The Doctor’s Lust Fulfilled

Another busy day went by as Dr. Namith khanna changed out of his surgical clothes. The surgery had gone well. He was a successful plastic surgeon and had done well for himself.From a comfortable family Dr. Khanna had climbed the ladder of success fast. It was not just his skill on the operating table that had helped him do well. He had charm. Something that seemed lost on youngsters these days. Either they were too vain or too eager to please but Dr.Khanna had been able to balance the two traits and had won himself a good number of women. Tall, about 5 feet 11 inches and dusky, he carried himself well.
He knew the importance of presentation and was a hit with the ladies. He seemed happily married with a beautiful wife. However, Dr. Khanna had a sexual appetite that seemed unfulfilled. He could not explain it. He loved his wife and adored her. She being a successful architect in her own right but he was always on the prowl. He resigned it to being the joy of the chase. He had won a fair many nurses over and his legend in bed was as good as those in the operating room.
He walked to the special ward as he had to look at the patient he had operated earlier in the day. He rang up the bell for the nurses but no one turned up. He took the file from the counter and entered into the room. Patient was fine and after a few preliminary examinations he walked back to the counter. As he got back to the counter he sensed a nurse next to him. He was about to admonish her for not being present until he caught her eye. More like the color of her eyes. “blue green ” in its purest form.
She did not look indian. “you err…. Wow.. Err.. I have written my orders. ” he said looking away for the first time in his life . He was tongue tied. Her badge showed a name- fiona. He walked away mentally keeping a note of her name. The incident left him uneasy. He ended up calling the ward at 11 pm in the night to ask about the patient. More to talk to fiona than anything else.
She replied in a crisp accent and he on purpose said “thank you sister Giselle, denoting a previous sister of the same ward.” “this is Fiona sir” came the reply. The chase was on.
The next day he smiled at her and mentioned a joke about the patient having ordered dhoklas in such a such a restaurant that was famous for them. She laughed too. “you local nurse fiona” he asked ? “yes sir.” she replied. ” she is Anglo Indian ” came the answer from another nurse nearby. So that mystery was solved.
The next day she called him directly to the ward for an emergency as the hospital phone was not working. He saved the number. Another step ahead. Things seemed to be falling in place. His wife was going away on conference for the weekend and his kids were on a trip with his in laws. He had to make plans for this weekend.
He messaged her that night at 7. She replied to him instantaneously and the small talk kept going on until they ended up making plans to meet up in a pub that night. He went to pick her up and she looked ravishing in a blue one piece that stopped just above her knees. And those eyes were as captivating as ever.
After a few drinks and some dancing the dj played a slow number. He got close to her and held her as they danced close . He looked into her eyes and his lips teased hers. She came in for a kiss with her eyes closed. It was warm and soft , passionate but with a sense of sensuality. He took her to the bar . They had another drink and her hand was on his thigh as they spoke some more. He called her to his place and she smiled knowingly. “i guess I shall be experiencing the legendary Dr Khanna tonight “. He winked and they drove home .
She sat in the living room as he went to the bar counter to fix a drink. She smiled as she drank those . Slow music played. She stood up and pulled him to dance with her. She came in for another kiss this time wild and hot. With a lot of tongue. He loved that feeling of her tongue touching his and he wrested with her tongue feeling every bit of it. He patted her back and pulled her dress up pinching her ass over her panties. She wrapped her legs around his waist and started riding him with clothes on. He carried her to the bedroom and lay her on the bed.
In the nurse’s words….
He moved to my neck as I felt him there I started playing with his belt buckle but Dr Khanna was an expert . In a minute he had maneuvered me out of my clothes not stopping the foreplay for a second. It all seemed so natural. His soft hands then moved towards my bra and he slowly teased my breasts as he nibbled on my neck. I couldn’t control my urge any more and in one swift motion I had removed my bra. “closer ,,,,, fasterrr” I whimpered as he got down to play with my ohh so soft breasts kneading them so they hardened under his expert touch. I was no spring chicken but this was something else.
He removed his clothes and his body was not ripped but he was fit. He went ahead and started kissing my nipples and went down towards my belly button. I pulled him closer towards me and he removed my panties with his mouth leaving a trail of kisses as he went down. He came up and started kissing my pussy.
He went to my clit and kissed me there and I felt my pussy burn with desire at his touch. The softness of his tongue working on my love hole gave me more pleasure than I had felt before. I wrapped my legs around his shoulders as he kissed me around my thighs before again letting that soft tongue lose on my pussy.
He pushed me back and then let his cock towards my pussy. It was all of 5 inches .. Not much I thought. But then when he went in I realized it wasn’t all about the size. He kept gliding in and out perfectly giving me type to find my rhythm as we were soon one person. His cock entering in and out as he filled the walls of my love hole quenching the thirst of my pussy and I could feel him within me.
His hands were kneading my breasts and his lips were kissing mine. I felt peace and pleasure at the same time. The difference between sex and making love I realized that day as he let go hot strong thrusts on me each one stronger than the last. I screamed out his name scratching his back but he went on and on like a machine. I never felt so loved and I smiled as I finally came. He had taken me to heaven that night. I was spent and he came too. It was perfect…. I thought it couldn’t get any better until the next day when….
Hope you liked it. You can contact me on I am a medical student residing in Mangalore. I don’t believe in staking huge claims about my expertise. I let my stories do the talking.
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