The Reluctant Lesbian

Jackie waits at the bus stop for the next bus. She’s going to be late for work again because it was the earlier bus that she needed to catch in order to be on time. She has just dropped her infant son off at her mother’s house after another attempt at breast feeding him. She loves it so much when he suckles on her but she isn’t producing enough milk for him and she always ends up having to give him a bottle on top of her own milk to properly feed him. This in turn has made her late again.
A tear comes to her eye as she starts to miss Butch again. Things were so much easier when Butch was alive to help with him, but ever since the car accident, Jackie has had to do it all herself. Not to mention she’s horny as all hell. A finger or two can only do so much to satisfy her. And she’s had no time to date anyone new. Not that she hasn’t had offers she muses. Guys love blonds and Jackie’s hair is a natural golden blond. And her ass could always give J-Lo’s a run for its money. Pregnancy has only enhanced her shape by making her tits bigger, a full 36C now, up from a 34B. This all helps her ego but not her state of horniness one iota.
Just as she starts to wonder how she is going to explain her lateness again a car pulls up and honks its horn. “Jackie, need a ride?” Jackie peers into the car and sees Sheila, her work partner waving her over to the car.

“Sheila, you’re a life saver.” Jackie says as she hops into the car. Sheila too is a single woman who has just had a kid. But that and the fact that her parents watch her kid are the only two things they have in common. Jackie has always marveled at this mountain of a black woman. At 6′ 1″, Sheila is 10 inches taller and out weighs Jackie by 80 lbs. Yet Sheila has very little fat on her. She has a large, muscular ass and Jackie has caught herself several times staring at the massive mounds of flesh that spill out of her too tight bras, which Sheila pretends not to notice. As Jackie slams the car door shut, Sheila reaches across Jackie’s body and pins her to her seat with her tits.

“Safety first” she says as she grabs the seat belt and buckles Jackie in. Jackie is use to Sheila’s aggressive behavior from work and handles it by basically ignoring it. She knows Sheila has fucked every man at work, twice, and figures this is just something Sheila does to keep her off balance.” Jackie, you know I drive by here every day. I could drive you to work if you want?” Jackie doesn’t answer right away because she’s glancing at Sheila’s tits pressed up against the steering wheel.
“Uhm, that would be great Sheila if you could.”
“Sure no problem. But remember, ass, grass or gas, no one rides for free!”
Over the next few weeks, Sheila picks Jackie up at the bus stop and they start to become friends. Sheila has made a ritual of buckling Jackie up and to her surprise; Jackie actually starts looking forward to it. She’s so horny now any physical contact at all is welcome. Sheila invites her over to her house a few times for drinks and talk. At work, Jackie has begun to flirt with a few men. One of her favorite things to do is bending over in front of her target showing off her ass. On one occasion when she does this she attracts Sheila’s attention. Sheila licks her lips and slaps Jackie’s ass as she walks by her. Jackie is startled but again says nothing.
After a few months Jackie has become quit reliant on Sheila and her car for many things. The two women have also shared some personal details about their lives. “Sheila, I just don’t understand it. I just can’t produce enough milk for my son.” Jackie says as Sheila buckles her in yet once again.
“What do you mean, like nothing?”
“No, it’s not that. It starts off fine but after a few minutes, nothing. And I love it so much. The sensation, the closeness.”
“You just need to work at it more.”
“That’s not it either. After I stop, the poor kid sucks at me for up to another 30 minutes with no result. So I have to give him a bottle. I feel so bad and inadequate.”
“You know what it might be? Maybe your baby isn’t sucking hard enough to get it out? I have heard some kids have that problem.”
“Maybe your right,” Jackie says. “Come to think of it my nipples are never sore when he’s done.”
“Child, I tell you, in the beginning, my tits were so sore I couldn’t touch them. Now I’m so used to it, it doesn’t hurt at all. What does hurt is my kid doesn’t take enough milk. And it isn’t his fault. I produce enough for 4 kids. I have an industrial strength breast pump and my fridge is filled with breast milk”
“Maybe you could give me some of your extra milk and solve both are problems.” Jackie chuckles. Sheila didn’t say a word and just smiled at Jackie as they drove home.
A few nights later after working over time, Jackie and Sheila were the last two to leave the parking lot. Jackie leaned back in her seat so Sheila could buckle her in. Sheila leaned over but something was different this time. Sheila lingers longer than normal pushing Jackie into the seat with her tits when Jackie realizes the first difference. Sheila had no bra on and the black Led Zeppelin t-shirt she was wearing was the only thing between Jackie and Sheila’s tits. The second thing she notices was Sheila is rubbing her full breast into Jackie’s chest instead of returning back to her side. “What are you doing Sheila!! Get off me NOW!!!”
“Just relax and let Sheila take care of everything. I wash your back you wash mine. We both have a milk problem and I think we can help each other out.”
Sheila continued to rub her tits into Jackie as Jackie tries to fight her off with no success. The rubbing and Jackie’s struggles combines to make Sheila’s nipples hard. And it takes a moment for Jackie to realize what the two hard, thumb sized bumps are, that are pushing into her chest. When she does realize, she feels a bolt of excitement race through her body despite herself. But after her moment of shock wares off, she redoubles her effort to free herself as Sheila’s last sentence sinks in. My God she’s going to rape me and there is nothing I can do about it. Jackie thinks. But Sheila has other ideas for Jackie. She dosn’t want this to be a one time deal, so she has to “make” Jackie want it and come back for more. And she has a plan.
Sheila is able to slowly shimmy Jackie’s shirt up on the right side exposing her right bra cup. Jackie’s left arm is pinned under Sheila and her right arm is unable to reach her shirt to pull it back down. “Cut it out Sheila, I’m not playing”
“I know, neither am I.” Sheila said in a husky voice which scared Jackie. Sheila now yanks Jackie’s bra cup off her nipple exposing it to the night air. Sheila could see the effect the coolness of the air was having on it as it hardens before her eyes. “My God Jackie, your tits are perfect. Just looking at them makes me wet. Sheila leaned her head into Jackie’s chest, opened her mouth as wide as she could, and devours more than half of Jackie’s breast into her mouth without touching her nipple at all. Jackie was in shock and didn’t know how to react and just sat there motionless for a second as Sheila starts sucking her breast into her mouth while pushing her head into Jackie’s chest forcing more breast in. Almost immediately Jackie could feel a pleasant pressure building up in her mammary, very similar to what her baby produced while trying to feed. If she were to admit it, it was actually quit nice. But her mind said that this was wrong in so many ways. Any form of lesbianism was taboo in her mind. It had always disgusted her just thinking of it. And no woman wanted to be forced sexually. The fact that it was a friend and another woman just made it worse. Finally, the milk was for her baby and no one else.
Jackie began to cry and said “Sheila, why are you doing this to me? I thought we were friends?” Sheila didn’t answer her and just sucked harder. Sheila was starting to get turned on by what she was doing to Jackie. Being so much bigger than most girls, Sheila had always been a natural bully. Like all bullies, she was excited by dominating and intimidating weaker people. Jackie’s tears just made it hotter.
Jackie started to feel wetness on her chest. It was Sheila’s straining nipples leaking their milk through the Zeppelin t-shirt. Jackie began to cry harder and shudder as she started to shut down mentally. Just then Sheila sucked harder still and it brought Jackie out of it as she felt her pussy starting to stir despite of what her brain said.
Sheila pulls her mouth away from Jackie’s breast. Looks her in the eye and says “We are the best type of friend honey. We are friends in need.” She hesitates a second and then dives onto Jackie’s tit. But this time her large, warm, firm, puffy lips encircle Jackie’s swollen nipple and only the nipple and sucks. Hard! Jackie felt an electric shock race from her tit straight into her pussy and a low moan escapes her lips as her hips involuntarily roll upwards. Sheila releases the nipple and says “I new you would like it honey, but it gets better, Oh so much better.” Jackie wondered what Sheila was talking about; she hated it and was disgusted by it. Sheila drew the nipple into her mouth again a little deeper and a little harder and for a longer period of time then let go. Over and over Sheila repeats this as Jackie’s hips rolled up with each new suck as the rest of her body fought vainly to get away. “Come on baby; give it up, Give Sheila your milk.” It felt like two moist pillows pulling on her tit and releasing, until finally Jackie felt a tingle in her nipple and a release of pleasure into Sheila’s mouth as her milk started to flow. It caught Sheila by surprise and some spilled out from between her lips.
That first splash of sweet, warm mother’s milk into Sheila’s hungry mouth sent so much blood racing to Sheila’s huge clit so fast and suddenly, she very nearly came before the milk reached her throat and it sent Sheila into a sucking frenzy as she lost control of herself. A thick throaty groan escaped her mouth as Sheila started rolling her pelvis to the rhythm of her sucking. Sheila could feel her pussy getting drenched. Her mouth and lips were ravishing Jackie’s nipple. The poor defenseless tit was being stretched and pulled in all direction by the tremendous suction generated by Sheila’s mouth. Sheila didn’t care about what she was doing to Jackie’s nipple. All she knew was her clit wanted more breast milk, as each fresh taste sent another jolt of excitement to her clit. Not much milk was actually coming out now, just two little constant streams and after the initial burst, not nearly enough to sate Sheila’s desires. Sheila had almost cum from that first gush of milk and thought she still might if she could get some more in greater quantities.
“Oh honey, your milk tastes Sooo good sliding down my throat, so warm, so sweet, I have to have more baby, please give me more. I want all you can give me. Do you have more for me, to make mama happy? I think you do” Sheila said as she plunged down again on Jackie’s battered tit, redoubling her efforts to get even more milk to feed her orgasm.
Sheila was sucking so hard now to get more milk, Jackie’s nipple started to painfully distort. Sheila felt the nipple actually get much longer and fatter than it should be able too inside her mouth and new she might be disfiguring her but in her lust she didn’t care. All she cared about was more milk to fuel her orgasm and she sucked even harder on the swollen tit. Sheila was so lost in her own world, at first she hadn’t felt Jackie feebly pounding on her back. But when she did old memories suddenly resurfaced and she became angry as her pleasure shut down.
When Sheila started to suck her tit deep in her mouth Jackie actually started enjoying having her breast sucked. She was starting to think this wasn’t so bad. Maybe it will help with my son. And when Sheila sucked that first gush of milk out her nipple, she knew she liked it. That much milk had never come out at once before and it mad her whole body deliciously tingle especially her clit. But right after Sheila groaned, everything changed for the worst. Sheila started sucking her nipple and mashing her face into her breast so hard it was painful. Jackie could feel the flow of milk slow a lot like it always did and Sheila sucked even harder. “Sheila stop it hurts.” Jackie knew Sheila wouldn’t get much more any way; it always stops after a bit. She started to cry again and get really scared when Sheila pulled up and said how she wanted to get more milk And when Sheila returned to her breast, she sucked so hard her nipple exploded in deep throbbing pain and she started to bang on Sheila’s back to no effect.
Finally just as Jackie thought her tit would be sucked off. Sheila pulled away angrily saying “No one hits me bitch!” and spit the little milk she had into Jackie’s face as she sat back in her seat pouting.
Jackie pulled her shirt down and said “Take me home now! “
“Alright, I’ll take you home. But remember I’m your ride. And I don’t know why I should help you since you won’t help me. I suggest you think about that while I go take a piss.”
Sheila stormed out the car slamming the door and walked away into the night leaving Jackie alone with her thoughts. She had slept with men before for a place to live so she started to justify there was no real difference between that and this. And she really did need Sheila to drive her. Also Sheila said it was only to relieve the milk. So they weren’t really going to do other stuff. And it did feel nice when Sheila sucked on her nipple, until she turned into a wild woman that is. Her nipple was throbbing and very painful. She decided she would do it but there would have to be ground rules. No more ruff stuff or no deal. Jackie actually had deluded herself into think she was in control. So even though she didn’t want to do it, Jackie took the easy way out and relented, as usual.
As Sheila walked away from the car she had to think. She may have just blown it with Jackie. She knew Jackie would be very reluctant but she also knew Jackie was a lesbian in waiting even if Jackie didn’t. Sheila just had to help make her see that. From past experiences with other women, after the initial forcefulness, once she sensed the other woman’s reluctant arousal start to grow to Sheila’s expert attention, that’s when Sheila was to slowly release the woman and let the woman’s natural, secrete desire take over and take the encounter as far as the other woman wanted to go. When done for the day, Sheila would make the other woman peruse her, making the woman hornier for her as she played hard to get. Once Sheila relented the other woman was hers. Obviously, this only worked with woman with lesbian tendencies but Sheila was very good at telling which women these were.
Jackie was clearly getting hot from Sheila’s skills. Her mind was still saying no but her body was responding in all sorts of ways to Sheila. Erect nipples, hip wiggling, the aroma of arousal starting to come out of her pores all signs that she was relenting.
But something had happened this time that had never happened before. Sheila had lost control. As she pondered, she attributed this to several factors. Most of the woman Sheila had been with were larger black women, some even larger than herself. But Jackie was so much smaller than her, the minute she sensed Jackie’s inner lesbian, it made Sheila’s clit hard at the thought of being with a smaller white woman. Lesbian Jackie wasn’t hard to spot either. The way Jackie was always peeking at Sheila’s tits. The way she would bend over in front of her, showing Sheila that marvelous ass. The final test was if Jackie would let her lean her tits into her in the car. Jackie didn’t even notice the goose bumps she got, or how Jackie’s chest and neck flushed each time Sheila did this. But Sheila sure did.
The main force behind her losing control though was the taste of Jackie’s breast milk. Sheila had no idea why it had this effect on her. She had tasted her own and liked it but nothing like this. The way her clit instantly got hard at the first swallow was beyond belief. Normally her clit got very big, fat and hard but only after a few minutes of stimulation. She also suspected that forcefully taking a smaller woman’s milk had something to do with it. Sheila loved physically and mentally dominating someone and Jackie’s sobbing and struggles were getting her wet long before she tasted her milk. Her clit started getting hard again as she stared to think about sucking Jackie’s tits dry. She did feel a little bit bad about what she did to her nipple but she just couldn’t help herself. And when Jackie started hitting her she completely lost it. She actually felt an apology might be in order.
Sheila also sensed that Jackie wanted to be forced to do stuff and be dominated. How she always wanted to please people no matter how bad they were to her. How she was always putting herself in compromising positions of having to depend on people. The way she always relented under pressure to do something no matter how much she didn’t want to do it was a key clue. This was Sheila’s best hope to salvage the situation as she returned to the car. That Jackie’s need to please, depend and compromise, would over ride her common sense.
After about 10 minutes, Sheila returned in a huff and said “Well! What have you decided?” Sheila had decided to continue being indignant about Jackie’s selfishness in wanting rides but not wanting to please Sheila. A little guilt never hurt.
“Please Sheila, I will do it if I have to but I don’t want to. You hurt me so much.”
“I’m so sorry Jackie for what I did to your nipple. It’s just that when I tasted your delicious milk it sent me into a frenzy. I’m not normally like that but your body and milk put me over the edge.”
A hidden flame started to kindle inside Jackie as she thought about how much her milk had turned Sheila on. She secretly liked the fact that her milk had made Sheila lose control but she wasn’t ready to admit that to herself, yet, and it really scared her how much Sheila had hurt her. “I don’t know Sheila, how can I trust you after what you did?
“I don’t know what to say Jackie, what I did is so unlike me. I’m sorry” Sheila whined as she hung her head and hitched her voice. After a moment Sheila lifted her head and said “I suspect that maybe your milk ducts are clogged or blocked or something like that and that’s the reason you stop giving milk so quickly. When I got that first squirt in my mouth, I thought I had opened them up. So I started sucking harder to get more. As I started getting less I started sucking more not even thinking what I was doing to your nipple. I was so into it and helping you over come your problem I never realized how much I was hurting you.” Sheila never mentioned what had happened to her clit. Shyly, Sheila said “I was also hoping that if I got you to milking better, you might return the favor and milk me. Mine ache so bad all the time and I need someone other than the baby to take some milk. Can you forgive me?”
Jackie thought about all that Sheila had said and it seemed to make sense. Especially to someone who wanted to be convinced. “My breasts always do that. They release some milk then stop. I’m so frustrated by it I could scream. You want to try it again?” Jackie said very reluctantly.
Like a little puppy dog, Sheila enthusiastically explained what she did wrong. “If you will let me I do. I think my mistake was I didn’t take my time and I tried to force your breast instead of letting it do it on its own pace. That and when I became rough, your nipple naturally shut down.”
“Ok, but if we do this, you have to stop if I tell you to for any reason. If I don’t think any more milk is coming or you’re hurting me, you must stop right away. And no promises if I’m going to do you. OK?”

Sheila eagerly nodded her head. “Sure Jackie I promise.”
Deluding her self into believing she was back in control of the situation and feeling the need to repay Sheila back for all the rides she had given her, Jackie with tearful eyes and a shudder, lifted her shirt over her head and removed her bra. She saw Sheila smile and with honey in her voice Sheila said “I knew you would see reason honey.”Jackie slowly lifted her left breast towards Sheila’s face, offering her nipple to her lips.
“Better use the left one this time.” Jackie says as she feels Sheila’s hot breath caress her tit.
Jackie closes her eyes and cries inside as she sees Sheila’s mouth part and suck her tit between her lips. She just couldn’t look, as she allows this to happen to her.
Sheila had known that Jackie would cave into her wishes if she put her back up against the wall. And she was feeling quit pleased with herself for reading it correctly. Now, not only would she have Jackie for tonight but for all time. Because she knew as time went by, Jackie’s defenses would crumble and she would learn to like it. They all did.
Jackie’s tit grew large and milk flowed as soon as it entered Sheila’s warm, suckling mouth. Sheila grunted as the sweet liquid hit her tongue. She started to circle the nipple inside her mouth as her full lips milked Jackie’s tit. Jackie was trying her best not to enjoy the pleasant, tingly sensations awakening in her dormant body and she was doing a pretty good job of it, which only became easier as her milk flow stopped after a couple of minutes, as usual. “See I told you that would happen. Now that you can’t get what you want will you leave me alone?”
Sheila smiled “One difference now honey, I ain’t no baby.” Sheila returned her mouth to the now dry tit. She latched on to her nipple again including the areola and sucked very hard. Jackie felt her nipple grow very hard inside her mouth but nothing. But it did feel good so she said nothing. After a minute, Sheila sucked harder still. A small drop of milk came out of her tit. Sheila tasted it and knew she was right about Jackie’s milk problem. It was only a matter of how hard and how she sucked.
Bobbing her head up and down as if she was sucking a baby cock, Sheila continued to suck and began to knead Jackie’s breast with her hands towards her mouth. She stopped sucking constantly and began milking the nipple with her mouth to this rhythm with a bit more suction, increasing the tempo as she went. Jackie was about to tell her to stop because it was starting to hurt, when all of a sudden she felt a fiery, intense pleasure and pressure build up in her breast. It rushed from the base of her breast to the nipple and pooled at the base of her tit. Sheila felt Jackie’s nipple nearly double in size inside her mouth. She squeezed her breast from the base and sucked constantly on the now engorged nipple. Nothing happened for a moment, and then as if a dam had broken a flood of warm, sweet, mother’s milk poured into Sheila’s greedy mouth. Wave after endless wave saturated her oral cavity. Sheila moaned in ecstasy as she gulped the milk down. Again an electric bolt shot into Sheila’s clit as it swelled to mammoth proportions. One, Two, Three mouthfuls into her belly and still more milk gushed into her mouth, spilling out from between her lips on to Jackie’s stomach.
As the first warm gulp reached her belly, Sheila’s pussy flooded with her sticky love nectar and a warm feeling grew through out her groin. The second gulp reached her stomach and her clit swelled to the bursting point. But it was the third swallow of Jackie’s sweet milk that put Sheila in nirvana. Her now gigantic clit exploded with pleasure sending shock waves of electric pleasure through out her spine. Every new swallow of milk sent another rip tide of ecstasy from the base of her spine to the nape of her neck, sending her back into rolling, humping spasms. Sheila screamed out loud around Jackie’s nipple with the first orgasmic wave then settled into deep throated heavy panting as each new wave thundered through her body. Sheila’s lips were clamped on and pulling on Jackie’s nipple even harder than she did with the one before. Jackie’s nipple was huge inside of Sheila’s mouth as Sheila sucked on it making it longer and fatter still. It had to be to expel the amount of milk it was shooting down Sheila’s throat in so short a period of time. Jackie’s nipple was now so fat it was like and open facet and Jackie hadn’t been producing much milk, so it didn’t take long for Sheila to empty her breast. Sheila got 5 mouthfuls before the well ran dry and she used all her will power to stop sucking on the engorged nipple as she came back to earth. She could feel the cum oozing out her pussy.
As the milk rushed to Jackie’s nipple, she felt it painfully expand in Sheila’s mouth to the bursting limit. She thought it did burst when the milk released into Sheila’s mouth. But almost instantly, pain turned into intense pleasure as her orgasm thundered through her pussy and she screamed her pleasure in a series of high pitched squeals. This one came by surprise because all the sensation was in her swollen nipple until then. Her body shook and quivered like it never had before and her panties became instantly wet. The orgasm lasted a good 10 seconds, lashing her body with spasms as Sheila suckled her. Jackie’s whole body thrilled in the sensation of Sheila sucking her milk out of her tit, sending mini orgasms through out her body the whole time. Sheila was sucking very hard again but Jackie didn’t care as it didn’t hurt at all this time.
Sheila’s head pulled away from Jackie’s tit. White streaks of milk glistened on her dark skin trailing from her mouth. Jackie’s nipple was a grossly swollen, ugly, purple color from the battering it had taken from Sheila’s mouth. For ever on, to be stretched out and droopy unless fully erect. A small price to pay Jackie thought in her delirium because the pleasure of the milk escaping into Sheila’s mouth was even more powerful than the pain of her nipples. Jackie found having a woman suckle her lactating tits was the most erotic feeling she had ever felt. And was already thinking of doing it again before she caught herself. When Sheila had emptied the breast both women laid back exhausted.
Jackie starts to wonder if she is going to have to suck Sheila’s tits now. She looks on this “chore” with a mixture of excitement, curiosity and trepidation. Sheila’s tits had always fascinated her. Wondering what they looked and felt like. The fact that she was at least a 42 DD intimidated her. Also, what if she didn’t like the way her milked tasted. What if she does it wrong. All these thoughts are running through her head when Sheila looks at her and smiles. That smile gave Jackie her answer as she sat up and began to kiss her. She needed time to build her courage up and figured she would start it with a kiss. Sheila having “broken in” women before knew to let Jackie take her time and do it her way. Later Sheila would be herself. But this was a delicate time in Jackie’s training. Push to hard now and she might spook her.
Sheila laid back and let Jackie move at her own pace. Jackie first started kissing Sheila’s full lips. After awhile Jackie’s tongue started pushing into Sheila’s mouth searching for her tongue. They open mouth kissed this way for a few minutes until Jackie reached her hand up to rub Sheila’s breast while kissing. Right away she was amazed at the fullness and firmness of her breasts and she felt a tingle in her loins at the thought of what she was about to do. As she moved her hand towards the front, she couldn’t believe how wet her T-shirt was. The whole front was soaked with Sheila’s mother’s milk and her hand came away wet as Jackie looked at it. She could smell the milk mingled with Sheila’s sweat and a faint hint of raw sex rising from Sheila’s loins as yet another shiver shook her body. Jackie begins to rub Sheila’s breast watching them move under the Zeppelin tee. “That’s it baby. They’re Sooo swollen for you. They’re waiting for your sweet mouth, honey.” Sheila’s encouragement emboldens Jackie to the next step. She lifted the wet tee over Sheila’s head and stares in wonder. Sheila’s breast were two perfectly shaped, tear drops, heaving up and down in front of her. They were very large but just the right size for Sheila’s large body. They fit her perfectly and had a very sexy slight sag to them. She had better than avg. size areola’s capped by two very large, fat, jet black nipples.
On top of those nipples two pearly white drops were starting to form. “See honey, they’re waiting for you. They want you to taste and love them. Please baby, don’t make them wait any more.” Jackie was frozen looking at them in awe. She was convinced they had a mind of their own when they started to expand and leak little droplets onto Sheila’s legs just from her looking at them. “Oh honey, they want your lips on them. They want to feed you like yours fed me. They’ve wanted you for so long, you and no one else. Don’t worry; they’ll like what ever you do to them. They just want to fill your mouth over and over again. You can take more than a little baby can’t you? I know you can.” And with the dripping of Sheila’s breasts, all at once Jackie knew what she must do. She must please these two beings on Sheila’s chest at all costs.
Jackie lowered her head down to Sheila’s right tit and stuck her tongue out very cautiously to try her first drop. Hoping she would like it. But Sheila’s tit had other ideas, as all on its own; it shot 3 solid streams of milk into Jackie’s opening mouth. Caught by surprise, Jackie gagged as the streams hit the back of her throat and she swallowed, closing her mouth and having the streams hit her lips and nose.” I’m sorry honey; she got excited and couldn’t wait any more for you. She knew you would like it and wanted you to taste it. Don’t you like it?” Jackie licked the milk off of her face and her eyes lit up at the taste. It tasted like a warm vanilla shake, her favorite. In answer to Sheila’s question, Jackie moved back to Sheila’s tit and licked it getting a fresh stream on her tongue. She continued to lick it like a cat, getting more and more milk. She circled the nipple with her tongue a few times then opened her mouth wide and took the nipple in. She could feel the nipple dripping and spraying in her mouth and she just rolled it around with her tongue reveling in the sensation. She swallowed her first mouthful and swore it went right to her pussy as it again became instantly wet.
“Suck it baby, that’s the best way to get the milk. Feel how she fits perfectly in your mouth, I knew they would. Oh please baby, suck it. They ache for you.” And with that, Jackie locked on to the tit with her lips and sucked it deep into her mouth. The nipple got longer and fatter inside Jackie’s mouth, as a torrid of milk shot out and into her throat as Jackie gulped it down into her stomach. “That’s it baby swallow it. Don’t waste any. Is the nipple to big for you? I’m sorry; they get so excited and can’t help themselves. HMMMMM. Oh baby, keep sucking it. That feels so good Honey. I knew they would like you.” Swallow after swallow went down Jackie’s throat till she lost count of how many. And still the milk came. Without even knowing it, Jackie was making content, cooing sounds between gulps as she fed on the bloated islet inside her mouth. She was in another world, a world of pure bliss, fat nipples and warm vanilla milk shakes. Milk started coming out her mouth as she couldn’t keep up. But she still sucked, and sucked, and sucked. She forgot where she was. She would have stayed there clamped on her nipple all day but her stomach was rapidly filling up. And she still had another utter to drain. She could feel the milk sloshing around in her belly and at last, reluctantly she pulled away from Sheila’s nipple. It made a popping sound as it came out of her mouth, spraying milk that was meant for her stomach in every direction.
Milk was everywhere for Sheila’s other nipple had been quit busy on its own. “Wow, that’s so much better. She still has more for you, but we’ll have to work up to that. Look how fat you made her. The fatter she gets, the better she likes you. And I would say she’s in love.” Jackie looked down proudly and couldn’t believe that huge nipple was in her mouth. As big as Sheila had made her nipples this one was obviously bigger than hers and not empty yet, since more milk was still dripping from it.
“It’s so fat!!! But I loved it. It tasted sooo good Sheila. Please, can I have some from the other one?” Before Sheila could answer, Jackie’s mouth was pumping her left tit for more milk. This nipple swelled up as large as the other one in no time at all as it deposited more and more milk Each new suck completely filled Jackie’s mouth with milk and she couldn’t swallow it fast enough. Sheila just laid back and enjoyed having the milk sucked out. The tingles going through her tits where making her clit very hard and she wished Jackie were ready for that. But she knew one step at a time. So she just relaxed, thinking about one of her other female lovers and what she would do to them when Jackie had left. Jackie finally pulled away. Disappointed that her bloated belly couldn’t take any more milk, she started to cry.
“Don’t worry honey; you’ll take more in time. Your stomach just has to stretch out a bit. I’m about half empty now and that’s the best I have felt in a long time.” The two women dressed and Sheila dropped Jackie off and went home.
End of part 1
After a restless night of sleep, Jackie arises from her bed exhausted and horny. All she could do all night was lay in bed going back and forth in her mind all that had happened. Why can’t her baby take her milk? Why did Sheila do that to her? Why did she let her? Or did she let her? Did she like it? Hate it? What happens next? Will she do it again? That and running back and forth to the bathroom all night with the runs and pissing from all the milk she drank made sleep very tough. One thing she does know is that even if she could, she wouldn’t nurse today. Her nipples are so painful she wouldn’t be able too. She goes to the bathroom to look at them in the mirror and is shocked and frightened by what she sees. Both breasts have bruise marks on them in the shape of large fingers. Her areolas are puffy and red. Both nipples are an angry purple color, swollen, and stretched out. But her poor right tit is twice its normal size. And what once was a perky firm tit is now a fat bloated old woman’s nipple almost an inch long with no firmness to it as it droops straight down. She starts to cry at the devastation Sheila has done to her and vows never again no matter what the cost.
Jackie tearfully and very carefully, starts rubbing ointment on to her nipples. After a few moments she is surprised do discover that she is becoming aroused through the pain. It occurs to her that no attention at all was paid to her pussy last night and her orgasm was from her breasts being sucked. That had never happened before. She finishes with her tits and removes her panties. They are quit stiff in the crotch from what leaked out of her vagina the night before. She brings them to her face and sniffs the musty aroma that still clings to them. This brings her clit to full attention. She throws the panties in the hamper and enters the shower knowing she will have to reapply the ointment afterwards, but it will be worth it. She turns on the water and grimaces as it hits her nipples. She lowers the nozzle so it is aiming at her clit, lifts her leg and lets the warm water heighten her arousal. Unbidden scenes from the night before enter her head. She imagines herself completely draining Sheila’s tits of milk as her hand automatically starts searching for her clit. She finds it easily just above and between her puffy nether lips for it is more swollen than it has ever been. Her hand is rubbing frantically as a fantasy about eating Sheila enters her head out of nowhere. Jackie moans aloud, while in her fantasy, her tongue reaches out for Sheila’s womanly pearl. Desire is throbbing in Jackie’s loins. Her tongue just makes contact when, Jackie’s real life orgasm shatters her fantasy with a powerful orgasm that makes her body quiver for several seconds with relief as she slides to the floor of the shower with water cascading all around her.
She lays at the foot of the shower for several minutes recovering from her orgasm and wondering why that fantasy popped in her head. She has always been fascinated and admired a well formed breast but until now all her fantasies have involved cocks. She doesn’t like the effect last night is having on her psyche and she leaves the shower more determined than ever to put and end to what started last night. She talks herself into believing that Sheila forced her into it and took advantage of her good nature. She reaches for the phone to call Sheila while her blood is high and dials her number. It rings 4 times and Sheila’s voice says “Hello”
“Sheila, this is Jackie, we have to ta”
“I’m sorry, I am not home right now please leave your name and number at the beep and I wil”
Jackie slams the phone down in frustration “Shit. Guess I’ll try later, God dam it.” So she takes a nap with the baby, planning to call her again before work. Later she tries again and still no answer. And again an hour before work. Still not home. At this point Jackie realizes she’s taking the bus to work for the first time in a long time and she will probably be late after she feeds the baby and drops him off and she’s right. Sheila has called in sick to work, yet not home. Jackie wonders what that’s all about and why she didn’t tell her she wasn’t coming in if she wasn’t sick. At work a new problem is developing, her breasts are starting to fill up with milk again and they are too bruised to do anything about it. It’s almost as if they are getting heavier by the minute. Friday at work is finally over and Jackie is more tired than she was before work, so she treats herself to a cab ride home, calls her mother to ask her to keep her son until Tuesday, as Monday is Memorial Day. She also calls Sheila. Still not home. Now she is starting to worry. She looks down at her answering machine and sees she has a new message.
“Hi Hon, in all the…..Excitement last night, I totally forgot to tell you I was going away for the weekend. Me and my two satisfied buddies will see you Monday. Be good! Bye.”
“Fuck. I really need to talk to you.” Jackie yells at the answering machine, relieved and angry at the same time. She undresses in the bathroom and examines her tits again. Not much better than before and now they are starting to crack a bit. She notices the heaviness of her breast as she puts on her night gown and goes to sleep dreaming of Sheila’s nipples in her mouth.
Sheila can’t help but giggle after she leaves her message on Jackie’s machine. She dam near did during the message. “This is almost too easy.” She smiles to herself at how clever she is. A spy at work has told her how out of sorts Jackie was on Friday and how she was complaining about her breasts to a pregnant woman. I wonder if she told them how soar they are and why, Sheila ponders as she thinks back to the work out she gave Jackie’s nipples. Jackie’s are the first milk laden tits besides her own, she has ever sucked and she finds herself getting wet thinking about it. She probably was rougher than she should have been on her for a first REAL sucking but she sort of lost control when she tasted her milk, which is unlike her but it added to the thrill of it. She knows Jackie’s little brat can never suck hard enough to get her milk and with the amount she sucked out last night, they should be very uncomfortable for her shortly. Sheila squirms with delight as she imagines how ripe and full Jackie’s breast will be for her when she sees her Monday. She knows once Jackie thinks about what they did she will be very reluctant to do it again, so building her desire, with no release for Jackie, works in her favor. And it’s not like Sheila doesn’t have other sexual outlets to fill her desires as she is reminded when Liz enters the room. Sheila wonders if and when Jackie will figure out that someone else beside her baby had to have been sucking on her tits in order for Sheila do produce so much milk. Several someone else’s in fact; she chuckles, as she draws Liz’s ample lips to her once again full tit.

Jackie wakes Saturday morning with an ache in her breasts and a wet spot on the sheets. She tries to remember her dream and can’t but has a good idea what it involved. She jumps up and runs to the bathroom as the last bout of diarrhea courses through her body. She feels horrible. Her stomach is just getting back to normal and her nipples start to ache as she thinks of what she drank to make her stomach so upset. The aching in her nipples now makes her feel how heavy her breasts have got through the night. And to top it all off, She has apparently had a wet dream during the night. ” What next.” Nothing but relaxing and wondering what to do about Sheila she thinks.
During the course of the day her tits really start to bother her off and on but after a couple of hours they feel a bit better. She goes to bed early still not feeling well. During the night, her throbbing nipples wake her up several times. She thinks that it’s because they are just healing and she doesn’t want to look at them till morning. The next day they are really achy but not throbbing, a bit itchy but less tender. Most of the swelling has gone down but they are fatter than they were before Sheila and still very stretched out. They are still purple but not as dark or bruised as before. Later, Jackie’s nipples start to throb again and her breasts grow achy. As she puts on a bra she notices that her bra is very tight, Jackie grabs another thinking she some how got a pre preggers one and tries it on. This one is just as tight. So she looks in the mirror and sees breast flesh bubbling up and over the cup. She takes her bra off to look at her breasts and discovers they are much plumper and rounder than before. She now realizes her previously stretched out droopy nipples are really throbbing now and no longer stretched out, but are fat as two tootsie rolls and about as long. “Oh Shit. Sheila’s turned me into a fucking milk factory.”
Jackie starts trying to knead them and force the milk out but that has never really worked well for her in the past. Before Sheila, her babies’ sucking was the only way that worked at all. She could feel the milk building up behind the nipple again ready to stream out but something was holding it back and all she got was one small drop to come out. When she released her breast, she could feel her breast plumping up again but from the base not the nipple area. All the pressure remained waiting for release behind the nipple, while the rest of her breast refilled. Rather than try the other breast, Jackie decided it might be best to leave it alone and not make matters worse. Over the course of the night the pressure behind the nipple did spread out through the whole breast, but her breasts were still making milk and things only got tighter.
Jackie wakes up around noon Monday after another dream about Sheila. This dream is about Sheila sucking on her nipples. She tries to sit up and actually has trouble doing so because of the fullness of her breasts. Some how they are actually plumper than the night before and the weight of them is making it difficult to stand from the bed. Her night gown is completely stuck to her tits and she has to carefully peal it away from them. Jackie likes to sleep on her stomach and as she wobbly stands she notices two large stains on the sheets where her breasts were laying. “What the Fuck, I can’t feed my baby or squeeze the milk out but a dream about Sheila and I’m a fountain.” She looks in the mirror and sure enough her breasts are obviously much bigger and her nipples are starting to ache. She also sees that the two purple veins just beneath the skin of her breasts are about twice as thick as they were the last time she noticed them. As she dresses, she puts on her baggiest sweat shirt because all her bras are too small for her now and her tits are over flowing out of them. The grey sweat makes her look fat but it’s better than the alternative.
Jackie tries Sheila’s number again and this time success.
“Hello” Jackie hears Sheila’s voice and her nipples began to ache and enlarge.
“Sheila, this is Jackie is that you?”
“Oh hi Jackie, how you doing?”
“Where have you been? Why didn’t you tell me you were going away?”
“Sorry about that Jackie, it came up on Thursday at work. You know Liz from work? Well she invited me over her house upstate over the weekend. I was going to tell you but if you remember you were very……distracting after work.”
Jackie’s nipples began to throb at the thought of the distraction and a pang of jealousy stabs at her as she hears this but she tries not to show it. “FINE, THAT’S NICE” she says a bit too loudly. Sheila has to cover the phone as she giggles at how upset Jackie is. “Listen, Sheila I have to talk to you about Thursday night. I’m not comfortable at all about this and our arrangement. Can I come over today and talk to you about it? I don’t want to talk on the phone.”
“Well I’m expecting company later in the day, if you don’t think it will take too long you can come over now and we can talk and you can stay for diner if you want?”
“Ok, I don’t know about diner but I’ll come right over. Good bye.” Jackie hangs up the phone fuming. She is so angry; she doesn’t realize her breasts are now leaking little droplets of milk at the thought of seeing Sheila again. She just knows that bitch Liz is coming over to Sheila’s and she spent the weekend with her too! I’m going over there and put and end to this right now. Even Jackie wasn’t sure if she meant end it with Sheila or end Sheila and Liz seeing each other.
Sheila lives about a mile away and Jackie takes a cab to her home. The closer she gets to Sheila’s house the more her breast hurt. She rings the door bell and Sheila answers the door wearing a much too tight, tee shirt and a pair of cut off shorts. Sheila’s breasts are straining at the tee shirt even more than usual do to the fact it’s tucked into her shorts. Her muscular, round ass cheeks are nicely framed by the shorts as her freshly shaved and well shaped legs hold up the whole package. “Jackie, how are you?” Sheila says as she engulfs Jackie in a bear hug. Jackie’s face only comes up to the middle of Sheila’s breasts and she is speechless as the tits she was sucking on just a few nights ago are pressed firmly into her head. Jackie’s nipples are starting to throb against Sheila’s stomach and a small sigh escapes from between her lips She starts to feel her will power for what she has to say melt away with every second she is held to her breast. “I missed you so much over the weekend” Sheila releases Jackie and walks towards the bedroom. “I’m running a little late, we can talk while I change is that ok?”
Jackie starts to recover and stammers “UM,UM, ok I guess” as she follows Sheila hypnotized by the sway of Sheila’s hips as she walks ahead. Sheila is a master at keeping Jackie off balance and as they enter the bedroom Jackie is having trouble remembering why she’s here. Her tits have never hurt so much in her life.
“So what is it you want to talk about?”
Jackie rally’s and says, “Well, I don’t think we should do what we did again. I just don’t feel comfortable doing it”
“I’m so sorry to hear that Jackie, I really thought we could help each other out.” Once again Sheila has thrown her a curve. She thought that Sheila would be angry and she was prepared for it, but when Sheila being “understanding” like this, it threw her off yet again. Then it occurred to Jackie that Liz must be the reason Sheila was so cavalier about it. And she started to get a little angry.
Sheila removes her tee shirt then her bra exposing her magnificent brown breasts to Jackie as she prepares to shower.” What didn’t you like about it?” Sheila says as she faces Jackie bare breasted with her hands on her hips. Jackie is speechless. Sheila’s tits are even more spectacular in the light. They are a medium brown and easily twice the size of Jackie’s breasts. Round and full, they hang to just above her sexily rounded belly. But because of Sheila’s height and build they were perfectly proportioned to Sheila’s body. But what has Jackie’s full attention are the twin peaks resting on top of each breast. Sheila’s Areolas are a darker shade of brown than the rest of her skin and about 3 inches in diameter. The Areolas are rimmed by 8 smaller bumps that some woman would be happy to call nipples. But oh those nipples, each one resting in the middle of an areola like a black cherry. Each tit is pitch black and about three quarters of an inch long and at least as thick.
The more Jackie stares at Sheila’s tits the better she remembers them pumping milk into her mouth not long ago. She feels her breasts get heavier and her achy nipples began to drip drops of milk into her bra cup.
“I don’t know Sheila; it’s just not for me. I like men DAM IT!” Jackie can’t draw her eyes from Sheila’s tits.” I’m not a lesbian!” Both women wonder who she’s trying to convince.
“But honey, I was hoping you would help with my milk again. Didn’t you like the way it tasted?” Sheila cooed to her.
“Well, UM UM, I did but that’s not the point Sheila.” Unbeknownst to Jackie, two small wet spots start to form on Jackie’s sweat shirt as her bra becomes saturated with milk. Sheila feels her own nipples and clit respond to this.
“My breasts see you now Jackie. Look how hard they’re getting. Just the sight of you fills them up with milk Look how they are throbbing for you.” Jackie couldn’t believe her eyes; Sheila’s nipples were getting bigger and smaller to the beat of Sheila’s heart as she looked at them. Once again Jackie started thinking Sheila’s breasts had minds of their own. She felt her own achy nipples start to pump to the same rhythm as Sheila’s and she notices the spreading wet spots on her sweat shirt for the first time. She turns beat red and tries vainly to cover her breasts with her arms.
“Please honey; they haven’t been emptied for two days. They want you to kiss and lick them. They want to get nice and fat between your soft lips, baby. You remember how my nipples filled your mouth don’t you Jackie? They want you to suckle them until they are thick and long. And most of all, they want to show you how much they love you by filling you up with their sweet milk.” Sheila started walking towards Jackie, her heavy breast swaying with each step. “Fill you up until your stomach is full and then just a little more so you can take more the next time. I bet you can take more than the last time, baby.” Jackie’s whole body visibly shivers and the front of her sweat shirt is drench as she feels moister on her arms.
Sheila was hovering over Jackie now, both nipples just inches from here face. Sheila’s nipples are still pulsating. Jackie’s full breasts are heaving as she tries to catch her breath. She can feel her own nipples pumping inside her bra. A drop of white is starting to peek out of Sheila’s left nipple. “Ohhhhhhhh Sheila.” Jackie moans as she sees the milk on Sheila’s nipple. Sheila looks down and sees the whole front of Jackie’s sweat shirt is now very wet. Sheila smells the warm milk and her clit starts to rise.
“Let’s get that off you Jackie, you’re drenched” Sheila giggles. Sheila works the sweat shirt over Jackie’s laden breasts and then her head. The cups of Jackie’s bra are filled with milk and milk is dripping out of the cups along the edges and through the material as Jackie’s tits continue to pump to Sheila’s nipples rhythm. “Is that for me?” Sheila coos with a smile on her face looking at Jackie’s bra.
Jackie blushes. “No one else can get them to release their milk, so I guess so. I came here to put an end to this relationship but I guess my tits had other plans.”
Sheila puts her hands on Jackie’s shoulders and turns her around so Jackie’s ass is facing Sheila. Sheila leans over and starts kissing and sucking on Jackie’s shoulder and neck. Another shiver goes through Jackie and she juts her full ass towards Sheila’s crotch but because of the height difference she is actually rotating it on her upper thighs. Sheila starts to message the sides of Jackie’s heavy breast through the bra very soft and slowly taking her time working her way to the nipples. Jackie is in another world as Sheila’s hands finally reach her nipples and very lightly rub the tips of them in a circular motion through the bra. Jackie’s ass is rotating faster in tune to Sheila’s hands. Jackie’s nipples are on fire and pumping furiously beneath the bra. Milk is dripping from everywhere when Sheila starts to remove the bra. She pulls the straps down and moves to the over flowing cups. Slowly pulling the cups down, she stops just above the nipples. Both women can smell the fresh milk in the air as Sheila slides the cups over Jackie’s nipples.
As soon as the cups clear Jackie’s nipples, several long streams of milk fire out of each tit tracing high arcs into the air. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Jackie moans as the pressure in her breast lesson slightly. The streams peter out after a few seconds and then fire out again even higher and further than the first time.
“Jackie, are they glad to see me? They’re showing off for me baby. They want to show me what they can do.” Sheila turns Jackie’s head to the side, pulls her into her body spooning her and kisses her on the mouth. Jackie’s whole body is alive with tingles of pleasure from being engulfed by Sheila’s warm large body. An erotic feeling of safety washes through her as she can feel Sheila surrounding her everywhere. Especially those big breast pushing and dripping milk onto her back She just wishes they were completely nude so her ass could feel Sheila’s crotch and legs.
Jackie’s breasts have slowed to a drip when Sheila shoots her large tongue into her mouth sending another shiver through her body and a fresh stream of milk out her breast. As Jackie sucks on Sheila’s tongue, Sheila grabs both of Jackie’s breasts from behind with her hands and begins milking them. Even more milk is discharged and Jackie feels her orgasm building.
“That’s enough for now Jackie; I just wanted relieve the pressure a bit for you. You really looked like you were suffering” Sheila giggles as she pulls away from Jackie and sits on the bed.
Jackie plops on the floor because her legs can’t support her once Sheila walks away. Even though she has discharge some milk her nipples haven’t been sucked and it wasn’t nearly enough to help much. Jackie’s breast feel like someone who has eaten something and now is hungrier than before they ate the food. To top it all off, she has a new hunger in her pussy that’s rivaling the one in her tits.
“Relieve my suffering you made it worse Sheila. Why did you stop? I thought you wanted it? Won’t you please suck my tits?” Jackie can’t believe the whining tone in her voice, or the fact that some how she is now begging Sheila to suck her tits.
“But honey, I was going to suck your tits to help you! How is it helping me?” Sheila says holding back a giggle. “I would have sucked your tits now if you hadn’t told me earlier that you wanted to stop! That got me to thinking, maybe Jackie will have me suck her tits and then leave not sucking mine.”
“I would never do that Sheila, I LOVE YOUR MILK. You don’t know how hard it was for me to try to break it off.” Jackie is almost frantic now and her breasts are aching again.
“That’s what you say but actions are louder than words honey.”
Jackie thinks about that for a second and smiles. She begins to crawl on her hands and knees to Sheila sitting on the bed. Her swollen hanging breast dripping milk with every sway they make. Jackie is remembering how much she enjoyed milking Sheila. The taste, the smell, the closeness, the warm loved feeling and especially the way the milk filled her belly. It was like she was pregnant with Sheila’s baby and every foot closer she gets, the more she needs to suck on Sheila’s tits again. The sight of Jackie crawling towards her makes Sheila’s clit come to attention. This is working out better than she thought it would. Jackie reaches Sheila’s closed knees and tries to pry them open.
Jackie says in a whiney voice,” Sheila open your legs!” What am I doing? Jackie thinks. How is this happening?
“Why should I Jackie, Why should I open my legs for you?”
In a husky voice filled with need and animal lust, Jackie says “Because I want your milk Sheila. I need your milk! Please Sheila, PLEASE! Let me suckle you.”
Sheila’s pussy gets nice and warm and her nipples bring two large droplets of milk to the surface that hang there for a second then fall to her lap, only to be replaced by two more.
“That’s all I wanted to hear honey.” Sheila says as she opens her legs for Jackie. Jackie crawls between Sheila’s legs and looks up at Sheila with a begging look in her eyes.
Sheila smiles into Jackie’s eyes as Sheila lifts a heavy breast to Jackie’s face. “Suck her Jackie, make her nice and hard.” Jackie runs her tongue around the bumps on Sheila’s areola. She can feel Sheila’s nipple throbbing on her cheeks and chin as she circles the areola. Little drops of milk are coming out her nipple and leaving wet streaks on Jackie’s face where ever Sheila’s nipple touches. By the time she finishes Jackie’s entire lower face is covered in a thin coat of milk. “Please baby, take her in your mouth.” But Jackie doesn’t. Next she runs the finger nails of both hands up and down the length of the breast she was teasing. Every time Jackie would get to the nipple, she would lightly brush against it. Little droplets of milk are dripping out of the nipple now and Jackie opens her mouth beneath it so they can drip into it. Sheila’s own nipple begins to ache because the milk isn’t flowing fast enough. “Honey please, don’t tease her, make her cum in your mouth.” Jackie follows the drip of milk upwards to its source. Her lower lip makes contact with the edge of Sheila’s lower areola and her upper lip can just reach the upper rim so her mouth is just covering the whole areola. Jackie’s warm breath is blowing stimulating breezes on to the nipple.” That’s it Jackie, take her in your mouth. She wants your lips now baby.” Jackie can feel Sheila’s tit straining to make contact with her tongue all on its own. It’s actually trying to push its self deeper into her mouth then retracting then pushing again, getting a little closer each time. With each thrust of Sheila’s nipple, several droplets of milk are deposited to the back of Jackie’s tongue and down her throat, by-passing her stomach and going straight to her groin, warming Jackie’s pussy. Jackie’s nipples are now a source of agony, jealous of the attention Sheila’s tits are getting.
Jackie runs her tongue all around the nipple, picking up more milk on her tongue. A shiver runs the length of Sheila’s spine every time her nipple makes contact with Jackie’s tongue. Jackie removes her mouth from Sheila’s areola and sticks her tongue out so Sheila’ pulsating nipple can rest atop it. Sheila’s nipple starts to pulsate faster as it rubs up and down Jackie’s taste buds trying to go deeper into Jackie’s open mouth, as it pumps fresh streams of milk into her mouth. Sheila can’t take it any more and grabs the back of Jackie’s head and pulls it hard into her breast. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” Sheila moans as Jackie’s lips push hard into her areola and her nipple smashes into Jackie’s tongue forcing several long streams of milk into Jackie’s mouth. Sheila’s nipple instantly expands as milk is forced out of it and Jackie mouth is filled with a thick nipple and milk as she struggles to gulp it down. Jackie’s nipples start streaming on their own at the first burst of milk into her mouth.
The pleasure in Sheila’s tit is the most intense she has ever experienced in her life. She doesn’t cum but her clit is now rock hard and non stop shivers of pleasure in her spine make her legs tremble. “Oh my God Jackie, what did you do to me? My nipple is on fire.”

Jackie smiles at Sheila. “You Like?”
“Like, I love. Look how fat my tit is.” Jackie can’t help but notice as it’s only about 3 inches from her mouth. Sheila crawls all the way on the bed and lies on her side. “Come her Jackie and lay on your back” Jackie eagerly complies with her order. Sheila swings her leg over Jackie’s body and straddles her belly. She leans forward so her swinging breasts are swaying into Jackie’s face. The tit Jackie was sucking on is dripping heavily all over Jackie’s face as she tries vainly to catch the nipple with her mouth. Sheila stops swaying her breasts and lets the dripping nipple just hover about 4 inches above Jackie’s mouth. When the first drop hits Jackie’s lips, Jackie parts them wide to catch the next drops in her mouth. Jackie’s mouth is just about full of milk when the nipple stops dripping. She swallows the sweet, warm milk and feels the excitement in her pussy build as the milk reaches her stomach.
“She wants you to suck her Jackie. She won’t give you any more unless you do.”
Jackie quickly covers the distance to Sheila’s tit and stops just short of it. Jackie starts to lightly kiss the fat, black cherry with her lips and drops of milk leak out painting her lips. Sheila shivers the whole time her nipple is touching Jackie’s lips and Jackie starts to kiss it a little harder. As Jackie’s slightly parted lips make contact with the front of the nipple, Sheila’s tit pulsates on it’s on and expands even more forcing its way between Jackie’s lips and into her mouth. Jackie has to open her mouth wider to accept the nipple and as she does she feels a fresh flood of milk ejaculate into her mouth. Sheila’s tit feels like a baby cock that hasn’t cum in weeks releasing load after load of cum into her mouth. “OhhhhhhhhhhhAHhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Sheila cries as her nipple releases milk into Jackie’s mouth draining the pressure from her breast.
“That’s what she wants baby, suck on her. Get it all. Can you drain her Jackie? See how fat she is when you suck on her? See how much more milk she gives you when you suck on her? You want her milk, don’t you Jackie? Drain her baby. Empty her.” Jackie keeps swallowing and the milk keeps coming. She takes a break as her mouth is getting tired and stops sucking. But Sheila’s nipple continues to pulsate between her lips pumping milk into her mouth on its own. “Rest your mouth sweetie; she can feed you by herself now.” Sheila arches her back forcing the nipple deeper inside Jackie’s mouth. More powerful shivers run through Sheila’s body. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, you have no idea baby, having your tit drained feels so good. But you will I promise. Oh baby, I can feel your tummy filling up with milk. It’s pushing into me now. My milk. That’s Soooo hot. Are you full yet baby? Just a little more. She’s almost empty. Sheila leans over Jackie and grabs her breast near the base with her powerful hands. She squeezes her breast hard and forces her hands forward. Sheila’s tit gets even bigger and Jackie has to open her mouth wide to except it. One last flood of milk squirts into Jackie’s mouth and the flow peters out to a stream and then a slow drip. Sheila’s whole body gives a massive shudder “Ohhhhhooooooooooo”and she almost cums but she cuts it off at the last moment. She has other plans for that.
She pulls her super fat nipple out from between Jackie’s lips with a “ShoooooWOP,” and rubs the nipple on Jackie’s lips. “Sheila I took all your milk. I did it. I’m so happy.”
“You did it Sweetie. Are you full yet?” Sheila rubs her hand on Jackie’s belly. Jackie looks like she’s pregnant again.” Is that all my milk in there baby? Did my nipple fill you up?”
“I’m not as full as last time so I can take a little from the other breast Sheila” Jackie turns beat red at how much she hopes Sheila will let her. She can’t believe she just said that. She is practically begging her. What’s happening to her? Sheila rests her head on Jackie’s stomach and listens to her milk slush around inside. She gets up and sits on the bed with her back against the wall.
” Come to MaMa”
Jackie doesn’t have to be asked twice and she positions herself so Sheila can cradle her head in her lap. With her hand holding Jackie’s head, Sheila lowers her full breast to Jackie’s lips. The tit knows what it wants and the second it touches Jackie’s lips, it expands to its full girth forcing Jackie’s mouth open and rams its self between Jackie’s lips, immediately shooting fresh streams down her throat. Jackie suckles the nipple like a little baby until she falls asleep. Jackie’s throat automatically swallows every few seconds. Sheila’s tit is pumping on its own. Sheila also falls asleep a few minutes later.
End of part 2
Jackie wakes from her dream about sucking Sheila’s tits several hours later. In her disorientated state, she first believes she is in her own bedroom. Until she realizes a fat nipple is between her lips slowly trickling warm mother’s milk into her mouth. Her nipples are crusty with milk and still very achy. Her breast are so full of milk she thinks she might give Sheila a run for her money in that department. Then it hits her. She jumps up as fast as she can, waking Sheila and runs to the bathroom. Her bladder is filled to bursting. She just makes it, as a steady stream of pee comes out as she’s sitting. She notices how extended her belly is. But as the stream continues she sees it going back down to normal levels. After what seems like 10 minutes of pissing, Jackie wipes herself and decides to take a shower. Hoping Sheila will relieve the pain in her breasts soon.
Sheila wakes to Jackie’s topless form running to the bathroom. No wonder she giggles, Jackie has drained one breast completely and about 75% of the other one while she slept. Thinking about Jackie drinking all that milk excites her and her neglected clit instantly starts to stir. She smiles as she hears Jackie’s strong stream making room for more in her stomach. And even though her empty breast in now half full again, it isn’t milk she wants to fill Jackie’s belly with this time.
Jackie rubs her bloated breasts in the shower sighing with the feeling. Her nipples hurt so badly now she almost can’t take it. Surprisingly they are not full but droopy, still stretched out from Sheila in the car. She leaves the shower and towels off. She wraps the towel around her body and walks into the bedroom. Sheila is lying on the bed against the wall where Jackie left her except she has taken off her shorts and panties and is completely nude.
“Come here Sweetie; take that towel of so I can see your breasts.”
Jackie quickly obeys and her nipples stir as she anticipates Sheila sucking them. She can hardly wait as she reaches the bed.
“Lay down Jackie, I want to massage them first.”
Jackie lies on her back on the bed waiting impatiently for Sheila to begin. Sheila quickly swings her leg over Jackie and she gets a quick glimpse of a fat mound and some pubic hair between Sheila’s legs as Sheila sits on her stomach. Jackie is concerned that she is pinned underneath her and can’t move much. Her clit jumps as she feels Sheila’s pubic hair tickling her stomach and the mound she just glimpsed pushing into her belly. Sheila’s large muscular ass cheeks are rubbing Jackie’s upper thighs and her long legs are straddling Jackie’s hips.
Sheila smiles down at Jackie and begins massaging Jackie’s breast. Jackie starts to relax as the massage makes her milk laden breast feel better and she feels the milk in them start to travel to her soar nipples. Sheila slides her ass down towards Jackie’s feet, lowers her face and sucks one droopy nipple between her lips. This is what Jackie has been waiting for and her eyes shoot open and her back arches at the pleasure in her nipple. She can feel her nipple fatten between Sheila’s lips and when it is fully erect, milk rushes out of it into Sheila’s mouth. Sheila and Jackie moan in unison at this long awaited release.
Sheila sucking the milk out of her tit feels so good, Jackie’s head starts to spin. Her clit starts to ripen and she is wiggling her hips beneath Sheila. Sheila lifts her head and pulls the nipple and breast up with just her lips sucking all the time until the tit pulls free of her mouth, spraying milk all over as if it were still being sucked. Her nipple is still throbbing and she still has plenty of milk to give but the edge has been taken off. Sheila lets some milk dribble out her mouth onto Jackie’s chest and dives for the other nipple. It’s obvious to Jackie that Sheila is starting to get excited because she is sliding her hips up and down Jackie’s body and now she attacks her other tit sucking hard to get at its milk. Jackie is starting to get use to the roughness and she is moaning her excitement as her nipple discharges its milk deep into Sheila’s mouth. As gulp after gulp of milk goes down Sheila’s throat, both women’s excitement increases, racing towards release. Suddenly Sheila stops suckling and looks at Jackie with wanton lust in her eyes.
“Wha, Whats wrong Sheila, why did you stop?”
“You’ll see why, Jackie.” Sheila starts to slowly slide her ass up towards Jackie’s chest while straddling her. When her mound reaches Jackie’s groin, Jackie can feel Sheila’s fleshy mound pushing into her. But she also feels something hard, about the thickness of her pinky, at the top of the mound, scraping along her body. Jackie realizes two things, one after the other. My God that’s Sheila’s clit! She knows where its final destination will be. Her first reaction is to struggle but the futility of it is instantly apparent as all she succeeds in doing is stimulate Sheila more and Jackie resigns herself to her fate.
“Please don’t Sheila” Jackie says with no conviction.
“Don’t worry Jackie, your ready for this.”
“But I’m afraid, I’ve never done anything like the before. I’m afraid you’ll hurt me”
“Ah sweetie, theirs nothing to be afraid off, we all have the same parts.”
“But, but I can feel your clit pushing into me. It’s so big! I won’t know what to do!”
“It’s big because it loves you baby, Just like my tits. The more it loves you the bigger it gets. And as far as what to do, you’re a woman, do what you would like done. My pussy will show you the rest.” Sheila giggles.
Sheila’s mound has now reached Jackie’s waist and her mound spreads open on it’s on so Sheila’s pussy can make direct contact with Jackie. As Sheila’s pussy slides further up it starts leaving a combination of clear and milky fluid along Jackie’s lower stomach. Sheila’s pussy is directly over Jackie’s belly button now and stops there as Sheila grinds herself onto Jackie’s belly, then continues its journey up again.
“See baby, if she really likes you, she’ll make honey for you. Do you like honey Jackie? Do you want to taste her honey Jackie? Here baby, try her sweet honey.” Sheila reaches behind her and scoops some of what her pussy has deposited in Jackie’s belly button up with her finger. She brings her coated finger to Jackie’s face and Jackie turns her head trying to escape. Sheila rubs her finger on Jackie’s lips and under her nose. She breathes in Sheila’s musky scent and finds herself being aroused by it. So she slowly licks her lips. At first, the sticky liquid tastes a little salty, but then the subtle sweetness kicks in and Jackie knows she has just tasted the nectar of the gods. As she swallows the tiny bit off fluid on her lips she feels a warmness follow it down into her stomach, all the way to her pussy settling in her growing clit. Her eyes open wide, she licks her lips again and smiles.
“Oh Sheila, it’s wonderful! Its so sticky sweet. It tastes even better than your milk! Can I have some more?” My God Jackie thinks, was that just me that asked for more pussy juice?
“Jackie, your making me blush. Of course you can have more. She makes plenty of honey for the ones she loves.” Sheila scoops up the rest from Jackie’s belly and lets it drip and ooze into Jackie’s open mouth. Jackie rolls it around her tongue and swallows it down reveling in a new wave of warmness traveling down to her clit. She grabs Sheila’s hand and sucks the rest of it off her finger.
“Hmmmmmm, So Good, Any more?” Jackie says eagerly.
“Soon baby. Soon you will have all you want. Maybe more. Sheila giggles.
Jackie wonders what Sheila means by that but it’s soon forgotten as Sheila’s pussy is now massaging her tits. She grabs one of Jackie’s breasts and places it between her pussy lips and starts rubbing it up and down her slit. When Jackie’s nipple is hard and plump, she puts it at the opening to her pussy. Jackie can’t believe it, as her nipple reaches Sheila’s opening, she feels it being sucked into her pussy and released after a second. Then sucked in again and released. When Sheila’s pussy sucks it in a third time, Jackie feels her nipple expand and fire red hot streams of milk deep into Sheila’s pussy.
“Oh my God Jackie, she’s taking your milk. She’s drinking it. Can you feel her sucking your nipple? She’s never had milk before and she’s greedy for it. So warm. So warm.
Sheila’s pussy is filling up with milk when she pulls it of Jackie’s tit and shudders.” Whew, I could have come like that. That was so hot baby. Your milk is so sweet.” Sheila is panting trying to catch her breath. A little stream of milk is escaping from her pussy on to Jackie’s chest.
“Is that my milk Sheila?”
Sheila looks down and says, “Well I guess it is. Would you like to try some baby?” Jackie just nods her head.
Sheila on her knees, positions her pussy above Jackie’s head. Her legs are on either side of Jackie’s head. The first thing Jackie notices is Sheila’s strong womanly scent, very musky but not unpleasant in the least. For the rest of her life, Jackie will associate this smell with sex. Jackie gets her first good look at Sheila’s pussy and is thrilled. Sheila’s pussy lips are large and puffy and the color of her nipples. At the top of the lips is a long protruding hood covering her clit which is just peaking out from with in. Jackie all of as sudden has a strong desire to lick it but she can’t reach it. Sheila peels back her lips and Jackie is almost blinded by the pinkness of Sheila’s slit in contrast to her body. Then she sees her milk dribbling out of Sheila’s pussy towards her head. Jackie opens her mouth to catch the milk just as Sheila relaxes her muscle a little and the flow increases to a steady stream. Just as she swallows a mouthful, Sheila fully relaxes and releases the rest of the milk into Jackie’s mouth and face.
Jackie has no time to react because right behind the last of the milk, Sheila lowers her pussy on to Jackie’s face. It covers her face from chin to the bridge of her nose and the lips spread open to include her cheeks. Jackie can barely breathe and she loves it.
“Jackie, my pussy has been waiting for this for a long time. She’s wanted to kiss your face since we first met. To make love to your face. To smother you. To drown you in juices. You made her wait so long. Don’t worry Jackie, she’ll show you what to do. She’ll show you what she wants. Kiss her Jackie make love to her baby.”
Sheila rotates her hips and Jackie can breathe again. Jackie feels her upper lip hit Sheila’s hood and slide it up exposing her fat, half inch clit in all its glory. Jackie licks it and it grows on her tongue.
“OH MY GOD.” Sheila moans as shivers make her whole body tremble. Jackie licks it again. “OOOOOAHHH. And Sheila shakes her had back and forth in ecstasy. Each new lick brings fresh shivers to Sheila’s body.
“My God Jackie she loves it. She loves your AHHHHHH.” Sheila pulls her pussy away from Jackie’s face.
“Am I doing it right Sheila?”
Sheila catches her breath. “She’s waited to long for this, just to cum after a few licks. She’s greedy for your tongue and wants to cum on it. But if she waits it will be better. So much better. Sheila lowers her pussy back on to Jackie’s face again, this time so Jackie’s tongue is at her opening. Jackie gently sticks her tongue out and it licks up a fresh strand of pussy juice. She swallows it down and hunts for more with her tongue. Her tongue finds the source and plunges as deep as it can into Sheila’s pussy.
“Baby, are you looking for honey? Do you want her nectar? Is that what you want? Here baby here’s some honey for you.”
Jackie feels a new wetness coating her tongue and she pulls her tongue in swallowing it. Feeling its warmth head right to her clit. She follows a loose strand with her tongue back to the source and waits for more.
“Not enough for you baby? Baby wants more?” Sheila says as she feels Jackie tongue renter her pussy. “Here’s more sweetie. She loves you so much you can have as much as you want baby.”
Jackie’s tongue is coated again with female cum and she swallows it down. More is waiting for her when her tongue dives back in. Jackie’s clit and pussy are on fire from swallowing Sheila’s cum, getting hotter with each new load. Her hips are gyrating on the bed to their own rhythm.
“Lick her walls baby. That’s where the sweetest honey is. And she loves having her walls licked. She’ll make real sweet honey for you if you lick her walls.” Jackie rims Sheila’s pussy with her tongue, getting a thicker coating of cum and swallows the tastiest, warmest secretion yet. ” OOHHHH, you have no idea Jackie how good that feels.” Sheila says as she starts to tremble all over. Jackie is like a druggie on pussy juice. She rams it as deep as she can into Sheila’s pussy licking her walls in a circular motion. “Ahhhhh baby, that’s it, she’s getting ready for you baby. All for you.” Sheila’s shivers intensify every second Jackie’s tongue is in her pussy. Jackie swallows the biggest, sweetest load yet and her pussy becomes an inferno begging for release. Her hips won’t keep still, now wiggling this way and that and still her tongue dives in for more Juice.
Sheila shivers uncontrollably as Jackie rims her pussy yet again and when Jackie pulls her tongue out to swallow her nectar, Sheila rotates her hips so Jackie’s tongue is at her clit again. Jackie takes one lick before Sheila says, “Suck her now baby, suck her like you sucked my tits. Milk her with your lips.” Jackie complies and with the first suck, Sheila’s clit doubles in size reaching out for Jackie’s tongue.
“Oh my God Jackie, She’s Almost there. ALL….MOST….. THERE.” Sheila is rotating her hips on Jackie’s face like a wild woman. Blond hair spreading over Sheila’s brown thighs. She’s pulling hard on her fat nipples shooting milk in the air.
Jackie releases Sheila’s clit and instantly sucks it back in as hard a she can. It expands just a bit more between her lips and Jackie licks it hard with her tongue inside her mouth. Sheila is perfectly still for one second then all at once she rotates her pussy so Jackie’s mouth is at the opening again, grabs Jackie’s head and smashes her pussy down on Jackie’s face.
“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Sheila screams her orgasmic release into the air. A tidal wave of pleasure starts deep in her pussy and rolls all the way to her stomach and rebounds back down to her pussy releasing a powerful gusher of cum into Jackie’s mouth. Caught by surprise, most of the cum bounces off her tongue and out her mouth. But what she does get, she swallows down hoping for more as her pussy is at the bursting point.
Sheila’s Orgasmic wave rolls back up her body all the way to her breasts this time, as another primal scream releases from deep in her throat. This time Jackie is ready and waiting for the warm flood coming her way. As the wave reaches Sheila’s pussy, even more pussy juice fires into Jackie’s mouth than the first time. She gets most of it this time and as the molten lava reaches Jackie’s stomach; her own orgasm detonates deep inside her pussy. Jackie’s arches her back to the heavens and holds it there as pleasure rakes her body from head to toe. Jackie sends her own high pitched screams into Sheila’s erupting pussy, timing it perfectly to help push Sheila’s next orgasmic wave all the way to her neck.

Sheila is actually scared as she feels the next orgasm roll past her breasts on to her head. She already has never experienced an orgasm this powerful and this next wave promises to be the biggest yet. The wave slows as it reaches her neck and crescendo’s at her chin. It starts to pick up momentum and like a hurricane drinking warmth for energy, it leaves Sheila’s body shivering in its wake as it passes downward. It seems to gain its greatest power as it passes through her breasts. Feeding off Sheila’s milk as Jackie did before it. Sheila’s whole body is quacking as the wave hammers into her pussy and she screams louder, deeper and longer than she has ever before. Then she screams some more as she feels her orgasm pass through her body in an ocean of cum straight into Jackie’s mouth drowning her in liquid.
Jackie can’t believe how hot and how much liquid is being forced down her throat. It’s as if all of Sheila’s breast milk was pumped into her mouth at once. She can’t hope to swallow even half of it and the residue spews out her mouth all over face and neck. What she does get is filled with the energy from Sheila’s body and it scorches her throat all the way to her stomach. It almost fills her stomach with Sheila’s cum and sends a hot bolt of pure orgasmic pleasure straight to her pussy. It hits and sends her back rebounding into a back breaking arch. Her back lowers and arches up again. Tremors rack her body and her legs shake violently until they spasm out and causing her to crash on the bed her whole body shaking.
Sheila’s violent orgasm has taken all her energy and passed it into Jackie’s body. She just sits perched on Jackie’s face shaking, unable to move her body. She doesn’t feel the waves any more but at the time the next wave is due a mini orgasm hits her pussy and shoots a small amount of cum down Jackie’s throat. She feels Jackie quivering beneath her and thinks of all the cum she has swallowed and another slightly stronger orgasm shoots a little more honey into Jackie’s mouth. Incredibly, she feels Jackie lock her arms around her thighs pulling her pussy tight on her mouth and rimming her pussy with her tongue looking for more cum.
“My sweet baby wants more cum. Is it tasty for you Jackie? Do you want more honey? Shell she make some more for you? Lick her baby. Lick her DEEEEEEP AHHHHH”
Sheila pulls Jackie’s head hard again into her pussy and screams once more as her orgasm floods Jackie’s mouth with cum. Jackie is just able to gulp all of it down and it fills her belly to near bursting with Sheila’s ejaculate. Sheila falls off of Jackie’s drenched head and lays there exhausted. Jackie crawls up to Sheila and lies on her chest, snuggling a large breast. Sheila smells her own female muskiness coming from Jackie’s hair, face and even in her breath and she giggles as she thinks that she has marked her territory. She is so sated that looking at Jackie’s engorged belly filled with her cum, doesn’t even arouse her flaccid clit.
The two women lie there asleep in each others arms.
End of part 3
A few hours later, Jackie wakes to a powerful aching in her breasts and an even more powerful one in her clit, for Sheila has paid hardly any attention to either. Once again she has had a powerful orgasm without her yearning clit being touched. But for now, she is content to lay there because of the warm satisfying glow of pleasure emitting from her female cum filled, bloated belly. As she starts to remember what is warming her belly, Jackie’s clit starts to glow with the same warmth. After a few minutes of reveling in this new and erotic pleasure another yearning is made its self known and Jackie reluctantly rises to relieve herself. As she slowly walks to the bathroom, she rubs her lovely extended belly like a pregnant woman would, thinking if women could make each other pregnant, she is surly carrying Sheila’s baby. With great regret, she feels all but a small after glow of the warmth leave her body as she pees. She really needs a shower but she is so sleepy right now, she settles for just wiping most of Sheila’s crusted cum off of her face. She can’t help but take a few licks before she is finished and heads back to the bed. She lies down next to a sleeping Sheila and sees one of Sheila’s nipples is throbbing and starting to drip milk in greeting. Jackie snuggles up to the warm tit and it expands to reach her mouth. She takes the growing morsel in her mouth feeding on a new warmth emptying into her belly as she falls back asleep very content
Not long after, Sheila wakes to the pleasant suckling. She has the same feelings she normally has when feeding her baby, content, very loved and happy that this little being depends on her for nourishment. She soon realizes it’s not her baby feeding but Jackie as she hears and feels Jackie’s soothing coos on her warm pumping nipple. “My god, you two are so greedy.” Sheila giggles, referring to Jackie and her tit. Sheila is disappointed to see Jackie’s stomach is no longer extended. She finds that ultra sexy thinking of her milk or cum doing that to Jackie. Then she sees Jackie’s swollen nipple resting on her stomach. Sheila is filled with desire looking at the plump, purple tit straining for release as it dribbles milk on Sheila’s belly. She glances at the clock and sees it’s almost time for her diner guest to arrive. Giggling, thinking how Jackie is the main course.
With a sigh, Sheila slowly pulls her nipple from Jackie’s mouth. Her nipple fattens and Jackie’s mouth sucks harder resisting Sheila’s efforts. “Thooowop” as Sheila’s tit pulls free and drips heavily down Jackie’s chin and cheek. Jackie’s mouth continues to suck long after the nipple is removed and when it stops, a frown appears on Jackie’s sleeping face.
Sheila gently rolls Jackie onto her back and very gently and lovingly strokes her chest and stomach. “My sweet, sweet baby, you made mama so happy. You made my pussy cum SOOO hard. Now it’s your turn sweetie. But first your poor breasts need to be taken care off. They’ve been so patient waiting their turn. Was it hard for them waiting, baby? Were they aching for my lips? I know they were honey. I saw how they leak for me with desire.
Sheila lowers her mouth to Jackie’s left tit and her tongue darts out, circling the nipple. The long flabby nub instantly fattens and comes to attention. Sheila begins pushing her tongue into the areola as she circles, teasing a drop of milk out. She can no longer wait and gently pulls the tit between her lips. At first, the drop is all Sheila gets but as Sheila’s lips increase their pumping, Jackie’s nipple fattens further and releases its milk into Sheila’s now sucking mouth. A shiver runs through Jackie’s body and a sigh escapes Sheila’ lips as a large female shadow very slowly covers their bodies.
As Liz quietly enters the room, she is hit with the raw, powerful, animal scent of female sex. She smells Sheila’s familiar aromatic scent mingled with a hint of another. Her mouth waters as she quickly removes her clothes hoping to add her own female scent to the fragrant aroma. Her hands make contact with her stiff nipples and send a shiver through her 38 D breasts and the rest of her very black body as she unbuttons her silk shirt. Her large breasts sag down to her chubby belly as she releases them from their bra. She bends her 5’11” frame at her waist sliding the slacks and panties over her just going to fat, a bit too wide, large, spreading ass. Liz steps out of her slacks and kicks her panties into the corner with the agility of a former athlete. At 21, Liz was a star volleyball and basketball star at her college. That was until she met Sheila and her lactating breasts. Once she graduated and stopped playing sports, Liz’s body couldn’t burn off enough fat from all the milk she was drinking to keep her Amazon like shape. Liz has a tinge of regret for her former body, but it quickly leaves as she walks forward letting her nose guide her to the source of the strong aroma. She is very surprised and excited to discover that Sheila’s womanly odor is strongest by Jackie’s sleeping mouth than any other place. It actually seems to get stronger with every breath Jackie takes. A shudder runs through her body as she realizes why that must be.
Sheila smiles up at Liz around Jackie’s pumping nipple, grabs Jackie’s other breasts and offers the pulsating nipple to Liz. Liz doesn’t have to be asked twice as Jackie’s tit shoots a solid stream of milk into Liz’s open, descending mouth.
Jackie is having the best dream she has ever had. It starts with her, as a baby suckling at her mother’s breast. Before she is fully fed her mother’s tit is replaced by warm lips on her own motherly tits. She thinks she and her mother have some how traded place in the dream and her mother is now the baby. She moans in ecstasy as the milk is sucked out of her swollen, painful breast, steadily relieving the immense pressure in it. Now, some how, she has two babies at her breasts, one for each engorged nipple. Her entire body starts shuddering non stop as both her nipples are slowly being drained of their burden. Her pussy can’t help but leak a thick dribble of white cum into her ass.
Jackie slowly wakes from her dream to discover two, much larger than baby’s heads, at her nipples. “OH MY GOD! Jackie cries in surprise and pleasure.
Sheila lifts her mouth from Jackie’s tit and says. “You know Liz from work don’t you Jackie? Didn’t I tell you she was coming over for…….diner? Since you stopped me from cooking, I didn’t think you would mind if we helped ourselves to whatever was around the house. You don’t mind do you Jackie? I mean there is plenty for the both of us.” Sheila giggles as she returns hungrily to Jackie’s tit.
Jackie hesitates for a moment then sees her milk dribbling out from between Liz’s lips.” How could I say NO……OOO.” She moans as both women in unison start sucking much harder on her tits. Both nipples are fat to bursting as her duel faucets are opened further, filling Sheila’s and Liz’s mouths with their milk. Jackie has less milk than Sheila but once fully open they can release it at a greater rate Sheila discovers and a hint of jealousy causes her to suck even harder. Liz is following Sheila’s cue and sucks much harder herself. But this time Jackie responds in a far different manner than in the car. She has finally let go off all her inhabitations and is just reveling in the pleasure in her breasts and nipples. To her surprise she discovers, the harder the women suck, the bigger her nipples get, the faster the milk comes out, the greater the pleasure.
Once again Jackie’s ass won’t stay still on the bed as she moans, “That feels SOOO GOO……….OOD. Please, suck them. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE.”
Both woman start bobbing their heads up and down on Jackie’s tits milking the fat nipples deep into their mouths on the up swing and releasing it on the down, pumping and holding Jackie’s breasts in their mouths with their hands. In no time at all both Jackie’s nipples explode in first Sheila’s, then Liz’s mouth as the last of the milk is expelled in one last flood into the two women’s mouths. A teeth chattering shutter is emitting from between Jackie’s lips as Jackie’s orgasm rips through her body, her hips arch her back to the breaking point. She stays in that poison for 5 full seconds while her whole body slowly starts shivering increasing to shudders as her back plummets to the bed and arches up again. She shudders in that position for another 5 seconds, and then her legs kick out violently shaking from her hips to her toes. Her devastating orgasm leaves her limp on the bed as Sheila and Liz, suck that last few drops of milk from her tits and more thick white cum oozes from her pussy.
“Your milk is so sweet Jackie.” Liz coos. I wonder what your pussy tastes like. Is it tasty Sheila? As tasty as yours?”
“Well I don’t know Liz, I haven’t sampled it myself. Yet.” Sheila says with a hungry leer. But you know with milk that sweet her honey has just got to be good!” She says as she rubs her full belly.
“What’s the matter with you girl? What are you waiting for? You were at my honey pot after the first 5 minutes! With that long tongue of yours licking my insides out.” Liz Shudders at the thought.
“True that Liz, but you didn’t have any milk to distract me, like our little girl here does. She made me cum sucking her tits! So you don’t have to tell me how tasty her milk is.”
Liz ponders a moment and reluctantly says, “Well, you’re the host, I guess it’s only right you get first taste. You think she’s got enough for both of us? Sure would hate to miss out on anything that good.”
Sheila chuckles, I suspect she does, but there’s only one way to find out.”
Jackie listens to this conversation unable to move or even speak, to try to tell the two women that she wants to but she is all wrung out. Lucky for her, Sheila knows differently. Sheila spreads Jackie’s limp legs wide and crawls between them zeroing in on Jackie’s pussy by the sexy womanly smell that is coming from it. She brushes back Jackie’s sticky, silk blond hair to find a pair of puffy lips spread wide framing Jackie’s moist cunt. Sheila’s breathes in and shivers at Jackie’s musky scent enters her nostrils. Liz moves up to Jackie’s mouth, kissing her and sucking her tongue as she tastes and smells Sheila’s pussy inside Jackie’s mouth. The smell of Sheila on Jackie brings Liz’s clit to full arousal and Liz starts wiggling her large hips.
“They’re you are honey, oh my, your beautiful!” Sheila says in way of introduction to Jackie pussy.” Jackie’s pussy trembles at the compliment. And just look at that clit! I’m in love Liz!” While no were as large as Sheila’s, Jackie’s clit is still big. Without a hood it sticks proudly on the top of her wet slit begging to be noticed. “And I see your pussy has been busy you naughty girl.” Sheila says as she licks the thick white cum oozing out of Jackie’s pussy.” Smacking her lips. “Hmmmmmm, that’s really tasty Jackie. Liz I’ll try to save you some but I don’t know.”
Jackie has never had any one eat her pussy before, let alone her cum as all her boyfriends either didn’t like it or thought it wasn’t manly to do. She never pushed the point because she was always embarrassed by how much she leaked. But she had always wondered what it would feel like to have it done. Now this sexy woman was between her legs licking her cum, telling her how wonderful it tasted. No wonder her neglected pussy began to stir and ooze more fluid. The very thought of Sheila eating her cum was new and very exciting for her. And when Sheila reached out her tongue for the new cum a moan of wanton longing escaped Jackie’s lips muffled by Liz’s mouth and a her hips began a slow roll.
Sheila licked up the new pussy juice, swirled it around her mouth like a fine wine and swallowed it down, trailing a sticky thread of cum down her throat. “Liz it’s so thick and sticky and warm, here try some. New ooze had come out and Sheila scooped it up with her hand reaching up to Liz. Liz pulled away from Jackie’s mouth and saw the thick white cum coating Sheila’s fingers. Soft strands of clear spider web like fluid interlaced her finger. Liz grabbed Sheila’s hand, shoving it in her mouth and licked it clean with clear strands of cum hanging between her lips and draping off of her chin. She had planned to share it with Jackie when she kissed her again but her throat greedily swallowed the sticky fluid down before she got back to Jackie’s lips.
Sheila now very slowly started licking, nibbling and sucking on Jackie’s puffy lips, cleaning them of old cum even as Jackie’s pussy made more. Jackie was feeling sensations she had never felt before and her pussy was clamping up, causing all the new pussy juice to start to pool inside her vagina. Her pussy just didn’t know what to do as it was learning as it went and its natural reaction was to clamp shut until it figured it out.
“Sorry Liz, looks like that’s all we get. No mores coming out.” Sheila leaves Jackie’s tasty lips and starts painting Jackie’s slit with ever increasing in length, brush strokes from just the top of Jackie’s pussy to just below her clit, never touching either with her thick tongue. Jackie was going wild with an anticipation of Sheila licking either but before Sheila licked either, Liz stopped kissing Jackie.
“Well if I ain’t going to get any more pussy juice, Jackie sure is hell is going to get mine!” Liz says as she plants her hips on either side of Jackie’s head facing Sheila and slowly lowers her pussy on to it. A small clear strand of cum leaks out of Liz’s cunt dribbling on Jackie’s lips. Jackie’s mouth opens to take in the nectar and follows it back to its source with her mouth. Liz’s teases her by pulling it away holding out of reach.
“What do you want Jackie? Tell me what you want.”
“I WANT YOUR PUSSY!!! Please Liz, Please bring it back to me!” Jackie is whining as her tongue is straining up to Liz’s just out of reach pussy.
“Well since you said please.” Liz lowers her pussy onto Jackie’s face and in one smooth motion; Jackie’s tongue spreads Liz’s lips and plunges deep inside her hole, searching for more female cum and finding it. Liz almost cums at the first thrust and a gush of sticky fluid coats Jackie’s probing tongue, and then travels down Jackie’s throat. Liz gets herself under control and starts rocking her hips in a steady motion as Jackie’s tongue licks all the cum out of her.
Sheila has been busy working over Jackie’s slit. Jackie didn’t know which she wanted more, Sheila’s tongue on her clit or in her pussy. Sheila works her tongue up to Jackie’s clit and circles it with her tongue, teasing the large clit bigger. Then she takes a lick of the swollen nub and Jackie’s whole body undulates from head to toe. Each lick makes Jackie’s clit slightly bigger and it is tip is pointing down towards her pussy like a little hook. Sheila now sucks on it milking it with her lips and Giant waves of pleasure build inside Jackie ready for release. But doesn’t. Jackie’s clamping pussy is involuntarily holding it in and is stuck closed. Sheila continues sucking on Jackie’s clit building more and more waves up inside Jackie. Sheila is wondering why Jackie isn’t cumming when Liz screams her orgasm in the air frantically humping her powerful hips onto Jackie’s face. Jackie’s head is buried in the bed and her face is being ground into Liz’s spasming pussy as electric shock after electric shock raises the tone of Liz’s howls of ecstasy, to the point that only dogs can hear what is coming out of Liz’s wide open mouth.
Sheila moves her tongue down to Jackie’s pussy to do some exploring and discovers it clamped tight. She starts probing it with her large tongue trying to force her way in. At first nothing then Sheila feels it open slightly and she pushes hard with her tongue at the opening. It slowly gives way as Sheila’s tongue penetrates its ring. But to her surprise, Jackie’s tongue clamps down on her long fat tongue so powerfully it is actually stuck in Jackie’s pussy. She tries to withdraw her tongue and Jackie’s pussy fights back not letting go. Jackie’s pussy had been in shock from the new sensations and didn’t know what to do. But Sheila’s tongue felt like a thick cock when it entered her and Jackie’s pussy knew what to do with a cock. You milk it. Jackie’s pussy releases it’s grip just a little bit and starts to suck at Sheila’s tongue pulling it into her pussy and releasing it. In and release, in and release and then Sheila’s feels Jackie’s pussy ring clamping on her tongue to the opposite rhythm of the sucking. Sheila wonders what this must feel like to a cock and shudders.
Sheila gets and idea and starts fucking Jackie with her tongue in tune with the sucking. Four powerful thrust of her tongue and Jackie’s pussy stops sucking and clamping on Sheila’s tongue, opens wide and baths Sheila’s face with hot sticky, white and clear women’s cum that had been dammed up by her pussy. Followed by an orgasm so strong by Jackie, that after she arched her back, Jackie’s head shot up with such force, it through Liz of her face. Jackie keeps bucking and screaming as the pleasure thrills her beyond belief. In the middle of this powerful orgasm Sheila finds Jackie’s engorged clit with her lips and sucks it like she had sucked her nipples, licking the tip with her tongue inside her mouth. In the middle of her giant orgasm, a much more powerful one builds in her clit and spreads out from there with such powerful pulses of pleasure her whole body turns to jelly as she shakes like an epileptic on the bed while she is making non stop teeth rattling shivering noises from her mouth.  

As long as Jackie shakes and quivers, Sheila keeps sucking, which creates another orgasm in her clit identical to the first one. And another and another. Jackie Literally can’t stop cumming as long as Sheila sucks her clit. White, thick girlie cum is coming out her pussy in slow thick rivers. After the fourth orgasm and feeling the fifth building, Jackie passes out from the pleasure, leaving her body a quivering mass of mindless flesh laying on the bed. She awakes a few minutes later still shaking from the remnants of her sixth orgasm, her brain has never felt. The one coherent thought she has is she’s glad she didn’t disappoint Liz as she sees her lapping the cum up from her still flowing pussy. Being very careful to avoid her clit.
Sheila says,” You back with us Jackie? You went somewhere. I’m so sorry honey. But your clit tasted so good I couldn’t’ stop. Liz could smell your cum and she pushed me out the way for her share or you’d still be cumming.”
Jackie can still feel her pussy flowing white fluid into Liz’s mouth, it’s slowing now but Liz’s mouth is trying to suck every last succulent drop out as she wiggles her ass trying to burrow her face deeper in Jackie’s pussy. Liz finally comes up for air with white juice all over her chin and clear strands dripping out her mouth. Jackie’s body is periodically jerking and shivering the whole time.
“That was so good Jackie, and so much, I love it.”
Sheila and Liz lie down, placing their heads down on Jackie’s breasts. Jackie can smell the strong odor of her pussy on both women’ faces, all three women fall asleep in each others arms as a drop of milk starts sneaking out of Jackie’s left breast.
Jackie will never be late for work again.
The End.

The Reluctant Lesbian 2

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