The Secret Swap

Part 1

I looked over at the alarm clock and saw the amber digits glowing brightly in the darkness: 1:58 AM. I suddenly realized that I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, and I had that excited tingly feeling in my gut. Jesus, was I really going to go through with this? I was still staring at the clock, and I saw the digital number change: 1:59. I didn’t have to get up; I could just stay in bed and forget about the whole thing. Suddenly I became aware of my wife’s breathing. I couldn’t see her in the darkness, but she was obviously in a deep sleep. I pulled the sheets away and sat up in bed. She didn’t stir. I moved to the side of the bed and put my feet on the floor. She didn’t move. I climbed out of the bed and stood. She didn’t wake up. I could see her alarm clock now; it was showing 2:00, but mine still had 1:59. I heard the ceiling fan whirling away above me. When my clock changed to 2:00 too, I started going towards the door. I made no conscious decision, I simply started to walk.

Our bedroom was absolutely dark. Besides the red glow of our alarm clocks, the only other thing I could see was the little green light on the fire detector, which was right above the door. I walked towards that light and then reached out to find the knob. I opened the door and listened carefully once more. I could still hear her steady breathing. I shut the door behind me and stood in the hall for a few moments. The street light was shining in thorough the window and lighting up the hallway. Jesus, was I really going to go through with this? I walked down the stairs.

At the front door, I looked out of the window. All the houses were completely dark. I unlocked the door and quietly slipped out onto the porch. It was a cool summer night, and very quiet. I shut the door behind me and started walking up the street. What the hell was I doing? It’s a strange feeling, to walk around in the small hours of the morning in nothing but boxers and a T-shirt. Then I saw him. He was walking down the sidewalk towards me. I slowed. So did he. When he was close enough so that I could see his face, I saw that he was smirking. I blinked at him and we stopped, looking at each other for a few seconds. I had to call it off. But I didn’t say anything. We simply passed each other without saying a word. I walked on without looking back.

I stopped at the fourth house up from mine, and only then did I look back down the street. I could barely see his dark figure. He was walking down my driveway now. Then he stepped onto my porch. I saw the headlights of a car coming up the street, so I hurried onto the porch of his house. I stood there, watched the car drive up the street, and then in was very quiet again. After a few seconds, I turned around and walked to the door. It was unlocked. I pushed it open and walked in.

I shut the door behind me. The only thing I could hear was a grandfather clock ticking in some other room. There was plenty of light streaming in from the windows, and I could see the staircase in front of me. I could hear my heart thumping in my own ears, and I felt a bit dizzy. I stood there until I felt calmer. Finally, I took hold of the banister and started to climb the stairs. One of the stairs squeaked under my foot, and I froze for a few seconds. Then I continued to the top. There was a door directly in front of me. That was one of the kid’s rooms. I turned to the right and saw another door. It was slightly ajar. That was it. I opened the door quietly and walked into the room, quickly and quietly shutting the door behind me. As promised, the room was completely dark. I stood there for a few more moments, waiting for the pounding of my heart to slow again.

I could see an alarm clock, the numbers glowing 2:09. They only had one alarm clock. The numbers were blue. Was the alarm clock on her side of the bed or his? I forgot! I panicked for a moment, but then I remembered. He slept on the right side, just as I did. The alarm clock was on her side of the bed. I walked forward, very slowly, with my hand in front of me. After four or five steps, I felt the footboard. I followed it to the right. When I got to the end of the footboard, I found the side of the bed and felt my way over to the nightstand. Now I could hear her breathing. She sounded to be in a deep sleep, though her breathing was different than my wife’s. I sat on the bed. She didn’t stir. I found the sheet and slipped my feet underneath. She didn’t move. I lay down in the bed. She didn’t wake up.

I felt almost sick. My pulse was racing and I felt quite dizzy. I closed my eyes, trying to get my head to stop spinning. Jesus, what if I had a fucking heart attack right now? I started to breathe deeply through my mouth and started to feel much better. Suddenly, I heard her move. Her breathing sounded more distant, so she must’ve turned to the other side, facing away from me. I looked over at the clock: 2:15. I thought about the reality of the situation in which I had put myself. He was in my house; I was in his. I could just lay her and do nothing. But would he? What was he doing right now? What was he doing in my bedroom? What was he doing to my wife? Fuck it. I reached over towards her.

I felt fabric. It was a soft. She didn’t respond. I ran my hand downward. I was touching her side, moving my fingers, first up her hip, and then down her legs. The cloth ended; I was touching skin. She moved and I froze. She was silent and still again. I ran my hand back up her hip and I heard her make a noise. Then I felt her move back against me. She took my hand and pulled it around her, between her breasts. My dick was hard, and now it was pressed against her ass. Her body felt hot as I moved my arm down, talking one of her tits fully into my hand. She moaned and pushed her ass back against me. I pulled my face close to her, feeling her hair against my skin. I could smell her. It had been so many years since I smelled another woman like this. She smelled different from my wife, different from what I expected. Would she know, by the smell of me? What about the way that I touched herm or even the way my skin felt against hers?

Her hand reached back, touching my thigh. Then she reached between my legs. Was I larger than her husband? Smaller? I felt her breast with one hand. Her nipple was hard. I reached between her legs with my other hand. She was wearing panties, but the fabric was thin enough that I could feel the curly hairs underneath. I slipped my hand inside. She had more hair than my wife, or maybe she just didn’t trim it as closely. I heard her breathing heavily, huskily, as her hand searched for the opening of my boxers.

I sat up and grabbed her panties with both hands. She rolled onto her back as I pulled her panties off. I was sure the put the panties into her hand, so that she would have them later and not have her turning on the lights in order to find her underwear later. I went slowly down, between her legs. I smelled her first. She smelled clean, but musky; different my wife, and yet familiar too. I felt the hairs of her pussy on my nose and breathed in her scent. Then I licked. I heard her moan softly. I licked again, longer and wetter. She moved her pussy against my face and I started to kiss her deeply. She purred with pleasure and then I felt her hand on my head, pushing me into her. I slurped her lips in and out of my mouth, enjoying the new taste, and she moved her cunt in circles, smearing her juices all over my lips and cheeks. It didn’t take long. I could feel her quivering as her orgasm started. He moaned quietly—”Oh… oh… ah… ahh… ahhhhhhhh!”

She was pushing my head away from her now. My lips, my chin, my cheeks, they were all wet with her juices. Her hands were pulling me up on top of her. I lay between her legs. My cock was hard. I was still wearing my boxers, but I rubbed myself against her. I could feel my underwear getting wet. I felt her hand reach down. She found the flap and reached in, pulling my dick out. Then I felt her guiding me. I felt the tip of my dick as she pushed it towards her pussy. She was so wet and warm. Then I felt her kiss my neck.

I drove myself into her. She purred. I stopped, feeling her warmth enveloping me. Then I pulled out, until I almost came out, and then slid smoothly back in again. She was as kissing my neck and ears. I could smell her scent on my own lips. She wasn’t kissing my mouth. Then she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her nightshirt. She pulled it up over her head. I sat up and pulled my own shirt off. I put it on the bed, were I was had been lying before. I had to be able to find it in the dark again. When I lay against her again, I felt her warm flesh, felt her tits pressing against me. I started trusting again, slowly.

I slipped my head down, kissing her neck. I went lower, kissing my way down between her tits. I started to lick one of her hard nipples, and then sucked it into my mouth. Her hand was on the back of my neck, and then she guided me to her other nipple. I sucked that one onto my mouth too. Her other hand was on my ass, pushing me deeper and deeper into her. I had to slow down, I was getting too excited, and I was feeling close to coming. I stopped pumping into her, and then I pulled my head up again. I started to kiss her cheek, her ear, her throat. I looked over and saw 2:39 glowing in blue.

I started pumping again, bucking into her. Both of her her hands were on my ass, pulling me into her. Then she kissed my lips. She opened her mouth and I felt her tongue at my lips. I opened my mouth and our tongues met. One of her hands grabbed my head, pulling me in closer as I was driving hard and deeply into her. I heard her say, “I’m going to come again,” just when I felt myself reaching the point of no return. I was trying to hold off, making sure she would come too. Then I felt her. She wrapped both legs around me, pulling herself against me to meet my thrusts, and after just a few thrusts she stopped completely. I had to stop myself, trying hard not to come, but I was about to explode. She started to shiver beneath me, and I heard her moaning into my ear, and I was no longer able stop myself. I felt myself spraying into her. I groaned in her ear with each spasm.

I quickly rolled off of her and back onto my side of the bed. I heard her get up and walk into the bathroom. I sat up and pulled my shirt on. I looked at the clock and saw 2:42 glowing in the darkness. Then I rolled over and waited. When she came back, she didn’t get into bed. I heard her hand moving around the bed. What was she doing? Then I heard her whisper, “I can’t find my panties.” O shit! Was she going to turn on the light? I pulled the sheet up around my neck. My heart was thumping in my chest like a jackhammer. What would happen when the light clicked on? Would she scream? “Here they are,” she whispered. I heard her slip them on and then slide into bed.

I felt her reach over and touch my side, but I just lay perfectly still and tried to keep my breathing steady. She rolled over too. I waited and waited. It seemed to take forever, but she finally fell asleep again. I sat up and looked at the clock. It was 3:22. I climbed slowly and quietly out of bed and stood up. She was still snoring softly.

I couldn’t see anything that gave me any clue to where the door was. I put both my hand out in front of me and walked slowly forward. I touched the wall and stopped. I wasn’t sure which way to go, left or right. I had to be right. I felt the door and searched for the knob, finally finding it. When I was in the hall, there was enough light to see again. I left the door ajar and quickly went down the steps. Looking out the window, I didn’t see anyone. I stepped out on the porch and closed the door behind me. 

Once I got to the sidewalk again, I walked quickly down towards my house. I didn’t see anyone. I got to my porch and looked into the window into the foyer. No sign of him. I wondered what time it was and then I heard a car coming down the street. All I could do was hope the driver didn’t see me. The car passed. Why the hell was someone driving around at this hour? I looked into the window again and saw him coming down the stairs. I stood back as he quietly opened the door and stepped out into the porch with me. I could see that he was grinning. “Everything OK?” he asked.

I nodded and then said, “Yeah. How about you?” We switched places and I grabbed the door handle.

“Yeah, everything’s okay.” It was so dark that we couldn’t really see each other’s faces.

“Guess it worked, huh?” he asked.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied. He jumped off the porch and walked quickly to the driveway. The last thing I saw before shutting the door was him hurrying up the street.

After I locked the door, I snuck upstairs and opened the master bedroom door. I immediately saw that it was 3:34 in the morning. I couldn’t hear anything, the room was completely quiet. I shut the door and made my way to my side of the bed. I could hear my wife’s steady breathing now. I climbed into bed and got under the covers. She didn’t move. She was sound asleep.

Part 2

When I finally woke up, the sun was shining in through the curtains. I was alone in bed. Looking at the clock, I saw it was nearly 10 o’clock in the morning. I felt a sudden pang of fear. I had meant to get up before my wife, just in case there was anything out of the ordinary, any clues in our room or out in the hallway. I went into the bathroom and threw some water on my face. I pulled on my some shorts and went out into the hallway. The doors to the kid’s rooms were open. I went downstairs quietly. My wife was sitting at the kitchen table going through the paper. “Hey, looks who’s finally up,” she said.

I felt better. Obviously she didn’t suspect anything.

“Where are the kids?” I asked as I got some orange juice out of the fridge.

“Backyard,” she said. “Their little friends came down early this morning.” I walked over to the window and watched the kids running around for a while. I looked back at my wife. She was clipping coupons. 

“Sleep well?” I asked as I sat down next to her.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Um-hum. How about you?”

I shrugged. “Yeah I guess,” I replied, still looking at her.

She reached out and put her hand on mine. “Did you have fun last night?” she asked, still looking at the paper in front of her.

I sat back in my chair and rubbed my eyes, saying, “What do you mean?”

She looked at me and grinned. “What, were you asleep or something?”

I furrowed my brow and tried to look clueless. “What are you talking about?”

Now, like any married couple, we had made love late at night and half-asleep before. But neither of us had ever slept all the way through it, and we would both always remembered it the next morning. “Don’t you remember waking me up?” she asked.

I shook my head and sipped my juice; then I asked, “What happened?”

She pushed her hair aside and her eyes seemed to glaze over a little, as if she were trying to recall the details. “Well, when I woke up, I felt your hands on me. I was facing away from you, lying on my side, and you were nuzzling up behind me. I felt you running your hand over my hips, and then up my sides, and then cupping my breast.”

She sat back in her chair, taking a sip from her mug, and then smiled at me. “I was still half asleep, but I could feel myself… tingling.” She arched an eyebrow and smiled again.

I was sitting still in my chair, practically frozen in place, just watching her. She sat forward in her chair, putting her hand on mine, and looked over my shoulder to the window, as if to make sure the kids were still playing outside. Then she looked at me and grinned, licked her lips, and continued. “I woke up wet. I remember moving my legs and feeling how wet I was. I felt your hand move down between my legs. You pulled up my nightgown, and then I felt you kissing my neck. Your hand went underneath my panties.”

I blinked. She bit her lower lip and looked down. “I felt your fingers touching me and I rolled onto my back, so I could open up my legs. I felt your fingers on my pussy, fingering my lips, and your tongue was licking my ear. I was definitely wide-awake then, and I reached over, feeling how hard you were. Then you pull off your underwear, and I took your cock into my hand.”

I gulped. She was still looking down into her mug, but then she looked up at me and gave me a sheepish smile. I gave her a forced smile too. She smirked and took a deep sip from her mug. “I was stroking your dick, up and down, and then you pressed it against me. You started to grind your dick into me, pulling my panties down. I felt the hot skin of your cock against me, you were thrusting against my ass, and at the same time I felt your hand between my legs, on my pussy. I opened my legs, and then I felt you move on top of me. I felt your cock between my legs. You were rubbing against me and I reached down to guide you into me.”

Her eyes were closed. Both of her hands were grasping her mug tightly. “I felt the tip of your dick pressing into me. Then you started to thrust into me, slowly at first. You went in a bit deeper, and then deeper with each thrust. Then I felt you sink into me. Oh god, you were so hard and thick.”

She put her left hand down under the table, between her legs. “It felt soooo good. You started to thrust into me hard, again and again, and I reached back behind me, grabbing the headboard as you pushed in and out of me.”

I was trying to look down, to see her hand, or more accurately, to see what her hand was doing. She continued her story, her eyes still closed. “I felt your hand under my nightgown, clutching at my tits and fingering my nipples. You were pushing into me and pulling me against you at the same time. You were kissing behind my neck then, and I felt your teeth on my skin.I don’t know how long it took, but I remember the orgasm. I stopped moving and you held me tightly against you when I came.” She paused for a moment. Her eyes opened and she grinned at me. I could see that she was squeezing her thighs tightly around her hand, which was buried between her legs.

“You came out of me and pulled me on top of you. I straddled you and reached down to grab your cock. I held your dick in my hand and sat down on it. I could feel you slip back into me and then I started to grind down on you. Your hands were under my nightshirt again, grabbing and squeezing my tits. I bent down and kissed your lips, and I felt your tongue in my mouth. You grabbed my waist and pulled me hard against you. I remember your tongue flicking in and out of my mouth. And then you pushed me away, so I was sitting up on top of you again, and your hands were all over me. I reached down and pulled my nightgown off. Then I felt your hands on my naked skin. I bent forward and felt my nipple slip into your mouth, and you were licking and sucking. Then I pulled it out and stuck the other one in.”

My wife was smiling at me seductively, her eyes half closed. One hand was still buried between her legs, and the other hand was now moving up her shirt, the same one she slept in last night. I saw her hand moving between her breast and I noticed her nipples were hard under the thin fabric. “I was grounding down hard against you, and you were pumping up into me. And then I felt you grab me by the hips and hold me hard, and you stopped moving. I knew you were about to come, so I started to grind down hard against you, trying to make myself come too. And then I heard you grunt, and I could feel your cum squirting deep inside of me, and I came again too. I collapsed on top of you and we were both breathing hard, and our bodies were hot and wet. I rolled off of you and I lay still for a moment.”

She had composed herself now, and her hands were on her mug again. She even looked a little embarrassed. “I got cleaned up in the bathroom and when I came back to bed you were sound asleep. I found my panties and must’ve fallen asleep pretty fast too.”

I realized that I was rock hard. She got up and walked over to the sink, and I could see that her nipples were standing at attention under her nightshirt. “I can’t believe you don’t remember it,” she was saying.

I got up and walked behind her. I felt my hard dick against her ass, and she giggled and put her hand behind my head, pulling me in for a kiss. “Or do you remember? Did you just want to hear me talk?” I was reaching around her, feeling her tits under the thin fabric of her nightshirt, and I was kissing her neck.

“I need it now,” she whispered, and my hand grabbed her panties and pulled them down around her ankles. She stepped out of them and I stood up, pulling down my boxers at the same time. To my surprise, she reached down and grabbed her nightshirt and then pulled it off over her head and threw it on the counter. If the kids were to come in now, she’d have to run through the dining room to avoid being seen naked. But I certainly wasn’t complaining. She reached behind and grabbed my hard cock, guiding it into her. She was wet. Very wet.

She leaned over the counter and stood on her toes. I slipped inside and started to move in and out of her. “Oh yes, that feels good,” she said. I could feel her moving back against every time I thrust into her. 

“God, that feels so good,” she groaned. I had my hand on her hips, pulling her against me as when I drove in and pushing her away when I pulled out. It didn’t take long. She started to moan loudly, and then she almost screamed as she came. “Oh yes, oh my god yes,” she panted as she climaxed.

Even though I was excited, I was not close to coming myself. Not only had I already come about six hours ago, but I never really liked morning sex. It never felt that good to me, and besides, I hadn’t had much sleep the night before. After my wife came, I pulled out and was about to pull up my boxer shorts.

My wife turned around and grabbed me. She started to kiss me and she pulled me tightly against her. “We’re not done,” she said before plunging her tongue into my mouth. My cock was still at attention, and she was stroking it with one hand. Then she turned around again and guided me back into her.

“I want more,” she said.

I slid back in and started pumping into her again. She was reaching down between her legs, and I could feel her cupping my balls and running her fingers around her lips. She was so wet that she was practically dripping. Then she reached behind her with one hand, and I saw her fingering her ass. I was shocked – again. I had never seen her do this before. We had had anal before, of course, but I never saw her touch herself like this. She was rubbing her juices between the cheeks of her ass. I wet one of my fingers and then reached down and started to finger her asshole. She moaned and I knew what she wanted me to do. I slipped the tip of my finger into her and she giggled happily. I was still pounding into her, and now I had a finger up her ass at the same time. She obviously loved it.

She was wet enough now, so I pulled out and, holding my dick in my hand, I started to rub the head of my cock against her tight little ass. Then I started to push in. She was wet enough that I the tip of my cock slid in fairly easy, but it was so tight that I could only go in very slowly, inch by inch. She was pushing back against me as my dick slowly sunk into her, and it was hard to tell if her cry was from pleasure or pain. Once I was in as deeply as I could go, she moaned and looked back at me. She gave me a naughty smile and I grinned back at her. I started to pull back out, slowly, and then back in. Out and back in, out and back in, each time getting a bit faster, until finally, I was fucking her ass just as hard as I had fucked her pussy. She loved it, crying out in delight with each thrust and moaning every time I withdrew. “Oh god, that feels good!” she said. She was reaching back with both hands now, holding the cheeks of her add wide open as I continued to thrust in and out.

She said, “I bet you didn’t think you’d be fucking me up the ass in the kitchen when you rolled out of bed this morning, did you?”

I chuckled and grabbed her hips, pulling her back against me hard with each thrust. Before I knew it, I was ready to come. “I’m close,” I said.

She reached between her legs, taking my balls into her hands, and started to massage them. She knew this would make me come faster, and that’s exactly the affect it had.

“O god,” I said, and she laughed, rubbing me harder. I felt myself go over the edge, and I started to shoot into her, bucking hard with each spurt: once, twice, and three times. I held her tightly on the last thrust, until I was totally spent.

She reached back, pulling me into a kiss and asked, “Good start to the day?”

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