The Affair

it�s month of August when I started my college, I was 18 at that time. I went to the college earlier on the first day and got acquainted with my class mates and then we were taken on a campus tour after that we first years were asked to report to our respective departments. We were made to assemble on one of the lecture halls. That�s when I saw her, large dusky women with enormous assets (42 38 44) she was standing outside our hall talking with our HOD within few minutes.They entered the hall and our HOD introduced her as Fatima and she will be our Tutor, which means all our batch�s affairs will be take care by her. My friends were already pissed off by her because on a general view she is what boys consider as fat, black and ugly on the other hand I was totally aroused by her I have a thing for fat and black women and especially if their facial features were not so good. She was 30 at that time and obviously single and once she started speaking, she proved she is a total bitch damn!She is as mean as hell and we ended going home regretting our choice of college. I stayed at hostel at that time, since I was from another place. The first two months of college was so adventurous we were so much in a rush of adrenaline at any given time. Our college is very strict and the hostel is just a jail, the only good thing is we don�t have a study hour. We were not allowed to go outside after 6 pm but we used to jump off our fence go outside and have fun and will be back for supper.We used to have a lot of issues with the seniors, at first we took it sportively but later they started being so mean to us, if anyone us is caught alone they used to take all our money and we can�t do nothing about it since we were outside after 6 pm. So on the third month, the day which changed my life came, when myself few of first years got into a fight with the seniors while going home for a holiday, but unfortunately or maybe I should say fortunately was spotted by the watchmen and was informed to the principal.We had an inquiry and we were suspended for a week and were told to vacate the hostel. So I went back home and told my mother (my father doesn’t stay with and don�t care about us) she was so furious she never spoke to me for the entire week and all my needs taken care by Lakshmi aunty who is our neighbour and a good friend to my mom, let�s see about her in another story and when I was needed to return to my college my mom came with me.My mother first met my HOD and he forwarded us to my tutor. She invited us inside her cabin, my mother inquired about the problem and told her our family problems and how I was so careless about everything at a certain stage she broke up and started crying before my tutor. I was so embarrassed and at the same felt sorry for my mom and vowed myself not to get into any trouble during the college days again.Meanwhile my tutor rose from her chair and started consoling my mother telling her that she will take care of me and my mom don�t need to worry about me anymore. Then she turned towards me and gave me a slap on my face, I was shocked as was my mother, she started scolding me that how dare I made my mother cry. I was so shamed and my eyes welled up I then went to my mom hugged her and told her I am sorry and won�t get into any trouble here after.Then she asked me where I am going to stay since I was rejected accommodation in the hostel and I said I need to search for a private room somewhere since all my other friends who got suspended were made to stay at their relative�s house in the town. She told me that her outhouse is empty and she had a maid so I don�t need to cook and wash my clothes and asked to pay 4000 as a rent to her, my mom immediately accepted since she works in a bank it�s not big sum to her and they both sealed my fate without even considering me.Then my mom left telling me to be good and apologized for not speaking with me and kissed me and she went to our home. My friends were making fun of me because I had to stay under a same roof with her in the evening she asked me to come with her in her Activa, it was so embarrassing but I couldn�t do anything so I just went with her taking my bags. I was holding two heavy travel bags on both hands and was sitting in the pillion.Her house was in a rural area, so the road wasn�t good and it had many pot holes at one instance she hit a big bump in the road and I jerked and fell on her kissing her back that to open mouth, I tasted her sweat and it was so erotic, then I apologised to her and said I can�t hold on to anything. She said it is okay and after fifteen minutes we reached her home it is a big independent house with a compound wall and a small vegetable garden in the backyard.She invited me into her house and served me tea and introduced me to her maid, her name is Rohini and she is a widow aged 27 she has a perfect body (36 30 34) and told me that her dad is dead and her mother is staying with her elder sister in her village and she is staying here alone with her maid, who used to work in their home at the village and she was a friend and not just a maid. My tutor told me to call them both akka while in the house but as mam during college.She said that she doesn�t want any students coming up here without her permission and anyway no one is going to come to her house even to see me. She took me to the outhouse it is actually a big room connected with the house with a separate bathroom the room was fully furnished with a Cot, T.V, Fridge and A.C. She told me that it was rented before to her colleague who recently shifted to her own house. She told me that I can use the music system but not the T.V without her permission.I needed to pay the current bill as well. There was a door to the right side of the room she said it is a connecting door to her house after she left I peeped through the key hole and to my surprise found it to be her bedroom. I saw her entering the room and she took of her saree. Her boobs were spilling out of her blouse and her thin petticoat showed her monster ass, I was so turned on seeing it any my poor dick cried for some attention. She then went to her wardrobe and took a towel and a nightie.I went inside the bathroom and another surprise waited me Rohini just came inside and she took a towel and a petticoat and entered the bathroom and closed the door behind. I quickly took off my clothes and started jerking all the time peeping through the door waiting for the door to open. I ejaculated after 10 minutes but still was looking through the key hole and after 5 minutes the door opened my tutor was wearing a thin white nightie.Her maid was wearing petticoat up to her chest with all the dirty clothes, my tutor went outside and the maid removed her dress and tied it in her hip showing her beautiful breasts she has beautiful boobs with whitish complexion and had dark brown nipples with a big areola. It was the most perfect pair of boobs and my dick started rising seeing it and just then was a knock in my door and I literally fell back on the floor and managed to put on a shorts and t-shirt and opened the door.It was my mam she asked me why I was sweating so much and I replied that I was working out. She said okay and asked me to come to her house to study after an hour I said ok and watched her going back and her monstrous ass juggling all the way back, I also noticed she wasn�t wearing any undies since I could make out her erect nipple and couldn�t see her panty line after she went I came to the key hole but the maid was long gone so I hit the shower jerking of one more time to cool myself then I put on some fresh and proceeded towards her house.

this is the 2nd part of �The Affair�, and new readers read my previous story and then read this, so that you will be able to understand the characters. This is going to be a little dirty with a toilet scene so if you want see shit go away now. So now let�s go into the story as I reached her main door I could see Fatima facing the door and watching TV and she was resting her legs on a teapoy.So that her heels was on the edge of the furniture and her knees were raised above thus forming an inverted V shape, as her nightie was raised up to her calves I could clearly see up to her naked mid-thighs and nothing more, they were so fleshy like I could just dug into it and eat it all. So to show as a polite man I ringed her bell before entering her house. On seeing me she rose from her place and asked me to come inside and switched off the TV.She then asked me to sit on the sofa beside hers and asked me about my difficulties in the papers for that semester, I told her that it�s the paper you are handling Engineering Mechanics on Hearing this she just smiled and told me not to worry as she will be helping me from now on-wards. Now she started explaining one of the concepts and it was really easy for me to understand and she too was satisfied that I could learn easily that is when I realised I had never listened to her lectures before since.I hated her guts, but now she was like a different person who I never knew resided inside her. Then she took my notepad and started solving a problem by keeping the notepad on the teapoy and bending down to write that is when I noticed her cleavage through the neck of her nightie, as she wasn�t wearing a bra her boobs were hanging like two ripe jack fruits, they were dark brown in colour but I couldn�t see her nipples and needless to say.I lost all my concentration and was gazing at them with a big erection in my trousers already leaking precum. She finished the problem and asked whether I understood and I said I didn�t so she again explained but this time sitting upright with the note in her hands and I understood it. So she gave few problems to practise and I solved them with ease. She asked me to study other papers and as I was good in others it didn�t take much time.I had a few doubts and she cleared it. So by 8 pm I finished my reading as asked her whether I can go now, she said that I could hang around there until supper and watch TV, so I just sat there and watched the programs with her and occasionally stealing glances at her boobs whenever she used to bend a little and adjusting my dick inside my trousers so that she won�t see my erection. I excused myself and said I need use the toilet but she told me to use the one in her house.So I went there and pushed the door but it was locked inside as I knocked it Rohini answered that she will be out in a minute and then the door opened but I didn�t hear the flush before and she said there is no water so she has not flushed the commode and asked me to wait till she cleans the toilet and for that she has to switch on the motor and should wait till the water comes on the tap. I said I couldn�t wait that long so I said I will flush it and you just switch on the motor and before.She could protest I entered the toilet and closed the door behind me. Just then the stench of fresh shit hit me like a blow and then I turned to see the commode it was an Indian style with shit till on it without being flushed yet and now I realised why she was so nervous to let me into the bathroom and still then I thought she just took a piss, but I was so turned on by that smell and took off my trousers and sat on the floor and bent to take a close smell wow it was so good.I started jerking and came within few minutes after then I flushed the toilet with no heart and went outside she was standing outside and apologised for the incident I said it was ok and left there and immediately she went inside the toilet only then I realized she has not cleaned herself after taking a dump and I wished I was there inside cleaning those shit smeared ass and with those erotic thoughts I came back and sat on my place and resumed watching my tutors hanging fruits.By 9 pm Rohini announced that the dinner is ready and we could eat now. So we both sat on the dining and Rohini served us, whenever she used to come near me for serving the odour of Rohini just intoxicated me and I touched her few times by holding her hands when she tried to serve me more food and I loved her fell of her skin it was so smooth and just then I noticed Fatima was watching me with a �I know what you are doing� face. I was scared and finished my dinner and went to my room quickly.So inside my room I took off my T-shirt and fell on the bed just thinking about the day�s events about how great a change had happened in one day. At 10 pm I switched of the light and fell on the bed. Suddenly then I noticed a faint light coming from the wall above the connecting door that is when I realized there was ventilation between the two rooms so I quickly moved my table to the door and kept a stool over it and I climbed on the stool and took a peek inside the ventilation.What I saw really stunned me. There was Fatima lying on the bed reading a magazine with her legs bent and raised in a inverted V position, her nightie was drawn up to her waist I could see her ass from the side but not her pussy as she had her left side to me and what really stunned me was Rohini is kneeling between her legs and was eating her cunt. It was so erotic this was the first I was watching a live lesbian act. I just started jerking right then and there even though it was dangerous to jerk standing on a lean stool which was on a table, just imagine it.Then Rohini got on top of Fatima grabbing the magazine and throwing it away and before Fatima could complain she thrust her pussy in to her mouth thus they were in a 69 position eating and fingering each other�s cunt. After 10 minutes both of them reached their orgasms and fell to sleep kissing each other and drove off to sleep in a spooning position mean while I myself had cum once and I was just very tired so I hit my bed shortly. Wait for the continuation of the story meanwhile your comments and mails are most welcome.

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