The End of Our Trip

So, after an incredible first night and a great weekend, it was time to head back to our normal lives. Still, we had some time before getting home and a long car ride that could lead to some fun. In the spirit of the weekend, I suggested as we were packing, that my babe wear the nice black little summer dress we picked up along our shopping trip the day before. 

“Any reason why?” she asked me, a look of excitement on her face.

Seeing that excitement I walked up behind her and softly kissed her neck. Reaching around in front of her and grabbing a handful of her tits, I kissed her neck teasingly as I pinched her nipples through her shirt. “Leave the bra and panties in your bag too,” I instructed. It wasn’t a request, but an order.

As we finished packing Suzi disappeared into the bathroom, coming out a short few minutes later dressed in just a flimsy black summer dress with sheer sides and a sheer top. I didn’t say anything, the chubby I felt in my jeans speaking for me. Taking our bags down to the elevator it was obvious that she was getting excited walking around like this. Just two nights ago, she’d been walking this same hall late at night with just a towel wrapped around her neck. That was nearly midnight though. This was different. Looking at her mirrored image off the decorative mirrors around the elevator door I could see her nipples through the top of her little dress. Her nipples were as hard as my dick was becoming. As the door to the elevator finally opened, she walked in first as I picked up our bags, catching the surprise of her flipping the back of her dress up above her waist. As I entered the elevator she stood there, holding the bottom of her dress at her waist, turning to flash me a shot of her cleanly shave pussy. 

I legitimately wanted her dressed as sexy as possible for the ride home but on the way out of town, as we found her way to the highway on ramp, I noticed a small adult bookstore with just a couple of cars in the back lot. It was just after two in the afternoon so I didn’t imagine that there’d be much business and suggested that we stop for a look around. 

Walking through the front door the main showing area was well lit and had the traditional racks of magazines and videos on one side. While I stopped to look at the videos I told her she could find herself a new toy to try out if she wanted. I picked out a video for the two of us to enjoy at home and walked over to the attendant, a bored looking fellow in his twenties wearing a nametag that read Jeff.

“Quiet place today,” I said, handing him the video and a hundred dollar bill. 

“Everyday,” he replied.

“Yeah, I can see that,” I said looking around, seeing a couple guys meandering around the video booths in the back of the store. 

“Listen chief, I don’t have enough in the drawer to make change for a hundred. You’ll have to find something else to buy or maybe skip the sale today,” the attendant told me. 

“Well,” I told him, “What if let you keep the change?” I suddenly had a great idea as the two guys in the back seemed to be interested in what was going on up front. “I’ll even throw in a bigger tip, if you let me have a little fun with my friend over there”.

“Sure,” said the attendant, have at it, anything to lighten up my day. 

With that I walked over to my little sweetheart and kissed the back of her neck as I reached beneath her skirt grabbing a hold of her incredible ass. At first she swatted my hands away.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Having a little fun,” I told her, “Besides our original deal was anything I wanted for the weekend.” As she leaned into me, looking over at the attendant, I told her not to worry about him. That elicited a wicked little grin.

“As much as I’m sure I’ll regret this, what do you have in mind?” she said, again giving me that sexy look of hers as she bites her lower lip. 

With that acknowledgement, I reached down lower again and grabbed the hem of her dress. Tugging it slowly I had it around her waist within seconds as I turned her toward the attendant, giving him an intentional view of her lovely ass. Reaching down with my free hand I started sliding my first two fingers between the folds of her wetness. I rubbed her slightly, noticing that she opened her legs to grant me better access. It was so public, so open, that I couldn’t help but to get hard in that moment. 

“Jesus baby, I might as well be naked,” she cooed in my ear, giving me a great idea. 

As I looked her in the eye, a slight hint of fear coming over her face, she knew she’d given me an idea. Residing herself to what she’d just presented, she reached down in front of herself and unbuttoned the dress she had on, allowing it to slip down over her shoulders. Looking up at me with a loving gaze, she dropped the little black sundress off her arms, the light fabric sticking slightly at her waist. As she stepped away from me, pushing it down to her ankles, she walked right out of the dress wearing just her black heels and gold belly chain. Here was my fifty year old milf standing completely nude in an adult book and video store at barely three o’clock in the afternoon. 

As she walked past the attendant, heading towards the back video area where the rest of the customers were at, I nearly stuttered the next words, wait up. Following her back into the video section she was mesmerizing me. She walked past a couple of booths that were occupied and into the reddish colored lighting of the hall passing a thick built guy in a Harley shirt and jeans. As she did she swayed sexily by him, running her hand down his chest. Finding an open booth, she pushed the door open and entered, looking back at me. 

The red light of the hallway made her tan skin stick out in the light. Catching up to her she was already sitting on a stool in the center of the room, facing the door as she waited. 

“So,” she asked, “do you have any quarters?”

Fumbling through my pockets I found a handful of change and fed the video machine. Picking one to her liking, she finds her video of choice and pushes me against the wall as she begins to fumble with my zipper. Taking my dick out of my pants, she watches the video out the corner of her eye and moves her hands up and down me as she stares tensely. Giving the shaft a couple licks and stroking me she smiles up at me as I start to enjoy the show both on the screen and in front of me. Then she takes me in her mouth. It’s an intoxicating sight.

As I’m standing there against the wall, I notice that this is one of those rooms that’s got holes in the wall. I tapped her on the shoulder to warn her. Looking over at the hole she just giggled about it and went back to sucking my cock. Finding the hole on her left Suzi put a finger in it. When she pulled it back I was surprised to see that a cock followed it. It wasn’t just a cock, but a hugely thick and lengthy one. It nearly bounced off of her shoulder it was so long, ten inches plus if you know what I mean. 

Seeing the other cock sticking through the hole in the wall, Suzi puts her free hand around it and begins stroking the strange cock. As she bobs her head back and forth on my tool, working her right hand she moves her hand faster up and down the strange cock in the wall. Then she surprised me, turning to suck the larger strangers cock. I can hear the moaning and occasional gag as she tries to take more and more of it down her throat, still stroking my dick as my balls tighten. “Soon,” I mumble, enjoying the expertly given handjob I’m receiving. Mere moments later she puts her mouth back on my cock and sucks hardly several times, using her tongue on the tip to drive me over the edge. I start to feel the unmistakable feeling and unload first into her mouth and then down the side of her face and across her tits. She strokes and sucks the one in the wall for a minute more and then he too sprays her with shot after shot of cum across her face, it dripping down her neck onto her tits. 

Satisfied, she licks us both clean and then rubs all the cum on her face and tits into her skin. Looking up at me she smiles. That’s when it hits me, through my still excited breathing and racing heartbeat, that she was completely naked and we’d left her dress on the floor in the lobby of the store. It must have hit her too as she started looking around for something to wipe off with. 

“Where’s my dress?” 

Laughing I tell her I walked off without picking it up. Suzi shrugs her shoulders as she climbs back onto her feet. Walking out first she heads back to the front of the store looking for her dress. Following right behind her, the store is much busier now. The man at the front register was no longer there. Instead, a slightly heavy set black woman in her thirties was watching the register. 

“Um,” I say to her, “We came in and someone else was here. We sort of had an arrangement.”

Laughing she tells me that I was talking about the day shift attendant. She explains he’s a college student and she takes over at three everyday so he can make it to class. She says her name is Rona and asks if she can be of help.

“We kind of got ahead of ourselves and left something laying on the floor,” Suzi tells her, stepping around from behind me.

“Well well,” says Rona, stepping around from behind the counter. “Now I see what he meant by something arranged with a client…he let you two have a little fun.”

“Yes,” I told her. 

“Well,” I guess this is my lucky day, she says, staring at Suzi as she looks her up and down. Walking over to her Rona took hold of her hand and spun her around. “My, my, my lucky day indeed.”

Taking Suzi by the hand she led her around behind the counter where she was sitting. I could see she was still shaken from the experience in the booth but when Rona unzipped her hoodie to reveal a great set of tits that stuck straight out Suzi was surprised and excited at the same time. As Rona pulled her closer she stuck her tongue in her mouth. “Oh my, you’ve been a bad girl today haven’t you?”

“Look, I can tip you just the same as I did your partner,” I told her.

“She’ll be tip enough,” she smiled, standing up to slide down the white shorts she had on. As she sat back down she pulled my baby close to her, running her hands over every inch of her body as she forcefully kissed her. 

Standing there, I couldn’t believe the predicament we were in. I had never seen my baby with another woman before and now, here she was, completely naked, covered in cum and being molested by this strange black woman in an adult book store. Worse yet, a small group of customers were beginning to gather around. 

As I watched the two making out, Suzi began to run her hands over this womans body and was now grinding her crotch against the womans exposed leg. Rona then forced one of her nipples into her mouth as she pushed her head downward. Suzi took to her nipple like she was starved as Rona squeezed and slapped her ass cheeks, making them slightly red. Pushing her harder now, pushing her down onto her knees, she forced her face onto her exposed pussy while I watched the show with four others. Watching as she slowly lapped at this strangers pussy, I stood there as guys started reaching over the table and grabbing at the girls. One of them even walked around the table and began running his hands over both their nude bodies. The rest stood idly by, watching the show, a couple of them rubbing their bulges as they enjoyed the scene. Rona grabbed her by her blonde curls and began grinding her pussy on her face. It wasn’t long before the pretty black woman began to shudder and shake. Suzi sucked her pussy, nibbled on her clit and was fingering her pussy as fast and hard as she could. As Rona began to moan louder, her orgasm taking her whole body over, she screamed out in climax before letting go of my girls head. 

As the girls slumped in the corner behind the register Rona promised to let us leave without making a scene now. “We lost a dress up here,” I told her.

“Yeah, that perv from the morning shift. He took it with him. I’m afraid he gets off on that sort of thing,” she explained.

“Like someone else I know,” Suzi smiled as she got up, kissed Rona and came around the table to where I was standing. Taking me by the hand as she drug me through the crowd she smiled. “I can’t imagine what else you have in store for me today,” she said as she pushed the front door open and walked out to the parking lot still as nude as she was when I took off her dress.
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