The Summer Kitchen Ch. 01

After almost fifteen years of marriage, I finally admitted to myself that I have a problem. It started around my ninth year of married life and has continued to this day. I am in some ways, like an alcoholic. The first step is to admit you are one, and the next is trying to stay clean. I’m trying to stay clean but it’s a struggle. My addiction is Ryan. Yeah, as you might’ve already guessed, he’s not the guy I married. My husband is Joe. He’s handsome and a perfect husband and father. I love him deeply. We have two children, ages twelve and fifteen. As you can see from the age of my oldest, I was preggy when we married. 

Joe is six-foot, dark hair, brown eyes, and very handsome. He’s a VP and regional manager for one of the large wine companies, steadily making his way up through the ranks to an executive position. As a result, we live well. He is athletic and still youthful, despite working hard to provide for me and his children. That is why my deceit is even more despicable. I’ll get to that in a moment. 

We are both cyclist and stay trim, which is why we frequently get envious, and sometimes, lustful looks from both sexes. Narcissistically we enjoy their attention and I admit that every once in a while I spot a guy that makes me drool. Joe has also admitted as much to me about some chick he sees with nice tits. It has provided us a few laughs and often as not, some hot sex sessions between us. Neither of us have a thought of entertaining these impulses, believing them to be natural responses to the opposite sex. I always knew Joe would never cheat on me, and that I’d never cheat on him – mostly. 

I’m a five-six, slim built, blond with a 35 inch bust, and what Joe calls, “an ass to die for.” I admit I like to wear jeans or shorts to show it off, and Joe likes it too. From day one, mine and Joe’s sex life has always been great. He’s a good lover, attentive, inventive and tender. We are not prudes. We sometimes watch porn and in the past have even tried out several sexual devices. 

One night after a party at which a friend described her boyfriend’s “huge cock”, we measured Joe and discovered his rather thin, slightly curved, uncircumcised cock was just a mark shy of eight inches when hard. We had heard that six was average for most men, so I considered myself lucky in that respect. 

Now, I’ll tell you some things that will get me called all sorts of bad names, but I feel compelled to do it. My therapist said that sometimes, baring the soul cleanses the heart. If confession is good for the soul, I hope doing this helps. I started off my attempt to write by relating my entire story into a tape recorder, and then transcribing it into writing which I hope eliminates most typos. I’m doing my best at this so please don’t be too critical. 

Cleo said I could be as vague, or as detailed as I wanted, and I chose the latter because maybe in some small way that will help cleanse some of my sins. I plan to put every little detail in here, no matter how bad it makes me look. I know that in the end, in order to reach absolution, finally I must also confess these misdeeds to my husband. So far, I haven’t had the courage. 

About five years ago we had a summer kitchen installed behind the pool house in our spacious back yard. We live on the outskirts of a large city and obtaining the building permit had been a hassle, but eventually the crew showed up and work began. The owner of the construction company was a man named Ryan. Since Joe was gone most of the time it fell on my shoulders to handle all the details. 

When I opened the front door that first day I stood looking up at the most gorgeous hunk of manhood I’d ever laid eyes on. This guy was about six-three, wide shoulders, slim hips, nice arms in his sleeveless t-shirt, rugged tanned features and sensuous lips. His expressive gray eyes captivated me instantly. He had about a two-day growth of dark stubble but that just made this guy look better. No kidding, he was the total package. His voice was deep and soothing as he introduced himself, making me shiver. I stammered something back like a stupid little college girl. 

As he took his crew into the back and started work, I stood in my living room watching his gorgeous ass walk away, quietly whispering a soft, “Ah shit . . . wow . . . wow.” I mean the guy simply radiated sex! Feeling like a pervert, I finally got a grip and laughed at myself for such an overblown reaction to a strange man. Over the years I’d been attracted to other men but none had ever made me lose my breath before – or my moral compass. 

Each day as things ended, Ryan came and knocked on my back door to update me on their progress. I felt the same electrical charge each time he did, which always left me feeling helpless . . . a little out of control. The fourth day fell on a Saturday and I noticed Ryan let his crew go earlier in the afternoon. 

I stood at the kitchen sink looking out the window at the growing structure that would soon be our summer kitchen, pleased at how well it was turning out. Ryan suddenly appeared, walking from behind one of the new walls, stepping to a small tree and pulling down the front of his sweatpants. He reached inside. I couldn’t believe he was going to take a piss right in my back yard!

Before I could move a muscle, he flopped out a cock that made me gasp – balls the size of grapefruits! The thing looked like a slab of meat! I’d once heard a girlfriend refer to some guy as having “five pounds of cock and balls.” This is what she must’ve meant! My husband’s penis has a foreskin, but this one was just a big bulbous mushroom resting on a ridged stem that was much longer, easily twice as thick, as Joe’s. 

My hand covering my mouth, shocked wordless, I simply stared as he stood with hands on his hips and emptied his bladder into the bush with an expression of total rapture. It was almost the look Joe got each time he was about to climax, when we made love. Ryan pissed for a long time, kind of like the bull I’d once seen as a child when I’d visited the county fair with my dad. Afterward, he just stood with his head laid back, eyes closed, squeezing and shaking it a bit, enjoying the moment. 

As for me, I was shaken. My heart was pounding inside my chest, mouth dry as cotton, and my legs trembling so hard I thought they might collapse. Not understanding my sudden reaction, I froze in front of the kitchen window. My feet suddenly encased in concrete, I simply couldn’t move away. As my eyes slowly traveled from his meaty cock to his handsome face, I cried out in alarm as our eyes suddenly locked. 

He was staring straight back at me! My heart literally jumped into my mouth as I backed away from the window, unnerved, completely rattled and unsure about what to do. Hidden from his view, I attempted to regain control, quiet my racing heart and shaking hands. In my mind’s eye, I could still see his hand gripping that monster cock . . . squeezing it . . . shaking it . . . 

I suddenly shuddered violently, realizing my panties were sticking to my crouch. God, it was the most exciting thing I’d ever seen. If Joe’s penis was eight inches, Ryan’s must be at least eleven or twelve, and thick as my wrist! I found myself licking my dry licks thinking about it, feeling my vagina gush even more juice. What the hell would something like that taste like? Or feel like sliding inside a woman? I shivered again, touching my vagina through the fabric of my shorts as thrills shot through me. 

Disgusted and mildly amused with myself, I went into the bedroom and changed panties, also slipping into some clean shorts. I was determined to block any farther images of that cock from my mind. It did little good. I couldn’t think about anything else. I decided that as soon as Ryan left, I’d find one of the toys we hadn’t used in ages and do what needed to be done. I felt somewhat ashamed, but also I’d never felt so stimulated! Then I heard knocking at the back door. 

Oh, please, I prayed, don’t let that be Ryan. I peeked out. It was. I tried to steady my nerves, opening the door a crack. He flashed a devastating grin and said, “I let the boys knock off early, Ma’am. We’re ahead of schedule so we won’t lose any time. Can I do anything else for you before I leave?”

I knew he’d seen me watching him earlier and tried to push it from my mind, gripping the inside doorknob for support. His words were entirely innocent, but the hot look in those gray eyes said differently. I felt as if they were staring right through me, seeing what I was feeling inside. I struggled with a conscious effort not to glance down at his crouch. My knees almost melting, I steadied my voice and said, “No that will be all for today, Ryan. And please call me Kay.” My damned panties felt damp again!

“Okay . . . Kay. I’ll see you on Monday then.” 

I watched him walk away – staring at his hard ass and remembering vividly what I’d seen earlier. I couldn’t stop doing it! 

I recall that I was extra attentive to Joe that weekend, guiltily bringing him snacks as he watched the games, a beer every so often, and even initiating sex play upon retiring for the night. To be truthful, I was also burning up as I slid down his body and took his penis inside my watering mouth. All I could see was Ryan holding his fat cock, pissing into my shrubbery. For some reason I felt extremely guilty, although I didn’t exactly know why. I hadn’t actually done anything – except in my mind. As soon as Joe entered me though, I literally screamed out my release. I came twice before he did. Drifting uneasily off to sleep I still wasn’t completely satisfied, a big uncircumcised cock probing my mind. 

I was drinking coffee on Monday morning when I heard the crew arriving. Looking outside I saw Ryan taking charge, giving orders – giving me goose bumps. Shivering, I wrapped my arms around myself and stared outside for a long time. I asked myself why I was so obsessed with this man. I’d met other handsome men, some more so than Ryan, but it was like he was a magnet to me. Sleek, animalistic in his movements, I could watch him all day. Reluctantly I dressed and went to the mall for a few things I’d been putting off. I returned around 5:00 PM just in time to see the crew drive off. I unloaded the car and went inside, to hear knocking coming from the rear door. I opened it and saw Ryan standing there. 

“Sorry to bother you again, Kay, but I’ll need another draw today, to pay the boys and buy materials tomorrow before I come over. You’ll need to sign the forms for that.” He grinned and I felt his eyes burning right through my clothing. Those eyes!

Suppressing a shiver, I nodded reluctantly. “Ok . . .okay . . .” I stammered, opening the door wider. 

“Um . . . I’m sorry but I don’t have a pen,” he said.

“I’ll get one,” I hurriedly tossed over my shoulder as I scurried away, eager to be out of sight. I could feel his eyes on my ass as I left. I retrieved a pen from my purse, remaining for a minute or two in the living room to steady my nerves. I stared at my hands until they stopped shaking, and took several deep breaths. Then smiling brightly I went back into the kitchen, surprised to find him sitting at the table, papers spread out. 

He was sitting with his legs spread, pushed back a bit from the table. Still grinning, he pointed to a place on the form for me to sign. I leaned over and scribbled my name, unwittingly glancing at his crouch. His cock was plainly outlined against the soft fabric of the sweat suit, lying along his thigh like a giant snake, its prominent crown clearly visible. I did a stupid thing. I froze in that position, staring right at it. 

“Like what you see?” he said softly.

That brought me abruptly back to the present. “I . . . uh . . . no, no . . .”

Ryan abruptly stood, pushing the front of his sweat pants down in the same manner as before, tucking it underneath, letting his cock and balls fall out. 

“What are you . . . doing . . .?” I gasped. 

“Come on, Kay. I saw you staring at my cock when I took a piss earlier. Your eyes were bugging out. Admit it.”

“No! I wasn’t. Please . . . please . . .” my voice trailing off into a whisper. 

He laughed harshly, stepping forward and grasping my hand. Staring into my eyes he forced my palm onto his half-hardened cock, holding it there. I could feel the hardness under his soft skin, the ridges and veins, blood coursing through it, causing it to stiffen under my fingers. My heart was pounding a mile a minute inside my chest, and I suddenly couldn’t breathe. 

“. . . please . . .” I whispered again. 

His answer was to force my fingers around his cock, working my hand up and down, watching me as though waiting for something to happen. I felt his hand on my shoulder, not forcing me but still very heavy. I slid downward, our eyes still locked, mine pleading helplessly. 

“Please don’t make me do this, Ryan” I whispered. 

His cock was about a foot from my face, the large crown almost purple, appearing as if it were about to explode. Thick veins covered his shaft as it throbbed in front of me as though alive. One clear drop of fluid had formed at its tip, threatening to drop to the floor. Ryan captured it on his forefinger and brought it to my mouth. I think I groaned, either aloud or maybe inside my own mind, as I closed my eyes and licked it off his finger. 

It tasted like ambrosia, sending a thrill throughout my entire body. I opened my eyes to slits and saw another clear drop forming on the tiny hole in the tip of his crown, which was now only a few inches from my mouth. I leaned forward – and licked it off too – shuddering, violently, clamping my thighs together fiercely. 

He’d removed his hand from mine but I still clutched the base of his meaty cock, staring into his eyes as I slid my lips over the soft spongy crown. I nearly swooned. Clamping my lips behind the flared head, locking him in place, I licked and sucked it for a while, thrilled to feel it throbbing inside my hungry mouth. I heard him gasp, and then a few satisfied grunts as I made love to the biggest thing I’d ever had inside my mouth. 

More pre-cum coated my tongue, sending chills through me, the scent of his manhood nearly overpowering my other senses. I was lost in a world all my own, just me and this wonderful-tasting cock. Gone; was my happy marriage, my home, and everything else I held dear. I was just another cock-hungry slut, on her knees satisfying her man. 

Wanting more, I forced my mouth down harder on it, feeling the large head hit the back of my throat, gagging me. I knew to breathe through my nose. I’d taken Joe in deep, but he was much thinner. This thing was something entirely different. Holding his cock at the base, tears running down my cheeks, I relentlessly stuffed his thick cock past the opening of my throat, gagging and slobbering, struggling to breathe. Once it entered the opening of my throat it easily slid all the way to the gullet without obstruction. 

His wiry groin hairs tickling my nose, I held it there for as long as I could, until I started seeing spots before my eyes. Then I slowly backed off, sliding my tongue along the thick vein on the bottom, all the way back to the spongy crown, letting it slip out with a slight pop. Holding his cock out of the way I licked back downward, then all over and around his meaty cock, savoring the sensation of my tongue and lips gliding over the thick veins and ridges I’d seen earlier. 

I ended up at his balls. I took each into my mouth one at a time, making love to them, gently sucking, nibbling and slobbering all over them like they were candy. I buried my face in them, inhaling his manly scent. I was detached from my body, drifting in space, savoring my debasement. 

Ryan was standing up on his toes, stiff-legged, grunting freely, groaning softly each time I did something he liked. I felt proud that I was able to do that to him. I licked up his throbbing cock, back to the head, closing my lips over it and taking about half of the thick meat into my throat. Holding it there with one hand squeezing its hairy base, my other hand found his nuts, scratching and massaging them as I sucked his cock gently, my tongue sliding along the vein on the bottom. I made love to that thick, meaty thing. There’s no other way to put it. I was depraved. 

Inexplicably, I suddenly felt as if I were about to climax. Maybe it was because I was rubbing my thighs together or maybe just because I was more excited than I’d ever been in my life, but my orgasm was just below the surface, on the verge of exploding from my vagina. I was so wet I had soaked both my panties and the thin shorts. My juice had completely soaked them, seeped through and was running down my thighs. Slobbers dribbled down my chin, dripping onto the floor, my knees sliding around on the wet tile created from all this fluid. 

His pre-cum was also flowing freely at that point, thickly coating my tongue – tasting so sweet on it. I felt his hands gripping my hair, sometimes pulling hard, sometimes gently massaging my scalp. A long slimy strand of slobber ran down my chin, dripping onto my breasts, coating his cock and balls, and lubricating my hands. I heard someone whimpering pitifully like a small hurt animal, realizing it was me. I think I was moaning too – maybe just inside my head. 

“You got a sweet mouth, girl. Sweet . . .” he groaned.

For some reason, that thrilled me and I sucked harder, taking it all the way back down my throat. The hand that had been holding his balls was now clutching his ass cheek, digging nails into flesh as I pulled him closer, deep-throating him hungrily, making loud slurping sounds in the quiet room. I should’ve felt embarrassed by the noise I was making, but I didn’t. I felt totally nasty. I slid my tongue along the bottom vein again as I slowly pulled my mouth off with a small popping sound. 

Nearly out of my mind with lust I felt his cock-head expand inside my mouth, spurting a little fluid. I took more of it and then a torrent of thick cum suddenly coated the roof of my mouth, tongue and teeth, sliding like slime down my throat to pool deep inside my soft tummy. It was followed by another even larger glob, thick and cloying, strangling me as I fought against his clutching hands. He held me helpless, my face pressed against his groin, pouring cum into my mouth from his balls, forcing me to swallow it frantically in order to get all of it down. Some shot out from around the tight seal at corners of my mouth, dropping onto my tits, running down my belly. It was so nasty – so wonderful I didn’t even care – sucking his semen down, wanting even more as he pulled my hair, yelling his violent release. 

That’s when I came. I just exploded, lights flashing inside my head, my body convulsing with pleasure, juices flooding my thighs and the floor beneath me. It went on a long time, and when we were both through I still knelt there, simply holding his deflating cock inside my mouth, feeling it slide along my tongue as he withdrew. I couldn’t move a muscle. I felt like a kitten with a belly full of warm cream. My body covered with cum, pussy juice and slobbers, I dropped my head in exhaustion, trying not to think about what I had just done. 

I felt his hands under my arms, lifting me as though I weighed next to nothing, sitting me on the table. My eyes clinched tightly I felt him unbuttoning my blouse, slipping it off my shoulder. Next, came the bra. He pressed a hand against my breasts and I laid backward, the wooden tabletop cool against my back. He hadn’t spoken a word since cumming, and I couldn’t look at him. His fingers unbuttoned my shorts, unzipping them, pulling them off. He slipped my panties down my legs, cool air suddenly invading my damp crouch. I arched my back and cried out as his mouth closed over one nipple, sucking, gently biting it, making me gust between the legs. He went to the other nipple and did the same thing, and by then I was humping against him, hearing myself muttering over.

“. . . please . . . please . ..” 

Then he opened my legs and shoved his face into my wet crouch, sucking each pussy lip into his warmth, biting them gently, then his tongue probing deeply. He bit my clit, slid his lips around it, and then trailed his tongue downward into my puckered anus. When he did that I cried out loud enough to alarm the neighbors! His mouth drove me crazy for another minute and then I flew apart at the seams, completely disintegrating. I screamed and screamed as I came – and came – and came. 

Usually, after climaxing I was tender and had to rest. Twice was the most I’d ever cum in a single night, and I’d never experienced one of those multiple orgasms they write about in women magazines. All that went out the window with Ryan. I simply couldn’t get enough. He ate me for a long time and it was almost a continuous climax from start to stop. At the end I was barely conscious of the fact that I was whimpering and moaning, clutching his head in my hands, pulling his face against me tighter. He finally stopped and I groaned in frustration, trying to drag his face back inside me. 

From a distance I heard him chuckling, and through the slits of my eyelids I could see him hovering over me. Staring down on me I heard, “Beautiful,” as he whispered to himself. He shifted his weight forward and I felt pressure as his cock-head pushed against the now tender lips of my vagina, seeking entry. I remember thinking, “This is finally it. I’m about to cheat.” Then a burning pain as the wide head of his cock forced its way through my elastic opening. 

In my mind I saw my vagina being ripped and torn as he forced his unbelievably thick penis inside me. The burning became unbearable, as my hands found his chest, trying to push him away. Effortlessly he captured them, pinning them to the table on each side of my head. I was helpless to do anything but submit to whatever he wanted. Strands of damp hair covered my eyes but I could see him staring down into my face as he slowly but relentlessly, forced more of his thick cock inside my tiny opening, pushing the walls of my vagina apart farther than they’d ever been. I now felt all the ridges and thick veins sliding against the tender walls of my vagina that had tasted so good, only moments before. 

The pain was excruciating, causing me to bite my lip to keep from screaming. He was probably about halfway inside me when he suddenly released my hands and pushed my legs up, holding them in the crooks of his arms. That did it. The remainder of his thick cock easily slid all the way in, with little or no farther pain. I knew he was buried all the way because I felt it when he hit bottom. 

Once there, he didn’t move for a while, just holding it deep inside me flexing it once in a while. After a moment, I looked up and whispered, “Please.”

He smiled softly, the most handsome man I’d ever seen. “You just keep saying that.” 

Making a small squishing sound from all my lubrication, he eased slowly out, his cock rubbing my clit, pulling my vagina’s lining out, and then pushing it back in, doing the same until he hit my cervix again. His cock was so long it felt as if he would enter my tender womb. This was virgin territory. Joe had never been there. No one had. This slow fucking went on until I was ready to climb the walls. He lowered his face until it was close to mine, still staring at me. 

I groaned in surrender, wrapping my arms around his neck to bring his sensuous lips down, opening my mouth, giving myself to him. It felt as if he was trying to eat my mouth and I loved it, taking his thick tongue, following it back inside his mouth with my own. He started hammering into me unmercifully, jarring my slender body each time he did. I didn’t mind. I loved him using me this way. I slammed my belly up to meet each vigorous thrust. 

My orgasm didn’t arrive. It suddenly crashed into me, rocking my core until I screamed in wonder. He anxiously covered my mouth with his own to keep me quiet. I clutched his neck, wrapped my legs around him and tried to climb his muscular body as I shuddered and trembled under his driving cock, soaking it with my juices. I felt him stiffen, groan loudly and hot lava pouring into the deepest part of my body, as glob after glob of his sperm bounced off the walls of my vagina and splattered against my womb. 

It was the most intense experience of my life. At some point, I think I blacked out for a bit. When I came back, I saw Ryan standing beside me, his thick wet cock dangling between his legs. He was cleaning himself with a dishtowel, grinning down at me like a wolf. 

“I think I’m going to like this job,” he said. “See you tomorrow.” 

I heard the door close behind him, leaving me alone. Well, what had I expected? Kisses and flowers? It wasn’t like he had any real feelings towards me. I was just another piece of ass as far as he was concerned. How did I feel about that? I hadn’t decided yet. He was all the man any woman could ever want. I wasn’t sure if I even liked him very much, but I admit I adored him. One thing was for sure. Ryan had some kind of spell over me. Could a woman love two men at the same time? I didn’t know, but that’s how it felt. 

Miserable, I sat on the edge of the table for a while, watching the pool of body fluids run off the edge of the table onto the floor. I’d have a mess to clean up before Joe came home. Joe! God, what had I been thinking? How would I act around him now? And that last remark by Ryan, about how he’d “see me tomorrow.” I couldn’t do this anymore. I’d tell Ryan when he arrived for work in the morning. It’d been a mistake and I’d put it behind me, move on. Ryan wouldn’t be let inside my home again. At the thought of not being with Ryan anymore I felt a sharp blade slip into my stomach. Feeling gutted, depressed and lonely, I went to shower. 

The next day was tough. I knew I couldn’t just sit around and wait for my confrontation with Ryan. I’d probably do something stupid like standing at the kitchen window all day, trying to catch a glimpse of him. That wouldn’t do at all. I took a shower, changed into shorts and halter top, and went out. I spent the whole day buying a pair of jeans, window shopping and sitting on a bench in the park. I didn’t realize tears were streaming down my face until I heard a small boy saying, “Mom, why is that pretty lady crying?” The woman quickly dragged him away by the hand as I hurriedly looked for a handkerchief in my purse. 

The pounding I’d taken from Ryan the previous day was never far from my mind, my panties stayed damp the entire day. Although in almost a constant state of arousal, none of the other good-looking men I encountered during my day, even entered my thoughts. I knew I had to stop thinking about him, and today I’d make sure he understood. 

I arrived just as the crew was loading up to leave for the day. When Ryan walked out from the structure, I felt a ping in my stomach. He looked so good it hurt; cargo shorts, work boots and t-shirt, he shouldn’t, but he did. I waited until Ryan went to his truck and tossed his charts inside an open window, and then met him in the back yard, half-way to my back door. I tried keeping it light as I said, “Well, it’s really coming along fast.”

He gave me that devastating grin of his. “Yeah, but it’s the detail work that takes so long. We start that next week. I want to talk to you about the placement of the sink.” He strolled inside the walls and I followed. 

He pointed to the far wall. “Instead of putting it there where you have to look at your fence all day, why not move it to the inside wall, looking into your back yard. That’s a much better view.”

I could see he was right, agreeing instantly. From behind me I heard him saying, “I have some more papers to sign. Shall I bring them inside?” He sounded hopeful, eager. 

I didn’t turn around, staring unseeingly at my lawn. “Ryan, what happened yesterday was a mistake. It can’t happen again. I’m almost ten years older than you, married to a decent man whom I love. I have two lovely children and a great home. I can’t risk losing all that over a stupid fling. This stops, today.” 

“Too late,” he said from behind me. I turned and saw he’d taken his stiff cock out, letting it protrude through his zipper. He went on. “It’s been this way since yesterday. All I can think about is the way your sweet mouth felt.”

“Oh Ryan . . . no . . .” 

My mouth might have said no, but my traitorous feet moved of their own accord, meeting him halfway until I was standing with that magnificent cock poking against my belly button. Slipping his arms around me he crushed me against him and swallowed my mouth. He kissed me deeply for a long time until I felt I couldn’t breathe and when I pulled back so that I could, I found myself whispering, “I love you. I do.”

Without any request to do so, I slid down his body until I his cock was only inches from my face. I wrapped the fingers of one hand around the base, lovingly cupping his balls with the other. A silver droplet had already formed at its tip, so I licked it off, savoring the taste I’d so hungered for all day. Almost tenderly, I swallowed about half of the meaty thing, letting slight suction and my tongue tantalize him for a while. 

His breath was coming harder and faster when I slid off his cock and licked my way down to his balls. I spent a few minutes nibbling, licking and sucking the loose skin around them, then lifted his rampant cock out of the way, and went underneath his balls to lick and nibble the little patch of skin found there. By the time I licked up the large vein to the head and swallowed until my nose was buried in his pubic hair, he was cumming like a volcano. 

Load after load shot from his nuts into my throat, coating my mouth as I sucked frantically to swallow it all. Like before, he tangled his fingers in my hair and held me close as he face-fucked me relentlessly. Choking and gagging, struggling to breathe, almost to the point of panic, I fought against his hands as slobbers and semen ran freely down my chin. Despite the panic, I loved him treating me that way. As his load dwindled, I reached inside my waistband, sliding my fingers inside my pussy lips. As soon as they touched my clit, I exploded in a violent display of lights and colors. 

At some point in my orgasm, he attempted to withdraw, but I held onto his nuts ferociously, making little whining sounds around the thick cock, completely devoid of any conscious thought. After I came down a little, he forced my mouth off his cock and stepped back. 

“Jeeze, Baby. You are one greedy little cocksucker! You ’bout bit my cock off!”

On my knees, head down, hair hiding my tears, I finally looked up. I realized I must really look like a whore now, with my make-up ruined from the tears, cum and slobbers coating my face. 

“I feel like a slut,” I finally said.

“You’re my slut, Baby. You belong to me. You may not know it, but you do.”

“Can we go inside now?” I asked pitifully, hating the way I whined.

“Can’t, Baby. I got a commitment tonight and gotta run or I’ll be late for it.”

“But . . . but . . . what about me?”

“You’ll have to wait. It’ll be all that much better for the wait. I promise you that!” He started away and then looked back. “I’ll give the guys an early lunch break tomorrow. Leave the back door unlocked. Be on the bed naked and I’ll find you. I want to fuck you in your husband’s bed. If the door’s locked I’ll know you want me to just go away.”

Crying softly, I remained on my knees long after hearing his truck drive away.

That night Joe asked if there was anything wrong, that I seemed a little detached. The girls were spending the night with a friend and this was usually a night we would engage in a little sexual play. After a few half-hearted attempts he finally decided to just watch TV. Sleep was a long time in coming, and when it finally did I slept fitfully. 

I awoke the following morning determined not to be Ryan’s plaything any longer. The back door would remain locked. That would be my answer. I took a shower, got into my robe and brewed a pot of coffee, resisting the urge to look outside to see if Ryan was visible. Finally, unable to fight it any longer, I peeked out the window and saw him, moving like a big sleek animal among his Mexican laborers. I saw that they seemed to really like him, laughing as he gave them directions. I understood that. I liked him too. He had that effect on people. 

Around 11:45 I heard the crew preparing to take their lunch break. The back door was locked and I was determined it would remain so. I went into the bedroom and sit staring into the mirror at myself. I saw a pretty woman, her eyes haunted with some unknown hunger. I knew what that hunger was. As I heard the workers drive away I leaped to my feet and rushed into the kitchen. Through the window I saw Ryan already halfway to the house, nonchalantly strolling toward my back door. 

I hastily flipped the lock and ran back into the bedroom. Dropping my robe on the floor, I crawled into the middle of the oversized bed and lay on my back. I heard the back door open and close, footsteps coming toward the bedroom, my heart hammering inside my chest. I closed my eyes tightly, waiting breathlessly for whatever was going to happen.

“Beautiful,” I heard him breathe. “Like a sleeping princess.” 

I peeked through slit-eyelids and saw he was still dressed, just standing there appraising me. “Spread your legs,” he ordered. 

Keeping my eyes almost closed, I did as he asked. 

“Spread your pussy so I can see if you missed me.”

This was all new to me. Never had I done anything like it, but somehow, it excited me being so deviant. I spread my vagina lips apart with my fingers, feeling how slippery they’d become. 

“Ah, yes. You did miss me. You’re sopping wet.” 

I heard his clothes dropping as he discarded them and peeked again, seeing his cock, purple and angry-looking, its one eye staring back at me. My heart was racing like a freight train, my mouth dry as cotton, and I licked my lips to moisten them. I felt the bed move as he crawled up from the foot until he hovered over me. Locking his elbows, he braced himself over me, staring down at my face. 

“So pretty,” he muttered, and I felt a flush wash over me. 

Lowering his head, his mouth closed over one nipple and I groaned aloud, arching my back. He worked that nipple for a while, sucking, licking, gently biting it. And then he moved to the other one, doing the same thing. By then I could hardly remain still, squirming, pushing my belly upward to rub against him. He kissed my lips softly and I opened them hungrily, seeking more. But he remained aloof, holding his tongue back, forcing me to lick his mouth and finally, beg. 


Still not relenting, his mouth left mine, traveling downward, briefly toying with my nipples again, then down farther, licking my heaving belly to the pubic mound. I was almost out of control by then, squirming and heaving my body up to him, practically begging for his tongue. He took a long, agonizing time to skirt the fringe around my vagina, licking my thighs, biting them playfully. 

“Please . . . please,” I muttered. 

He buried his face in my pussy and I arched upward, screaming. I came instantly, clawing at his hair, pulling his tongue deeper, grinding my groin against his stubble. Sobbing and thrashing, it went on for a very long time, and before it was even over, he buried his cock inside me all the way to the balls. Whether it was because I was so wet from thinking about it all day, or that he’d loosened me up with his big cock the last time he’d fucked me, this time was much easier. There was still some pain but the exquisite pleasure far outweighed that. 

I felt the ridges and large veins on his penis forcing aside the inter lining of my vagina, rubbing across my clit, forcing its giant crown into the deepest parts of my body. I wrapped my arms around his neck, seeking the tongue he’d denied me earlier, clutching his body closer with my thighs, becoming one with the man who moved me as no other could. As my orgasm approached, I found myself whispering, “I love you . . . I love you . . . I love you . . .”

Then it hit – and I went berserk. It wasn’t an orgasm that just came and went. This one stayed around, just one long continuous climax until I was sure I would die from it. At some point I felt Ryan release inside of me, groaning and shuddering as he emptied his balls deep in my womb. Even as he withdrew his fat deflating penis I still shivered with tiny climaxes until I felt it slide across my thigh, leaving a wet rail behind. A river of sticky white sperm gushed out of my gapping pussy, running into the crack of my anus and soaking the sheets under me. 

After a while, Ryan’s weight lifted from me and I was able to breathe a little better. I hadn’t been able to get my breathing under control yet and was still unable to move. Ryan was beside me, also gulping air as he fought to regain his strength. Maybe we both dozed, but I finally felt Ryan stir, reached over and found his limp dick still sticky with our slime. 

“Clean it up,” he muttered tiredly. “I have to get back outside. The boys will be back soon.” 

I lifted up on my elbows and stared at him, not understanding at first, until he wrapped a hand behind my head and pulled my face close to his wet dick. “Clean it up.”

Nasty and slimy, I took it into my mouth and sucked our juices from it until it was clean. It tasted better than it had looked. Once it was clean I just kept sucking it, feeling it stiffen a little inside my mouth. Ryan finally had to force my head away. 

“Good hot damn, you do love to suck a cock, don’t you? I’ll bet you would live with a cock in your mouth all the time, if you could.”

He was right. I’d love to go to sleep with his soft cock in my mouth, and wake up the same way. I sighed heavily, resentful that he didn’t let me continue. “Just yours, darling. Just yours.” I watched him leave without saying another word, so tired I finally drifted off to sleep. 

Ryan came by every day the rest of the week, either during lunch or after work. We fucked in every room and position possible; in the kitchen, in our bedroom, doing it doggy style, then me on top, all of it. One time, he only let me suck him off and left, leaving me unfulfilled again until the following day. I was desperate by then, frantic for a fucking, and I think that’s what he intended. I struggled to not let my secret life interfere with my family, and for the most part I think I succeeded. 

On Friday after I rode him cowgirl style for almost an hour, we fell onto the bed exhausted. As we caught our breath, he said, “The guys heard you yesterday.” He chuckled softly. “I think they all jerked-off in the porter-potty that afternoon.”

I sit up and stared down at him. “What do you mean, ‘heard me’?” 

“You screaming and carrying on. You do get vocal, you know. After the third or fourth ‘fuck me’ they were paying attention.”

Oh shit. All those men listening to me getting fucked by their boss! How would I ever face them again? Shit!

“I kind of felt sorry for ’em, listening to that and having to beat off. Maybe I should just bring them on in and let you take care of them?” he said. 

“Damn you, Ryan. That’s not funny.”

“You love me, right? I own you. If I want you to do something, you’ll do it. Right?”

I sit with my eyes down, hair hiding my face. After a while I whispered, “I do love you. I’d do anything for you.”

I heard him chuckle softly. “Well I don’t want you fucking some other man. You’re mine. I hate the thoughts of you even fucking your old man.”

“He’s my husband. He has some rights here.”

“I guess. Can he even feel your pussy now? Does he ever wonder why your pussy is so stretched?”

Embarrassed to the point of tears, I said, “No. He hasn’t mentioned it.”

The summer kitchen was eventually completed and Ryan and his crew moved on, but we continued meeting a couple times almost every week, for the next year. Sometimes he’d come to my house or I’d go to his, a couple times we went to motel rooms, or just fucked like animals at his construction site. After about a year our affair tapered off quite a bit, until in the past year I haven’t seen Ryan. I still think about him and sometimes dream about him, the way he made me feel. Sex is not the same now. I know I’ll never enjoy it as much as I did with him. Do I love him? Maybe. I love Joe, too. So what does that say about me? 

Then disaster happened. After a year of not hearing from him or him answering my messages, he suddenly pops up last month. After a hundred sleepless nights. After a thousand tears. After I’d finally learned not to want him so much. After I was almost over him, there he was again on my phone. 

“Hey, Baby.” 

I instantly knew who it was. Just the sound of his voice sent chills down my spine. “What do you want?”

“You. I still want you.”

“You can’t have me. I’ve moved on. Don’t bother me anymore.”

I could hear him breathing on the other end. I should have hanged up, but he said, “Come to my place tomorrow. I’ll be home from two until three.”

“No! You can’t order me around. I’m not like that anymore!”

He waited for a moment then said softly, “yes, you are. You still belong to me. Two o’clock.” He hung up. 

I was pissed and shaking all over. The nerve of him! Who the fuck did he think he was? Did he think he could just call after a year of silence and I’d come running? Suddenly I had a raging headache. I went into the bedroom and lay down, but I couldn’t nap. I kept seeing images in my head. Images of things that made me wet. I began to cry hopelessly. 

The next day I put on a nice summer dress and heels, and drove over to Ryan’s place. I told myself that I just wanted to see if he’d lied, if he’d really be there. I hoped he was. It would serve him right when he realized I wouldn’t show up. I drove past his house twice, and then without intending to, simply pulled into his drive and got out. My face burning with shame I walked up to his door and it opened without my having to knock. Ryan didn’t say a word, just held the door open and let me walk inside. I couldn’t look at him. 

He closed the door and pulled me against his hard body. “I missed you, Baby.”

“Sure you did,” I snorted. “That’s why you answered all my frantic calls.”

“Hey, I knew all that sneaking around was depressing you, so I wanted to make it easier on you. But I found out I can’t stay away from you, Baby. That sweet mouth keeps me awake every night thinking about it.”

His body pressing against me was taking its toll, his cock hard against my tummy and his male scent filling my nostrils was making me fight for self-control. It was a fight I was losing. His mouth came down close and I gave up, lifting mine to meet it, moaning pitifully into his open mouth as I tasted his sweet lips again. 

Locking my mouth to his, I fumbled with his belt, working frantically to free the one thing I wanted. Reaching inside his shorts I felt it, pulled it out gasping at its heaviness, fat and throbbing, so yummy my mouth watered. It’d been so long since I felt this and I needed it – right then. I couldn’t wait. I turned toward a large chair and bent over its back, lifting my dress up past my waist. I hadn’t worn panties. I guess I had known in my own mind how this visit would turn out. I parted the cheeks of my ass, opening myself to him, looking back over my shoulder. Ryan was just staring at me, nonchalantly stroking his fat cock. 

“Hurry,” I whispered urgently, then again, “Hurry!” 

Ryan stepped toward me and pushed his cock-head against my partially parted pussy. It’d been over a year since he’d had me and maybe I had somehow tightened up a bit, but it hurt! I pulled my cunt-lips farther apart, urging him with my eyes to keep trying. He pushed harder, friction building, burning like fire. I didn’t care. I’d been deprived of it for a year and was frantic to get it all inside me. 

“Hurt?” he asked, smirking a bit.

“I . . . don’t . . . care. Do me . . . please.” 

He rammed it halfway inside as I cried out with pain. With another violent thrust, he went deeper, tears rolling down my face as I stood on my tiptoes, helping him violate me. My legs were trembling so hard I could barely stand. He pulled out a bit and I braced myself. The force of his thrust jarred me forward, but this time he got all the way in. Instead of waiting for me to adjust to his garth, he just began hammering into me like a jack-hammer. He seemed to be relishing my pain, punishing me in some way. I knew the pain would subside in a while if I didn’t pass out first. It suddenly did get better, way better. 

All the lubricate I was leaking had finally done its job, making my walls slick enough for Ryan’s big cock to slide freely in and out of my tight pussy. The pain was still there, but the pleasure was gradually overpowering it. I groaned in ecstasy, feeling him stretch the elastic opening wider than it had been in a year. Then Ryan did something he’d never done before. He slipped his thumb inside my anus. I felt totally stuffed. 

Usually with Joe, I felt an orgasm coming on. With Ryan, it suddenly overpowers me. That’s what happened next. It hit so hard that if I hadn’t had the chair back to hold me, I would’ve fallen. My knees just folded under me as it took my breath away, lights flashing inside my head, loud roaring in my ears, and the most exquisite pleasure a person could possibly feel. I was sobbing by the time it subsided and another started building. When Ryan dumped his load inside me, I had an even larger explosion. 

When I came back to earth I heard him say, “Damn, Baby, you got to quieten down with that shit. The neighbors probably think I’m killing someone in here.” 

If that was intended to humiliate me, it didn’t work. I just turned around and slipped to my knees, taking his wet cock inside my hungry mouth. In less than a minute he was unable to make any more cutting remarks like that one. I literally sucked him dry that afternoon. He could barely walk by the time I left. Neither could I. I guess I was trying to make up for lost time. 

As I drove home I realized Ryan still owned me, and if I was ever going to get over him I needed help. The next day I called a lady named Cleo who was recommended by a friend who’d had a troubled childhood. That’s about where I am with my story, today. Counseling has helped, but I still come running every time Ryan calls. The more I let him have me, the more I want – and the more extreme his demands become. He mentioned again that his crew still talks about my abandoned cries they’d heard during our wild sex one day, and he speculates about me doing something to appease them. 

The last time I visited him, he wanted anal sex. I let him do it and it was the most painful experience of my life. I know he will keep pushing the envelope until I am nothing more than his whore. Still, I can’t seem to stop. I know that eventually it will ruin my marriage if I can’t cure myself of this guy, but his cock is mostly what I think about all day long. 

Well, that’s my story. Say what you want about me. I know I deserve it, it’s all probably true. Thank you for your time. Maybe telling my story will help me cope. Or maybe, in some way it will help others.

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