Three Sisters

Dear friends, This is a true stroy about a father his daughters not one or two but all thre daughters he produced during 20 years of mariage bond. First let me introduce miself i am a guy of 25 years tall handsome and loveable boy and am a student of local post graduation college. Lovey eldest of all three girls along with ruby and pinky was mi classmate in degree course. We use to study together in our house for which i was being paid for by three girls not sisters (two other classmates) Rs 500/ as a teacher to them. All use to come alongwith me we use study together me a teacher and other thre girls as student. our class went upto two hours .One day there was noother student and lovey as usual came with me and we studied for 2 hours.and as she was about to leave mi room incidently mi hand touched her boob. for which she was very furious and there after for next few days she never came to mi house. other twos too left mi coaching class . once i requersted thre girls atleast they sud have a cup of tea with me and tell me where lies mi fault. all the thre came to mi room and started telling the lovey says u have intentionally touched her boob.i told them there was no such intention but as the lovey says i admit mi fault and i am sory for that(simply because i was not having alternative then to loose 500/ pm as i was living alone and am son of poor parents). I met lovey again in private to know more about me as how he see me in light of the aarop she made for me. and come out with this shameful story. the mother of lovey died while she was about 22 and other twos were 20 and 18. after completion of rituals the father of lovey called her and ask whether u r going to take place of mother or sud i marry again. fears arouse in the heart of lovey for step mother she will fully agreed to be the mother of house. but her father was having other intentions too. and one night while she was asleep she felt one hand on her boobs and other on her pussy she was shockerd when she saw her father doing this thing and pushed him back. but cud not succeded as father torn off her shirt and salwar. and she was completely naked in front of her father. W ith herevergrowing boobs and naked cunt she was unasble to hide much of portion of her body in front of her father. she became the prey of evil desires of his father.story not ended here she was made tool for other two sisters much younger to her. And lovey made me to meet him in a hotel or in any other place as she want to discuss many things with me. so a room was fixed and i took her to that room. where she just kept mi hand on her boob and said u want me and if u r desires are unfulfilled u fuck me and took off her kameez and salwar without mi asking. I saw her body was nothing so special about it despite being big boobs she has nothing to describe. but as one famous poet has said( agn pavitr pawan pavitr aur pavitr paani, chuchi chumban choot pavitr kaya bahngan kaya raani)as water and air and fire is pious so like that vagina kissing and boobs are pious may be of sweepress or queen).mi dick in mi pant was showing its intentoins not to leave the cunt she pull down mi pant too and started sucking mi dick and madl;y manners. sucked sucked and sucked mi dick was as hard as iron rod wanted more like yeh dil maange more. just started sucking and licking her nipples she was perfectly in fucking mood. i lay down her on bed and enter muchn of mi dick in just one stroke this shows how big slut she was. the fucking continued for exactly one hour in brief short interwals. she told me todays fucking was only fucking she enjoyed otherwise all those fuckings done by mi father was judst routine fucking where she took no interest.and further said if imarry any of her sisters this cunt and pussy will be forewever his. but i was having no such intentions to mary from ther family of sluts. the matter was kept secret though offers came for me of fucking herlittle sisters too but mi mood was upset too much but mi tummy was telling me not to leave the lovey till her studies are over. even today lovey come to me not for fucking but to meet me and spends god time with me some time i fuck her too but mi heart is full of hatred for her and her family though there is no fault of them in the situation.

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