The Pain

I am seema, i am 33 years old married got 1 daughter, i been married 7 years, My stats are 34c-31-38. I am going to narrate the story that really changed my life for ever. My hubby was a friend of mine during college days and he is little bit aware of raunchiness and my teasing ways. My hubby has never fucked my ass and I wished to get my ass fucked, It was when my hubby was out of station and I was alone so I decided to have some fun, I went to the friend of mine and she said we can have a little sex with college guys but I was reluctant but she said it will be fine as she has done it before.
She took me to the bar as we were wearing semi Transparent Saree and my ass was shaking a lot when I walk, She got a call from her hubby and she said she have to left and I decided to stay for half an hour, it was around 8:30 at that time.
Suddenly a guy approached me and said can I buy you a drink and we had conversation, the chat started decently later changed into a non veg type, he said he can offer me 4000 for a night, I said i am not that type of women, he replied dont lie you were with the best slut in town, I felt my cunt wet and started enjoy the crude words. Vikas said that he will offer me 12000 but then we will be 2 guys till morning at their farm house that is 15 mins drive away.
I was not agreeing, he gave me his wallet and said take out the money and come I wont take it back or have sex for free.
I agreed and we went out in the parking and he called someone and said come in the parking and he has got the buffet booked. I smiled and he said come sit in the car. I sat in the back seat of innove and and the guy come in and sat next to me and Vikas started to drive, The guy said politely my name is Ajay, I said I am Seema. He stopped the car at the Wine Shop and asked if I need something, I said Vodka will be fine, they laughed and went out to take the wine.
He purchased some other stuff too, After 30 mins we reached to the Farm house i have never been to such place before. They didnt touched me on d way nor did anything.
Once we entered the gate, there was a gate keeper and he locked main gate from inside and went to the quarter. The car stopped, i began to shiver and Ajay said dont worry feel comfortable, when i came out of car, vikas gave me a slight spank on my ass and said lets check whats there.
They started to drink on the couch I was on the Sofa and they offered me Vodka and began to dance and said lets dance and I also started to dance and suddenly Vikas took my saree and started to unwrap and I felt inside lets get ready for first gang bang. I was drunk and didnt mind taking clothes off, after 10-15 mins I was made to sit on the couch both were working on my body sucking my pussy and licking my ass I was getting mad. i was moaning loudly and suddenly felt hard slap on my ass. Ajay spit in my ass crack and inserted finger,It was paining and took it out and he got some cream and poured in my ass and started to finger it I was on top of the world and Vikas took the cock and put on my lips and i started to fuck my mouth, with in 3 mins it shooted cum in my mouth and Ajay started to fuck my cunt for 10-15 mins, once they were done, I said lets sleep but they took me in arms and make sit on the staris and started to fuck me again, it was a long session for 20 mins,
I was exhausted and i decided to sleep they said sleep on couch, I was naked and i Slept I felt something in my ass wen i woke up i could see they pissing on me and said get up we will fuck you again, i was totally done and I said no not now, Ajay took his big black cock and shoot in my ass and i cried a loud and got some slaps on my ass, and Vikas started to bit my boobs, ajay been slapping my ass I went unconscious and could feel so sometimes some trust in my ass but I was notable to look. I woke up in the morning and felt the hang over, and i saw the gate keeper also sleeping next me and the two guys left and I went to washroom looked myself and could see there were 10-15 bits on my boobs and could see stretched ass few wonds on thighs and ass.when i came to room to change, there were 14000 for me and a note where it was written that we paying more 2000 becoz gate keeper will also fuck you once we leave and we are taking your panties as well see you next time.
I wore my clothes and the gate keeper got up and he said madam I have been told to drop you. I said Ok, I asked him did you fuck me and he said yes madam I was told by them to fuck you harshly so i had to do and they their dog also lick your ass. I felt bitchy inside and he was staring my boobs and said madam ji can i have one more time with you before i drop you..i said okay, he he took off the pant and i could see about 9inch cock and started to fuck me it was the best fuck i been done.
After that i suck his cock and he also stretched my ass more and i started to fart a lot once I was getting ass fucked. he said madam ji you are so sweet and i would tell you one truth.. i asked what, he said that you were fucked my 8 guys last nite the reason you dont remember is you were drugged and doped by the two in the beginning and they put a black cloth on your eyes and everyone was laughing when ur ass was getting fucked..
I though i never felt like 8 guys banging me so I kissed him and told him to drop near the shopping mall so that i can buy new panties for me..

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