The First Party

As I write this story I am changing our names for privacy but the rest of the story is completely, well mostly, true. We had invited some couples over to our house for drinks and fun. It was, almost, our first time at swinging, at least full everything-on-the-table swap, and we were a little nervous. But more than that we were charged. Tim had a hard-on all day just thinking about it and I, I had been wet for a week. Tim, who is just a little taller than I am looked great in his jeans, sheer white shorts underneath and just a leather vest. I love his chest hair, just the right amount to run my fingers through and make trails as I slide one finger down his chest and belly to his most delicious places.
I smiled nervously next to him as I checked out the entry way. I had placed flowers around, made a number of delicious hors d’oeuvres and placed decanters of wine and glasses. I looked at Tim, in my heels I was nearly as tall as he was. I had dressed to show off my legs, my dress was long and flowed around my knees. Tim was smiling at me and I quickly lifted up my skirt and his eyes traced up my stockings to where they stopped and my brief black panties started. There was already a small wet spot on them. My skirt flowed up over my hips and ended at my suspenders which moved up over a black lacy bra. It was a little funky but fun. I smiled at Tim and at the look in his eyes as he looked at me.

Tim crossed over to me and said, “You are going to make some of our guests very hard as soon as I open the door.”
I was thinking about his cock, that I love so much, and imagined myself running my tongue up his shaft and tasting the precum when the doorbell rang. Tim smiled at me and winked as he opened the door.
Annabelle and her mate Michael were at the door. Michael smiled down at me, his blue eyes twinkling through the round glasses. He was very tall and Annabelle barely came to his shoulder. She was gorgeous, long legged and very round in all the right places. Annabelle and Michael were swingers and had done everything from swapping to gang bangs to making videos of their orgies and putting them on a web site- which is how we met. We met them in a chat room of a swinger site one Saturday evening and they invited us to a private chat, and then webcam and there was Michael sitting next to a woman with the most beautiful voluptuous breasts with soft very erect pink nipples. Tim was enthralled, Michael was gracious and charming and soon they became our mentors in the swinging world. Six months later we stood here, having fooled around in front of each other online, and in a risqué fun evening at a restaurant.
The restaurant – well that was amazing. After web play we decided to meet in person. Tim knew just the place, a pub with good food, high benched tables that gave privacy as well as a little delicious visibility to those walking by. We met at the bar, hugged and then sat in a booth covered with long white cloths and while waiters came and left food, we played under the table. My pussy tingled as I thought of my hand in Michael’s pants under the table, stroking his cock, while he played with my naked pussy. Tim left the restaurant with Annabelle’s panties in his pocket. It was after that very hot evening that they convinced us to have this party. I think we were completely besotted by the heat of that evening. Somehow having them there, in our entry way made it feel like the evening was going to be very hot and very good. Very very good.
“We have something to put you at ease,” Michael said bending down his head and nodding to Tim. I noticed that the beautiful Annabelle had an envelope in her hand. She was wearing a belted shimmery dress that hugged her small waist and swelled around her round bottom. As Michael walked over and enveloped me in a warm hug, Annabelle stepped shyly over to Tim and gave him the envelope.
“Read it out loud,” she said with a shy but alluring smile.
He pulled it open and read, “You are to be my slave for the next fifteen minutes and to get started you must unzip your pants.”
Tim looked at me and I winked. He slowly pulled his zipper down. Annabelle lightly brushed his ass with her one pale hand and with her other reached inside his pants and pulled his long cock out. I wasn’t surprised to find it hard, with pre-cum on the tip already.
Who knows what might have happened next but the doorbell rang. Tim, the slave, had Annabelle’s gorgeous tits, which were pink and very erect in his mouth. Tim’s hard cock was sticking out towards Annabelle. Michael, had his hand on my ass, squeezing it fondly and seductively teasing as we watched. He was wearing tight jeans and a sweater and I was just thinking of touching the front of his jeans when I remembered the bell. Pulling myself away, I opened the door.
Gunner was standing there with his mate, Inge, both dressed in long overcoats. Gunner was a little older than we were, with greying hair and glasses, at first glance he was very distinguished and that was softened by the humor in his eyes. And, I remembered by his very long thick cock. We had met them at a club (one that Michael and Annabelle had recommended us to) and we had enjoyed some soft swinging at their house that evening. Not only had I seen Gunner’s beautiful cock, I had tasted it while we sat in the hot tub playing truth or dare. Some erotic truth were shared and many more hot dares acted out.
Inge, much shorter than Gunner, stood behind him as he walked through the door. Her short black hair was a little damp and curled around her small featured face. She had a smile on her face and she pulled Gunner’s long raincoat off as they walked in and there he stood in the doorway wearing only his boxer shorts.
He stood there with a smile on his face, in his boxers, and Inge laughed. “Well, we were feeling a little brave and outrageous tonight, but we were worried until we saw Tim’s cock, and your beautiful breasts.” She said. She looked back at her husband whose very large cock was noticeably pushing against his boxers. Gunner winked at Tim and turned and in a very gentlemanly gesture, slipped off Inge’s coat to reveal her small round breasts with nipples hard from the cold and a short skirt covered the rest of her small body. The skirt was bright red and it showcased her dark eyes, dark hair and her white skin. She was very Scandinavian and very beautiful. She smiled shyly as Gunner explained. “We dared each other to drive here like this, but took our coats, just in case.” He laughed and said in a slight European accent, “But I see you’re way ahead of us.”
Annabelle using the last of her fifteen slave minutes immediately ordered Tim to suck Inge’s tits and Annabelle smacked his ass as he left her. The smack was a little louder than I expected and it raised the intensity, from humor to something else. Tim found Inge’s smallish but perfectly shaped tits delightful, I knew from the hot tub, so I wasn’t surprised when he hurried over to her and placed a hand on one breast and his mouth on the other, covering it with kisses, sucking the nipple and pulling it with his teeth. Gunner and I looked across at each other. I was waiting my turn, wishing for someone to touch or someone to touch me, when the doorbell rang again.
Our last guests arrived. Henry and Bridgette, even newer to this scene than we, were standing at the door, looking a little nervous and unsure. We met them on a swinger website and they admitted to be genuine newbie’s, but, they had assured us, were anxious to experiment and knew that this party could get wild, in fact that that was the idea. I looked at Tim, and out of the corner of my eye saw Gunner slip Inge’s coat over her shoulder, and then walk to them.
“It seems we men have lost a bit of our clothes, please excuse us, but our women seem to like to see a lot of us.” He joked.
His humor broke the ice. And as I handed out wine, everyone introduced themselves to everyone else. While all swinging is about (what we hoped would be) wild consensual sex, we didn’t want anyone to feel they were forced into anything. I went into the kitchen and was soon handing everyone small hors d’oeuvres with their wine. Henry, not so tall and a little portly, had that disheveled look that was kind of sweet and he was dressed in conservative shirt and pants. In what I took to be a good sign he kicked off his shoes. Bridgett who was as tall as Henry was an elegant confident looking woman wearing a dress that was made of light material and showed the shadow of a beautiful bra and panties so filmy you could see that underneath her pussy was shaven. The dress fell lightly around her slim hips. It was exciting to sit around sipping wine while Tim had his zipper down, even if his cock was back in his pants, Gunner was wearing only boxers, Inge’s tits were exposed around the folds of the raincoat she wore over her shoulders while Michael, Annabelle, Bridgett, Henry and I were fully clothed.
In the relaxed atmosphere Tim’s hard-on had deflated a bit but every few minutes, as the wine, conversation and the heat of a growing sexual tension did their magic he would harden again. I could tell what turned him on- Bridgett sneaking a peek at his cock, Annabelle letting him look up her dress- and watching women tease my husband—well, that turned me on as well. The wet spot in my panties was growing.
We settled into the living room and talked about what to do next. Bridgett and Henry were obviously unsure but game. Tim asked Bridgett what she wanted to do. With her eyes on his cock she said, “Let’s play cards.”
It was a good idea and by the time I returned with the cards the atmosphere was more relaxed. We decided to play high card wins a favor from low card. It was easy, seemed tame with delightful possibilities. There were a few hands where the winner and the loser were both either men or women. We just ignored those as that wasn’t our scene and re-dealt. This is how it went to the best of my memory.
Inge won the first hand with a queen and Gunner lost with a three. She looked around the table and then at Gunner. Knowing how he wanted to make an entrance naked she thought she’d give him his thrill.
“Do a strip tease, darling,” she said. Gunner, wearing only his boxers didn’t have much to lose, so he slowly stood up and began to caress his cock through his shorts. He outlined it through his shorts and I was getting really turned on and it made me want to touch it with my tongue. In all honesty in the hot tub I had sucked his cock, or actually he had fucked my mouth with it, so I knew how great it tasted and felt. I looked at Inge and she smiled at me, so did Bridgett. I began making plans for if I won. Bridgett blushed a little but her pupils were dilated.
Henry lost the next hand and Annabelle won. She said, “I think you need a good spanking. From all of us ladies.” Henry looked over nervously at Bridgett who smiled at him. He walked over to Inge, laid across her lap and she spanked him three times. He stood up and walked over to me and lay across my lap. I rubbed his gorgeous ass with my hand, running my fingers around. It wasn’t a spank as much as a caress, but who cared. I felt his cock move against my leg so I moved my hand close to his balls. I could feel them under his pants; I could also feel my juices flow as his cock jerked against my leg again. I think he was getting into the swing of this. Finally he slid over to his wife Bridgett’s lap. She slipped her hands under his pants and then partially pulled his shorts down, revealing his nice shaped ass. She planted about five smacks on it and then spread his legs so everyone could see his balls which she gently fondled until someone said, “OK. Long enough. My turn.”
It was Annabelle. Henry walked over with his pants partway down and she reached in and stroked his now quite hard cock.
“Hey, that’s not a spanking.” Bridgett laughed. I didn’t know how far Bridgett and Henry would go but I could tell they were having fun, and going to have more. That relaxed me.
Annabelle lost the next hand to Tim. He led her to the middle of the room, stood behind her and rubbed his cock against her ass. Then he had all the guys line up behind him. Tim reached around and cupped her tits in his hand and rubbed his cock across her covered ass as he pulled her dress up to reveal filmy white panties. I could see his eyes glaze over when Gunner tapped him on the back and took his place. Gunner reached down, pulled off her dress and leaned her over, stroked her pussy through her panties.
Michael stood behind Gunner looking over at me. I winked and walked over to him and stroked his cock through his pants and ran my fingers up and down the shaft. Tim watched as Michael also cupped my tits and caressed my ass. Inge was watching too. She walked over to Michael and me and tapped on Gunner’s back so Michael could take his place. It was getting hot fast and I thought that Michael was going to drop his pants and fuck Annabelle right there while we watched. I ended up with Gunner and had my hands down his pants. Tim was watching. Michael was making out with Inge. This was going good, and fast, but I noticed Henry looking around the room, a little lost, so I called everyone back to the card game.
I liked the uncertainty of waiting for the winner to decide what to do. I lost the next draw and Tim won. He looked at me, then at the rest, winked and whispered in my ear. I nodded, went to our bedroom and came back with the lifelike dildo we play with. I sat on the sofa, in front of everyone, spread my legs and started to rub the dildo over the top of my panties. Then I pulled the panties to one side and slipped it in, moving it slowly in and out. It made a slurpy noise that grew louder as it slid in and out. Watching everyone watch me was really hot. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I teased the tip of it against my lips and closed my eyes. I pulled it out and brought it to my lips. I looked Gunner, then Michael, then Tim and then Henry in the eyes as I gave it my best blow job.
Tim said, “That’s enough for now.” It was hard to stop, and Inge smiled at me as I put the dildo on the table.
Luckily I also won the next round. Henry lost. I smiled at him and said, “After that show I think I want a real cock.” Both Henry and I looked at Bridgett who smiled and nodded. Henry walked towards me.
I looked around at the other guys and said. “Or two, three, maybe even four.” I winked. I would have worried that I was moving this too fast but I was too turned on to worry.
Soon my wish was granted as Henry moved close enough that, me seated and him standing, his crotch was mouth level. I unzipped his pants, moved my tongue in and licked the tip of his cock. He moaned and I moved in close so I could swallow the whole length. The other guys obliged my longing by moving all around me. I reached out my free hand for Michael and rubbed his cock through his pants. He moved my hand away, much to my disappointment, but then took off his pants. I felt his cock pressed against my hand and I stroked him from balls to the tip, while I had Henry’s cock in my mouth. My previous soft play with Gunner was the hottest thing I had ever experienced, until now. I was close to losing control when Henry started to spasm in my mouth. I licked my lips and let the come dribble out. I smiled when Bridgett, Annabelle or Inge, I was too out of it to notice, called a halt. I think they wanted some action too. Couldn’t blame them, but my pussy longed for more. I looked at three hard cocks and sighed.
The cards were dealt and Tim lost and Bridgette won. She asked Tim to get a camera and stand in front of her. She started taking pictures of his cock. Then she asked her husband Michael to stand in front of me. She told me to suck Michaels cock while she took pictures. When she told me to get on all fours and let Gunner fuck me from behind I knew the rest of the night was open, wide open, to whatever our pussies wanted and the cards had done enough and could be forgotten. He fucked me hard but quickly came. I had a small orgasm with him and then sat back to watch for a while.
Annabelle pulled her panties off, called Gunner over and started to stroke his soft cock with her panties. He took them to his nose and smelled. His hand moved down and he started to stroke his balls, and slide the panties up and down his shaft. Soon he was semi-hard.
After that the evening became a little wild (ha ha). But this is what I remember, with the help of Tim. We’ve told the story to each other many times as part of our sex play. Maybe fantasy mingled with memory, who knows, but some of it is true.
While Annabelle played with Gunner, Michael and Bridgett were making out. Tim took my hand and led me up to our bedroom. He pulled out the ties and tied my hands to two of the bedposts and then unclasped my strapless bra and tossed it aside. He pulled my panties down my legs and then tied my ankles to the bottom bed posts and pulled my skirt up so I was spread eagled, my pussy on display and my breasts clothed only by my suspenders. He knelt between my legs and licked my pussy. Henry came in then, followed by Inge. Tim whispered to Inge and then bent her over the bottom of the bed and entered her from behind.
I watched her small breasts jiggle as she was fucked hard and when Tim came, Tim and Henry traded places. I watched Henry fuck Inge in the ass and mid-fuck Gunner came in and began to play with his wife’s nipples and then he slipped his hand under her and began to finger her clit. As Henry began to come, Gunner slid two fingers in Inge’s pussy and together they slammed her. My pussy was on fire but no one was touching it. I’m certain Tim had told them to make me wait.
I was wriggling on the bed and finally called out, “Somebody fuck me please.” I think that was the signal (Tim later confirmed that he told the guys to wait until I begged) because immediately Gunner lay down with his tongue between my legs, lapping up the juices that had been flowing out as I watched Henry and Gunner fuck Inge. I felt his tongue increase the tension in my pussy. Sliding up Gunner moved on top of me and while I looked into his eyes, waiting, wanting. He slipped his cock into my dripping pussy. I looked into his eyes as he fucked me; his cock plunging deeply inside and the intense blue eyes watching mine. Nearby Inge was led away by Tim, and I saw Bridgett being led to the bed. I was untied and with Gunner still inside my pussy I was moved to the side of the bed and Bridgett lay beside me. She watched Gunner fuck me slowly.
She told him, “Fuck her hard. Put your hard cock in her pussy and fuck her hard, let her wet pussy make you come.” When she said the word ‘come’ he came, hard. As he came, so did I, shuddering, clasping his cock with my pussy and screaming with pleasure.
After I calmed, she smiled at me and said, “Do you mind? I have always wanted to be tied in a four poster bed.”
Of course I got up. Tim kissed her gently as he and I tied her up. Tim looked at Henry. Henry nodded and Tim began to kiss and nibble Bridgett’s lips as his hand slid to her breasts. Soon his tongue followed and he licked and nibbled as she moaned and thrusted. While Bridgett was pleasured by Tim, I began to fondle Henry’s long thin cock and slipped it into my mouth. Soon while Tim was nibbling and biting her nipples and her neck and Henry was fingering my clit she began to moan loudly. As she began to shudder, Henry climbed on the bed and sank into her sopping pussy. Quickly Tim and I undid the hand restraints and with her legs tied her husband fucked her while Tim and I watched. Then Tim untied her, laid her back down and laid me beside her. Together, Tim and Henry took turns fucking us. Switching every few strokes. When they came, they disappeared to be replaced by Michael and Gunner who continued to fuck first Bridgett and then me. Each cock was different, each one felt good. None of us can count the number of orgasms of that evening, at least I couldn’t. The smell of sex filled the bedroom. Finally, Tim returned. He was naked and he glistened with pussy and pussy smells on his face and on his cock. 
He leaned down and said to Bridgett, “We have a special treat for you.”
All the men came in. Bridgett was laid cross ways across the bed. Henry climbed in beside her and whispered in her ear. She nodded. He slipped into her very wet pussy and then they rolled over with her on top and Henry stayed still, cock firmly in her sopping pussy. Gunner stood behind her and poured scented oils onto her crack and slipped his hard cock into her ass. We watched and then Annabelle and Inge pushed my husband and Annabelle’s husband Michael over to her and placed her hands on their cocks. She had a cock in each hand and in each hole. We watched her get completely fucked. She squealed in ecstasy. Henry came, then Gunner. Then Michael and Tim.
Slowly we all calmed down. The sun was coming up as we all moved into the hot tub and cleansed ourselves and chatted. As the sun grew bright we headed out to a diner for early breakfast. We were all tired and spent but reluctant to break the spell.
After we said our goodbyes, we walked home into the house. Tim looked at me, the aroma of the evening still moving like invisible incense in our home.
“Great party!” He said as we climbed onto our bed, snuggled into each other’s arms and fell asleep. 
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