrusts, one more at a time. 

He continued for what looked like eternity, Lopa was sinking into her own world, senseless and in a state never ending pleasure, and then she felt him slow. The final thrust stabbing right into her as he exploded, jets of sperm shooting out of his manhood with the fury of water gushing out of a broken dam. It almost hurt her as he continued and finally when he withdrew his cum soaked penis, she felt an emptiness crawl into her like the black clouds hiding the shining sun on a hot day. For long she heaved and panted in her own libido, she lay wasted on the bed and then she felt the fourth guy kiss her on the navel. 

With a jolt Lopa stirred back into the reality, into the middle of a room, on a bed covered in white sheet, with just the top of her sexy lingerie to cover her stark nakedness she felt a wet kiss on her navel. It did not take long before the next penis pushed into her vagina, he thrust it in with his fury and anger, knowing very well his best efforts would fail in comparison to what had just happened, yet helplessly Sid continued till he ejaculated adding to cum soaked vagina of hers. Teddy and John followed and they too finally emptied their vessel into her before collapsing back on their sofa. All the six men sat, with their shirts and t-shirts on and their shorts lying on a crumpled heap next to their legs, their cum soaked penis lifeless and sloppy. 

Lopa took a while before she crawled back into the world, the excitement and the sinking feeling of pleasure finally normalised. A full twenty minutes later she finally got up, pools of sperm collected on the white bed sheet, her pussy feeling sore and strangely she felt a satisfaction that she had never felt. She had had orgasm more times in an hour with them than she had had felt in last few months. She grabbed the white sheet and then walked back to her room. 

It took a while before she finally climbed down washing herself up completely with a soaked towel and flushing between her legs with jets of warm water. She felt thirsty and she felt hungry and the men knew it and had kept plates of sandwich ready for her with a bottle of fresh warm water. 

She sat on the comfort chair which had been vacated, she wore a nightie, not bothering to wear the innerwear, she kept her legs on the chair nearby and joined the conversation. The men were talking about how they had to avoid including Jay in such groupies going forward. Jay just laughed to it, Teddy cursed and said Jay should be made the last person. Jay took it all in his stride nodding and agreeing to whatever they said in his usual attitude. Teddy was the one who was leading the trashing against Jay and it continued. Lopa joined in between laughing and smiling not wanting to insult anyone she did not add anything. 

“Lopa,” Teddy spoke, “We will understand if you ditch John and go with Jay”
“Oh Cammon.” Jay protested.
Lopa shot back, wanting to end the whole discussion and end her own misery of the thoughts of being with Jay again, “I have been with a guy with similar tool” lifting their word of Jay’s cock, she lied, “He knew nothing about a women and thought it did not matter, so big cock’s never really matter as long as you know how to use it well like any tool.” 

Teddy stared at John, “Old bastard, you need to share your secrets.” They all laughed. 

The men still clad only in their shorts got up and went to their rooms, there were not many rooms in the house and the three bed rooms were already occupied by three of them but the bathroom was shared. They went to clean up. 

Jay was the first one to be back.
“Thanks for getting me off the hook. The old wankers often take it a notch up. It is a usual drama that plays.” He said.
“Not really, I too was thinking of it. If you still think you have anything left in your tank then you know which room I sleep. I would not mind being torn apart later.” She winked back just as other joined. 

They all sat down again, dressed in same old t-shirt and shorts. They chatted between glasses of whiskey and wine and puffs of smoke from their mouth.

She turned the television on and put a music channel, in low volume as the men continued their chatting. It was Teddy who finally broke out of conversation,

“You sleepy.” He asked Lopa.
“Not yet, may be another hour or two most. I am used to late nights remember I work in a call centre.”
“Okay, can I mix you a drink, you have not had anything.”
She waved the glass of iced water at him, “This is more than enough.”

The chat continued. 
Teddy broke again, “Are you tired?” he asked.
“Nope?” Lopa replied swiftly.
“Well baby, why don’t you slip out of that dress and start from where we stopped.” He continued.

Lopa did not need another invitation; she gulped down the rest of her water and stood up. She then slipped out of her nightie, revealing her nakedness to the full view of the six men. She knew they had yet to see her breasts, something she wished she had a bit more, small round shaped she had a breasts of a college girl, a little more would not have hurt her much. It would have made her magnificent, the few boys who had seen her had said the same thing when she had asked them, and one of them was John and he knew what he was speaking. 

Teddy slipped out of his shorts. Lopa walked up to him. His legs split wide inviting her and Lopa dragged a bean bag and sat between his legs. Lopa leaned forward and took his penis in her mouth, rhythmically she worked life back into his penis. She had not noticed it earlier but Teddy too had an erection that any man could be proud of. Though not as big as Jay’s his was broad and it was long enough, longer than rest of the bunch. Despite his age he managed his erection for a long time. Teddy then retracted her head which was stuck between his legs pleasuring him.
He whispered into her ears.
“Do you swallow?” He enquired.
Lopa looked at all of them, “Guys, I have swallowed enough seeds to make a city.” 
In his usual cheerfulness Teddy screamed, his fingers gripping her chin, he leaned forward and kissed her, “You are the porn star sweetheart.” And he kissed her cheeks. 
Just as he did that he realised his folly and cursed himself, “I am sorry. I did not mean it.” he quickly added.
“I feel sorry for Jay.” She quipped back peacefully, “No insult taken dear.” She said to Teddy as he stood up. 

Lopa rested her head on the sofa and Teddy gently thrust his penis into her mouth slipping it in and out, being careful not to push it deep inside. He wanted her to enjoy it too and from the looks of it, she was enjoying it. When he was sure he could hold on no more, he pulled out his penis, Lopa knew what she had to do, opening her mouth wide she waited for him to finish the job.

Teddy shot out two bursts of sperm right into her mouth, a bit of it she swallowed as a reflex but collected the rest in her mouth and when he had finally finished she leaned forward and sucked the rest of it from his manhood. She then opened her mouth and showed it to Teddy, not wanting to gross out the others she swallowed it in one gulp. Teddy leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. 
“You are a darling.” He said.

Sid and John too emptied their balls in her mouth and she dutifully swallowed it all. Ari was the fourth guy to be pleasured and as usual he lasted the most before finally bursting into her mouth. Jose stood next to him and made sure he thrust his penis into her mouth just as his friend had finished. He did not last much and he too emptied into her mouth, she swallowed the cocktail of two men and opened her mouth to satisfy both of them. 

“I will give it a go this time guys” Jay said, having his own plans with her.

Lopa stood up knowing very well what she was thinking and then went ahead and kissed the rest of the men and went to the bathroom. The men had not grown old for nothing, they knew what Lopa and Jay had planned, the bastard was going to have her all for himself that night, somewhere in the crowd, John was a worried old man suddenly beginning to lose the one thing he had grown liking. It took her a full fifteen minutes to get herself washed and the smell of semen out of her mouth, thanks to the bottle of mouth wash in the cabinet. 

They old men finally settled down and started chatting while Lopa went out for a phone call, the only place where she had any sort of signal. When she turned back to get back into the house, John was sitting out with his cigar. 

The one she wanted to meet.

“Wanted to ask you something?” Lopa said.
“Shoot?” John said puffing out a plume of thick smoke which vanished into the night sky.
“Me and Jay are planning to catch up later if possible..” before she could finish the sentence John interrupted.
“We figured it out.” He said, almost brushing it aside though he somehow wished it hadn’t and then she did the unexpected.

“I wanted you to know that if you are not comfortable I will not bother about it.” 

John had thought she was more of an independent person, someone who did what she wanted and the way she liked it. He had never felt he ever was in control of their affair, he always thought it was she who decided and he willingly followed. Yet here she was doing what he thought she would never do.

“Hey, your life man, why do you even ask?” he replied, trying to hide what he really had in his mind.
“I know that, but he is your friend and I know him cause of you. I would not want that to spoil anything between you guys.”

John took a puff of his cigar, he had no idea she had given it any thought apart from the deep carnal desire to be a slave to her own lust, which after what had happened over the night he sure she had a high need than anyone he had been with his whole life and it indeed was a long life peppered with many women. 

“Look it is ok. Okay.” He stressed the second bit, despite deep inside he was screaming “NOT OKAY”. 

Lopa smiled back, knowing that he did not take if offensively and somehow she was glad she had got it off her head else that would have been eating her.

She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheeks, “You can trust me, I will be all yours when we leave here and back home it will only be you will have me all for yourself for as long as you want.”

“I was not expecting you’d ask.”
“I wanted to ask, it would have not looked good. Also I would not want to insult the others, they are sweet and Teddy is the sweetest.”

“Yep he is the sweetest.” John agreed and he knew his oldest friend was a sweetheart; he would not have bothered if she wanted to have him instead of Jay, who was new to the group and had not been close to them. 
“You do whatever and whoever you want. We have a good time whenever we meet and that is all we need.” John replied, finally feeling relived that she was after all not going to show him the door. 

Just as they were walking back into the room, John stopped her.
“If you guys are planning to hook up on the bed, every one of us will not have a good sleep. Pull the bed down and do it, the bed screams more than you.” He winked at her and walked back into the room. Lopa just smiled.

The night did not last long for the old bunch, tired and spent they crashed almost an hour later just like previous day they all slept. Lopa too was dead tired and the thoughts of finding some private time with Jay had to be kept for some other time. 

The first thing in the morning she woke up to was a silent house, the rains were lashing on the roof and the whole house was one from a haunted house. There were a few snoring in the front room. Sid and Jay were sleeping on the sofa, when she saw Jay she rued the missed night, damn if only it had not been that late. She walked up to the door nearest to her and slowly pushed it open, Ari was sleeping tight, covered in layers of blanket. 

She wanted to wake up John, tell he she was hungry and needed something to eat. Since food was mostly brought from outside, someone had to drive down and get it, she did not mind doing so. 
The second door she opened was Teddy’s, he was sleeping on his back, legs spread wide apart, no blankets, nothing, and the air conditioner was running in full blast despite the cold and the rain. 

“Sweet” she murmured.

Having spent much of his days in hostile territory as a military man, he had a history of light sleeping. Much of it had not changed in all these years, instead of having a long good night’s sleep, Teddy was used to sleeping as much as possible whenever he could. His doctor’s always told him it was not healthy, he would have a whiskey and smoke a cigar and say who wants to live forever. 

Despite the blast of the air conditioner he stirred awake, staring blankly at Lopa standing at the door. Lopa was a bit taken aback, she was sorry to have woken him up. She walked in and told him the same. Teddy was still figuring out things and it took him a long few seconds to finally phrase a reply in his sleepy voice. 

“It’s ok. I don’t sleep much anyways.” He quipped back, “You woke up early.” 
“Yep.” She replied, wishing him good morning as she sat next to his head.
“We slept late, we could not sleep and we took the chairs out and sat almost till sunrise.”
“Oh I did not know that.”
“We did not want to disturb you.”
“Ok then let me leave you, I will catch some sleep if I can.”
“Why don’t you jump in next to me?” Teddy said as he made room for her next to him.

Lopa climbed up next to him and found comfort under the blanket next to Teddy who left her a warm pillow. 

“You had a good time?” Teddy asked.
“Yep.” Lopa replied, she really had a good time.
“Guess we are not the regular crowd you hang around with.”
“Oh! My first real time was with my own uncle who was double my age.”
“That was interesting.”
“Worse his son, my cousin, had his doubts and we had to halt it. Then he got transferred and we never got back despite his advances.”
“Even more interesting.”
“Let me make it even more interesting. I slept with both his son’s too. The elder one who doubted us and the younger one who was addicted to sniffing my undies and guess what?”
“Yes tell me?”
“Uncle was much better than his kids.” 
They both laughed.

Teddy planted a kiss on her head; he was beginning to like the cute girl next to him. 

Lopa snuggled closer to him.
Her breasts close to his broad chest.
Teddy struggled a bit and sided the bulk of his weight to cup her breasts. 
“Someone woke up horny?” Lopa said.
“You have no idea about me dear, I am always horny.” Teddy replied.
“Let me see.” Lopa replied, playfully.
She licked her fingers and then pushed it underneath his shorts. His dick was cold as a block of ice and it was flaccid. 

“Looks like I got some work to do.” Lopa said and crawled between his legs and took his broad penis in her mouth and started giving him a good morning job. It did not take long for Teddy to moan and squirm repeating “Oh God, Oh God”. His penis was hard and erect and thrusting up like a flag pole. Lopa climbed out of her shorts and sat between his legs, his lubricated penis sliding effortlessly into her. She felt the first throb of her rushing orgasm as she began rotating her hips, literally screwing him. She leaned forward let her hair fall on his chest, supported her weight on his aging shoulders and started riding him like a horse rider. Without much delay she felt the first rush of his hot warm sperm shoot into her as she climaxed. Just as she slowed down she felt her second climax of the morning and a fresh boost of his second climax inside her. She stayed like that for a few seconds and then slipped his penis out and went snuggling close to him, both of them warmed up with their morning exercise. None of them was ready to wash the remains of their passion, as they slipped into sweet slumber. 

Morning happened late in the noon, Teddy was the first one to stir awake and he crawled out of the bed not wanting to disturb her. A full hour later Lopa crawled out of the bed, men were still sleeping in the hall. John and Teddy were missing and she went back to her room to clean herself up.

An hour later the breakfast was washed down with a good hot cup of coffee, just the thing she wanted. Half the Sunday was still left and Lopa had no idea what was in store for the day. Just as they wrapped up breakfast, Jose, Ari and Sid walked out dressed in crisp shirt and shorts with their travel bag in hand. They hugged Lopa and shook hands and said they were going to remember the weekend for a long time and hoped they would meet her soon. Lopa kissed them on the cheeks and bid goodbye. They had some personal matters to settle while Ari left because he had to fly back to the capital since he stayed there. 

That left Lopa in company of John, Teddy and the Porn Star not that she was complaining. Teddy was there for all the fun, John was the one who liked her lot and then there was Jay’s penis. It was good enough company. 

The afternoon went with them relaxing and basking in the light sun, the three men had placed order for lunch and dinner and paid the delivery guy a lavish tip to drop down the food in hot boxes. Around two the delivery boy came riding a small bike, he was surprised to see three men and a young girl seated in the sun. Teddy paid him an equally large tip and thanked him for the effort. 

The lunch was few chapatti and nice spicy chicken curry cooked Punjabi style which they ate. Lopa had yet to take bath, she needed one badly as she was sweating, she excused and went to her room. Not bothering to lock the room she slipped out of the dress and went to the shower, mid way, she heard a knock on the door. It was John at the door, dressed in a bath towel. 

“Mind if I join?”
“Why even bother to ask?” Lopa replied.

They both fondled their naked bodies standing under the warm shower, soon the bathing ritual was paused. Under the running shower as the warm water flowed freely onto his body, his wet and sloppy penis was voraciously being devoured by Lopa. She paused in between and jerked him, talking dirty to him.

“Cum for me dear.” She said as the water showered on her face, wet hair and all. Lopa knew John love dirty talks, it made him feel the boss. “Cum on me love, blast out your seeds on me.” 

It did not take long as John expelled his semen on her face and she finished it sucking him dry. Lopa washed herself with soap and sat down to relieve her bladder.
Standing a bit far from her John watched her, he had never seen her do that, and it made tickled his kinky bone.

“The last time I saw that happen was in Malaysia and I had to pay the woman.”
“I could have done it for free.” Lopa quipped almost immediately as she stood out of the shower reaching for the towel. 
She dried herself and towelled her hair, “Did not know you had such a fetish?” 
“Not a fetish but just a curiosity and yes it gives me a boner.”
They laughed as they got out of the room.

It was a boring party, right from the moment Neeta stepped in she knew. 
Mostly it was for her best friend Renu to get a chance to hang around with her boy friend. Renu and her close friend with her boy friend and boy friend’s best friends had made it a point to be at the party. It was on the terrace of Renu’s house. Her barbeque grill was the start point around which every one hung around, sitting on mattresses and sipping out of their cans of beer. There was no other heavy liquor or smokes, they were still college students and beer was the only luxury Renu’s father had insisted as one of the conditions of letting the party in the house. None of them had any objection after all the drinks were free. Renu was an expert with the barbeque; she had neatly stacked the chicken on one side and the potatoes and fish on other. 

Renu had plans of her own; she had promised her bf a good blowjob. They had been seeing each other for more than a year and the only sort of physical contact they both had was a few hand jobs and boob squeeze, it was time to take it to the next level. The party was the ploy for things to happen and the way things were going it was going to happen. She had cleaned up her room and sometime in between they would both slip down, possibly closer to mid-night, her dad in all probability would be fast asleep and she would have all the peace she needed. About eleven, both of them peeled off from the group, they hung around for a few minutes and then stepped out in the small garden and sat there chatting and talking, finally they had their peace away from others. 

Neeta was the only one who kept an eye on them and when they went missing from the garden, she too slipped away from the crowd, which had mostly thinned; two of the ladies had left leaving just Veena one of Renu’s best friends, someone Neeta was not so close to. She found her boastful and often irritating and she hated people like that. Veena had decided to stay back for the evening along with Renu and Neeta. While the other two guys had driven down along in Renu’s boy friend so they knew they would only join once their friend had finished with whatever he had planned, not that they had any idea about how lucky he was going to get. 

Neeta had slipped out too, she was wondering where Reena was, not aware of her friends plan and she looked for her in the garden. She was about to reach for her mobile and give a call when she heard the sounds on the ground floor. 

She stood still in the darkness, trying to figure out where the sound was from, she figured it was from the room nearby. The sounds were from the room to her left, it was their guest room. Neeta tiptoed carefully not wanting to disturb if there was something going on. She pressed her ears to the door and heard the discerning sounds of her friend moaning. 

“Lucky girl.” Neeta thought. 

Reena had her legs up, split wide, while her boy friend Rufus had his head stuck between her legs licking her sweet vagina. The amateurs had decided to take it all the way, somewhere during the hour of talk he had convinced Reena and he had convinced that it was never a right or wrong time to know the real pleasures of being in a relation. The fun and thrill of inexperience and learning, since both of them had never been with an opposite sex, their time together would be their little secret. She had objected a bit, but then he was more convincing than she could, yet like a flower waiting to bloom, she too needed the warmth of a man’s hand but given the situation it she was going to do with a boy’s hand, his inexperienced hands. His inexperienced fingers was holding the lips of her vagina apart and his tongue was doing the rest, licking her up, eating her as Reena moaned and moaned, having never felt this sort of a pleasure before. 

“You should not be doing this.” The voice was low and hardly audible, but it was loud enough to startle Neetu, she almost wobbled as she tore apart from the door.

Veena was easing up on her conversation with the two guys, Joy and Raghav. She had known Raghav from college days; he was chubby and had grown up to a round ball, who loved to eat more than anything. Always joy full and so full of life he was a topper in the class, he had always been since college days and never changed that during his college either. Joy was from Goa, the tourist capital of India, handsome and with more flowing hair till his shoulders and taller. A lot of girls in the college had a soft corner towards him, there were also rumours that he was in a relation with a senior student. 

“A few girls said you are dating a senior student.” Veena mustered enough courage to ask him a personal question. Raghav would have been easy; there was nothing she did not know about him. Even if she wanted to know she would ask as if it was normal, he always told her. 

“NO dating dear, only sex.” Joy replied, as he laughed.
“Good arrangement.” Raghav laughed, “I wished I had someone I could tap when I wanted.” He bit into a piece of chicken, gulping down a bottle of sprite to wash his food down his empty pit. 
“You and Veena are close. You could ask her.” Joy replied as though it was a joke.
“My Ass.” Veena brushed it aside.
“Yes he can begin there if you like.” Joy laughed louder.

The darkness only the loud laugh echoed somewhere outside. Neetu stood there still startled without a word to say. 

“I was just….” Neetu stammered.
“Just.” Reena’s dad enquired.
“I mean…”
“Oh come on, you think I have no idea what is happening inside the room.”
“It is Reena.” 
“It was not difficult dear; she cleaned the room today morning. She has never ever cleaned even a table till today, she thinks she is intelligent… well she is not. Kids.” He whispered back.
“So you knew.” Neetu was a bit taken aback, “And you are just standing here.” Neetu’s words were a bit louder.
The old man held her arm and took her aside.

“Was it Neetu?” Reena asked, a bit shocked to hear. 
Her boy friend peeled, he threw a blanket on Reena and tip toed to the door, gently opened the door. The lights in the room flood out into the dark walkway, filling up. The only sound filling the room was the guffaws of Joy from the terrace. The boy friend shut the door behind him.

“They are having a good time on the terrace.” He told Reena.
“Damn that Neetu is loud.” Reena replied, having lost all the mood and thrill he had built up working between her legs.

He crawled back on to the bed. 
“I seem to have lost it.” She replied.
“Yep me too.” Her boy friend replied. 

They climbed back on the bed, crawled under the blanket, having lost what they had began. 

Veena was not laughing; she had no reason to find what Joy said as funny. Raghav was her closest friend in the world, they had been classmates since kids, they were neighbours for a few years and their families were also close. She had never thought about Raghav as anything more than her best buddy.

“Both of you know each other, you guys trust each other and have so much care for each other. In fact when I joined the class I was wondering why such a cute girl was hanging around a fat blob like him.” Joy laughed more.

“I think you should shut up. You are an Idiot. You do not understand a relation which is platonic.” Veena screamed her voice just loud enough for Joy to hear while Raghav watched her defend him.

“You are such a naive idiot.” Joy hit back, not louder, just calm as if he was arguing with a barking dog.
“Why?” Veena enquired cooling down.
“Have you not seen movies?” Joy quickly replied, “Indian films are so full of it. Old buddy’s future lovers.”
“I have never thought him anything apart from my best friend.” Veena quipped back, “You may find it difficult to understand.”
“Let him say that. Has he never thought about you, not even once?” Joy turned towards Raghav.

Raghav had enough of it, after all she was his best pal, and he had more energy in his body to hammer the tiny creature in front of him, like Obelix.

“I think you have crossed the line mate.” Raghav spoke calmly, “and if you don’t get out of here right now, you will know what physical means.” 

Joy looked at Raghav and then Veena, both of them had anger flashing in their eyes, he realised he had touched a raw nerve and he knew it was way beyond what he could handle. Raghav was huge and he could smash him just with his sheer weight, he was no match.

Joy grabbed a bottle of beer and pulled out a chicken leg from the grill wrapped it in tissue and walked towards the terrace exit.

Neetu and the old man froze on their steps when they heard the terrace door open; they crawled and walked back to the kitchen, which was the nearest room.

Joy walked down the steps and walked out of the house, he knew he had not intended things to go wrong, Raghav was a close friend and he was very close with Reena’s boy friend. It was going to be impossible to be in the same room as Raghav for quite some time. He felt like an idiot as he walked out of the gate. His house was quite far so he waited for a rick or bus to show up.

Veena and Raghav stood on the terrace and watched Joy walk out into the road.

“Bastard.” Veena said.
“I think we were a bit rash in asking him to get out.” Raghav said, “It is not our house.”
“Oh crap. If he was here, I would have punched him.”
“I too. That was why I asked him to get out.” Raghav replied.

“And you are going to stand here and do nothing?” Neetu asked, as they got out of the kitchen.
“Why should I. It is her life; she knows it pretty well to manage it. If I say no, she would anyways go somewhere else and do it if she wanted.” The old man replied.
“I wish my father was that understanding.” Neetu replied.
“My dear, it is not about understanding, it is about accepting. She is grown up, she is intelligent and educated and she knows what she has to do. If she lands in trouble then yes I will help her and scold her for her foolishness and not for doing it.” The old man replied.

The old man kept a glass of water in the microwave and turned the timer on, waited for the timer to finish. He reached for the glass of water and then.

“You are not going to join the rest in the terrace.” He asked.
“I hate the girl and the only guy is her child hood friend. He is sweet but I can’t stand her boasting and self praise.” Neetu brushed it aside.
“Okay you can join me in the study then.” He said as they walked out of the kitchen.

The study was next to the garage, at the farthest end of the house, removed from everything. It was also his office room where he usually met his clients. He turned the study light on and sat on the table while Neetu looked around at the massive books. Most of the books were medical, related to his profession while there were a few political books as well as those from Indian authors. 

Things were getting hotter in the other end of the room. Reena had stripped her boy friend, all the way, leaving just his socks on. She was licking on his nipples while her hands were teasing the other. With the little experience she had she somehow figured he was enjoying, his eyes were shut tight and he was gasping, his erect penis was yanking against her legs. She reached for his penis, steadied it as she stroked it softly.

“Have you ever thought about me in any other way?” Veena enquired.
Raghav was puzzled his reply came a bit late, “No.”
“You can be honest. I know you are not a very good liar.” Veena replied.

Raghav knew his answer could spoil the lovely friendship they had; he valued it as much as he valued his career and his studies. He was like a friend to her, a friend whom he had helped even when she was going around with another guy, knowing well that she would fall for him. He had never said anything never asked anything, he respected her and he liked her a lot, he did not like to hurt her even if she was dating a jerk. He breathed a huge sigh of relief when they broke up, that evening she had cried on his shoulders, his fat shoulders. He could never forget that, she was lovely and the bastard had hurt her. He had met him the next day and beat the shit out of him, two of his friend too had joined in fight against Raghav, he too had got injured, badly injured, yet he was happy that he was able to trash the guy badly. It had been a huge issue in college, Raghav was almost thrown out of the college, but since he was the topper in the college the Principal had limited the damage by suspending all the four students for a week. 

“I am waiting for an answer?” Veena replied.
“I hated you while in 12th. I knew the guy you were dating was a jerk and I could not stand you guys dating.” He replied.
“So. You should have told me instead of picking up a fight with him.” Veena replied.
“Would you have listened?” Raghav spoke back.
“Maybe no or maybe yes.” Veena replied, “But that does not answer me.”
“So when I hated you, I usually think dirty and then forget about the person. I tried but then never really worked with you.”
“What dirty?” 
“If I hated a girl or teacher in the class, I usually thought something sexual about the person, even demeaning and then I would balance the anger.”
“So you hated me too at that time.” 
“Yes I did.”
“And what all dirty things did you do to me.”
“Most of it.”
“You having sex with me?” Veena asked.
“Yes rough and dirty.” Raghav replied and soon added, “It was a few years back and I hated that guy so much and somehow I felt I was better than him and if not for the bulky body, maybe you would have been dating me.”

Veena laughed now.
“You know what even I have a secret.” She replied.

His office room was large, racks and racks of books and lots of them stacked on tables and some even on floor. The old man was busy on his laptop while Neetu scanned through the books. Her attention fell on a hardbound long book. 
Kamasutra – The Complete Edition
She had always wanted to see it, never seen the book. She glanced at the old man who looked busy typing on his laptop. Neetu reached for the book and pulled it out carefully.
She flipped open the page and saw the picture of an ancient prince on her lap a curvy female kissing him. 
She flipped through the pages and there were drawings after drawings, positions after positions.
She stopped at the one named “The Lotus Blossom”. She looked carefully at the picture, the girl with her legs, one folded over the other neatly, hips slightly raised as the guy while the guy leaned forward to complete the position. It looked tough.

“You really don’t want to do everything shown in that.” The old man spoke from behind his laptop.

Reena stroked his cock carefully, she had never held it for so long, the few time she had held it was in a theatre or in the college play ground where he had shown it to her first time. She knew it was not the longest of all, probably it would grow a little bit more but never to the size of what she had seen in porn and other pictures of naked men. 
She leaned forward and looked at it closer having never having actually seen it this close. It was a thin stump with a neat helmet crowding out of layers of soft foreskin. She saw a little bit of his cum ooze out of the opening. She touched it with her finger; the sticky semen felt like a gel, she had never masturbated him till he dripped out his juices. He would always tell her when he was going to explode and she would retract her hand in time, not wanting to get it spoiled in the theatre, he would then wet his own underwear. 

She had two minds to actually take the leaking penis into her mouth, not having done it. Her boy friend arched his head up, looked at what she was doing between his legs.

“What is that?” Raghav asked a bit puzzled.
“Well it is my little secret about you.” Veena giggled.
“You can tell me, I told the only thing I kept away from you.”
“Mine is dirty but not as bad as you.” She replied.
“Now I am more interested.”
“Remember my cousins wedding, when we were in college.” Veena asked.
“Yep we were in eighth.” Raghav replied.
“You had only got your jeans remember and my cousin handed you her dad’s dhoti.” 
“Yes I have nightmares about that.”
“Well I was the first one to come to your room to wake you up, it was late in the morning and you were late for lunch.” 
“Don’t tell me.”
“Yes, when I walked in, the dhoti was at the other end of the bed and you my dear were sleeping on other end, full naked.”
“And you saw.”
“I am not blind.” Veena giggled.
“Well and I pulled the blanket over you and left the room.”
“I hope I was sleeping sideways.”
“Not really, you were snoring to glory.”
“That was the first time I saw a male penis.” She replied.
“Okay, I am glad I was not aware of that.”
“Well I thought it was big for you then I figured it fit to your proportions.” 
“So you pulled the blanket and walked out.”
“Not really.” Veena replied.

“Not all things can be done by mortals like us. Men and women were a lot talented those days, the kings courtesans knew dances and the kings were also well trained in martial arts to yoga. Their bodies were like rubber and it was easy for them. Today it is not like that.”
“Yes some of them look really difficult.” Neetu replied.
As she turned on the pages, not really bothered that he knew, after all his daughter was in the room having sex with her boy friend, loosing at the very moment.
She scanned at the picture, it was not all clear, it was a painting.
She walked to the study table and spread it under the light, the girl was on seated on his lap and her long hair fell over his shoulders as he kissed her neck and back. 
“This looks fun.”
The old man pulled his eye of the screen and looked at the page.
“Yes it can be, if you are long enough.”
“Can I borrow it sometime?” She enquired.
“Nope, I do not lend books, I rarely got books back so I don’t lend, more over your folks may not be as understanding and they may take it wrong way. There are enough pdf’s, I have one and I can give you that.” He replied.
“Okay.” She replied as she slammed the book shut and walked to keep it back in the cupboard.

“I get a lot of patients mostly newly married, who complain about not being able to have sex properly.” The Doctor continued, “Sometimes it is a bit sad, this age, so much online and they hardly have hints about it.”
“Girls are brought up in India not being told anything about sex and one fine day they are supposed to be brilliant in that.” He said.
“I too have thought about that, it is stupid.”
“Well ages ago, there were tutors, kings palace had ladies who taught the queen and princess about these things, they had ways to look at other couples having fun. European and British history too is filled with such things, same with Egyptians.”
“Hmmm.” Neetu replied listening carefully.

Reena spread her legs and he was licking her pussy like it was dripping honey. His tongue darting in and out of her pussy tasting her, Reena felt a throbbing she had known only when she masturbated. Her body stiffened she felt her body crumble and legs weaken and her body shivered as she climaxed, with his tongue still stuck inside her. 

He pulled out his tongue and saw her shiver and wriggle, he had never seen a girl do that and he kept watching her moan into a satisfying climax.

“I actually touched it.” Veena said.
“You were only in eighth” Raghav spoke back.
“So what, I was curious, I saw you snoring, figured you were not going to wake up. So I shut the door behind and took it in my hand and felt it.”
“And I was still snoring.”
“Yep, you would not have woken up if I had raped you.”
“You never know.”
“Then I pulled the blanket and left the room, you woke up hours later after we all had lunch.” Veena giggled. 
“It is not fair. You saw me and I never saw you.”
“So what, you imagined.”
“That is not even close.”
“You could have asked me.”
“And you would have done.”
“Those days maybe.” Veena replied.
“I wanted to ask you one more thing.”
“Have you ever had sex?”
“Never seen another.”
“Oh I have seen and touched and did a few things….”
“Don’t tell me whose. I don’t want to know.” Raghav replied.
“What about you, have you broken your seal.”
“Yes.” Raghav giggled.
“Bastard, you never told me.” Veena was surprised.
“You never asked and I never bothered.” He replied.
“Who the fuck was it.”
“Well we had a maid.”
“Don’t tell me.”
“Oh yes, she was not beautiful like you, but then things happened.”
“How old were you.”
“First Year in College.”
“You ask her. She is the one who made the move.”
“You paid her?”
“Not a penny.” Raghav replied.
“How long.”
“For a few months.”
“She then quit one day and left and we hired a different maid.”
“Bastard.” Veena replied.
“She loved my dick more than me. She told me a few times she wished her husband had something like this.” He replied.
“I too can guess, I don’t think the two I saw can be compared to what I saw that day.” Veena replied.

He pushed his fingers into her flooding pussy and felt the warm juices soak it, he then pulled out his dripping finger and sucked it dry.
“Wow that was something.”
He then massaged his penis a bit and positioned himself to mount her; Reena spread her legs and waited for it to happen. 

Neetu looked at the elder man, he was as old as her father maybe a bit older, he still had the charm and with a neatly shaven face and broad chest he looked fit too. Would she do it with him if she got a chance, she wondered.
“What about you, you have any boy friends?” He asked.
“Nope, not seeing anyone.”
“Had sex with anyone.” 
“No to that also.” She replied.
“Better know what you are doing, if he is an idiot, like the one my daughter is dating chances are you will have only not so good experience. I believe if you are getting involved better have fun and do it correctly and not miss a chance to try something new. The book might be of help.” He turned back to the laptop screen.

Neetu knew things were not going to go well if she stood there, she excused herself and walked out of the room, found her way to the stairs to the terrace.

“Would you want to see it now?” Raghav asked, “It has gotten much bigger since eighth.” Raghav replied.
“You got to be serious.” Veena replied.
“Yes I am, I have never been so serious.” His facial expression changed.
“Well I have wondered how long it would have grown, but…”

Raghav unbuttoned his jeans with some effort, pulled out his penis from under the jockey and showed it to her.

“Wow, it is still long.”
“Wait till you see it grown fully.” Raghav quipped back.

What the hell, his limb penis was still longer than the erect penis of her married cousin’s husband, she had seen him make love to her once and she had seen his instrument. His would grow long, how long was what she wondered.

Veena looked down, his penis had grown indeed.

Neetu walked up the stairs not wanting to make any sounds to disturb the couples busy down in the room, she almost called out for Raghav when she stopped, she saw Veena holding what looked like Raghav’s penis and petting it as thought it was an animal. Without giving a second look she turned back and walked down the stairs, tip toeing. She walked back to his office and stopped short of entering. She hung around at the walkway trying to overhear sounds from the room her friend Reena was getting busy. There were only hushed sounds of moans and groans, it was not much but just loud enough. Strangely it was not from where she had expected. She gingerly walked towards the office and the sounds got slightly louder and more distinctive, it was a female moaning. She peeked into the study room.

The old man was masturbating to a porn video on his laptop.

Reena heaved her hips up, her boy friend gently positioned himself, guiding his penis to meet the lips of her vagina. He gently thrust it into her as she cried in pain, breathing heavier and heavier, feeling her will of resistance crumble in the pleasure she was new to. He thrust it gently into her, the tender flesh wrapping around his penis resisting him, she was tight. She moved away, not wanting to let it inside her, it was too painful. He pulled out the little bit he had managed to get inside and sat next to her.

“I am not ready.” Reena sobbed, still feeling the pain. 

Raghav could not believe his eyes, the women he had, the girl he once had fantasised, ever since he learned how to masturbate, her head bobbing through the length of his penis. Her long hair swaying back and forth and he saw his penis disappear into her stretched mouth, spit oozing out of her mouth every time she retracted her penis, his penis was stiff, stiffer than it had ever been, even when the maid had serviced him in a similar way. He felt his pleasure peak and will weaken, yet she continued, the slurping sound is all he could hear as he felt a dizziness that was strange. As his pleasure heightened, he held her head and gently pulled it harder, she relented after few feeble protests and his balls slapped against her chin. Raghav rested his back on the soft walls of the terrace, as she pleasured him milking his penis. 

Reena was finding it more difficult, the inexperience they both had in the nuances of their physical relation finally catching up to them. He was still nursing an erection, despite sleeping besides her, though it was soon lacking the stiffness, she decided the gift she promised him would be what she had decided. She stripped of the last stitches of her clothes, unclasped her bra and let her hair loose. She then wobbled cross her bed and crouched between his legs, lowering her mouth as she took his penis in her mouth. Like an amateur she began imitating what she had seen in various porn movies, slurping his penis as he began to get back much needed blood between his legs. 
Reena would stop after a while and then look up at him, their eyes would meet and she would smile at him, before she went back doing what she was doing. Her boy friend was not one who could withstand someone pleasuring him with her mouth, he could hardly stand stroking himself when he was horny while watching porn movies. Reena gently ran her fingers through the penis while his penis bobbed in and out of the soft caress of her lips. He felt his muscles let go easily, his will getting looser and looser and before he could warn her like he always did, he ejaculated, right with his penis in her mouth. 
Reena could not see it coming, she had thought he would last long, she did not sense his legs stiffen; his muscles go harder and his breath heavier. When she felt the first warm spurt in her mouth she could not place it correctly, only when he burst a second time she realised and retracted her head just as he exploded a third time right on her hands, dripping down his juices. Cupping her mouth she ran into the washroom and spit out what she had in her mouth. She poured water into her mouth and cleaned gargled it spitting out, repeating it a few times, till she felt comfortable.
Reena walked out drying her face.
“I am sorry, I could not tell you.” Her boy friend apologised. 
“It is okay, it was the first time that was why.”

Neetu stared at the old man, his back resting on the chair his hands furiously working between his legs. The laptop screen lit up his face covering the rest of him in darkness, though she could see occasionally. She had two thoughts about the situation, if she interfered it would be really awkward, she could wait in the hallway for him to finish and then probably disturb him. Her second thought was that everyone in the house was busy with sex, Reena was with her boy friend and Veena was with Raghav. She was the only one who was not getting any action and seeing what he was doing she felt she too deserved some of it. She walked into the room and he stopped what he was doing a bit in shock and a bit surprised.

“I was not expecting you.” The old man hustled as he began covering his erect penis with his shirt, damn a minute more and he would have had his pleasure.
“I saw what you were doing.” Neeta replied. 
“And you walked in.” 
“It was too late for me to turn back.” She lied.
“Apologies, you were not supposed to see that.” He said, genuinely. 
“It’s okay; I just saw one in the terrace.”
“Damn, you kids start early.” The old man laughed slowly, losing his stiffness and carefully pushing it into his shorts. 
“Sort off.” She brushed it off, not wanting stay she was still dry as a desert and was waiting for the first drops of rain on her. It was difficult, for a few years she has been reliving herself on bed sheets and in bathroom whenever she felt horny. The only boy friend she had was during college days and there were times she felt a pinch of jealousy when she saw Reena and her boy friend together and worse Reena never kept a secret from her. 
“What about you, where is your boy friend.” The old man asked.
“We broke up before college.” She replied.
“Oh I am sorry to hear that.”
“Nope, he was a prick, it was my stupidity.” She brushed it off again.
“Oh okay.” He paused a bit, “So you are still….” he did not finish the sentence.
“Yep.” She replied.
“And you have not seen, I mean….” he enquired.
“Nope.” She paused, “Not till today.”
“Oh okay.” He replied a bit embarrassed and slightly shocked, still figuring out what more to add.
“Somehow I did not want see stuff on the terrace where I was not involved.” She laughed. 
He giggled along with her and his thoughts were more focused on what she had not made obvious. 
“My dad usually keeps a few condoms in his office.” Reena spoke, he might be asleep, “I can go and get it.” she continued.
Her boy friend nodded.
Reena pulled over her shorts and t-shirt, covered the top with her jacket, not to be bothered to wear the inners. She walked out of the door and saw the lights in her dad’s office.
“Damn, he is in the study.” She said as she got inside closing the door behind.
“Oh, I thought he was asleep.” Her boyfriend replied.
“Even I thought.” She was thinking, “He keeps some in the washroom in the bedroom.”
Reena walked out of the room and tip toed into her dad’s bedroom, with the torch from her mobile, she picked out the pack of condoms from his closet. There were a few boxes. She opened the one which was already open and took a strip, she paused and checked the make, Durex PleasureMax, ribbed and dotted for extra stimulation. She took one more strip and tip toed out of her dad’s room. 

Raghav held on like he never had. The beautiful girl in his fantasies had upped the pace, his penis was covered in her warm spit and she kept on, pausing only to catch her breath. Raghav held on.
Veena was working hard, not that she had done it before, but even she realised that it was not usual and given the fact that his dick was really long, she thought it was just the time he took. The only other thing she could think of was she was doing it all wrong, she did not know better, she had only seen how they do it in movies and it looked a lot like what she was doing. And then she felt his legs press hard against her, she pulled out his penis from her mouth and looked up at him. His head was yanked up, his whole body slithering as though in pain, she stood back as he exploded.

“I cannot believe you have not seen one yet.” Doctor said.
“No I have not apart from what I saw today, two in one day.”
“Would you be interested to change that?” he enquired standing up where he was sitting, thankfully his long shirt taking care of matters down stairs.
Neetu hung her head a bit embarrassed, clutching her hand in front of herself. 
“Would you?” he repeated the question as he walked across the desk.
She nodded her head, slightly indicating she wanted to. 
The old man unbuttoned his shirt, pulled out the penis he had just stuffed inside. He held it for her to see. She looked at it, still not staring, saw it. It was dripping his juices, he had not realised it and he had blasted his juices just as she walked in. Still semi erect he held it up for her to have better view, hopping she would touch it. 
“Why is it dripping?” she enquired, asking innocently. 
He looked down, “Damn I did not realise it. Must have finished it as you walked in.” He was about to wipe it off when he paused.
“Would you want to touch it?” He enquired.
Neetu held her hand out and touched a penis for the first time in her life. It was like any other part in the body but with an effect to give a shock across her body. She ran her fingers up and down, stopping short of touching his dripping juices. He unzipped his shorts and pulled it down, all the way as she patted it more enthusiastically.
“Go on you can stroke it.” he said.
She extended her other hand and grabbed his balls as she stroked his staff. He leaned forward to make it easier, grabbing the desk to support his weight. Neetu leaned forward and stroked it carefully avoiding the trail of his semen. 
“Why don’t you take it in your mouth?” He said, more like a request.
She looked at him, their eyes locked.

Veena held her face back as he blasted his semen right on her face, she angled her face sideways avoid but caught the second spurt on her cheeks and neck, he was shooting out like a shower. Veena gave up her efforts to move aside as he poured on her face and cheeks and necks, bit of it on her hands and skirt as she covered her face. Raghav saw her covered face and he held his penis up and jerking the rest off wetting her fingers and arms. Veena sat there, her knees supported on the mattresses. Raghav looked at her, her cheeks were covered in his semen so was her hands, bits of it dripping down her neck and he looked at her and said sorry. 
“It is okay.” She replied as she reached for the tissue wiping her face.
Raghav stopped her, “let me look at you one time.” He requested.
She held back, and he looked at her semen covered cheeks and necks.
“Happy” she asked.
“I wish I could remember this for a long time.” 
“I don’t know about you. But I will.” She replied as she wiped her face, “I was hoping to stop at a blow job and you made it a facial.”
“I could not help it, I wanted to stop, but…” he sounded apologetic though deep inside he was thanked his stars it had happened.

Reena kept the packets of condom next to the bed and pushed her boy friend back on the bed. He fell down flat on his back, and she started kissing him on his thighs while her fingers played with his flaccid penis. She wanted to coax it back to life and her desperation to feel it in her was even higher. She stroked it more furiously and kept on petting and squeezing his balls. Her boy friend groaned and moaned when her lips touched the tip of his penis. Without wasting much time she sucked his penis and began milking it back to life.

Neetu had kneeled down, her bare skin crushing against the cold floor, still holding the penis. She leaned forward and took the tip of it in her mouth. The semen was sticky and cold and she sucked it, the juices oozing out into her mouth. She lowered and spit it out on the floor and repeated it again. He looked down and said nothing; after all he was lucky to be the first guy to get into her mouth. She sucked on his penis like an amateur unknown about the vice of the world. But apart from the excitement of having a virgin young girl, his daughter’s classmate, suck his cock, the fun was not there. 
He gently retracted her face, kissed her on the lips. 
“I love your enthusiasm dear. There are two ways from here, we do something which both of us may regret or do something which both of us will enjoy and look back as a good memory.” He paused, letting her grab the weight of what he meant, before continuing, “We could understand each other’s body and see if we can have some real adult fun.”
Neetu nodded, it was better to know something especially from an experienced man of his age, it could be something she would never have a chance. Neetu nodded her head. He kissed her again. “Let us go to the bedroom.” He said as he turned off the light. Before they left the room, he asked her one last time, “Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?” 
She nodded her head.
“Say something.” He said.
“Yes.” She replied.
“Why? You still can find someone more of your age?” He enquired.
“It is not the age I am bothered, it is the experience. If you think we can really have fun, then I am game.” Neetu replied, the reason that she had convinced herself to go ahead with it. 
It was his turn to nod his head.

Raghav rested his bulky body on the rail of the terrace; Veena was right next to him, her head resting on his bulky chest. He had his hands wrapped around her, wrapped around her thin stomach, they both were looking at far mountains, string of lights of colonies there, a lonely car or bike would go through the roads. Their eyes searched in tandem for the next thing to look at, there was none apart from those from the houses. 
He patted her on the stomach gently.
“I had only dreamed of making out with you.”
“I did not even dream.” She quipped back. 
Raghav felt a bit snubbed, but he did not argue; only a few minutes back he had emptied his balls on her face that more than enough for him, he would have to die for that image to vanish from his head that was enough. He smiled at his own fortune.
“I still cannot believe what we did.” Veena spoke.
“I too am struggling.” He replied, trying to be diplomatic, he did not want her hate him. 
“No, not that I regret the decision.” She quipped back immediately not wanting him to feel sorry, after all she was the one who someway started it, after all she had seen his dick once and she had held it and it was deep in her mind to see it one more time once he grew up. 
“Nice to hear that, I almost thought that you were going to hate it for rest of your life.” Raghav replied.
“Actually, to be honest, I was someday going to ask me to show me your dick.” She giggled, “I was curious since the day I had seen it and knowing that it was going to grow. I thought it was normal length thanks to porn movies, but when I saw one in real life, I figured it wasn’t.” 
“Glad to hear that.” He replied, thanking his stars that it had happened even though he never knew about it. Then he figured, after all it had reached so far, “Now when am I going to see the Veena package.” 
“Someday.” She replied, giggling again.
“Why not today, after all we have gone ahead after all.” He replied back immediately, tightening his grip around her, dragging her closer to himself.
Veena had not really thought about it, she knew about Reena’s plans but what about Neetu, she had strangely disappeared for quite a long time, what if she came up while they were at it. Not that Veena was bothered about Neetu, but if Reena’s BF walked up, boys were not known to let such things go in their heart. Yet the request from him was not something she did not want to deny after all she had slurped him for quite a while.
“What if they come back?” She enquired.
“We can stop the door with something.” Raghav knew there was no way to lock the door from outside, he could jam it with some paper and jam it tight. “Let me see what I can do.” He said and stood up. 

Reena felt his penis grow in size, the life pumping back to it with each stroke of hers. She sucked his balls into her mouth while her hands stroked him she teased him, He spread his legs wider and she squeezed in further. He heaved his hips a bit up in pleasure, not knowing what was happening to him, it was all new to him and he loved it, if this was the pleasures of sex he could live with it for years. Reena saw him strain and she eased on what she was doing. Reena remembered the tingling feeling as if the earth crumbled beneath her feet when he had gone down on her. He had licked her all over, his tongue had teased her, he had stuck it in to her vagina and even her bum. She too wanted to give the same pleasure, she stopped doing what she was doing and spread his but cheeks wide apart.

Neetu had never stripped in front of someone, 
The old man had shed his clothes, the moment he had walked in and shut the door. The only sound in the room was that of the air conditioner, the old machine whirring at its best speed, everything else drowning in it. She still did not know why she was here, if it was pleasure she was looking for, pleasure to last till she found a different mate, then she was in the right place, at least she was with someone who was not new to the whole thing. 
She pulled out her t-shirt, un-pinned her hair and let it fall as he had directed. Her small sized bra was not what she was bothered about; she was not as bodacious as Veena who had bigger sized boobs, probably the biggest in her class. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it down, stripping down to her bra and panties, black coloured. The old man turned the tube light on, flooding the bedroom with a deluge of light, she saw him naked on the bed, resting his head under bunch of pillows, his eyes devouring the petite girl that she was. She slipped her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra and let the brassier slip down to the floor, the small curved breasts with a light shaded pink nipple popping up. The last thing to go was her panties, she slipped it out. There was not much hair down; she had waxed it a few weeks back.

The old man looked at it and his eyes was bulging out, damn he was a lucky bastard. He got out of the bed and walked up to her, standing behind her, he separated his hair on either side and kissed her back. Her body thrust forward when she felt the wet lips right on the tender skin of hers. He wrapped his hands around her stomach and began slowly licking the nape of her neck, it was more tingling than pleasure but still it was pleasurable and arousing. With his fingers he cupped her small breasts and teased her nipples. He began kissing lower and lower and his hands exploring her stomach and circling the soft skin around her navel. 
The old man devoured the intoxicating body of hers, he wanted to swallow her as a whole, he wanted to everything, he wanted to make gentle and lasting love, he wanted to enjoy every bit of her body. 
He cupped her bums and slowly parted them.

Veena unbuttoned his shirts, one button at a time. She felt like a small person in front of the taller and heftier Raghav. She pulled off the shirt from his body; she had never seen him that way, his round bulging stomach and sagging chest, not hairy that was a relief. Like she promised, she removed her t-shirt, standing on the terrace in her bra and jeans. The next was to unbuckle his belt and pull down his shorts, which she did in a jiffy. She then pulled down the boxers he loved to wear, she knew he preferred it since a kid, it was only later she realised wearing a tight underwear would have given him a tough time in class if he had a boner. He stood naked in front of her, top to bottom, his huge stomach, round bulging belly and broad thighs tapering into a equally broad legs, trapped in between the sleeping giant, it really was a sloppy giant, she thought. She then unbuckled her bra and her breasts popped out.
Raghav stared at the round fleshy mounds, he had dreamed of it, he had wondered how big she was, he had seen her cleavage many times and had wondered how cute those boobs would look. She stood back a bit and undid her jeans and pulled down her panties. Thankfully she had waxed a few days back and the garden was clean down. He looked at her, top to bottom. He had only fantasised, he had only dreamed, he had never thought it would happen, not even in his wildest dreams. 

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