There Goes The Neighborhood

Debbie and Rob are an attractive couple basically living the suburban dream in a five house cul de sac called Travers Lane. They have a nice house with a backyard pool, decent incomes, nice families, and good friends.
Debbie could most easily be described as a “buxom” lass. She’s 5’1″, 130 pounds of sleek womanhood with eye-popping DD boobs. Her blond hair is medium length and her complexion almost flawless, making many people believe that she’s younger than her thirty one years. This is Debbie’s second marriage and she has no communication with her slimy ex.
Rob is nine years older than Debbie but in good shape and with a young attitude on life. This is also his second marriage but his ex is not a witch and they get along as well as could be expected. He and his ex-wife share custody of their eight year old daughter, Madison.
Debbie and Rob got it right this time. They are almost completely simpatico, have a healthy sex life, and non-judgmental open minds when it comes to relationships and life styles.
Rob and Debbie’s best friends on Travers Lane are their next door neighbors Janet and Wally. Janet and Wally are in their mid-thirties and very similar to Debbie and Rob in appearance. Large breasted Janet in particular looks much like a six inch taller version of Debbie with brown hair. Wally is a little more muscular than Rob and about an inch shorter with a heavier beard but otherwise they are very similar too. The two couples are sometimes mistaken as being related.

Before the first week of June of the second full year Debbie and Rob lived on Travers Lane two of the houses were occupied by residents with four kids each, and the last of the five by a couple in their 70s that pretty much kept to themselves.
Life on Travers Lane was friendly and simple until that fateful first week in June. It remained friendly but got complicated when in that one week the two large long-time resident families moved out and two new families moved in.
The two new families only had two and three members respectively. The two member family consisted of Kim and Jerry Appleton. Kim is 35 years old, 5’3″ tall and about 115 lbs. with 34D boobs that are expanding since she is a little over five months pregnant with her first child. She has long curly dark brown hair, large beautiful brown eyes, a regal nose, and full lips seemingly always in a smile.
Brenna and Max Simpson and their three month old baby Brittany are the three member family. Brenna is only 20 years old, twelve years younger than her husband Max, a child bride. Despite their disparate ages they seem well suited for each other since Brenna is mature and sophisticated for her age while Max is not.
Brenna is as attractive as the other women on Travers Lane and the most striking given her at least 5’9″ height. She has regained her pre-pregnancy weight of 140 lbs. and retains her milk-filled 36D boobs since she nurses. She usually wears her long dark brown hair provocatively “tussled,” which combines with the small gap between her front teeth to provide a very alluring vision. Her brown eyes — almost as big and glamorous as Kim’s — always seem to be hiding some mysterious secret behind them.
Debbie and Rob had the new families, and their long-time buddies Janet and Wally, over for a cookout once the newcomers had completed unpacking. Everyone got along famously even before the booze started flowing, and once it did they were like lifelong friends.
Of course nursing Brenna and pregnant Kim didn’t drink but their husbands consumed their share. When at one point all four women were clustered around a desert tray chatting a buzzed, but not-yet-drunk, Wally had probably the most obvious observation in Travers Lane history.
“Travers Lane has got to have the largest average breast size of its female occupants as any street in the state; let’s toast to big boobs!”
Everyone laughed, the guys drained their beers, and the women shook their boobies.
At one point during the festivities Brittany started crying so Brenna nursed her. Brenna did not have even the slightest inhibition or modesty as she whipped out her big milk-laden left boob and Brittany instantly latched onto it. Brenna carried on normal conversations with Rob, Wally and Kim as Brittany sucked away.
Debbie was amused and fascinated not only by Brenna but by her other new friends. Before her faculties were even slightly impaired she conducted “interviews” with each of them. Given two drunk guys in Jerry and Max and two free spirits in Brenna and Kim, Debbie got two years’ worth of intelligence in two hours. The next day she couldn’t wait to tell Janet what she had learned. Sitting at her kitchen table drinking coffee while Wally and Rob were out playing golf she excitedly conversed with Janet.
“How did you enjoy the party, Janet?” Debbie giggled.
“What I remember was really fun. Unfortunately I got too drunk to perceptively witness the finale,” Janet replied, sipping her latte.
“Well I have lots of insight about our four new neighbors,” Debbie said almost unable to restrain her enthusiasm.
“Then let loose, babe,” Janet laughed.
“First of all the scoop on Kim. She used to be a stripper and show girl in Vegas and one year won ‘Showgirl Of The Year!’ Her libido has soared since she got over morning sickness and has just about worn her hubby Jerry out. She loves tit fucking and orgasms from a good tit fuck as hard as a pussy fuck,” a wide-eyed Debbie related.
“How in the fuck did you find all that out?” an even wider-eyed Janet asked.
“Kim told me about everything except the tit fucking which drunk Jerry went on and on about while describing Kim’s dramatic increase in tit size and his fascination with her nipples,” Debbie related, grinning.
“What about Brenna?” Janet excitedly inquired.
“She was on her way to being a tennis pro before she hurt her elbow and now even has trouble holding Brittany in her right arm for extended periods of time. Her thighs are still steel-cable like and if she wraps them around a guy she can fuck him unconscious, at least she has done that to Max according to him. Despite her young age she and Max have participated in ‘swinging’ events on several occasions, including a near-orgy when she was three months’ pregnant. Her breasts put out much more milk than Brittany can consume so Max has taken it upon himself to suck as much milk from her boobs as he can, although even with that she has to pump some excess out,” Debbie gushed.
“Holy shit!” Janet exclaimed, hitting her forehead with the palm of her hand. “All right, what about Max and Jerry?”
“Jerry is seven years younger than Kim and used to work as a male stripper — that’s how he met Kim. They worked on different stages in the same establishment. Jerry has a dick as big as you would expect for a male stripper and fucks Kim twice a day, which happily stresses him out. His tongue is unusually long too,” Debbie babbled so quickly that Janet almost couldn’t understand her. “He owns a sex toy business.”
“WOW — you should become a police investigator. You got all this in one night?” Janet posited.
“There’s a lot more that I haven’t told you,” Debbie giggled.
“All right, what about Max, then?” Janet bubbled.
“You mean aside from suckling milk from his wife’s boobies, you mean?” Debbie laughed. “He was Brenna’s tennis coach for a while but is independently wealthy and doesn’t need to work, though he does.”
“You’re making this shit up,” Janet snarled.
“It’s all true, I swear,” Debbie sternly replied making the “scout’s honor” symbol. “Brenna says that Max can fuck all night. Also, not to give you a big head or anything, but Max really liked your looks,” Debbie winked.
“Really? What did he say? Give,” Janet said jumping out of her seat.
“Well he was drunk, but he and Jerry were talking about swinging and he pointed over to you and said ‘I’ve got dibs on that hot piece of ass with the DDs,’ pointing toward you. He had to be drunk though if pointing to you instead of me,” Debbie laughed.
“You bitch,” Janet blurted out as she flushed with a combination of embarrassment and excitement.
“So,” Debbie continued, “the question is what do we do now? If we want to turn this cul de sac into a swinger’s paradise we may have the ability to do it. Knowing how Wally and Rob were looking at our two new additions, especially with Wally’s comments about how ‘fucking hot’ pregnant women are, and Rob’s drooling while watching Brenna nurse all we have to do is say the word and I’ll bet we could have an orgy within two weeks.”
Janet sat silently in deep thought occasionally sipping her neglected latte. Debbie just twirled the curls in her blond hair. After what seemed like eons Janet spoke. “Are we on a dangerous slope here? Life is good now — will it get better or simply riskier?”
“I suggest that we talk to our husbands separately, then together with them, and decide how to proceed,” Debbie said. Then she jumped up, yelled “I’m horny — I’m going skinny dipping to relieve the tension,” then stripped off her clothes as she ran toward the pool, closely followed by bare-ass Janet.
By that night Debbie and Janet had independently decided that they wanted to sample their new neighbors since both were studly good looking guys. Therefore they set out to work their magic on their husbands.
Debbie arrived in bed naked and left the nightstand lamp on. She straddled Rob and rubbed her enormous tits in his face causing him to suck, lick, and massage her awesome mammary glands. While Debbie was sure that this would render Rob’s pole steel hard not wanting to leave anything to chance she extricated her boobs from his active mouth and hands and started sucking his cock.
Rob’s dick was already hard and aching for some action but Debbie lightly licked and sucked it until her leaking pussy was aching as much as his cock. She then briefly deep-throated him, resulting in a mighty groan from Rob, then moved her pussy to above his upright dick and impaled herself on him.
After five minutes of “ride ’em cowgirl” she squeezed his cock with her pussy as he bucked upwardly, resulting in several blasts of cum deep enough inside her to render them both almost comatose. When Debbie regained cognizance she kissed Rob’s cheek and then put on her sales pitch.
“That was one fabulous fuck big boy,” she muttered softly into his ear.
“Fuck yeah,” was Rob’s intelligent reply as he fondled Debbie’s fun bags.
“You like big tits, don’t you, Rob” she quietly whimpered.
“Fuck yeah!”
“Our new neighbors have nice tits, don’t you think?”
“Fuck yeah!”
“Wouldn’t it be fun to swing with our new neighbors?” she continued gently stroking his cock as he pinched one of her nipples.
“Fuck yeah!”
“Shall I arrange an orgy for the Saturday after next?” she quietly asked, engulfing his entire cock in her mouth as soon as the word “next” exited it.
“Fuck yeah!”
Debbie wasn’t sure that Rob really knew what he was agreeing to but he had so she was going ahead, while giving head!
Janet’s approach, next door at almost exactly the same time, was even more direct. As she was riding Wally while he massaged her boobs she quietly groaned “I’ll bet you’d love to fuck Brenna and Kim’s tits, wouldn’t you?” then squeezed his cock with her pc muscles.
“Oh fuck, yes,” was his reply as his dick was strangled.
“You’d like Max to pump me full of cum too, wouldn’t you?” she whispered, then immediately choked his cock again.
“Oh God, yes, yes!” he exclaimed.
“I’m gonna organize an orgy for a week from Saturday, OK?” Janet moaned as she once again squeezed his cock, then pulled herself free and deep-throated him, causing him to immediately bust his nut as he groaned, “Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!”
“Glad that he agreed,” Janet thought to herself as she smiled inwardly while gulping down Wally’s seminal fluid.
The next day Janet and Debbie met to review the night’s activities and discuss how to proceed in the future.
“Well did Wally agree to an orgy?” Debbie asked smiling, as she poured Janet a cup of coffee.
“When I ride him and then deep-throat him he agrees to anything,” Janet laughed, “how do you think I got my new car? How about Rob?”
“I think he agreed after I fucked him and before I started sucking his dick — or it may have been while I was sucking it, I don’t remember exactly,” Debbie replied trying to act serious, “but he did agree!”
“What’s next, then, Debbie?”
“Since Brenna and Max are swingers I don’t think that we need to worry about convincing them, but we might need to do a little work on Kim. Let’s invite her to lunch,” Debbie replied.
Kim happily accepted the luncheon invitation from her new neighbors. After some small talk and jokes Debbie got right to the point.
“Say, Kim, after our last party Janet and I were thinking that it might be fun to have kind of a swap party a week from Saturday.”
“What does ‘swap party’ mean, exactly?” Kim queried with a raised eyebrow.
“Well it means that we exchange partners during the party for some major fun. I think that you already know from talking to Brenna that she and Max are swingers,” Debbie replied while sipping her lemonade.
“Yeah, Brenna did mention something about it but I thought that since she’s nursing she might not want to continue,” Kim retorted.
“Did she actually say that?” Janet asked.
“No, I just assumed it. In my case, however, I can’t believe that anyone except Jerry would want to have sex with me in my present condition, even though I’m getting hornier by the minute despite Jerry fucking me often. My belly is getting bigger every day — gross,” Kim mused.
Debbie almost spit out her lemonade, laughing. “Are you serious? Do you know how many guys — including Rob and Wally — love preggo sex? That’s no problem whatsoever.”
“I’d hate to be the fly in the ointment. Are you sure?” Kim quizzed.
“Absolutely!” Janet responded. “How about Jerry — would he be up for something like that?”
“I don’t know. I could probably make sure that he was — that is ‘if’ I decide to go along with it,” Kim answered.
“How? I’m curious,” Debbie said.
“When Jerry comes home from work you’ll be naked in our kitchen supposedly trying on swim suits. If your tits are as nice without clothes as they look with them he’ll be interested. He’s a big tit man, which is why he’s so happy with my tits getting bigger during my pregnancy,” Kim cackled.
“Sounds like a plan,” Janet cackled. “Now I guess we just need to work on you, Kim.”
Things went smoothly for the next few days. Within two days horny Kim announced that she was “in” as long as everyone got STD tested; which Debbie and Janet agreed was a great idea.
Brenna and Max were easy to convince — actually “convince” is the wrong word, they just needed to be asked.
Rob and Wally pretended to claim “foul” on how they were asked to participate saying that they’d agree to anything when their wives were fucking them. However, when Debbie and Janet made it clear that there was no backing out, or that they could go bowling during the party, they stopped trying to pretend that they weren’t interested. That just left Jerry.
Kim and Debbie were waiting in Kim’s kitchen for Jerry’s expected 6 p.m. arrival on Thursday night. Right on time the garage door opened. Debbie was standing naked in the kitchen pretending to look at some bathing suits on the counter and yelling questions about them to Kim, who had gone into the next room. Debbie had her head turned away from the entry into the kitchen from the garage pretending that she didn’t know that Jerry was entering.
Jerry froze as he walked into the kitchen. His view of Debbie’s double-Ds was near perfect. He stood there looking for a good thirty seconds while Debbie continued to pretend to carry on a remote conversation with Kim. When Debbie did turn to face him she faked a startled expression, and then put her hands over her crotch so that her tits remained exposed, her nipples hard with excitement.
“Oh shit, I’m sorry Jerry, I didn’t expect you,” Debbie blurted out.
“I can see that,” he chortled.
“Could you cover your eyes, please?” Debbie asked, still making no attempt to move away or cover her boobs.
“Actually, I really like this view,” he chuckled.
Kim then came in with a robe and said “Jerry, you pervert, be polite to our guest.”
“I am being polite,” he laughed, “I’m appreciating her spectacular boobs.”
Kim covered Debbie up with the robe, they picked up the bathing suits and Kim said “Come into the guest room to try these on so that we won’t be disturbed, Debbie.
“Hey, I don’t mind helping out,” Jerry yelled after them.
When Kim and Debbie got into the guest room they tried hard to suppress their laughter. “I guess he’s not going to be hard to convince,” Kim snickered, “did you see how big his eyes were?”
Everyone had been tested for STDs by the Tuesday before the party and given a clean bill of health. While all of the erstwhile participants offered to help plan the festivities Debbie declined all of their offers since she had her own plans for the event. That didn’t prevent the guys from conspiring. Jerry, Wally and Rob got together and agreed to make sure that each of them got to suck Brenna’s milk-filled tits.
Debbie went all out in decorating her backyard pool area including with newly purchased and appropriately placed large width chaise lounge chairs with plush cushions. She had a simple menu, full of light but cum-producing foods, as well as a bowl of little blue pills and several canisters of “KY Yours & Mine.”
She also decided that a few sex toys would be desirable so she planned to see Jerry when he was alone since she had been told that his company made them.
When Debbie saw Kim drive off to go shopping on Wednesday night she went to Jerry’s back door and yelled in, while knocking on the screen door, “Jerry are you in there?”
Jerry popped up from behind a kitchen counter. “Sure am, Debbie, come on in. What can I do for you?”
“I was hoping that you could help me with some accoutrements for our party on Saturday. A little bird told me that you have a company that makes sex toys; you do, right?” she asked smiling.
“You bet; what do you want?” he inquired with a wide grin.
“I’d like two small butt plugs, two small vibrators, and a fourteen inch bendable double dildo,” she replied, suddenly feeling slightly embarrassed.
“What color?” he queried.
“Huh,” she replied, either confused or nervous, maybe both.
“What color do you want the double dildo to be?” he questioned her, enunciating each word and taking pleasure in her sudden blushing.
“Uh, purple,” she replied.
“What diameter?” was his next question.
“Uh, gee, I dunno,” was her flustered retort.
“Let me get an idea,” Jerry continued with a diabolical grin. He walked up to a stunned Debbie, backed her against a wall of the kitchen, then moved her loose shorts and panties aside and stuck a finger into her moist pussy. “Is this too small?”
Debbie let out a deep startled sigh, and then partially regained her composure. “Uh, yeah, I guess.”
“How about now?” Jerry asked, his grin even more wicked than before, as he inserted two fingers into her quickly dampening cunt.
“Oh, shit!” she exclaimed, momentarily closing her eyes. “Maybe just slightly bigger.”
Although Debbie couldn’t figure out what Jerry did next he crossed his middle and index fingers, slowly inserted them into her vagina while slowly oscillating them back and forth until his thumb touched her clitoris. She instantly climaxed, her knees weakened, and she started to fall to the floor. Jerry caught her and lifted her back up. “Looks like that’s about right, huh, one and six tenths inches in diameter,” he said, his clinical cadence and tone in sharp contrast to his wicked grin.

“Uh, yeah, well, sure, well, uh, OK,” Debbie replied with half-closed eyes, followed by some more gibberish.
Jerry held both of Debbie’s arms to support her until she regained cognizance. When her eyes finally opened completely and lost most of their glassiness he clinically said “You can pick them up here early afternoon on Friday, OK?”
“Uh, sure, yeah, OK,” Debbie replied as Jerry turned her around and opened the door for her. Debbie stumbled home as her mind churned over the question “If I have a knee-weakening orgasm in sixty seconds with Jerry what’s going to happen if I’m with him sixty minutes? Holy shit!”
When Debbie went to pick up the sex toys from Jerry on Friday she made sure that Kim was home since she didn’t want another experience where she stumbled home after an over-the-top orgasm that would likely cause her to spill the sex toys all over her yard.
Saturday night the party goers’ excitement was palpable. Brenna showed up with pink and blue streaks in her hair and a nursing bra as her top and short shorts that barely covered her ass. Kim arrived with a painted on top (except that her nipples were uncovered) and bottom, no clothing at all. Janet’s dress was mesh and she had nothing on underneath. Hostess Debbie had on only pasties and a thong.
There were no complaints from the guys, most dressed in shorts or bathing trunks and muscle shirts. Their eyes were virtually popping out of their heads as they didn’t know where to look first.
After only about forty five minutes of socializing, eating lightly, and for all except Kim and Brenna downing a couple of drinks, Debbie announced a game to determine pairings. The numbers between one and fifty were written on pieces of paper and placed in an empty fish bowl. Everyone put their name and the number that they guessed on a ballot. Janet would reach into the bowl, revealing a number. The man and woman closest to it would be paired, then second closest, etc. If a woman got her own husband she could switch with anyone else, as long as it didn’t also result in a pairing of spouses.
The couples also had the option of choosing a sex toy, in the order of closeness to the number.
Debbie and Janet had fixed the game. In case something went wrong they wanted to be sure that they got Jerry and Max in the first round. Therefore, not surprisingly Debbie and Jerry were closest, Janet and Max next, Rob and Brenna third, and Kim and Wally last.
Debbie selected one of the butt plugs and a canister of KY and led Jerry to the most remote padded chaise. On the way Jerry removed her pasties and his shirt despite her fake pleas to be patient. Debbie was so excited that she soaked her thong by the time that they got to their desired location.
Jerry started to undo his shorts but Debbie beat him to it, removing his belt, pulling down his zipper, and dropping them in an instant. Since Jerry was commando his already ninety percent hard cock almost poked Debbie in the eye as it sprang from captivity.
Debbie got on her knees, having earlier strategically placed a foam pad on the pool deck for that purpose, and started sucking, stroking his cock with one hand, and fondling his balls with the other. His dick was just what she had expected a former male stripper’s dick to be, long and thick. While she worked her magic Jerry massaged her big boobs, focusing on the nipples. Debbie had intended to get him to blow in her mouth, but he had other ideas.
Once Jerry was rock hard and excited he lifted Debbie onto the padded chaise, shredded her thong, glared at her as he lubed up the butt plug, the inside of her tits, and his cock with KY, then lifted her legs up in the air. Adding some additional lubrication from her leaking cunt Jerry very slowly and methodically penetrated Debbie’s asshole with the butt plug. Since it was a long but small diameter one, with a knob on the free end, and since he had lubed it so well he had it buried to the desired distance in short order.
Debbie was writhing around in a combination of discomfort and excitement as the plug penetrated her anus, a rare experience for her. The discomfort turned to joy when Jerry straddled her, plopped his big hunk of meat between her tits, and started stroking.
Debbie pushed her tits together and moaned in pleasure as Jerry pistoned back and forth, his long, thick cock energizing her entire chest and smacking her on the chin with each upstroke. Debbie didn’t think it could get much better until Jerry grabbed the knob of the butt plug and reciprocated it back and forth in her anus in sync with the back and forth strokes of his cock.
Debbie had a rare tit fuck orgasm, then another, both enhanced by the reciprocating butt plug. Despite her orgasms she was aware enough to know that Jerry’s grunting meant that he was close to climaxing. As Jerry released his hold on the butt plug and shoved his dick in her face Debbie wantonly took it into her mouth, sucked like a vacuum pump, and kneaded his balls with both hands. Within seconds he was lobbing cum grenades into her mouth and she was eagerly swallowing them.
Once the last grenade was lobbed Jerry sighed in satisfaction. Debbie wasn’t quite done yet, though. She deep-throated his monster cock causing him to emit a combined yelp and groan, and then collapse next to her when she spit him out.
After Debbie and Jerry just lay moaning for a while Jerry turned her face toward his and said “Now I’m going to get even with you for that little deep-throating trick, which I have no idea how you pulled off.”
“How are you getting even?” she giggled.
“With the Sicilian Corkscrew,” he chuckled.
“What’s that?” she asked wide-eyed.
“A more intense version of what I did to you Wednesday, and with your butt plug in you’ll end up comatose,” he replied with an evil grin.
“Oh shit,” Debbie muttered, not knowing if she should be happy or scared. She didn’t have time to answer that question in her mind because Jerry had already shinnied down to the bottom of the chaise and was fingering her pussy and licking her clit with his exceptionally long and muscular tongue, the butt plug still ensconced in her pucker hole.
Debbie had already experienced one mild orgasm from Jerry’s fingers and tongue when she felt a more intense version of what she felt Wednesday. As he did Wednesday Jerry crossed his index and middle fingers, inserted them into Debbie’s pussy until his thumb was at her clit, and then vigorously rotated his forearm. The combined oscillating and penetrating action of his fingers and the stimulation of her clitoris soon had Debbie writhing in a massive orgasm. It seemed to go on endlessly.
Just when Debbie thought she would pass out from the pleasure Jerry stopped. While keeping his digits in place but not moving them he allowed Debbie to come down from her orgasm. Then he lightly stroked the butt plug to start revving her up again, and then energetically repeated his Sicilian Corkscrew.
Jerry reiterated his Corkscrew, relaxation, butt plug reciprocation, procedure three more times until Debbie was little more than a gurgling happy pile of protoplasm. As Debbie mumbled “That was so fucking great,” “please stop,” “Holy Shit,” and many other phrases that were nonsense, contradictory, or indicated delirium, Jerry got ready for the next phase.
After he lubed his dick with some more KY, Jerry turned the almost comatose Debbie onto her knees with her ass up in the air. Despite his oversized cock and her undersized pussy, made even tighter by the butt plug, the KY and Debbie’s abundant pussy juice provided such a high level of lubrication that he was balls deep in one powerful stroke. Unlike the gentleness of the tit fuck this was a full stroke pounding.
Although she had already gone through countless orgasms the big dick pounding her pussy brought Debbie through two more before the telltale grunts started emanating from Jerry’s mouth. As her pussy muscles involuntarily clinched Jerry’s cock he started randomly moving the butt plug in and out. The massive discharge of seminal fluid into Debbie’s cunt combined with the stimulation of her anus was too much for her to take, and she passed out about halfway through the fire-hosing of her cunt.
Meanwhile the other couples weren’t playing tiddlywinks.
Janet’s libido was at a near record high. Until two weeks ago she had been satisfied having sex with only one man for the past nine years. Something about a good-looking swinger like Max, with a hot wife like Brenna, being sexually aroused by her made her crotch itch. When Max commented on numerous occasions leading up to the staged “number guessing” about how hot she looked in her mesh dress her pussy was more like a fire hydrant than a jewelry box.
When Max and Janet got over to their padded chaise Max planted kisses all over her neck and face as he slowly — painfully slowly as far as Janet was concerned — removed her mesh dress. Each inch of her bare body that was exposed was tenderly rubbed before the next portion was exposed.
As Max was slowly working on Janet she was trying desperately to get to his cock but he kept moving his pelvis away from her. Finally Janet got frustrated, ripped the rest of her dress off, almost tackled Max onto the chaise, and removed enough of his clothing to get at his cock. Max laughed as she frantically went after him — that is until she got her mouth around his dick. Then he moaned as Janet gave him great head.
While Janet wanted Max rock hard she didn’t want to suck him off — she wanted to ride him. Once she was sure that he was ready she virtually jumped into the air, engulfing his entire cock in her leaking pussy when she landed. She then proceeded to buck, wiggle and twist like a wild woman as Max pinched her nipples or kneaded her boobs. Janet was so charged up that she plowed right through two orgasms, halting her cowgirl imitation for only a few seconds each time. When Max blasted her pussy her third orgasm caused her to scream then fall limply onto his chest.
Once the participants were completely lucid Max rolled Janet off of him, finally removed all of his clothes and retrieved a butt plug and a vibrator. He proceeded to lube the plug up, work it into her tight asshole, put the vibrator on low and hold it against her clit while sucking her tits.
Wally was fascinated by Kim’s painted on outfit. He kept staring at it leading up to couples selection. Whenever Kim caught him she’d lick her lips, causing his dick to get harder and harder, and then say something like “I’m pretty gross pregnant, huh?”
“You’re hotter than the sun!” was his normal response, accompanied by his dick twitching.
Wally couldn’t believe his luck when he was paired up with Kim. His first question to her, though, was “How in the hell do I undress you?”
“We get in the pool,” was her smiling reply. “The paint is non-toxic, easily biodegradable, and water soluble.
Kim pulled off Wally’s shirt and shorts then led him by his stiff dick down the stairs into the shallow end of the pool. As they periodically kissed Wally ran his hands all over her body. As he scrubbed her pelvis and boobs with his fingers and palms the paint dissolved away. His fingers found her pussy and pucker hole, his mouth found her succulent tits, and her hands stroked his raging hard on.
Once Wally was super excited Kim lifted his head up with both of her hands and looked him in the eye. “Since I’m pregnant our selection of positions is limited. I want you to take me from behind, underwater.”
Wally grinned; that was a fantasy of his. They maneuvered to a part of the pool where Kim’s pussy was about ten inches underwater when she leaned forward with her hands on the side of the pool. Wally held her hips as he methodically buried his cock in her cunt. They both pumped back and forth, the force of their movements toned-down by the pool water.
As Wally pumped away he periodically lightly stroked Kim’s pregnant belly and gently massaged her engorged boobs. Her constant sighs and whimpers let him know that she was much enjoying his activities and urged him on. They both seemed to want this bliss to last as long as possible but when Kim took one hand away from the side of the pool and put it between her legs to stroke his balls at the same time that he thumbed her clit they both came with a vengeance.
The fear of drowning was probably the only think that kept them from collapsing into the water. They helped each other to the shallowest part of the pool and sat on the stairs. They kissed and giggled as Kim gently squeezed Wally’s balls while he stroked her belly and periodically sucked her boobs.
Rob had been fascinated by Brenna since he first laid eyes on her. The little gap between her teeth, her devilish smile, and her erotica eyes had enchanted him almost as much as her milk-filled boobs — “almost!” As soon as they were paired up Rob had to ask the question foremost on his mind.
“Say, uh, Brenna — well, I’m not sure how to ask this, uh, but, if I suck your boobs will I be starving your darling little baby?”
Brenna laughed at that, her eyes flashing even more erotically than normal. “That is so sweet that you are concerned, Rob. However, my mammary glands put out more milk than little Brittany can possibly drink. I’ve been expressing milk all week and refrigerating it so that our overnight sitter can give her my milk in a bottle tonight and tomorrow morning, and I can use a bottle tomorrow afternoon and evening even if you guys suck me dry.”
“That is so fucking hot!” wide-eyed Rob exclaimed.
When Brenna and Rob sat down on their chaise Rob unflapped both sides of her nursing bra and immediately started sucking.
“Make sure that you only gently suck; no pinching or biting whatsoever,” Brenna giggled while staring him in the eye and fishing his cock out of his shorts. When Rob had a small milk mustache after ten minutes of sucking Brenna said “If you want to suck some more you have to fuck me first. I like it sitting down, my back to your front.”
With that Brenna stood up, pulled down her pants, undid her bra, pulled Rob’s shorts off, and stuck her pussy in his face. “Lick me wet, dude,” she ordered.
Rob was happy to oblige. After Brenna let out a loud groan while she shivered he knew that she had peaked. He gently moved her pussy away from him, put some KY on two fingers and stuck them in her honey pot, lubed up his cock with some more KY, and then turned her around. As he slowly lowered her onto him she grabbed his cock and aligned it with her well-oiled slit.
Soon Brenna was bouncing up and down in sync with Rob’s upward thrusts. She massaged his balls as he gently fondled her irresistible tits. The climax was mind-blowing. After some passionate kissing Rob returned to his fixation — sucking her milk-dispensing tits.
Debbie was still out of it when the alarm she had set for seventy minutes went off. It was time for a switch. She didn’t know who turned the alarm off but she did react when she was turned over and Max started lubing up her tits. Her butt plug had by now almost become a part of her and gave her a constant pleasant buzz. As Debbie pushed her tits toward each other while Max stroked away she not only felt great because of the pleasurable feelings in her boobs and butt but also because Max was obviously enjoying himself.
“The best non-nursing tits ever,” was Max’s constant refrain as he stroked away. Despite how much he loved her tits, though, it was clear that Max also wanted Debbie’s pussy. Once he got the first rumbling in his balls Max stood up, turned Debbie on her hands and knees, and penetrated her snug pussy. The little devil also had a vibrator in his hand.
As busy as a one-armed paper hanger Max simultaneously porked Debbie’s pussy, energized her clit with the vibrator, and slowly stroked the butt plug in her anus. The combination was overwhelming and as Debbie clutched the cushion on the chaise while concurrently screaming she knew that she would pass out as soon as Max’s cum started washing her vaginal walls. Pass out she did as soon as his first cum rocket blasted into her pussy.
Debbie had no idea how long she had been out when she came too, only because she had to badly go to the bathroom. She gently removed the butt plug that had been her constant companion for hours, and staggered inside the house to go to the toilet.
When Debbie returned she was greeted by a memorable site. A number of large cushions from the chaise lounges were on the pool deck. Brenna and Kim were lying on them with their asses close together and the purple double dildo extending out of their pussies. Jerry and Wally were each coaxing milk from one of Brenna’s tits. Max was between Brenna and Kim moving the dildo back and forth in their cunts. Janet was standing over Max receiving cunnilingus from him.
Even more amazing that those visions was what Rob and Kim were doing. While Max was reciprocating the double dildo in her pussy Rob straddle Kim’s head and was fucking her tits as she pushed them together. Apparently she didn’t want to take the chance that he might lay on her pregnant belly. In this position she also could suck his testicles, which she was doing with great enthusiasm.
Despite her fatigue Debbie was mesmerized by the entire “circus” in front of her. However once Rob sprayed out the biggest load she had ever seen from a tit fuck onto Kim’s belly as Kelly screamed and writhed in orgasm, Debbie decided to go back to sleep. As she walked away she said to herself “Rob and I are going to have to try that position for our next tit fuck!”
Obviously this was a successful party.
Still tired from the battering her poor pussy and tits had received Debbie lay down on the closest chaise to the activities and smilingly observed them a few minutes more before she went to dreamland. She was awakened by another dick being inserted into her well used pussy as she lay on her side.
Obviously the dick’s owner — it turned out to be long time neighbor Wally — had lubed it up because it easily penetrated her and smoothly moved in and out. She felt tranquil as it stroked within her; that is until the bastard moved a vibrator into contact with her clit. She was pinned in the spoon position and couldn’t move the vibrator away so she clutched her own tits and held on until another mammoth orgasm overtook her, rendering her comatose once again.
Debbie awoke to the birds chirping. Someone had been nice enough to cover her naked body with a blanket during the night. The only two other people around were Brenna and her hubby Max, both naked but partially covered by a blanket. They weren’t asleep though.
Debbie couldn’t keep herself from staring as Max fucked Brenna’s tits as Brenna pushed them together and played with her nipples. The nipple play caused milk to ooze out of her big boobs down onto Max’s cock. Max and Brenna were staring into each other’s eyes and if they noticed Debbie they didn’t let on, and certainly didn’t care that they were being observed.
Max and Brenna had tit fucking each other down to a science. Just when Max was ready to cum he stuck his now milk-covered dick into her mouth and she hungrily engulfed it and swallowed. Once he was spent he rolled over next to her and they cuddled, still half-covered by the blanket.
After the enjoyable show Max and Brenna had just put on Debbie surveyed the party’s aftermath. She laughed when she saw that the bowl of little blue pills was empty, and that the canisters of KY were strewn out all over the pool deck. She laughed even harder when she saw one vibrator, still running but obviously almost out of juice, on one of the chaise cushions and the other at the bottom of the pool. The well-used butt plugs were caked with hardened fluid and lay next to two of the lounge chairs.
Debbie couldn’t find the fourteen inch double dildo. On a whim she went over to Brenna, still moaning from her morning tit fuck, and lifted up the blanket. There was the purple monster, one end still in her pussy but with most of its length languishing between her legs.

As Debbie walked bowlegged into her house to get some breakfast and an overdue shower the satisfying feelings in her pussy and anus inspired her to start planning for next time!

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