Through the Backyard Fence

My name is Mohit. I work as an engineer in Silicon Valley for a large chip-maker. I’ve lived in Sunnyvale, California for a few years now. My parents immigrated to Southern California about ten years ago and I ended up going to Caltech before moving up north. 

I suppose in many ways I’ve lived a charmed life, but I’ve always been torn between two worlds, not quite fitting into either of them. My parents wanted me to have a more traditional arranged marriage. I wanted a more modern wife, but someone who wouldn’t be afraid to stay at home with the kids. 

Finding my wife was interesting. There are many misconceptions about arranged marriage outside of India. No, my parents didn’t have somebody in mind, a daughter of a friend of the family. Unlike my parents, who’d only met a few times before they were married, I wasn’t going to be forced to marry somebody I hardly knew. 

When the time came I was subjected to a daily barrage of emails where I was cc’d by my father, who seemed to spend all his time looking for prospective brides online from his home in San Diego. For many Indians new to the US, stuck between two worlds, this is a common right of passage.

Still, in the spirit of romance and adventure I’d endeavored to find a suitable match, a girl who I’d fall in love with and be my karmic destiny. That being said, you’d be surprised who you see on these websites. My father once asked me if I’d be interested in a girl who worked down the hall. 

When I met Divya she was the perfect match. She was a nurse at a local hospital. She had a kind and caring attitude and we shared similar values. 

I called my parents with the happy news that I’d found “The One”.

Twelve months after our wedding we had a baby. I was very proud of my wife. She worked hard to get rid of her baby weight. As much as I might have enjoyed it, she didn’t make large portions of hearty Indian meals. She was a vegetarian, but kept the white carbs to a minimum. She joined a local YMCA that had child care where she could hit the treadmill, lift weights and generally keep in good shape.

My life was as I imagined it, me the breadwinner, my wife taking care of house and home. We moved from our little apartment to a much nicer area in Los Altos. It was very expensive, but I figured it to be a good investment as real estate in the area was insane. It was a starter home compared to the other houses in the area, a one story ranch house with three bedrooms, but at least we could make the payments comfortably on my income.

There was another Indian family across the street that we’d hang out with, but I didn’t really connect with them on a personal level. They were very traditional, nice enough, but not our type. Next door lived an older couple that was a little strange, Rick and Dorothy. They had a large house, well decorated and maintained, with a beautiful big pool in their backyard. I could go to my backyard fence and peak through the cracks, but it made me jealous.

The first time I met our neighbors was under unfortunate circumstances. About a month after we moved in, some idiot neighborhood kids had gone down the street, slashing car tires. I was in my work clothes, staring at my flat and pissed off at the world. I’d never changed a flat tire so I rolled up my sleeves and opened the instruction manual for the minivan, locating the donut sized spare tire and the jack. 

Rick came down from his porch to see if he could help. We exchanged friendly greetings, and I felt relieved because he said changing a tire shouldn’t be a big problem. Suddenly my situation seemed manageable.

He was in his early 60’s, but had this strange youthful vitality. He had a full head of gray hair, was slender, and built like a rock. He told me he was a plastic surgeon. In his open garage I’d spied a couple of motorcycles. He wore a t-shirt that showed off his arms.

His wife Dorothy also came out, curious as to the commotion on our sleepy street. She was a fox. I’d guessed he’d done some work on her as it was hard to tell her age. I guessed she was in her 50’s, but she looked ten or fifteen years younger in a strange artificial way that wasn’t off putting. She dressed well, had large fake breasts, wore expensive jewelry and was damn sexy, a true MILF. She had a beautiful ass and thin waist. Liposuction was probably involved. I stared at her for ten seconds too long and when I looked back up, Rick just winked at me, smirking. I hoped I hadn’t offended him.

At this point Divya came out with a cell phone, offering to call the police to make a report. I introduced her to our neighbors and started the repairs.

I struggled with the lugnuts on the tire, twisting with all my might to loosen them. Wearing a nice shirt and pants, I kept rubbing my clothes against grimy bolts and parts, souring my mood.

“Woah, woah, watch it,” Rick said, “let me get dirty doing that, I don’t have to go to work.” He knelt down beside me and I looked up at my wife who couldn’t stop smiling as he took the tire iron from me. He put the end around the bolt and pulled up hard. I couldn’t believe his arms, all muscle and veins as he yanked up and twisted the bolt loose.

“Oh my,” Divya said. I looked at her and frowned. She just laughed, turning her head in an attempt to be modest.

I leaned in, grabbing the tire iron. “Take a break, I can get the next one.”

“Be my guest,” he snickered, standing over me.

I twisted and turned making the same motion he did, pulled with all my might. My hands hurt but the bolt didn’t move.

“Mohit, let Rick do it, you’ll hurt yourself,” Divya said. 

I made an excuse, “I just don’t want to get my clothes dirty, getting in too close.”

Rick just looked at me with squinted eyes like he’d unexpectedly met the village idiot. He took the tool and popped off the next four bolts, each time straining and showing his muscles. He was clearly showing off.

When he was done I was discombobulated having been shown up in a contest of strength. My desk job had failed me. He handed me the jack.

My adrenaline pumping in humiliation, I was determined to finish the job. I put the jack under the car, fumbling as I twisted the crank to lift up the car. 

“Mohit, let Rick do it. He’s strong, he can crank it up,” again Divya humiliated me.

“He’s the strongest guy I ever met,” squawked Dorothy, sounding like she once had a pack a day cigarette habit. She found our situation uninteresting and returned to the house.

I turned over the tire iron to him, a beaten man. He finished the job in a few minutes, including putting on the new tire. My only contribution was putting the lug nuts back on by hand so he could tighten them properly.

Divya thanked him and he leaned in and they hugged. “Thank you Rick,” she said, “You are a real lifesaver!” I shook his hand and went inside to change out of my dirtied office clothes. 

The baby was asleep in his crib and Divya followed me into the bedroom. 

“It’s a good thing Rick helped us,” she said. 

“Absolutely.” I wasn’t going to argue, figuring it was best to let it go. While I changed she came up behind me and planted a kiss on my neck.

“You weren’t so bad yourself,” she said, reaching around to pull out my manhood. She wanted sex now? We hadn’t had proper sex in almost a year, the baby keeping both of us sleep deprived. I decided why not, I’d already called into work warning them I’d had car trouble. Another fifteen minutes wouldn’t hurt anything. 

We lay on the bed and I reached down between her legs, her thick thatch of pubic hair musky and wet. I slid a finger inside her and she gasped. 

“Did you see how big Rick’s arms were?” Her eyes were closed and she moaned slightly.

Where did this come from? “They were kind of weird, huh,” I answered.

“He looked like a weightlifter,” she answered, “like a bodybuilder. Mohit, please, take me.”

She spread her legs and I crawled on top of her, incredibly horny and confused. As I pushed into her I said, “Forgive me for the stupid question, but did he turn you on?”

Divya leaned up and kissed me. “I’m sorry, forgive me honey. It’s just been so long..”

I had to agree with that, and frankly, the sex was great. I slid into her, my cock glistening and hard. I quickly burst, flooding her with my white hot semen.

She held me tight, wrapping her legs around me, not letting me go.

I kissed her and begged her forgiveness as I had to work. The entire drive in my mind was a jumble, thinking about Divya’s casual erotic response toward Rick.

Life fell back into it’s normal routine, days turned into week that turned into months. Our baby was becoming a toddler and we discussed having a second child. Divya went off her birth control.

Disaster struck for Rick about six months after the tire incident. He’d come home from work one day and his wife had left him. Of course, we didn’t find this out immediately, our Indian neighbors across the street tipped us off. 

One evening soon after we were pushing the stroller in from of Rick’s house and saw him in the garage, working on a motorcycle, a half empty beer on his workbench. As always he wore a tight t shirt clearly meant to show off his body. I wondered how that would affect Divya.

We waved to him and he seemed glad to see us. “Hey you two!” he said, “I need a break, you two want a beer?”

Divya and I looked at each other. We very rarely drank, it was verboten in our families, but Divya surprised me and said, “Sure, why not,” as I was declining his offer.

“Oh!” I said surprised. “Well, happy wife, happy life,” and we pushed the baby up the driveway into his spacious garage.

He showed me the Harley he was working on, and asked Divya if she’d prefer a glass of wine, which she gladly accepted. “Okay,” he said, “Bring the little one, I’ll give you the grand tour.”

His home was spacious and beautiful, easily three times larger than our place and with an independent distinctive architecture that subtly oozed class. He showed us the top floor, each room more interesting than the last until he showed us the master bedroom and bath. The place was fit for a prince. I looked out his back bedroom window, admiring the commanding view. I noticed immediately that he could see right into our backyard without any problems. 

I was shocked. I knew that sometimes Divya hung laundry out back, trying to be environmentally friendly, and she’d go topless or even completely naked from the laundry room to a clothesline on the back patio. I wondered if he’d gotten a good look at my wife.

“You have a great view,” I said.

“You can see everything from up here, the wildlife is quite beautiful,” he laughed as he said it. I wondered if I should be offended at the answer.

“You know Divya, I know it’s getting hot, do you have air conditioning?” Rick asked.

“No,” Divya answered.

“Well feel free to come on over and use the pool, all of you. Just knock first,” Rick offered.

Tour over, downstairs he broke out the wine, pouring Divya the first glass. “Aren’t you worried about nursing the baby?” I warned her. 

“I’m a doctor,” Rick said, “Your little boy will just get a good night sleep, I’m sure you both need it.”

“Indeed,” said my wife, taking a sip. “Pardon me for asking, but I’d heard from our neighbors that Dorothy no longer lives here?”

I was embarrassed by her question. “Divya, please..”

“No no, it’s a good question. The neighbors are right. Can you believe she left me for another guy?” He cackled as he said it. “I guess I made her tits too big. Rich old guy. I think she wanted somebody who wasn’t going to outlive her,” and he laughed heartily, flexing one arm, a gold Rolex on his tan wrist as his veins popped.

“Oh my!” Divya said, exactly as she responded the first time she saw his body in action.

It occurred to me that as a doctor, perhaps he had easy access to steroids or HGH. Maybe he took testosterone. 

“That’s what I get for marrying one of my nurses, what do I expect?” Rick howled, nudging me.

We grinned at each other. “You know, my wife is a nurse by trade,” I said happily, glad he’d put his foot in his mouth. I longed to better him and finally he tripped up. I expected him to apologize.

“Then maybe you better watch your wallet with this one!” He said. “Well, unless she trades up,” and he he looked at Divya who was laughing, and she FUCKING WINKED at him.

‘You know Divya, it’s Divya right?” Rick said, “You know, I’ve been in the business of self improvement for a long time, and you have done a fantastic job of losing your baby weight, but if you ever want a consultation feel free to stop by and I’m sure I can help you out.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, pardon me, do you mind? I’m going to get a little close here,” and he put his hand on Divya’s shoulder in the way a doctor would to explain something personal. “Nursing a baby can really remove the youthful bounce a woman has in her bust area,” and he outlined the bottom of my wife’s breasts, not touching, but very close. “Some women also want us to do a little tummy tuck after a pregnancy, slim down the waistline,” again he outlined areas he would work on. Divya looked at me smiling. She enjoyed his attention.

I wanted to punch the charming bastard and maybe even slap my wife. I kept my cool.

“Oh that’s quite all right Doctor,” my wife had slipped into her old nurse habits, “Perhaps when we are finished having children.”

“Of course,” Rick said and we made more small talk and had a second glass of wine before excusing ourselves.

We were both a little tipsy as we left. Walking up the driveway Divya said, “Isn’t he great? Such an interesting neighbor. I can’t wait to jump in the pool.”

“Are you kidding me? I thought he was extremely unprofessional. The way he oggled you!” I said.

“You think he was oggling me?” Divya didn’t seem upset, she seemed pleased!

Once inside she put the boy to bed for the night and I took a shower. Divya once again was incredibly aroused. When I came out of the bathroom she was on all fours in bed, naked, her hand reaching up between her legs, rubbing her hairy patch as she fingered herself. I’d never seen her like this.

“Every cloud has a silver lining,” I mumbled.

“What?” she looked back me, a passionate look on her face. “Please Mohit, let’s do it like this. Take me like an animal on all fours. I’ll pretend it’s Rick.” 

“Are you out of your mind?” I said, but the sight of her made me hard. “Time for you to take it, bitch.” Now this may sound vulgar and rough but my wife doesn’t mind me getting a little aggressive in the bedroom. For the first time, though, I sort of meant it.

I hated when she got in this position. My erect penis is barely long enough to penetrate her properly and I’m always slipping out. I placed my head at her opening and pushed, easily sliding it. I got a good rhythm going and lost concentration, my cock sliding out and poking her ass. “Mohit, no, please,” she reached back grabbing it and put it in the right spot.

I tried again and again it slipped out. Clearly frustrated, she sighed heavily and turned over. I entered her as she spread her legs and I finished in minutes. Even after I pulled out, my seed leaking from her, she rubbed her clit for another couple of minutes until she came. 

A few days later I’d been working late, and rang Divya to tell her I wouldn’t be back until eight or so. In the background I heard some splashing and the laughter of our son. “Where are you?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m over at Rick’s,” she said, “It’s so hot, the pool is refreshing.”

“Is he there?” I asked.

“Oh yes, he’s swimming laps right now. I just got done putting the baby in the pool. He loved it! I’ve got some beautiful pictures for you.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“The pictures are great!”

“No, no, I mean, you. Alone. With Rick. He’s a maniac.” I’d finally vocalized my fears.

“Mohit, don’t be silly. He’s fun. And our little one is right here. Do you really think he’d try any funny business?”

“I think maybe yes. You see how he looks at you. He probably has some hyper steroid driven sex drive.”

“Mohit! Don’t be silly.” 

“He probably takes testosterone, HGH. You see how he is, not even that upset with his wife left him. Then he flexes around you, touches your breasts in front of me.”

“Look, I’m not going to argue with you. I’ll go home if you want me to go home. It’s just hot out. Our house doesn’t have air conditioning.” Divya’s voice sounded disappointed. 

“Am I acting crazy?” I asked.

She laughed. “Yes, I think you are a little jealous. I kind of like it when my man fights for me.”

“Okay fine. But don’t drink. I’ll get dinner in the cafeteria. I’ll be back around 9.”

We said our goodbyes and hung up. I sat there in a confused daze. I couldn’t help it, but for the first time I had these insane, crazy thoughts that Divya might be cheating on me. I considered blowing off my responsibilities, telling my team I had a family emergency and return home to spy through the fence.

What did I expect to see? Divya fucking Rick? It was absurd. But I knew he was a predator and it scared me. My emotions were a mixture of apprehension and something else. That something else was arousal. Call me crazy, but I had confusing, contradictory emotions, all incredibly stressful.

That night I drove home, noting the lights were still on at Rick’s house, but off at my home. I walked up the driveway and let myself into our backyard via a side gate. I was careful and quiet, but the gate still creaked, needing a good oiling. I could hear splashing in the pool and some voices. My fears seemed to be coming true.

I crept like a burglar in the dark down my fence line, putting my computer bag on the ground. I found a nice crack in the redwood boards and peaked through. I had a good view of the pool. I didn’t see my family but I saw Rick and another woman. Or rather, I saw her breasts. 

A tan girl about my age was laying on an outdoor couch by the pool, giant fake tits pointing to the sky. Rick was in the pool swimming. I was incredibly relieved yet excited at the same time. I realized in shame that I had blue balls.

I considered my good luck and reached down, pulling out my cock as I looked at her. Now was my chance to win one against that cocky bastard. I’d have a good wank to his naked woman. 

My hard penis quickly lubricated with pre-cum as I pumped it. The thrill of voyeurism pulsed through me, my head a mix of crazy thoughts. 

Rick climbed out of the pool. I was stunned, his golden god body incredible. I wasn’t aroused in a sexual sense, but impressed none the less. He was completely nude and his cock was five or six inches and not even hard, just sort of semi stiff. The girl on the couch got up and gave him a kiss and tugged playfully on him until he sported a solid eight inches. 

Perhaps I could watch them fuck. I quickened my pace.

They spoke softly and I couldn’t make out their words. Eventually she stood up and grabbed a towel, covering herself as she returned to the house. He took a seat facing me, his hard cock in his grip as he relaxed. The guy looked like he conquered the world, sitting amongst his fine possessions, a beautiful girl at his disposal.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, “Mohit, are you okay..” I spun in shock, my cock dripping cum in an arc like the silk of a spider.

Divya got a good look at me and whispered, “Oh my God!”, grinning.

I froze, caught like a teenager by his mom after she failed to knock.

“I’m sorry,” was all I could say. I tried to turn my groin away from her, my penis dribbling sperm all over my good pants as I tried to stuff it back inside.

Divya put her eye up to the hole. My wife, the love of my life had caught me masturbating like a common peeping tom.

“Oh Mohit. I never suspected,” she looked back at me and then through the crack again, clearly taking it all in. 

I thought she was going to yell and scream. 

“You don’t understand,” I protested in a whisper.

“Shh”, she answered. “It’s okay. I understand.” She stood up and leaned into me and we kissed.

I cannot tell you how relieved I was. “You are the best wife,” I whispered.

She giggled into my ear, “Mind if I take a look again?”

Who was I to say no? I smiled, “Be my guest.” Here we were sharing this secret moment.

She stared through the crack and shocked me as she pulled up her nightshirt and started rubbing herself. “See if you can find another hole in the fence,” she whispered.

I looked at the fence, looking for another crack. I found one that was smaller but could still see Rick stroking himself, his head back resting. There was no sign of the naked lady. I thought to myself that this was actually sort of a happy medium. My wife and I enjoying this taboo erotic moment as a couple. I looked at her hand between her legs, rubbing, and got hard again.

I searched for the naked lady when all of a sudden Rick grunted and sperm, loads of it, flew into the air, landing on the cement with a splat. Even I was transfixed. It was like watching the Bearded Lady at the carnival. I couldn’t avert my eyes.

Divya squeaked as an orgasm washed over her. Even I was surprised. Rick looked up toward us.

“Divya?” He called out, smiling.

I backed away, took her by the hand and we both ran away like naughty children. Once inside we both laughed like unashamed hooligans who’d pulled off a great prank.

“Holy fuck, holy shit, holy fuck,” I kept saying. Divya leaned in and kissed me again, pulling me to the bedroom. We hopped into bed, peeling off our clothes. 

“Did you hear how he called my name Mohit?” Divya gushed, clearly happy. I was just glad he hadn’t called MY name.

We had incredible sex. She sucked me, I licked her, I fingered her, she even put a finger in my ass which she never did. It was crazy. We were two animals in heat. We had an epic fuck session, collapsing in bliss and exhaustion. We lay next to each other, holding hands. If we had cigarettes we would have smoked them. 

Then Divya said the most disturbing thing. “I can’t believe I married you. I think it’s really great, but I wonder why you never told me.”

“Told you what?” I asked, content.

“Your bisexuality. It makes me so aroused. Now I understand your jealousy more. You wouldn’t have minded getting a piece of Rick. I’m just glad you know how it feels. It’s like I know you understand me better.” She elbowed me playfully.

The horror washed over me, puzzle pieces falling into place. She thought I was masturbating to Rick. When she looked through the hole she only saw Rick in his golden god glory, holding his monstrous penis. She never saw his naked girlfriend.

My heart pounded into my throat. 

“Divya, my love. You are my queen. I’ve had such a wonderful night, but I have to confess, there was originally a woman there, naked. That’s why I was aroused. She left just before you surprised me. I’m so sorry.”

“A naked woman?” Divya was silent then asked, “Mohit, why were you looking in the first place?”

“I was afraid. I wanted to see if you were still at his house.”

“You wanted to spy on me? What if I was with him like that naked woman you claim you saw. I’m not even sure I believe it. Would you have pulled out your penis and touched yourself if Rick was naked with me?”

“No,” I said, but my cock betrayed me, rising and pressing into her side before I even uttered the word.

“No?” Divya asked. “Your hard penis tells me a different story” and she reached back to stroke it. “If you lie to me about this, why should I believe your story about this mysterious woman.”

“You have to believe me. I’m not gay. I don’t like men.” I closed my eyes as she rubbed me. I loved her so much at that moment.

“But you’d look at me and him. Would you like to see me take him in my mouth?” My cock twitched and pulsed and I squirmed.

“Please stop, I’m going to come,” I said.

She refused to back down. “Would you like to watch through the fence as he fucks me Mohit? I’m sure he wouldn’t slip out like you. I’m not sure I could handle him.” Her words were too much and I spurted for the second time that night.

“I think we could have a lot of fun Mohit,” and she kissed me on the forehead. We both drifted off to sleep. I wanted to tell her she was wrong, but for the first time, I wondered if I had been lying to myself.

I slept fitfully, waking up at three in the morning when she left to nurse our son. I lay there thinking about having sex with her. I was in an almost manic state, worshipful of my wife. I can’t explain my feelings other than to say I idealized her. My competition with Rick had sparked an almost psychotic desire for her.

When she returned to the room I crawled between her legs, worshiping her pussy, licking her until she shook with orgasmic vibrations. When I finished she pushed me away. I masturbated into my underwear as I lay beside her.

I woke up the next morning a little late but feeling exhilarated. Divya made breakfast for me and she was incredibly dressed. She wore a short pleated dress and a skinny top. Her breasts seemed to want to burst out. I looked down and she was wearing heels. This was one of her old clubbing outfits from her single years. I was amazed it fit so well.

“Divya?” I said softly, drinking my tea. “Why are you dressed like this?”

She just winked at me. “I just want to be your sexy wife? Is that so bad?”

“Are you going next door?” I asked.

“Maybe,” she said.

“Wouldn’t you wear a swimsuit?”

“I can bring a swimsuit. Maybe I won’t be swimming.” She winked at me again.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” I said. I felt myself getting hard again.

She walked to me sexily, kneeling by me and unzipping my pants. “If something was going to happen,” she paused, licking my head, “and you knew it would make you very, very horny, would you really want to stop it?” She laughed and stood up, my hard pole unrelieved.

My stomach collapsed. I felt almost feverish. I collected my things and drove to work. I found it hard to concentrate. A friend of mine even commented, asking if I was tired telling me I seemed a little off. 

Around 3 p.m. I got a text. “Do you want to enjoy a show?”

I responded, “What do you mean?”

“Through the fence.” 

I swallowed, wondering what to answer. I typed in “NO” but before I hit send I paused, erased it and typed, “Maybe”.

I received a response. “Going next door in an hour. Go to the fence if you want to enjoy a show. xoxo.”

I walked into my boss’s office and told him I had a family emergency, and had to leave. My minivan raced out of the parking and I felt like I wanted to throw up. Tears filled my eyes. But my cock, my damn cock was also crying slick tears of arousal.

I parked in my driveway. I paused to recompose myself and opened the car door. I retraced my steps down the side of the house, stopping to pee in some bushes. I didn’t want to miss even one second.

There was a note taped to the fence. “Son with sitter. Enjoy.” 

I stood stunned, tearing off the paper which covered the crack. My defenses had been destroyed. Fuck it, I thought to myself, and unzipped, peeping through the fence.

It wasn’t long. Both of them came into the backyard, a glass of wine in their hands. They talked for maybe fifteen minutes but I only understood bits and pieces. I almost wondered if anything was going to happen at all. I didn’t know if that would disappoint me or bring relief. 

Divya stood up in front of Rick, and again he seemed to be giving her a consultation. He reached up and this time he touched her breast. Divya, reached down and pulled her top off giving him full access. I held my breath as he cupped her breasts, her smiling at him as he pointed out where he could improve. She kept twirling her hair around her finger, smiling and laughing. 

He finished and they moved to the couch that Rick had sat on the night before. He sat next to her. She looked up at him and leaned in, kissing him open mouthed. His left arm grabbed the inside of her bare leg below the hemline. She opened her legs, signaling him to touch her more intimately. Now I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. 

Not only that, she’d shaved herself completely. Her normally dark black pubic patch was now a smooth and gleaming brown, with her labia exposed. I shook as I watched Rick’s thick fingers make his way to her crotch, touching her as he kissed her gently. He finger fucked her for ten minutes until she had her first orgasm, shaking and moaning.

When she finished she closed her legs and pushed him back onto the couch. She kneeled between his legs, pulling out his hard beast of a cock. She gripped it with two hands, feeling it’s heft, and she licked the tip. She LOOKED AT ME as she put it into her mouth. That’s when I came the first time, a splash of hot cum on the gravel below me. 

For another five minutes she sucked him, but he was so large a deepthroating would have been impossible. Spit and precum slurped down her cheeks as she worked on him. 

As she sucked him I heard him ask a single one word question, “Fuck?”

She nodded and leaned back onto the couch, pulling up her skirt as her pussy awaited him. The bud of her ass, her smooth pussy, split by her pink slit faced me. This was the pussy that bore my child. Rick positioned himself and she looked at me again and winked.

My cock was rock hard again. I hadn’t even realized it happened. Rick’s monstrous cock head hung down and he picked it up. I couldn’t see it as he put it in her, I could only see his muscled ass and large hefty balls. She gasped and I knew he’d entered her. He gripped her hips and moved her onto his penis. He didn’t piston into her. She was his fuckdoll and his arms used her like a sex toy. 

Divya wrapped her legs around him, trying with all her might to get him deeper into her. I was shocked. She moaned and bit a cushion. Clearly she was in pain, but she didn’t let it stop. It must have been erotic misery as he split her with his golden boy cock. I was mesmerized, her pleated skirt rubbing back and forth across her thighs as he pulled and pushed her onto him. It seemed to me that he was in her completely.

He leaned over, planting passionate kisses on her lips, his cock locked deep inside her. 

Then he pulled out, his hard horse cock glistening with my wife’s juices. Divya collapsed onto her side, holding her stomach in what looked like pain. Rick reached down and guided her onto her knees. She put her hand up between her legs, trying to protect herself with the cloth of her skirt, but she couldn’t avoid her fate.

Tenderly he took a hold of her hand and pulled it out of the way, lifting her skirt. Her ruined pussy was exposed to me from behind. My wife’s cunt looked like another woman’s. Without hair it was different, but the physical effect of his fucking had opened her up. Her puffy lips hung helplessly around a dark deep cavern, almost perfectly circular and over an inch in diameter. 

His cock danced in anticipation. He guided it to this cave, and again he entered her. This time I had a little better view as the skin of her vagina pulled tight around his cock, hugging it as he pistoned into her. She cried out, but instead of saying “no” or “stop”, she kept meekly saying “Yes, yes, yes.” 

After a few minutes her entire body convulsed. Her back arched and her stomach dropped as she trembled, and I’ll never forget how she moaned as she experienced her first real orgasm from a man’s penis. She cried out “Ohhhhh Gooooood”, and wept.

He grunted like an animal and forced himself deep into her. She sounded like somebody on a torture rack, crying from her orgasm. He held her tight, his balls throbbing visibly as sperm pulsed into her.

Releasing her she collapsed, curling up into the fetal position on the couch, a million sperm swimming in her. His slick white load started to ooze from her, and when she realized it, she did something that shocked me.

She got on her back, holding her legs to her breasts. She had done that to me when she wanted to get pregnant. I prayed he’d had a vasectomy. 

He sat next to her and they chatted, him patting the back of her leg in an almost grandfatherly way. After a minute or two she wiped her eyes and she did something she never did with me. 

His penis a mess, she sat up, bent over and cleaned him. Using her palm she scooped up his cum and rubbed it along her vagina. Then she lapped up what was left from his cock and balls. She even tried to deepthroat his softened penis, which was still relatively hard to do. 

When she finished, she lay back again pulling up her legs and held them again. They chatted and laughed as she occasionally put a hand between her legs, as if to hold the cum inside. 

In this position he began kissing her passionately again, Rick gripping an ass cheek, the bud of her ass exposed to me as their mouths met. 

When they broke their embrace, Rick looked over to the fence and said, “I hope you enjoyed that Mohit.”

I spermed in terror and arousal. I was caught, the pervert cuckold.

Divya took his hand and kissed his bronze body on the chest, admiring his nipples, running her hand across his six pack abs. She kissed him again and excused herself, dressing.

When she came in she went straight to the bedroom. I refused to let her shower. Like an inspector I examined every piece of her body. I bent down between her splayed legs, seeing the inside of her pussy for the first time, the wrinkly skin still coated in Rick’s sperm.

“Lick it,” she said and she forced my mouth against her opening. I wanted to gag as his juices touched my tongue and lips until I gave in, cleaning her.


That was three years ago. After six months her pussy was ruined for me. Sometime she would lay down and as a game she’d pull herself apart and I’d see how far I could put my hard cock in without touching the insides of her. The truth is I could get it in almost completely. I’d masturbate and then plunge into her, hoping my sperm would reach her uterus.

Divya gets almost no sexual feeling from me fucking her now. We both enjoy the new situation. It is twisted, I admit. When she first told me she was pregnant I knew who the father was. When she was five months pregnant, she went to Hawaii with him, telling well wishers that he was the father. I know this because she told me as I jerked off in her pregnant pussy.

She told me not to worry about it, that she would always love me.

I lost my job about six months ago in a downsizing. I know my wife’s affair had an effect on my performance in the office, so when the list of people to axe was drawn up, I was included.

Divya now works as a nurse in his office, making double her old salary at the hospital. 

I’m a stay at home dad with both kids. I furiously masturbate to cuckold and hotwife porn, thinking about my hotwife who gets fucked on an almost daily basis by that huge dick. 

She’s always happy to let me lick her pussy as she recaps her latest fuck. She’s become an expert at giving me blowjobs.

In fact, my fingers are shaking as I type this, late at night. My wife came home from Rick’s this evening and told me about her latest fuck as she sucked me off. Apparently Rick invited another doctor, Deepak, to the house.

Deepak trains with Rick. She did everything possible to make sure Deepak joins the business. She told me all about it.

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