I am newly married and enjoy sex everyday. My wife is an innocent woman and came from a village background. She has sexy looks and moderate size firm boobs and sexy buttocks. She didn’t know much about sex before the marriage. I had to teach her everything from kissing to blowjob. Now she is perfect and knows how to satisfy me. I start with oral sex and make her excited. She goes wild after sometimes and gives me nice fuck almost everyday.

We are staying in a small rented house with one bed room, hall and a kitchen. The house owner is a widow in early forties with average looks but fantastic figure. She is has very big boobs and sexy buts. Since the first day we rented house, she started showing interest and good response to me. She tries to show her massive boobs and belly portion to me whenever there is a chance. She became very close to my wife and gets all information from my wife everyday from our family. She enquires about our sex life and different types of styles from my wife. Being an innocent, my wife told me that auntie enquired all these things from her. I know what is in my house owner’s mind and that makes me sometimes excited.

One day I was trying a new position from kamasutra. I started to fuck her from the side. I laid her on one side, opened her legs and put my one leg between her legs and inserted my cock into her pussy and started giving her blows from side. She started to moan and her I increased my speed. My wife told me to reduce the speed as she can’t stop moaning and owner aunties gets
disturbed. I finished fucking her and asked her why owner auntie gets disturbed. My wife told that owner aunties bed room is next to our bed room and there is a door separating both the rooms. She can hear all our fucking sounds and moans everyday and get horney. I told my wife to tell her that we rented the house and we will do whatever we want.

My wife’s parents came and took her to their town for their relatives marriage. I didn’t go, as it was difficult for me to get leave at that time. In the evening when I came back, auntie was waiting outside. She invited me for dinner as my wife told her to take care of me. After getting fresh up I went to aunties house. She was looking very sexy and looks like she dressed up sexily purposely. She kept one side of pallu open and tied saree below navel so that I can view her sexy waist. She put bunch of jasmine flowers and the smell made the scene more exciting. She bent down to give me water and her pallu fell down. I saw her big melons and dark brown nipples as she was not wearing bra. I got erection immediately and moved bit uncomfortably on the sofa. She smiled at my in discomfort and guided me for dinner. She touched my hands while serving and her boobs touched my shoulder while she was serving. My body got electric feeling and wanting for sex. After dinner she sat next to me told me that until my wife comes back I should have lunch and dinner at her house. It was my wife’s request it seems my wife was so worried about me and asked her to take care of me very well for everything. She placed one hand on my thigh and looking into my eyes and blinked one eye and reiterated the words “every thing”. I got shock and at the same time excited very much. I asked her what does mean by “everything?” She moved her hand on to my dick and told me that everything means including my dick. I didn’t waste any time and put one hand around her waist pulled her closer to me and kissed her on lips and told her that I will be very delighted if she takes care of my cock. I put my hands on her boobs and my lips and her lips. We kissed each other passionately for few minutes.

Both of us were on fire. She is getting feeling of male touch after a long time. I am kissing another woman other than my wife. She got up and removed her saree, blouse and took me into her arms and removed my cloths. I kissed every part of her body. She held me tightly in her arms and while kissing me passionately she guided me to her bed room. The bed was full of jasmine
flowers and looked as though we are going to have our first night. She told me that she watches me fucking my wife everyday from the small whole on the door separating both the rooms. She removed the calendar aside which exposed the small hole on the door. While I fuck my wife she rubs her boobs with hands and masturbates everyday. I was surprised at her boldness.

She told me that her boobs are sagged and not as firm as my wife’s and her pussy is loose compared to my wife. She promised me that she will give every pleasure my wife gives me as she knows what I want. I got excited and started to suck her boobs. She has bigger boobs than my wife and gave me different feeling. I sucked her nipples as she was moaning. I wanted to see
her pussy and slowly moved my lips from the boobs onto the waste and slowly on to the thighs and finally on to her pussy. She was making loud sounds while moaning. I can understand her pleasure as she is getting fucked after a long time. Her pussy is neatly shaved and she told me that she shaved it for me today only. She knows that I like neat pussy and insist my wife to
shave regularly. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and started licking crazily while my hands were squeezing her boobs. It is first licking experience for her and she started to enjoy to the fullest. Her pussy juices tasted different and drove we crazy. I know that she can’t stand any more and came in couple of minutes. She cleaned her pussy with a cloth and started to suck my nipples. She knew that I get pleasure when my wife sucks my nipples. She moved onto my cock and started to suck my cock. She became hot as I started to caress her butt while she was sucking. I can’t wait to enter her pussy any more. I laid her on the bed and inserted my cock into
her pussy and started to bang her pussy. Somehow, the new loose pussy experience gave me more energy to bang her pussy. She is in the heaven and my strokes gave sound like “pachak! Pacchak”. Her body gave me strange experience and a change is always looks fantastic. She had orgasm first but I didn’t stop and continued my strokes. She had another round of orgasm while I cum into her pussy. I hugged each other remained in each other arms for few minutes with our
lips touching each other’s. She told me that for the first time in her life she had such a great experience. Later she opened the door between our bedrooms and asked to fuck on my bed. She lifted her legs and put around my waist and while I fucked her pussy with a rhythm. I sucked boobs while I fucked her. We were exhausted after another round and slept in each others
arms like what I do with my fire. We fucked each other in different positions for the whole one week and she enjoyed every minute of my fuck. I told my wife that house owner lady is very nice and she took care of me very well. She doesn’t know that she took care of my cock as well. My house owner didn’t take any rent from me then onwards. When my wife was in the bath room I went to owners house and fucked her for few times to fulfill her desire and payback her rent with my strokes.

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