The Two Couples

Part 1:
When Rita finished telling the events of the weekend, her face was flushed. They were sitting on the couch and she was sipping some wine while he had a glass of Scotch on the table, untouched. His cock was throbbing in his shorts.
He leaned sideways and kissed her. “Shhh…. my darling. I am glad you enjoyed it. I did too. I was pounding Nasreen and was in planet of lust.”
“This won’t affect our relationship, will it.”
“Tell me, after fucking Rana does it feel you love me less?”
“On the contrary darling. I love you even more.”
“There, you got the answer.”
“I am glad Raj. Now please fuck me.”
“With utmost pleasure darling. I was wondering when you would ask.”
“Since when has Raj started to wait for an invitation?”
That night they made slow passionate love. They threw away all their usual foreplay rituals. They just mated and as they did, slow and languidly, they came together.
The next few months were spent without much happening. Their appetite for sex had only increased and their lust had seemed to find a new dimension. They often went out to dinner and he would tell her about some beautiful women in the restaurant telling Rita about who I found attractive and why. She would do the same with men.
Their gig in Malaysia had ended, They were back in Hyderabad, posted there after a promotion. They had made a lot of friends in Malaysia with whom they kept in touch by E-mail.

Then nearly six months after that beautiful weekend with swapped wife Raj opened his gmail yahoo mail account to find a mail from Rana Amjad.
“I hope I have mailed to the right people. I was looking for Raj and Rita who served with us in Malaysia. Please respond as soon as possible. Rana and Nasreen”
He called Rita to show her the mail. Checking the time and date stamp, he saw that the mail had been posted just minutes ago. He shot off a reply:
“If you are Rana Amjad and Nasreen who served at the hospital and had a wonderful weekend, then we are Raj and Rita. Glad to hear from you guys. We talk about you often and with loving memories of what happened there. Raj and Rita”
“Raj and Rita, (the reply came almost with an hour)
“We are so glad to have found you guys. We have never stopped thinking of you and have told each other what happened that weekend. I was afraid that what we did might spoil the marriage, but instead it has made us even more dynamic.
“The episode has lit a raging fire in our passions. We have experimented more, been more daring in bed and ultimately living a more satiated life. I hope it is the same with you.
“I have to first of all apologize to Rita for being rough with her. I don’t know what seized me that morning, but tell her the passion that she lit that morning still rages on.
“Nasreen, I found has become a outgoing and new person. She instigates me to try new things and to do new things. We often role play too. Both of us has taken a liking to BDSM. She more than me. She like to be tied up and blindfolded. I must confess that there has been one constant role that we often play. I pretend to be you and she pretends to be Rita.
“I will send you the password for the picture album that has a few of our photos. Do send us yours. And tell us how things are.
“Rana and Nasreen”
They were excited about the e-mail. He replied saying they were glad to find all had gone well. Things had been similar here. Their marriage had just become stronger for it. What was even more surprising was that they would have hardly recognized Nasreen in the photos.
She had cut her hair short, had ample makeup on. It was amazing how much little things like this could transform a person. And clothes. She was not once in the drab salwar kameez she had almost always worn. Even clothes and outdoors she was in tight jeans and T-shirts. And naked both looked fabulous. She had shed a little weight which made her breasts seem even rounder and bigger, and her ass formed the perfect bubble.
Her full lipstick coated lips were even more luscious than before. Rana’s cock, which Raj was seeing for the first time, seemed even more majestic. Watching it Rita felt the churning in her pussy. And of course Raj had been hard from the moment her read the mail. His cock was throbbing.
Rita, standing behind him, leaned and bit his ear. “She still is damn fuckable, no?”
“Yes.” Hissed out Raj. “Even more so. And now I know why you were smitten, that is a magnificent cock.”
“It is.” Rita reached out and touched the screen at where the cock was. Giving it a imaginary caress.
They had some photos on the hard disk, he created a private album on Yahoo and sent the password to Rana.
Their reply came soon.
They loved the photos. And he had forgot to mention earlier, he had left the army and was managing his farms, he had about 200 hectares of fertile land that he wanted to develop into a modern farm. They lived in a small but beautiful cottage, he would take some photos and send them soon. By the grace of God, the business was okay. To be honest the rentals from their properties in Lahore alone would been enough to live comfort.
“Raj and Rita, ( he wrote after a week)
“The last time Rita made a proposal that turned out to be awesome. This time we make one. Hope you find it interesting.
“The weekend was great but had one flaw. We should have all been together and not separate. At that moment it was the right choice, to let each of us explore our sexuality on our own. But now we feel on hindsight how exhilarating it would be if we get a chance to spend some time together.
“My wife is my sweet darling wife, you know. But she is after all your whore according to her.
“And as for me I am Rita’s willing slave.
“Our proposal is this, if you accept:
“We want to make our weekend into a annual anniversary event. We would like to invite you both to a place that all of us might find agreeable and spend a weekend in bliss. The weekend of course will be like the one we had separately. This time, depending on mood and circumstances, we could be alone with each other’s spouse or together in one room.
“Of course we would prefer the together thing. Among the many fantasies that I have is being able to fuck Rita together with you. And I would enjoy the sight of you filling my Nasreen while I take her ass.
“It is not possible for you or us to get visas easily for each other’s country, so a neutral ground would be fine. Let us know, first of all, if you find our proposal acceptable. And let us know if you have any places we might go to, any suggestions for a secluded beautiful place.
“And one thing. I insist on paying for all the travel and lodging expenses.
“Rana and Nasreen”
It was a proposal that they could have hardly refused. Raj himself was quite well to do. He accorded to travel to anywhere. They began hunting for a place. They exchanged thoughts and views regarding the place. They didn’t want to go to a conservative sort of country where nudity would be immediately frowned upon. Else they must a place that was far away from prying and private enough to be able to have fun.
They found a place – rather, Rana and Nasreen found it – and both seemed agreeable to it. Mauritius was a location they could be at home and still have the sense of being at a new place. They had discovered a place which was usually used by hiker and people who wanted to soak in the nature. There were some tiny cottages that were for rent for a week at a time. A small pickup truck was rented out too with maps that was quite legible and a lobby / reception area also supplied with a variety of fresh and canned food for sale, and anything else they might need.
This place was probably aimed for western tourists, the cottages lined up against the sea. They had a small private beach for themselves. It cost quite a bit at ten thousand American dollars for a week, but all seemed to like it so much that they settled for it.
They booked in advance. It was July and their anniversary was in September. They had agreed that since finding the exact date for the get together as that of the actual anniversary would have difficult, they selected the month of September as a general time.
Both couples went through a lot of preparation for vacation. They jogged and exercised, they wanted to build their stamina and tone their bodies. They ate with care. They shopped for clothes, sexy lingerie. They went to beauty parlors and had every conceivable treatment done. They went through a little pain, having their whole bodies waxed and stripped clean of hair.
When they arrived at SSR Airport at Port Louis, they were ready for a week of lustful fun.
But that of course, is another story.

Part 2:
How the story came about, how it all started is an integral part of the tale. Let me tell you, this part does not have much sex, but is the one that builds up the characters that play a major role in the ensuing two parts.
It happens that from time to time people are thrown in together, diverse people, who otherwise might never have met. Enemies – feudal or politically created enemies – come together and part as friends on a personal level. A Jewish family and a Palestinian for all their distaste for each other might at some point in time be mashed together in a small apartment block where they have no choice but to socialize.
Or it could be an Indian and a Pakistani family. Both, due to the prevalent political tension would not have met without preconceived notions of distrust for each other. They may deny that at first. But a Pakistani will never say he will trust an Indian with his life and vice versa.
So when this two young couples were thrown together two things were likely to happen. Spend lonely evenings or come to terms with reality. Specially when the reality is that you are in a place where no one speaks your language, where the food that you are used to are hard to get, even the spices have different twang to them.
Rana Amjad was from Pakistan, a down and out Lahori, a die hard Pakistani and decent man and doctor. Nasreen was his wife. Both felt a little out of place when they first arrived. Fact was they were not used to speaking English as a rule, their accent made them even more difficult to understand. The army had sent them to Malaysia, where they were stationed in a far away navy camp.
Rana was tall and handsome, in a rugged sort of way as most Pathans are. Quite big in size, he usually towered over people. He had a very pleasant disposition to go with his good looks. He laughed easily, and laughed well. He exercised regularly and tried to keep himself fit. His brown eyes sparkled when he laughed or smiled. He certainly caused a flutter amongst the female staff of the hospital, a few even made hints they wouldn’t mind being taken advantage of. He was however, still very devoted to his wife Nasreen. They had been married for nearly two years now and were happy with everything.
Nasreen was big as far as Asians go. She was five feet eight, just a couple of inches shorter than her husband. From the looks of it she had a good body, no extra flesh anywhere. But she kept herself well wrapped in public, wearing loose salwar khameez and a veil that covered her head made her look bigger than she was. Her prominent nose attracted attention first, then the eyes moved on to the dark, drowsy eyes, the eyelashes that were real and envy of all those who wore false ones to look better. She used very little makeup which was good since any extra makeup would have spoiled the fresh and natural glow of her skin, would have hampered her beauty than aided it.
Her hourglass figure was well shaped, a little bigger in the ass than the bosom. She must have been of a figure like 38-28-36. Her hair were shoulder length, she would wear them loose at home and usually tied them up in a pony tail when going out.
They hardly ventured out the first two months. He finished work and came home, she would make tea and they would watch television, mostly watching Hindi movies the had bought and more usually started making love on the couch and then moved to the bed room to complete a passionate session. They were quite conservative when making love, missionary position being the normal way, only sometimes venturing into different position now and then.
Both had inhibitions that that found hard to break. He wanted her to spend some time eating his cock as much she wanted it, but he found it hard to tell her. She wanted him to move down to her crotch, taste her after he had devoted enough time with her nipples, but she dared not tell him. He wanted it too but desisted. But it was not that their fucking was not satisfactory, they were satiated at the end of it, happy.
They hardly ventured, happy in their own cocoon of love and happiness. She would keep herself busy with the housework, reading all the news in Urdu over the Internet. She even declined the domestic that the army was ready to provide, she did not have much work and wanted to do it herself. At times she sewed. She liked the satisfaction of creating something nice and wearable for herself.
Then the Indian came. Raj was a tall too, touching six feet, boisterous and with a loud contagious laugh. His eyes sparkled and misted when he laughed. His chiseled features were immaculate. His smallish nose, his wide lips and his dark jet black mop of hair gave him a boyish look. He had been married to Rita for almost a year and a half.
Rita was an exact opposite of her husband, rather quiet and shy till you got to know her, small in size. Her slender five feet four frame was, though, was as sexy as they get. It is not the size of the boobs or ass that matters, it is the size in proportion to the body. Too big on a small chest would awkward. Too small on a big chest plain. Hers were just right for her body. Enclosed in 36 C cup bra they stood up, proudly and to obscenely. Her ass, perfect round and bubble shaped jutted out enough to make them alluring and not out of place. She had a wide mouth, a big smile when she smiled.
Her clothes were more revealing than Nasreen’s. Her blouses were low cut showing a good view of her cleavage. Her skirts were an inch or two shorter than would be the norm. She liked to keep her hair short, nicely done in whatever style that took her fancy. When she made up she was particularly seductive. Her dark eyes would look you and give you a hardon.
They arrived with the boisterousness that would become associated with them, with the noise and greetings that would be their hallmark. And as it must be, it was Raj who approached Rana a week after they had come and asked them to join him and Rita for dinner.
As they sat, Raj and Rana, on the couch and discussed the world politics and the one single passion that bound the two separated countries – cricket – together the girls went about their business of getting the food ready. Rita had made Puran puri, a kind of a sweet bread that was a Gujarati specialty with several sauces and salads to with it.
Meanwhile Raj, in his open and unassuming way had held a bottle of Chivas Regal in his hand and shaking it asked Rana: “Say Rana saheb, how about a little appetizer before dinner.”
Rana was not a drinker on a regular basis, but he was not averse to a peg or two in good company. He laughed and agreed.
“Oi Rita, jaan, a little ice for the two buggers here.”
“Bringing.” Rita hollered from the kitchen. But it was Nasreen who brought the ice. Placing it on the table gave a quizzical look at the glass her husband held. “Just a little, for company.”
“Don’t worry ji. I won’t get him too drunk to function in bed.”
Nasreen blushed, went back to the kitchen and returned a few minutes later. “Rita says she will change and join us.” She said dutifully, sitting down on the seat next to her husband.
Rita arrived a few minutes later in a tight jeans and a T-shirt. She looked at her husband and pouted. “What is this Mianji. No drink for us girls.”
“Want me to make a Patiala peg for you?” Raj asked.
“Heesh. You keep that foul smelling drink to yourself. I will have wine. What Nasreen, a little wine.”
“Arey no. I don’t drink.”
“Come on Nasreen, for company… tell you what – I will get you a glass and if you don’t like the taste you can give it to me.” She was back in few seconds with two glasses of red wine. Nasreen looked at her husband, he raised his glass in encouragement. She took a sip. “Hmm.. sweet, tastes pretty good.”
“See what did I tell you.” Rita grinned.
“But keep a eye on her Rana… unless you want a tigress in bed don’t let her drink too much.”
“Hullooo. Since when big sized fellows like you afraid of a measly tigress.”
All laughed. And on the way back a wee bit tipsy, both of them, looked at each other and smiled. “Nice guy.” Rana said.
Nasreen laughed and said. “Yup real nice guy. What about the woman, nice too eh?”
They had reached their porch. Rana pulled her ears and she squealed a a little louder than it hurt. “Hey what did I say, I saw you looking at her.”
Then made love till late in the night. For the first time while his mouth was locked on to hers nipples, Nasreen held his head and pushed him downwards, he happily went, tasting the sweet sour tangy juice of her pussy for the first time. He enjoyed the moans that emanated from her throat, he loved the pleasure he was giving her. When they came, his cock deep inside her pussy both were panting hard and telling each other how much they loved each other.
At the other house, after the guests had left, Rita cleared up the few dishes and refilled her glass and slumped next to her husband. “So, Raj darling, I saw you checking her out, looks delicious eh?”
“Not with you around, babe.”
“Come on. A different dish is a different dish. The guy was something too. Forget them Raj. Come suck my breast baby…”
* * *
The two couple became regular visitors to each other’s home. Weekly at first, visiting each other in turns and as always Raj brought a bottle of whiskey and a wine. Nasreen and Rana welcomed they visits. They wouldn’t speak of it, but the sex after the visit had become hot and passionate, a month after their first visit, Nasreen pushed Rana away and began kissing him, making him lie down, her hot and wet kisses trailed their way to his throbbing cock and she took him. She took him and loved every second of it. She took him like she had been denied food for long. She drank his cum and grinning she hugged him, whispering: “Was it good Rana? Was it good?”
“The best. Fantastic Nasreen.”
The couple went on holidays together, visiting nearby tourist spots on weekends and going father when times permitted. They became inseparable. Spending as much time with each other as they could. Nasreen dropped her veil in their presence, she laughed a little louder, got bold with her words.
And as swift winds whip away the summer clouds, the time for their separation approached. The Pakistani couple had been recalled back home. In a week they were leaving. They gathered at Raj’s house on Friday evening.
“Everything is packed and ready.” Rana declared. “And feels sad leaving you guys though.”
“Rana, you forgot to bring the camera. We wanted to take some photos as memory of the last day together.”
“Nasreen, why do you need photos for memories. Memories are best when they are here and here.” Her one finger pointed to her head and other hand on her chest as Rita said here and here.
“Very true.” Rana agreed, “and you will always be there.”
Then Rita said in a very quiet voice. “I have a proposal.”
All eyes turned to her, more for the strained sound of her voice than the words. She looked at each one of them. “But before I say it you have to promise something, if you find it stupid then we will never speak of it again.”
“Say it.” Raj said at last.
“A way to make our last days such that we can never forget. Rana, you and Nasreen are going on Tuesday no? So let us swap. Let Raj take Nasreen and I will go with you. We go now and return by midnight on Sunday.”
Everyone was silent. A pin could have dropped and been heard. Rita said again. “I know a decision like this is very hard. But each person has to take it for himself and the other support it. I have a few pieces of papers there on the coffee table, one has ‘NO’ and the other ‘YES’ on it. Each of us will go and choose our answer and put it in this bowl here. If we have four yes we go ahead, if there is even one no then we don’t and we forget about this.”
She got first to pick a paper, folded it carefully and put it in the bowl. Rana got up, Nasreen and then Raj. All of them folded their papers and put it in the bowl.
Rita took a deep breath. “Tell you what… I am a little scared but hell… le us see. She opened paper after paper and lay then flat on the table. Four boldly written YES stared at them.
“So, it is unanimous. Let us go now go then and pack. Take as little as possible. We will meet here again at midnight the day after tomorrow and half a glass of wine. Wait. A few rules: No one will ask the other what happened during the weekend. Not unless both agree to speak about it. It will remain our own personal experience. Agreed?”
Three grim heads nodded yes.
It did not take long for Raj to pack a bag. He took his bag and throwing on the back-seat of his car, waited. Rana and Nasreen came together, both a little fidgety. Rita came out with a bag and taking Rana’s hand blew her husband a kiss. She lead him to his car. She turned to look, Nasreen was getting into the car with her husband.

Part 3:
I was nervous and glanced sideways at Nasreen. She was sitting stiffly on the seat, her eyes looking ahead into nothing. I began to have misgivings about the whole affair. I cleared my throat. “Nasreen, let us be honest with each other, I am nervous about this but I am excited too. I have thought of this a few times, I find you attractive. Very attractive.”
“Me too. I am scared of what may happen afterwards.”
“We have all voted for it so it should be okay.”
“You think it will be okay?”
“I don’t know, I think yes. What I am thinking of right now is about near future, about tonight, tomorrow night and having fantasies come true.”
“You fantasized?”
“Plenty.” I grinned. “Did you?”
She blushed, looking away. “Yes.”
“Uh huh. What did you fantasize then?”
“I don’t have to tell you. But I may show it to you.” She was grinning too.
“Shall we go to the resort we went the first time, it is just an hour’s drive from here.”
“Won’t the people there remember us, that we came with different people earlier?”
“Hardly. And who gives a damn, we won’t be around anyway.”
We reached the place as the clock on the dashboard said 9.05. We booked a chalet facing the sea, threw our bags in the room, switched on the air conditioner and went for dinner. Neither was hungry, we pecked at the food, a glass of wine to wash it down. We walked together towards the chalet. Half way down the narrow path, I took her hand in mine, slightly rougher than Rita’s hands, more warm, I watched her breasts heave as she walked by my side.
“Would you like to take bath first?” I asked her as we entered the cool room.
“You go ahead first.” She said and I nodded, taking my pouch of toiletries from the bag. I took a quick shower, making sure I lathered and rinsed my genitals cleanly. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, using my palm to wipe away the steam on it. I looked good, I had shaved just a couple of days ago and my armpits and crotch had just a stubble, I liked it that way.
I wrapped a towel around me and came out of the bathroom. She was waiting for her turn, going through the television channels. I put on a pair of boxers and checked out the bed, it was springy and cool. I pulled out the blankets and slid underneath.
She came out a few minutes later in a night gown, her hair loose and flowing. I switched off the lamp by the bedside, now only he light from the bathroom lit up the room, enough to see each other, but also enough to give us the sense of relief.
“Nasreen.” I called.
“Yes.” She replied.
“Nasreen, say my name.”
“Yes, Raaj.” She always said it with an extra emphasis on the vowel.
“Come here.”
“You say my name too, it sounds good when you say it.”
“Nasreen, Nasreen. Come here girl.”
“Coming Raj.” She came by the bed and slid in. I slid my hand under the blanket and sought hers, our fingers twining into each other. I turned a little and put my other hand on her tummy, caressing her lightly.
“Nasreen, kiss me.”
She heaved a breath and said: “No, Raaj, you kiss me.”
I brought my lips to hers, hey opened in invitation, warm lips, so different from Rita’s, warmer and moister. Our kisses changed from pecks to more passionate ones. I broke off, calling her name repeatedly. “Raaj, Raaj, Raaj.” She said in return.
“Is this what you fantasized about.”
“Oh yes, and more, a lot lot more.”
I cupped her breasts, too big for my hands to hold them all, kneading them. “This?”
“Yes, and more…” My cock was scraping the thighs as her gown had come up, the skin touching it became sticky with precum.
“Then do it Nasreen. Hold my cock. Take it in your mouth.”
“I will Raaj, I promise you. I want to. But right now take off my dress and just fuck me.”
I rose on my knees and began to pull up her gown, both my hands caressing her body as they went upwards with the bunching up gown. My thumbs scraped the hard nipples, the mounds were fantastic, big as a melon, hard and ripe. I played a little making her moan. I removed the dress over her head and threw it on the floor. I began to caress her body, freely roaming the contours, feeling the bulge and the flats, feeling the sparse, thin growth of hair before they reached her wet and hot pussy. She was ready for a fuck.
“Are you sure you want it now. You don’t me to lick you there, do you like to be licked there?”
“Oh yes I do, I love it. But not now, Raaj, just put the cock in me and fuck me hard, we have enough time for everything else later.”
I spread her legs apart, pointing my cock to her entrance and pushed in. The walls opened and then shut tight around the cock, gathering them in a velvet like fist. “You are tight Nasreen.”
“You are big too, Raaj.” I began to fuck her, slowly increasing the tempo, slowing down when I felt she was coming close and increasing the speed as her breath got a little slower. “What are you doing Raaj, I was about to cum.” She moaned in feigned anger, hitting me on the chest, grabbing the hair on my chest.
“What’s the hurry?” I asked in broken words.
“Don’t know, I feel like I want it fast and then take y time slowly for a long long fuck.”
So be it I thought and began to pump my beautiful neighbor for the orgasm. Both were panting, kiss me she panted. And she came as my lips met hers. Her moans stifled by my lips, her pussy massaged my cock in a throbbing manner, my cock too increased in girth as it began to shoot globs of my semen into her womb.
We lay panting side by side.
I lay flat on my back and she first snuggled up close, then her lips began to plant wet kisses on my shoulder, her tongue licking my salty skin, spreading their areas of conquest to my chest, her mouth sucked at my hard small nipples. They began to go down. My cock was already beginning to get hard. She took my sticky cock between her forefinger and thumb, then looking at me, her eyes smoldering making my hard beat faster. She popped the cock out of her mouth. “While I suck you Raaj look into my eyes and keep calling my name.”
I looked into her eyes. Charcoal black eyes that told me of the pleasures still to come: “Nasreen, my sweet baby Nasreen. My sexy cock sucker Nasreen!” She moaned with my cock in her mouth, making the vibrations send a thrill up my spine.
“Cock sucker Nasreen.” I said again and she moaned again. “Nasreen, Nasreen” She shook her head, her cheeks sunken, Eyes sparkling. “Cock sucker Nasreen.” She moaned nodding her head. “My slut.” She moaned even harder. “My cock sucker Slut. My whore slut Nasreen.”
Her hand came up and began to massage my balls, the contracted sac churning in her warm hand. “My tight cunt Nasreen, my special slut Nasreen. My fucking beautiful Nasreen, my sweet whore Nasreen.” I was coming to close to control it, I let go, she gurgled even louder sucked even harder draining me of my juices. “Ahh…. Yes my whore drink my juice…” I reached forward, sinking my cock further into her throat and grabbed each ass cheek and began to knead them. Her hands sneaked up and pushed me back on the bed, she let the softening cock out of her mouth.
“Was it good?”
“Good? Nasreen you are among the top few. Rana is a lucky bastard.”
“That is true.” She said with exaggerated nod. “But tell you the truth, the first time I did it was here in Malaysia.”
“Don’t joke. Really? I would say you had years of experience.”
“Remember the first time we went to your house and Rita offered me wine? The wine and the whiskey did it for us. I pushed his head towards there and made him lick me. Soon I was sucking him too.”
“There? What is there? It is called pussy darling, cunt, twat, choot.”
“Of course I know that. Pussy, Choot. And you have a lund, a lauda a cock.”
“You really are a great cock sucker.”
“I practiced on eggplants.” She grinned.
“Like a real slut. And how is he at licking pussy?”
“I wouldn’t know, I have nothing to compare it with. But when he does it, I feel like I am in heaven. Tell me do you guys do it often.”
“Rita and I were doing it before we married. She is good at it. And she says I am good at giving head too. I think at least from her squeals she means it. Anyway after now you will have something to compare it with.” I grinned back at her.
“Tell me what else you guys do.”
“Pretty anything that takes our fancy. Though one thing I really enjoy she doesn’t like. I like to slap her ass and back when I am taking her from behind, she can’t stand pain. That is reason also why she rarely lets me take her ass.”
“That is interesting, I actually like the pain when Rana squeezes by tits hard when he fucks me. I like it when he bites me. I have never done it in my ass, want to try a virgin ass.”
“Tomorrow darling we will go out and buy a few things, a tube of lubricant, a shaving razor.”
“Shaving razor?”
“Oh yeah I want to see how my whore’s cunt looks like in all its glory.”
She came over on top, her melons crushing on my chest, her nipples still hard. “On one condition, you shave me.”
“My the greatest pleasure darling.”
“And don’t call me darling. Call my name, call me a slut. I am your slut am I not?”
“Then you are the best slut in the world.”
“Tell me about your fantasies. You said you fantasized about me.”
“Yeah I did, and I am sure am going to do more now that I know how tight and wet my slut Nasreen is. I will tell you one fantasy: I always dreamed of taking you in a public place, standing up, in a hurry.”
She knit her brow? “How?”
“Well you have suck beautiful tits – so full and round and such a nice ass it is best displayed when you are standing. I put against a wall and slightly bent forward, I lift your one leg and enter you. Sometimes in the ass.”
“Can it be done?”
“Yes it can, Rita loves hat pose.”
“You did it in public place?”
“You bet.”
“Will you take me like that, outside.”
“If I see a chance to do it, I will.”
“That’s hot. Fuck me again Raaaj. Fuck me nice and slow, then hard. Bite me tiger, hurt me a little. Fuck, hurt me a lot. I will give you a going away present, take me from behind and slap my back I will tell you to stop if it hurts too much.”
Her hand snaked down to my waking cock, stroking it to full erection. “You are the only cock I have seen other than Rana’s. You are so different, so soft and still so hard. I like the way the skin go forward and backwards.
I turned her around, spooned her and my cock found the cunt. Slow shallow thrusts followed, I could not go too deep in this position but the feeling was good and Rita says this position stimulates her G-Spot. Perhaps it did to Nasreen too, she was taking deep breaths and moaning long. I took one tit in my hand and began to squeeze.
I squeezed harder. “Be a man, be rough, harder and pinch my nipples.”
This was a territory I had hardly traveled. I had wanted to but Rita was not in favor of any pain. I first pulled her up by the waist, bringing her to a position from where my cock could assault better, long hard thrusts. Then leaning forward I grabbed both the tits and began to squeeze them real hard, pinching the nipples. Her moans were blood curdling, sending out a sense of electricity into the whole room. We were like make love with lightening striking everywhere around.
My hand went high up and my palm came down flat on her back. The suddenness of the attack jolted her first but when the hand came second time, she cried yeah. Then there was just the noise of slaps, my hand kept coming down on her back and ass and she kept squealing, never telling me to stop.
Her ass and back were beet red, I was afraid they might bleed any moment, but my own cock was so rock hard and insensitive that I knew I could go on for another half an hour.
I turned her around, putting legs apart, reentered the hot and slushy pussy. My teeth sank into her big breasts, biting her nipples the flesh on the sides, leaving my teeth marks all over her tits. She came with a force that almost threw me off her. I pinned her back holding her wrists and assaulted her lips, feeling them swell in my mouth.
When I came at last her whole body was throbbing, my stiff cock dug deeper into her and released its cum. Sweat was dripping from my brow to chin to her chest. I kept pumping her even after I had released all I could, I wanted to make use of the hardness as much as I could.
It was with great reluctance that she pushed me off her. “Enough Raaaj. Enough. I am dead. That was one good fuck tiger.”
“It was really.” I replied still panting.
We hugged each other and slept. We woke up late the next day, both exhausted by the frenetic fucking last night, specially the last one that had sapped our energy. She woke me up with a cup of coffee, back again in the gown she had been wearing. I threw the blanket off me and realized that I was naked and pulled them back over me.
She laughed at my state. “It is okay, I don’t mind.”
I took the cup of coffee and suddenly felt famished. “I am hungry. Lets get ready fast and see if we can get some breakfast.”
“All right. I have showered already. You go take your shower while I change.”
She was wearing a pale blue salwar khameez when I came out, a light shade of lipstick on her lips. I realized that I had not seen her in any other dress. I put on a khaki pants and a T-shirt and we headed out. The last dregs of food were left in the trays at the restaurant but the guy making eggs was still around, the tea was there. I ordered eggs for both of us, with everything thrown in.
The omelets came and we both finished our plates and relaxed back. “What shall we do today.”
“Its up to you.”
“We have been to sea side but I have never seen you enter the water. Why don’t you do it this time, and come to think I have never seen you in any other dress too.”
“I used to wear jeans sometimes in college.”
“Jeans? Nasreen! I am thinking short skirts, spaghetti tops, I am thinking two piece swimming suite.”
“No way!”
“Nasreen. It is a crime to hide such beautiful body all the time. Here there is no one who will recognize you and I won’t tell.”
“Will I look good in them, my ass is too big.”
“That is what you say. But honestly I have never seen such a perfect ass. It is better than Rita’s and I think she has a killer ass.”
“Okay, then. We will try out some clothes and only if I feel comfortable….”
“Done… lets go shopping then.”
A little asking gave us direction to the nearest biggest mall. We entered the cool building and looked around. An hour later we had several bags in our hands. A swimming trunk for me and a bikini for her in matching colors. We had a mini skirt with matching top that she had protested a lot about. We had a normal skirt and blouse that she was not against. We had matching underwear for them. I insisted that no bra should be bought, her tits were hard and tight enough to stand on their own. The panties we bough were skimpy, mere thongs.
We went back to the chalet and I made her put on the bikini and go splash in the sea. When after a lot of protestations she put on the bikini, I lead her to the full length mirror in the bathroom and showed her how stunning she looked. We took a couple of towels along with us and found a nice bench close by to spread it. I saw a waiter passing by and ordered couple of drinks for us.
She attracted a lot of attention and after some time I began to feel she liked the attention she was getting. I liked it too. When Rita and I went out to such places she deliberately wore revealing clothes and I liked the looks guys gave her. I loved to see the lust in their eyes and knowing while they might fantasize about her I was he one who could fuck her.
A while later when it got too hot we took a dip in the sea. The cool water hardened her nipples and they poked out through the flimsy bra. Her wet clothes left nothing to imagination, her tight ass swayed a little more as he walked on the sand, her tits jiggles and the aureoles could be seen. We kept playing in the water and out till we became tired and walked back to the chalet.
We showered together. I took my time lathering her and washing her. The pleasure of being able to massage those large and firm breasts and ass was indescribable. The ten minutes I spent on her pussy was worth it. We had bought the lubricant with razors and I had shaving cream in my bag. I spread a towel on the bed and made her lie down while I shaved her pussy. I had done this a million times with Rita and was quite an expert. Her legs did not need any shaving as they hardly had any hair, I turned her around and removed the few strands of hair from her ass. She looked good enough
After she had rinsed off the soap she returned to bed and I ate her. Her pussy produced more juice than I have seen before. Her clitoris stood up like a tiny cock and demanded attention. It sucked it to her delight. And entering her at last felt again the tight and soft warmth of her pussy. We dozed off and woke up when the sun was going down.
We showered and dressed, I insisted she wear the shorter skirt and again showed her in the mirror how fabulous her body was. We went out to dinner and while men stared at her and imagined how she must look naked, I rejoiced. We had a cocktail. She was drinking something stronger than wine for the first time. She warned me saying she could get wild when drunk. I told her I wanted a wild and slutty Nasreen anyway.
When we reached the chalet she stopped just outside. “Raaj, fuck me here and now. A quick one.”
“You chicken, just unzip your pants and get that big hard cock, lift my skirt and fuck me standing up.”
I pushed her towards the wall, nobody calls me a chicken. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out, it was hardening in manner that made me proud. Quickly I lifted her skirt up her tight ass and pushing aside the thong fingered her pussy, she was wet. Then without much ado, I place a hand on her back and holding my cock drove in. I fucked her hard and fast. Driving in and out with ferocity, uttering profanities.
“Is this what the bitch Nasreen wants? Huh? Fucked in public while people watch, or does she want another cock in her mouth too.”
“Is this hot enough Nasreen. Is this cock big enough? Wait till I get it in your tight ass you feel like a horse is tearing you apart.”
“Oh yeah, harder you bastard.”
I rammed harder, my cock hitting the end of her love tunnel, poking into her insides. My one hand was holding her under her knee, bringing her leg up, my other I laced on her shoulder gripping it tight for balance and to hold her back towards the wall while I began to fuck in silence. I came hard in hard, her body stiffening as she reached that final crescendo of orgasm and began to pant.
We stumbled into the chalet, my dick still out and half hard, dripping a strand of cum. She was disheveled. As soon as we reached the inside, I grabbed her hair and brought her mouth to my cock, she began to lick it clean, fumbling with my trouser buttons to get it off. Her clothes came off too. With just her thong on her she walked drunkenly to the bed and fell face down on it. I rummaged through the shopping bags and found the bottle lubricant.
I knew it would be a while before I got after the hard fuck, but I needed time, I needed time to prepare her ass for the assault.
“Oh Raaaj, please, give me a little time.”
“Since when do sluts need time? But don’t worry I will be gentle and soft. You will enjoy it, I promise.”
I took some gel and put it on the crack of her ass, spending a lot of time just massaging the outer area. She began to relax and moaned deep. “That feels good Raaj.”
I massaged her ass cheeks and kneaded them, when I felt she had relaxed I added more lubricant and slid a finger into her puckered hole. She moaned and squeezed against my finger, her inside hot.  

“Shush… don’t fight it Nasreen. Relax.”
When she had relaxed enough and my finger was going in and out easily I added more gel and added a second finger, then a third. She moaning with pleasure now, thrusting her ass back at my fingers. I spread her ass with my two fingers in it and squeezed the lube into her.
“Now get ready to be taken in the ass my virgin Nasreen.”
“Even with the profuse amount of gel and fingering her ass felt like a vice when my cock head slid in. She screamed and would have moved away if I had not held her. Her frantic effort worked to my advantage, she tried to move away and I tried to push forward and the length of my cock slid in to the hilt.
“Oh…. Oh…. pain.”
“Shush… see your ass is mine now. See, my cock as all the way in inside your virgin ass. You are my bride now.”
“Is it in, oh I wish I could see, it feels full, bigger than when it was in my pussy.”
I slowly began to pump her. She moaned in pain first and then the pleasure took over the pain as I kept adding more gel and fucked her in long strokes.
“You are tight and good Nasreen bitch, my slut.”
“You are good too my bastard. My Indian cock.”
We kept talking back and forth. I fucked her slow long strokes, she pushed back and ground her ass against my pubic bone. Her ass swayed as she languidly pushed herself back and moaned. I had an urge to see her, play with her tits as I fucked her. I popped the cock out and turned her around, adding a little more gel, her legs spread wide apart, her ass raised high I entered her.
“Nasreen, open your eyes, look at me.”
She opened her eyes, her nostrils flaring, red all over, a dark crimson red, lips swollen and beads of sweat on her forehead. She was drooling from the corner of her mouth. I lost myself in this erotic sight. “Keep looking at me Nasreen, tell me to fuck your ass, tell your ass is mine.”
“It is yours. isn’t it Raaj. Today you have made me your whore completely. I like it, being your whore…. I want to come now Raaj… fuck me hard, shake my body.”
I fucked her hard and fast and slowed down only when I felt my own orgasm near. When the feeling subsided I would speed up again, my fingers, first one then two and then all four in her pussy. wet dripping pussy. I could feel the cock going in and out of her.
“You know what you deserve?” I panted.
“Tell me.” She panted back.
“Another cock in your pussy. Imagine you lying on top of Rana, his cock in you and I take your ass from above. Two cocks hammering in and out of you…. no one more cock a stranger’s cock in your mouth….”
She shook as I said it, cumming with a jolt. Her ass tightening more around my cock.
“No…” she was breathing so heavily that every word was broken, every sentence long drawn. Not a third cock. Rita’s pussy on my lips.” She shivered at the thought, spraying more juice on my fingers.
“Look at me… my ass is wide open, my pussy is wide open… like a whore… put the whole hand in…. make me a loose cunt., your loose cunt.”
“Shut up and now tell me to cum in you… I can’t wait any longer.”
“Cum in me, Raaj, come in me more than you cum in Rita. More than any other bitch… fill me up. Fill my every hole tonight. And more… bring strangers in and ask them to fuck your whore… Raaaj.” Her last word was a long drawn wail. Her ass gripped my cock harder than before, its throbbing reverberating trough her body, my fingers slipped in into her pussy, taking my hand in inside her to the wrist.
She wailed again and I began to let out a stream into her ass. For a moment I thought I was peeing for the stream was so powerful. Then as my cock began to throb to softness I pulled my hand out.
“Put is back in.” She screamed. “Keep all in as long as you can.”
I stroked her insides with my fingers and she moaned.
When at last I was too soft to stay inside and pooped out, bringing out a gush of fluid with my cock, I removed my hand too and headed to the bathroom. She stumbled gingerly and followed me, holding my cock as I wanted to pee and spraying the shower all over, giggling at her state.
When I came out I picked my wrist watch from the coffee table and looked at the time. Two in the morning. I remembered seeing the time when we left the restaurant. Eight fifty five. We had been fucking for six hours. The last one had been a marathon that even I found hard to believe.
We pulled the soiled bed sheet away and slept on the bare mattress.
She woke me with her sweet lips, I yawned and told her this was a heavenly way to wake. She left my cock and looked at me, grinning. “And a wonderful breakfast too. At least for me.”
I came in her mouth soon and got up to shower. She sprawled on the couch, all her inhibitions gone, naked and loving it. I threw my towel and sat next to her, pouring from the pot of coffee she had ordered.
“You know it is our last day together today.”
“Yes, I know.”
“Is it okay if we just go to the sea for a while and spend the rest inside here?”
“I would that.”
“Fuck me as many times as you can.”
“Of course. I plan to.” I grinned.
“Starting with now? And don’t blame me if you feel my pussy is loose. You are to blame for it.”
“I won’t. But I think the best way to start is my tasting it, no?”
She spread her legs wide apart and leaned back on the couch and I took my position of the floor on my knees. “I began to lick her. Licking the inside of her pussy lips, soon making them swollen with blood. Soon her clitoris peeked out and I was munching on her. She moaned and held my head and pressed me down.
Nearly half an hour of making her cum a few times I entered her and fucked her. She was as tight as before, even hotter and wetter. I told her so.
“Ah… so you still like your whore.”
“I do Nasreen. Cum with me.”
“Then hold my tits and mash them with your hands.”
I did. The bites marks from last night were looking a purplish blue now. “Painful?”
“A little, but I love it. I want more bites.”
“Later.” I said and began my final speed run. I came into her. We changed and went and frolicked in the sea. We returned to the chalet and after a cool shower it was fucking time again. We lay on bed and fucked in slow languid pace. I sucked her while she played with my cock. We kissed all over, letting our tongues arouse each other then made slow deliberate love. This time the words were missing, our hands and lips doing the talking.
We stayed in the room and ordered food. We ate, kissed, ate. We made love on the couch. And we fell asleep on the couch. We woke up and made love. After we had early dinner at seven she asked me when would we be leaving.
“You want to go back fast?”
“No, I want to stay as long as possible.”
“Well we promised to be back by twelve and even if we leave at eleven we will make it. We must be on time.”
“Yeah. So eat fast, we have about four hours left. Take be back and fuck my ass yesterday.”
“You liked it?”
“I loved it.”
“Then you must get Rana to do it more often.”
“Oh yes. I intend to. That and much more. I have learnt a lot in this two days, I don’t want to waste time by being shy and demure in bed. He is in for a hectic time.”
“I am sure he will love it.”
“Eat fast.”
We were back in the room in a hurry. We were naked and I was fingering her ass. She was moaning and I was entering her. Now she was more relaxed than yesterday, but still as tight.
The words Nasreen and Raaj traveled back and forth. The words bitch, whore, slut, bastard went around a lot. When we came at ten we were so breathless that we fell part and did not speak for long.
It was nearly ten thirty. I got up to take bath, she joined me and we both washed each other.
“I wish there was time for one more.” I said.
“Me too.”
“Let us hurry then, if just before reaching we have time we can do it near the old mill on the outskirts.”
I went to the reception to check out while she got things packed and ready. We reached at record speed, finding ourselves at the abandoned mill a clear half an hour early. The ride home from here was hardly ten minutes. Taking her hand I took her to a grassy patch near a tree. I was about to lay down when she leaned against the tree and said: “No Raaj, take me standing up.”
I unzipped my pants and brought my hard throbbing cock out. I undid the sash of her salwar and letting it fall I moved her panty aside and entered her, grunting.
The rapid fire fucking was tremendous. She panted hard and I panted hard as I came into her.
We sat down in the car for a while to get our breath back and then drove home.
We entered the security gates just as Rana was about to. I stopped the car in front of my porch and she leaned and gave me a long lingering kiss.
“Thank you.”
She was gone before I could say “No, it is you I should thank.”

Part 4:
I don’t know. Really. That morning when I woke up – that Friday – right from drinking the first cup of coffee to after sending Raj off to work all I could think of was sex. I brought myself off on the bed and one thought that kept breaking through the horny haze my mind had become that morning was Rana. His cock pelting my pussy, his cock in my ass. Me slurping his.
For heaven’s sake, I reprimanded myself. I told myself I had not even seen what his rod looked like, for all I knew it was thin and small, for I knew he was a lousy lover. But the thought kept assaulting my senses. Maybe it was that they were going away, that my fantasies when with Raj of Rana fucking me would become hard to believe. I don’t know. I really don’t know.
The morning passed in agony, a little relief came when Raj came for lunch, I told him to go ahead and eat while I went under the table and sucked darling dry. I dozed off after he went back to work and in the sleepy drowsy state the idea came.
I printed the eight pieces of paper that had four ‘YES’ and four ‘NO’ on them, pur a glass on the table and waited. I didn’t know if I had the courage to carry on the mission. But when I saw them, I saw the look in Raj’s eyes as he watched Nasreen’s swaying ass – a delicious ass I might tell you, one I would like to bare and lick too – and I saw the flash of lust in Rana’s eyes as he eyes my cleavage and turned his eyes away.
I said what I had to say and that was now history. I watched Raj and Nasreen get into the car, I blew a kiss to him and got in with Rana. “Drive towards the city, Rana.” I said.
We drove in silence for a while. I was getting restless, the close proximity to the man I had fantasized about for so long now made me a little horny and reckless. Seeing a little road down the road, one that lead to a cover of palm oil trees I asked Rana to slow down and pull up over there.
Raj and I had experienced this place before, it was quite lonely and no one from the road could see us.
“I can’t wait any longer.” I asked Rana. “Can you.”
“I have waited a long time.”
“I want a aperitif, a trailer.” I whipped my T-shirt, my bare tits jiggled for him and his eyes became riveted to them. I felt the bulge in his pants become bigger as my hands reached to his crotch and checked him out. A sigh of relied as I felt a substantial bulge. I tried to undo his pants from the position I was in and could, he hurriedly helped me out, pulling his pants and boxers down and his hard throbbing cock was mine for taking.
It was magnificent, it was immense, it was a little bigger than Raj’s fatter and seeing a cut cock for the first time I held it, running through the contours and shaped with my fingers. He throbbed jerking with the pleasure. His throb telling me more than his shy silence could. I picked of his hand and placed it on my tit.
He used the other hand to maneuver the lever next to the seat to push the car seat back and I sank my lips on to this beauty. It tasted funny at first, not used to the soft unblemished skin, missing the foreskin, missing the dripping precum that Raj forever produced.
It is a different cock, I guess it had to be different in every way. I sank further, making the head of the cock hit the back of my throat and began to bob up and down. He was grunting, small, stifled grunts of pleasure. I worked on him, my hand stroking the rest of the cock, up and down as saliva dripped over it, making it slick and bringing him to the edge. I felt like a starved virgin eating her first cock.
There is something funny about humans. We love a person, we like to fuck them again and again, in new positions and new styles. But after a while, even though the love is there, the affection, the togetherness, the lust loses some luster. Making love to someone for the first time, for the first times is a high that is indescribable. I felt the same urgent tingle all over body I felt when I first fucked you Raj. That thrill of taking your cock in the mouth, sensing it swell in the mouth as it spewed the seed was something I did not realize I could miss so much.
I felt that tingle in my body now, as I felt his cock stretch my mouth wide and throbbed and throbbed and throbbed. I love you Raj but that feeling of taking the man for the first time, of tasting his cum, of knowing that I still have a lot of time to feel him in my ass and pussy, empty his balls was a thrill I became high on.
He lifted his ass, plunging his cock in me, I had to struggle to put his down. The semen tasted sweet, a little bitter, a little orange flavored. I drank it and I licked him clean.
A few minutes to let him catch his breath, to stuff his flaccid cock back in his pants and for me to clean my face reasonably, we were off.
Rana was in a little extravagant mood, as I clung to his arm, pressing my boobs against him he signed in for a deluxe suit. The place was spacious, a bedroom that could be closed off with a sliding door, a TV and a couch in what was a living room, a Jacuzzi with a huge bath. I for a moment missed not having planned it as a even together. I would have loved to have you guys here right now. Watch you fuck Nasreen. Watch you watch me take this magnificent cock and see the flush of satiation on my face.
But that was not so, what was that Rana was here. He excused himself, he wanted to go to toilet, I gave him a little time alone, waited for the flush to go off and the shower start, I knocked the door, he opened it, dripping and wet. I stood on the doorway and watched him get back to into the shower. I watched him get hard seeing me watch. I slowly took off my clothes and threw them, entering the cubicle. Washing away my face and rinsing my body.
How long do you think it took me to get my own needs done and attend to his cock, throbbing against my tummy. Not long right, still dripping wet I pulled away, hurriedly drying the most damp areas, letting the time and body heat take care of the rest. We were on the bed, kissing. His thick mustache tickling me, his rough hands kneading my tits. I was asking to do it harder. I begging him to cool my overheated cunt. His finger began to enter my already getting wet pussy, his finger started to spread the lips apart, caressing the insides, checking my insides.
Raj, I tell you your Rita was at that moment a horny bitch who wanted to just fuck this man, wanted to impale myself on him, to squeeze his seed out. I kissed him lustily and I bent down and kissed his chest, bit him and holding his throbbing cock in my hands I pointed him the way.
I have experienced, I hate it but at that moment the pain of his cock stretch my vagina to the limit was joyous. As my pussy slid over his cock, I gasped, I screamed. I sat there for long, I don’t know how long and when he turned me around and began to gently saw me I was delirious. I moaned and I think I was mouthing profanities, telling him in Hindi he was my cock, I was his whore. That seemed to just probe me even more. His cock was the only thing I could see, the only thing that existed then.
He took to the brink and he lead me to the cliff and he plunged me there. I dropped, taken him with me. I wanted him to talk call me names, tell me how good I was, he would speak a work. I was scratching him, biting him, telling him was a dog fucking a bitch.
When he came I came too, for the tenth time. I came too with lusty moan. I squeezed my pussy tight against his cock and squeezed his balls with my hand. Even after cumming in me he would stop for a long while, kept hammering away at my delicate pussy, making me crazy and making me cum again.
I kissed him all over afterwards, eating his cock, taking in our mixed juices. I pulled him towards my cunt, holding his head by his hair.
He resisted: “I have never done this before…”
“What?” I cried half in disbelief. “Are you serious? Nasreen is missing it.”
He blushed, can you believe that, the big heavy pathan with a big mustache and a bigger cock was red in the face.
“No I mean, I have, but before we…. you know before I came in her.”
“I am glad and upset to hear that man. Glad you at least don’t deprive the sexy wife of yours of this basic pleasure and upset that a pussy after you have used it is a no no.”
“I mean, you see, I mean.”
“I don’t fucking know anything really. But I tell you, it is the sexiest thing to watch your man eat you after. And I tell you, we are going to do everything in the little time we have. Dirty or not… Now eat me Rana.”
He was hesitant at first, his tongue just barely jabbing at my cunt. He began to open up, he maybe liked his own taste, maybe the mixture of his and my juice made a good cocktail. He began to slurp soon enough. I lead him to my clitoris, I made him suck it, I made him clean my pussy, made him make it ready for another heart pounding, soul shattering assault on it. It was dawn when he at last came again, both smelling by now of sex. He pounded me from behind, he made me want to pass out.
When we were done, when we were done for the moment we fell apart and slept.
Raj, we did not go out of the room for the most part. Going to lunch for a little while, coming back and fucking. I just could get enough of him, and I felt now he couldn’t get enough of me. I was wishing we had a week instead of two days, we had months. I wished we had broken this ice and fucked like rabbits all this while. Above all I wanted to know you and Nasreen were doing. I wanted to see Rana’s face when you made her scream and came into her pussy.
He had by afternoon begun to talk while he fucked.
I made him call me a bitch, I made him call me a whore. I made him ask for what he wanted.
“What do you want?” I asked him, his hand on both my tits and his cock pounding into me.
“To fuck you everyday.”
“You can forget about that. What else. Say the dirtiest thing you want me to do, you can imagine me doing.” He was not either imaginative, or he was still not fully opened up.
“You know what I want? What I want to see.” “You watching Nasreen fucked. You watching and wanting to fuck her too. You watching me being fucked. Wanting to fuck me yourself. And you want it so bad that you ask Nasreen to go on top and you take Nasreen’s ass. While you lick my pussy, filled with Raj’s cum and your cum and you drink it…”
He groaned so loudly that I thought everyone down the corridor would have heard him.
“You like that, don’t you?”
“Oh yes.” He hissed.
I stopped him from moving, I got on top, I wanted to control the speed. I wanted to control his cumming. I began to move, just a little, more of swayed. I began to talk. Each word making him agonizingly frustrated. Each sentence being interrupted with pleading to fuck him.
And afterwards, when she has been satisfied like a whore she is, all us stand around her pissing on her, each taking a turn to shoot a stream at her open mouth.
“That dirty. Fuck harder or let me come up please.”
“Shut up and listen.”
“Then I will get a big dildo and start fucking her while you guys wait to get hard. Fucking in turn. She gets worn out, her pussy bleeding red. Her pussy filled up to the brim and overflowing. Then we pee on her.”
He groaned.
“Do you like to see her hurt. Huh?” You know Raj I can’t stop the fear of getting hurt but I like to see sadistic thing being done on others, maybe it is the fascination that some can really stand the pain. “We tie her up, she is begging to be given time to recover. She wants be time to sleep. ‘Rana, my love, I will fuck every man on the block, I will lick his dick, but please…’
“You reply by putting clamps on her nipples.”
Rana seemed to enjoy the sadistic thoughts too. “You are a whore, fucking Indian whore that is making me go crazy.”
“You like the thoughts, you like to see her beg you.”
“Yes you fucking whore, yes.” He hissed and his eyes pleaded.
“You would like to invite men to your house, make them cum inside her? Till her thighs are all covered with semen?”
“Yes, bitch, yes. Let me cum now. Make me come now.”
“Then tell me what you would like to do to me? Tell me and I will let you cum.”
“I… I… can’t think. Please. I will tell you in detail once I have cum. Okay. Please.”
I think he was really in agony. I began to pound harder, slapping my pussy on his crotch and he came almost instantly, groaning like he was in pain.
But I played with him when he began to talk. I began to do the talking. I kept him and myself just a millimeter from madness. But each time he came he and me reached a new high note. We just spiraled higher. He went out for a while at around ten the next morning. We had slept around three, exhausted and dog tired.
I opened my eyes, a little bleary still and not knowing where I was. I wanted to get up and found I had been tied to bed.
“Let me go or I will scream.” I said, a little scared and a little excited.
He held a bunch of my hair and pulled my head backwards, he stuffed a handkerchief in my mouth. I looked, now more scared than excited. His big hand took my other hand and tied it too, to the other end of the bed. He spread my legs apart, fingering me.
“You talk too much… Now is the time to listen.”
I struggled and my eyes must have showed the fear. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. Listen to what I will want to do to you.”
He cleared his throat, his finger now lovingly sliding in and out of my pussy, it had begun to moisten even in this situation. I am such a whore Raj. I wanted him to do things no one had done before, I wanted to hurt me and felt fear at the thought.
“You know what I would if I got hold of you, if you were in my village? I would first strip you naked and the people of my house would fuck you first. My brothers and my cousins. When we done we would throw you to the servants who would pounce on you like a pack of wild dogs.”
He went away, rummaged through a packet on the table and returned, hiding something behind him. I waited in fear.
“But you know what I am going to do? I am going to take your ass now.”
My eyes opened wide with fear. Even your smaller (but still beautiful) cock hurt me when you enter me there. The thought of this monster shook me. The thing he was holding was a tube of KY Jelly. He squeezed some and applied on my ass, Cold damn gel that sent goose bumps all over my naked body.
His finger when it entered was like someone was tearing me apart, like a huge pole going up my ass. My muffled screams did not make him stop, he was finger me and adding lubricant and fingering me some more.
Oh Raj, my darling I feel so ashamed, I don’t let you do this to me, and this motherfucker was doing it and I was liking it. I was moaning like a two bit whore that I had become, I was hoping he would never take that finger out of me, He was a good person, he heard my silent prayers and added one more finger. It increased my agony but the pleasure increased a thousand fold. And when he put a third finger I was delirious.
Honey, Raj, I am sorry. I will let you do all that to me and more. But at that time if he asked me to fuck a fucking horse I would have. He oiled his cock with the gel. He place it on the ass that was screaming with rage when the finger were taken our and he pushed it. I screamed a mad scream as the pain shot through my body. I wanted to kick him away, he held my thighs in a vice grip and just lifted my ass up, sinking into my being.
I cried out Raj, with my soul. Then by magic my gag fell off, I could breath with pleasure, moan and tell him with my moans how he was pleasuring me. I begged him to untie me and fuck me in the ass. He would. He made me beg, I liked begging him Raj.
He banged harder and harder. The constant fucking increasing his staying power incredibly. I was cumming like a rudderless boat on a rough sea. My lust peaking and falling, rising and falling till I think I passed out.
I came to and he was still hammering away. It was a dream fuck, my ass had opened up for him and every pore in my body was emitting fluid. I was drooling, my nose flowing, my pussy like a river, My ass a wet swamp. I was crying too, in utmost pleasure.
Then he came, his cock just grew and grew, my eyes wide in a orgasm I had never thought possible, suspended in air as he burst inside me. I swear I could feel the throbbing cock spit red hot lava inside, I thought for a moment he was peeing in me, that’s how long his cock stayed fat and twitching and jerking.
Finally when he pulled out he was as exhausted as I was.
We slept again like animals that had known satisfaction.
I was too sore to even walk properly the whole afternoon. I made him cum for me in my mouth. When it was time to leave I felt a pang.
I got on to my knees, kissed his cock, made him suck my pussy and promise never to forget my taste. I knew he loved Nasreen just as much as I love you. I would want to exchange places forever, but for the two lust ruled, and it was just two people happily mating.
Then when I saw you my happiness was unimaginable. I noticed Nasreen to and I could tell from her face that you had made me proud, you have fucked her with vigor you fuck me with. 

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